Is Deepak Wayne a fraud?

August 30, 2016

Those of you following my Twitter [1] will be aware I’ve been laughing my ass off at Indian [2] daygamer Deepak Wayne‘s recent outlandish claims on YouTube. He’s been walking around Kiev lately talking into his phone cam on a selfie stick, saying first that he fucked fifteen girls in thirty days (one a 17 year old virgin) and then just yesterday that he’s up to twenty-five girls in fifty days now including THREE teenage virgins. No evidence, of course. Just him and his selfie stick.

Stop laughing. This is serious.****

A slayer, yesterday

A slayer, yesterday

Long-time readers will be aware that PUA is a sordid creepy business full of liars, frauds and outright thieves. At the bottom end there is that creepy Korean guy who ran a big daygame bootcamp in Belgrade last year after having never actually done daygame before. Word on the street is he took everyone’s money and didn’t even show up to coach. I also heard the RooshV forum found evidence he’s on the run for money laundering in the US [3]. There’s form for this, as even Neil Strauss admitted in The Game that he taught his first boot camp in Los Angeles before he’d even been laid. Mehow was the same – he started a whole PUA business after just one lay.

Within our own European daygame world we have our own embarrassments, such as Daniel Blake and Ed Lopez hiring actresses for “same day lay” videos then getting busted [4] and of course the famous Tom Torero fake kiss close video [5]. There are also a number of guys who inhabit that grey area of not hiring actresses but being terrible at game and then implying way more success than they actually get (e.g. Johnny Cassel, Simon Spence, and of course King Berba himself).

Let’s remember that at the root of these scams are two motivations:

  1. To cheat vulnerable men out of hard-earned cash.
  2. To look cool in front of an audience of credulous men.

I stress, faking in-field videos or lying about your results is not harmless. Deliberately telling pre-meditated lies and faking videos will cause actual active daygamers to get extremely insecure about their own results. I’ve had a number of guys worried that they must suck because they only bang one or two girls a month from daygame. They actually think they are underperforming and must be doing something wrong! Worse than active daygamers getting badfeelz is what these liars do to the vastly bigger army of online voyeurs that they are trying to extort for money. Most men don’t understand female psychology and have never laid a girl from daygame, thus their experience base to compare a YouTube video/claim against is literally zero. I know how this is because I was once that naive (I even once mistook a clip from a porn movie for a close video of RSD Ozzie!).

PUA attracts the most clueless of men, the very men who are most desperate to believe and also the least-calibrated to spot lies and fakes. These PUA scammers are trying to steal money from such men. It’s sickening.

I can watch a Daniel Blake video and just feel it’s off. I know that’s not how women react to daygame and my gut instinct warns me [6]. I can watch a Deepak Wayne video and almost cry laughing at how fake it is**. But what about Devak, a little Indian computer programmer in a German back-office cubicle, who doesn’t know women, doesn’t know seduction, and especially doesn’t know white women? What does he see when Deepak ding-a-ling-a-lings in his thick Indian accent running his mouth about all the hot white girls he’s banging in this mysterious foreign land called “Ukraine”. What is Devak to think? Devak who hasn’t ever been laid for free but now has a magic system dangled in front of him, for just 600 euros a day coaching?

So to help the Devaks of this world, here’s a list of things to look for in spotting PUA scammers, particuarly in daygame.

1. Outlandish claims.
Here’s the reality of daygame – if you’re pretty good at it, work hard, and go after women a bit younger and only a little better looking than you, you’ll get laid approximately once every fifty approaches. If you change those parameters to get hotter girls (or you’re just not as good at daygame) then it can easily become 1-in-100 opens. That’s a week of hard work on the streets, plus all the dating, including the idates and Day 2s to nowehre. That includes the LMR you get at your front door or on your bed. You’ll get the odd purple patch where everything goes right for a week, but mostly you revert to this grind.

It’s not as simple as finding a Yes Girl and same-day-laying her two hours later. There are a ton of wasted text chats, idates and bouncebacks surrounding these rare glimpses of glory. They take time and they wear you down. No one – literally noone – fucks 25 white girls in 50 days, averaging one every other day*. No one. Even if a PUA can find that many girls interested in him, think of the process and attrition required to whittle down all those leads, dates and bouncebacks into actual lays.

The only way anyone is getting 25-in-50-days is a good-looking young white man going to South East Asia, pipelining on Tinder/Date In Asia, and then fucking literally any girl no matter how ugly. That’s the only way. I’ve hung around some of the best seducers in the world. Good-looking, cool, savvy, vastly experienced men. The kind of men you hang out with and you know you’re in the cool gang. On a good month they might get 8 white girls, if they try hard and have some good luck.

So no, don’t believe that a charmless ugly Indian is getting 3x their results.

