Daygame Infinite – IN DEPTH review

May 3, 2018

Inquisitive minds will be aware that there is a second generation of London daygamers who were raised on the materials of the first gen [1]. I’m talking about men like Mr White, Craig Cassidy, Ricky Roma, Seven Daygame and many others. One of the most obsessive successful of the second gen is Roy Walker. He’s been hitting it hard for several years now and reaping the rewards of multi-notch Euro Jaunt trips.

I first met RW in Prague when I was in a bad mood. Summer 2016 I think. He and SD were trawling the main street for sets when we bumped into each other so we sat outside TGI Fridays and had a beer [2]. I was miserable company, as I often am first time I meet daygamers on my territory.

bitches in prague

“I’m having the slag in the dark blue shorts”

The next time, I had just stepped off the train from Krakow to Warsaw and was carrying my heavy rucksack to my apartment to check in. I’d been in Warsaw literally five minutes and a local daygamer stops me, “Are you Nick Krauser?”. I wasn’t in a good mood. He made small talk a couple minutes then I walked on to Chmeilna street. Then RW stopped me.

For fuck’s sake, can’t I just get to my apartment?

I was miserable then so fobbed him off with, “let’s get a coffee later”. As it turned out a shower, shite, and change of clothes revitalised me. My grumpiness was shed like a PUA’s integrity. RW and I hung out a bit, winged, and we realised we actually got on well together.

He takes up the story from there….. [click here]

Infinite smaller res cover

Long story short: RW had a good look at a late draft of Daygame Infinite and we had a couple of sit-down feedback sessions in Moscow and Kiev. My goal was to get a solid daygamer in the London style to test-read my book in the context of watching me day-to-day as a wing. I wanted Daygame Infinite to capture my real daygame as I actually did it. It needed to be authentic.

The final version of Infinite has been out over four months now and people have had time to digest it. I’m thus proud to announce RW has completed his in-depth formal review of Daygame Infinite and you can read it here. It’s a long piece and goes into a lot of detail about the book’s content.

Here’s a sample:

By Krauser’s own definition, you should be free-styling and coming up with your own material. So surely you shouldn’t need to read a book to tell you how to become “advanced”?
The best way to answer that question will be to go through each chapter and highlight the parts that I found the most interesting which I could perhaps apply to my own game, this blog is all about me, after all. Let’s dive in…

RW goes through each section in turn to bring out what it’s saying and how he related it to his own daygame. RW is a perfect test-case because he represents the ideal audience for Infinite: an experienced player who is already having good success and wants to take himself to the next level. He concludes.

Krauser set out to do something that I thought wasn’t possible; to teach someone how to be “advanced”. His own definition of an advanced daygamer is someone who is free-styling and creating their own new material. This book does a great job of trying to sort out your inner game as much as possible in order to make that stage seem more achievable. It is easily the most in depth piece of writing when it comes to doing everything apart from the actual daygame itself.

So click here for the full review. You can click for the first and second reviews [3]

If you can’t be arsed with reviews and would rather just buy the book RIGHT FUCKING NOW then click here to reserve your copy.

[1] Such as myself, Yad, Yosha, Sasha, and Mr White Van.
[2] I think I had a strawberry milkshake, as I was addicted to them that summer.
[3] Word on the street is Nash is going to write a fourth. I look forward to reading it.


  1. I’m looking forward to getting a copy myself. That front cover is alone is worth a purchase.

  2. Cheers for the kind words.

    You left out the part where just before I introduced myself to you, you stood behind a set I was doing and pretended to point and shoot at me derailing my set entirely. Good job she was only Asian.

    And yes, you did have a strawberry milkshake.

  3. Great review on one of the best game books ever written.

    K, any news on when we can expect the “new mastery”? [Thanks. Mastery is almost ready for the test print. I’ll announce very soon. K.]

  4. I just finished reading infinite today. Took me over 3 months to get through it, but I’m glad I put the time into reading it. I can’t think of another game book not written by Nick that comes anywhere close to the level of detail and analysis infinite contains.

    • >> I can’t think of another game book not written by Nick that comes anywhere close to the level of detail and analysis infinite contains.

