My 2018 Project Status Update

May 8, 2018

After four months cooped up in Newcastle working on my books, video game backlog, and reading projects, I finally hit the road. I’ve been out in Europe since the end of March and, as expected, my productivity has slowed right down.

So I’ve been wandering alone, circling the drain of nihilism, posting photos of myself to Instagram along with inspirational quotes about how this dreary existence is so fulfilling. I’m hoping you won’t notice how ugly the birds are, and will instead co-sign my bullshit so that I don’t top myself.

Wait… sorry. I was thinking of someone else.

Actually, I’ve been having a great time hanging out with a half dozen friends and made a few new ones too. The birds have been well hot, though the hottest few slipped through my grasp, sadly. It’s been a month of sunshine, chatting, getting drunk, and a bit of sex too [1]

I have, however, been very busy coaching. I’m midway through the third of four week-long residentials scheduled in this trip alone. It’s been interesting [2] and caused me to think about the LDM [3] from a different direction. I’ve noticed multiple commonalities in client questions, strengths and weaknesses. I’ve better honed a process for instruction. I’ve developed new metaphors, explanations, and actionable drills.

So, perhaps there’s a product in that for later this year. I’ll think about it [4]. For the meantime, let me bring you up to date on which pans I have frying in the fire right now.

Daygame Mastery second edition
This is the main one. The content has been finished for quite some time, as has the layout. I’m currently trying to iron out all kinds of wrinkles before sending it to the printer. It’s surprising how many things crop up but once it’s done I’m sure you’ll all be quite impressed. There’s 25k words of new content in this, mostly in the Vibe and Banter Clinic sections. I’m presenting it as a companion to Daygame Infinite, as my new book was always meant to stand alongside it. I reckon I’ll have a test print to review when I return to Newcastle at the end of this month. If that’s okay, I’ll release it immediately.

Mastery draft cover and contents

The Memoir Volume Three
I’ve had a lot of fun writing the final volume in my memoir series. I’ve tried to write each volume as a self-contained story and varied up the themes and writing style to avoid them becoming repetitive. This one, Younger Hotter Tighter, is almost done. I’ve written 34 chapters to a level I’m happy with, and have 4 more to go. Hopefully that’ll be done by the end of the month. It will then enter editing / layout / art stages which will likely take another two months before release. My guess is it won’t take as much post-production as the other volumes because I’m a better writer now, and I’ve had a writer friend editing it as I rewrote each chapter.

Fucking Awesome Mate

A New Infield Product
I’ve had lots of requests for a new infield instructional, as my last one was Daygame Overkill which was filmed nearly four years ago. I don’t count Daygame Mediocrity as that was a joke [5]. I haven’t done a lot of sets this past month but I have recorded some and they came out pretty good. So, I will likely continue to film. If I think there’s a product in it, I’ll let you know. It’s much too early to decide.

Infield example

Residential Coaching
I signed up six clients this year, four of which will be completed by the end of this month. It’s been more fun than I expected so I may do residentials more often. However, I’m absolutely knackered from it and it’s killing me to give up all the good sets to the client. When I’ve finished the fourth, I’ll take stock and analyse how they went. Then I’ll decide if I’ll do more, or knock it on the head.


YouTube Channel
I keep meaning to get back to this. I have 3/4 of the Daygame Infinite talk to finish editing and then upload. There’s even a few bits of Outlaw Daygame still left to do. I’ve toyed with the idea of a new season of podcasts, of a technical daygame series, and throwing up infields. Right now it’s all parked until the other stuff is done. YouTube isn’t good for money and I don’t care about the freeloader retard audience. I’d rather spend my time coaching a good resi student or doing the blog. If I find the motivation to do that AND a YouTube channel I shall. It all depends how relieved I feel when the last book comes out.

Little Brown Sex Machines
This is a memoir I wrote in February 2017 immediately after returning from two months in South East Asia. It’s 60k words and written in a similar style to my usual memoirs. It’s been finished for a year but I just haven’t decided what to do with it. I might use it as the first 1/3 of a 2017 memoir, or I might tart it up a little and release it as is. Dunno. It’s not a priority.

LBSM cover

New Undisclosed Products
I set myself a rule before winter of NO NEW PROJECTS. I made a mistake opening too many loops back in 2014, such as committing myself to four volumes of the memoir. When Mastery and YHT finally come out, I will have completed my “grand project” [6]. I’ll have a clean slate. From there, I’ll only take on projects one at a time. Perhaps a fifth memoir, perhaps a new infield series, perhaps a new textbook. I’m not committed to ANYTHING right now. There are no secret projects bubbling away. Ideas, yes. Defined projects, no.

I hope that clarifies things. And Donald Trump is still the US President.

If you like the idea of giving me your money, I suggest you start with Daygame Overkill. That’s the most profitable per unit and it never fails to warm my heart when PayPal informs me of a sale.

[1] With the girls, not my friends.
[2] And lucrative.
[3] Does anyone mind if I just call it the Krauser Daygame Model now? I mean, the one people do now basically is just that.
[4] I’m not going to just shit a product out regardless. I’ll wait till the end of the year and see if there’s a product’s worth of material to organise. If not, I won’t do one.
[5] I mean a deliberate joke. Not a Stealth Seduction type joke.
[6] Or “grandiose project”, if you prefer.


