A fun first Facebook message

July 16, 2012

Out here in Zagreb we’ve been rustling up lots of leads but getting absolutely killed by logistics. Almost every girl I’ve stopped has been headed out to the coast within a day or two. You can actually see the city empty day by day. So I’ve resigned myself to working Facebook more than numbers, hoping to get a few solid leads going and then have a sweep-up week later. Time will tell.

I had a few new high value targets who took the Facebook add and I wanted some way to keep them keen without actually pushing for the (currently unfeasible) meet. Jimbo is always good for inspiration and a solid frame so he said

Find something women are really bad at and then ask advice about it

Ok, how about driving? I sent this message out to four girls. Three got back immediately with good responses.

International fashion model

Actress (not famous)

Great ass

I probably messed up the first one with my subsequent chat which sucks because she’s a genuine international fashion model / cover girl. Time will tell, it’s not dead just feels like it might run cold. Second one is biting hard in subsequent chat, and third one was the strongest street vibe but Facebook chat hasn’t warmed up yet because I can’t catch her online.

In all three cases I was a bit nervous sending the message out, lest the girl didn’t get the joke and found it aggressive. What needless worry. As a man, you have to take a chance and risk losing her. Even the one I might’ve lost, well, with a play-it-safe attitude I’d have never attracted her in the first place.


  1. After reading these reports I set to upping my own game. This past weekend I attended a Latin dance festival in another Asian city. First night I arrive and out of nowhere is the crazy cat lady—29 ish tall Chinese girl I’d gamed when she came through Hong Kong months ago. I had forgotten her. But she hadn’t forgotten me: “I missed you so much …etc etc etc” We hung out, drank, I kinoed her. Then kissed her on the cheek and finally suggested we meet up again the next day for dinner before coming back to the festival. She then plied me with a bunch of excuses that she had made plans already. “ok, so you’ll miss out” She kissed me on the lips…in a public place. A big deal for a Chinese girl.

    Next night a girl with a camera, must be 26-28, slim solid Chinese 9. I had winked at her the night before and she’d seen me with other girls—including crazy cat lady who’d flaked on Saturday.

    At the very end of the night I ask her to dance. She agrees….she’s keen. I ask her name. “Viola” she says. “Oh, when you were smaller did they call you Violin?” She laughs and says her English isn’t very good. So I switch to talking about photos. She’s keen. Wants to see mine.

    She comes over to sit with me, place is clearing out. I’ve got my arm around her, she’s nuzzling me and we’re going through my photos. Then she gets her camera starts showing me hers.

    I’m running solid game on her. Get her number. Then she has to leave with her friends. Again, kiss on both cheeks, pause, kiss on lips. I sent her a text, she never replied back.

    Oh well, but the k-close isn’t as hard as long as you’re running game and you make it seem normal. Either she thought all foreigners do this…or she was into it or both.

    Not sure how I could have escalated this further. Crazy cat lady was keen to meet up next time I’m around but didn’t reply to my follow up email. Other one maybe her English wasn’t good enough and I should have stayed but logistics meant I had to leave. [These sets aren’t really my comfort zone but I’d say kissing a girl first time you meet kills sexual tension, better to wait for the day 2. You gave them their validation and special moment so they didn’t need the day 2. K.]

  2. Mate, I just read the first sentence and had to post this: Get your ass down to Hvar and the coast where Roosh is killing it. Middle of Summer is no time to be working land locked cities for leads… [From what people told me, it’s a nightmare down there… loads of drunk party kids dancing all night in loud clubs… probably far easier to get laid for a nightgamer but that’s not me and I think I’d find the environment intolerable. K.]

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