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December 29, 2017

Hello fellow red-blooded male,

You thought it couldn’t be done. You thought Daygame Mastery was as good as things could ever get. You thought street pick-up had already reached its natural peak.

Allow me to pleasantly surprise you.

Daygame Infinite hardback front cover

There’s a new gold standard in pick-up and its name is Daygame Infinite. This is the most advanced material there is. It covers the entire London Daygame Model from the moment you hit the streets until the moment you’re banging the girl you picked up there. Everything!

  • A full discussion of how to improve your mental state and natural charisma to prepare you for the streets
  • Detailed advice on how to scan those streets to determine which girls are likely to want to talk to you
  • Techniques that ‘power up’ your interactions, letting you leap from social to sexual right there on the street
  • How to get the girls out on dates, explored in extreme detail using many real-life WhatsApp chats with analysis of what to do at every step
  • The most insightful analysis of first dates ever created. Every step of the dating model is explored using transcripts of real life dates
  • Detailed insight on how to handle the tricky period of getting a girl back out onto a second date in another chapter loaded with real life examples
  • How to recognise the next date is the ‘sex date’ and then how to take her home
  • How to satisfy a girl in bed so she keeps coming back.

Daygame Infinite is the most advanced and most detailed book ever written on the subject of picking up girls. It’s a 524-page treasure trove of insight. And now it’s available to you in a handsome full colour hardback edition. This is your opportunity to purchase a guide book that will improve your game for years to come.

Daygame Infinite interior hardback 1.jpg

Step-by-step dating advice

Daygame Infinite interior hardback 2

Step-by-step texting advice

Buy it now by following these simple instructions.

STEP ONE: Select the correct price for where you will take delivery of the book. Prices differ because the book is printed at the nearest print location to you, to reduce shipping costs and get it to you faster: UK £79, USA $119, CAD $150, AUS $145, EU e99, Rest of the World £99  [all prices include trackable shipping]

STEP TWO: Paypal me at Be sure to include your name, postal address, the words “Daygame Infinite” and a telephone number for the UPS delivery man. See this example. You need to provide all of the information requested with the red stars * on the right side.



STEP THREE: Rub you hands in keen anticipation of how much your game will improve!

Thank you for your time. I hope you enjoy the book.

Nick Krauser

UPDATE: Many people have asked me how to buy the book if they don’t have PayPal. Simple! Just email me at the same address and I’ll send you a payment request. Be sure to tell me which country it is to be delivered to. Then follow the instructions in the message PayPal give you.


  1. My paypal isn’t letting me send funds in CAD to your address, only GBP or USD. I’m home in Canada until first eurojaunt season kicks off in Feb.

    Since you’re filling the orders manually can you tell me how much to send in USD or GBP for shipment to Canada so the conversion comes out right on your end?

    You can email me or reply, email’s real. [Either let PayPal convert the CAD price to GBP, so you pay CAD but I receive GBP. Alternatively, the $109 USD price is fine as shipping from US to Canada is same as within USA so pay me USD109. K.]

  2. Will you be selling it through a store like you did with lulu or just direct? As much as I’m interested to purchase (I have all your other books excluding Nitro) £80 is a lot and lulu had promotional codes that made things a bit more affordable. [I wanted to use Lulu but their software couldn’t handle the complex page design. Infinite would’ve been released a month earlier if I could’ve continued to use Lulu. Ingram have a different system and it’s no longer viable to use a static sales page like Lulu does. As to affordability, let me just give you some numbers. To buy Daygame Mastery in hardback on Lulu shipping trackable to a UK address is £68. To buy Daygame Infinite in hardback from me, via Ingram, shipping trackable is £79. Mastery is 458 BW pages and Infinite is 524 Colour pages. So you pay 16% more and receive 14% more material. The upgrade to colour is basically free. Hope that helps. It was a fair question. K.]

  3. 80 pounds really isn’t that much when you consider the value of the product and the potential impact it could have on your game. I think the cheapstake mentality is why a lot of men don’t get laid – they’re always looking to get something for nothing. You don’t get value without giving value in return. [I think your point is correct, and cheapskates really don’t understand why “I’ll just ask reddit for free” is so foolish. However, I don’t think it applies to Marvin here. He’s just said he’s bought my books without quibble before, but would simply prefer to use Lulu discounts – which come out of Lulu’s cut, not mine. K.]

  4. jus paid for mine, how long will it take? any ideas? [When I placed order it said 7 days printing and 2 days postage. K.]

  5. Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, but can you explain what “level” of reader is the book intended for or recommended to? Is it more advanced than Mastery? Or is it meant to cover both intermediate and advanced stuff, and if so, does it supersede Nitro and Mastery? Thanks.

    • I asked this a while ago, K said it stands side-by-side with Mastery ie, there’s no overlap.

