Girl Junkie – Reader Review #1

August 1, 2019

I’m the world’s worst marketer. I don’t mind admitting it. In the first six months of this year I released the best two Daygame books ever written [1] and have barely even mentioned them. Did you know Balls Deep and Girl Junkie are on sale now at Amazon?


I’m not completely incompetent, mind. As soon as the paperback Girl Junkie was available to order, I sent a couple of hard copies to daygame buddies of mine. One of them, Mr White from London, has posted a review over at his blog.

So, the first reader review of volume five in my memoir is now online. Check it out here.

“…One thing Nick is great at is raising the tension at critical points throughout the book using short sentences and descriptive writing perfectly, such as when he is on a Same Day Lay attempt. He really puts you- the reader into his shoes in these moments when everything feels like it is on a knife edge. That feeling of anticipation/nervousness/excitement we are all familiar with when we are in those same situations. I have always found it hard to put that feeling of the daygame roller coaster into words in my blog posts, Nick does it here with ease…”

It’s a bloody good book, you know. A mammoth 527 pages in full colour describing my rakeish exploits as I run around Europe clacking top quality skirt. Each encounter plays out like a case study in how to get laid, and what curveballs girls throw your way. Those of you familiar with my textbooks Daygame Mastery and Daygame Infinite know how the model is laid out and how to learn the didactic way. Girl Junkie and the other memoirs teach you through storytelling. The prose helps put yourself in my position, watching events play out and feeling how you would react in the same position.

Really, it’s almost like you’re shagging them yourself [2]

“…Overall, I really enjoyed the book and compliments the series perfectly….”

Head over to Amazon for the full-colour paperback and hardcover editions of Girl Junkie. There are no plans for an eBook.

GJ spin

[1] See! Even my hyperbole isn’t at all convincing.
[2] But you’re not.


  1. Got so excited nick Iโ€™m shagging my fist…

  2. Hi Nick, it says on Amazon: “ships within 1 to 2 months”. Really “months” – is this correct? Thanks

    • I ordered my copies of Girl Junkie and Younger Hotter Tighter from Amazon on July 9, and they still haven’t arrived yet.

      (I’m not complaining, just verifying.)

  3. Hey K!

    I know the daygame season is almost over, and that when it gets colder, you become hyper productive as you hibernate.

    I remember last year around this time, you’ve detailed your planned products / books to work on in the cold months.

    If you have time? Could you do a post with such a plan?

    Of course, it will be great to know about the upcoming memoirs. But also, maybe the daygame mojo is returning a bit and you might be considering some type of daygame product, whether an infield, a Daygame Infinite Volume II, an updated Nitro or whatever, that some small public commitment can help you get motivated to do and for us to get excited for. [Just memoirs. Season ends November. K.]

  4. Well, for me, it ends earlier because I like Russian birds, and the weather in Russia is horrible these days. So it’s time to get out of this rainy cloudy place.

    Btw, I have noticed a pattern, so I would like to ask to know whether it’s a real pattern or a weasel.

    I noticed that girls who allow proximity and touch in set are more likely to come on dates, and when I go on dates, the physical escalation is smooth and natural, and I enjoy it very much. But of course, such girls are a small minority.

    While girls who tell me things like: “You’re too close, can you go back a few feet?” Or react with resistance to small touches, if they come to a date at all, then tend to be time wasters and not let me escalate physically.

    My first instinct was to think: “Those resisting girls need more comfort, so I should keep my escalation for the second date.” But then, a pattern is already established, and the second date is awkward if I try to escalate and often is the last time I see the girl.

    So my conclusion was to stick to girls who allow proximity and touch, and not bother going on dates with girls who don’t allow proximity and touch.

    Would this be a reasonable conclusion? Or is it a symptom of some inner game weakness that manifests as a weakness in some part of my game and which messes up my escalation somewhere?

    I know it’s not easy to tell. But I can add that I enjoy touching girls and building sexual tension. And when a girl doesn’t let me get close to build that tension on the date, I don’t enjoy the date as much.

    • If a girl is using logic to verbalise her discomfort then just walk away.

      Let me get onto my favourite subject :)…I sometimes get super close to a girl just for LOLZ and I’ve NEVER been told to step back. They understand what is going on, especially if the first 30 seconds was real FUN. if they feel discomfort they will step back 95% of the time.