      I agree, and Nick is the only guy in game that I am honestly sad he is retiring. Although of course I respect and understand his decision.

      Still, I wish that maybe at some point something will breeze life back into his love for Daygame. That the excitement will return. And that he will announce a new book or a new video product.

      There is so much left to share in that brilliant brain of his. I can think of: the checkboxes he ticks when gaming now rather than following a structure, deep conversion, maybe a Daygame Overkill style of product based on the Daygame Infinite book, and many more things swirling around in his head now that we’re not aware of.

      In all cases, thank you Nick for all you have done.

      May the Daygame river be kind to you, more and more.

      • Oh yes, and how Nick sets up the girl to be in the right place to receive whatever he wants to deliver. Rather than being a boxer who just repeats the punches he learned in training.

        That would be wonderful. The whole psychology and mechanics of it.

  5. Hi Nick Krauser,how are you ?
    Wish you all the best with this book.I had a question when is the updated “Daygame Mastery” book going to be released?


  6. The latter part of the book dating and texting will come into its own when I am on a euro jaunt looking to ‘fit’ a girl into the Infinite schema of calibration and decision making. So many of the texting responses look like those I’ve encountered but if often not known when to push/pull and how much (for example, some the text game in Infinite is much more persistent than I would have been). Infinite is game in 3D. I will write a review shortly. [Let me know when it’s done, thanks. K.]

  7. Does anybody here know how to get fast sex without offending these girls. I really don’t care anything about her. also, where do all the sluts in London congregate? OMG am I becoming darkside?

    • A common fantasy for many women is to take a bad boy and turn him into her beta.

      I remember even here in Kiev a girl was telling me about a famous romantic poem about a man who used to be a hooligan but became a nice guy because of his love for some woman. She said it’s so amazing.

      So, it will depend on the girl. Some women, no matter what you say, will not listen. They will still believe they can be so “special” as to turn a player into a domesticated beta. Of course, if he switches, she’ll hate him. But before he does, she’ll do all she can to make him beta even if he comes across all r-selected and shit.

      I don’t know what darkside you’re talking about. Unless you’re promising girls to become their boyfriend or husband, then switching up that after sex.

      Just put her in her proper place. Let her know which behavior is acceptable and which is not. It’s easier said than done, of course. But if a girl is becoming psycho, tell her to fuck off and find a new one.

      • I’m trying to present myself mostly r select with a sprinkling of k when required. When you become too r select it’s like the words coming out of her mouth just glaze over you. I think it can withdraw a lot of the connection you get with the more balanced r/k stuff. I really do not want to revert my game back to the balanced r/k as that is a true wilderness for me lol

        What is frustrating and equally ironic is that I can get the grotty 6’s when I push the r stuff heavily and the hot 8’s when I push the K stuff heavily and take things slowly.

        I never get anywhere with the 7’s who are balanced r\k. It’s either one extreme or the other.

        Any other players face this quagmire?

  8. I think the 7’s who are R probably don’t see me attractive enough and the 7’s who are K see me as too high value. I wouldn’t normally complain but when you’re in London and it’s a sea of 7’s you can find yourself waiting very very long.

    • I don’t think you can generalize to “all 7s in London”. Approach 500 more 7s, and you’ll find one who doesn’t see you as too high value.

      In all cases, it seems to be a headache to you. I suggest you forget girls for a while, work on your value and ability to move abroad.

      Then go somewhere where the white girls love black men, like NYC or Sweden. Or where the white girls are so feminine and cute that it’s worth the difficulty, like the FSU.

      If London is hell to you, then first step is: Get out of hell 😉

      • When i dressed like a slob I was hardworking. When I improved my fashion I get far more positive reactions but I get lazy.

        I think its hell everywhere mate to be fair.

        I’ll be in Prague for the whole of September mate if you want to meet up.

        How can you live in Kiev for so long man? doesn’t the city grate on you? Prague/Budapest are probably the only cities in Europe that don’t grate on my vibe if I’m staying longer than a week.

      • I don’t know how can Kiev grate me.

