February 20, 2014

I’m fucking knackered. Winter sucks.

I drained myself producing Daygame Mastery. That was 150,000 words of my best material written in four months and then two months obsessing over the editing, art and layout. After experience the great satisfaction of releasing the book, a major “reaching the summit” moment of personal achievement….. I crashed. Burnout. Post-project funk.

150,000 words. Just think how many blog posts that would’ve been. When I was an undergraduate we thought a 15,000 word dissertation was a big deal, the big scary end-of-Uni test. I just wrote ten of them in a fraction of the time. So for the past month I’ve just been hibernating in my room, catching up on videogames.

I think I’m one of the few people who completed Castlevania Lord of Shadows.

Inner game work in progress

Inner game work in progress

So I won’t be putting much up on the blog for the next month. Probably not, anyway. I’m not going out hitting on girls and all the ideas I’d been playing with got channeled into the book. I also have a couple more projects in the works which are taking what little creative energy I have left.

And I just bought Call Of Duty Ghosts.

So my apologies if you all keep checking this site and there’s nothing new to report. I expect to emerge from hibernation in March and start my season of Eur0-jaunts. Then I’ll have something to write about. Until then……


  1. I know it’s a random question, but I’m only asking out of curiosity plus you’re a successful guy, what did you get your undergraduate degree in? [Worthless liberal arts degree. K.]

  2. Well, anybody can subscribe and wait for the email, or buy the book, frequent checking is usually a buffer. It was for me, whether fitness or game blogs.

  3. First time commenter, im just curious, why did you remove the section pithy observations? [this template only allows a certain number of pages before adding an ugly looking extra line. Something had to go. K.]

  4. Just my got copy TODAY, Nick, I felt like a kid on Christmas morning!! Book was bigger, heavier, denser than I expected, looks SO freakin’ AWESOME!!!

    Can’t wait to absorb all the knowledge you’ve put into letters for your fellow men.

    Thank you very much!! [Thanks fella, hope you enjoy it. K.]

  5. Is there a way to get your autograph on your new book? [they never pass through my hands. K.]

  6. Please upload part two of the London talk before you go too deep into hibernation. Well earned rest, though. Looking forward to reading the book!

  7. I agree with much of your stuff and I’ve a question, are you a materialist? i.e. matter is all that exists? [Yes. Consciousness is the emergent propery of material processes. K.]

    • Beware reductive materialists and their absolute declarations on the vast mysteries of the universe. Only your experience is what counts and not day game authors who have read a bit of Dawkins to reinforce their one dimensional views of life.

  8. Do women not get how trivial social proof is to men? This real ugly woman at work fancies me. At a meeting she was surrounded by good looking guys from other departments. After a few minutes, I worked out what was going on, she was trying to make me jealous. Jeez is that supposed to magically change her nasty appearance?

  9. Nick I don’t have twitter but in answer to your question:

    Is there some science showing that a youth of low-T gives you a female brain, and after a certain point gym / roids / TRT can’t correct it?

    Yes, hormones that cause sexual dimorphism in body shape and brain development have an early, organising effect during development. Later hormonal effects work through these foundations. So, for example, research has demonstrated that you can activate female sexual behaviour in a male rat by giving it female activating hormones later on, but only if you have blocked the early organising effects of more male typical sexual hormones. This also applies in the opposite way for females (having females that try to mount males). However, there is also evidence for contemporaneous effects of hormones in behaviour of humans, apparently regardless of early organising effects, and hormones may have different effects dependent on the context in which they are administered, so clearly it’s quite a complicated story. Hormones are just one of many factors. [Thanks for the answer. It really mystifies me how many big jacked guys on bodybuilder forums act like women – their writing style, whining, politicing, back-biting and inability to handle conflict and disagreement. It didn’t seem consistent with what must be high-T levels K.]

