AnonCon discusses Daygame Infinite

January 5, 2018

There are only five blogs I read on a daily basis: Vox Populi, The Conservative Treehouse, Steve Sailer, Heartiste, and Anonymous Conservative. The latter of these was kind enough to discuss my book in a detailed post. That gave me a warm feeling, having a man whose work has informed my worldview looking at my own work. He raised several good points and I’d like to talk about them.

1. Game skill allows you to filter for marriage
New entrants to the pick-up world will usually undergo a painful destruction of their worldview, and then gradually rebuild a newer, more accurate worldview [1] It is unavoidably painful because it requires humbling your ego, challenging your core values, and likely realising you aren’t the hot shit you thought you were. Rollo calls it the bitter taste of the red pill and I agree with him. Every solid player has his own story of his own meltdowns and disenchantment. One reason it’s important to undergo this process is so you can see the world more clearly, and in particular, understand female nature.


“I promise you only a cliche”

We are always and everywhere embroiled in a mating war. We take what we want from women and they take what they want from us. Sometimes, when interests align, it’s win-win. However there are a lot of predators on both sides who pursue win-lose [2]. An experienced player has a well-honed radar to filter out these predators. Specifically, Game skills provide:

  • Elite level calibration skills in reading people and predicting their actions
  • Removal of our points of vulnerability, and self-awareness of those that remain
  • A huge net from which to filter girls for the ones we want
  • An abundance mentality and mental discipline to walk away from red flag girls
  • Satiation of carnal impulses towards sleeping around and infidelity.

There’s no guarantee every player will secure game’s bounty of self development but it’s a path laid out for him in the literature should he choose to walk it.

2. Player lifestyle as a goal
AnonCon rightly disagrees with me over whether the player lifestyle should be a goal but I think there’s a crossed wire here. I have written my material for men who have already chosen this lifestyle as a goal. I don’t seek to persuade any man it should be his goal [3]. I consider Game to be a toolkit and Pick-Up Artistry to be a lifestyle choice. My material covers both but they are analytically separate. Personally, I’m semi-retired from the game. I like to keep my hand in but I no longer pursue notches very hard.

3. Amygdala manipulation as a teaching aid
Now here is something I wasn’t expecting. AnonCon continues to surprise me with his ability to think outside the box and apply r/K theory:

“Krauser has bits in his book where I see things he is doing to amygdalae that will naturally adapt those who read it into more attractive mate prospects as men, and I do not know if he is even conscious of the mechanisms he is tripping”

I suggest you read his post for the specific example he walks through. At a more general level, his point appears to be this: Cold approach is a stressful activity that can easily trigger amygdala pain (through rejection) and thus discourage men from approaching. Orthodox PUA coaching styles can exacerbate this problem by encouraging in the student a false confidence in the method. Ensuing rejections are not just painful, they are unexpected – this creates acute amygdala pain through violation of expectation.

My teaching style builds into the method a natural way of reducing this amygdala activation through two methods: (i) the stoplight system, and (ii) calibration probes. Additionally, the meta-level Vibe analysis soothes the player into expecting and embracing rejection without feeling the full sting of it. Thus at a pedagogical level, Daygame Infinite helps moderate amygdala triggering.

There’s more in the post. Read it all here.

You can buy Daygame Infinite in a luxury full-colour hardback edition here.

Daygame Infinite hardback front cover

[1] Unless you’re one of the purple pill crowd who wants to cling on to mommy’s apron psychologically but still delude yourself you’re making progress. Don’t worry, there is a whole army of charlatan coaches ready to take your money, and they have perfected the subtle art of not giving a fuck (about you).
[2] Or even lose-lose, for the most broken.
[3] I used to, though. I was very gung-ho about being a player back when I was flush with the excitement of banging lots of tottie. Having satiated my own relentless notch-count hyena, I proselytise less.


  1. What are the top 2 things a beginner should work on to radically improve their SMV? The third being learning game and approaching in high numbers. [I don’t mean to be needlessly confrontational, so bear with me…. the top 2 are: 1. take responsibility for his own learning rather than expecting other people to do his work for him, and 2. give value before you take value. By getting these mindsets in place, you have a base to your SMV. K.]

