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July 4, 2019


The juggernaut that is the Nick Krauser memoir series speeds relentlessly forwards on to its fifth volume. Join me on my seventh year in game – 2015 – as I travel the world with only my humble daygame skills to aid me in my quest to shag lots of younger-hotter-tighter women. Those of you up to date on the previous four volumes know what to expect: funny stories, ups-and-downs, detailed inner and outer game advice, and an insider’s look at how it is to live as a player.

You can get both paperback and hardcover on Amazon in full-colour premium editions. Check this video for a look at what you’ll be getting

This is a major work, and not some shit-out-quickly eBook. Five hundred and twenty seven pages, this one. That’s no trifle, lads.

I plan to release my entire seven-volume memoir this year and so far I’ve done two volumes in six months. More coming soon!

GJ spin


  1. Just went to order this via the UK amazon and it says it won’t arrive until late August? Is that true or a website bug? Do amazon EU have them in stock? [That’s just Amazon playing safe. It’ll be about a week. K.]

    • Ordered this on the 9th to Lithuania via expedited delivery, hasn’t shown as shipped yet. I leave Vilnius on the 30th, you think it will arrive before then or should I cancel the order? [I don’t know enough about Lithuanian postal services to advise. Printing is only a few days. K.]

      • Expedited delivery will be quick as they send by private courier, but how long will it be from printing until Amazon receive the books for shipping, do you know? [No idea. They tell me nothing. K.]

  2. PS, your Womanizer’s bible video product, is that the same as the Womanizers bible videos that are on youtube? Just figuring whether I should buy, but don’t want to if it is all the same stuff

    • It’s not the same. The Womanizer’s Bible video product is different from the YouTube series, and has unique great content. I wish Nick would do a Womanizer’s Bible II video product to go deeper into the insights he had since he has released it.

      Congratulations Nick! This one looks beautiful, and as usual, I am sure the stories will speak to any serious Daygamer’s heart. We can relate.

      I look forward to reading it. [I’d like to do more but I’m already overwhelmed trying to get memoir finished. K.]

      • I second that. The first video product was very informative and focused (imo) on the player’s place in the world and the role he fulfils. It would be great to hear about the internal developments someone needs to make in game to reach the advanced level in video form (like a video version of the first chapter of Infinite).

        Either way, just ordered the book and looking for to reading it 👍🏻

      • May be a written form of Womaniser’s bible would work far better as well. [I’ve tried transcribing the podcasts for a book but parked it until other projects are completed. K.]

      • Yeah, ofc with any additions up to date that you would like to add.

      • ” It would be great to hear about the internal developments someone needs to make in game to reach the advanced level in video form (like a video version of the first chapter of Infinite).”

        Exactly, Thomas Crown. That’s what I was thinking of and I think it is essential.

        A deep dive into Chapter 1 of Infinite, and how K came to those conclusions, especially the part about when daygame works and when it doesn’t. That was a mind-fuck. Would be great to know what happened that brought him to that conclusion, that there is no revenge of the nerds. A kind of mix of memoirs with significant life story and a deep dive into the lessons of Chapter 1 of Infinite, and why K internalized them.

  3. You need to watch these videos Nick you’d love them. One of the few people I know with an as deep understanding of psychology as you.

  4. The cover looks very attractive btw, K.

    If you’ve ever made a new textbook, I hope it will have a cover in this style.

    Oh, also, you are now an expert on making high quality textbooks and books. Maybe it could be a good idea to immortalize what you’ve learned and create a course or textbook on publishing well craft-ted books, including your best productivity tips, where to find designers and editors, and how to go about the best process for best results.

    It might also help you distill you “writing and book creation game” into a refined system just like Mastery helped you with Game. [That’s too meta for me. K.]

  5. Is every new book only going to be available on Amazon? [Yes. All my books are already on there in the latest best editions – except for Nitro and Primal. North American readers can better support my work using the Sigma Wolf Aerio store, which has same versions as Amazon but without Amazon taking a cut. K.]

  6. Nick, for podcast transcripts, if it’s a question of bandwidth, try Otter.AI. I use it religiously for business meetings. It’s not perfect, but gets you a good-enough automated transcript to search for clarifications, and may be cheaper to have a virtual assistant go through and clean it up than transcribe from scratch. 600 min / month are free, and 6000 min / month costs something silly around $10.

  7. 1) do you think any sensible man should stay in the UK considering how bad it’s gotten [Not to find a girl, but if you have found one and are from UK, then yeah, why not. K.]

    2) thoughts on the rise of autism in men and what it represents ? [Lots more incidences of The Torero Toe]

    3) thoughts on the collapse of western societies ? [Not collapsing. The pendulum is swinging in the right direction now.]

  8. Hey Krauser are you at 21 Con?
    If so, how was/is it? [Just done my talk, which went okay. They are really trying to put on a good show, with the location, scheduling, breakout group workshops etc. I only watched five talks, of which Richard Grannon and Ed Latimore were the best. The atmosphere amongst speakers and audience was highly positive. Not a manosphere whine-fest. K.]

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  10. K, I think you’ll find this video interesting [I did. Good find. K.]

    • I’m glad you liked it K.

      I watched this other video, and it reminded me of the process of understanding and explaining male-female dynamics. About the difficulty of answering: Why?

      • In here, it’s like he is talking about Red Pill and Game Techniques, and the ways to approach them. It’s quite brilliant.

  11. Nick, I am reading the book right now. The humour is insane. Absolutely love it. I hope you keep em coming even after the 7 part memoir series. [Glad you like it. Would like to hear more detailed thoughts when you’re done if you care to share them. K.]

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