THE DAYGAME NEW BLOOD #3 – Revolution Pickup

April 9, 2018

Not every man is blessed with charisma or good looks. Not every man can learn how to dress well. What if you’re such a man and yet still want to get laid with BEAUTIFUL WOMEN? Such charisma-challenged men in London had an answer: train with Johnny Berba.

It’s a pretty simple chain of reasoning:

1. Berba has poor social skills and dresses badly.
2. Berba gets laid with beautiful women.
3. I have poor social skills and dress badly.

4. I should learn the Berba method.

Now, the cynics among you may dispute one of those four premises [1] but let’s say you really really want to believe that charisma-free lunatics can get laid. What if you live in Warsaw? Berba doesn’t coach in Warsaw.

Don’t lose hope! Warsaw has its own Johnny Berba and his name is Mats Wolf. Let’s have a look at his Instagram shall we?

Mats Wolf instagram

Right then. He describes himself as a dating coach and assures us he helps guys GET LAID with hot girls [2]. He’ll get you 9s and 10s and is so alpha he has an alpha book out [3]. I think it’s fair to say we are in good hands. Okay, let’s find those elusive 9s and 10s…..

Wolf IG 1

Okay, that’s just a weird-looking guy standing by himself and having dinner alone. Just a coincidence, I’m sure of it. Let’s scroll further down and find the tens……

Wolf IG 2

Nope, still just a weird-looking man with a facial expression like he’s just been anally raped by a hairy Turk in the park outside Terasy mall. Wait!!!!! Found one. I found a ten!

Ok, it’s from almost a year ago but not only has he got evidence with a #sexybeauty but she’s famous! It’s Lena Dunham from hit HBO drama Girls. That’s mPUA level celebrity game!

Wolf IG 3

Captured from both angles

Okay, so we’ve confirmed parts 1 & 2 of the Berba Theory, confirming Mats Wolf has poor social skills, dresses badly, and gets laid with beautiful women. I can’t wait to see his mad skills infield. Let’s head on over to his infields channel [4]. I’ll add a commentary, see if we can bring this up to the Daygame Overkill level [5]

0:32 – Very efficient. He manages to get his entire capture phase done in about half a second, before he’s reached her or she’s looked up from her phone. Slick.
0:34 – Rapport laughter. When you’re so alpha you have an alpha male textbook, you have to deliberately add beta behaviours so as not to freak her out by thinking you are too high value
0:40 – Immediately ask questions. Flip the script and MAKE HER DO THE WORK. Why bother stacking when you’re alpha
0:45 – If you like your opener, might as well repeat it for the third time. Perhaps it’s an NLP trick
0:55 – “What are you up to?” is perhaps the most creative mythology you can do. Nice line.
0:57 – Don’t let her answer! Keep her off balance.
1:29 – “Or cosmetics train you?” You sly dog! Slick!
1:44 – Another pattern interrupt. Mats is keeping this girl off balance so she is easy prey to his alpha charm. He deftly avoids all her attempts to fix onto one topic and create a flowing conversation. Alpha.
2:20 – There’s so much sparkle and attraction here, it’s electric. I think I need to have a lie down to recover. Just as well he’s strictly maintaining social politeness range and not touching or there could be a PUSSY EXPLOSION
2:45 – Boyfriend objection brushed aside
2:55 – Friendly coffee. This is the first moment where I think he’s at risk of not anally penetrating her. If he’s not careful, he’ll just end up giving free English lessons.
3:41 – When you are alpha, you can beg for a friendzone coffee in a tiny break in her schedule without losing value
4:08 – “private English teacher for free”. Oh.
4:53 – Okay, he’s explained it is just a subconscious thing girls do and this set is actually really good. Thank god! I knew there was something I was missing. I’d erroneously believed this was just a terrible set with an uninterested girl.
5:28 – “I’ll be her private English teacher. Know what I mean guys?” Huhuhuh, yeah, I see it now. You’re gonna bang this chick.
5:49 – “I have a dog”. Great, I’ll remember that. Nice that he’s giving away such gold for free.

Okay, I’m convinced. Where do I sign up for coaching? Here? Wow, just 1,550 Euros for two days one-on-one coaching. But Mats, before I pull the trigger and take out my credit card I need to know something.

Can you get Same Day Lays? Can you get me to the FBI/KGB Ninja Level of daygame?

You can? You have an SDL on your YouTube channel? Great, lets have a look…..

