Lol! Justin Wayne caught hiring actresses… again!

April 10, 2018

Few pick-up companies can pair both dishonest scamming and unintentional hilarity quite like Wayne Dating. I’m often left scratching my head at how inept they are and sometimes their buffoonery reaches levels that even Ricky Gervais couldn’t write into a script. Old-timers will know what I mean, but for newer readers let me summarise some highlights.

Back in 2010, ghetto-wannabe Justin Wayne of NYC was a new sensation in daygame. He was posting infield videos of what appeared to be same day lays, and also videos hanging out with a couple of different girls in his apartment. They were fairly hot, in a grotty Ke$ha kind of way. For a while, I too was taken in, thinking he had some talent [1]

Jimmy and I had a skype video chat with him once and he sent me an unpublished infield of him getting a number of a girl in Whole Foods. It was a bland low-intent Mystery Method type set, very different (and considerably less impressive) than the SDL stuff. That was red flag #1 and I ignored it.

Watching the SDL videos, I noticed there was very little audio. It seemed pointless to mute the audio when you’re mic’d up, but he did. Red flag #2, and I ignored it.

Fortunately Aaron Sleazy did not.

I don’t get on with Aaron Sleazy but I’ll give him credit where it’s due. He did a fantastic expose of the NYC bullshitter with some real investigative work. Go to his blog for the full story here. (I linked four separate Sleazy posts here) I’ll give you the short version of what Sleazy discovered:

Justin Wayne had advertised in local media press to cast a reality TV show that he claimed had MTV backing (it didn’t). He then sold tickets to men to be part of his “social circle game” to hang around girls, and defrauded aspiring fame-whore women into casting. Thus he created the illusion of having a harem of hot girls, muted videos of whom he put on his YouTube as “same day lays”.

Keep in mind this dual-market scam of presenting one thing to defraud girls, and a different thing to defraud men both at the same time. It’s a unifying principle of all Wayne Dating scams.

The girls found out and went ballistic, to put it mildly. One threatened legal action and then gave Aaron Sleazy a file of the Skype video chat where Justin is begging her to back off. Even funnier, he deleted his channel and literally ran away to hide in Puerto Rico.

His tough guy image is a sham. He’s a total faggot.


A boss-eyed fat faggot, yesterday

This all hit in August 2012 and since then every self-respecting daygamer has steered well clear of him. He’s a hardcore con-man. Like any dyed-in-the-wool fraud, Justin came slinking back later and rebuilt his brand off the back of a new generation of newbies not clued-in to his shenanigans [2]

One of Justin’s tricks to rebuild his brand was to keep posting on pick-up blogs under various sock-puppet aliases about how awesome Justin Wayne’s “Domino Effect” theory was (with a link to the sales page, of course). He tried that a few times every week on my blog for months on end so I’d just send them into the spam queue [3]

I ignored Justin Wayne entirely until the evening before the Outlaw Daygame seminar in November 2015 when, while hanging out with Eddie from Street Attraction, we see that Tom Torero had just put Justin Wayne on his podcast that very day.

A known scammer appearing on the channel of a man also busted making fake infields with actresses, but whom we’d assumed was an isolated error of judgement. We were now about to host a seminar that tied our names to his. To say we were unhappy about it was an understatement. Tom didn’t care about the ethics of promoting a known scammer, he just wanted the co-promotion of getting his name out to Justin’s subscriber base. Squalid, low-value behaviour.

That same 2015 I suffered through my first Deepak Wayne video. Massive red flags everywhere, but I didn’t care because it never crossed my mind anyone would take Deepak seriously [4]. Then I saw one where he’s basically date-raping a fat ugly German alcoholic, and while he’s “bouncing” her home he has a few snarky comments for the “London Daygamers” (and he’s still “exposing” it now.…)

Watch that video. Deepak is actually proud that she’s so angry at being date-raped that she’s screaming into his face. To him, he’s just holding a strong frame.