  2. Tell us why are you semi retired. What goals are you going after?

    I got so engaged in contact sports for years. Rugby, BJJ, Wrestling…None lasted as exciting pursuits more than a few years each.

    Same goes for girlfriends. Intense love…then warm feelings…then nothing at all. Same goes for jobs. And many other stuff

    It’s like once something stops being a new thing, just starts to bore me. I really hate it, because I’d rather like something, you know, for life. A purpose. A vocational thing.

    This is going to be My Game year…Perhaps that would be it.

    Happy New Year! [I find three years is my usual period after which an obsession becomes a bore. Daygame has been unusual in that it lasted twice as long and I didn’t notice a downturn in enthusiasm until 2015. My guess is that entrepreneurialism and writing will be my next big interests, but too early to tell. As for game, I’ll be happy with a few hot girlfriends for now. Got a couple right now but want a couple more. K.]

    • “Tell us”? Krauser will be quick to tell you or (ignore you)…you have no claims over his time lol [To be fair, I don’t think he’s being a cunt in this case. Seems a fair question, just direct language. K.]

  3. Just placed my order for Daygame Infinite. I was a little ambivalent, but the review by Anonymous Conservative eventually swayed me.

    I’m not sure if this is something that you address in the book, but there’s an issue related to r/K that really bugs me. Having read AnonCon’s book, I could clearly identify myself as leaning heavily towards the ‘K’ end of the spectrum. I’m not saying this to boast, it has been a major stumbling block for me in relating to women in this day and age. I was never a faggoty white knight, but was definitely what you would’ve called a bluepilled ‘higher beta’ – high performer academically, good job, loyal to my friends and family and politically conservative. And chronically unable to attract women of decent quality, despite being reasonably tall and good looking, having mostly ‘dated down’ looks-wise in the past.

    My question is: in an ‘r-strategist’ world, how does a ‘K-strategist’ bring value to the table when approaching women? We’d all agree that a man must bring value to the table (and that he needs to believe he has value), but what happens when the demand for K-selected traits has collapsed, as seems to be the case in many of the large cities in Western anglophone countries?

    I certainly don’t consider myself a failure as a human being, but for someone who isn’t particularly ‘rabbity’ I’m left wondering what value I bring to interactions.

    As someone who would no doubt be more K-selected, is this a problem you’ve considered?

    Hopefully that made some sense – would be great to hear your thoughts on this sometime. [Section 2 of the book addresses your question in detail. Let me know if those answers are helpful. K.]

  4. I can feel that Infinite is turning out to be one of those technical books that you just really, really relish. (Like organic chemistry by Klein). I’m reading it cover to cover now, then back over it again and again with a biro underlining key bits for contemplation and more comments down the margins.
    Sad I know! 🙂

    • So much to contemplate in this book, it’s like a “game” psychotherapy session.

      • Newbies; this is intermediate and advanced day game material. Waste of money if you haven’t earned your stripes with several hundred sets and several bangs from Day game in my opinion.

  5. I’ve always been a commitment guy at heart. But I think anyone coming into game fresh will need to put that aside and go crazy for the first year or so in order to get the experience and abundance in order to get a better idea of what out there and to make a better informed decision moving forwards.

    Being into this for 8 years now, I still get guys in Facebook groups asking me what my yearly stats were. I honestly don’t care to count anymore as my interest in it lasted after I got my 30th lay. This number varies from person to person.

    The biggest lesson I’ve had with daygame, which transformed my results overnight was in figuring out what I wanted from girls and qualifying them. In fact, most of my game now revolves around qualifying. So I would suggest to anyone that if you want to get your lays quickly, behave as though you’re looking for commitment by raising the bar. Make the lay as low as possible in your list of priorities, despite wanting to get laid. It will be hard to do when you’re new, but it will raise your value massively. [I just found this in the spam folder. No idea why it was there. K.]

    • No worries mate. Hope you’re keeping well.
      Saw the latest interview with Street Attraction. Was a nice interview.
      Bumped into Eddie for the first time in Oxford Street last week and exchanged numbers. They seem like solid guys.

  6. I have the same feeling. In fact, I already felt that way about mastery. Unfortunately my copy hasn’t arrived yet (If Ingram spark is anything like lulu, it will take over a month to get to where I am). Reading these reviews just builds the anticipation higher.

