1. Great, looking forward to part 2 now.

    Slightly off topic but is there any chance you good do a blog post on building a lifestyle ecosystem? [In the sense of an ecosystem to get girls? No. I don’t do that. I don’t enjoy it and I’m no expert on it. Try Christian McQueen or Yohami. K.]


  2. Many thanks for recording this old boy for the people who couldn’t travel to london.

  3. thank you, thank you and thank you. much appreciated!

    I just bought it online and I cant wait to read it.

    Krauser, can you please sign then book to Andrew

  4. Just watched this video. Class act. So much in fact that I’m now going to post a plug for the book, from a completely disinterested party:

    Based on Krauser’s longstanding integrity, humility, and class alone, anyone considering purchasing his book should just go ahead and buy it. Maybe it will be the best purchase you’ve ever made, yielding 100 units of value for each unit that you pay for it. Maybe, for your own specific reasons, it will yield less or far less than that in your case. So what? At the very fair price he’s charging, if you only glean one nugget from it that you can utilize in your own life going forward, it’s probably worth it. I feel comfortable, based on Krauser’s track record alone, that you’ll find at least one nugget that makes it worth your purchase, and you’ll probably glean far more than just one. And the risk of making a horrible financial decision is null, given the very fair and reasonable price. So there’s really nothing to lose.

    Regardless of your own personal yield from the book, you will sleep well knowing that you weren’t conned or hustled, but that you equitably exchanged value for value.

    There are precious few other places in this community where you will find someone treating you with this level of heads-up respect the way Krauser does. Class and integrity need to be credited when due, hence this unsolicited plug.

    I could be proved wrong in the future, but for now, I consider Krauser a trustworthy person to whom I could confidently send unplugged friends, and that speaks volumes. I’ve never detected even a hint of agenda from you, Krauser. Kudos.

    Disclaimer: I have zero affiliation with Krauser, and haven’t purchased any of his books. This plug is based solely on his public track record of integrity.

  5. Ordered the book after watching the video. I liked the reasons why you wrote it.

  6. One thing that strikes me as a little weird is how on your blog and in the comments you appear very confident and, let’s say “bullish” about the quality of the book, but in the video you are quite self-deprecating. I am not saying the confidence in text form is an act, maybe it’s semi-ironic or something, and I certainly have no doubts about the quality of the book. I am just wondering about the cause of the discrepancy, or if I am the only one seeing it and exaggerating it.

    Either way good luck with the book and I look forward to ordering and reading it once a digital version is available.

    • He’s a natural beta. Can’t help but want to be reasonable with people. He’s got the “civilization gene” lol. Classical alpha never apologizes for anything. Unless an apology is actually peacocking, where value is established high enough that one can self-deprecate without reducing your value. Watch libtards asking for politicans to “apologize” what they really want is to emasculate them, you can’t apologize to lesser people they never respect you for it.

      Good video, Im a lazy fucka who’s probably an omega drop out if anything but If ever pull my finger out Krauser’s blog and books are where I would go to. Feels like he’s more honest, and represents average looking blokes better. Most guys I’m guessing still doubt that a guy of his age, and looks will “pull” young attractive women. The fact he’s banging ANY of them is a win in my mind. Jabba on the other hand is never gonna be a role model to me, seeing him in action is like watching a pro tennis player in action when I’m only ever gonna be good local league player. As it is I aint even on the bench hahahaha!! Internet projection is where i is at!!

      I bought day game nitro out of interest but haven’t applied any game, so I guess I’m one of the game voyeurs.

      Would love real research to be done into this, like objective researchers studying this in action and looking at female responses the way an Attenborough sci-doc would. So you can see how this all works at an underlying level, can you imagine seeing how female body reacts to dominance? Wow! Be so amazing to see the reality that they are repulsed by pussy men sexually, better to be a cunt than a pussy it seems lol. Never gonna happen though, PC bs world won’t allow it cos it would give the cuckold beta guys too much fkcin truth, they gonna bail for sure if truth be told!! Hence marriage is primarily for suckers, dont ever get married unless your a big winner, your balls will shrink from day one lol.

      • Saying that apparently you will live longer married, but since when is longevity proof of worth? Id rather live less and troubled but at least free, than locked up in a sexless beta drone marriage cos “society” says its right. How many Woody Allens out there who’s kid aint theirs hahahahaha!! So funny if the truth could be laid out on the table!

      • Or maybe he’s just not a public speaker.

        I don;t understand how the manopshere chodes bash owen so much for god knows what, look at krauser’s body language in this compared to owen’s.