      In my experience, verbal and physical escalation on the street doesn’t mean much, particularly, on young hot feminine girls who simply love the attention and polarity. The real test of compliance is kissing on dates. Does she kiss? Does she murmur it’s too soon? these are all positive signs.

      Mind you I presume this is in Russia so my theory is likely irrelevant. Also just accept some dates will go no where. Once you do, a lot of the pressures go away and your more present.

  5. The more and more daygame I do the more I sense that majority of guys aren’t getting quality girls bar privileged guys of course. It’s a massive ask to pull a local hottie in London when you’re not good looking. It certainly isn’t impossible you just need to be a very high value man.

    Most PUA’s cannot pull local hotties not because they can’t technically but because it takes a massive change of identity. You have to go from average Joe to High Value Man FAST. Most PUA’s refuse to change because it’s so traumatic on the ego.

    And can Sol kindly fuck off with his indirect vague closes of “lets stay in touch”. There is no way in hell a girl like that is going to have sex with you. No way. Make the identity changes ffs.

    • I even doubt the quality Tom gets in LONDON during his first book. I’m sure he does well with girls but probably with a certain type (meek foreign feminine 7’s, lets face it daygame works best on these types). He just doesn’t strike me as a aesthetically attractive enough to do well in an environment as brutal as London. Unless of course he’s just a hard worker. But it begs the question, who wants to work that hard for a lay?

      It’s like my bullshit detector is on steroids now. [It should be. The industry is full of liars. K.]

  6. I saw TT game once in person and if I’m honest I’ve never seen anyone work as hard. He was a role model for me for quite a while. But if you followed him long enough you could literally see his descent into an amoral ‘dark triad’ mindset where he was lauding con-artists and exuding the vibe of a sleazy recruitment agent trying to sell you on a dream job which you started to suspect was actually in a sweat shop. Days captured it better than I can:

    • I’m actually pissed off with the London Daygame scene from back in 2012. I hate how the aspy weirdos from the Saturday Sarge to made it seem like banging catwalk models from wealthy backgrounds is something so easy and effortless. NO NO NO High Value Women do not sleep with Low Value Men irrespective of the time of day.

      I commend you Nick for not falling into this trap of promoting Daygame back in 2012 to gullible fools like me. The plus side is that I do believe I’m a much better man for it. It was wreckless irresponsible behaviour on their part just so they could line their pockets. Cunts.

      If you knew how much sets TT has done he would cease to be a role model for you. Someone really close to him told me how many total sets he has done and honestly I find it quite chilling actually. So you want to sell us the highs of daygame (through books, bootcamps, one-on-ones) but not the lows?

      Is your self esteem so low that you want people to constantly praise your name?

      This whole industry makes me sick. I hope to God I didn’t shake his hand.

      • Why not tell us how many he has done?

        As for the quality he gets – couple of decent birds on his Instagram but mostly unattractive; and those are the ones he shows off.

  7. Wow Nick, what you said in your London Real interview from back in 2012 has just hit me after 7 years. Their ABSOLUTELY is adverse selection in the community. Guys only get involved if they are unsuccessful with women. Or they can’t get the quality that they want.

    Lets face it majority of PUA’s are really low value men (Myself included). Both of character and aesthetically. At least for a brutal market as London. I feel unclean spotting some of them on the street. I have the same visceral disgust that the girls have on Oxford Street.

    Imagine how the girls must feel!

    I think playing the game of “hunt the foreign tourist” is avoidance to making REAL changes and very detrimental to ones potential imho.

    I’m struggling myself and working on my value hard which is causing me to create real contempt for other PUA’s lol.

    I hope you don’t mind me leaving this here.

    • You’re a bit of a loser in all honesty.
      Keep banging on about how hard London is, how unattractive you are, other PUA’s abilities etc

      Do you think men that are successful with women go on and on like you do?

      I’ll simplify things for you.

      1. Yes daygame is very hard. If you’re below average looking it might not even be worth carrying on.
      2. Almost every well known PUA is nowhere near as good as you think they are.
      The majority of their lays are either slutty girls, decent but by no means pretty and some luck thrown in because it’s a numbers game.
      3. Naturals are better with women than even the best pua’s.
      4. Be realistic about who you are and what your capabilities are (if you’re a male 5 there’s no chance I’ve getting an 8)
      5. Try gutter gaming. The bit of luck I mentioned above happens most often with this activity

      You’re welcome Pinkpantherpua

      • Who the fuck are you? I don’t know you from anywhere.

