August Memoir Update – Volume 7

August 18, 2019

It’s been a busy period for little ol’ Krauser. Not properly busy the way you dickheads dear readers have it, what with real office jobs and proper friends and stuff. But, as a man who spends most of his time sitting on his fat increasingly toned ass, I can assure you that the past two months felt busy.

I coached three residentials. One guy got laid twice. Another got two notches on the same day! Now, don’t take that as a Residential Training Lay Guarantee but it’s nice to know the old Krauser Magic has its effect. I think we can all agree on that.

I did The 21 Convention, as noted in an earlier post. Look at this photo from it. Rather spiffing, no?

21CPoland_NickKrauser1 copy

I look so confident. So dominant. So…… attractive!

An unexpected but very welcome surprise in Warsaw was hooking up with a girl I’d first rattled back in 2015 when she was at the tender age of 19. She’s still a pretty young filly now and we spent a lot of time together while I was in town. I’m definitely getting soft in my old age because it was lovely [1]

But the book, Nick! Tell us about the book!

Okay, if you insist…..

By now you all know the plan, to publish the entirety of my seven volume memoir series by the end of 2019 before turning my back on The Game with a theatrical flourish. Volumes 1-5 are all done and on sale at Amazon. Number 6 is a blank page, with all the hard work still to do.

Volume 7, in contrast, is in good shape and currently on schedule. Just this evening I reached the 50% mark in my text edit/rewrite. To those unfamiliar with the process, it goes something like this:

1. Write the book. This is by far the longest and most difficult stage.
2. Edit the text. I start at the beginning and work through the manuscript, picking up errors, tweaking sentences, and adding new sections. Usually I’ll have feedback from a test reader and a hired editor to help me.
3. Organise contractors to create interior artwork and cover design. Collate photos to illustrate the book.
4. Organise contractor to lay out the text and integrate the artwork. This also includes checking for errors and tweaking for visual aesthetics.
5. Upload to publisher website, print and review test copy.

The 50% mark I hit is in stage two. Stages 3-5 are pretty easy as most of the work is done by others. What this means for you scallywags is that I should have my final text by the end of this month, and quite likely release the book at the end of September. That’ll leave me three whole months to crank out the final volume [2]

LBSM draft cover

It covers a lot more than just SEA, though

[1] I also deflowered a 19 yr old Ukrainian virgin, but let’s not boast. My notches are too few and far between for me to take any fun in that game nowadays.
[2] Which intimidates me a little as I’ve currently written no more than two pages of notes. And also, when that’s done I’ll no longer have a good excuse to write about myself.


  1. How hard is it to find contractors who are ok with doing artwork and design for PUA content ?

    How do you filter out the potential SJWs who might try to dox you ? [Never had a problem. Buyer’s market. K.]

  2. Leave some virgins for us to deflower, K, don’t take them all 😀

    Btw, could you please write more about your rusty game, how it feels, and what stayed with you now without much practice? It’s a different perspective, and I am sure we all will love to hear about it.

    I remember a while ago you talked about an SDL with a Russian girl, and how your Game was rusty and clunky, but still it was okay. And that sometimes, you get bouts of great enthusiasm and game, like the old days.

    This whole experience would be cool to know about. Especially the perspective of someone advanced who is out of practice, and to which extend game stays with you, and what are the things that change, get slower, etc

  3. Hey K! Glad to see you posting again!

    If you don’t mind, I’m sure we’d really all love to see exactly how you take a shit. You see, I often suffer from constipation, so I sit for hours on the lav straining away, often suffering from painful piles as a result.

    We all respect and love you K, and I’m sure you’ve got some great insight into shitting properly, that we can all get excited about.

    Without wishing to project manage you TOO much, you might want to consider:

    The exact distance from the toilet seat. Do you sit right on it, or hover above it using your newly toned (no homo!) thigh muscles?
    Is each cheek roughly equidistant from the seat, or do you tend to lean more to one side with one cheek? If so, which one?
    If you’ve got any example footage of the process of lowering yourself onto the seat, that would be great and would keep us all excited until your next infield product comes out.
    How do you prevent stray droplets of water splashing around your anus hole? Are you a tissue kind of guy, or is there a particular technique to “cut” this shit at exactly the right moment to avoid too much splashing?

    I’d definitely pay money for this, despite my history of tyre kicking , making absurd demands and never actually paying money for anything before. But this new poop product could definitely be next level!