Lol fag

Well, he’s made that particular video private for now. Here’s hoping he reposts it

Anyway, by mid-2016 Deepak’s lies finally rile me enough that I write a couple of expose posts. It’s in reading them that my regular commentor Zatara actually figures out the precise nature of Deepak’s primary scam [5] It’s the same dual-market theory Justin Wayne uses (and taught Deepak). It goes like this:

  1. Open girl with mild physical compliment while expressing ZERO sexual intent through non-verbals. This simulates a direct opener for the viewer but puts no pressure on the girl to think she’s being hit on.
  2. Immediately tell her you’re NOT hitting on her, but are actually a talent scout for a business (e.g. modelling, PR work, waitressing). Crucially, MUTE this audio and disguise it by offering a voice-over pretending you are still hitting on her.
  3. Continue to play the grey area where you say mildly sexual things verbally, with zero sexual non-verbals, and mute any time you disclaim hitting on her, or continue explaining the job interview you’re trying to set up.
  4. When she agrees to the job interview determines if it’s an “idate” or a “day 2”. Mute some of the number close because that’s obviously interview logistics.
  5. Record the “date” and do very light kino, which she’ll accept as simply you being a creepy boss and not take seriously as an attempt to fuck her.
  6. Pass it off as a successful seduction to low-IQ Indians who desperately want to believe an ugly charmless Indian immigrant can get lots of white women. Accuse any critics of racism while you yourself play the race card to scam your very own countrymen.


Watch Deepak’s videos with this in mind and it’s like wearing the They Live glasses. He does of course occasionally post videos of real pick-up attempts, or hookers, or paid actresses, so bear in mind not all of his infields do this dual-market scam.


Deepak eating curry

My favourite ping photo to my friends

I exposed Deepak and he went mental. He started rambling into his smartphone camera about “exposing” me, and it’s absolutely hilarious. Try to get all the way through to the end of one. He was in Kiev at the time, so he went down to Khreshatyk Street and offered free meals to a few of the scammer girls there to get “evidence” of all the girls he claimed to be banging. And then, best of all, he had an interminable two-hour Skype video podcast with Justin Wayne where they both “exposed” me [6]

You can imagine that after several hours of low-IQ ramblings into smartphone cameras, I felt they’d pretty thoroughly exposed me.

Deepak then went on to “expose” Street Attraction and then….. oh it gets better…. he exposed Justin Wayne! I shit you not. Suddenly all those low-IQ ramblings were from Justin and Deepak exposing each other. It was essentially this:

Deepak: “Here I expose the real scam of Justin Wayne. I know this because he taught it to me when we were friends.”
Justin: “Here I expose the real scam of Deepak Wayne. I know this because I taught it to him when I was grooming him for my business.”

Gangnam Style

Slanty Wayne has yet to expose anyone, AFAIK

I have no idea if Slanty Wayne is involved in the mutual exposing. There’s a fruit if ever I saw one. Naturally, both Deepak and Justin brazened it out and their army of low-IQ desperadoes continue to clutter YouTube comment sections. More recently, VICE just exposed him. I thoroughly recommend you watch the video below to the end. It’s only eight minutes.

He’s back to the dual-market scam, but this time very straightforward: he’s hiring hookers.

Look at the two girls in the video. Both have a strong hooker/sugarbaby vibe and show absolutely zero emotion in Justin. They are allegedly so in love with him they got tattoos of his name [7] and yet they show not the slightest emotional or physical interest in him. They look exactly like what they are: hookers hired to play a role for money, so he can scam men.

Look at the blonde tart’s face when she says “I love him”. Zero emotion. Doesn’t even look at him. For comparison, look at how a normal girl’s face lights up and she looks to a man she loves – see my video above. The fact VICE catch him on a hot mic admitting to paying her to be there is just the icing on an already obvious cake.

Bored tart

Burning desire, yesterday

“But Nick, he’s doing that because he’s a pimp type”

Perhaps prostitution has changed recently, but I always thought it was the girls who paid the pimp, not the other way round. The word to describe Justin is simp, not pimp.

Anyway, I’m not exposing Justin because Aaron Sleazy and VICE already did that for me. This is just an I-told-you-so post. I think the lesson for readers is this: if you’ve picked up lots of girls, and your gut tells you a guy is fake, he’s probably fake. If you’re a noob and you hear experienced players tell you to be careful, you should be careful.

If you want to buy a real infield product of actual legit game, with real girls who weren’t acting, you might like Daygame Overkill. It’s my five-hour street pick-up instructional video and still by far the best of it’s type on the market. Alternatively, if you’d just like a curry and a watermelon, try Wayne Dating.