0:30 – Well, I dare say that’s a very odd open. Almost as if it was set up in advance and he already knew the girl. And then that sudden “I was driven by it in my childhood”…. dunno, that’s a bit off, I think. Or perhaps she’s just crazy. Some girls are crazy. Maybe she just likes him immediately. It does happen.
5:27 – Why don’t we see her face? It suddenly cuts away as she turns. Perhaps she’s a TEN so he doesn’t want us to be jealous.
9:19 – Still can’t see her face. Odd. Some actresses girls don’t want to have their face on YouTube. I’m skipping this now because it’s all music. Do we ever see her face? Seems odd there’s not even a coincidental head turn in the camera’s direction. Perhaps she said “I’ve noticed there’s a little creepy guy following us with a camera, I don’t want to look over that way.”

Why is the audio cut out for the entire idate? He’s mic’d up. What are they talking about? Is this all secret game technique held back for the coaching sessions? Lets see if part two answers our questions.

1:57 – Still can’t see her face and very odd body language. This is a new form of FBI/KGB Ninja game that I’m entirely unfamiliar with. It looks completely non-sexual to me. I guess I lack calibration. It looks like two friends acting out the script of a bounceback.
5:39 – She leans back every time he leans forwards. I guess alphas can do everything wrong and still win
8:37 – She throws her arms up between him and the kiss, as she simply can’t believe she’s so lucky to be seduced.
23:56 – She flinches again on the kiss. Too alpha. So much attraction she must pretend to be unattracted to avoid a PUSSY EXPLOSION
32:26 – He cuts away while they are still both fully clothed and she is uncomfortably being kissed but I HAVE NO DOUBT that this REALLY IS a same day lay. NO DOUBT AT ALL!

I don’t know about you, but I’m convinced this guy is banging 9s and 10s. This is the game you get when you’ve been in the game for five years.

If you want to do game the hard way, and not necessarily gets 9s and 10s consider by textbook Daygame Infinite and my infield instructional video Daygame Overkill. I regret to say the “I have a dog” boyfriend destroyer is not in them.

[1] And perhaps be so cynical as to point out that in over 100 videos on his channel, Berba has never once been seen scoring with a beautiful woman.
[2] Sorry, I meant HOT GIRLS.
[3] But is he as alpha as Alpha Man and BangUp?
[4] He also has a Mad Rants Of Lonely Fruitcake Wandering Lost Around Warsaw playlist but I guess you guys aren’t so interested in the mental game.
[5] Lets at least hope we get above the Stealth Seduction level


  1. Love the return to these ‘Daygame Buffoon’ type posts Krauser… And while we’re on the topic of PUA charlatans:

  2. No need be jealousy man boldy man you score no bores like scores real men’s my hats off to real men’s not baller hats of English men’s in tights and beggers

  3. Another great expose.

    I don’t expect you to refute every PUA scammer on the scene but I respect the fact that you care enough about the PUA community to go after these scammers when you can.

    Here are the two last PUA scammers I will post on here if you have the time to do a couple more take downs Nick.

    Their subs number in the thousands so it would do alot of good to kill their popularity early on before they get too famous.

    1) Viking Lifestyle :

    2) The Engineered Lifestyle:

    • Viking Lifestyle’s daygame is quite good for an American guy, good vibe in his infield, like this one:

      And The Engineered Lifestyle spam approaches like crazy then tries to pull every girl. I think once he did 500 approaches in a Month. So of course he’ll find yes girls to film and brag about. I can’t comment on what he teaches, but a black guy approaches 500 girls in a month and going for the pull after an instant date, in the USA, I expect him to get laid.

  4. I only listened to the first video and it was painful.

    I looked at the youtube channel and was surprised to see that one and two day old videos had over a thousand views. But then I realized how he did it. The thumbnails for the videos have large font text which makes it readable in the ‘recommended’ videos column on the right….and likely to be clicked. A youtube hack. Nick, your time mastering daygame was ill spent. You should have mastered youtube!

  5. On the subject of 9/10’s do you think rich men in the FSU are the biggest competitors to a cool charming daygamer? Do they all just value money above pussy tingles ( i havent been to russia/ukraine like you have). I actually enjoy savouring my meals so taking things slowly with the hotter girls I have no problem with. [I think it’s just personality types. The type of girls who want rich-man lifestyle will obsess more in the gym and with fashion and thus appear hotter. Girls of same genetic look but less status-based personality will not have the same wow factor on the street. Naked, they look the same. K.]

    • You have no idea (1) how high the level of beauty (2) how high the level of difficulty is in Ukraine / Russia for 7.5+ girls.

      My game is in no way bad, I can create pussy tingles and amp up the sexual tension, and connect with girls (well, at least the few who speak English), and leave the girl with her pupils dilated, take her number, and then get flaked on consistently. I did my best performances here because of how challenging it is, I escalate, do the eye mesmer, even truly care and like the girl (so I am not mechanical), and still my first 300 approaches in the FSU led to not even 1 kiss or the possibility of a lay, and I did get out of those 300 approaches 40 numbers. The girls just either don’t respond to the texts or don’t come out to the dates. I had a nervous breakdown at least once a week there.