    Did I mention I am very excited about this, and I am sure others are too? I’m literally salivating and fondling my junk as I think about it.

    Yours in admiration,

    Pink Valentine.

    • Thank you PinkPantherPUA, you made me smile 🙂

      And yes, your imitation of my writing style is on point. Very well done, indeed.

      • I’m a working man Blue!

        It’s interesting you’d indict me first, I thought we were cool man! Next time I’m on the continent I’ll open a 2-set for you and invite you out? deal?

        As for the poster, my goodness where do they get them from 😂.

      • Awesome.

        Next time I see a black man with cool fashion daygaming in Eastern Europe, I’ll know it’s you and say “Hi.”

        Keep working on your value mate. Emotional Control is the only way you’ll persist in Game, it’s the only way you’ll persist and have longevity.

      • Mind you I won’t be a player for long in the FSU or even in London I’m meeting far more 8’s this year compared to last year as my SMV rises. Sadly falling off the texting and I simply refuse to idate.

        I dated a smoking hot teenage eastern european girl who studies medicine and reads Socrates for leisure and most likely a virgin etc. Socrates for fuck sakes. Let that sink in. These girls don’t have sex unless it’s purely monogamous. DAMN YOU LOGISTICS. And it was in the bag. It breaks my heart. So near yet so far.

        I’m moving abroad at some point. Packing up and pursuing your own happiness is the best feeling about this journey.

        Emotional control is the foundation of game.

        Nobody wants to admit its difficult even when you’re surrounded by players lol. So imagine how lonely it is? Anyway fuck it that’s the real world. Nobody gives a fuck about you. I think I need to join 😂 or maybe your all just jaded old farts. who knwos who knows.

  4. sorry i couldn’t help take a stab at ya 🙂

    • No worries. Enjoy it. 🙂

      And “These girls don’t have sex unless it’s purely monogamous.” is a bad belief, even if it’s 99% true.

      I tried to be the K-selected good guy in Eastern Europe, but as a foreigner, all the girls who fucked me thought I was r-selected. And all girls who though I was K-selected thought I’m not good enough long term since I don’t have a job in the country and don’t speak English.

      So, going K-selected as a foreigner in Ukraine and Russia will actually reduce your results, even if the girls are K-selected, because then you are compared to the good guy who their parents will love.

      And sadly, their parents will not be thrilled if they brought in a black man or any other ethnic minority.

      So, basically, you have to go full r-select. You will find less girls willing, but those who are, will be ON.

      And I did luck out and fuck girls like that in Ukraine, who aren’t looking for a purely monogamous relationship and who are still hot: 1 girl was a medical student who had no time for a relationship and knew for a long time she’ll be busy, so she wanted to meet and have sex; another watched too many American series and fantasized about the hookup culture and wanted to “Netflix and Chill”; the 3rd was a 21 years old virgin who the guys who tried with her always messed it up, and was determined to lose her virginity. So she came in, no LMR, fucked her face, pussy and mouth and sent her home happy. She fucked me 3 times, then told me “Bye bye”.

      So, realistically, as a black man and me as an ethnic minority, in Eastern Europe, we’re viewed as the adventure sex guy by definition. I tried going K-selected for months, keeping track, and noticed all the sex was from girls assuming I am r-selected. Sometimes, girls will think I am joking, and tell me “i don’t want a relationship,” then go away because I was mistakenly trying to be K-selected as a minority dude, and they told me, multiple girls “My parents will not accept you at all.”

      I think you remember how I thought I was overescalating and that girls are K-selected here. Yes, they are. But as an ethnic minority, if I play the K-selected game, I lose because then I become someone they cannot present to their parents without causing conflicts.

      I am forced to up the r-selection and catch girls at the floods. And I noticed my ratios got lower, but when I catch a girl who just broke up with her boyfriend, or had been a virgin too long, or didn’t have sex too long, or just wants some adventures sex, it’s ON for fast sex.

      Again, I believe and I still believe Eastern Europe is K-selected. But as an Ethnic Minority, I cannot at all win the K-selected Game.

      I tried it for months, and noticed the pattern that all my lays were girls thinking I am r-selected, saying: “I want to be the best girl you have,” (they assume I am a player with many girls); or some girl told me she wanted an experienced guy to show her how to have good sex, or a girl told me she’s in an open relationship and wanted to try something different.

      No girl came and told me about K-selected things.

      So, now I bought a leather jacket, a t-shirt with a naked girl on it, and I’m going full bad boy. It’s what the girls want for me, so I have to respond to what the market wants.

