Some common myths in Game

September 26, 2012

1. Daygame grants you access to hotter women

There’s a rapidly forming consensus in corners of the manosphere that bars are full of ugly annoying sluts while stunning feminine models frollic gazelle-like across every intersection in the daytime. I do believe you get access to better women when the sun is up but let’s not pretend the streets are dripping in quality pussy. Lots of people dislike nightgame due to the loud music, club entry fees, toxic effects of alcohol and bitchy slags with bad attitudes. There’s lots to like about nightgame but these downsides can tend to make you overly-extoll the virtues of daygame as an escape from the dreaded bars. For nightgame to be truly awful you must make daygame seem truly beautiful, and that’s overstating the case. For example the guys market the dream that you can go out for your daily errands and bump into a dozen models willing to give up their numbers (I exaggerate, sorry Andy). It’s not that simple. Not to knock Daygame – their material is excellent and both Tom and Jon are top quality coaches – but they are invested in building the marketing myth that daygame is a panacea. It’s kinda necessary. Daygaming beautiful women sober is a terrifying experience for most men so you have to draw them in with a very shiny lure.

Oxford Street, 2pm, Saturday

Reality – High value women do not sleep with low value men, no matter the time of day. In the beginning you will overestimate your success on the streets because many pretty women are surprised at your pseudo-bold approach and generally happy to extend social politeness. As you improve they’ll see you as an interesting diversion from their day and perhaps even a new friend. But to actually get laid you need a whole lot more and that will take most of you years of hard graft to acquire. Ask yourself why even though on any given weekend one of Daygame, Sasha, PUAmethod, Saturday Sarge or god knows how many others will be running a bootcamp on Oxford Street yet there are still hardly any guys out approaching. The attrition rate is horrendous, well over 90% within a few months. That’s because daygame is no easier than nightgame. When you escape the pressures of nightgame you are just trading them for a different set of pressures. Every top London daygamer went through a long hard grind before he got consistent success. Just like every top nightgamer did.

2. Eastern Europe is the promised land

Quite a few guys are ex-patting whether they be whoremongers, love tourists, or international men of mystery. The case for goes like this: Feminism has ruined Western women, turning them into shreiking bitchy fat sluts who massively overvalue themselves. They’ll make your pick-up a joyless grind and are unsuitable for relationships anyway. In contrast EE is untouched by the evil paw of feminism, still with traditional gender roles intact and many genetically gifted women staying slim, working hard on their appearance, and engaging themselves in genuine hobbies with genuine social skills. In it’s delusional game-denying extreme this myth states that “economic disparities” allow any Western man to just show up, flash his passport and instantly commence the gangbanging of supermodels.

That’ll be the British embassy in the background

Reality – If you can’t get laid in your home country you won’t get laid abroad (the usual “unless you massively lower your standards” exception applies, but anytime I talk about getting laid I always mean with acceptable quality unless otherwise stated). I knocked over four new girls in four weeks in Yugoslavia this summer with probably two more girls to knock over at a later date to make six in total. In terms of quality and quantity its my best performance so far. Robusto did three in the same period and knocked over a fourth in a return sweep-up. Roosh is coy about giving specific numbers but he has written at length about his experiences in the same country. I had broadly similar experiences in Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland etc. Generally, if I go somewhere for one week and give it a good try I’ll probably get laid once. This seems to be the experience of most decent players who don’t fuck mingers. My success in Europe is only marginally better than in London. If I was to break it into numbers I’d say in any given one hour period I’ll likely see four times as many hot girls in EE and they are generally a point or two hotter but actually getting my dick into them is no easier than London. I’ve got more to shoot at but any given girl is equally difficult to knock over as her London-based compatriot. Which goes back to my answer to myth one – high value women do not sleep with low value men.

3. There is a secret code called Game that, once deployed, will get you girls

Mystery is to blame for this one as he constructed a whole system around suppressing his own childhood trauma by impressing his parents through the proxy of club tarts. Game became a secret system, some kind of Da Vinci Code. Depending on your awareness and budget you can pay a major commercial outfit a thousand notes to attend a mind-blowing reality-shaking pussy-pounding bootcamp, you can self-medicate through the free advice of the manosphere, or perhaps sign into a major forum and take your chances with the blind keyboard jockeys leading the blind lurkers. Whichever route you choose you are peeling back the curtain to view forbidden knowledge and uncover the Blueprint, the algorithms that govern attraction, mastery over which will grant unlimited access to fresh pussy.


Reality – The world really does operate according to barely-understood and rarely-expressed rules that most people are privy only to a small glimpse of. Much of the manosphere is dedicated to excavating these rules, discussing them in a bloggers version of peer review, until a concept is well formed. See the recent discussions on solipsism. However social science is not mathematics, nor even physics. People are reflexive creatures with considerable distribution across many different scales. A deterministic algorithm (such as Mystery Method, or in its most laughable nerd-state Get The Girl) will not get the girl. It’s just a map. There is no secret code that inverts the primary rule of Game that high value women do not sleep with low value men. Knowledge is not execution. In theory there’s no difference between theory and practice. In practice there usually is.

