A waitress, a tequila shots girl, and a 20yr old student

April 10, 2010

Moran calls me up with an invite to his birthday celebrations at a local student night. Apparently the beer is genuinely discounted (£1.50 a bottle) and the girls young and willing. So off I trek and meet him and Burto in a nearby fast food pizza shop. They’ve already warmed up with some light street game. After shovelling a quattro formaggi down my next I go back to the counter to get a fruit juice. There’s a delightfully smiley HB7 Italian serving. While fumbling for change we get into conversation and she’s either IOIing me or just extremely cheerful.

Krauser: If you don’t mind me asking, where are you from. I’d say…
HB: [cuts me off] I’m Italian [head tilt, big smile]
Krauser: Please don’t say Milan. I nearly got murdered there so I don’t trust them
HB: Really? Milan’s nice. What happened?
Krauser: [Milan DHV story]

Perfectly feminine (on the right)

We chat a few minutes then another customer joins the line and I head back to my table. I’ve done perhaps a handful of close attempts on register staff so it’s not really in my reality to just go for it. I’m sitting back with Moran and thinking “how can I close this girl?” A couple of minutes later she comes out to clean some tables within view and whether it’s a proximity IOI or not, I treat it as such and go direct. Facebook close, in keeping with my current field testing.

We walk on to a bar where Moran is meeting a PUA friend he’s been winging lately then we head into the venue. Before long Tony T rolls in too. Looking around I’d say about half the girls are worth banging, though mostly it’s because of their youth (estimated average age = 20) and thus they haven’t had the opportunities for self-ruin that a 30 yr old has. The guys are mostly nervous young AFCs and what mixed sets there are seem to be “we are in the same hall of residence / on the same course” social circles rather than couples. A bountiful playing field. Unlike most clubs, the music is perfectly pitched at loud-enough-to-dance-quiet-enough-to-talk.

My first set flops and then near the bar a 2-set of HB8 Petite and UB Who-Cares joins the queue. I’m talking to Tony and instinctively come up with a new indirect opener:

Krauser: Girls. Sausages and mash.
2-set: Uh, yeah
Krauser: Really. We were just talking [indicated to Tony] and we realised that England’s greatest gift to the world is not railways, or electricity, or football. It’s sausages, mash and gravy.

They are definitely interested in seeing where I’m going with it so I start painting a picture of the perfect Sunday roast with it’s sights and smells. I ask if they can cook, and how I’m gonna prepare a roast for my Grandmother next time I’m in Newcastle and so on. Some light kino and teasing then I turn my back and talk to Tony.

Five minutes pass and they are leaning on the bar having got to the front of the queue. It’s my round so I squeeze in next to them and reopen the obstacle with “I don’t mean to be inappropriate with the touching but it’s a tight fit here”. The barman accidently DHVs me by immediately serving me and I pass the drinks back to the boys. The 2-set is a little narked so I tease them and I notice the target is responding well. Once she has her drinks I pull her to one side and start some stronger attraction game. Her friend doesn’t interfere and leaves me to progressively isolate the target and within a minute I’ve walked her to a lock-in position at a wall ten metres away.

The kino is going great and she’s got her tits pressed up against me, head tipped back to look into my eyes, and my arm is around her. I’m in set about twenty minutes here and I notice we’re next to the queue for the lady’s toilets. Yes, I’m showing pre-selection in front of nearly every woman in the club, while they are waiting bored and have nothing better to look at – need to remember that for future isolation.

I take a long time teasing the kiss, by running an NLP sexual escalation DHV story about me fucking a girl in a parked car in the middle of a street party in Spain, and our lips are almost touching, her pupils are dilating but I keep pulling back. After a while of this I just lean in and kiss close. Some of her friends end up trying to get her attention and she wanders off to them, saying she’ll come find me later. Doesn’t happen, though I thought she would. Live and learn.

She's a live one

Every one of us is on form. Burto kiss closes some brunette on the dancefloor and Moran is doing his usual dancefloor / eye-fucking game. Tony is goading me into apocalypse opening a set and at that moment the tequila shots girl comes up to us so I do it. She hooks and ends up chatting for ten minutes before she remembers she’s supposed to be selling shots. I refuse and take her Facebook saying “look, I don’t want your number because I don’t know you well enough.” I’m actually surprised I get it because she’s the first shot girl I’ve gamed – and it’s a legit email / FB too.

Tony comments that my body language was spot on and I showed lots of boldness in the set, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

Later on we are standing on the corner of a thoroughfare and just grabbing girls as they go past. Literally, I grab a girl by the elbow, pull her in, look in her eyes and say “Kiss. Now.” While pointing to my lips. Doesn’t actually stick, but it’s fun and the girls don’t respond badly even though they don’t kiss.

I rarely do night game and usually need quite a warm-up before I hit state so it was fun to do a variety of sets in a completely different context and manner to my usual daygame.


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  2. I hate when that happens your so sure you have build enough connection that she will come back but in the end nothing wdf.

  3. Never quite comprehended the true value of wings in this game journey. Funny how the little things slip through the cognitive cracks.

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