  7. Great vid Nick, again thanks for uploading for those of us that couldn’t get down.

    One thing that does interest me is where you say about how you have got your lifestyle away from the blue pill, allowing you to travel and enjoy life more etc. Will you be going into specifics at any time about how you achieve this.

    I read on your pal bodi’s blog about how he knows a plasterer that does 3 days per week of work etc. I’m also a plasterer but haven’t been able to find much on how people achieve a more life over work balance without needing millions in the bank. Would be great to hear insight from guys that actually live this kind of life.

    Good luck with the book and thanks for any answers you might have.

    • Yeah I second that.

      You see a lot of guys in the community escaping the 9-5 and having lots of spare time to focus on things important to them and travelling. Not enough is written about escaping captivity for guys stuck in 9-5 day jobs of doom!

      That’s what I meant in the top comment about lifestyle development.

    • Aye. I’m also intensely curious about these kinds of things. Ie lifestyle stuff.

      I was hoping there’d be more on that on Count Cervantes, but it hasn’t been updated in ages. [It’s just too much work and not enough readers. K.]

  8. krauser is an absolute legend. i attended his book launch and bought his offering. he truly does give up the gold in his book and it is well worth it. read and applied the information in this book is gold dust. cheers krauser

  9. “He never did it because…that’s Jimmy”. Haha.

  10. Very cool extended teaser, Nick. The only thing I don’t like is how you diss your previous book as outdated, “since daygame models have changed in the past 3 years.”
    I’ve been doing my own little daygaming in and around Budapest for years with success. Girls don’t change. Direct openers don’t (have to) change. Reactions don’t change.
    DG Nitro is still the yardstick as far as daygame is concerned, the best DG book in the lot. If Daygame Mastery is even tighter, it’ll become the new yardstick. Just not automatically.

    • I was thinking about getting DG Nitro just to have a complete collection. My impression was that the new book supersedes it, though. [Hold fire. There’s a second edition of Nitro coming soon. K.]

  11. You’re a cool dude, i can see why the girlies like you.
    Serious question. Did you always have that about you or were you a complete chode who needed to start from scratch?
    I know you’re into the technical side of things but if a guy isn’t displaying quite a bit of swag lines/techniques etc wont help him one bit.

  12. Can you also upload Tom and Jon’s talks as well if you recorded them? Much Appreciated. [No. They asked not to. K.]

  13. Where can I get this book besides lulu.com? [Nowhere. K.]

  14. You’re a smart fucker Nick and get your ideas across well – $100 is well worth it for quality content

  15. Have you done any posts on the end-game of this whole thing?

    I’ve been in this for years, and a lot of players seem to get caught up in the complex that got them into it in the first place. Once you are past a certain notch-count, banging new women brings no emotional reward, only a physical pleasure slightly better than masturbation.

    I have run into the “dream-girl” two times over my whole career. One Russian, the other Polish. This is the girl you fuzz over, you get goosebumps on dates with her and you are light-headed for hours after you leave her. Russian was 8.5, Polish was 7, showing that it is possible for a girl to fit in this category without high-quality appearance. The end-result both times was boredom after 1-2 months of dating. The dream ends.

    For the rest of girls, you “enjoy” the pre-sex phase. The seduction itself, and the mind of the penis, makes the experience somewhat enjoyable. The moment you ejaculate you realize you never wish to see this girl ever again. With the top-end girls, in terms of looks solely “8.5-9”, the sexual tension is higher and the pre-sex phase is more enjoyable. The same feeling ensues, you stay with her for validation, a skewed perception of her value (in terms of what emotions she can bring to you), scarcity of what you think is valuable, and a desire to get a return on your investment. After 2-3 weeks the validation wears off and you feel just like when you banged the 6 you never want to see again. Rinse and repeat enough times and banging an 8.5-9 will have the same pump-and-dump feeling as the 6.

    The exception is the dream-girl, which you are lucky if you run into once in your entire life. 99.9999% of women do not fit into this category. Once you find her she means nothing after the novelty wears off.

    It takes about 20 approaches to a lay, many hours of work. Then you must endure another person’s fluids in your mouths and do things that are completely unrelated to penile stimulation. Back in the day, what kept me in it was the “oh fuck I’m having sex with a hot girl” feeling. Now, that is gone. Sex is ok, but the work it takes to get seems pointless now for a slight improvement in sensation.

    I haven’t done an approach in about 2 months. I feel like it is time to get out of this. Women do not bring happiness, and a complex can only drive you for so long.

