A Day In The Life

April 14, 2018

UPDATE: A fuckwit with poor grasp of English has just started sneaking around under an alias, to dig dirt on me. It’s clearly malicious. The IP address he uses is in Latvia. So, it’s looking a lot like Alpha Man Training and the timing is suspicious too, coming so soon after my expose post. Are any readers good at internet sleuthing? It could also be Deepak, but I’m leaning towards Alpha Man. I’d like to be clear which of them it is, so I know who to go after should they escalate further. I’m not much concerned what he’ll find (because I don’t have secrets) but if he does something illegal or especially retarded, I’d like to be able to destroy his life. If you can help, leave a comment or email me.

Yesterday was a normal day on my euro jaunt, but when I stopped and thought about it…. well, it was rather odd really. Not special, amazing, or wow look at me. Just odd. This is what happened.

syrian cunt

Puzzled, yesterday

I woke up at 11am with hay fever symptoms. I’d been on a first date the previous evening with a 20 year old student and gotten pretty hot and heavy. Almost got her home, but she got cold feet fifty metres from my front door. I’d drunk lots of rum by then. I fell asleep with a swollen throat (it hurt to swallow), ear infection, and itchy teary eyes.

So, I woke up feeling shit. Had a shower, and went out for lunch with a friend. Gradually, the symptoms alleviated so much I didn’t even need an anti-allergy pill [1]

While standing outside the restaurant looking for a table, a cheerful Swedish guy comes up. “Are you Nick Krauser?” Well, I am. So I said yes. He chatted enthusiastically for ten minutes, explaining he was on a drinking/partying weekend with some friends from back home. He took a selfie with me. It was all a bit sudden.

My friend and I sat down, ate lunch. Then he went back to his remote office job.


Like this, but two points higher

I received a text message from a London guy I’ve met once but don’t know well. “Hey, I’m in town. I’d like a consultation if you have time.” So, I walk over to a cafe and meet him. We have a one hour consultation. Considering I didn’t even know he was visiting this country, it was all a bit sudden.

We walk around a bit, looking at girls. While he’s in set, I ping an Armenian girl I’d dated in Moscow but hadn’t been able to kiss on our first date. She’s 22, pretty, and has massive tits. She replies with pleasantries then says she wants to marry me and have strong sons. I tell her it’s rather sudden, and she tells me she just decided.


I’ll hire this Armenian actress when Vice want to film me

The London guy comes out of his set and we walk further up the road. A local guy comes up to me. “Are you Nick Krauser?” Apparently I still am, so I tell him so. He has a chat for a bit then walks off. A sudden encounter.

Crossing the street near some cafes I spot a small blonde girl walking past a few metres away. Fortunately she’s got her head down and doesn’t see me. I recognise her and last time we spoke, she wasn’t happy. She’s likely a bit sore that I took her virginity and didn’t marry her – though I never once pretended to be anything other than a player. I’d seen some posts she left on a local girls forum saying she wanted to get her brothers to beat me up. It sounded like she was joking, and I certainly hope so. Either way, probably best she didn’t see me.

She was the fifth girl I’ve walked past since coming to this city two weeks ago who I’d fucked in a previous trip. It just happens, suddenly.


The one who reminds me of Gabriella Bond

My remote office job friend comes back out. We are walking again when I see a girl approaching, about twenty metres away, who starts staring at me with a look of recognition. Then she boldly strides over.

“Are you Nick?” [2]

Yes, indeed I am I tell her. “You talked to me outside a museum in London, in 2013” she says. I don’t recognise her at all. She seems really pleased at the wild coincidence. We chat a few minutes then I excuse myself. That was sudden, I think.

I also did a handful of sets and took a few numbers. What an odd day.

If you’d like to increase the amount of odd and sudden things in your life consider learning daygame with Daygame Infinite. Alternatively, if you’d like to read about a long series of odd and sudden things in my life, try the memoir series volumes one, two and four [3]

[1] I know, fascinating story. It gets a bit better.
[2] Not “Krauser” this time.
[3] I’ve written 75% of volume three so far. It’s coming along very nicely.


  1. ” She was the fifth girl I’ve walked past since coming to this city two weeks ago who I’d fucked in a previous trip. ”

    Even in large cities the world is a small place…

    Something not understood by hordes of gamma spammers that burn up a city.

