I spoke at The 21 Convention

July 22, 2019


I was at The 21 Convention last weekend, in Warsaw, as a speaker. No doubt many of you are curious as to what I thought of it, not least because of the recent drama between T21C and Rollo Tomassi. Okay then, let’s do it.

Firstly, I didn’t take sides in that drama. I read what both parties had written and was able to reconstruct the events, from the so-called doxxing of the cigar club meet-up, to the Red Man Group LLC tussle, and the varied social media reaction from supporters of both sides. My conclusion was easy to reach: nothing to do with me. I like Rollo and he’s been good to me in the past. I didn’t yet know Anthony Johnson and his team but seeing as I had been invited to his show and given my promise to speak, I was going to speak.

I’m pleased to report the event weekend was a positive experience.

It was four days at the Marriot Hotel by the central station. The lectures were delivered in a big auditorium and two (or three?) smaller conference rooms were booked out for daily workshops. In addition there was a pre-show meet’n’greet in the hotel bar (I went), a paid VIP dinner (I didn’t go), a gratis Heroes dinner (I did attend), and a final farewell meal (skipped). The scheduling was intense with a couple of lectures each AM and PM, with workshops sandwiched in the middle. There wasn’t a lot of downtime.

So, how were the speakers?

Richard Grannon did several talks, the two most structured of which I very much enjoyed. One was on toxic passivity, his new concept for the West’s cultural malaise, and he drew lots of cross-disciplinary connections that I liked. His second was on evading, escaping, and recovering from toxic relationships. In both cases he was a well-prepared, knowledgeable and charismatic speaker. For me, these talks were the highlight. I also attended his workshop on the last day, which was also good. I’m amazed he didn’t drop dead from the amount of time he spent presenting.

I caught the second half of Ed Latimore‘s talk and it made me wish I’d gotten out of bed earlier to catch all of it. He was a humble, charming guy with good delivery and some interesting insights. I’d always thought his Twitter was overly-dependent upon generic bromides and platitudes so it was a nice surprise to find out there’s more depth to him.

Socrates’s lecture opened the event, which I missed because he’s a big lad and I’d talked shit about him in the past [1]. Now I think of it, I only caught half of the total talks. Probably a missed opportunity. After meeting Socrates later, I decided I’ll definitely catch the lecture when it comes onto YouTube.

My talk was a technical overview of the London Daygame Model, which all my readers will be well familiar with. It was pretty dry and there was so much to cover in an hour that I rather rushed it. It seemed to go over well, but I won’t really know what I think of it until it’s posted on T21C’s YouTube. Afterwards, George Bruno interviewed me in a breakout room and he handled it comfortably like a pro.

On the last morning, while I still lay in bed, I got Anthony’s invitation to do a Red Man Group panel broadcast live. So I jumped in the shower, pulled on my strides, and rushed out for one last unexpected contribution. It was an hour. I was sitting next to Socrates, so if you look carefully you’ll see me trembling.

So, have I deftly avoided addressing the criticisms I’d previously raised against The 21 Convention in earlier blog posts? Yes, I have. Let’s do so now. I entered the meet’n’greet on the first evening with a few preconceptions, based on the Rollo drama, watching speakers on YouTube and on social media, and word-on-the-street. I suppose you could list my criticisms as follows:

1. It’s overpriced
2. The speakers are full of shit  (e.g. The Natural Lifestyles, Blackdragon, Andrew Tate)
3. It’s a soulless cash-in on Red Pill popularity

What do I think now?

Regarding price, that’s for you to decide. Tickets seem to average out at $1,499 so it’s for the customer to decide if that’s a good deal. I spent lots of time talking to audience members and none of them were grumbling about being short-changed. Quite the opposite, they seemed hyped-up and eager for more. Each day was packed with content and I felt the team were trying to provide as much value as they could. So do I recommend you go to the next one? Not necessarily, it depends who is on. Look at the speaker list and decide what you think it’s worth. In Warsaw, T21C delivered on what was advertised (subject to Rollo-related cancellations) and the audience liked it.

The speakers were of varying quality, imo. Grannon was excellent. Latimore was pretty good, and I’d like to think I was too. I missed too many talks to comment much further. There were a few duds. Ivan Throne probably shouldn’t spend so much time talking about ninja spy networks and giving generic advice. Ryan Black should stop lying about his results with women [2]. John Cooper needs to resolve his fear of rejection [3]

Though I missed talks, I did get to chat to some speakers. Socrates and Alexander Cortes both impressed me favourably in person, having more gravitas and charisma than I’d expected from the videos I’d seen. We had a good long chat. They also contributed well to the Red Man Group panel I was on. Steve Williams hosted it and he has a very engaging lively manner that is really well-suited to the role. It was fun being on there.

So, that brings me to my updated thoughts on criticism number three: is it just a cash-in? Having spoken to Anthony and watched how he and his team conducted themselves backstage, I was left with the impression that they are sincerely putting on the best shows they can and are fully-invested in the manosphere / red pill message. Sure, it’s a business and people want to get paid, but they really want their message out there.