      Do you understand what I mean PinkPantherPUA?

  5. “So, realistically, as a black man and me as an ethnic minority, in Eastern Europe, we’re viewed as the adventure sex guy by definition.”

    I’m sorry but that’s hogwash in my experience. I fucked a hot Slovakian in Prague last year, dated a beautiful 18 year old Czech model Yes girl and dated a smoking hot Romanian teen last year. All indisputable 8’s. Last two were lost due to nothing else other than logistics.

    The only reason I fucked the Slovak was because I pulled hard. Whether I took 10 dates or 1 date it need not matter because even if I was taking it extremely slow I would have fucked her. she was responding to what I was presenting to her which was fast sex (due to me leaving soon). I even remember the exact moment she was clearly physically disappointed when I walked her to my front door after 30 minutes of meeting.That’s when things shifted from potential boyfriend to ONS. Luckily for me I caught her at a great time (just moved to town, rebelled against her controlling father, slutty phase etc)

    The Romanian wouldn’t kiss me even on 3 dates, theoretically she loved the idea of me cooking for her and cracking a special red wine bottle but would never come back to my flat. We’re still in touch. I never thought she was a time waster because I could see she was genuine good girl and told me several times to look elsewhere if I’m feeling defeated lol.

    These girls aren’t madly attracted to me because I’m a moment of rare indiscretion but rather because they want to have my babies and have a long term relationship. If it was all about sex they would clear their schedule to meet me to have sex. However, that isn’t the case.

    Even, my last trip to Warsaw in April, I met a solid 8 Polish girl. Very Hot. My assumption stack was that I thought she was Ukrainian such was her hotness. I teased her about how will she find a Polish man if she can’t cook and she told me she isn’t interested in Polish men. This girl was the hottest girl I saw in Poland lol

    I think your discounting girls power to choose freely in the SMP.

    The hottest girl I met in my life in Prague. Petite, busty, hot Russian girl. 8 quite possibly a 9. Solid 10 minute set but I could sense she felt I was bad for her. If I lived in Prague and made that clear I’d probably date her long term.

    Forget the Russian, I saw a Ukrainian 9 outside a nightclub in Prague with her boyfriend in Tow and he was ASIAN! 😂. She made all the girls in the club look like old grannies at Saturday night bingo. My goodness!

    Again, girls don’t see physicality but get an emotional hologram and the higher SMV they are the less they care about physicality and want real tangible value that they can work with.

    That’s just my experience BV disagree if you wish but they are REAL LIFE experience not off RooshV forum but my own eyes.

    • Oh yeah pulling that Slovakian to my front door after 30 minutes was the worst decision I could have made. I should have took things slow with her then I would have seen her again. Once you present yourself on one track you will stay on it. It hurt so much to know I won’t be kissing her beautiful lips. Never again. From now on I want to be in control.

      • I don’t see how what you’re saying contradicts what I said.

        Yes, I saw some hot young Ukrainian girls with an Indian short dude, and another hand in hand with an Asian.

        But we’re talking small %s.

        I am also talking specifically about Ukrainian and Russian girls. Once the bubble bursts, they consider all factors.

        I am literally saying what you’re saying, I just came to the same conclusion as you before, and it did not work out.

        “Luckily for me I caught her at a great time (just moved to town, rebelled against her controlling father, slutty phase etc)”

        This is the r-selection I mean.

        AND the Slovak was living in Prague. So less of fear of society’s judgement since she’s a foreigner.

        I am talking about the society in Russia and Ukraine. And as proof, there was a big deal where some people wanted to make it a law during the world cup to not allow Russian women to have sex with foreigners:

        Anyways, what I am saying is disjointed. Try it. Go ahead. And let reality be the judge.

        What I said literally is: I have presented myself as K-selected. I have dated girls. The “good girls” went on 7-10 dates with me, and in the end led to no sex because they told me their parents would not approve. After all the dating and time spent. And all the girls who fucked me, even if I presented myself as K-selected, did and said things that showed they viewed me as r-selected.

        So I have tried the K-selected thing with Ukrainian and Russian girls and failed to get to sex. I hope you fare better.

        I’m going full r-selected with a K-selected depth but not the core.

  6. I’ve number closed 2 Russians (1 was a daughter of Russian diplomat) , 1 Ukrainian in Prague & a massive titted Russian in London (Nick will remember her😂). Not to mention my first Idate was with a Russian. This is madness BV. Look I’m not denying race is a bitch and it’s HARD but I don’t think it will stop you from fulfilling your dream. In Serbia I get nothing but blowouts but will always find 1 girl who is down. My stats could be 1 in 30 as good as anybody else’s even though Serbian Culture frowns on other races.