        You might be a particularly stupid man so let me inform you of something. Just because a guy is “successful” with women doesn’t imply that they are normal men. The fact that you can’t distinguish normal men from PUA weirdo’s says it all really.

        Your just a cynic who tried a hand at daygame, failed and ran back to your armchair like the weak man that you are.

        Don’t you understand that your level of Pickup illiteracy is matched only by your venality.

  8. You’re a PUA weirdo you clown.
    And really fucking gay with it too. You’re either complaining or sucking Nick’s cock
    “Wow Nick what you said in your London real interview has just hit me after 7 years” ! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    What I wrote was meant as advice. Real advice, not fantasy “you can get any girl” bullshit.

    Approach girls, be normal.
    Don’t idolise other men.
    Game should improve your life, not be the only thing in it. Xxx

    • You’re dishing out advice when these smut bitches be giving you the cold shoulder. The fact you cannot resonate with that London Real line says a lot about your ‘progress”.

      You’ve been commenting on this blog for half a decade and haven’t fucked anything past an std riddled 6. Why don’t you take your own advice and quit. A guy who gets High Value Women doesn’t tear other men down.

      You only see comments as idolising because your not in the game feeling the rigours. What your doing on here is smearing this kind of gutter gaunt propaganda against guy’s struggling at daygame and it’s made all the more bizarre by the fact that you haven’t had any success from it!

      Daygame isn’t for everyone. Why don’t you take leave from it instead of being a wall for this juggernaut you fucking riff raff!

      Put that in your pipe and smoke it. I’m finished here because your not worth it.

      • Not tearing you down.
        Just trying to nudge a bit of common sense into your cement mind.

        Either get on with it or give up. Stop behaving like a woman.

        Good luck pinkpantherpua !!!

  9. PinkPantherPUA, daygame is HARD. Very hard.

    By the way, I am curious: How did you improve your SMV so far?

    What was your level, how were you before? And what changes did you succeed in, in what ways did you increase your value so far?

    You seem to be hard working, so I am sure some nice changes are in place.

    • I’d say my value was always decent before Game but once you cold approach you subconsciously dress poorly initially as you think everything is about Game, especially when you see infields of Yad and Berba. I’m still in my 20’s so quite far off from having my shit together. I like to call it the 3 F’s. Fashion, Finance & Fitness. I bench 26kg dumbells thus far (trying to get to 30 by end of the year). I also read at least one new book a month. Although, local girls don’t seem to care about intelligence as much as foreign girls do.

      Majority of London PUA’s can’t get over the London Value Hump hence the over reliance on foreigners. I understand why though because it’s hard on the ego. Same as why good looking guys never cold approach.

      Aesthetics is real in London. I’d done 88 sets last month and got 1 date. I did 60 sets in December last year and got 3. That’s 1 in 20. Biggest change a guy can make is his fashion and grooming forget about Game and personality.

      Why don’t you tell us about your recent Russian escapades? I find Ukrainians much harder, you?

      • The hardest thing is raising your value and staying there, which is extremely tough especially if you’ve been low value your whole life. (sorry Nick I’ve turned your blog into a mothers meeting). [Not a problem, pal. Your fashion looked pretty good to me when we met, as did your body language. Keep on what you’re doing and, when you can, raise the intensity of gym, diet, reading, and inner game work. I recommend you watch something like Academy Of Ideas on YouTube. Easy bits of philosophy in ten minute bites. Keeps your mind ticking over without hoovering up all your time. Raising value is a slow process. You have to patiently and consistently do the right things. Frequently remind yourself that however frustrating things may sometimes get, they’d be a ton worse if you weren’t following a plan. K.]

      • Thanks mate. I think I’d still be moaning and bitching about how difficult daygame is even if I’m banging 9’s and 10’s. I don’t know how some of these guys can bare it all tbh.

      • [I donโ€™t know how some of these guys can bare it all tbh.]

        For me personally, I have been through so many daygame meltdowns, crying in my bed like a little bitch, and saw how it doesn’t help at all.