    On a positive note I’be noticed the spam approach machines are mostly gone in Toronto at least. Probably around the same time as all but one of the local daygame companies shut down.

    What about you London lads ? Have you noticed a significant decline in the number of daygamers on Onxford Street ?

    • Daygame in London is nothing like it used to be between 2011-2015. I don’t know it’s whether that school of bachelors got good and flew the nest so to speak or if everyone just packed it all in lol Then again I’m probably the wrong person to ask as I rarely associate with any daygamers cause all the normal ones quit well before 250 sets. [There’s still a half dozen good guys in London who I know. They all say it’s harder now to find sets. Still very doable, but more time and more sets to get the results. K.]

      • Glad I live in Toronto instead of London then… As over saturated with PUAs as Toronto was apparently it still has not been burnt as badly as London. Which was inevitable with all the countless daygame “coaches” that kept popping up and hosting bootcamps.

        PUA subculture is slowly but steadily declining in popularity and I highly doubt the PUA community will ever become as popular as it was in the post Neil Strauss era.

        For the guys in London in their early to mid twenties… Give it a decade and the situation in London should return back to before the whole daygame scene exploded.

        You’ll have a city filled with hot girls while also having almost no daygamers running around.

      • What’s bewildering is there just seems to be none of the feminine Lithuanians, Polish, Russians, Romanians etc that you would date every week back in 2012. I’m accidental-opening much more English girls nowadays much to my annoyance. They’re great fun to chat up as they see more of your personality due to sharing same mpther language but they always seem to be “seeing someone”.

      • It’s still possible to get laid in London, but you just need a lot more volume and patience to get the results you want, Conversely, you should also think about trying something different in order to stand out. I’ve often looked at whatever everyone else was doing and did the opposite. It always seems to work.

        An example of this was at a bar in my local area. Every chad was taking turns to try it on with the hottest girl there, batting them all off one by one. Noticing the pattern of behavior from the guys, I instead went in and proceeded to be completely non-sexual and in a borderline judgemental and qualifying frame. My opener was “You seem to have a big fan club going on here. What’s the occasion?”, which she ate up and spent the rest of the interaction justifying herself and apologizing for her cracked iPhone when exchanging numbers.

        London is still a great place to practice game. The fact that it’s harder now forces you to see things in a much more meta level perspective and forces you to find a solution that you otherwise won’t really have to when in a more socialist European country.

      • There’s still hot girls but guys still only want to do the Oxford St/Regent St/Covent Garden same spots, hence the ‘I’ve already been approached’-replies.
        Guys still don’t approach in museums, galleries, festivals etc.. simply because they don’t work on their social calibration as if the approach in the street doesn’t work, they can just walk away.
        Also most hot girls don’t come into Central London if they work/study there unless they have to.
        There’s lots of hot girls in zone 2 & 3 chilling out.
        Guys just don’t want to think out the box.

    • I was in london recently and didn’t notice any fellow daygamers despite being on the lookout. Went regularly to all popular daygame spots there.

      Some harsh blowouts from girls who might have been approached before. One interesting one at oxford street stopped and said ‘oh god not again’. I asked her how many times and she said its the fifth time today lol.

      • Due to demographics and obesity there are less and less hot girls every day that goes by. Let’s say there are 100 active daygamers in London. Let’s say they approach 50 girls (a very conservative estimation) per week…That makes 5000 approaches. Chances are in Central London many sets are going to be with the same girls…But let’s say all them are different girls. 5000 girls per week make more than 20000 per month and more than a quarter of a million per year.

        Even with Fresh Off The Boat girls, tourists, etc…There are not as many hot girls for the place to remain unburnt

        Perhaps Daygame will cease to be a way to get girls unless you have the skillset AND the looks, the youth, the social proof, etc. Not a secret system anymore

        What do ya’ll think?

      • There’s only so few daygamers that can remain active on a city (even as large as London) before the daygame scene in that implodes. My guess is a lot of aspiring PUAs will have to resort to good old nightgame for the next five or so yearsto gain the experience. By then the number of daygamers should be pretty close to non existent.