[1] 2010, mind you. I was easily impressed then, lacking any calibration and daygame being far less developed and documented than it is now.
[2] This is one reason I have no time for newbies who witter on telling me who is legit and who isn’t. I’ve seen this all before and I’m much sharper at spotting red flags now. That’s why it was obvious to me that JMULV is just banging hookers and calling them notches. No doubt he’ll be exposed within a year or two, and the same idiots will learn nothing and believe whichever guy comes along with the next scam.
[3] Readers have no idea the shit people post here that I spam and thus you don’t see. Imagine the most retarded comments I do approve, and multiply the retardation by ten.
[4] I consistently underestimate the desire of the community to be wilfully misled so long as they can cling to pretty lies.
[5] One reason Wayne Dating retains credibility amongst morons is they use a few different scams and mix them together.
[6] I can’t link it because Justin took all his videos down. If it comes back up, let me know. In case you’re wondering about Deepak’s challenge, it was originally “come to Berlin and I’ll show you what I say is unedited footage on my laptop and then you quit pick-up”. Hardly a real challenge. I said “I’m in Moscow now, come here and we can go head-to-head each with our own cameramen filming everything”. He declined. Steve Jabba offered to go head-to-head with him in Warsaw while Deepak was already there, and Deepak declined. Deepak’s challenge was just squirting squid-ink to cover his retreat.
[7] Whatever the story of the tattoos, the one thing we can be 100% sure of is that the story Justin told is a lie. Personally, I don’t believe they got real tattoos at all.


  1. Those sunglasses don’t mask the lies Justin. Btw What do you make of that dude “Kyletrouble” and his “harem handbook” tinder courses etc? [He’s just another fronter. Pulling trash on Tinder and then puffing his chest out as a player. I know a couple people who met him and said he was a nice guy in person but zero game and embarassing quality of women. Typical fake-it-till-you-make-it US bullshit imo. K.]

  2. I guess some vomit would leak through (as proved in your last 3 posts) but it is very disappointing to, also, see Torero behaving as described above.
    I am sure I am not the only one who (somehow) found his Beginners DayGame video and was introduced to the art through it. [Here’s more vomit for you. We shot all the explanation pieces together in Prague and then when he got back to London he rerecorded them all himself and essentially edited me out of the video except for infields. Then later, he took the whole thing down and shot it all from scratch as part of his airbrushing me out of daygame history. He has low moral character. Anyone who still has the original Beginner Daygame video and PDF will see what I mean. I did the book and I was scrupulous in making it 50/50 me and him. He made the video 90/10 him. K.]

    • @Hyde, Yep, do the “NAWALT”- type response when some rational criticism is aired , spare us would you? [I think you misunderstood him. I don’t think he meant I was the vomit. K.]

      • Hey mate, thanks for the trash talking.
        The reason for my… “NAWALT”… is cause I actually started day game cause I found that video.
        FYI I just bought DayGame nitro 2 weeks ago. One of the reasons was that I never saw Torero mentioning Krauser anywhere in his posts or when talking for the LDM (I never bought Street Hustle though), something that Krauser does in his posts and even at the end of Nitro. [Yep, telling, isn’t it? Thanks for supporting my writing. K.]

      • By ‘vomit’ I meant all these PUA scammers that Nick has mentioned and exposed in (at least) his last 3 posts

      • Fair enough, mea culpa Hyde.

    • >> Tom didn’t care about the ethics of promoting a known scammer, he just wanted the co-promotion of getting his name out to Justin’s subscriber base. Squalid, low-value behaviour.

      This is Torero’s essential nature… an insecure “hustler.” Sneaky Tom has real skill, but his inner game is fucked… thus always trying to “run his con.” He has real skill with women, I’m convinced… it’s us he is always “over gaming.”

      • A reason I did not choose to buy Street Hustle was because of that blog post you have about Torero being a thief.
        Another is cause I never found any posts about “sorting” out your inner game (which this blog has more then plenty to give you a good start)

        However, his videos on youtube (not just the beginners guide) and some of his podcasts are IMHO very useful and of quality [Tom is good at presenting other people’s material uncredited. As a consumer, that’s good. As a producer, it’s very annoying. BTW, if you make your blog public and want it added to the daygame blog list, let me know. K.]