Obscure reference in practice

I’m rather labouring the point here but I suspect most Game myths come from the wishful thinking that there is a shortcut (or “hack”, god I hate that word when applied to the social world) that allows men to circumvent the normal quality control that beautiful high-esteem women employ. When low value PUAs fail to fuck beautiful women, that is an example of the sexual marketplace functioning correctly. Women are designed to weed out the losers upon pain of beta-pregnancy. Much of what comes under the technical advice of Game could be broken down into the following:

  • Neutralisation of anti-game, i.e. how not to fuck up and cripple your own value
  • Deprograming of feminised thought and behaviour patterns that men develop when captured by the feminine imperative
  • Simple rote-learnable examples of things to say and do that help put concepts into practical steps
  • A focus on approaching, and how to psych yourself up to do so

None of this is magic. You still need the value.


  1. None of this is magic. You still need the value.

    ^^^truer words never spoken, doesnt matter how much you know if your not a man of value then well your ass out

  2. Any PUA marketer selling a “system” is to be treated with great skepticism. Watching a video and getting laid that very evening is hucksterism, pure and simple. Sadly too many guys fall for it. It doesn’t work that way.

    Confidence comes first, social skills come second, Charisma (game) is the icing on the personality cake.

  3. “None of this is magic. You still need the value.”

    Right. And the value that is most highly prized is… GAME.

  4. You speak the truth.
    I think the terms “hack” and “shortcuts” are clever ploys created to get the reader on to their journey.
    I’ve studied the “game” for the past five years. I has caused me to go to the gym, change my poor posture, my body language, my tone, my job, the way I eat, dress, smell…I’ve changed my whole life and have received all the desired results after about the four year mark… it did not happen overnight .

    • I have much respect for people like you. Nice work directm.

      What caused u to learn game?

    • Good shit Directm. I find similar corollaries with myself. When I found “game”, or Roosh’s blog rather… my career was bottoming out, I was at the heaviest I had ever been (I’ve generally been skinny, so this was really just bad beer gut), dressed like shit, and had just gotten out of relationship that ultimately failed because I was generally just “too needy”.

      Game wasn’t an overnight improvement.. but the thought, or actually the action of approaching women and writing a blog about it over the years – got me to shed 45 lbs through 2 runs of p90x, completely revamp my wardrobe, and go back to school and focus on new career paths. Of course all of this took time, as did your journey…

    • Good for you. Don’t waste it on sluts.

  5. I’ve never bought into the whole “value” concept. Depends on how you define it. For example, I have had sex with women who made more money than me; I have had sex with women who were more educated than me; I have had sex with women who were more popular with men than I was with women; and I have had sex with women who were better looking than me, when you compare them to other women and me to other men. [We value things differently then. I don’t consider high salary, high education or popularity with men to increase a woman’s value. I also think a man should be having sex with women who are better looking than him – that’s the whole point in the value exchange, women are bringing the good looks. K.]

    I do agree with this: There is no “magic pill” for attracting and seducing women. I say in my book(s) that you cannot make a woman who is totally not attracted to you suddenly become attracted to you. I’ve always said: You cannot overcome “rejection,” but you can overcome “resistance.” [Agreed, the “attraction stage” is really the “amplify existing attracting stage”]

    I also agree that if you can’t get laid in your native land, then it is going to be hard to get laid in a foreign land (unless you pay for hookers).

    My thoughts….

  6. This is what used to annoy me about Roissy’s ‘test your game’ posts, as well as his reader letters. It was all ‘You smiled when she said that thing about her sister–BETA–you lose’. [Roissy has some incredible posts, but his examples in that test your game is kinda 2002 douchebag game, which isn’t my thing. K.]

    Game is influence.

    • “I say in my book(s) that you cannot make a woman who is totally not attracted to you suddenly become attracted to you.”

      Not disagreeing with this, but it does remind me of a clip I saw where Tupac was talking about the effects of fame on women.

      Relevant part starts at 0:40…


      • I’ll acknowledge that what Tupac said is valid. I remember when Earvin “Magic” Johnson contracted HIV, one of the major magazines (I believe it was Rolling Stone magazine, but not totally sure) did an article about “women who are sports groupies.”

        Many of the women admitted that they did not have a problem being perceived as ‘promiscuous’ if the men they had sex with were movie stars, singers, musicians, professional athletes, well-known politicians, or other men with wealth, power, and/or fame. They said the only time they feel ashamed of getting a reputation for being a “ho” or a “slut” if most of their episodes of casual sex have been with “Average Joe” types.

        That said, I still say that you really cannot make a woman because interested in you if she is just flat-out, totally unattracted to you. If she is “hiding” an interest in you, “suppressing” an interest in you, or “resisting” an interest in you … yes. You can bring that out.

      • I’d say this go back of what Krauser mentioned about “value”; Fame is like an adrenaline shot for value. (and even this may be underestimating the effects of fame)

      • I like his “There U go”/Ruuben Remix.

