Taiwan Day 3

April 19, 2010

I’d written off this target because while she’d accepted all the kino up to handholding on the way back to the station on Day 2, she had refused the kiss. Actually, she’d stood there with lips pressed tightly together and accepted a weird 4th Grader peck. DLV.

There were also some other things that meant I really didn’t feel the reward justified the costs. I’d go into them, but they are kinda private for her – she really opened up to me about the details of her life so I guess I should respect that privacy. As I bid farewell at the tube station at the end of Day 2 (about midnight) I told her to send me a text that she got home safe. I always do this – shows a protective spirit.

Starting to grow on me

HB 12:57am: I’m home safe Krauser. Thanks took me to the relax place, made me want to be a member too! Night x
Krauser 7:50am: Cool. I had fun too.  Some detachment after failing kiss close.

I decide I should probably at least try to progress so I wait a couple of days and pick up the ball again:

Krauser 1:28pm: I reckon a bit of food next time. Implicit invite.
HB 2:02pm: Lots food even better.
Krauser 7:19pm: Just don’t go stealing food off my plate, ok? I’m free Monday evening
HB 10:36am: I’m only free on 13th April the Tuesday afternoon [over 2 weeks away] She’d said how busy she is but is this just a shit test?
Krauser 11:49am: I’ll be at work in the afternoon. Till six.  Just the facts ma’am.
HB 9:18pm: Hi Krauser, maybe we can have dinner after you finish work, without try lip kiss and hold hands, just like a normal friend so you can relax and no need to try anything on me, if that is ok for you. I’m fully booked before I go back home, so this will be the only time I can offer so far. I hope you well. God bless you.

Sounds like quite a brush off. I wait three days then respond:

Krauser 11:15pm: Yeah, could be fun.
HB 11:21pm next day: Your reply was on the apple fool day. So yeah means yes or no really?
Krauser 11:41pm: Oh, I didn’t realise. Yes.  If the connection is still there, no reason to break it.
HB 11:42pm: Where are we going to meet up? I will arrive Waterloo in the afternoon.
HB 11:43pm: How are you? Saw your Facebook about you handed the notice, anything that I can pray for you?
Krauser 11:44pm: No rush, not meeting for another 10 days. I’m great. Very happy to be quitting.  Positive and unconcerned frame. She’s already decided I’m a player so I should act congruently with that.
HB 11:45pm: Keep happy. Night x

What the hell do I make of this? She’s an ex-party girl with a finely tuned player radar and thus strongly responsive to alphaness, yet she’s also tried (and failed) to settle down and then turned to god and thus wants a stable nice guy. The classic front brain / hind brain conflict. So I figure my overt stance should play to the nice guy while the body language and subtext is bad boy. She seems a nice girl but probably too much hassle, so I’m thinking I’ll treat her like a crash test dummy – meaning I will try a higher risk strategy because I don’t care if I fuck up.

Don’t get me wrong – this girl has a lovely tight ass and will be a fucking raging demon in the sack – I do want to fuck her. There’s just only so much I’m prepared to invest so I leave it at that. She deletes me from Facebook – only the third time it’s ever happened. And then, April 13th rolls around and as I’m walking to work my phone vibrates:

HB 8:31am: Morning stranger! Are we still doing the dinner thing or milkshake thing today then? Have a good day  She’s investing and bringing the energy. Qualification.
Krauser 8:35pm: Yeah, I’m in.  Nice words, bad boy subtext.
HB 8:36am: Haha so how we going to meet?
Krauser 8:37am: What time can you get to Piccadilly? Direct. Don’t waste words.
HB 8:38am: 2ish
Krauser 8:38am: pm?
HB 8:38am: Ya
Krauser 8:39am: I finish work at 5. How about we meet at St Paul’s Cathedral then? Meet me on my terms.
HB 8:40am: OK 🙂 have fun at work!
Krauser 8:40am: Ok. See you soon 🙂 Reward her good behaviour.

