I bang my first 18 year old Czech tourist. Anally.

July 16, 2012

It’s same-day-lay time, my favourite time of the week! I’m out in Zagreb with the usual cunts and a couple of students. It’s been a funny week. For some reason we’ve been at each other’s throats non stop with brutal amogging and state-leeching. It’s out of character for a group of guys who are usually such a finely-honed team. I’m guessing Jimbo has invested too much of his dreams in it and Robusto is still on a comedown from his big Central American jaunt. Whatever it is, it’s not been pretty.

Yesterday I binned the lot of them and went solo, desperately trying to recover my vibe. We’ve been really fucked over by logistics too – pretty much every girl we talked to was a day or two away from adjourning to the seaside foe weeks. Crushing. Under a normal (London) state of affairs I’d have been laid four times already but things just vanished… like Keyser Shose.

So, on to today. We make a real mental effort to cut the negativity and boost each other’s state. I leave the lunchtime restaurant buzzing. And I mean buzzing. I feel indestructable. I could fuck the Queen I’m so high on vibe. If you gave my vibe to Mehow even he would get laid. I’m walking down the street shooting six-guns from my fingers, hopping up and down, singing to myself. I do a couple of sets. Nothing solid but good reactions and a solid number. I’m doing high quality work so I just need to find an available girl who is into me. Not long before I get to the train station the girl appears. Eighteen, Czech, slim, a bit punky, and cracking tits. I’m not letting this vibe go to waste so I pounce.

It’s a solid ten minutes. I know she fancies me. Suddenly all the SDL planets align. She’s just arrived in Zagreb an hour ago, her mum doesn’t know she’s here, she just wants a look around for a day… she’s got nothing better to do. Her eyelids bat, she giggles at some jokes and suddenly she’s on an idate with me. I text Jimbo to keep the apartment clear and find the F-town tags.

I feel the vibe, spider-sense tingling. It’s hard to put my finger on the details but she’s kinda chill, putting up no obstacles, and when I throw out a couple of feelers (“Sorry, I was just looking at your breasts”…. “I like your ass. Let me have another look”) she takes them without blocking. She orders tequila and lets herself get a little drunk. This is clearly a girl who wants me to fuck her so I ramp it up a little with the “what’s the craziest thing you ever did” for which mine is Robusto’s Havana story, with me in the leading role.

When I go inside to pay the bill I tell her “this is your chance to escape. if you are still here when I come back I shall assume you like me.” On the way to the second bar I tell her she is in danger of being kissed at some point this afternoon, and when she asks what type of victim she will be I reply “sexual”. These are green lights. Next bar I kiss her and she’s massively into it so from this point its just a case of managing the forebrain/LMR and leading her to my flat. We get a taxi and I babble forebrain distraction bullshit just to be on the safe side.

Back in the flat it’s quickly sexual but she gets the wobbles, saying she’s on the rag. I ask if she’s done anal and that freaks her a little. So I have to sit her down and appease the hamster for ten minutes until her hindbrain overules it and she’s back on me. Cock in mouth, then ass, and it’s done. +1, new flag, and most important of all F-town

I dump 2 weeks of unused cum over her face and tits. Poor girl. I put her at a mid-seven.


  1. Quality work Krauser.

  2. Stevie Nicks! That’s a good seduction soundtrack! 😉

  3. Holy shit dude, you rock !!

  4. Great post and you finally got the full thing from approach to close on tape this time 🙂

  5. “So I have to sit her down and appease the hamster for ten minutes until her hindbrain overules it and she’s back on me.”

    What did you say here? How did you appease her hamster?

    “We get a taxi and I babble forebrain distraction bullshit just to be on the safe side.”

    Can you give examples of good forebrain distraction topics?

  6. Great work – great video, years after starting you’re still the only guy posting regular footage online from meet to close, hence I am sure the appreciation from such luminaries as heartiste etc.

    My own tip: As we both used to teach English to foreigners, you need to remember to recalibrate your language carefully to the English level of the girl you’re talking to (especially in EE with their shit levels of english).

    “Emotionally compelling” was almost certainly lost on her (many girls will be too embarassed to admit they dont understand everything), I would have recalibrated on the fly to “It was very emotional” or even further down calibrated to “it made me feel emotions”).

    I find I lose rapport quickly and give the girl a major headache during a date if I don’t down calibrate my English suitably. The Ukrainian model I was working required a weekend of careful English, as my Russian is shit, but the effort was worth it (I felt worn out after)

    As a last note, up calibrating a little the level of english on the extraction to ones flat is a fantastic way to keep the forebrain occupied, as it usually requires a high level of concentration on their part to understand and respond to you.

  7. Having seen you open her, and having seen her later on that night. It was great work, and as after you had stopped the F-Town overlording, the phrase ‘the stars had aligned’ perfectly described the whole set, your vibe, her situation, top job.

  8. how can i see the video? (you cant, I took it down. K)

  9. Video’s gone private? Fix that shit!

  10. Can’t see the video man. [took it down. K.]

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  13. Nice report, Any way to see the video?

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