Goodbye London, Hello FSU – Final meet and greet

March 24, 2014

I just picked up my Russian visa today and contracted to leave all my worldly possessions in a cheap storage unit on the outskirts of town. So it’s done. Goodbye London and it’s fat horrible women, unwelcome immigrants, and sky-high prices……!

Actually, no. I love London. It’s been very good to me and I fully intend to return. But I require forward motion and the FSU promises me hotter girls and juicer steaks. I’ll be taking Team Krauser along with me for the ride. Tom has organised a Book Launch Event & Meet Up. Per his new blog:

WHEN: Friday 28th March, 8pm-10pm (doors open at 7.45pm)

WHERE: Cumberland Hotel, Marble Arch, London, Room 3/4 Blue

PRICE : £5 on the door

SPEAKERS: Tom Torero, Nick Krauser

RSVP: Email to reserve a seat

So if any of you scallywags want your copy of Nitro / Mastery signed, bring it along. If you need to discreetly dispose of Torero Travels there’ll be a confidential waste shredder in the corner.


  1. PUAs and alpha-male narrative is a myth: [Blog comes off rather gamma and missing-the-point, but interesting attempt to use date and scholarship. K.]

  2. Best of luck on your journey, you certainly imparted your weight in gold with Mastery. By the way, are you ever going to upload the second part of your book talk.


  3. Your book has got me laid 4 times already. Good luck brother.

  4. If the mountain won’t come to Muhammad then Muhammad must go to the mountain [Hey, no Islam here. K.]

  5. Good luck out there and please show us some videos with the girls from there.

  6. Where exactly are you going?

  7. FSU… Former Soviet Union? Ordered Mastery recently and looking forward to it.

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