      • >> Perhaps Daygame will cease to be a way to get girls unless you have the skillset AND the looks, the youth, the social proof, etc. Not a secret system anymore

        There is no secret system. High SMV girls do not sleep with lower SMV guys. And uninterested girls basically cannot be turned into interested.

        So: build and communicate real value + find interested girls = get results

        Buy Nick’s Daygame Infinite to find more about pre-approaching, which is how to filter for interested girls without spam approaching.

      • Blue Valentine, call it hacking the system if you like. But yeah, I get what you mean…those things aren’t going to change as long as we keep being humans

        As for buying Infinite, I’m not at that stage yet. Will do in the future, no doubt.

  2. Haha this sounds like something Tom Torero would write…#FSUCelebrity [My stories happened and have multiple witnesses. K.]

  3. Ha ha Nick you dirty fucka! I guess being a bum ruiner has its upside😜✌🏻. Good work fella

  4. RE the guy trying to dig up dirt on you. I don’t see why you are worried about him at all. It’s not like you have a regular day job that he can try to get you fired from.

    Nor do you socialize with regular mainstream society where him bringing up dirt would damage your social status/ruin your friendships.

    Only “dirt” that should cause concern is if your had a past with organized crime.

    Anyways I suggest hiring a private investigator if you are really paranoid. [I’m not bothered about him finding anything truthful. It’s if he starts spreading lies or doing whatever other stuff unscrupulous people do. K.]

    • I swear I’m not concern trolling. I’m genuinely curious nick as to why you care about people spreading lies about you. In life it’s going to happen to everyone who puts themself out there, think of trump and how much he gets lied about. even here in Sydney, people lie about you saying you write false reports ect. There’s literally nothing you can do about it.

      I’ve always been a fan of your work, and particularly I’ve always loved you “I don’t give a fuck what others think of me mindset” it surprised me when you were really concerned about what the roosh forum guys were spreading about you.

      In the end, smart and calibrated can read between the lines, and see the value you have to offer just by watching or reading you. Same as you can with your unpopular opinions on politics etc.

      If you genuinely think men should care about what false rumours others spread about them I’d love to hear a proper argument.

      Cheers. [I’m not bothered by people lying about me. Not much, anyway. What I mean is some scamming psychopath trying to do something genuinely destructive. I prefer to be prepared. K.]

  5. You’ve spent to much time in Belgrade dude build a bridge and get over it , set sail mate [At no point did I suggest I’m not enjoying it. K.]

  6. A girl remembered and recognised by name and location a stranger who briefly talked to her 5 years ago in a foreign country?

    Most girls have had relationships guys who don’t have that kind of impact on them

  7. It’s just an unpleasant grind.
    I know it sounds ridiculous being a major city but London has very few attractive women. The ones that are genuinely hot have loads of options. That leaves 5’s and 6’s or tourists. You know it’s becoming a drag when a tourist who’s been here half a day tells you she’s been approached 4 times already that afternoon. Now I still managed to instant date her but it’s just not worth the effort tbh.
    Plus the decent weather seems to bring out huge numbers of spammers.
    Quite sad really
    I’ve said it before, Eastern Europe is easier just by the fact the women are hotter and more pleasant by nature. Far more enjoyable.

    • Serious question since I haven’t been to EE,. Are the girls in eastern Europe *genetically* better looking or is it just them staying in shape and wearing better clothes and makeup ?

      • I am in Eastern Europe, for 2 months now.

        It is NOT easier.

        Girls are freaking amazingly beautiful and they stay thinner.

        Girls are not “hotter” since they are beautiful but not really “sensual” if you know what I mean. There isn’t that Italian / Spanish sexy flair. Girls look good but do not emanate sexuality.

        Also, girls are inexperienced as fuck. I went on dates with girls who are 25 or even 27 who have only been with one guy their entire life. I am going on a shit ton of dates but so far no lays because girls take longer (I target 8+, lower quality is easier of course). Roosh gave an estimation of around 4+ dates to get a lay with an 8+.

        Girls also flake like a motherfucker. And they are not more pleasant unless you are a truly dominant male. They allow you to be dominant, I tell girls what to do, what to order, what to wear, where to sit, and it doesn’t seem abnormal to them. But to say they are “more pleasant,” they’ll give you some of the harshest blowouts you have ever seen.