      I am still there. I hope that shit was because I was here when it was cold. Now, I just go after the high probability targets through good pre-approaching (learn more in Daygame Infinite), and I guess I lowered my standards, not just YHT, not any girl who gives me an IOI which are not many, I might get 1 solid IOI every 30 minutes or 1 hour of walking the streets which is the lowest I have ever had anywhere.

      Girls who I filter through pre-approaching are much better (at least I don’t here the common “I don’t like to be touched” which was the main thing girls used to say when I followed my DNA tug to choose my targets, which looked like I was Spam Approaching because of so many nubile young hot girls!). Still, I even get the girls to do the body flop from getting their pussy tingling so much yet so far girls never comply with sexual things even in that state.

      I am confused, my brain is freaking out, women are supposed to follow their emotions, it’s not supposed to be like this lol

      I get a girl so turned on and display so much dominance and masculinity she can’t even sit straight, just melts down and looks at me with Bambi eyes, yet when I go for the kiss, they stop it, or for the extraction, they don’t comply. The FSU scrambled my brain. Now at 400 approaches and 0 lays, and probably 15 dates, I can’t understand man.

      The positive is this pushed me to up my daygame skills to KGB/FBI level, I Hulk Smash the bitches in the street, even some I get to play with their stockings up their thighs on the approach from escalating so well and going for the limit, and they come for a date afterwards since it is exciting, but I freaking am not able to get laid from this. I up the buying temperature of the hot girls here so much that they melt AND I can’t even get a kiss from all that good work and amazing vibe I display.

      I don’t know man. The FSU is the hardest place I have ever seen. The language barrier cock blocks you first before you even do anything. And then, from the few left who speak English, too few are Yes/High Maybe girls (you’ll get a lot of false positives). And then girls will go on dates, enjoy the r-selected experience, but don’t allow an opening for very sexual things. Then they flake.

      And how slow do you imagine it to be with the hottest girls? I met a perfect 10 true model, 21 years old. Going on multiple dates for 2 months now, I can’t even hold her hand. This girl likes me: she has options from rich men and male models. I give her the r-selected pussy tingles FOR SURE. Still, I get nothing for it.

      Ok, rant out of the way. Let’s be back to positivity. At least I am in Kiev now. 99% of men in the world would give their left nut to be in my position. So far, it had been an amazing place to look at hot girls but not a good place to get laid.

      Still, I never give up. Even now 400+ approaches in 2 months, 15 dates, AND 0 lays with good game (I am not a Ninja Expert, but with the good street work, I should get less flakes than this. I pour my heart and soul into each approach).

      Language is the biggest cock block though with the hottest girls. Learn some good Russian, because the hottest the girl, the more absent the English in my experience.

      Again, back to the positivity: My game is 10X better because of this experience. Some of the girls here are magnificently beautiful. The weekly nervous breakdowns and crying sessions from getting no results after pouring my heart and soul into the game make me a stronger man. I also went on dates with some amazing girls: ballet dancers, painters, poets, gymnasts, models, psychiatrists, students of all kinds. The experience was fantastic to see so many great and interesting beautiful girls. I just wish I had some sex involved in this experience. It would have been much better.

    • Nick, your comment makes me happy and excited. You know why…

      And the New DG Blood Series is really great edutainment, lol looking forward to the next episodes!

  6. Cringeworthy … Can´t even watch, im afraid something sticks in my memory. 😉 Well mostly because my time is too valuable for this scammer.

  7. The difference between watching a real PUA and a clown is the following: the latter creates in me an immediate and instinctive sense of annoyance and repulsion. This is probably due to my subconscious recognizing a faker because of his body langauge, his tone of voice, the unlikelihood of his cheesy infields. [Yep, it triggers something instinctual. K.]

    • I think you need some street experience to feel that.

      But for most men who have never approaches a woman in their lives, they might not be able to tell. They’d think “that’s the way it is”.

      Most men don’t approach. Actually, I see nobody approaching except myself.

      • What you say it’s only partly correct. The point is, an inexperienced guy who ALSO is naturally unattractive may find VERY consolatory thinking a guy of his same caliber and with similar flaws and lack of charme (and game) can “get laid”. Hence he’s very prone to believe.

  8. Really missed these “Daygame Buffoons” type posts.

  9. Is trigger no beers or wears for nights on kite like barrel on ship skip skirt like barrel chest women is comes come cum on my cone [Yes. K.]

  10. One of Mats funniest videos is the one where he talks about hair loss: . Don’t miss 1:55 for the revolutionising tip!

  11. lol love it… please do more, id love to see a proper Jonny berba expose…

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