      Also on the discussion thread for it one of the early readers says something along the lines of you being able to use the info within Infinite quite well even if you’re nowhere close to optimizing everything from Mastery.

      My impression of what to expect is that it helps build your game following K’s unique type of deconstructive analysis of topics not covered in sufficient depth in Mastery + new topics he’s developed in the years since writing DGM. [Correct. K.]

      • thats what im looking for, all the deconstruction stuff and breakdowns, the fb chats and the pictures…

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  8. Lol. The cover is brilliant!!

  9. is there any other payment method i can use for countries do not accept paypal ? [Check your mail. K.]

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  11. is there any other payment method i can use for countries do not accept paypal ? [Check your mail. K.]

  12. just realized that the womens buttock is no supernova but the earth! Will be a proud owner of this gem.

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  14. Congratulations on new your latest magnum opus. I follow your work avidly. I join the voices requesting details on payment where Paypal is impracticable. Thanking you in advance. [Check your mail. K.]

  15. Krauser,

    Please give me an alternate way to purchase beside PayPal

    You have my email, thanks [I replied to email address you used in making this comment. K.]

  16. the book just landed today at my door… fuck me its massive, and I love the feel of the front cover, I havent read any of it yet, just a scan through to look at the pictures and to see whats in store… well done for this nick, I can see much love and passion you’ve put into this, unlike all the other charlatans who are still writing 30 page ebooks of bullshit…. [Glad you like it. Keep us updated with your thoughts as you read it. K.]

    • is it better to email you my thoughts? it would help me understand the book at bit more if I can actually talk to you if I get a bit lost… [Whichever works. If you post it as comments, other readers can be helped by your thoughts and my replies. K.]

      • I lijke the way you’ve done a case study on a select bunch of girls and are telling what happened with each of them… im thinking this book is aimed more towards texting and dating than focusing on the street, but I liked the street section because its full of new stuff to get the girls attention rather than doing the bog standard street stop… I was in Manchester today and actually seen two day gamers doing the street stops, and I was watching everything the girl was doing, from crossing her legs while she was standing still listening to him, and then she gave him the number, so I actually opened them in primark as they continued and wanted to know who they were learning from, , but sadly they were not krasuer manics, one said he was learning from kezia LOL… [Kezia… fucking hell, some people…. K.]

      • hi nick.. so im reading the dating part of the book, and you mention there’s 4 types of dating, and the type that resonates with me is the “short blitz” one, just a weekend.. it sounds like this is basically gutter game during the day as I havent got time to mess about, is that right? short bliitz=gutter game? I know in mastery you advise against SDL , but people on a short blitz have no other option…
        what are your thoughts ? cheers,

  17. Hi Nick, your new book sounds very interesting! Would you mind uploading the table of contents as a pdf to give us an better overview of the content? thanks a lot in advance, steel [Contents are same structure and topics as Mastery. There’s a bit of the contents page in my video showing the book. K.]

  18. I want to buy the book I believe it’s trackable does that mean I have to sign for it when it arrives I would prefer that.
    I need to know for sure because my flat is a bit out of the way and difficult for postmen for figure out sometimes. [It’s delivered by UPS tracking. You’ll sign. K.]

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  21. Is it possible to buy Daygame Mastery, Daygame Nitro, Daygame Infinite and A Deplorable Cad directly from you? [You could, but I’d just be placing your order into Lulu myself for Mastery, Nitro and Cad so there’s no advantage to you in doing so. The books never pass through my hands. If you’re thinking of getting Mastery hardback you might want to wait because I’m seriously considering a colour edition in the Infinite visual style. The content won’t be new but it’ll look better, be full colour, and likely be the same price. It’s not confirmed though, and it’s at least 3 months away. K.]

    • what about adding some new art work for mastery, because it doesnt have any real photos, just cartoony ones… I think it’ll be cool if we could see photos of you In venues 0-3 , with real dates (or even get an actress like the one in infinite)… and some pics of you on the street showing the right body language to accompany the text about it… if you were adding in little nuggets like that, then id buy it (even though I already have mastery) [There’s new art but no specific body language breakdowns. K.]

      • will you do a youtube video again with a flick though ? I love the flick throughs

  22. I´d also like an alternate way to pay for this. Paypal is not working for me [Sorry, I’m working on this but my website checkout isn’t working right now. K.]

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  24. Krauser, it’s actually really great what you’re doing with this book.

    This book is beyond the “veneer” of game. Focusing of the vibe is creating actual cool guys.

    Women should be grateful for this.

    I mean, why should the rabbits get all the adventure sex then mess with the girls and abuse them?

    Wolves can also give women the excitement of adventure sex and if they choose to have a solid relationship with girls, it will be a much better relationship for everyone involved. [Thanks. Be sure to give us your feedback on it. K.]