A normal exchange but what’s the subtext? Why delete me from Facebook, see me show no attempt to rebuild the connection, and then suddenly show strong commitment to seeing me again? Is there a time-delay pussy tingle detonating? Later that day:

HB 1:05pm: Which is the station near by the cathedral?
Krauser 1:06pm: Haha. Guess. It was a retarded question so I’m being nice here.
HB 1:06pm: Liverpool station.  Retard.
Krauser 1:07pm: St pauls
HB 1:10pm: I know but there are few same name when I serch it, just tell me please. Such player!  Oh, sounds like a little banter is being struck up. Shift to attraction game…
Krauser 1:12pm: Central Line. Shall I send a limousine to pick up the princess?
HB 1:15pm: Hahaha, I don’t like them, old English mini will do 🙂 central line which station?
Krauser 1:20pm: Ok – St Pauls station, central line. Do you need GPS coordinates too?  Subtext = she’s a retard and I’m just about tolerating it. Playful.
Krauser 1:21pm: Btw, wear something nice. I’m dressed like a tramp and one of us needs to look good. Pull her into my leading frame, make her qualify to impress me, underline that I don’t give a fuck about stuff.
HB 1:26pm: I think I look nice hahaha
HB 1:36pm: I wear something like Spartan, hope is nice to you.  Yeah, interesting.
Krauser 1:37pm: Cool. I’ll wear red Speedoes.  Worked for Gerard Butler.
HB 1:38pm: Check you out, I will kiss you if you do! Nice one  Interesting that she brings that up. What’s the maxim in Game – “If she’s talking about sex, that means she’s thinking about having sex with YOU”?
Krauser 1:41pm: Heh. That depends how sexy YOU look. I look AWESOME in Speedoes. Like Borat Run with it, force her to think of my in underwear but release the tension with a push/joke
HB 1:48pm: Awesome! I love borat. I’m not sexy type btw, more like Taiwanese type. “I’m not a party girl anymore, even though I obviously am”
Krauser 1:52pm: Yeah, Taiwanese are not sexy. A nation of librarians and lawyers. Push her away, screening frame – but playful
HB 2:03pm: Shame, can’t do kiss then. Beta bait.
Krauser 2:05pm: Maybe just some light touching and shy smiles. I’ll call you and raise you.
HB 2:09pm: The weather is awesome.  Not sure about this. Is she banking that little bit of escalation (a good thing) or snipping the thread to avoid it (a bad thing)?
Krauser 2:13pm: Like summer. Squirrels running up trees, geese wandering around the lake. I love it.  Positive imagery. No questions.
HB 2:14pm: Hmmm, such a waste because you work and I am going to enjoy it! Tease to regain her superiority
Krauser 2:20pm: Take a few photos to show me. Try to catch a squirrel.  Put her into her place as trying to impress me.

I meet this girl and she’s dressed nice. For the first hour or so things are slightly awkward because I’m trying not to show interest and she’s being a little sassy and guarded. We walk down to the South Bank and to an old school pub. I’m having to carry the conversation and gradually she loosens up and invests until by the end of the pint she’s really into it. Before showing up I’d already made the decision that either she chases me or nothing happens – I’m not gonna kino escalate – so I settle into a strong alpha frame and the DHVs are all subtle. I’m not even sure what my goal is (obviously I’d like to fuck her, I just don’t want to jump through any hoops to do so) but I sort of settle on befriending, entouraging, and then letting her come to me over the course of the next couple of months.

We walk on to Pizza Express and things really change. She’s IOIing like crazy including an almost comical wanking of her glass of water – over and over again for about ten minutes. She pinkens a little, changes her posture to be more alluring, suddenly gets itchy around her neck. All of the classic non verbal signs. It helps that I keep dropping in casual conversation about fucking.

As we walk out she’s grabbing onto my arms and doing the whole doe-eyed please-protect-me little girl stuff (which I love) and as we say goodbye at the tube station she’s in a deep hug with me, face tilted up to me, lips almost touching. The kiss close was there for the taking but I’m thinking “no, you rebuffed me last time, this time I rebuff you”. She wants to come out again on Saturday.

