More Daygame Infinite Seminar

February 25, 2018

I’ve been so carried away with my reading (I’m now onto book #32 of 2018) and new content for the Daygame Mastery reissue that I forgot to keep the Infinite seminar flowing. Sorry lads, here’s part three.

In other news I am proud to link the world-first Daygame Infinite review [1] from a London guy you’ll be hearing a lot more of in 2018: Thomas Crown. “Why a lot more?” you ask. Because he’s closing in on the release of his first memoir, which will no doubt do the rounds among Euro-Jaunt circles. Also, his blog is pretty good too. Here’s his overall thoughts on my book:

“Most people expected the book to be a home run, and I was one of them. My expectations were met. The book is excellent and I acknowledge the “Daygame Infinite vibe” when I go out now” – Thomas Crown, link above

In other news, I have settled on writing TWO new sections for the Daygame Mastery reissue. The first is a 13k-word “Banter Clinic” that just passed it’s editing stage today, so I’ll send it off to my layout guy tomorrow. While he’s painstakingly laying out the WhatsApp chats I shall finish up the new inner game section. I still expect it to be released before the end of March.

[1] I’ll link others too, so long as you don’t shit-talk me of shill other people’s products such that me linking ends up shilling for them too.


  1. Trying to unpack the evils of government expansion policies at 2am has fortuitously made me first ha! Great speech shame I couldn’t make it. Investment is painstakingly difficult for me. Just about do everything else right but shutting up and letting her do some of the work is physically hard. It’s a unique sense of agony for us prattlers. .I suspect it may even be an inner game issue. FML.

  2. I bought Nitro and Mastery. Gonna get Infinite and Mastery re-issue. It seems like Infinite is about the highest level of Game which in my mind is calibration, and what really increases conversion rates. Calibration is one of the toughest thing to learn from interwebs because it’s so contextual and requires more than most people can setup in any post.

    I’m an intermediate…I can hustle up a lay/month (or get pretty damn close)…so been reading Nitro and watching Black Book. Anything you’d add to Nitro, that I could reference in Mastery and/or Infinite, if you did a Nitro re-issue?

    Thanks K [I’m afraid I’ve got no plans to do a Nitro rerelease. K.]

  3. Great basic suggestions to keep in mind infield.

    It’s a sad state of affairs that videos with quality game content like this don’t even hit 1000 views while three hour spam videos of “instructors” jumping up and down to “improve your vibe bro” end up going semi viral on a regular basis.

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