Daygame Memes

April 10, 2018

These are some light-hearted memes I’ve been sending daygame friends. Don’t take any of them seriously. It’s just for lolz and I thought it might get a few laughs. And if you don’t understand them, it really won’t help if I try to explain the joke.













In case you missed it, there’s a new real post underneath this one.


  1. The Torero Door (TM)… as seen on Sneaky Toms “Dirty Tricks” Vol VII.

    He did “the door” first. Everyone knows this. [Lol. You got the joke. K.]

  2. That velvet jacket dog is missing a pocket square lol. As an aside does anyone else think the amount of nihilistic bullshitters on the rooshv forum is just too much at this stage?

    • >> does anyone else think the amount of nihilistic bullshitters on the rooshv forum is just too much at this stage?

      Example? I don’t see much nihilism, only a mountain of low-value guys that would rather flee the country and complain about Western women from abroad rather than improve their value.

  3. Putting aside Torero’s behaviour with his business partners which I couldn’t care less about as a “private” daygamer. What is your opinion of his stealth seduction product? [I haven’t seen it, just heard from people who have. You’re better off asking people such as @RoyWalkerPUA @MrWhiteDaygame @City_DayGame K.]

    • it’s a bag of shite, and the marketing misrepresents the video vs audio ratio.

      • ^ I can confirm this. I did a full review of that product… do a search for the product and you’ll see my review.

        I tried “watching” it, but it’s mostly a “black screen,” with (inane) audio running, with “surprise” captions added. If you have the patience to sit through hour+ date chatting, waiting to see Sneaky Tom’s “notes” pop up… you’re more patient than most.

        It’s not a “daygame” product. It’s a date product.

        And it’s basically unedited chit chat. A couple of the dates are entertaining… but for the rest… if you can imagine a player trying to game a girl that barely speaks English (no harm in that) and the audio that follows… it’s baby talk and giggling… unedited… for hour and hours. Painful. It’s a very lazy product… and very hard to consume.

      • @daysofgame

        I reread your review and I thought you liked it more than the comment suggests. What’s different now?

        I’ve watched some of it but in all honesty it doesn’t suit my style but I still appreciated (like you said) the way it has/shows reference experiences.

      • >> I thought you liked it more than the comment suggests. What’s different now?

        It’s a terrible product… beginning with the fact it’s so unedited (laziness). He put some graphics on top of those dates and dumped them on the market. There are some reference experiences, but you have to be “an archaeologist” to dig through that material to find them…

        Before I saw that material… I had been a fan, but that was the beginning of the end of my interest in Sneaky Tom.

        By the time I saw the series of rip-offs in Street Hustle… and then his “how normal are you” blatant rip off from Heartiste last Nov as I was reviewing his textbook… my conclusion is he has serious inner game issues.

        Faking the kiss close years ago… ripping off all the material in Stealth Seduction… claiming a super famous line like the one he stole from Heartiste… wanting everything branded “Torero” (like Krauser is making fun of here)… this is Tom’s true character. Seriously insecure… trying to insulate himself in fakery or other peoples material..

        I say it every time… I think he has real skill with women… and is likely a good coach for beginners (but maybe not beyond that)… but he fundamentally has no faith in himself. That’s why, even though he should have PAGES of very personal relevant technique/stories from his own experience… he continues to steal and rehash stuff from other guys (often generic, meaningless stuff).

        Rotten inner game… that’s the same “awkwardness” that is in Stealth… and it’s very gross to be near that kind of vibe.

      • Torero’s channel is just a marketing scheme, it rehashes the same content year on year to suck the newbies in; it doesn’t break new ground. I don’t blame him for that. I do blame him for putting out a shitty product in Stealth Seduction. I don’t blame others for trying to tap a wider market nor do I believe there are any ‘proprietary rights’ in game material or ideas. I watched my copy of stealth seduction once before coming to the conclusion it was an awful product. On the other hand I have watched daygame overkill very many times over even though the video isn’t really that great, the analysis and accompanying talks are dense and worth rewatching. A dating product of equivalent quality to Daygame Overkill would be worth the money. [I was initially planning a dating video/audio product but decided the transcript method was better because of the vast amounts of trivial comfort that dates have that could be cut out. K.]

    • I also didn’t have the patience to watch and listen to many hours of video and audio, but the one good thing I wanted to get out of that project is the type of girls he gets, and they all make sense. It’s realistic in that way, so my own expectations for myself got more calibrated.

    • Nick, in your estimation does Tom have big ears, hop around a field and eat grass? [Increasingly so. K.]

  4. Ok this is getting weird.

    RSD Tyler of all people just jumped into the comments section of Justin Wayne’s video to defend justin wayne and say vice was unfair to him.

    I know RSD is a scammy company bit this doesn’t even make any good business sense. The RSD brand is so gigantic why would they need to get on the good side of some PUA youtuber ?? [It’s best to ignore RSD entirely, I think. K.]

    • yeah I agree with you there. From the products I’ve wtached of RSD and reviews others haven given all of the current RSD coaches are peddling shit products filled with useless fluff videos that aren’t worth anywhere close to the price they ask.

    • Lmao! Justin the master of lies. Did he anally rape this paid actress aka girlfriend before this interview? And why all the edits while she is “explaining” her situation.

  5. As western men we get shamed into dating horrible used up overpriced local women. Is it sad or entirely organic to travel to a country with beautiful and most importantly feminine women to pursue a rewarding relationship?. I feel I’ll never find a rewarding relationship with a high value girl in London who is from London. I’ve met some great girls on my travels and realised life can actually be gratifying. Sometimes I wish I didn’t get into daygame as I’ve unknowingly set myself lofty ambitions. I know you spoke about it towards the end of mastery. Perhaps I should be grateful for a local overweight nagging 6 lol

    • Try it. Nobody can make the decisions for you or predict whether you’ll like a specific type of girl from a specific country.

      Game is based on you becoming self reliant and having a first hand experience of life. [Yes! K.]

      Take a trip, even a week or so to whatever country where you expect to find women you like. Daygame there, and make up your opinion for yourself. That’s the only answer that is worthwhile: the answer you come up with yourself.

      For example, I am in Kiev. First trip. Lots of beauties BUT I am a man who likes girls with bigger boobs and rounder butts than the average girls here have. So I realized how much more turned on by a more Latina type of girls I am. I went out and answered it for myself. Do the same.

      • There’s no doubt in what I want lol is just family/friends when you tell them you want to live in country x they make you feel like you’re the weird one. I could live and die in Ukraine haha (although never been).

      • >> is just family/friends when you tell them you want to live in country x they make you feel like you’re the weird one

        Are family/friends going to suck your cock and offer their anal virginity for you to take?

        You have to choose what is more important to you: appeasing family/friends, or being a man who goes after the YHT he wants.

        Or if you have other priorities that are real to you, that is fine too. Just be a man who is his own point of origin, not under the mercy of the opinions of family/friends who are “living a life of quiet desperation,” They’re no role model, believe me.

  6. Thank you for the advice as always blue.

  7. I love big black dick.

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