When I get home she re-adds me to Facebook and messages. I accept and we have a one-hour chat session (while I’m also chatting with the Aussie and Italian). That gets more overtly sexual and it’s clear that she’s seriously turned on while trying to hold herself back. The classic forebrain-hindbrain conflict. The whole time I’ve made it clear I’m a player and pick up girls. Much of the Day 3 conversation was about technical aspects of game and me telling stories from actual sets. It kinda solidifies that central tenet of game – it’s the hindbrain that determines the lay, and preselection helps trigger it. Doesn’t much matter if her forebrain thinks you’re a womaniser, its pussy tingle uber alles. I’m kinda pleased to get this girl back in play.

Lithuania Day 2

April 14, 2010

Keen readers will be aware I’m field-testing a way to integrate Facebook into my game. A case in point is Sunday’s Lithuanian. It was a quick 3 minute close on Oxford Street the previous weekend and I didn’t really think it would lead anywhere so when she immediately accepted the Facebook add and messaged me I was gratified. I checked out her photos and started to get the first twinges of one-itis.

This is what I go for

HB: I was a little bit lost yesterday.. but nice to meet you too 🙂
Krauser: Yeah, you seemed a bit distracted. I sometimes have that effect on people 😉  I just had a quick look at your profile. Where did you go in Gran Canaria? I went there with my girlfriend in 1999 and loved the countryside – especially the cave houses.
HB: I was in Las Palmas, just for 4 days.. Mostly all my time I spent in the beach, but I was in mountains also, I liked too 🙂    So, do you like to travel? 🙂
Krauser: Yeah that’s where I was. We took a tour up through the mountains to have lunch and wine at the top of some cliffs. We could see for miles down into the valley, with all the trees and fields. Happy days.  I love travelling. I was in Chile and Brazil last year for work. Santiago is beautiful – it’s like an old European city, but with the sea on one side and the Andes on the other.  What’s your favourite milkshake? and don’t say “McDonalds”…..
HB: Nice 🙂 and I would like to go to USA this year, I have never been there, I will see how is going.. And about milkshakes.. Actually I prefer coffee :)) My most favorite is latte 🙂 And what about you? Are you addicted to mikshakes? 🙂
Krauser: I’d like to go back to the US. I liked San Francisco, especially the tram and Fisherman’s Wharf.  So you’re a coffee person? My favourite right now is a Caffe Nero in Covent Garden. They have those soft distressed-leather sofas where you can relax and nearly fall asleep. Nice. But I recently found a better place – there’s a lovely quiet cafe nearby in a colourful little courtyard. So that’s where we’ll go. How is your schedule this week?  If you’re nice, I might show you my secret milkshake bar later. The best in London 😉
HB: I am in London just 1 month, so I dont know lots of good places 🙂 would be nice if you want to show me :)) Actually this weekend I don’t have any plans. I just have to write my thesis… but a little break would be great 🙂 So you can write me to this number [redacted]

Note how I completely turned off the douchebaggery for this one. I’ve calibrated her as a shy nice girl (my favourite) and thus more likely to respond to mild DHVs and strong comfort, rather than banter and hellraising. The follow up texts were just logistical:

Krauser 1:54pm: HB. Here’s my number. Let’s meet tomorrow about 4pm. Study hard! 😉 Krauser  keeping it a little vague so I have an excuse to call to prevent getting stood up.
HB 2:05pm: Tomorrow sounds perfect ( Have a nice day and will try to study hard (
Krauser 5:17pm: Brilliant. I’ll call you tomorrow about noon. Nice guy frame but still leading and soft dominance. Remember, it was three soft dominance displays on the initial approach that built the attraction.

I call her at half twelve as I’m walking into town. It’s a glorious day and I’m feeling great so that comes across on the phone. I wanted to leave her hanging half an hour just to take her attention away from being the selector and suddenly thinking “is he gonna call? Am I really hot enough”. She answers with a beautifully musical voice and some shy giggles. I adore this girl already so I’m pretty much guaranteed to fuck it up. Later she texts:

HB 3:57pm: I am here and what about you? A bit keen aren’t we?
Krauser 3:58pm: Almost.  A bit vague, concise. Alphaness in a nice guy frame.

