Daygame Mastery – International Release

February 5, 2014

I’ve teased you all long enough. First there were my project updates, then my teaser trailer, then the guest-list-only London launch event, and even a secret Twitter release. I’m finished fucking with you all. Now I’m ready to dip my hand into your pocket. And not to touch your balls, either! So I’m pleased to announce the international online release of Daygame Mastery.

Lightning in a bottle, yesterday

Lightning in a bottle, yesterday

Buy it here. £60 / $100 for the premium hardback edition. That’s 460 pages / 150,000 words of cutting edge daygame theory. There’s never been a more specific, practical and consistent method for getting laid. What are people saying about it? The esteemed blogger and daygamer LaidNYC reviews Daygame Mastery here. Choice quotes:

“In any good pickup the guy has to talk a lot at the beginning, but eventually the script flips and she’s doing most of the talking. Krauser is the first guy I’ve seen really break down how you balance this and lead her into talking”

“Wit made easy. Not everyone is a naturally silver-tongued casanova, but Krauser’s templates, mindsets and themes for opening, cold reads, texting, etc. will get you most of the way there”

“A masterful breakdown of long-game with real world examples…. I started using it immediately to great results…. Krauser’s playbook is better than anything out there.”

“Krauser is the first I’ve seen to break down in detail a plan to keep your date moving, both when to be patient and when to escalate things properly”

Yeah, it’s that good.

This is 99% new content. There’s no re-hash of what I’ve already blogged. 99% of the words were a direct result of me sitting infront of a blank page and thinking “How do I meet and seduce women”. Tom Torero reviewed and refined the book so you are buying access to something 100% consistent with that other company. This is the London Daygame Model precision engineered like you’ve never seen before.

You'll want to keep this on your smart phone

Note hardcopy interior is in black and white

Daygame material written by someone who actually bangs hot young girls. Reviewed and edited by the other main daygamer who actually bangs hot young girls.

And it’s slick. Professionally copy-edited, illustrated, laid-out and printed. When they begin college courses on Daygame 101 this will be the core text.

Buy it here. Lulu often do discount codes, try googling “ discount code 2014”. This site often lists them.

Screen example 2

Screen example 1

Screen example 3


  1. $80-95? Wow. I’m not saying it’s not worth it, but that’s kind of the thing that sucks about books. You could put the EXACT SAME information into a couple of DVDs and I’d think $90 would be a steal. But because it’s in book format my immediate reaction is to be stunned at the $95 sticker price. Kind of fucked up, we’ve all been trained to expect books to be $10-35, quality of the information be damned.

    Anyway, hope it’s a good book and hope you make a mint.

  2. Just ordered my copy, looking forward to reading it. Guys like Krauser provide so much valuable insight for free that it’s an easy decision to purchase this.

  3. Don’t know if it’s just me but the discount was less than 14%, specifically 3.30 Euro. Still solid, though. I guess the 14 indicates it runs till 14th February.

  4. You ball-breaking, conniving, Ayn Rand-reading capitalistic son of a bitch. I can’t believe I’m about to spend $83.00 on a book.

    If it’s terrible I’ll rationalize it as a payment for all of the enjoyment your site has given me over the past year. Honestly, in a value for value breakdown, I’m probably robbing *you*.

    Can’t wait to crack this bastard open and read it conspicuously in a public place.

  5. Just got my copy and am excited for it to arrive here in Vancouver, Canada. I have no doubts it will be amazing and worth every penny but it’s also my way of saying “thank you” for all the free value you have given me the last two years with your blog. Some of the stuff you’ve written has had a profound positive effect on my life and caused some real deep introspection and reflection. Cheers Nick

  6. I’m not gay, so why would I want to buy GaydameMastery? From reading the commenters, maybe you are paying people for sucking GaydameMastery cock. [hilarious Hoover sounds ensue] lolzllolzozlomglolzl GBFFM (Gay ButtFucks For Men) should have trademarked his lolzlzlzllolz. lolzlolllzoollozlzlolzlololzll

    • I think $85 is fair considering the 4+ years of free content provided on this blog. Nick is one of only a handful of guys in the entire world who posses this knowledge. My only beef with the book is the cartoonish and cheesy artwork. Not sure why he went that route.

  7. Is there an ebook as well? I don’t want my mom throwing me out of the house when this book arrives.

  8. REVIEW:

    I laid my White Man’s Paws on this book for the first time 2 days ago. Some initial thoughts:

    1. Daygame Mastery is now THE authoritative Daygame text in the world. There is DM, and then, there is everything else.

    2. DM could be Top 5 Game products ever produced post 1999.

    It is not just analytically exquisite – ‘precision engineered’ as Krauser boasts on cover. It is also written in clear easy language, from bona fide real world experience ( Taleb – what actually works based on what has been tried in the real world ). You literally get a methodical step by step how to with girls, on what to do, and when.

    K refers to himself as a watchmaker who likes taking the watch apart and analyzing piece by piece.

    Overall a very user friendly resource that , at the same time, teems with a consistent stream of nuggets that will get you thinking and tweaking your Game in new directions

    Most valuable for me so far is how to handle the ebb and flow of conversation on a Day 2. He has been through every kind of a reaction you can imagine from girls. If you think – but how do I handle X ? – he has an answer for you

    3. As I predicted, the premium price is attracting attention – good for marketing purposes. Not only is his price worth it, it is possibly UNDERpriced given how well it is done. You literally have answers for any permutation from the Model you may see from a girl

    4. Is there a flaw? Possibly. K announces early on he will not detail ” Positive Masculinity” in the book. Meaning: The Inner Game, and other aspects of masculinity. Considering 90% of picking up girls is Inner Game and ” who you are as a Man” this is a key aspect not addressed

    A suggestion is that Nick, before he moves on from this stage in his life, produce this sequel, to close the loop. A sequel to DM on the Masculinity needed.