        There is like a million girls walking the streets. The city is cheap. I found a nice apartment that is quiet and modern. Most daygamers give up so there isn’t much competition (Except the Turkish sex tourists and some Indian dudes who hang around Krechatik). I hang around an area where people in shops speak English.

        It’s very good. I have simple goals. A simple taste. I like to have good food. Go to the park. Read books. And talk to girls. This city is perfect.

        If I spoke Russian, I would move here. Also, now that I am -selected with a bit of r-selected spikes, I had 2 lays and 1 near miss with a 19 years old virgin 8 (did not stop contact, so this might end up being a lay too).

        Life is beautiful) Me, in a calm cheap safe place, surrounded by the most beautiful girls in the world. A man can do much worse.

      • I mean, PinkPanther, you say you are a black man that loves white women.

        Well, seeing teenage girls with creamy white skin, slim tight bodies, perky boobs, blue or green eyes, parading in small shorts or tight dresses. And seeing them walking around the city in large numbers, still fresh, 18-22. Feminine. Sweet. And seeing them everywhere you turn.

        And the sun is out. The girls are in a good mood.

        How can this city grate me? lol

        It’s like a constant DNA Tug to me.

        Of course, if I wasn’t so turned on by the girls. I’d probably hate the city. I have been to Brazil, for example, and I think girls there are ugly as fuck, although some great bodies around. So it’s bearable. I have also been to India, and girls are ugly as fuck in face and body, I wanted to leave on the first day. So, India, or even many places in Brazil, yes, I’d feel like leaving after a week or less.

        But Kiev. OMG, Kiev. Or Minsk. mmmm. No other place can compare to the FSU honestly if you like young slavic white girls like you seem to do.

        It was very hard. But when I was biting on that 19 years old virgin girl’s ass cheeks, it made the whole trouble worth it. All the hundreds of sets to get this girl on my bed, and just devour her body, and see the look of pure desire for me on her face, and how it was her that was kissing me when I pull back (her first kisses), It made it all worth it. Seeing how sweet and submissive she is, how friendly and loving she was in my arms, nothing can mess up this joy for me, not even a city that would grate other people.

        I love this city now because it’s full of girls just like her. The FSU is full of them.

      • haha point noted bruv. I love Serbian girls. I made this one hot slim supple 20 year old girl do a 180 degree turn (no exaggeration) just based off a simple compliment in Belgrade. I think she may have been the sweetest girl I’ve ever met. Sadly didn’t get to make it more memorable as she knew I was leaving and she went to the US to study! However, walking around the city the grafiti and unbearable heat really got to me. That’s the only point i’m making.

        Fuck me the FSU seem’s to be where it’s all at!

        It’s crazy how society subtly oppresses men sleeping with young hot for free as wrong but paying for prostitutes is right.

        P.S I know I’ve been lamenting my race lately but tone down on the racial overtones lol

      • >> I love Serbian girls

        Is it really all that?

        I remember Nick wrote that Belgrade is the city with the highest level of difficulty that exists.

        So I assumed it’s harder than Kiev. That’s why I’m like: If Belgrade is harder than Kiev, well, thank you, I take a pass. 😀

        Are Serbian Girls all that?

      • Frmr Yugoslavia is brutal but if you can take the rough the smooth certainly comes along. You can stumble across some real gems.

        I remember getting cockblocked by this good looking muscular guy.This hot girl was like i’m so hot blah blah I was like look this is frm yugoslavia there’s loads of hot girls (credit to nick). She was hooked. It’s as if the good looking guys do nothing for them.

        It really feels like these girls have never been gamed before.

        I’d love to get a 9 who is normal but I only approached one who was clearly a lifestyle whore as Nick would elegantly put it.

        Must be similar in Kiev. I wish I could do Kiev man. I fear it will be too brutal. So I’m warming up with central Europe.

      • I hear from other people that compared to Russia, for example, Ukraine has more gold diggers.

        However, my situation makes me a repellant to lifestyle whores.

        Also, I have a black friend who visited a while. When he talks to the gold diggers, they tell him: “Oh, you’re from Africa? HAHAHAHA” They laugh at his face.

        Both of our situations are good. I do not deal with lifestyle whores at all. Like “0 success” with them.