  7. Off topic, but have you ever been to Sweden to daygame? Curious to hear you thoughts on it, I’ve never heard you talk about it before. [Nope. No interest. K.]

  8. Hey K. Could we please get the first part (I hope at least first 30 minutes) of your Daygame Infinite talk? [I’ll be posting it when I get round to editing it. K.]

  9. Sorry for the off topic question but I just finished watching your interview with London Real. A great overview and introduction to Game. I noticed you recommended RSD`s Blueprint Decoded which seemed strange given how much you dislike RSD for the sketchy infields and terrible game advice.

    Do you still recommend Blueprint decoded ? What is your overall opinion of Owen Cook/RSD Tyler ? [Blueprint is excellent and I still recommend it. I do, however, recommend Frank Kern’s CORE Influence first as it’s shorter, was a year earlier, and Tyler has clearly ripped it off uncredited. Nonetheless the Blueprint is vastly more expansive and applies it to pick-up so it’s still excellent viewing. I think Tyler is an all-time great in the PUA community due to his theoretical contributions both in his early nerdy deconstruction phase and in his 2008-11 Tolle phase. I think he’s completely lost the plot now so I ignore him, but that doesn’t diminish the importance of what he produced when he was going good. Last I bothered looking at RSD I thought they were snake-oil sellers pedalling harmful worthless bullshit. However they reinvent themselves more times than Madonna so there’s always a chance they’ll come good again. Seeing as they are so shady, I don’t care if they do. I also don’t have time for former RSD coaches whose spiel is “I used to work for RSD as a scammer, but now they fired me I will tell you why my new method is better and, honestly, you can trust me now. All that bullshit I pedalled with RSD totally didn’t happen. Except it did because I want to use that RSD time to elevate my name as a reason you should listen to me.” K.]

  10. What.

    No ‘My Posting Career’ on your daily reading schedule? [Nope. It’s funny but just a trolling waste of time. K.]

  11. Just received my copy of Daygame Infinite and am pouring through it. It’s very different from Daygame Mastery which I think is a more beginners’ guide.

    This is a companion piece and has a lot more detail on inner-game, on when to take no for an answer, great detail on texting. The section on escalating is excellent. It’s a great reassurance to some of my game. I liked how the preface has so much detail on building authenticity in your game. It’s interesting to read those text exchanges with the detailed breakdown. I like how each chapter then picks up on where things went with the various girls in the case study.

    I haven’t gotten through all of it but it is a ‘Guidebook” that you can pick up at any section. I also think you really care about your readers. You sometimes come off as a crusty prick in your blog but in the book you really do have a lot of empathy both for your readers but also for the girls you’re gaming which I really appreciated.

    I’ll write more about my impressions when I do a deeper dive. But i’d definitely recommend it for anyone looking at improving all aspects of your game. [Thanks for sharing your impressions. Please keep them coming as you plow through the book. And lol at “Mastery is for beginners”, which to me is a big compliment on how far Infinite improves upon it that Mastery looks beginner in comparison. K.]

    • I see “Mastery” as a “starter” manual. “Infinite” has much more detail and case studies. If you’re a complete Newbie Mastery still stands on its own and I highly recommend it.

      But if your game is intermediate or above Infinite has a great section on vibe, on internal game which I haven’t seen anywhere else. It seems fresh–different from Mystery, different from Ross Jeffries–less theoretical and much more practical.

      I think a lot of guys, myself included are struggling with “Why did she flake??” Your case studies and texting examples go against what I would have thought but I can totally see how those concepts work. They’ve actually worked for me without my conscious knowledge I was applying technique.

      Also without spoiling it for readers there’s that excellent case study of the one who got away and why. I thought that was very honest of you to include. It added a bit of narrative to the whole thing.

      I’m still flicking back and forth to various passages because there is so much depth to this. I think of all the materials I’ve read it’s very different from your blog in the detail and explanation and theoretical application.

      I think you take very structured approach to what is otherwise an “art”—the art of seduction.

      I think this works for any guy interested in meeting girls just because of the variety of case studies—I know all these types of girls.

      You really put a lot of work into it. [Thanks for the kind words. I’m finding most experienced guys “get” what Infinite is doing. K.]

