The Underwear Gnomes of Daygame

May 28, 2018

Inquiring minds will have observed strange doings in the night. You are lying in bed, starting to drift off, no doubt dreaming of hot tub threesomes with scraggly whores [1]. So, you’re in bed, you’ve still got a chubby, and you are peacefully slipping into the dreamworld of sex and frollics. Suddenly, there’s a bump in the night. You hear high-pitched chattering from the next room.

You ignore it. You sleep. The next morning as you towel off after a shower and open the dressers drawer to find your fresh pair of shreddies [2] you find….. SHOCK HORROR!…. no shreddies. Not even slightly skidmarked Primark 70% polyester specials. Gone!

Those goddamn UNDERWEAR GNOMES have struck again!

For those of you unfamiliar with what I’m banging on about [3] check out this video.

So, back? Great. Put your feet up and light a cigar. The underwear gnomes have been adopted by business schools the world over to memetize organisations with a shitty business plan. The gnomes have three phases to running a profitable enterprise.

PHASE ONE: Steal Underwear

The jokes comes from the gnomes not understanding the first principles of business. A business only exists if you have a product and customers. Everything else is secondary. The gnomes are so excited about stealing underwear that they never get as far as figuring out how (or even if) it can be monetised and thus be a real business.

This, by the way, is almost every silicon valley start up. In that depraved shit-hole of homosexual globalists, only Facebook and Google make a profit [4] and the latter only on their AdSense because everything else they do is shit.

So, to daygame.

I’ve been noticing a common theme among all the monkeys posing as daygame coaches [5] that they all seem to employ Underwear Gnome Daygame [6] in which the street portion goes as follows:


Try as I might as I watch their shitty infields and laugh at WhatsApp videos my friends surreptitiously record during their (for example) Budapest bootcamps, I can’t find any actual game being done. Phase two does not have any definable things that appear to be getting done.

Go watch them yourselves. It’s fucking awful.

Anyway, I’ve been looking into some of the dating advice on teh interwebs and the gnomes appear to have infiltrated that too. Most of the dating advice I find on the forums [7] is according to this complex operational plan:


It really hurts my head to watch this nonsense. So, with that in mind, I shall pour myself another whiskey and consider having an early night. Peace out [8].

If you like mad drunken ramblings from a raging egotist, perhaps you’d like to buy my Womanizers Bible product for the very reasonable price of $49. If you’d like 1,000 pages of very detailed instructions on PHASE TWO then perhaps you’ll be wanting Daygame Mastery and Daygame Infinite. If you want it on video, try Daygame Overkill

[1] Actually, I heard they were ok. Sorry Xants. Just joshing.
[2] Uniqlo supina cotton, I would hope.
[3] the gnomes, not the skidmarks
[4] And I don’t include freaky Elon Musk and his taxpayer-subsidy riding bullshit shennanigans and shifty soon-to-be-exposed accounting practices
[5] There are a small number of very good coaches, who are all my mates, and the rest can fuck off.
[6] Version 3.0
[7] Other then everyone agreeing not to mention the Pay part of P4P, or admit the real quality of the stinkers they are banging
[8] You wankers


  1. I’d summarise most daygame videos as

    Collect numbers
    Get laid

  2. And they were 6s but 6+6=12 😎 and 6×6=36 πŸ˜„ although 6/6=1 😬

  3. This was very well written K.

    I love how in the beginning I thought “Interesting, but where is he going with this?” Then the reveal came and it gave me a nice surge of dopamine.

  4. Great work here…reminiscent of Heartiste…I was continually lol-ing.

  5. Some of us have shitty convo skills…there’s money to be made with convo bootcamps, I think. Probably not a book. It takes infields and lots of practice.

  6. I disagree.. If somebody is not your friend he can still be a good daygame coach. [Actually that’s not true. There’s a mysterious rule that anyone who doesn’t receive my magical blessing is immediately stripped of their daygame powers. A bit like in Harry Potter. K.]

  7. Sol dating absolutely incredible coach.
    The trio of Tom T, Mystery and Beckster are also out of this world.

    We are in the golden age of daygame coaches.
    Yad, Troy Francis, Paki Wayne..

    Honestly though most coaches are shit and most students are retarded individuals who lack basic common sense.
    If we were discussing coaches that actually get laid with attractive women then there’s no more than 5 or 6 imo.

  8. Who do you rate btw? [Nobody. Everyone is a cunt. Including you. K.]

  9. Tom really hurt you 😁

  10. Hey K. I listened to Tom’s latest podcast, and I felt he was taking a direct jab at you, although subliminally.

    Not trying to be paranoid here, but that podcast about the “Worst Game Advice”, he put three things that you recommend and I thought it was directed at you. I hope it wasn’t. I’m not trying to start a fire here but good that you know.