    • Hey mate, you’ve given yourself the answer already. You did it. Cool. But you know what? Life is about the journey and only doing the journey will give you hapiness. So begin something new. Build a career, a boat with your own hands, a maccaroni picture with your teeth. Are you saying you lost all your fears? Get a Life!

  16. Name some Names man!! Come on!! Argh, I fucking hate it when people in this community say “I’m not going to name names.”

  17. Heartiste had a good word to say about Nick today [“As you may know, I consider Krauser one of the best and most legit of the players in the “PUAsphere””, February 10, 2014], so this is good enough for me. [Sweet. K.]

    I’m getting this book.

  18. You said daygame changed a lot in 3 years. Do you feel you and your brothers in arms already hit the plateau through enormo infield experience, where you still very slowly approach the “ideal” of perfect seduction being at 95% but never reaching 100%, like for example after 5 years of consistent lifting where you add maybe 1 pound of muscle mass per year while first year it was 16 pounds and second year 8 pounds? Or do you still see the possibility of noticeable improvement or even undiscovered ways to take the whole thing to the next level? [I’m definitely in the stages of diminishing returns but there’s still some gains to be made. K.]

  19. I like the book a lot, really in-depth and very dense. Has the feel of academic book by pearson. However there are quite a lot of typesetting errors, words strung together etc. maybe gather them from your reader for a second edition? [I’ve already corrected them. I updated the interior so everyone ordering from approx 8th Feb will have version with most typos removed. You can’t imagine how soul-destroying it is to re-read a manuscript for the 100th time removing typos. K.]

    • Yes, that is something that bothered me about this book. I was also bugged by the printing errors (bleed, ink smudges and so forth). These things take away from what would otherwise
      be an awesome book. I’ll see if I can get Lulu to let me exchange my book b/c the ink smudges are on quite a few pages. Is there a plan for a paperback? I’d like a paperback as a “backup” copy of the original book. But This is one of the greatest pickup books IMHO [I think that printing error is a rarity, they weren’t in the copies that have passed through my hands. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks for the compliments. Paper coming eventually but not soon. K.]

  20. K, I torrented your book, because as a guy that came from council estate upbringing and spent his life building a hugely successful business to fulfill my beta-chode society-programmed upbringing, I simply could not understand why, after doing everything I believed would make girls “want me”‘ I still watched them go home as the club turned out with the utter dregs of life-fail.

    As a businessman that still believes today that a mans word (and more importantly his handshake) still has value beyond anything fiat money can buy, reply to this so I can recompense you fairly? [If you like my material, I’d appreciate you buying my new book. K.]

  21. Good stuff. Can the book also be purchased as an ebook?

  22. Pingback: Krauser DayGame Mastery Book | Anti-Feminist Theory of Men's Rights, Male Sexuality, Feminism

  23. My old man approves of it haha.

  24. There is free shipping with the code KINDNESS14 (or 50% off ground shipping).

  25. for a £60 price tag, id want promises.

  26. After watching that video and Krauser’s you tube video where he shows you the actual book, I must say well done for starting and completing an actual, physical book. Its too easy these days to fire off an easy [lazy] e book. I like the layout; very high school history book with some humour here and there. Krauser’s tips look like fun. Could the author say a bit about marketing and how to maximize sales? Is it all through the blog or is there another route? I think the price tag is a sort of “are you serious” gate keeper. There are plenty of cheaper [more crap] offerings out there. [Just the blog for now. I am ambivalent about book sales and about letting my best material out. Originally I planned to just produce ten copies for friends, but then the work became so onerous I decided to monetise it. I’d rather the bottom-dwelling “I refuse to pay >$10” commies don’t buy my book. They can stick to what’s already out there. You really find the measure of a man when you ask him to put up some of his own value. Lotsofa guys will happily bleed free sources dry and then get high-and-mighty when they’d have to pay for the next thing. They act like YOU’RE the cheap cunt. Fuck those guys. The book isn’t for them. K.]

  27. I just finished reading the Vibe and Street sections. For undecided buyers, I’d say you need this if you want to be normal again after years of reading pickup info. You probably need to drop some tricks, and even if you learned from “that other company’s” products, you probably use some of the tricks wrong, too much, or at the wrong phase, or use too gamey stuff. The book already helped me self diagnose and described the problems I have, like subtle IOI addiction that causes me to rely too much on brilliant teases, it comes down to..well, read it.

  28. Ok man, time for part two.

  29. I believe part 2 is due [I decided not to upload it. It gives away too much of the book’s content. K.]

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