    If I go to Ukraine or Russia, I’m sorry Blue but I can’t see myself walking away with anything other than 8’s maybe even mythical 9’s.

    I sincerely believe R selected daygame is avoidance to being the best man you can be. Nick started off as K, climbed that mountain, then naturally progressed to something different = R select. Alot of guy’s these days use R select to put on a black leather jacket and some rings and key chain and remain exactly the same. Fair enough if they only want fast sex without the connection.

    • Great.

      If what you’re doing is working for you, PinkPantherPUA, getting you the results you want, then I’m happy for you.

  7. You guys are completely nuts 🤭😂🤪
    There’s no way in hell you’ll be able to get 8s and 9s.

    • “8s and 9s” are not a homogenous group.

      One 9 is snorting coke off a promoter’s dick, while another is reading Socrates in a library.

      And each has their own tastes, wishes, desires, and turn-ons.

  8. No

    9’s don’t snort coke off promoters dicks.
    The girl you’re describing is a slutty Essex type that inexperienced men think is a 9 due to layers of make up, hair extensions, a tight dress etc

    My point was you’re both incredibly neurotic. Neurotic men dont bag the hotties unfortunately

    • Thank you. Your qualified psychoanalysis is greatly appreciated.

      Someone with your degrees and qualifications shouldn’t be wasting his time around here.

    • “My point was you’re both incredibly neurotic. Neurotic men dont bag the hotties unfortunately”

      Your talking through your hat.

      I’ve met some of the best players and they are largely an emotionally dead bunch. Personally I find THAT disturbing and quite chilling to be frank.

      Show me a mentally stable man who gets “hotties” and I’ll show you a privileged man. Unless you’re just trying to position yourself as above well then poor me.

      I think you’ve got an exaggerated fear of PUA’s because, naturally, you couldn’t make it as a player. No shame honestly well done for trying. Most men never do or will.

      Really sit up tonight and mull over women and dating because you’re full of this misinformation. Don’t let your failures blind you from real world feedback.

      • “I’ve met some of the best players and they are largely an emotionally dead bunch. Personally I find THAT disturbing and quite chilling to be frank.“

        Lol disturbing and chilling? 😂 Wonder what you expected from men who’s stated aim is to manipulate more women and hotter women into depravity (I approve of this depravity and manipulation mind).

        Here is the essence of all pua – nobody gives a fuck about you so get what you want out of life. If you don’t accept that you’re not going to be successful as a pua. Not because you need that mentality to get women, but because you need that mentality to get game.

        Anyway you’re seriously gamma so there’s no hope for you. Just look at Jabba – 40 odd and still no sense of reality; still coping with his purity fantasy and delusions of banging hot chicks despite his own photographic evidence of consistent grot lays.

        Here’s something most pua bullshitters won’t tell any of you for free – most pua’s biggest problem is they’re over sensitive fagbags. That will never change. I’ve met hundreds of pua’s now and they’re all upset babies if they get feedback they don’t like. Met an RSD group last week – the organiser shook uncontrollably and nearly cried when I didn’t want to be in his fagbag photo. He’s been “doing game” for 9 years. Most pua’s are like that – nearly crying over nothing. There’s no hope for changing genetics. Anybody can learn game and improve their results. But if you’re naturally a gamma pussbag then forget 2 points hotter or whatevs. You don’t have it in you.

        Chaps reading this want a fix for cracking the hottest vag out there? Go steal something. Shoplift a Toffee Crisp or whatever your chocolate bar of choice is. Nothing will happen to you if you get caught – no misdemeanour, no record, no fine you can’t handle..: the worst you can expect if you get caught is a stern dose of social shaming. If you can’t handle that then you know why hot chicks won’t fuck you. You’re a pussy and there is nothing else to it. If you weren’t a pussy you would know what I’m talking about. I’ve been arrested 7 or 9 times – lost count. Won’t go into it. No record anyway. But I know that stealing shit from a shop has no real world consequences – so if you can’t do it despite that you’re a pussy. Worrying about the unknowns and the what ifs – that’s most pua’s. That’s why they didn’t get any pussy in the first place and it’s why they still can’t get any pussy.

