Another day out with my video camera

March 1, 2010

Sunday February 28th and I’m out in Covent Garden yet again. Moran is really keen to get some in-field footage now that we’ve figured out an easy way to mic up so he drags me and Suave along for the ride. Not that I mind. We have a coffee and test the equipment but before long Moran is chomping at the bit. He’s walking down the street punching the air and jumping around, building state. It brings our state up with it. It’s not long till he’s launching into set and number closes a 2-set of blondes sheltering from the rain under umbrellas.

I’m mic’d up too so we are swapping the one video camera between us. I only do three sets but I get them all recorded. I get an excellent 15-minute set with HB8 Bengali. Actually to me she’s a 9 – exactly what I look for: 20 yrs old, dark colouring, slim, smiley. I hook big so I have fun trying a few things. Ten minutes before that I facebook close HB6 Chinese at the food count of M&S – not my usual location for opening. Sandwiched inbetween (pardon the pun) is a really cute HB8 Brit but that doesn’t hit at all. I catch eye contact with her outside M&S and by the time we’ve got the video running we’ve lost sight of her inside. I scour the ground floor and when I finally see her upstairs everything is wrong – she’s in the women’s underwear section (perv alert!), I’ve clearly been stalking her (perv confirmation!) and by then my energy is right down again. She humours me and sends me packing.

Don’t care. When the three of us pause for coffee I’m claiming victory on my Bengali set. Suave soon hits his stride. We are chatting about game and there’s a nice Brit girl seated in one of the sofa chairs behind us, reading. Suave is talking about some Argentinian girl he day-2ed back in Brazil over Christmas who he’s got on a Facebook maintenance holding pattern. She’s a romantic type and Suave reckons she’s falling in love. Naturally, I comment that means she’ll probably let Suave be the first to do her up the arse.

The girl behind hears. Not ten minutes later Suave opens her with the smoothest of situational openers, joins her, and walks away with her number soon after we’ve finished our coffees. He then rattles off another close on a cute Eastern European outside. To round off the day, my text game with the Mexican from Monday is hitting off and we set up a day 2.


  1. Hi, Krauser!

    Seen your videos and your game is getting tight!

    What source materials have you studied?


    • Short answer is this: RSD (especially Blueprint Decoded), Ross Jeffries (Make Women Hot) and general Mystery Method concepts. The aim is to be natural and direct.

  2. “I don’t stalk on sundays”.


  3. I lol’d hard at the guy at 6:45 offering the melon slice to passers by.

  4. The candy shop routine, where do I know it from?! ;p
    Last 3 days straight I’ve been doing daygame and found that it’s much easier to hook when I fake an accent (I tried scotish and I think it came out as Russian but it serves it’s purpose- and I made up a funny routine about why I became a communist on the spot).
    I still run out of interesting things to say in a set though. I decided to write up 10 stories and memorise them and practice delivery and just keep rolling on those for now.

    Man, great set. I love it how you slip those dhv stories in.

  5. Tell me why you went for the handshake after the direct opener? I felt like it broke some kind of tension, and felt too formal.
    Criticism is the only constructive comment…

    • Probably right. Not everything was planned and thought through. I think in this case I felt like her momentum wasn’t fully stopped. Notice how in the beginning she’s edging off to go past me on my right and I use my right hand to push her back in front of me. I think I just hadn’t hooked strong enough at that point. But yeah, good spot and I’ll have a think about it.

      • I noticed the hands out of the pockets, its really great to see you putting in practice the feedback you got in the blog.

  6. One thing I’ve noticed is that you generally open by telling the girl that you think she’s gorgeous – I’m not doubting you, because it seems to work, but it runs contrary to a lot of Game which teaches that you should NEVER compliment a girl so quick, you should neg instead … this would seem to remove the opportunity for negging (at least physical negging).