    Out of his Top 10 worst game advice, he talked in length and said:

    * Approaching girls mostly based on IOIs is BS. Those girls that give IOIs and hook easily often don’t sleep with you. It’s the bitchier girls that give you a hard time that are the ones most likely to sleep with you.

    * Women are the same. Barbie girls with fake boobs respond the same to game as any other girls. Avoiding “plastic” high end girls is bad advice. He talked especially about Russian girls in high end malls and how they respond to game the same way like any other girl, so avoiding them is a bad limiting belief.

    * Good vibe in daygame is overrated. It’s mostly a night game thing. Tom does his best sets when he is tired and hang-over.

    The other “worst game advice” were mostly about RSD stuff and about natural guys who say just be yourself etc. But these three just felt directed at Daygame Infinite when I heard his latest Youtube podcast. [Tom is entirely welcome to have his own opinions on game and to take jabs at me. It’s really not a problem. K.]

    • Ooooooooh, let me get the popcorn

      • Yes, and he said some other shit like:

        * If you have game, you turn Maybe girls into Yes girls. If you only focus on girls that give IOIs, that is not game.

        * And advice on approaching less than 30-50 girls a week is BS. If you approach less sets, even as if you are an advanced guy, you’re becoming a dabbler.

        * Also, that enjoying daygame is a myth. Tom has to force himself almost every day he goes out to daygame. It never becomes something you look forward to or be zen about.

        These three also I feel are also directed at Daygame Infinite.

        Maybe he read it recently or some students are telling him K’s advice, so he felt he has to contradict him to seem more of an authority. To seem as if Tom is the holder of the real truth, and K is wrong. Or maybe latent resentment at K. I don’t know. [I think he’s wrong. I really enjoy daygame. But he’s absolutely entitled to his opinion and he’s formed it based on his own vast experience, which differs to mine. K.]

      • Tom is undoubtedly a legend and he taught me a LOT, I had coaching with him and met him several times and he is a sound guy… But I don’t agree with those last 3 bullets.

        Daygame is fun in the right environment – jaunts with wings, solo on a sunny day, gutter gaming two-sets after a few beers, all great fun. But, I guess there are many ways to skin a cat.

    • To be fair to Tom you’ve misquoted him in your follow up comment. He doesn’t say approach 30-50 girls a week or that you shouldn’t enjoy daygame. Did you listen to the podcast properly?

  11. Interesting, That reads like He’s trying to do an RSD-type gambit on Spam approaching. This ignores that there are various levels of competence and patterns or wisdom have emerged over time which influence results. [Also, he’s cornered the ‘tard market who enjoys spamming and can’t get IOIs. K.]

  12. So he advocates at least 30-50 sets a week? lol
    I knew when he was gloating about (If I remember correctly) 36 lays in one year and he forgot to mention the amount of approaches that took. Funny that isn’t it.
    I’ll add a couple of my own that I don’t think anyone will disgaree with.
    If you are spending a lot of time on the streets approaching you’re not very good with women. It is a numbers game yes, but an advanced guy doesn’t need to be doing anywhere near 120 sets a month (going by Tom’s opinion) to get good results. You should actively be trying to reduce your number month on month. 1 in 30 sounds fair.
    Getting sluts with high lay counts doesn’t make you good at game. You’re just one of a long line of guys she’s had.

  13. One thing I notice in all these daygame coaches is they dance around the girl rejecting them. Pain in blowouts. Pain in sets to nowhere. I can see why, cold approach can be extremely brutal. Ironically by embracing the pain of rejection they’d probably get better results ceteris paribus.

  14. You drink so much booze, you’re not down to trip some LSD too?

  15. PinkPanther, getting a girl two points hotter regularly is a pipe dream. Especially in London

  16. Most pickup stuff out there now is either red pill “lift and get motivated” Tony Robbins tier stuff or overly feel good RSD eckhart tolle platitudes

    NEXTasf forums are probably the last place where there are a lot of people actually in field comparing details and tactics [AA does funny things to men’s minds. They’ll try anything but cold approach. K.]

  17. Whiskey or whisky? [Either if it’s strong. K.]

  18. I generally don’t look for infield videos on Youtube, but there was a channel I came across recently that impressed me called ‘XYPlay’
    The 2 guys on there seem to have pretty good game and follow the LDM model precisely.
    Worth checking out and doing a critique. [I had a quick look at the main video, Daygame Motivation. Looks alright to me. Good vibe, decent technique, decent quality birds. Good luck to them. The longer haired guy looks familiar but I don’t know if it’s because I’ve met him or because he looks like an Argentine football players. K.]

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