        Overall, girls here seem to be almost like a virgin, and most men here aren’t kinky motherfuckers like I am, so the girls aren’t well trained. Some girls never sucked dick in their lives, and I am not talking about teenage girls. So expect bad sexual performance.

        You need both tight game as well as pre-approaching (Buy Nick’s Daygame Infinite to know hot to do that) otherwise you’ll hate EE. I am talking here about the FSU, not about central europe which some dudes call EE.

        Some incredible beauties are here. Also some average girls too. But I don’t think I have seen fat girls here, and many of them will walk around the city dressed very nice.

        I have never been to London, so no clue. But I have hit on 2 British girls here in Kiev that I thought were Ukrainians. Both rejected me, but their “harsh” rejection was nicer than some of the blowouts from some of the Ukrainian girls who will totally blank you as if you did not exist.

        The language is the biggest cock block too. It seems 90% of girls speak no English and have no interest in dating someone they cannot talk to.

        Again, I am doing pure lover/r-selected/player game here. I have zero provider potential. It seems that men who flash some cash get a much more favorable reception and more girls go on dates to benefit from their money, but still, sex around here is hard for everyone for the top tier girls.

        The positive thing is that there are A LOT of 8.5+ girls. The negative thing is it is hard to fuck them, you need time, at least 3 months to maximize your potential and go on various dates. So you’ll get teased a ton by the level of beauty, then end up with your cock in your hands.

        I know if I read a message like this, I’d be easy to dismiss it and think “This guy must be a loser, he has no game. I know I’ll do better.”

        Well, prepare for a rude awakening. My game in most other countries is amazing. Even here, I am going on dates with 3 real life models, including a perfect 10 girl who is 20, I go on dates with ballet dancers, musicians, yoga girls, etc. And still, no sex.

        What I expect is this is a setup for a climax. I have one more month left here. I’ll be going on sexless dates, then all of a sudden all these girls will finally let me escalate to sex, and I’ll end up fucking a different “girlfriend” every day. At least I hope.

        My latest “innovation” is I introduced alcohol into the dates, even in the afternoon (White wine). I used to do coffee dates, and I couldn’t get a kiss, or even escalate with some girls. With the white wine, I am finally getting some make outs.

        Wish me the best. Tomorrow, I have a date with that perfect 10 girl. It’s fucked up that she lets me touch her thighs and lower back near her butt, but does not let me hold her hand. I don’t understand the logic of this, I can put my hand on her thigh near her pussy, but oh no, holding her hand is too forward lol

        The FSU / EE will test your mettle. It will grow your balls. If you want to get laid, go somewhere easier full of r-selected girls. The FSU is full of k-selected girls and the best girls mostly have boyfriends. Your masculinity and game needs to be really top notch, because the name of the game is to have the k-selected 8+ girls make an exception and fuck you as a player. It is hard. I wish I was as awesome as Nick, but I am giving it my all.

        However, if you are going to be a provider man walking around in a suit and taking girls to expensive restaurants and bars, and flashing cash, you’d probably think this is paradise in how much attention you’ll get. I am not sure you’ll get laid a lot even with that attention unless you pay for it, but I personally have no interested in negotiated desire.

    • your views on london is really sad, plenty of hot women in London but certainly not the easiest place to game.

  8. If you start digging in the dirt, you are going to get dirt on you…
    p.s Tom Torero is down that way lol [Somebody has to, and other public-facing daygamers seem rather silent on the scammers in their midst. K.]

  9. What do you think about the return of Steve Jabba and his new website? Do you believe he’s back in the game? [I haven’t seen it. K.]

    • What website are you referring to ?

      If it’s this website perhaps you forgot to read the date. March 9 , ***2017*** .


      It’s over a year old. Steve Jabba is not making a comeback. His primal seduction book sold through Krauser’s site is the only digital presence he has in the PUA community.

  10. Daygame is hard. Daygame is even harder when your an ethnic minority aiming for hot white women in London. It is possible to get success but I don’t believe it should be such hard work for a man of calibre. I think I’m just going to stick to white girls who are 6’s. They’ll always be that feeling of under-performing but at least I’ll have consistency (to those who say you ain’t shit; I dress well, work out 4 times a week, not bad looking, have a promising career heck even learning russian because i thought it’d be cool). I hope I don’t sound entitled because the world doesn’t owe me anything. Maybe I’m too emotional for Game. But to be emotional is to be human i guess. (Sorry Nick don’t want to clogger your blog with emotions)

    • I know how you feel PinkPantherPUA. Just this week I almost gave up on Daygame and turned MGTOW lol

      But I got a very good prospect here in Kiev that pumped back hope into me.

