Balls Deep – Reader Review #2

July 1, 2019

I noticed one of my readers was leaving detailed and thoughtful reviews on Goodreads, so reached out and asked if he’d review Balls Deep for the blog. I sent him a complimentary copy and insisted he give his authentic opinion, for good or ill. Here’s the unedited review. Thanks for taking the time to write it!

Fucking look at the size of it you cunt

Every time I visit this dating blog, I get to ask myself: Why? Why keep following the sayings of a man who is admittedly one of the most unattractive instructors (1) and who has publicly admitted “Look at me, my head is like a potato” (2)?

And then, there, it keeps hitting back every time: I am going through the pages of his books and get struck by his deep perspective and pure realism. As usual, he doesn’t hold anything back. He will report the good days, as well as the bad ones in equal quantity, with a colorful touch of his own sarcasm, self-narcissism and thoughts in retrospect.

The book is so rich and endless, it felt like i was reading 2 books the whole time.(3)

The first 70k words start with his Pre-game life. They extend all the way up to his marriage and how it all went to hell from there. There are some parts that explain a lot of the Nick’s future choices and attitude towards life. Family, early years, school, university, his time in Japan, marriage and divorce, it’s all very graphically presented throughout the pages.

Though there is a lurking issue here. I have personally been very conflicted about that 1st part. It’s not that I didn’t like it. But it could use a little more polishing. It surely didn’t have the charisma the second part did. Some more episodes/details could have been added and consequently far far more perspective in deep retrospect. So that it would be equal in quality to that second part. There were 2 time jumps where a lot more stuff could have been added.

In order to describe it better, the phrase “Identity Crisis” comes to mind, where it’s as if 2 different writers have written the 2 parts of the book. I could understand the need to get it on fast with the First Years and move to the “good stuff”, but a proper memoir may always use extensive references to those earlier episodes of the writer’s life. It is what constitutes a proper memoir in the very end.

Part B is respectively where the real fun begins. It was eye-opening to watch the daygamer’s evolution while, like a toddler, making his first steps and slowly conquering his inner fears to slowly master the “birdsong” of seduction.

Some of the girl stories generated in me that: “What if i did it differently” feeling when on similar situations in the past. Others act as a luminous guide when something alike could happen. I very much enjoyed any analysis on those “near wins”, since it was stuff not mentioned in his regular textbooks.

Although could have been said a lot more on those first thousand approaches, the sentiments and the struggle to “get the girl”, at least the interactions of the girls chosen to elaborate on go into much much detail.

And this brings us to the insights.

The perceptiveness extracted by some of the situations presented in honestly worth the price of the book alone. How socialism affects the SMP, the Genie metaphor with Bodi, and the psychological evaluation of some girls that otherwise seemed sexually unattainable to most men are only a few of the bits of wisdom put on paper. I actually had to close the book on more than one occasions, in order to do a little bit of reality check, since it was stuff you won’t easily find elsewhere. (4)

An honorary mention on the chain of events and how time distortion has been fixed, especially in contrast to vol 2 and 4, while any flashback is well put and justified, so that it doesn’t mess chronologically with the narrative.

The illustrated art is spot on and most of the chapters are covered with loose drawings of the girls analyzed in any of their dedicated chapters.

Photographs all around the text contribute in keeping you entertained throughout reading and serve well in comprehending better what happened and which person was involved.

Touches of subtle sarcasm (the author’s main characteristic) are mostly everywhere and even got myself bursting out laughing on a number of incidents.

The Verdict
The book tries hard to balance among being memoir, self-help, seduction and purely manifested narcissism. It mostly manages to convey it’s messages, with the insights sparsely acting as the glue holding it all together.

Having now read all his now published books, i gotta say i feel a lot wiser, all things considered. This isn’t just a combination of seduction stories. Female psychology, the psychology of the streets, the ups and downs of seduction, the wins, the near misses, socioeconomics in contrast to seduction, they all constitute a web of self-development. Which is practically the core of the book as a whole.

It surely doesn’t stand in comparison to the other 3 books, owed to that bumpy ride of the first part, execution being its main issue. Nevertheless, it complements perfectly the memoir collection and penlights far better some of the behaviours in later books.

Hopefully e-books release some day, so that carrying them everywhere becomes possible.

Highly advised book if you want to start your daygame journey and still having internal conflicts about it. (5)


You can buy Balls Deep 2nd Edition on full-colour paperback or hardcover on Amazon. North American readers can get it faster here, and it also supports my work better as Aerio take a lower distribution fee than Amazon.

*Evaluation of a free copy received by the author.

(1) If not for a couple from the Indian side.

(2) At the start of Daygame Overkill product.

(3) At the very least it justifies it’s price in ink.

(4) What makes Krauser a prominent PUA instructor pretty much.

(5) For detailed specifics on seduction techniques, the textbooks will be needed.


  1. Hey Krauser, has the hardback been officially released to the UK yet? On it says the paperback version can be delivered tomorrow, whereas for the hardback it says it will be 4-9 weeks to be delivered. [That’s just Amazon bullshit. It’s released. K.]

  2. Lol @ 1. I’d add that he is apparently (despite his psychological stature) well under six foot tall. Having observed the huge impact that height has on attraction I don’t trust advice or results provided by any so called seducer who is over six foot tall. And yes that covers a lot of gurus.

  3. official statement about Rollo’s dismissal is up. Opinions Nick? [Trivial stuff. It doesn’t change anything for me. K.]

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