THE DAYGAME NEW BLOOD #2 – Alpha Man Training

April 8, 2018

You wish you were more alpha man.

Alpha mens get the chicks. It is alpha male who know how approach sexy girl walking down street and pull her back to your apartment and have the sex. If you are man who must blow his confidence and learn ALPHA SYSTEMS you must train from right man.

Alpha man.

Alpha Mans 1

Alpha Mans and definitely NOT a paid actress

Latest number one street-to-pull-bedroom man is Alpha Man of Alpha Man Training [1] Let all beta mens check out his number one website here.

Many Alpha Mans

Many real alpha mans

I can’t write in this style any more. Let’s return to normality. Alpha Man is a Baltic dude who has been posting videos to several different YouTube channels to show all the key elements of alpha lifestyle

He is possibly the best-kept secret in the PUA community. This is the real secret society, as currently only fifty or so people watch his videos. It’s THAT secret. Alpha Man Training is your chance to get in on the ground floor as a new pick up technology takes the world by storm.

But how can I take advantage of this opportunity, Nick? you ask me.

Fortunately AMT has many products. Many products. Here’s a DVD of a London 1-on-1 immersion coaching available to you for just $5,000 USD $1,997 [2] Let’s review what you’ll learn from these discs of pure seduction gold.

Alpha Mans Dad

That’s a good start. It’s always wise to be grounded and respect your elders. But, let’s really dive into what you can gain from the AMT program. Bear in mind Alpha Man carves up the beginner/intermediate/advanced player’s journey a bit differently to us old-fashioned London daygamers. Readers of Daygame Infinite (that’s my less alpha advanced textbook) know I consider ‘advanced’ to mean something in the ballpark of a few thousand sets, a few dozen lays, and you’re getting girls mostly of the YHT type, perhaps one to four a month depending how hard you are hitting it and how exacting your standards.

Alpha Ninja Man

Many alpha levels, yesterday

I thought the player’s journey topped out at ‘advanced’. Evidently not. That’s just level three in the AMT system. There are FIVE MORE LEVELS of alpha mans than in the LDM!

Think of all the room to grow!

I don’t feel qualified to comment on life at the FBI/KGB Ninja level of Game, having not reached that myself. Perhaps one of you could drop the $1,997 onto the DVD and let me know what I’m missing.

I’m not paying $1,997 for a DVD, you potato-headed fool! you say?

You don’t realise just how loaded with gold these discs are. Look at who you’ll get (quoting the site):

  • Amazing approach of 10`s blonde in Central London. You will see her face and how she was reacting to AMT Coach. Blonde has 10 point ass and face. Incredible approach. AMT Coach went on 9:30 PM to Central London and saw this amazing hot blonde in black clothes walking down the street. He approached her and have seduced. You will learn everything from this video. You will hear how AMT Coach opened her and have seduced.
  • How to go to your place and not to be taken to girl’s place and reality. Crucial! You will learn AMT systems.
  • Where to take girl for sex if you are living with your parents in London [3]

Amazing, is it not? Look, I know what you’re thinking. You have all kinds of questions. Don’t worry, the FAQ answers it all.

What length of this program is?
413 minutes. It is almost 7 hours. It is enough to understand how to approach a complete strange hot girl in public and get her to relationship.

Can I get those videos for free in torrents?
Those videos are forbidden to be in torrents. Our clients accept this responsibility:
If you will send videos to your computer, you agree to pay 1,000,000$ for If you show those videos to your friend or other person you agree to pay 1,000,000$ for Once you will break copyright of AMT we will BAN you from our client list and write you a claim. Your friends will not value free thing. They must pay in order to change. Do not talk about AMT to friends or any other person. It is your secret.

Our clients are not stupid and they will not create problems for themselves. [4]

If you think you really can’t handle Level 8 FBI/KGB Ninja Level success with girls and would be more comfortable topping out at Level 3 Advanced, consider my slightly-alpha book Daygame Infinite or even more alpha Daygame Overkill


Pick up many girls with Alpha Man’s system

[1] TM
[2] That’s the price of the DVD, not the immersion coaching itself. A bargain.
[3] BangUp might want to pay attention to this bit
[4] And if you’re a shy Asian male who wishes to be Total Alpha Male, he’s got you covered with a different product, for just $6,085 $1,217. “Asian man rented out 3 bedroom Ranch in Phoenix Arizona. In living room they were doing Alpha Man Training. Asian male bought magnet board, provided food and paid for other expenses. In the End of Training Asian client was superb confident and became Total Alpha Male!”


  1. Thieving c*nt. How can you sleep at night knowing you’ve cheated people of their hard earned money.

  2. He’s one of the biggest jokes in Lithuania 😉

  3. Great series K!

    Could you please do the same on JMULV?

    He claims to have slept with over 800 girls. That his average is 9 girls per 4 days of gaming.

    Some people do listen to the guy. To me, he doesn’t look like a dude who gets laid without paying for it. [I think he’s fucking hookers and telling lots of lies. He has flat affect and even admits to being a lying psychopath. But his followers believe he’s just not lying to them. K.]

    • 800 pints more like

    • The guy is a massive fronter, he added to me to a Facebook group literally tells everyone he earns 5 K a week. Sells T shirts saying he’s slept with over 800 girls, and when I called him out he removed me from the group instantly. All his videos with girls are definitely hookers who usually don’t want to show there face.

      He once posted a video of a girl giving him a lap dance and not showing her face, and claimed that as evidence for a lay.

