Girl Junkie – Reader Review #2

August 15, 2019

Warsaw daygamers are no doubt familiar with my buddy Mr R. About a month ago, I sent a copy of Girl Junkie to him and asked for a review.  Here it is in its unedited entirety. Thanks, boss.

Girl Junkie is the story of the year after Krauser reached what he considered his peak (as detailed in Adventure Sex). Once you’ve reached the top of the daygame world, can you continue to maintain your position, or will you crash back down to earth like a priapic Icarus? The latest entry in the ever-expanding long-form Krauser memoirs is here to detail the titular man’s struggle against the elements. If the previous year was the most successful for his exploits, this is the year where he truly gets to live his life as “Krauser”.

Every active daygamer knows the thrill of the chase and the emotional rollercoaster of running down your leads, and by spending the entire year travelling, Krauser is constantly faced with time limits and the need to push everything forward hard and fast. Have you ever met a daygamer who’s 100% ‘normal’? We can all be daygamers but there are some who have the right combination of issues to allow them to handle the grind much better than most. A steady stream of numbers from younger, hotter, tighter, all filtered through the funnel of love, turn into a string of dates, sex, and anal deflowerings.


The ancient Greeks believed that a man who excessively chased women was ruled entirely by his desires, and became ‘womanly’ in all the wrong ways. As Krauser continues his endless loop of his favourite euro-jaunt locations, he becomes sulky, withdrawn, and prone to wild mood swings. So, basically a teenage girl with a boner. Appropriately then, he continues to stick his boner into teenage girls throughout the book.

The structure of the book is straightforwardly chronological, with each chapter covering either a change in location or a change in Nick’s circumstances. This makes it hard to review in detail as it’s mostly slice of life vignettes, but there are several main narratives running throughout the book. The first narrative is Nick’s growing realisation that not everyone in the daygame scene is as honest as he is, and that shady marketing pays better than actual results. He’s not shy about naming names, but it generally never comes across as a malicious attack on a competitor, more like he feels outrage that scammers are ripping people off.

The second theme is the mental and physical changes he observes in himself. Mentally, he’s losing touch with regular life, so going to a beautiful holiday destination with an adoring young girl quickly bores him, compared to repeatedly walking up and down a shopping street and using the same lines over and over again while chatting up birds. The constant adrenaline and dopamine-spiked eurojaunts have rewired his brain to seek quick reward over delayed gratification, and no amount of trips back to hibernate in his parent’s conservatory can bring him back. You can feel the frustration as he questions what he’s doing with his life. On the physical side, he’s coming face to face with his own mortality. His feet hurt, his belly is growing, and he fears he’s losing his legendary good looks. Is this the end of the line for our plucky hero? Or is he simply at step 7 of the hero’s journey, the moment of despair? Well, since Krauser is still going and has dedicated himself to fitness, I’ll let you guess.

The writing is consistently good throughout the book, there is a dip in pace towards the middle, accurately reflecting Nick’s state of mind through the year. Many guys I know in real life make guest appearances as characters Krauser meets on his eurotour, and while the characterisations are all accurate, the conversations can sometimes feel a little artificial, like they’ve been added in to demonstrate a point Nick wants to expound upon. This is not just a memoir after all, there are nuggets of advice and guidance secreted within like hidden treasure.

Should you read this book? [1] I certainly enjoyed it, and if you’ve been following Nick’s journey then the next stage is always interesting. As a stand-alone volume it’s less effective, so read the earlier entries first if you want to get to this one with the right frame of mind.

Ambitious daygamers eager to move their game forwards will be irresistibly drawn towards Amazon for the hardcover and paperback full-colour editions of Girl Junkie. Using your local Amazon may be a little quicker for some of you.

GJ spin

1 – Yes, you should [K.]


  1. Does the book go into any detail on how different scammers operate?

    You mentioned TNL’s brazzer love before. Wonder if there are details on that…

    Which scammers are noted in the book? [Not really. TNL is simple: they fly in Ukrainian hookers to the apartments they rent for bootcamps, shag them, and take photos for marketing to pretend they are their girlfriends. Kind of like a sleazier version of what RSD Max does now. So their business model is to scam chodes to raise cash to feed their hooker habit. And, I’m pretty sure their inner game coach is a not-very-closeted homo. K.]

    • I find this funny. Essentially sex tourists (like fat old German men) banging hookers and convincing chodes to give them money for advice.

      Don’t you think Liam Mcrae and James Marshall can get laid just fine though?
      They’re good looking guys. Maybe they don’t have much game or need it.

      • I don’t know. I have a product of Liam, and in it the Russian girl he’s demonstrating on is giggling and melting and telling him how he’s a beautiful man.

        BUT Liam also publicly declares he has a mild case of Asperger syndrome, and in the product he said he gets 1 lay every 130 approaches.

        Liam is a weird individual. If you see his infields, the way he runs like a girl, etc, is totally weird.

        I think he’s doing GLGG, finding a yes girl who is willing to not pay too much attention to his socially uncalibrated weirdness.

        You can see what i mean here:

    • If you don’t mind my asking Nick how did you find out about this TNL p4p scheme? I was always suspicious. Left a few less than complimentary comments on their videos which were always removed so it’s obvious their comment sections are highly curated. I’ve noticed that about a number of scammy looking pua channels which is a big red flag. If you’re so afraid of negative feedback you have to hire some poor bastard in India to spend hours scouring your comments sections for anything less than glowing then something is very wrong. [I have two inside sources, plus my normal calibration and experience. K.]

      • It boggles the mind . You’d have to be a real piece of shit to line your pockets from the misery and desperation of other men. Yet all these scammer gurus seem to have very high opinions of themselves. How do they square that in their own minds, or are they just pure sociopaths who feel no need to rationalise anything. [The internet attracts them, and adversarially selects for the most brazen. That fucking gimp Liam keeps popping up on my YouTube with video adverts. It’s physically painful to hear him lisping. K.]

      • I met Liam in Prague last year. When I say low value PUA’s this is what I’m referring to. Liam doesn’t like seeing solo insensitive westerners fouling up Na Prikopke street but sees nothing wrong with running a 4 man bootcamp week after week.

    • It’s intersting because if TNL are telling the truth about filling out their workshops/bootcamps, they are making seriously sweet doler. Same with RSD.
      Why are guys attracted to these companies though? I don’t really understand why they’re so successful while other coaches who give good advice make much less money. Do chodey guys really just buy the bullshit and then think legit guys aren’t as good because they don’t oversell…is it that simple? [It’s an industry where the customer initially cannot judge the quality of the product, and thus scammers with good marketing prosper. K.]

  2. Got it Yesterday, it’s very compelling, esp the way you describe a pull it’s top notch writing e.g. Page 89; “First I tried walking her in the wrong direction – towards my apartment- but Yana remembered her route home as reliably as Theseus unspooling a thread before heading into the labyrinth to face the Minotaur”
    Brilliant analogy. [I’m a fuckin’ literary genius, mate 🙂 K.]

  3. @BlueValentine That video screams fake infield/Paid actress.
    And He looks like a Homeless Bum. [TNL are all gimps, creeps, and homos. K.]

  4. Since the book touches upon you reflecting on what your doing with your life I had a question.

    Do you regret quitting your job in finance to become a full time PUA ? [Absolutely not. Quitting work was a great decision. K.]

    If you kept daygame as a hobby to do after work would that have extended the expiry date on your enthusiasm for chasing skirt ?

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