        What I get is either sweet 18-24 girls who give me their number purely out of either charisma or attraction. Or 25+ girls who have their own cars, apartments, and careers. The problem is those 25 years+ literally are too busy, they have no fucking time.

        I don’t know. In the beginning it was brutal. But because of this a lot of my inner game and outer game needed to be fixed, I was forced to do it.

        Now, I have 3 girls that are 25+ interested that I am going to flake on. And I went out today and gamed for 4 hours, and got 12 numbers. 3 of them are actively responding. I have a date Thursday and a date Saturday. All 12 numbers from girls 18-21, I ignored any girl who looked older than 20. Plus I have a girl I am fucking, which makes me not care too much. She’s a nympho. I am the second man in her life.

        So is it tough? I guess so. I almost gave up and went MGTOW multiple times. But with pre-approaching (check Nick’s Daygame Infinite. He positions it as an advanced book, which it is, BUT it is even more useful to an intelligent guy at any level because it’s about vibe, the reality of daygame, etc etc which I believe should come before the daygame addiction sets in, not after).

        Anyway, the quantity of high quality here is so abundant, the only difficulty is emotional control and not being affected by rejections, flakes, and false positives. Because any 1 success is SO WORTHWHILE.

        I also do not believe you can maximize your results in 1 week. I think you need to be VERY lucky to get laid in 7 days or less. I’d say 6 weeks is a minimum. 2 months even better, to give yourself enough times for dates.

        I recommend to not visit during winter. Girls really tell me: We will meet when the weather gets better. Then when you miss the window of opportunity, it’s gone. A lot of time wasted in winter.

        Also, from what I understand, June-July-August are bad in the FSU because girls go back to their cities and villages. So Kiev will have only 25% of the usual targets.

        So best times are April and May (and May isn’t that easy because girls have exams or exam preparations in May). And September-October.

        Either that, or to live here permanently, collect good leads in the right days then nurture them, But coming to the FSU for 1 week, I don’t think finding an r-selected girl here will be easy.

        The most r-selected girl I’ve met was a 19 years old poet girl with green hair who was a cutter (she cut herself) and has tattoos and piercings, and still ghosted on me when I over-escalated. So even r-selected girls here are not r-selected enough for a 1 week lay, unless you move into old divorced women or look for girls with rotten teeth and a face infested with acne, or get VERY lucky, like you happen to find a girl who wants revenge on her cheating BF or something.

        In all cases, it’s not harder than any place per se. The biggest cock block is so many girls do not speak English or feel ashamed of their English level. So you might have an easier time because of the language.

        Again, Mr PinkPanther, I am forced to talk about race here, and I am not racist and I cannot be if you knew me in real life. I am just talking objectively. My black friend had this objection from girls here: If my parents knew I go on a date with you, they’ll kill me. I get a similar thing from some girls too: If my parents knew I have a relationship with you, they will not approve.

        I think in general there is a stigma for a young Ukrainian girl to be with a foreigner man. Especially that so many sex tourists are around. So she might fear being thought of as a whore.

        In all cases, like Nick said: the strategy is to build as much value as you can, and to talk to girls, and then to see what happens. To do this continually.

        Build your value, bro. Hit the FSU during a time when the weather is good and the universities are in operation. Then you’ll learn what game works here by failing repeatedly.

        Since you have such a hard time in London, expect this to be similar. Just that you’ll be struggling with 8s rather than with British 5s. It’s a lot more exciting. And when you get your set of glory that results in a lay, you’ll see how good it feels that all the pain becomes worth it. It’s just so good to be in bed with a 19 years old 8 that it’s worth every rejection.

        Just don’t come for a week and expect to be scoring like a madman. Unless you’re top shelf, a top 1% kind of man in his prime on all levels. Those guys have the world to them, I am happy for them.

      • Btw, I have never been to Serbia, I’ve never met a Serbian girl in my life, and have no idea how they look.

        If they’re so hot to you, and you’re getting results there, then you better spend most of your time there and only visit the FSU to see how it is.

        Belgrade may be 10X better than Kiev. I don’t know.

  9. im fairly sure it’s possible to contract aspergers syndrome from the comments on this blog

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