We meet outside the station and she’s dressed almost the same as the approach, which happens to be nice. She looks slightly like a biker so I tease “where did you park the Harley?” then walk her off to a quiet café in a closed-in courtyard. The things I’m practicing on this date are:

  • Alpha body language, exemplified by lounging comfortably, slow movements and strong eye contact.
  • Nice guy who is social and friendly to all around, but from a position of dominance.
  • Providing compelling conversation including listening to her.
  • Patience. Not railroading her through a kino-escalation ladder or somesuch.

Her English is raw so we can’t flow so well but I’m used to this and moderate my diction and grammar accordingly. I find girls appreciate the effort while falling into almost a teacher-student power relationship, which is good. She’s shy and demure. After the coffee I walk her down to my favourite retro sweet shop while telling the DHV story about my Grandad giving me pocket money as a child and me blowing it all on sweets then giving space dust to the dog (a great excuse for kino):

Krauser: It sounds cruel but it totally depended on how I talked to my dog [pulls her in to side-on hug]. I’d give her the space dust [had already given HB Lithuania some] and then slowly and softy whisper in… her… ear… like… this. I’d stroke her head, scratch a little bit behind her ears because dogs love that [I’m stroking and scratching her now] and just continue talking in a smooth… comforting… voice… that… everything… is… ok, it’s a nice feeling, you feel safe with me.

She’s never been to Covent Garden so I walk her round there a bit, taking in a magic show, the church courtyard and the market. Then we go to a pub on the Strand. It’s round about this time that the energy falls a little flat. I’m not sure why or how but I feel like I’m telegraphing too much interest and forcing the conversation, and she seems to withdraw a little. The whole time she’s been accepting my light kino and putting herself in position for side-on hugs (i.e. walking right up next to me shoulder to shoulder) and hand on thigh, but that’s all. I do a handhold that she accepts but seems uncomfortable – perhaps because her hands are really cold (they feel like ice) but just as likely I’ve done something to dampen attraction. I throw the hand back and say “you should put that in your pocket, you’re freezing.”

I cut the date short after two hours before I can fuck it up any worse. There’s no chance of a kiss close at any point – too bright, too early in the afternoon, too many people, she’s too shy, and none of her body language is putting her into a position for it. I’m wondering which tack to take, should I (i) plough, lead and force the kiss knowing that it was strong leading that won her over initially and she’s the type of girl who wants to rationalise sex by saying she was pushed into it so she can maintain her good girl self image or (ii) hold back, build strong comfort and rapport then make her chase and give off IOIs, knowing that at no point in the sarge did I give a direct statement of intent and thus she’s still in the A3 phase of having to make me like her.

I went for the latter. We’ll see. The fundamental problem with this set is she so perfectly exemplifies my ideal woman (well, her tits could be bigger but apart from that) that I was too outcome dependent.

One for the stash

Then she FB messages me to send her the photo (see above). I prefer texts so I reply that way.

Krauser 8:11pm: Yeah. Shall I just tag them on Facebook?  Because I want them on there as a pre-selection DHV for the other targets but also want to nominally take her feelings into consideration.
HB 8:14pm: If I am look good, then you can 🙂
Krauser 8:14pm: hahaha (  Vague. Am I agreeing she looks good, saying she doesn’t, or just teasing her vanity? Doesn’t matter – I just want her to think and invest.
HB 8:16pm: Ok… better send me by email 🙂
Krauser: 8:17pm: I look good in my photo. Yours is kinda cute – a little bit 😉  I’m the prize, but a light statement of interest to please her. I want her to enjoy interacting with me.
HB 8:19pm: Send me both by phone, I would like to see, I don’t have internet in my house.  Oh, she wants to see the photo of me too?
Krauser 8:24pm: I’ll try. New phone, so not sure how. Gonna exercise now…..  All true.

I’m pleased that I haven’t burned the set and the speed she replies to my texts, so I capitalise on the energy by calling up two other targets that have stalled out and get into two very productive conversations. I post the photos and then the next day:

Krauser 9:33am: Mornin’. Couldn’t send the photos by sms so I’ve put them on Facebook. Tag yourself if you like them.  Can she not tag them and thus betray insecurity that she doesn’t look good, or will she tag them and pass the compliance test? Doesn’t matter so long as she has to think about it and react to me.