    • …Not just Bodybuilder forums…..PUA forums too…lol

    • A lot of bodybuilders who dose up on steroids and testosterone get some female characteristics (ie bitch tits) because their bodies ramp up estrogen production to balance out the artificially elevated T levels. Excessive bitching is probably a precursor to bitch tits

      • And consider the possibility that a prior, less-than-average degree of masculinity could be the motivation for getting into body-building in the first place. Body-building is about looks rather than function and a secure man is less likely to be interested in doing it in the first place.

      • What I mean is, the body-builders change their looks but their effeminate minds stay the same.

  10. Hey Krauser! I’m burning through Daygame Mastery right now and its hilarious how so much of it hits home. It’s like therapy, in a way.

    One of the points you brought up has me scratching my head. I’ve had a girl ask me if I’m trying to pick her up and I’ve had a girl laughing and telling me on a stop that she’s “not my type of girl” because she assumed that I’m after “only a certain thing.” I read your section regarding that, so I understand what this means.

    I’ve also experienced this strange phenomenon: ever have women ask you if you’re gay? I’ve gotten it twice recently. My default is “No, I’m straight as an arrow.” Is this some sort of shit test and would that response be an effective one? Or is there a common flaw beginners like me do in set that triggers this?

    I don’t gesture with both hands.

  11. As an addendum to what Jamie said:
    In order to make an eunuch, a true eunuch – meaning a male who has no sexual desire – it is not enought to cut his balls off. You must cut his balls off BEFORE puberty – meaning that by the time puberty hits its peak, the hormones (testosterone and dihydrotestosterone, its more active partner) already shape some circuits in the brain. So, if you do a bilateral orchidectomy (so to not call it ‘cutting the balls off’) AFTER puberty, he will be an eunuch in a sense, meaning that he literally has no balls, however he will still have a normal ‘psychological’ libido, because his brain is already shaped in that direction.
    Sorry if there are any grammar mistakes, looking forward to reading the book, as now I’m hafway through Nitro.
    Cheers, Nick.

  12. I am also experiencing burning out at my stage, not pick up related, but pick up related.

    new castlevania is about to come out. good luck!

    • I feel the same. I’ve been going out every day for almost 3 months straight now with horrendous blowouts, dates and k-closes.

      I’m in 2 minds whether to keep going or to take the plunge and buy a PS4 with the new Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes thats out in a mere few weeks.

      It’s very tempting…

      • Keep going!

        I just went through your site and watched some of your videos, btw. It all looks very nice to me. That last one where the girl asked if you were trying to pick her up – K. references that in his book 😉

      • I very occasionally have a slight tetris-craving but it passes.

  13. Daygame Mastery arrived this week and I’m going to offer my review and insights. This post will be longer than usual. First of all, I’ve 4 years into learning and understanding game. I came into this after a disastrous chode situation and needed to understand what happened. I started out with learning the Mystery Method, practicing that, getting some success with women, then became a regular reader and commentator to some blogs sharing my experiences. I bought Shark’s book The Black Flag–an e-book that for $20 is a great primer. I also bought The Girlfriend Experience which is around $130 or so but reasonably priced. It has a similar structure to Daygame Mastery but I must say that if you want to buy ONE book on game, this is the one.

    Also, I’ve been a faithful reader of Krauser’s blog and find his honesty and his readiness to put his money where his mouth is something that puts him and Daygame Mastery at the forefront of the future of game. Reading Krauser’s blog has got me laid and there is a great set of models. But the content in this book is new and brings together many of the concepts and ideas Krauser brings out in this blog but cleaner, clearer and more instructional. The blog is awesome and instructional but I take from it that it was very much like a diary and sharing of experiences as they happened. Daygame Mastery meantime offers newbies and experienced gamers a clear strategy.

    It is detailed…VERY detailed. It will take time to read and digest and practice all the concepts.

    A few things for me personally that make this definitive: 1) the text game section is outstanding. The level of detail and explanations will tidy up any of your mistakes by giving you both the strategy and tactics. Tactics you can make up to fit your personality but understanding the thinking behind the interaction is crucial.

    The other aspect of this book that I personally find different and clear is the need to be authentic while being a man. He starts out early talking about clear ways readers need to consider themselves the prize. “Your game should be a fully-formed sound” he likens your game to being like a tight musical ensemble where all the instruments should be in synch and tuned.