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  26. Looking forward to purchase it once there is an alternative to paypal available. [Send me an email with your delivery country then I can send a PayPal payment request. That seems to work even if you have no PayPal account. K.]

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  28. Where does Galnuk for in all of this? Are you keeping the coffee shop stuff to yourself and making us sweep the streets😠

  29. Can you start with this book? Or should I read mastery first? ( I am lower intermediate at daygame) [It’ll probably be fine. There’s nothing in Infinite that a smart layman can’t understand, it’s just the higher level daygamers will find it’s more pertinent to the troubles they’ve begun to experience. K.]

    • great thanks ill be ordering a copy so. On that point though, do you recommend reading mastery as well (as in is there important material in it which is absent from infinite which might be worth reading anyway) [Mastery and Infinite are written to be companion volumes without much overlap. You might want to wait for the colour Mastery. K.]

  30. What do I do next to buy the book. I’m in London.

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  32. Daygame Infinite Review

    If you have been reading Krauser for a while, you have an idea of what to expect and Daygame Mastery was (to me) one of the most detailed daygame books available from the EU market (The US content is directed very differently and more club / bar oriented). There are many other people writing books about daygame and in general none of them have the level of detail that Krauser has provided. Most authors write from a high level and abstract perspective without providing sufficient details and examples to be able to fully grasp the concepts. Daygame Infinite is not meant to provide a new way of doing daygame but of providing further details and explanation where the reader is able to understand possible scenarios and also possible reactions / responses that should be followed to overcome obstacles and get the girl into your bed (or you into her bed).

    Daygame Infinite is quite large (>500 pages) and also these are A4 pages and not little A5 pages that you will find with other authors. From my perspective, I am not looking at how valuable a book is based on how large it is but by how much it will help me. Having had time to read the complete book over the past two months, I feel that this book has the kind of value that you wont find elsewhere. There are a number of sections to this book with some being more helpful to me than others although every section has a gold nugget of information in it (@Krauser: Be helpful if you published the contents page as a screenshot on the book page for people to see with a small description).

    From my perspective, the following sections were the most relevant:
    – Messaging
    – Dating Deconstructed
    – Bubble Bursting
    – The Close Date

    Looking at each one individually, the following are the relevant points of each section that I personally found valuable.

    This section is all about the text messaging exchange after the street stop and trying to get the girl out for a coffee / drink date. Krauser uses real case scenarios from his previous experiences and provides the message-by-message breakdown to help the reader interpret the girls responses (@Krauser: I suggest screenshot of pg 208 + pg 209 on the sales page for people to see example). In this section, the reader would also be able to see the texting style of Krauser in how he uses “Window-On-My-World” pings, DHV and general demeanour while talking to the girl. The case scenarios cover three different types of girls and also provides further “calibration examples” which is effectively more examples (thats a good thing). I can say from my personal experience in adopting a similar style (not using same words, but style) that the engagement I am getting from girls has both increased and improved.

    Dating Deconstructed
    This is by far the largest section of the book (163 pages in total) and provides multiple transcript segments with real world dates from Krauser including running commentary and breakdown analysis of where he is at with the girl and why he is doing what he is doing with the girl (talk + escalation). If you just read the transcripts (or even watch an infield video), it will seem like “normal talking” on a date with some sexual topics mixed but it is only via Krauser’s breakdown does one see the methodology behind what he is doing and also the why he is doing it. (@Krauser: I suggest screenshot of pg 284 + pg 285 on the sales page for people to see example). There is a framework (methodology) that is provided by Krauser where he walks you through the individual sections for how the (coffee) dates should be progressing including examples of how Krauser moved the conversation from “normal” to “sexual” and back to “normal” (ie. fractionation).

    Bubble Bursting
    Bubble bursting deals with the phase immediately after the date and is all around texting. Before reading about this from Krauser, I use to think that it was just chit chat to pass the time to ask for next date but infact is a specific phase where the girl is evaluating how she feels and deciding if she is going to come back on another date. Krauser is showing how a girls mind is now in a different phase and the process for getting her out on a second date is different (ie. comfort / rapport instead of attraction). The section is similar to the messaging section in that it has again real world examples with Krauser breakdown (the sales page already has a screenshot). One isnt learning how todo texting here again but how to navigate the girls mind at this point.

    The Close Date
    This is the final date where sex is on the cards and Krauser talks about the signs and clues to look out for regarding the girl and also “the switch”. The switch is the moment when the girl has decided to have sex and is waiting for the guy (that is you) to move the process forward. Krauser talks about the general process and also provides one example where the girl took a long time because of mistakes that Krauser made earlier.

    So in general is the book worth the money?
    The book is priced at EUR 99 but I personally think the more accurate value would be around EUR 200 – 225 range. The rationale for this is really in the value one gets (ie. the usefulness of the content) and how much it would help me progress. The core of the value (at least to me) is within the above detailed sections.