  12. Really looking forward to getting my hands on this.

    Regarding what some have written about getting bored of games or other interests; who cares? Go where your enthusiasm takes you.
    I don’t buy into the 10,000 hour rule hype. Why become good at 1 thing in your life. I’d rather master 5 or 6 things to the levels I’m happy with then move on.

    Thanks for adding new angles to my perspective Krauser [Steve Sailer has been criticizing Malcolm Gladwell as a fraud for years, such as the 10,000 hour rule. K.]

    • Tim Ferris made a good point about this in a discussion I saw on Youtube.
      Unless your’e sure you can place yourself in the top 1% and have an elite level ability. Then there’s no sense in going for the 10,000 hour rule as it will only lead to diminishing returns and stop you from pursuing other things that may better suit your genetic ability.. [I think Scott Adams coined the best phrase so far to describe this, talent stack. K.]

      • Good point.

        Don’t buy into the American self-help idea that ‘you can do whatever you want to do.’

        Accept reality and enjoy it

  13. Exactly. I’ve always intuitively applied this concept in my daily life without realising there was a actual term for it.
    It’s a great way to tackle life generally as it keeps you actively learning and makes you into a more well rounded and interesting person. There’s nothing more attractive to a woman than a man who they can’t seem to categorise, as he’s constantly learning and growing.

  14. Have’nt got my copy yet. If order from uk how long should it take?
    Anyway so the youtube look at infinite and paused the video to read about vibe, i totally agree with letting the muscle memory do the work as you open the set in a state of auto pilot as i have done this myself. What allowed me to do this was lack of muscle memory actually because at that time i only had theory and little practice, but going in not giving a shit and expecting to get it right worked and i found that it freed up mental RAM for the techniques to flow effortlessly.
    So this also works at beginners level. still made mistakes though like talking to the girl for 90 minutes and running date material outside of an idate situation. The next set was the opposite and only lasted 2 minutes because i learned from my experience but that was more flash game and yielded greater results with an eventual flake over texting not surprisingly.
    I also discovered some secrets like naming the vibe so that it can be recalled instantly by just repeating the key word, a little nlp trick i am sure will not be in the book but it would be unfair to expect that after all it is my own. [It’ll take about a week. K.]

  15. I think the player lifestyle for anyone who sticks at it for years and gets reasonably good is fun and liberating as fuck knowing you can get a young cute girl in your bed through hard work. The downside is I really dislike turning down perfectly good women for me, simply because I want to continue my fun escapades. Just do it in R select mode you say, some people have really high standards, I mean what compels a man to get good at Game? For me it was always the minuscule possibility of getting genuine 8+ hotties. Even when doing Daygame in Lover mode the likelihood of me seeing her again are almost zero and even if she miraculously agrees to meet me up again she isn’t my woman but still her own. This is the central conflict with Game. Being R gets you far superior quantity however being more K gets you far superior quality. You feel like shit when she slips in to not talk to any women on your mysterious 10 day trip to Poland or Czech Repub. Or future projecting things we can do together.

    It took a while to get me here and I want to take my time.

    I understand this is a privilege position to be in however I don’t know it’s so hard. Harder than actually doing daygame.

    • Ignore that. All Women are cunts. Even the most young, sweet and feminine ones will rip your heart out given half the chance. She is operating on her own agenda.

      • I’m just going to leave this here as it might help someone out who reads it.

        I met a sweet 19 year old foreign girl studying in a London university. During our 3 dates I could sense she was falling for me slowly but surely. A night of fondling in her bed but no sex on the third date. The whole time I’m feeling really really bad knowing i’m going to have to dump this sweet feminine girl. What does she do? Ignores me on whatsapp and says she’s lost all attraction for me. This sweet girl has now become a cold hearted bitch. What’s worse not an ounce of remorse for stringing me along. Worthless whore. The whole time I had her self interest at heart (I was going to treat her gently and not pump’n’dump her, like perhaps her western cousins, and most likely would have kept her around for months on end. And now I’m treated as if I never existed. I don’t think she is trying to save face to not get hurt but she has genuinely lost all “spark” for me.

        Moral of the story: Put your own self interest first and never place any premature feelings in a female.

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