  1. What about the Thai Girls book from that youtube vid? Not sure if that was a memoir or something else.

  2. Hi Nick, I’m a subscriber to Christian McQueen’s Man in Demand Radio and I really enjoyed the episode where he brought you on as a guest.
    I myself follow more of Christian’s style as I enjoy night game and I like to utilize looks and social circle whenever possible.
    That being said, I have deep respect for the highly logical and analytical and more “introverted” style of game you talk about. I have a triple-digit notch count from nigh game cold approach and tinder and social circle, but daygame is something that still terrifies me greatly. I can’t help but feel “weird” doing it, or feel like I am being a bother. I know this mindset is wrong and likely a product of wrongful social conditioning, but I can’t help but feel my reptilian brain take over and prevent me from properly doing daygame.

    Anyways, I would like to purchase a book from you. I’d ideally like to buy them all but that’s not financially in the cards for me at the moment. So what is the one book you would recommend I purchase? I’d like to think of myself as “advanced” despite my fear of daygame. So I would prefer a book that deals more with the nuances of deep inner game as opposed to the “do XYZ and all the girls will fall at your feet” type instructions that newbies love to have.
    Sorry for the long comment, I wanted to type this up as an email to you but I could not find yours.

    Thanks for your time. [Wait for the colour Mastery. K.]

  3. That girls lips alone make me want to hand in my resignation! Hope you gave her the Sir Krauser experience!

    We seem to be in an era of piling up the grot lays. (Reason why my end game is so poor).

    • I agree, that girl is so damn pretty, just seeing her picture and the obvious flash of sexual attraction in her eyes just made me want to go out and hit the streets!

      Thanks Mr K for the update. It answered a lot of questions. And I hope by year’s end to hear some good news about upcoming projects.

      • How are you funding your lifestyle Blue? Today was the first time I genuinely considered the idea of leaving my job and spreading my seed all over the continent. Fuck am I grinding away so hard for?

      • Both are as hard. My lifestyle and chasing skirts etc is exhausting. You need tight productivity skills and emotional control. And especially, you better care for your health, energy and vibe.

        BUT it fits my values. I am happy because I am living the life I want.

        It depends on your values PinkPanther. What is important to you.

        There is no such thing as an “easy life”. That’s a marketing myth. Just ask yourself: “What is your ideal life? What is the life that will be worth it to you?”

        Actually, the “player lifestyle” is harder than being a man living a steady life and doing game part time. The player lifestyle has high highs and low lows that emotionally will make you feel like on a roller coaster of hope and despair. So if you know this, and avoid it making you bitter, and have the emotional control to do your work or whatever will make you money no matter how good or bad the streets are treating you, you’ll do well.

        If not, the volatility of the streets can mess with you, make you jaded and bitter, or at least not let you focus on anything other than chasing skirts, which can make you go from a lifestyle nomad to a homeless broke mofo very fast.

        I hope you get what I mean. To me, it is the right choice. This is the life I want, it makes me feel alive and happy. The streets are not always kind but when I’m on the verge of giving up, always a gem comes my way that lights my day.

        In other words: you have to make sure you keep increasing your SMV if you choose the Player Lifestyle. Otherwise, you’ll break down your SMV bit by bit, and your vibe will deteriorate so much that you’ll neither get the birds nor the money to survive.

        In all cases, if this question is on your mind “Fuck am I grinding away so hard for?” I think you are eligible for the Player Lifestyle. Try it for a month, because in the beginning it’s all fun and games, but fast if you’re neglecting other parts of your life, it will catch up to you and you’ll notice what is real: that you have to set boundaries, make sure you work on all important areas of your life, and this is not easy when you’re in a new city where you’ve lost all your habits and bearings.

      • I’m used to the solitude life as I live kinda alone and have traveled alone for 10 days at a time.

        Weekends are not cutting it. I had a DEAD-CERT SDL snatched from me because the silly cow thought she was leaving 3pm not 3am. I’m making progress but it’s going at a snails pace. Worse yet I’m impatient. I feel like my productivity/efficiency would double if I was daygaming full time for like 7 months.

        I think living the nomadic lifestyle is a privilege. It’s like asking a bottom table club manager to turn down a top 4 club. Hardly gonna happen.

        I can’t rely on savings cause that always seem’s to go fast. I’m not skilled/experienced enough to do meaningful contract jobs. hmmm

        If it goes tits up what would I have lost a year? a shitty job? I have some serious thinking to do.

      • >> I think living the nomadic lifestyle is a privilege. It’s like asking a bottom table club manager to turn down a top 4 club. Hardly gonna happen.

        >> I can’t rely on savings cause that always seem’s to go fast. I’m not skilled/experienced enough to do meaningful contract jobs. hmmm

        >> If it goes tits up what would I have lost a year? a shitty job? I have some serious thinking to do.

        It seems you tip more towards the excuses rather than the reasons why you should do it.