  7. Superb post as usual K. You may have retired from infields, but you certainly haven’t retired that intellect.

  8. Great post as always good sir! My ear isn’t as close to the ground as yours (it probably should be) but it’s healthy that guys should realise that getting good takes time (a lot of it) – we’re talking years. The bigger players seem to recognising this as well, though of course there are obvious commerical opportunities presented by taking this approach as well.

    By the way I think you should rename yourself “Authour KrauserPUA” [I was thinking King Krauser. K.]

  9. I discovered game after being dumped and humiliated in late 2009. Since then I’ve used a variety of resources and it’s done a few things: 1) better confidence with women= more confidence in other areas of my life and vice versa 2) it’s prompted me to be more active in my social circle as a way of DHV’ing chicks. being a leader is important and success breeds success.
    3) I’ve used a lot of your ideas and advice on sexualizing, leading etc. It’s been very interesting. I’ve been able to meet and game 18-29 year olds on OK Cupid. I can get them talking about sex right away. In one case because of your ideas here I had a make out with a HB9 18 year old I met within 45 minutes. In other cases with chicks who are hard-cases, I now know how to ask them out, game them without supplicating. I’m meeting a variety of new and intersting women.

    Like you say, the tooks and structures are one thing, but making them part of an overall persona and adopting that alpha persona is important.

    Somewhere in one of your talks you tell a bunch of newbies to stop watching beta tv shows and movies—this is another important game concept.

    Your methods are a bit different from the other game bloggers. I’m not totally up for switching FB with girls all the time, but if it helps build comfort, ok.

    One other thing you write here which is true is that girls in their 20’s are up for more mature guys because they don’t like to be with wankers their own age. But game will help to inspire them.


  10. Your last line is why puahate exists.

    • Yes. Social conditioning compels men to “date within their appropriate age range”. But in reality as i’ve discovered through gaming, many girls in their 20’s don’t really care and in fact the more mature ones are very open to being gamed by a mature guy who’s seen the world, something guys their own age haven’t done.

      Yes, i get the “How old are you? You’re old…” shit. I reframe it with “Do you want a boy or a man” or “I thought someone like you would want a boy not a man”….or go cocky funny.

  11. The relevant question then is, how does one go from low value to high value? Or in your own case, at what point do you think you became high value, and what were the changes you had to make to get there? Was it 1000 sets of hell that made you a better man, or maxing out other areas of your life? [Answers in other posts. K]

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  13. The reason why women aren’t ashamed to be labelled ‘ho’s’ with high status men is because it increases their own social value.

    Do you think Monica Lewinsky gives a shit that she’s been labelled a slut for sucking Bill Clinton’s dick? Heck, she’s even got a book deal of her adventures the last i heard.

    Women, first and foremost care about one thing… Their social value.

    Second, is their sexuality.

    That’s why they’re not ashamed of being called out as sluts in public. It only matters if they were being called sluts after sleeping or ‘getting found out’ that she slept with a low value male.

    That’s why ‘gaming’ girls to sleep with you is difficult. Because they don’t externally know what your value is. The only thing they can rely on is your demeanour and what you say, which is where the skill comes in (Believing your own high value) which is easier said than done because women are attuned to spotting very subtle holes in your character.

    Once you’ve fucked them though, it’s game over. They now have to hold you in high regard so as not to drop their own value amongst their herd of like minded hamsters.

    There really is no short cut to this. You want to be attractive and bang higher value girls and keep them?

    Become a high value man. And its not by ‘Game’ as many PUA’s and seduction guru’s want you to believe. But by having an attractive life that makes you the ultimate resource that is sought after by people. Or by being a celebrity 😛

    This is the truth and the real facts. We all know this subconsciously and is what drives us. It’s the reason men fight for power and status and why women spend millions on makeup and beauty products.

    It is what it is.

  14. Women have game too, i was working for a company as a volunteer and everything i been reading and seeing today that i saw by steve and richard has helped me make sense everytime i interacted with this girl i like, she was leaving a message on me like i was an answer phone for when i finally stopped working for them for me to get in touch with her. Well i finally quit working for them so i guess it’s time to see if what she was telling me was right.

  15. VERDICT: its near to impossible anywhere on earth for an average guy to have sex with a beauty?

  16. Haha I keep being astonished as to what lengths men would go just to bang attractive girls. I thank God my boyfriend saw me, fell in love with me and immediately wanted to marry me. That’s the kind of man a girl really wants. The way you guys are going at it, you’re just creating the new generation of bitter feminists. And let’s face it, who wouldn’t be bitter after being used time and time again? I also thank God He gave me common sense to use, and I just don’t spread my legs until I’ve got that ring around my finger. (I am not ugly btw, I am a 5’6″ blonde, with F-cup breasts and legs of 39 inches long, oh yeah and a 23 inch waist, My face looks pretty I guess. so before the ugly comments come up; shut it. I know I’m not.)

    • He is a beta and will leave you disgusted within 10 years. At that point you will say you are not in love with him but you love him and will divorce rape him or cuckold him. He will wonder what he did wrong. And you will try to find a better higher value man to satisfy your avaricious hypergamy.

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