        Steal a chocolate bar chaps. If you can do that you can punch above your looks with game. If you can’t, no amount of game coaching will help you. You’re too afraid of what you don’t know to find out that just going for it and not giving a fuck is 80% of what you need to know. [I’m pretty sure the Raffles I read about stole family heirlooms, diamonds and paintings. Which story is it where he steals the Toffee Crisps and Lion Bars? K.]

      • Raffles1 – I admire your Toffee Crisp game. I have been trying to build up to this level myself, so far only being brave enough to pinch Freddo bars and the occasional Drumstick lolly from my local Coop. However, tomorrow is the day I push the boundaries. Tomorrow, I am going to turn the mPUA dial up to the max and steal an entire MULTIPACK OF HARIBO TANGFASTICS.

      • Better a toffee crisp in your pocket than an heirloom in a book

      • Jim, you should write a satire. Jabba the gamma would appreciate your woeful sense of humour

      • “Anyway you’re seriously gamma so there’s no hope for you.”

        This is a guy who believes ALL girls can be gotten fast (

        For some weird reason it casts a certain doubt over the veracity of your argument or the quality you get.

        Since your attacking Steve let me attack you. You wish you had the sex life of Steve. To be able to stroll along any street in the world and lay a young pretty girl without shifting out of first gear. One minute your talking about Toffee Crisp then the next your segwaying into attacking Steve which is really at the heart of all your posts.

        This place is full of guys who simply do not cold approach so wouldn’t know what the player lifestyle fuss is all about. If they did then their would be a lot more empathy around here. Instead there are just character assassinations and name calling such as ‘gamma’ in order to position themselves as superior.

        Also nobody likes to hear other peoples successes. Why is that. Could it be jealousy? envy? If all those girls I’d mentioned were 6’s I’d be ignored as another low value runtish PUA.

        “not giving a fuck is 80% of what you need to know”

        Translation: I am seriously underperforming but will front as if I “get it” so I can appear superior.

        I find it extremely ironic that the biggest single requirement of Game is casting your ego aside but majority of guys posting here simply refuse to. Again. it casts a certain doubt about the quality that they get.

        I’ll try and keep my journey to myself from now. I don’t want to make anyone insecure for not making the same efforts and sacrifices I’ve made to get to where I am.

        This post will all be translated as “extremely feminine/the whole world against him” and thus extremely gamma.

        My goodness where do they get them from.

      • Attack me all you like. I’m probably the only daygamer to have had his cock in multiple professional models in a single year – girls actually getting paid for modelling. And two of them on the second date if you don’t mind. One of them is messaging me now, dying to visit from Warsaw before her agency sends her off to the other side of the world again. My feelz cannot be hurt. Jabba the gamma can attack me too. I love it. Anyway I don’t even mind Jabba much. Just think he’s delusional and/or fronting for biz reasons. Heard he’s a bellend in person. I enjoy bullying him a little is all. I’m sure he can hack it. Hardly the central theme of my comments.

        All girls can be gotten fast. It’s just outside of the reality of a man who only bangs two birds in his “first real year of game” despite him doing game for years 😂.

        “One minute your talking about Toffee Crisp then the next your segwaying into attacking Steve”…

        And if you’ve ever read Heartiste you’ll know that is the conversational froth and variance that bisches be lovin’. Stay on topic? I’m not autistic. I’ve got that adhd, that panty wetting thought pattern, that swoonmaking speech.

        Besides which if I had the standards of Steve I’d just stand in a bar and wait for girls to approach me which they always do. Wouldn’t even need first gear and a stroll.

      • “If you weren’t a pussy you would know what I’m talking about. I’ve been arrested 7 or 9 times – lost count. Won’t go into it. No record anyway. But I know that stealing shit from a shop has no real world consequences – so if you can’t do it despite that you’re a pussy. Worrying about the unknowns and the what ifs – that’s most pua’s. That’s why they didn’t get any pussy in the first place and it’s why they still can’t get any pussy.”

        Pop quiz class: this is a clear indication of…

        a. sociopthy
        b. narcissism
        c. machiavellianism
        d. r-selection
        e. all of the above

  9. I don’t think I mentioned anywhere that I bang 8s and 9s…

    Was just pointing out basic common sense, hardly “deep psychoanalytical knowledge” but I’ll take the compliment 😗

  10. Who are considered the best pickup artists now?

    Personally, I think the Pua industry is set up in a way where many people are deceived. Looks, fashion, age, income are very important components in pickup. However, people are told a 40+ year old, ugly and broke guy can consistently pickup hot 20 year olds. That is a lie.