Russian model and Colombian student

April 11, 2010

It’s a glorious day. The first warm rays of summer begin to break through the dull clouds of spring. The squirrels scramble up trees as the birds tweet and the bright blue sky stretches across a sleepy London. I get up, have a wank, and head into town.

Suave and I are getting a little tired of Covent Garden street game and want to try something different. A day like this is likely to bring all the fair-weather PUAs out in force so we’d rather not compete for scraps in the usual areas. We head off towards St James Park. As we pass through Leicester Square I’m just chatting with no intention of opening when my favourite type of set goes by – a tall bitchy Russian. God how I love these girls. Suave fumbles with his spycam and I beat him to it, giving chase. He gratitiously falls back and starts up the long distance camcorder. I turn the girl and open indirect.

Standard leggy Russian M.O. – she looks at me like I’m crazy, eyeballs me and shows no smile or positive feedback. I know from experience that tall Commies give a really strong bitch shield in the first minute but if their feet aren’t taking them away from you it’s just a shit test they hope you pass. I plough and almost to the second she relents and opens up. I’m in.

I’m working on body language and engaging conversation and she’s soon investing. She’s a model – but I knew that the moment she caught my eye. I’m in set for twenty minutes and twice try a bounce. First time it’s to a cafe but she says she’s just finished a mug, then to the National Portrait Gallery but she says she’s going to the Tate Modern. I start walking her there but she wants to get a tube. Fuck that, I number close and I’m out. Good solid set and a better than evens chance I get the Day 2.

There’s nothing to see in Green Park but as we get by the palace and into St James’ I spot two nice girls on a bench. Both are hot but the one with reddish-brown hair is more my type. Technically I have to figure a way to hold myself so I’m not leering over them and then get sat down as quickly as possible without freaking them out. I pull it off in about a minute and they get well into the conversation. They are shit-testing really hard, test after test. I keep passing them but it’s wearing on me and eventually after about ten minutes I feel my frame crumbling. I go for an uncalibrated close, knowing full well my timing is off, but I know I’m running out of ideas. They ask for my email, which I take to be a “we’re done with you, please leave.”

I’m still pleased because it was a really tough set. They were slamming me hard and tag-teaming, and I nearly pulled it off. Over the other side of the pond I see a girl lying down reading Harry Potter. She’s got a nice red crocodile skin bag so I open indirect about that, saying I’m looking to get a jacket from a similar material. The main technical challenge is to get comfortably sat on the grass – not so early I pre-empt the welcome but not so late that I DLV by enduring discomfort in my neediness to talk to her. Again, I think I pull it off easily. After ten minutes she’s into it and moving her feet around in a suppressed pussy tingle so I take her for coffee.

She's my new project

The instant date goes well. I bounce her to a pub, then walk her over Embankment bridge and along the South Bank. We stop at another pub then I take her to a station and after three hours send her packing. In that time I’ve run some NLP (the boxing and rollercoaster routines) which hit big time, frame our interaction as her being the hot girl chasing the alpha (me), and we agree that although she’s a shy girl my new project is to bring out her adventurous side – nothing about her before she met me matters, when we meet she’s going to be a new wild girl just for me. If that works, I’ll put it in my Day 2 arsenal. A good day.

A waitress, a tequila shots girl, and a 20yr old student

April 10, 2010

Moran calls me up with an invite to his birthday celebrations at a local student night. Apparently the beer is genuinely discounted (£1.50 a bottle) and the girls young and willing. So off I trek and meet him and Burto in a nearby fast food pizza shop. They’ve already warmed up with some light street game. After shovelling a quattro formaggi down my next I go back to the counter to get a fruit juice. There’s a delightfully smiley HB7 Italian serving. While fumbling for change we get into conversation and she’s either IOIing me or just extremely cheerful.

Krauser: If you don’t mind me asking, where are you from. I’d say…
HB: [cuts me off] I’m Italian [head tilt, big smile]
Krauser: Please don’t say Milan. I nearly got murdered there so I don’t trust them
HB: Really? Milan’s nice. What happened?
Krauser: [Milan DHV story]

Perfectly feminine (on the right)

We chat a few minutes then another customer joins the line and I head back to my table. I’ve done perhaps a handful of close attempts on register staff so it’s not really in my reality to just go for it. I’m sitting back with Moran and thinking “how can I close this girl?” A couple of minutes later she comes out to clean some tables within view and whether it’s a proximity IOI or not, I treat it as such and go direct. Facebook close, in keeping with my current field testing.