I’ll link my three videos as and when they appear on the respective YouTube channels. So, thanks to the T21C team for having me, and no hard feelings on Rollo. I’m still not taking sides.

[1] Joking. I was badly hung over and couldn’t get out of bed.
[2] His second slide made the claim, and I quote, that after shagging just three women in his life, he went to a Sasha Daygame bootcamp and within six months had “a harem of six model-quality women who all knew about each other”. Well, Ryan, you kept them well-fucking-hidden in 2010 didn’t you? I know if I’d been rattling half a dozen models I’d have been flaunting it across the London Seduction Society like a right fucking twat. But no, you kept it so secret that not a single person in the dozens I knew in the 2010 London community can recall you ever being seen with a hot girl. You had us fooled into thinking you were just a talentless goon wandering the streets of Covent Garden doing crappy daygame. Did the models’ agency make you sign an NDA and force you to destroy the evidence?
[3] He’s got a Social Heartistry YouTube channel. You’ll soon see what I mean.


  1. Did you get the rights to publish your own talk? I doubt T21C will post it for free.

    • @yoylo This has to be the dumbest, most ignorant bullshit you could possibly post in response to the blog post. We’ve been publishing our speeches for free, like a “TED for men”, since 2007, to over 30 million YouTube views, and now over 200k subscribers. This includes thousands of videos and hundreds of speeches. Krauser’s will absolutely be published for free, along with every single other 21C speech and Red Man Group episode filmed at the event, as well as The 21 Report interviews.

      So go fuck yourself. And when you’re done, share Krauser’s speech upon release. I would appreciate it and so would he. Thanks!

      – ADJ

  2. You were really trembling worried about being addressed about your criticism? You striked me as someone who could handle confrontation.

  3. Great review. And solid integrity showing up despite the fact that Rollo (who I think is a cunt, but I know you respect) dropping out. You are very fair here.

    >> It’s a soulless cash-in on Red Pill popularity

    That market is so big in terms of dollars. As T21C pivoted off of game (which is a big need, but a harder sell) and toward “divorced men or men that wish they were divorced” complaining about women full time… they clearly angled toward where the dollars are. I am cynical about that.

    And they ALSO moved into a space that basically doesn’t require compliance. Your post about compliance is one of my favorites.


    Game has always been great, as it was easy to separate the KEYBOARD JOCKEYS and ARM CHAIR ANALYSTS (which is what Rollo is) from men with actual SKIN IN THE GAME, because you had to “prove it.” You had to generate compliance… or you were full of shit… or impossible to tell apart from men who are not now, and never will be, good with women.

    Being “right” on the internet was never enough… and it still isn’t.

    • What’s your problem with Rollo? He seems fine enough to me (albeit he rarely deals with the actual mechanics of game which is why we need people like Krauser).

  4. Hey man

    I agree on your assessment of Krauser. We had never met, and I was impressed that he followed through on his confirmation to speak after the Rollo statements went out. Correction, Rollo did not drop out, he was summarily removed from all future 21 Studios events, including 21CON Poland 2019, 21CON Florida 2019, The 22 Convention (2020) he had agreed to speak at, and was immediately removed from The Red Man Group show. He has since resigned from that company and made the announcement both formally in private as well as publicly on his blog.

    Other than the legal resignation, these were unilateral actions.

    I completely agree that Rollo is a huge keyboard jockey, the most advanced and popular in the entire manopshere. He bet on the right horse and hides behind commonly accepted truths in the red pill side of the sphere as cover.

    Your assessment of dollars and shit is coming from a place of ignorance. You should attend and see what we’re about, or, do a legitimate dive into our history. I pursue speakers and ideas that I think are right, that I believe in, regardless of their short term financial outcome. I believe the truth is very profitable long term, so I fight like hell for it. Surprise – The 21 Convention has now been held 17 times over the past 13 years of organizing them, while I’ve seen over half a dozen related conferences rise and fall during this time, including DayGame.com events, PUA Summit, Real Man Conference, The Dating Conference, and more.

    I have giant balls and love the truth. 21CON is the result. I’m aiming to become a billionaire from it within the next 15 years. If not so what? This is what I love.

    – ADJ

    • Anthony… you and I are not on the same page about a lot of things, but I cannot help by respect your work as a leader and an organizer. I paid a lot of attention to T21C until you de-emphasized game (2013?). I’m not really interested in the “manosphere,” but again… you’re getting stuff done and I respect that. I am sure you’ll do well and I wish you luck.

  5. Cant seem to find a link to the Red Man Group you did. Got a link?

  6. Hey Krauser why you not come see me in Poland? I have harem of European women here. Could’ve helped a short bald white man like you out.

    So you quit the game, because you cannot compete with Deepak no more. Deepak wins. I will bang 18 women in 30 days to celebrate.

    You London faggots cannot stop me. [Nice try, but Deepak and I buried the hatchet recently. K.]