      • It’s obviously none of our business. But I really do wonder what Tom must’ve told me in order to not have him disavow Tom.

        IMO, he totally deserves it new guys who get into game should be told that Tom torero has stolen most his material, cuz the new guys getting into game are unfairly thinking Tom is the pioneer of day game itself.

    • Really sucks that someone you have a long history with would do that kind of thing

  3. Nick please could you call out this fronting fuckwit

    He scammed a clueless mate of mine in Sydney out of $1500 and blocked him as soon as he questioned his advice.

    You’re doing the PUA world a great favour.. appreciate it. [Why don’t you write up the details of it in a comment here? K.]

  4. Hey Nick! Great article! What do you think about Liam Mcrae and his Rapid escalation? I have a hard time believing him. And what about James Marshall? Another question: when is the updated version of Mastery coming out? Thanks! [I haven’t followed them much, so I don’t have a lot to go on. What I have seen, they pull despite their game rather than because of it. Marshall does “I’ll stand here and look like Viggo Mortenson. Do you like that?” game. When he talks at seminars he seems like an intelligent guy who gets lots of the game concepts, but they don’t seem to understand the technical side. I could be wrong, mind. I was unimpressed and thus never bothered looking into it because they seemed to be all smoke and no fire. People change so perhaps they’ve gotten better. I don’t think they are scammers, just the usual PUA hyperbole. K.]

    • TNL is legit. They are just more inclined to inner game first whereas LDM more in direct action.
      Both have complementary content though.
      For example; LDM guys only explain “Approach Anxiety” just at a surface level and usually reframe it as usual condition/state; where in TNL they particularly had to deconstruct and demystify it at more a deeper level. [I’m afraid you haven’t read the LDM stuff on AA. There are long chapters in both Infinite and Mastery on it. K.]

  5. No sharing buttons on your blog nick…

  6. I meant, what Tom must’ve told nick *

  7. An extremely depressing state of affairs. I honestly think the biggest obstacle for an aspiring is player is not the sheer difficulty of learning the skill set but figuring out who to take advice from to begin with. Several years ago I got into consuming PUA material but got nowhere because the guys I was following were scammers. Then a friend recommended Krauser and torero. I would have dismissed Krauser and torero as scammers as well if my friend hadn’t recommended them.

    • Hussein… you’re making a great point.

      Beginners are in a tough position… as they have few personal reference experiences. Once you have a bunch of your own experience, you can compare what you’re hearing to what you know… and then decide who to follow.

      EX: When I hear all the pua chatter about “neg her” and “make her chase,” I personally know that is mostly KJ bullshit. There is some “push” to good game, for sure… but most girls will NEVER CHASE… they don’t have to. It’s more subtle than that… but if you have experience with feminine girls… they’ll “chase” (high value guys) at the level of their hearts (sometimes), but you’ll never know it… as they won’t take action. Feminine/passive girls do NOT take action… action is a masculine role. So all the “James Bond” game is irrelevant… at least for most guys. And you’ll know that, quickly, as you hit the field.

      My advice to guys is to 1. Earn your own experience. Be a “first hander,” as Krauser might say. And when you have a couple hundred sets under your belt… 2. THEN you can start to sniff out truth vs BS in community gurus… and follow the guys you trust.

      For now… if you’re here… you’re in a good spot.

      • Sorry man, that’s completely wrong.

        The other day I stayed patient with a girl — a 9/10, pretty face, fake tits and skinny dancer’s body. Somehow I asked the right question or said the right thing and it’s like there was a light switch that went off; she says: “you’re interesting” and “but tell me more about you! I know nothing about you” and “do you have Instagram.” I fucked up the interaction. But those hot girls do chase when they see you as rare, valuable, and masculine as fuck. It does happen. It’s disorienting. [“Supply Problem Girls” who are high value but have extremely precise requirements can go a long time without sex / boyfriend. If they realise you match their requirements, they will chase because they perceive you as a rare solution to their supply problem. These are a minority, but it’s great when you find one. It’s the best way a normal man can get a girl out of his league. It relies a lot on luck and there’ll often be a specific moment when you see them make the decision of “I want this guy”. K.]