We walk on to a bar where Moran is meeting a PUA friend he’s been winging lately then we head into the venue. Before long Tony T rolls in too. Looking around I’d say about half the girls are worth banging, though mostly it’s because of their youth (estimated average age = 20) and thus they haven’t had the opportunities for self-ruin that a 30 yr old has. The guys are mostly nervous young AFCs and what mixed sets there are seem to be “we are in the same hall of residence / on the same course” social circles rather than couples. A bountiful playing field. Unlike most clubs, the music is perfectly pitched at loud-enough-to-dance-quiet-enough-to-talk.

My first set flops and then near the bar a 2-set of HB8 Petite and UB Who-Cares joins the queue. I’m talking to Tony and instinctively come up with a new indirect opener:

Krauser: Girls. Sausages and mash.
2-set: Uh, yeah
Krauser: Really. We were just talking [indicated to Tony] and we realised that England’s greatest gift to the world is not railways, or electricity, or football. It’s sausages, mash and gravy.

They are definitely interested in seeing where I’m going with it so I start painting a picture of the perfect Sunday roast with it’s sights and smells. I ask if they can cook, and how I’m gonna prepare a roast for my Grandmother next time I’m in Newcastle and so on. Some light kino and teasing then I turn my back and talk to Tony.

Five minutes pass and they are leaning on the bar having got to the front of the queue. It’s my round so I squeeze in next to them and reopen the obstacle with “I don’t mean to be inappropriate with the touching but it’s a tight fit here”. The barman accidently DHVs me by immediately serving me and I pass the drinks back to the boys. The 2-set is a little narked so I tease them and I notice the target is responding well. Once she has her drinks I pull her to one side and start some stronger attraction game. Her friend doesn’t interfere and leaves me to progressively isolate the target and within a minute I’ve walked her to a lock-in position at a wall ten metres away.

The kino is going great and she’s got her tits pressed up against me, head tipped back to look into my eyes, and my arm is around her. I’m in set about twenty minutes here and I notice we’re next to the queue for the lady’s toilets. Yes, I’m showing pre-selection in front of nearly every woman in the club, while they are waiting bored and have nothing better to look at – need to remember that for future isolation.

I take a long time teasing the kiss, by running an NLP sexual escalation DHV story about me fucking a girl in a parked car in the middle of a street party in Spain, and our lips are almost touching, her pupils are dilating but I keep pulling back. After a while of this I just lean in and kiss close. Some of her friends end up trying to get her attention and she wanders off to them, saying she’ll come find me later. Doesn’t happen, though I thought she would. Live and learn.

She's a live one

Every one of us is on form. Burto kiss closes some brunette on the dancefloor and Moran is doing his usual dancefloor / eye-fucking game. Tony is goading me into apocalypse opening a set and at that moment the tequila shots girl comes up to us so I do it. She hooks and ends up chatting for ten minutes before she remembers she’s supposed to be selling shots. I refuse and take her Facebook saying “look, I don’t want your number because I don’t know you well enough.” I’m actually surprised I get it because she’s the first shot girl I’ve gamed – and it’s a legit email / FB too.

Tony comments that my body language was spot on and I showed lots of boldness in the set, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

Later on we are standing on the corner of a thoroughfare and just grabbing girls as they go past. Literally, I grab a girl by the elbow, pull her in, look in her eyes and say “Kiss. Now.” While pointing to my lips. Doesn’t actually stick, but it’s fun and the girls don’t respond badly even though they don’t kiss.

I rarely do night game and usually need quite a warm-up before I hit state so it was fun to do a variety of sets in a completely different context and manner to my usual daygame.

Sets that didn’t go according to plan

April 7, 2010

Since I got my in-field tech sorted out it’s been really easy to put up vids with synched sound, thus I’ve been recording nearly every approach from the past few weeks. I guess peeps could be getting the idea that I’m cherrypicking the best ones to try and make myself out to be hot shit. Not true. Every approach is getting a mention whether it’s a full vid or just a throwaway “did another three sets that didn’t hook” comment.