    • We will never bury any hatchets you dirty old man.

      Wayne lifestyles rules the game and you know it. I would never take advices from gay london man.

      My harem awaits me. If You had any balls we would have a daygame showdown.

  7. Yes, Krauser is my Bhai now.

  8. What’s your opinion on Roosh and Rollo’s thought on women being the gatekeepers of both sex and relationships? https://therationalmale.com/2016/08/21/the-key-masters/

    He mentions, “Highly desirable women at the peak of their sexual market valuation, are always the least concerned with men’s ability to commit. Eventually, commitment only has an appreciable value to a woman when she is most in need of it; when her SMV is in decline.” – So why do High SMV women lead mostly monogamous lives?

    Just because they have the least concern with men’s ability to commit doesn’t mean they are putting out.

    i think back to the 18 year old model yes girl I met last year and I didn’t commit to her (due to logistics) but neither did I fuck her. Again is this simply the difference between North America and Central/Eastern Europe? I know this has been discussed Ad nauseam, apologies in advance. [I don’t agree with Roosh/Rollo on this point, except in the case of public/MSM acceptance of opinion leaders on sex and relationships. You’ve done enough game to trust your own experiences above internet theorists, even men of the calibre of Roosh and Rollo. K.]

    I’m so confused I feel like I’m missing something lol

    • Rollo got his “40 odd lays” while in a band 25+ years ago… Not only was dating different back then, he had status from being in a band around college age, anyone could have got laid this way.
      Sure some of his theories are ok, but i would take Rollos advice with a pinch of salt. Put 20 year old Rollo in Ukraine in 2019 and i bet things would be very different for him.
      Rollo is highly overrated and looks very Beta, what kind of old man wheres a sock hat….

    • What’s not to agree about that? From my experience the hottest girls I’ve fucked, are rarely concerned about commitment. And the lower quality ones whom I actually just want a one night stand with are.

      The exception is when she comes from a low socioeconomic background, e.g one who isn’t travelling and having a provider/ companion is beneficial to her.

    • Interesting comment you picked up from that Rollo post.

      It makes sense that women value commitment more as their SMV starts to decline.

      Rollo is a brilliant logician, not a PUA.

      However, my impression is he’s too engrossed lately in social media garbage -Twatter -and has a constant focus on complaining on the issues. Yes, the issues are there, but his focus is wrong.

      Focus on yourself as the key ingredient of everything. You =90%, women = 5%. Not on the spoils and trickery of the feminized society.

      In my house, women are lower on the totem pole than the dog is. They are, and will always be lower than my plants.

      Women cannot bring value, except minor and superficial fulfillment, in a man;s life. Say it again: Women do not bring REAL value in a man’s life.

      Once you internalize their relatively minor part in your life…the sky’s your limit. Men need to STOP focusing on women in general. (No, I don’t wear a MGTOW hat, nor do I wear a Make Women Great Again) hat.

      As far as Rollo’s future, my personal opinion is that unless he stops focusing on the issues and society’s malfunction, and he starts on a true, liberating, path of self-improvement, he’s not going to last.
      Those who complain, lose. Those who change themselves, win.

      PUA game is great because it changes the man. Not women, not the society. You need to further that by decreasing the importance of women in life.

      Don’t waste your breath on the lowest pet in the house.

  9. It’s funny that nobody calls Rollo out for what he is- a keyboard jockey who never really did game, but talks as if he’s the biggest authority of or

  10. I met John Cooper a few times in London. He seems a nice guy but his approach to women is very woolly and purple pill. Although short he’s good looking and I suspect he’s mostly played good looking guy game amplified with some charisma. What did you mean by fear of rejection? [Cooper has built an entire ideology around avoiding having to get rejected. It’s quite literally the centre of what he teaches. K.]

    • Don’t be so stupid man. The man doesn’t cold approach.

      Your intelligent guy Jack but you lack some basic common sense. And these are the guys supposedly getting young women in their prime lol.

    • Does this look like a guy who is afraid of rejection to you? [Yes. Social freedom foolishness isn’t the same thing as being rejected for who you are. K.] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFSihMIz-Fo

      • All you’ve proven is that it’s easier for him to get naked in a room full of degenerates than face rejection, shall we say, on Oxford Street?

        I’m not trying to be facetious but If the Manosphere are counting on the support of moronic individuals like you, God save us.

      • I’d like to apologies LJ. That was out of order. Sorry pal.

      • “Yes. Social freedom foolishness isn’t the same thing as being rejected for who you are.”

        I see your point but nobody can deny it takes serious stones to strip naked in front of a room full of strangers. That’s risking humiliation and a kind of rejection that most men couldn’t tolerate, myself included. I can’t imagine he’s able to do something like that and yet still be afraid of blow offs from random girls. I met Cooper in a more casual social setting (no nudity on his part…) and it’s obvious that he’s well adjusted and good with women and people in general.

  11. Richard Grannon was also a self defense teacher.

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