  8. To me, the strangest thing is the impulse to do this in the first place.

    What’s the end goal? Money? How much money can a guy really make attempting to run PUA scams?

    Getting laid? The women are just pay-to-play. Which is fine, I have no problem with that, but who cares?

    The admiration of random guys online? Again, who gives a fuck?

    Even as a scam, these things make very little sense. [Narcissistic supply is my best guess. K.]

  9. Hey Krauser, I’m a long time fan. Could you comment on HonestSiglnaz pickup? [Never heard of them. From the name alone, I surmise they are cringe. K.]

    • Yeah, they are Russians in Toronto, their YouTube seems legit, but they are young and running basic douchebag game. It works , but not teachable in my opinon. The vids are funny though.

    • Really surprised you haven’t heard of Honest Signalz given that Street Attraction co hosted a seminar with them a few months back. I think Street Attraction guys are legit based on your endorsement of them but don’t trust S.A. endorsement of other guys.

      This is a playlist of their infields. If they are not legit I think you might want to have a talk with the street attraction guys.. [I’m not their dad. You talk to them. K.]

  10. The interesting thing about Justin Wayne and his scamming ways, is the part the women play.
    I really do hope the tattoo thing is a gimmick of some sort but let’s pretend for a moment that he does actually brandish his initials (or whatever the fuck it’s supposed to be) on them. Why the hell would they allow that?? A few thousand dollars (i’m guessing) doesn’t seem anywhere near worth it.
    It reminds me of a story I read recently about a gamma cult leader who with the help of an actress (she was in Smallville) recruited girls for him to brainwash and turn into sex slaves. He also had these women tattooed with a particular sign. Could it be that justin wayne just has a knack for finding damaged souls?
    The other thing that’s difficult to understand is why after that MTV scam the girls didn’t sue or kick up a massive fuss?
    It’s extremely murky [These stories are rarely as impressive as they sound. I don’t have the patience to go into exactly what Wayne is up to. I learned enough to know he’s a lying piece of shit so investigating him further is like trying to figure out exactly what breed of dogshit is stuck in the treads of your shoe. K.]

  11. Well I guess the one thing we can say is the Justin Wayne scam has finally come to a close this time. Slot of idiots could believe him denying the Aaron sleazy blog posts but he can’t deny getting caught red handed on video. Given that it’s gone semi viral it will be one of the first things to come up anytime someone searches Justin Wayne. [They won’t learn. Even if they get over Justin, they’ll fall for the next scammer with a good story. K.]

  12. Justin Wayne is just some fat ass negro with a lazy eye

  13. Let’s be clear. The mic conversation about paying her money was the smoking gun.

    I never questioned Justin Wayne enough. I just knew his teaching quality was not as good as a Krauser or a Torero so I never followed him. And it also calls into question the people that associated their name with him.

    The PUA name is once again dragged through the dirt. When I heard in the vice doc that women think that converting a ‘No’ girl is considered misogynistic, associating that statement with ‘by force/manipulation’, I think that I need to get the fuck out of this PUA community.

    I hate to say it, but people who start in PUA start off very low value, so at some point you have to move away from the low value people. Most of them can’t completely get rid of their low value. And the low value rubs off on you whether you are aware of it or not. Look at Justin for example. I’m sure he has had success from game with women, I would assume that because he’s done it for about a decade, but he still has low value! He couldn’t find a good way to make money so he tried to earn it by lying to his audience.

    A fundamental reason why PUA is low value is because people with value don’t chase. We all know this. So they don’t need to lie. Especially on a grand scale.

    I’m not gonna bite the hand that fed me. I learned a lot from this community. I won’t shit on guys that do it or do it in a manipulative way because I know they are just struggling through life like everyone else is. I will actually continue to do daygame, but in my own way. Yes that does mean I consider myself low value in a way. But at least I don’t consider myself a PUA anymore.

    If I never post again you know why.

  14. Here’s the problem with that Vice piece, it didn’t show the entire conversation between him and the girl. Justin claims that the money line was about money he owed her because one of his side girls threw water on his tatted girl’s laptop. Now obviously that could be an obvious fabricated lie, but we can never know for 100% unless VICE releases that entire conversation.