        Then, now, I just realize Game is hard. And like Krauser wrote in another post, when you’re dealing with real hotties, everyone is facing scarcity.

        Ukrainians are hard. I’d say I need 50 sets to get 1 date.

        So I am working on my SMV in another way, started to learn Russian. A common complaint girls told me when cancelling dates is they feel uncomfortable with their “baby English,” that they feel embarrassed talking in English. So I’m working on it.

        In Daygame Overkill, Krauser did say that not speaking Russian probably 1/3rds results. He was talking about Tom’s experience in St Petersburg.

        But, more importantly, PinkPantherPUA, if you watched Daygame Overkill, you’d see Krauser mention how it’s important to always be positive around women and not complain.

        So, you complaining and being frustrated is you getting bitter, not better, which will reduce you results.

        Enjoy life man. You’re on a real adventure, an epic movie created by you. Epic stories have enemies, deep challenges, and a lot of setbacks.

        Or, as David Goggins said: “I noticed a pattern in life. Whenever I have worked so hard, and slowly climbed a huge mountain, just a few feet from the top, life will yank me right down and say ‘Not today, Motherfucker’ and I will have to pick myself up and do it all over again.”

        So, not just with Game. With anything. If you want real success and not follow the societal script, you will get pushed to the limits, lose it all multiple times, not get what you want at the last mile, and it will be a roller coaster where you realize you have no real control. Entrepreneurship is the same. In the case of David Goggins, it was going from a fat bastard to becoming a Navy Seal out of sheer will. As he said: “I ground my old self into fine powder, then rebuilt myself through pain and sheer willpower.”

        If you can real David Goggins’ book Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds, you will see that Daygame is not special. Life is HARD. And if you want something beyond average, prepare your ass to get sodomized by life again and again and again on the way there.

        P.S. Nick, we are all still hoping for a Daygame Overkill: Infinite Edition, which updated infields and commentary. We love you man. Don’t disappear.

      • Or maybe we suck, PinkPantherPUA ๐Ÿ™‚

        Jabba has a new student who went from some approaches but 0 daygame lays to 2 SDLs in the first 4 days in Poland.

        And Tusk has a short indian dude in his 20s, not that good looking, kind of shy, who went from never approaching to sleeping with 2 British girls in London in his first week.

        I guess London isn’t so bad for Indian men.

      • @BlueValentine
        I had a decent English girl on a date this year which I rejected because she wasn’t quite up to my standards. Anyone can get laid. Quality is what we’re after. At least I am. So maybe he is telling the truth, or MAYBE he’s lying.

        At no stage was I complaining, just merely stating observations about Value. Was Nick complaining when he wrote the “my sticking point” post from May 2012? Why is everyone so schtum about daygame on here? Isn’t the crux of getting hotter girls being expressive and opinionated? Unless of course no body is getting girls two points better looking than them in London. Why is every poster on here trying to position themselves as above?

        BV if your not feeling the rigours of the Game then you must be having a laugh or need to do a long stretch at Broadmoore. “Be Positive”….”Don’t complain”…It’s like being lectured to by the hunchback of Notre Dame to sit up straight.

        I’ll leave the comments sections to you guys. All of you enjoy your sense of gamma superiority. From now on I’m not posting more than a sentence. Adios.

      • I say the same thing doordie2013 said to you PinkPantherPUA. It’s really the best advice you can get, but you probably won’t hear it, sadly:

        Stop behaving like a woman.

  10. @BlueValentine
    The boy needs time. He’ll get there… ๐Ÿ˜‚

  11. If you want English girls you have to go to bars/nightclubs, social circle or online dating & do all that banter shit. You can daygame English girls when they are abroad or on holiday.

    • From my understanding, and what he said before, PinkPantherPUA is a male 5 who is frustrated because he can’t get 9s and 10s.

      We know that the only thing that can overcome ugly looks in vibe.

      He’s frustrated. We tried to tell him to take it easy so he can improve his vibe and become more attractive.

      But he called us all Gammas. And ran away crying. Which is really bad. Now he’s ugly AND his vibe is toxic.

  12. You’ve helped me alot BV, so I’ll retract the gamma statement. This world can be a lonely one. I can be overzealous in the comments section. Next time I’m in the FSU I’ll buy you a drink.

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