    “Man of Velvet and Steel” and Robert Bly are classic texts in this vein. But as of 2014, they are outdated. We are living in a different world. What does it mean to be a Masculine Attractive man post-feminism in 2014? Is Aaron Clarey’s nihilism of smoking cigars, not working, and giving up on the world really sufficient? Krauser writes well on this subject – precisely because he has travelled the road from upper beta chode himself. He wanted to be tough, but wasn’t. He was a blue pill provider, but got his heart broken. He made it through and became that man hot girls want, from the inside out

    What does it mean to have all your arrows pointing in one direction? We get hints in the Cervantes blog, but he could do another big book on this subject, or perhaps a smaller one, driving right to the heart of the matter

    Overall, this is a very well done, sophisticated blueprint on Game. He wanted an ” advanced” text and he was not kidding

    If you truly serious about mastering women, he delivers.

    If you don’t buy, you are not really serious about fixing your sex life, and you’re really just a joker [Thanks for the kind words. K.]

    • There is a preview on Lulu where K. mentions he doesn’t adress “passive game”. Fashion, fitness, lifestyle, career. This is ok. There is no universal recipe anyway. Mindsets and beliefs are part of the in-set technique, and I see the chapter named Mindsets, so I hope this is adressed. I agree life as a project would be great topic for another book, “Life Mastery”. Career choice, what types of hobbies to choose, how to be productive, life mindsets etc.

      • Completely ridiculous. Of course there is a universal recipe for it

        Dealing with conflict, the mission, bending the world to your will, there are universal constants. We’re not talking about what shirt to wear

        Xman, I can see you are still heavily blue pill, and have more inner work to do

      • I’ll definitely be picking this up at some point.

        I know Nick gets a lot of slack from people on his blog based on the persona he puts out and the negative image people make of him.

        But having met him in real life, it’s clear that he’s a nice guy at heart and wants to help people.

        Daygame is a skill like anything in life. I’ve often said that you don’t have to be a complete wanker to shag girls. You just need to know the steps and the correct mindsets in order to be successful.

        Like anything in life, it all starts with your psychology.

    • Lucky White Male
      “Positive masculinity” and “external game” are not the same. Mindsets portable to other situations are in the book. External game is up to you, read “The journey is the destination” on this blog.

      Derive happiness from pursuit. Make all decisions based on your vision. All your specific goals must be short term and outcome independent. Take action. Don’t wait for another book.

    • For all of you who are not sure if to buy… The price is worth it. Great stuff K.

  9. I’ve been reading it today, my initial thoughts are that if you’re put off by the cost don’t be, I’ve indulged myself in buying other guides before. The cost for the value you get in return won’t ever be matched I feel by another product in the manosphere. The amount of information is astounding, thanks, this is priceless.

  10. Will buy it and happy to pay the $95, but any chance it’ll be on kindle format? I strongly prefer e-readers. Or, if I buy it now is there some way to get it for kindle later?

  11. Got my copy too. So far, so good. Reminds me of the old AD&D game manuals, but this one deals with reality, not fantasy.

  12. K, are you still on track for a paperback version in April? Will you be cutting any content for that version? [I have a vague plan to do a paperback but I’m whimsical. It may or may not happen. SO far the hardback is selling well. K.]

  13. Haven’t receive my copy yet. I know Mr. Krauser gonna go spend the money on wine, women, & song in some Eastern European den of iniquity so it was for that reason that I forked it over only with great trepidation. Kids gonna do what they’re gonna do…

    A cursory look at textbooks, for example under the category “Calculus” on Amazon shows that it’s very rare for the price to be under $60 – the Kindle editions are at basically no discount. The same is generally the case for all advanced textbooks. Some on ‘biomechanics’ or ‘Engineering Mathematics” run in excess of $200.

    I personally want the kindle edition because the highlight option and it’s discreet in that my ‘houseguests’ can’t find it but I think I’m gonna put on some book cover over it in my little library “History of the Peloponnesian Wars” or some such that no one will open.

    I personally hope that niether a paperback nor a discounted Kindle version is ever released to counter the “Penny wise, Pound Foolish” tendency of people who will spend $75 out at a bar at night but not $90 for something like this to improve their lives. That along with the rampant pirating- I personally like the old form of pirating – borrow it from a friend who probably wants it back.

  14. Krauser,I know you do this for selfish and capitalistic reasons so you can continue to support your lifestyle. Never the less, I want to thank you for sharing this book. Your blog has been a tremendous help for my life in general as well as pickup. For all the criticism you may get from the public, remember you have people like me all over the world who look forward to reading your posts which have a meaningful positive impact on our lives.

    Just ordered my copy. Looking forward to reading it.

    Cheers. [Thanks pal, nice to know you’re getting value from my work. I learned a while ago that for every moron, weirdo or dumbass there’s at least ten normal well-intentioned guys out there. It’s just the morons are far far more likely to actually comment, so they are over-represented online. K.]

  15. Krauser, I have your DayGame Nitro and Mastery is being shipped as we speak. When I get my hands on Mastery, is there still any need for DayGame Nitro readers to revisit that e-book?

    Or would Mastery supplement that and then some. Thanks for all the free value over the years. [Mastery is all you need. K.]

  16. I didn’t read this full report on publish vs self-publish, but you may find it interesting.

  17. Wow, what a tome. Mine just arrived. It’s 8x11x1 inch hardbound with 460 pages.

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