But I guess it’s fun to see people fucking up, so for your viewing edification here’s a compilation of sets from the past three weeks where I completely failed to hook. Some of them were quite painful to endure – in a humorous sort of way, as I stand ploughing and thinking “why do I even bother sometimes”.

Point and laugh…..

and just to remind you I’m not totally shit, here’s one I closed earlier….

Easter Sunday daygame

April 4, 2010

I ambled into town today and couldn’t get any wings out. It suddenly occured to me that I’m so used to having the RSG guys around that I haven’t done a full solo daygame session in months. Hmmmmm. After reading for a while in Starbucks on Oxford Street I walk downstairs and do my first set on the way out, figuring I might as well get some variety to my usual Covent Garden street game.

Very pretty and very smart. A rare gem of a girl.

She doesn’t really hook but laughs and smiles a bit. I’m working on AFC game today – decided I’ll not really DHV and I’ll talk about some nerdy stuff. Kind of break a few rules. This girl has just come from church and is pretty religious. OK, that won’t go anywhere, especially in front of her fellow church-goers. I try for the close and don’t get it.

Walking along Oxford Street I see a half-decent girl and give chase. Once I stop her I realise she’s super cute. Again I’m low energy and not trying to run DHVs. She has lots of residual momentum so she’s quite a tough stop. First I have to put both my arms out to block her. She stops for a moment then walks on so I have to glue my feet to the pavement as I turn and rely on the handshake to bring her to a halt (it’s a patterned response that girls find hard to refuse because it would seem so rude not to). She still tries to walk off but I can see the front/hindbrain conflict so I just call her back. I guess I’ve DHVed three times with the soft dominance and she softens a bit. With the benefit of hindsight I probably should’ve kept this set going alot longer but I’d let her impose the frame of being in a rush and once I’d stopped her momentum I didn’t switch gears and make it a full length set. Still, I get the Facebook and its real.

I only do three sets, because the last one turns into a 90 minute instant date. She’s one of those girls that didn’t impress me much initially and only just creeped above my approach threshold, but then once we chatted  her feminine manner took over and I found lots that I liked about her. She seemed to ease into talking Russian history so I just went with it. She complemented me on my own knowledge so I thought fuck it – it’s AFC day – so I start lecturing her on Austrian economics and the credit theory of money supply.  She’s listening really intently and starts IOIing me when I explain how FAS 157B gives investment banks the ability to lie about the liabilities on their balance sheets to pretend they are solvent. Hmmmm. Thanks Mish.

Here’s the three approaches edited down to a ten minute package.

A couple of recent Facebook closes

April 4, 2010

In the spirit of videoing most of my sets these days, here’s a couple that went to Facebook. I’m field-testing the following pattern:

1. Indirect-direct opener: Run up to the girl and stop her direct but make the statement of interest oblique. So rather than say “you’re gorgeous/hot/cute” say “you’re interesting” or it’s equivalent. It still roots the opener and gives you a reason to be running up to her (which an indirect female opinion opener doesn’t)

2. Disqualify as a suitor and make your qualification of her on the close something that doesn’t seem very sexual e.g. “You seem like fun”. Do not seed a date and do not set a dating frame. Get the Facebook (lower investment for her than a number)

3. Rely upon Facebook to DHV you by having photos that hit the attraction triggers, a lively wall, lots of interesting friends etc. Facebook can be used as a passive shotgun Attraction / Comfort tool as the same material DHVs to all girls you added.

4. Post a tease on the girl’s wall to bait her into a playful exchange or two, reminding her of the original interaction and getting her comfortable talking to you again.

5. When she’s online, open up a chat. A bit more teasing, some comfort, mild seeding of a date but NO INVITE. Chat again a bit later, invite her out for the date.

I’ve only done this a few times so far (e.g. with the Black chick and the Taiwanese) so the jury is out on whether it’s a profitable avenue for game. We’ll see. Here’s two videos of girls I’m gonna try it out on. I wasn’t miked up for the black dancer so you are treated to a little music.