    Most 40+ years old doing a yad stop are scaring the shit out of most women on the street. And the younger pua guys are fucking foreign chicks who speak little English or extremely drunk women.

  11. Thank you for residential Krauser Ji. You help me rattle two LWFM (Little white fuck machine) in 1 day. Both 19 year old.

    Jai Sri Krauser!

  12. Very impressive. You’re looking great. It’s not easy to sculpt and maintain a body. Continuous maintenance gets easier, but never gets easy.

    It’s encouraging and heartening to hear of your writing efforts. You started off writing strongly, and then put in tons of hours reading and thinking about and writing book reports on the books you’ve read. Great idea to put all that together into memoirs.

  13. K, jabb-a is making fun of you in this video so blatantly. Look at the first body language mistake he points out in the first 40 seconds of this video:

    • He repeats it from the 2:00 to 2:30 mark.

    • He makes additional BIG jabs from 8:40 to 9:10. Those are the most obvious.

      I thought you only said good things about the man. No sure why he’s doing this while he’s with Jimmy (he’s the man holding the camera).

      • Steve saw a guy doing the hip swing in a particularly uncalibrated way in Warsaw yesterday. We were laughing like HYHENAS about that all day, not about Nick himself doing it. There’s nothing here where we’re pulling Nick down with any kind of malice or bad intent. We’re not SNAKES. Nick’s one of my best mates, you’ll be waiting a long time before you see me acting against my friends. I wouldn’t MONKEY around like that

      • And imitating nick’s accent saying “Eye Mesmer! Mesmer!”?

        That really cannot be just an innocent comment about an uncalibrated daygamer.

        It’s not the first time, really. In a video from this week, Jabba talked trash about “PUAs he has lived with” and said none of them gets hot women, and the natural guys he grew up with all sleep with hotter girls and more girls than all the PUAs he has lived with put together.

        That was a light poke, and just 2 videos later, he’s calling on the “Mesmer” and hip swing.

        There is some BS going on here.

      • The mesmah comment came from a conversation we had before we got to the zoo. I set up a Twitter account years ago to lampoon Nick and we were reading over it. Nick once set up a blog to lampoon me. It’s still live somewhere. One of the funniest tweets was about mesmah. We were having a right good laugh but it wasn’t malicious.

        When we’re together we talk and laugh about our mates and the times we had. This weekend Nick, Bodi, all those lads from the house, their ears were burning. None of it malicious. Steve always calls me spaghetti arms. Bodi laughs at my ineptitude. Like lads do. When I’m with Nick we laugh about daft things Steve’s done. I don’t know anything about this other video where Steve alludes to other PUAs in the house, that’s news to me, but this weekend Steve said many nice things about Nick.

      • Ok Jimmy, if you say so, I have no reason to not believe it is so. [This strikes me as a storm in a teacup. Steve is welcome to say EGGSACTLY what he thinks and I don’t take offence at it. K.]

        Just know that you’re not just mates shooting the shit. That’s a public video going into a market Nick shares, so it amounts to reducing someone’s credibility and affecting his livelihood through comments like that.

        More care should be taken, because Steve is an authority, and in Defamation Law, someone is liable even if they didn’t mean something as malicious or even if they were talking about someone else as long as those hearing it understand it as a malicious comment that can harm someone’s reputation. So it’s enough for viewers to think that was a jab at Krauser for defamation to be taken place, even if Steve was joking or was talking about some uncalibrated daygamer. It’s the effect not the intention that produces liability.

        And, basically, the underlying premise of those comments are: what nick teaches is wrong and does not work. Because he specifically said that the hip swing is low value behavior that will not get you laid. And the eye mesmer.

        The video about PUAs is here, the second part is where he compares his natural friends’ results to PUAs:

    • “Suzie, you’ll never believe what Katie just said. She was just saying how out of style pigtails are. She was SO trashing you! ”

      I’m surprised to find how popular this forum is with 10 year old girls.

    • You’re actually right.

      Its probably due to jealousy on his part because Nick is more well known and successful in the pua biz (probably not with women though if I’m being honest) and subsequently makes decent money, a subject jabba has droned on about in the past.

      • I’m starting to believe more and more that Sigma is codeword for Schizophrenia, or Double Personality: Alpha around women, and Gamma around men.

  14. @ pinkpanther
    You’re hilariously delusional.
    You can’t even get laid with 6’s you clown.
    No one is jealous of you.

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