    There’s some great stuff on inner game and Soft Dominance, vulnerability—but it’s all structured so you have to start at the beginning and read it through.

    I am now pumped. Daygame Mastery will redefine game as more than a set of tactics but truly a state of mind, a lifestyle and positive masculinity in action. [Thanks for the review. I don’t suppose you can post a review up on the Lulu page? K.]

    • Sure. I’ll find the review section. The other thing that comes to mind here is that while the theme is “Daygame” I’m a dude in my 40’s who works in a professional capacity so I would be meeting women at cocktail mixers, at social events, at my weekly party and with some calibration the whole approach in this book can be applied anywhere. I also find the positive “pep” talk you give in each chapter about the thinking and context of this so helpful.

      Just last night at my social event I was sitting with a girl who suddenly started opening up to me about some bizarre hobby she had. She asked for my Facebook and added me on some pretext. “Hey black swan, harmonica and Chinese dance, you have something about you that mom warned me about…”

      You’ve written this in such a way that it’s taken everything you need to know and put it into one tight package. The write ups of the types of girls are spot on. The way to handle princesses was a good re-enforcement for me. I’ve often wondered if getting firm or even angry with certain types of bad behavior was “beta” but the way you’ve positioned it was a good re-enforcement.

      Sadly because men have been “betacized” we’ve come to second-guess ourselves and our approach to women. We see guys with hot girls who are losers and we mistake “orbiters” for guys who get girls. This book is a great primer for newbies and a reboot for more experienced guys on how to get good with women and the Daygame context is a clear differentiator.

      Happy to write this.

    • I love the book too and I agree that it pulls together much of what I had already encountered in a haphazard way. I don’t feel qualified to comment further until I actually start doing it.

  14. One of the most insightful and helpful parts of the Daygame Mastery is the section on special situations.

    I found “The Talk” useful and have used it based on some of your examples in the blog but in the book you fully explain it.

    If you maintain your sexual frame and a girl is STILL pushing back or acting out being up front about “I see you as a woman” and making clear that you are not there as a “friend”—has worked.

    In one case I banged the girl.

    In the other case of my ex gf who tried this, I was crystal clear we would never be friends.

    I think your example in the blog of the Suriname girl is solid. As I move through this book I see how all the content that may have been introduced or referenced in the blog is fully explained as a concept or idea with complete rationale.

    I also make clear with girls I meet that “I’m a man you’re a woman” is a great response to any of her push-back of “you’re a player” nonsense…

    It seems counter-intuitive that telling a girl you’re with her because you want to bang her would scare her off, but I’ve found the opposite is true. This—when done right—sets you up as the dominant, decisive “man” that she can either submit to or leave–either way you’re ok with this.

    I’d look forward to seeing more field reports and examples on your blog. This book is pure gold. [Thanks fella, I’m glad you’re getting value from it. K.]

  15. i got the book today, honestly, the print quality is shit. Krauser, how come the book preview online has the diagram in colour while in the book it’s blurry B&W?
    I hope the content is good. [The product order page clearly states the interior is B/W. Nonetheless I’ve updated the launch post on my blog to make it more obvious (see comment on model photo). I’ve also updated the page with a link to a site that regularly updates the Lulu discount codes. K.]

  16. Enjoy the rest, you deserve it. But it will be hard going without your reports for a while.

  17. I fancy your new site design K! Your tagline “Younger, hotter, tighter” under your name is golden and so is the top banner design; plenty of masculine colors overall. Are you considering making the side bar for the books and links black/transparent, or a different color? The white is a bit stark. [Thanks. I’m still playing with it. Just decided to make it live to see what people think. I agree the white is too stark but I haven’t bought the customisation option yet. One thing at a time! K.]

    • Only bad thing is the background – ‘Krauser PUA’ repeated with lips. It clashes with the text in the foreground and makes it harded to read – solid colour would be much better. [Yeah, got a new background incoming. K.]

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