Daygame Infinite Review #2

February 27, 2018

You know how it is: you wait ages for a bus and then three come along at once. It sounds like enthusiastic daygamers are finally getting to the end of the epic journey that is reading Daygame Infinite. Here’s a review recently posted to a closed Facebook group of daygamers by Mr. R. I present it in its entirety and without edits.
Infinite smaller res cover
It’s taken a long time to finish reading the book, but I’m now ready to share my review of Daygame Infinite, the latest and most in-depth book from the dark sorcerer of daygame himself, Nick Krauser.
In short: I think it’s an excellent book, filled with solid knowledge, but its usefulness depends on your level. This is a book for experienced daygamers who want to improve, not for guys who want to jump in and “give daygame a try”.
In long: I think most of the content will be no use to guys who aren’t actually out there approaching. Which is good, because it’s not a list of “do these actions and get laid”, it’s in-depth examinations of real-life situations that you need to apply to your own circumstances.
Even if you read Krauser’s responses and see nothing like what you’d do, he explains not only what he was doing, but also explains why he did it, giving you the framework to explore your own reactions and consider whether they’re the right choice in any given moment.
If there’s a downside to the book, it’s that it doesn’t ‘flow’ like a novel, but that’s because it’s a real textbook, and you should dive in and out of sections for reference when you need to. It’s not a book designed for repeated cover-to-cover reading.
As you’d expect, Infinite covers the whole process from approach to bedroom, but in fact one of the major sections is all about everything before the approach – how to understand yourself and your needs, and put yourself in the position to actually enjoy daygame without being so driven by outcome or process dependence.
The book fits together with Daygame Mastery – in the earlier book you get the “what to do” instruction, while Infinite proves the explanation of why that action was recommended. Mastery is the book that takes you from your first few successes to solid intermediate level, Infinite is the follow-on that supports creating your own style and cultivating a congruent masculine persona.
So which volume you should buy depends on where you are in your journey. Everyone can pick up a copy of Mastery and find some useful tips and techniques to apply, but Infinite requires that you’ve reached a certain point before it will even become possible to understand the meaning behind the words. This isn’t a boast “look how advanced I am”, it’s just an acknowledgement that some issues never come up until you’ve had enough success to think “so, what next?”
Why do I rate it so highly when it has (potentially) such limited audience? Though I have spent time with Krauser hearing about his thoughts on daygame in detail, I also independently came to several of the same conclusions he did in the past year and a bit of intensive daygaming since leaving the UK. It won’t resonate with everybody, but if you’re a guy at intermediate level who’s actively approaching but finding less satisfaction from the process, the introspection triggered from comparing your actions and motivations to those in the book will rekindle some of the love, and return the joy to your approaches.
You can buy your copy of Daygame Infinite by clicking here. Full disclosure: I know Mr. R. I did not badger him for a review nor promise anything in exchange. He paid full price for his copy.

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