      Very punchable character.

    • >> That his average is 9 girls per 4 days of gaming.

      He didn’t say that at all. He said he closed 9 girls in 4 days in MEDELLIN, COLOMBIA, which is very easy to do as a 6’4″ guy while pipelining on Tinder.

      >> To me, he doesn’t look like a dude who gets laid without paying for it.

      1. Be in the game for 10 years
      2. Be extremely dedicated and obsessive
      3. Go out 4-5 nights a week
      4. Use online fucking apps
      5. Run volume game and dump leads into funnel
      6. Be 6’4″ and white

      It’s really not that hard. [You just really really want to believe. K.]

      Like you, I was initially skeptical, but I have meticulously analyzed his backstory, he’s legit. More here:

      • >> You just really really want to believe. K.

        And you just really really don’t.

        I get it, though. Live in the world of daygame long enough, and getting laid efficiently starts seeming more and more impossible. [You’re entirely welcome to disagree with me, and to like JMULV. However, that passive-aggressive shit is close to getting you binned here. Tread carefully. K.]

    • You know you’re watching the real deal when he precariously cuts out the top half of his head in his videos to hide his thinning hair. Well played.

  4. Damn straight. Keep these exposes of charlatan PUAs coming. great continuation of your London Daygame buffoon series from a couple of years ago.

    Matts Wolf of Revolution Pickup would be worth exposing as well.

    The complete absence of any hot girls on his instagram feed marks him as a fraud yet he is still teaching daygame bootcamps and workshops in London regularly.

    Sol dating and lifestyle also comes across as a fraud because of the same lack of evidence. [Holy shit, he’s the German Johnny Berba. I just watched him ramble like an insane person on five straight videos, in the snow. He has the charisma of a brick. His instagram has one ugly girl from a year ago that he calls “beautiful”. No evidence he even has friends, much less girls. His face looks like he was molested as a child. Does anyone have a link to his infields? My quick ten minute scan of him leads me to include he’s a very odd man and totally faking as a player. K.]

    • Here ya go.

      A link to a playlist of Matt Wolf”s infields.

      Look forward to seeing you tear them apart in your next blog post. [Holy shit they are terrible. And that’s obviously NOT a same day lay. K.]

  5. Making fun of the industry that helped create you and taught you 😦 Biting the hand that fed you. Bit off don’t ya think? [Don’t be a stupid cunt. Exposing frauds who scam customers and poison the industry is not “biting the hand that fed you”. K.]

    • Given the fact that the PUA industry is completely unregulated with a low (practically zero) barrier to entry you can be sure that the vast majority of ” PUAs ” on youtube and the internet in general are a bunch of scammers selling shit advice or advice they plagiarized off other coaches without any new original content from them.

      The PUA coaches that have contributed something original to PUA/Game theory from the beginning of the community until now can literally be counted with the fingers on your hand.

    • My question is do you think you’re marketing for these guys. As the saying goes bad publicity better then no publicity, the guy only has 50 subs I truely doubt anyone is going to buy his products anyway. [If someone spends £2k on a DVD they have bigger problems than anyone can solve. K.]

      • That being said here’s someone who has actually made a name for himself being a fraud. [Only seen a bit of him. Suspicious. He’s a nerdy soyboy and can’t imagine any woman wanting him to touch her. K.]

  6. You mean these are not high value men who hot girls want to sleep with? 🙂

  7. I’ve never understood why guys fall for such obvious scammers. Is it a question of mental illness, genuine naivety or a combination of these two?
    I must admit to believing Alex and Todd from RSD do get laid with attractive women. [I can believe it. I’m sure they talk the usual RSD bullshit, but both seem like the type of men who can pick up girls fairly successfully. K.]

    • For what it’s worth on his website Todd has several videos explaining all the flaws with the concepts RSD teaches.

      Those were concepts he avoided in all the of products he had released during his time with them he just couldn’t openly call RSD’s concepts bullshit while he was working with them. [Fair enough. K.]

    • Justin Wayne exposed hiring actress [Yep, just more dishonesty from the Wayne guys. He was already fully exposed in 2012 by Aaron Sleazy. Same kind of thing. It’s obvious those girls don’t like him and are there for the money. Was cool Vice caught him red-handed being a full-nigger with them. K.]

      • Justin Wayne was really fucking stupid to let Vice film him to begin with. Good for everyone else since newbies to the PUA community will know to steer clear of him.

        Vice is notorious for being a feminist SJW rag that puts out pieces attacking the PUA community every month at the very least.

        Did he really think that Vice would suddenly throw away their ideological agenda just for him ? [Justin has always been a moron. K.]

  8. Alfa Mans is hilarious! I was wondering if You knew about him. While I believe that he may be getting laid back in Lithuania he is no coach. Too thick to understand that by making too many promisses he comes across as a bullshitter. Same as Wayne and other douchebags. He is also pretty devious with his website’s SEO. He inserts your name and others’ into his posts or urls. Thats how i found him, i was googling you and he came up. Example:

  9. Wow, this whole expose series has had me cracking up but also I think watching those videos has had a negative impact on my inner game: “What if that’s how I look to girls?” These guys have such a deep lack of self-awareness and social retardation that it legit feels contagious.

    There’s one part of me that things, “if this is my competition, then this shit is easy” and the other part that says “this clearly proves all game is made up and laughable”.

  10. Another circus clown selling rainbows and unicorns.

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