    Some things you WONT find in the book are:
    – 5 ways to make any girl fall for you
    – How to text message like a boss
    – Top 3 things to do on a date
    – How to make any girls panties just come off without having todo much

    What you will find throughout the book is solid content that is actually quite “normal” but directed. By this I meant that the conversations that Krauser is having with the girl are fun and interesting but all have a direction in moving the seduction along. If you look at the book from some other authors (especially US authors), they are promising a “secret technique / tip / system” that will solve all your problems but people soon find out that it is just non-sense. Seduction requires effort and Krauser provides the background and examples on how the reader can achieve it.

    Is the book absolutely perfect?
    The book is damn good (in my view) but it does have some shortcomings. In the dating deconstructed section, some of the segments are jumbled around where Krauser was wanting to show a particular concept whereas I would of preferred to have the date transcript flow as it happened with the explanation showing the jumping around. This happens only in the coffee filter date but it is not terrible but could be better. The other point is that there is no “DO NOT DO THIS” type of sub-section that could list key things to avoid while texting / on a date with explanations why. In the breakdowns by Krauser, there are some of these points but nothing that is aggregated together. Again, nothing terrible and can be remedied by making your own notes as you move through the book (or likely the 2nd time you move through the book).

    Final Thoughts
    Personally, I have a number of books from various authors on daygame and am reaching saturation point where reading more isnt going to add “new knowledge” but rather having more experience will progress me as I would know the individual situations and what the situational response should be. As people are very cheap these days, if you are only going to spend a little bit of money trying to figure out if this daygame thing is something for you, I can recommend that you spend whatever little bit of money you are allocating to this and get Daygame Infinite (EUR 99) and also Daygame Mastery (I have 1st version but waiting for the 2nd version). If the contents of these two books strike a chord with you, you will likely buy some other authors books to learn more but will be disappointed that these other books are not at the same level of detail as Krauser’s books.

    If you found this review useful, post a reply comment. [Formatting note: this post is unrelated to the pingback from smirkingsoldier immediately above it. It’s written by a different reader. K.]

  33. Hi Nick, do you know if the book can be delivered to Argentina? If so, I will definitely order a copy. Thanks. [Yes, no problem. It’s the Rest Of The World price, £99 GBP. K.]

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  35. Could you possibly put it up for sale in [It’s literally impossible. I changed publisher precisely because Lulu software can’t handle the page layout of Infinite. The plus side is that it’s now much higher quality printing than Lulu. K.]

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  37. May I pay for with bitcoins?

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  40. Dude your ideas in this fuckin book were exactly what I needed to get out of that “daygame is weird” mindset.(I’m a noob! <100 sets) I've poured over the pages, slept on them and just as I could feel the concepts nestling in deep enough to express in my vibe naturally, boom pulled an ex cheerleader with fake tit's (not really my thing- but hey, they looked good!) at a damn nude beach btw! Aaand I was buck naked on the open with a half chub. She was fully clothed as I had just spotted her settling in and ioi'ing the shit out of me. I could feel the conviction in my core and just letting the convo flow felt amazing. I kept the whole fractionation thing in the back of my mind which helped me warm her up way more than I'm used to doing in set. She was 28 mind you and showing massive signs of Yes girl. But normally I don't feel that in control with yes girls and tend to get too excited or over laconic. Anyway, long story short, took her for first date wine, followed the dating structure in the book and fucked her in the bathroom.(a first for me!) I was really excited to try the pin-her-to-the-wall-kiss dominance move, which turned her feral instantly just before I dragged her in bent her over the sink and fucked her in front of a giant mirror. Glorious! Thank you for the wisdom in this book dude and how ingestible you lay it out with your writing. Fuck man feels amazing, cheers!

  41. I’m sure the hardcover version is wonderful.

    But I’m a nomad…and carry my books on kindle or phone…do you offer an electronic version of your material? [There’s a pocket version. Same material, shrunk to 6×4 inches. Message me where you want it sent. K.]

  42. Hey Nick, could you post a new thing about the Pocket Edition of both Mastery and Infinite (and hopefully some more infinite and outlaw footage on yourtube)?

    I noticed that Google already lists Daygame Mastery Pocket, even before your blog did. So I think it’s time to release the hounds and tell us about it: [Probably. It’s identical content to hardbacks, just shrunk down to 6×4 paperback. Colour. K.]

  43. Hey Nick, can you send me the Paypal link so I can buy the second edition of Daygame Mastery? Thanks.

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  45. I can´t buy Beginner Daygame anymore (doesn´t sell anywhere except some shady russian website). Should I just start with this and Daygame Mastery? [Yeah. Get the colour 2nd edition from Amazon. K.]

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