    So what do you think? Is that rule just bullshit? I guess you DO need a reason for interrupting her, and you can’t really use a neg as the first thing you say … “hi, sorry, I just knew I had to talk to you, because I don’t think you’re that hot”

    (Obviously, actual negs are more subtle than that, but you get that point)

    • The “game” you refer to is basically Mystery Method or it’s derivatives, right? Point One: Mystery’s day game (at least as shown in the VH1 show) is TOTAL FUCKING SHIT. I think the general rule is this:

      1. If the girl is next to you and socially available, indirect is a nice way to slip under the radar
      2. If you have to clearly go out of your way to talk to a girl, it is BLINDINGLY OBVIOUS that you have done so because you find her attractive or otherwise interesting. So you have to go direct.

      Imagine you’re the girl. You’re walking down the street and some guy comes running over, stops you, has obviously done so because he likes you and then he says “I need a quick female opinion on something”

      That would be totally uncalibrated and DLV you.

      Going direct is in itself a DHV because it’s ballsy. I know it’s ballsy because most students are initially terrified to do so. The trick is to immediately qualify her (“Who are you?”), tease, and slide into a screening frame.

      I don’t like to neg. I just slip in really mild ones.

      • I never read the MM, but I dont think he was doing day-game with it. Because the negs are for the “bitchshield”, wich is really more present when girls are out in clubs or bars, even more in groups. A girl in an everyday situation is way more shy, natural low self-esteem is something feminine.

      • Yeah, you make a good point. It certainly is ballsy – I’m not arguing with you there. It’s also very up front (perhaps the same thing) – the expectation is that you have stopped her because you find her attractive anyway, and trying to make it seem otherwise does seem like a beta move.

        Interesting that you don’t like to neg. I haven’t read Mystery, only Roissy really, and he seems to place high value on negging. I can see how it works, but probably shouldn’t be used immediately upon meeting a girl.

  7. As I understand it, MM is aimed at bagging 9s and 10s, where (he reckons) the neg is essential; not sure how well a direct opener would work on an obviously high value girl. As you’ve demonstrated however, it clearly works on 6-8s.

    I’ve been practising day game over the past couple of months, and have copied your boxing routine (hope you don’t mind). I’ve found that direct openers are only a slight DLV, if at all, and if said in an enthusiastic and lively way it’s fine because you’re not acknowledging the DLV, and psychologically it’s almost as if you’re not being serious. Going up and saying it with a weird look on your face or pausing etc has the opposite effect, so I only smile at the last moment so I don’t have to hold it in a fake/creepy way.

    • Yeah, I’ve got a post on MM way back. I think MM A1-A3 is designed for nightgame, in group sets, to get a specific girl. That’s only one part of game. It simply doesn’t work consistently in daygame. I think the only reason they put the daygame in the Vh1 show is they felt they had to. It looks totally out of place – like standing on the bridge and hollering opinion openers at girls walking by.

      That said, I do generally follow C1-C3 and S1-S3 MM and I also often use MM A1-A3 when I do nightgame. It’s about picking the right method for the situation and the player.

      I’ve closed 9s direct in daygame. Only a few. Haven’t reached a final opinion.

      I would love to hear a way to stop a moving target in the middle of the street that doesn’t involve direct opening and doesn’t scream “inauthentic”.

  8. Hey, Krauser!
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE direct game!!!

    Have you read Badboy´s material? It helped me a lot more than MM or RSD.
    Get his ebook and his DVD´s. The first set consists of 3 DVDs and is called Carpe Diem. The other one is named DNA (Direct Natural Attraction) and is a 7 DVD set.

    His ebook is a must, but his DVD´s are optional (although they help a lot, as well).

    You´ll find that if you combine Badboy with RSD it will be a killer mix!

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  10. Wow dude your the man getting a phone number of a bengali girl is extremely difficult because of thier religion i love bangali girls and would love to be able to pick them uo some of them are just so beautiful but they are also very royal and caring, dated a bengali girl and she was the best relationship i had, did you manage to follow up wid her?

  11. Hey Krauser, can you please post the actual transcript of your conversation? I can’t hear a word.

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