        Well, then, don’t do it. Nobody can make this decision for you. And yes, shit can hit the fan, and you’ll be alone dealing with it So you can only make this life decision alone.

        In my case: I have thought about it a lot, and I can to this conclusion: the player lifestyle is HARD. But you know what is harder? Not doing it.

        It took me years to build enough value and skill to be able to live it on an ok budget. It was not easy. And life ironed out the impatience out of me.

        Because, you know what: what difference does it make if you feel impatient? You just suffer inside and it will will take whatever time it will take (or longer if you’re burning emotional energy being impatient). So, at least go through the journey cheerfully.

        Another thing: I am not finding age an advantage if you’re going for 18-22 years old girls in Kiev. I’ve lost 4 girls in that age range that were very interested at the beginning of the date, then turned cold when I revealed I am 10 years older than them or whatever. I believed the internet talk that age is an advantage and all that but I am not finding it to be the case. The University girls I go for, I see them with boyfriends their age. Maybe other types of girls go for older men, but the girls from Universities in Kiev seem to be into early 20s guys. Even this 19 years old girl, it took 1 month of texting to get her on a date, as she was calling me an “old man”, that was her objection although she really fancied me.

        I am only saying this so you know: (1) it’s not easy, you need a strong frame and to brush off rejections, and (2) that with each year passing in indecision you’re getting older, which reduces your “Male Hotness” SMV, which is what we deliver with r-selected game.

        So while you’re grinding away, either accept that this is your lifestyle. Or if you’re going for the traveler playboy lifestyle, then start putting things into motion and have a plan even if it will take years to achieve. Because, what’s the alternative? The years will pass, and without a plan, you’ll be in this same exact place writing a comment in 2022 about the same exact things wondering how people can travel and live abroad and bang broads there.

  4. She is pretty. Just by that pic I’d say a high 7

  5. nick ever thought of writing a memoir of coaching sessions ? [Nope. K.]

  6. IMO I was hoping you’d keep going with the book reviews and Project High Value Man angle, leaving the hedonism behind. The right needs all the help it can get encouraging young men to have solid families with white girls. Nation building rather than nation destroying. Your insights into the political situation of the west right now are needed like never before. Pushing more of the squalid PUA material onto your impressionable readers seems counter productive. I’d be keen to hear how you chase two seemingly contradictory ends…pussy chasing and patriotism.

  7. I live in reality.
    I said high 7 based on that pic. Not sure what the body is like or how she looks from different angles.
    High 7 is a very pretty girl.
    London has mostly 5’s and 6’s with occasional 7’s, I’ll see an 8 once in a blue moon. [Lol. “I think she’s a 7.25”. “No, I think 7.87”. If it helps, I didn’t fuck her. She had a great body. K.]

    • >> [Lol. “I think she’s a 7.25”. “No, I think 7.87”. If it helps, I didn’t fuck her. She had a great body. K.]

      I didn’t mean she’s lower than what doordie said. To me, she’s a high 8. Maybe even a 9. (I don’t think this angle is the most flattering for her face.)

      Her face is just my type. And I can tell from that picture she has some perky B or C cups.

    • haha
      yeah I agree

  8. Well in that case I award her an 8.
    An 8, is why men get in to and stay in the game.

    • I agree with you that she’s the type of girl “why men get in to and stay in the game”. Whatever is the rating, the category is spot on.

      Cheers Do-or-die.

  9. great update! can’t wait the new book!

  10. Hi Krauser,

    If you do another infield product can you include a bit of date footage in it? This is the one area of game where quality infield footage is lacking.



  11. Hey K, did you read Ray Dalio’s Principles: Life and Work? I highly recommend it to you. It will shift your thinking, and might even influence whatever you put in your next project.

    It’s not a light read, but full of wisdom.

  12. Hi Nick,
    Long time reader (no really! Since sixth form)
    Do you have any advice to a guy in the British army on the subject euro jaunts, daygame, maximising free time to meet women? I’m off to the paras soon and I’m worried the women of Colchester might not be quite what I’m after! I speak fluent Russian because I did it at uni so might end up with a posting to somewhere Baltic. I know instagram and tinder isn’t your thing, but would you recommend that to just maximise time management? You get 6-8 weeks leave plus weekends a year.
    Thanks mate!

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  14. Hey K. I just listened to your podcast about anal sex.

    You never mentioned using a lubricant. So do you fuck girls up the ass with no lube?? And they love the extra pain from that?

    Do you spit on the condom or something? I imagine it won’t even go in being that dry. Especially in a virgin teenage girl butthole.

  15. What do you think of Q? Real source or not?

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  17. K., if you choose someday to do another project, could you please present the various male archetypes that sweet very feminine girls are attracted to? And the characteristics that would help guide us in choosing the right one to embody? [David DeAngelo wrote a short free PDF on the 8 attractive archetypes. It’s a good start. K.]

    There is a need for it. As you see now, most daygamers who try to be r-selected are going the leather rocker route. Not really much niching or doing it with understanding what would be the best match for their personality and characteristics that still will be HOT to sweet feminine girls.

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