    Now what looks very bad is that he lied so confidently when the interviewer asked him if he was paying the girls, instead he said, “They’re doing this because they love me.” If he told the alleged truth, about the laptop, then he’d be far more credible. Huge red flag. Although, you can sympathize with his reluctance to be totally open about such a circumstance, if it is even true.

    You say she shows no affection towards him, but that could be because they just had a big argument. It could also be because she was nervous on camera, she honestly looked nervous and uncomfortable in general, even standing apart from him. The girls could after-all could’ve been camera shy about the studio production, it was a high-end production. Although, her being a paid actress is also a possible explanation as well.

    Justin seems to defend his credibility and has very good excuses… again. I’m not one to blindly believe him, but i have to admit, i want to. I really look up to the guy and his teachings. If a guy of his looks can get such high level results, im super inspired, to say the least.

    IF this was a court of law, with the evidence we’re given, we don’t have enough to definitely prove him guilty, so I have to err on the side of “I have no fucking idea.”

    We have to also remember, that having all these people in his immediate social circles also back him up without a flinch of doubt, this also includes guys like SatoriPUA and Brad Holiday whom are not financially affiliated to him (at least i believe so), I have to say that dramatically helps his case. You would have to claim that they are paid off or duped themselves, which is possible. But, they live in the city with him, and claim to see him around frequently. It’s messed. There’s also all the guys in his pickup group that he would also have to be paying off in some fashion, like Manny, Aaron, Bruce ect.

    Justin’s techniques do work fairly well. But, maybe i’m just doing well in the numbers game. I have no doubt the dude has done very well in game, because he’s probably put in the time, but to the degree of the “mall video,” and having these 8ups tattoo his name on their body whilst belonging to his harem, it’s so out of this general reality for 99.99% of men, especially men of his Looks, Money, Status value that it’s hard to swallow as truth.

    The only chance Justin has at regaining his credibility (if he ever even had any to begin with), is to replicate the mall video, or at least show very raw third party filmed high level day game like he claims he can achieve. And, VICE releasing the entire unedited conversation between him and his alleged girlfriend. Really guys, that’s the only way to know if Justin’s the real deal or not. For now, we still don’t know for certain, but i would never say you’re an idiot for believing he’s a scammer, it’s a very reasonable position, especially at this point. [I’m afraid you sound like a battered wife trying to convince herself her abuser has turned over a new leaf and didn’t really mean to beat her. It’s far more likely that ALL of them are liars. K.]

    • ‘If a guy of his looks can get such high level results, im super inspired, to say the least.’ That’s precisely what’s up for debate though isn’t it? Firstly I question whether these women should be considered super high level results, but secondly, all of the supposed results are massively compromised by the fact that the man is a blatant charlatan. He’s been exposed so many times, how can you have any trust in a single word that comes out of his mouth? Even if you’re in a relationship with someone and you have an argument, you don’t talk like that, and you’re girlfriend who loves you doesn’t talk like there’s a gun jammed into the small of her back. You don’t tell them how crazy you are, like an implicit threat of ‘who knows what the hell I might do to you’. That’s psycho shit. The whole interaction made my skin crawl. Apologies for sounding histrionic but if watching that Vice video, even though edited, did not give you everything you need to know, then I despair at what would ever help you.

      • Like I said bro, if this was a court of law, we’d have to find him not guilty with the evidence we’re given.

        The interaction made my skin crawl as well, but what if we heard the entire thing? Maybe it wouldn’t have then. What if VICE really did edit out the laptop part, and what they were truly arguing about? That’s VICE’s fault, not mine. VICE are professionals at making people look bad, a projecting an image they’d like. High end production like i said. If they wanted to make him look like the nicest motherfucker they could’ve done that as well.

        Also we know Justin Wayne advocates treating his long term girls very submissively in order to inspire compliance on their part. So it wouldn’t surprise me he would talk to them that way And dude they’ve been in a relationship allegedly for 4 years. The spark would be dead at that point, especially if she’s apart of a harem. They might be on the brink of breaking up, and if you look at his explanation video, she looks super pissed off at him. Literally insane stuff, i want to know the truth so bad!!!