      Think of it even as “getting lucky”. You can’t get lucky staying at home and talking to no girl over 6.

      As long as you are trying, no matter how many times you fail, there is a statistical probability you’ll get some success. If you don’t try, you miss 100% of the opportunities.

      It’s hard everywhere. Don’t make London specific to the hardness of Daygame. It is hard as fuck. The only exception is fucking 5s in South East Asia, there game is on very easy mode.

      Again, don’t think that EE is easier than London, or any other place for that matter. Maybe NYC since they probably have more sluts, not sure, but turn this into your hobby and do it for the joy of Daygame as your primary motivation, because results are hard as fuck to come by. It is the card we’re dealt, better not moan and just get to trying again and again and again.

      I am luckier since so many 8s and 9s are strutting around the streets of Kiev. So I have an abundance of YHT girl to approach. No results, but every day I become more and more outcome independent, and find the joy in whatever the day may bring.

      I had a very fun date today. Instead of thinking about getting laid, I enjoyed the moment, made the most of it. It made me happy. The girl might not see me again since I escalated a lot since I am a horny motherfucker. She didn’t complain, seemed to like it, but girls do ghost when you pass their rubicon of escalation.

      Fuck it, the clock is ticking. So let’s enjoy every day. Turn daygame into sustainable hobby by enjoying the shit out of it. Have fun, talk to the girls who give you a DNA tug, and just enjoy being alive. It doesn’t last as long as you’d expect.

      Or just move somewhere where white girls love black guys. I hear Sweden is very good for that. New York too, black guys get and advantage there. Go where your ethnic minority is desired by your target type of girls.

      • If i was content with my own race I’d make the top guys look average but I didn’t get into game for the predictable lays. I got into it to compete for the creme de la creme. I don’t mind getting 6’s but only when a PUA drops his standard a little bit does the industry start sniggering at him. I’m not claiming to pull 9’s and 10’s so don’t hold me to the charlatans “teaching” this stuff. The guy dating 6’s might be more skilled than the guy dating 7’s but it’s simply not common to find a hot girl who would let him play the game.

        Essentially the market is telling us something so we need improve more. If these girls are coming on dates with you and you sense not wasting your time. Then you my friend just need to run down the clock….

      • I leave you with this video from a great wiseman called Nick Krauser, who is like the Yoda of Game. He seems to have retired sadly, but the good news is that leaves more birds for us to chase, otherwise he’d monopolize the whole supply of YHT wherever he goes 😉

        Anyway, he is very very right. This is the healthy frame to have:

  11. but this is the sick irony…i’m not trying to be the usain bolt of pickup. If all I had for the rest of my life was youthful sevens I’d be the happiest man alive. Just the feeling of a young cute girl being into me does wonders for the soul (don’t confuse for self-worth). You bet I’ll be out tomorrow so it ain’t too bad.

    • Dude, you speak Russian. Take a vacation and go to St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev, Minsk, Warsaw,, Riga, or somewhere full of the young hot white girls you are into.

      If you don’t like British women, don’t just be a victim, move. GTFO of the bad location and into greener pastures. Complaining doesn’t solve the problem. 😉

    • You need to learn a thing called freedom from outcome. Accept yourself for what you are. Accept the race that you are. Accept the quality of girls you an get, and know that if you grind it out you’ll find a relatively good quality girl. Stop whinging man. Because all this negative vibe is leaking into your game. It’s not worth it.

  12. Too many daft cunts doing day game. Spam approaching and ruining small areas. Like your general stuff Nick but allowing a negative rep to develop in a relatively small city is stupid. We have had it in Newcastle with Pakistanis now running around eldon hammering into anything and making themselves look like dicks. Only a matter of time the local lads wake up and start pummelling the idiots that do boot camps or make a habit of volume. Knowing a few Kiev lads (natives) I know they are aggressively looking for this across the summer.

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