        I think JW if he is this successful at retention with his lifestyle, underplays how much money he has, and also something else of value he might have. Maybe he’s got a big dick and lays down a good fuck better then 99% of guys? I don’t know bro.

        This all VICE’s fault for being scumbags and not showing that full conversation. This could’ve lain all this to rest, but nope, they’re fuck ups. Not guilty verdict at this point unfortunately. [You want to get scammed, I’m afraid. If this was the only thing JW had ever done to suggest dishonesty you’d have a point. He’s been like this since 2011. Over and over again. Just accept what’s staring you in the face. K.]

  15. This whole article is racist. Your just mad these dudes are fukkin White Girls lol. [Cuck spotted. I’m sure your wife’s boyfriend approves of your opinions. K.]

  16. Krauser you are absolute right with your post. But you infields on Youtube also has Red Flags. All Infield ends with the number close. We do not see the follow ups like dates, or have you move them home. Every newbie can get numbers. That end in nowhere. [You’re a liar. Here are two SDLs with video of the pull. They are clearly labelled and you couldn’t possibly miss them if you had a quick look at my channel. I’ve also released DOZENS of date infields and lay videos over the years which longtime readers have seen. Just YOU didn’t see them, though thousands of people did. Also, why are you calling yourself “Mike” when you clearly can’t speak English and your IP address shows you posting from Dusseldorf. Lots of Mikes in Germany are there? What’s your real name, Achmed? Diego? Mannish? Everything about your short comment is a lie. I’ve approved this comment so readers can see the type of blatant lies and sockpuppeting that I get every time I expose a scamming PUA. So, fuck off you lying concern troll. Go back to the scam channels. K.]

  17. – can someone say something about Justin Wayne’s ‘last video’ which has been heavily cut and also contains so called ‘revelations’ from his actress girlfriend – you can see her eyes blatantly scanning an autocue when she is talking. At least he could have spent proper money and time on a a high quality video in an attempt to clear his name. Moron.

  18. Jesus, Justin is so fucking toxic to anyone who comes into his orbit, male or female, it’s unreal. This is what ‘dark triad’ game actually looks like: full fledged psychopathy, Machiavellianism, and narcissism do not make a quality player, just a total sleaze bag that belongs in prison. Thanks for linking the Vice video, it’s undeniable evidence and even worse than I think I would have imagined.

    Beyond the obvious flags, is it not also a red flag that his content is a regurgitation of the most prehistoric ‘kino escalation’ hierarchy? Does anyone really still think you have to start with a high five, then progress to rapily stroking their elbow, and so on – what normal, socially functional person would touch people like that?!

  19. hate anything to do with Justine Wayne, and that while girl in the video saying “I love him” it looks obviously scripted, like she knew the question was coming, and she answered straight away,, without even thinking about it.. no emotion, no nothing…. when these chumps can write daytime books the size of the ones nick writes, then they can have a say

  20. This just popped up on my youtube suggestions, couldn’t resist since the title is “Hot young British girl in London” did he find a unicorn?
    It’s one of his more comical infields. Not only does he walk past the better looking girl with her legs out wearing a tight red dress and leather jacket, he decides to approach the more average looking British girl. Her reaction is priceless.

  21. It is really disappointing to hear that Krauser labelling people from India who watch Deepak Wayne videos as “low-IQ ” After all, Krauser himself admitted that for a while (even with all his years of experience) he missed all red flags Justin Wayne was given away. Racist remarks are always unacceptable. Bear in mind that intelligence is much more complex than IQ. Surely Krauser has read about emotional intelligence. I am not from India but hearing Krauser describing Indians as “low IQ” suggest 1)Krauser see himself as superior to people from India and 2) he has figured out a way of knowing what are the nationalities of people watching Deepak’s videos. What Krauser needs to understand is that people who watch PUA videos including his, are just normal human being who have dreams, strengths and flows like everyone else including him. It is likely that those who are not very confident with women would look at many videos and read books to learn something useful.
    Krauser, it does not do you any good to your credibility to be disrespectful towards not only potential customers, but also people who have done nothing bad to you. Just in case you want to rectify, I want to suggest a way out of this mess you have created: apologise. [Get fucked, currycel. Average IQ of India is 82. Your people are retards. K.]

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