2. No ripples in the pond.
Imagine you throw a rock into a pond – you watch it arc through the air, make a big splash in the water, and then for many seconds afterwards ripples spread through the pond. Throwing the rock created a stir, the impact of which is visible. Now imagine you are looking in a different direction as someone else throws a rock into the pond. You don’t see the rock but you hear the splash and turn around to see the ripples. You can infer the rock having been thrown in despite having not seen it. Now imagine someone merely tells you they threw a rock in (while your back was turned) yet you didn’t hear a splash and looking at the pond you don’t see any ripples. It’s as calm as if no rock was ever thrown in. You can very confidently conclude that someone is a liar.

An easy way to spot this in daygame is when someone posts only two types of video: talking into a camera about results, or showing a same day lay infield. Why is this suspicious?

Hiring actresses costs money and if you pay to fuck them too it’s considerably more expensive. It’ll take a few hours of her time, showing herself on YouTube, and she has to act a role which requires some preparation. Plus of course you have to actually find such a dirty whore, negotiate, and set up a time/place to do it. It’s not like simply walking out onto the street with your buddy and saying “turn the camera on and record my sets”. Given this, a fledgling PUA business is limited to how many such videos they can make.

A real daygamer who goes filming will get a ton of footage. He’ll get blowouts, hook points followed by “I have a boyfriend”, idates to nowhere, number closes to nowhere, and of course some dates and eventually a lay or two. This is a ton of footage. Just look at the montage at the beginning of my Outlaw Daygame video above – that was from just one afternoon session with the camera on. Yet the scam PUAs show you only the SDLs. Why is that?

Because there is no other footage.

They never did go out and approach lots of girls and thus build up all that other footage. In the off chance it’s a Daniel Blake-type character, the real (i.e. non-actress) footage is so bad that showing you will completely undermine the supposedly real SDL footage. You’ll watch him getting blown out so bad from real girls that you conclude “no way he’s suddenly going from that to an SDL”. This is why the scammers are just talking down a selfie stick and putting in the occasional “SDL” video. It’s black and white, all-or-nothing. The entire grey area that makes up 90% of a real daygamer’s street experience is completely absent.

3. They don’t look like someone who gets laid.
I know within twenty seconds of meeting a man exactly how his sex life is. A calibrated man can size up another very quickly, seeing him like a woman does. Genuine womanizers have a cool vibe and strike you as larger than life. They don’t have the hunted eyes of a chode, nor the uncertain body language. They don’t look dorky. You can look at him and think “he looks like he gets laid”.

The scammers never do. They all have an off-vibe. Their conversational flow is disjointed and difficult to follow. You don’t feel intrigued or comfortable watching them talk. You actually get bored of listening to them – and if you’re bored watching, imagine how bored a girl is being on the receiving end of it in set. If a guy struggles to keep the interest of his audience, he’s not seducing women. [7] If you find yourself wondering “how does such a charmless guy get laid so much?” the answer is that he doesn’t. He’s lying.

4. Where are the girls at?
When I go through my hot periods with women, I’ve always got girls around. I’ll be sitting on an idate with one, or walking around town with another. I’ll be lying in the park with a girl eating ice cream, or drinking coffee on a patio cafe. The important thing is I’m not short of female company in these periods. Do you think a guy banging 25 women in 50 days would struggle to snap a few photos or video snippets of himself with girls? Remember to whittle down to 25 actual lays, he’d need to date at least double that amount. So out of those 50 girls he can’t muster up evidence?

Imagine you were so charming and likeable that you were able to deflower three teenage virgins in rapid succession. These are girls who have so far gone their whole lives not giving it up to a man. But you’re so goddamn special to them that they think: ‘this is it, this is the guy I want to lose my virginity to”. Imagine the positive feelings you must’ve created in her. The strength of the attraction. The depth of the rapport. Her willingness to give so much of her time, emotion and body to you.

Are you telling me those girls won’t want to take some pictures with you? That they won’t let you snap off video footage of you walking through the park together? You’re so special that she let you deflower her but not special enough that she wants a photo with the man who made her a woman. For contrast, look at this video of me below hanging out with a girl. If you’re banging a ton of girls, you can easily provide evidence. Not just evidence that you fuck ’em (which can easily be bought from a prostitute, like in the SDL videos) but evidence in their body language and manner that they really like you and gave it up for free.

Scammers don’t have that. They have badly-acted SDL sex videos, heavily-edited “hanging out” videos, and the girls don’t seem at all interested in the scammer – it’s almost like they are just there for the money!

5. Nobody will vouch for them
What is the single best way to develop credibility in a small scene? You seek out the opinion influencers, befriend them, and show them your skills. Those guys will then say, when asked, “oh yeah, he’s good”. This works in PUA just as it does in music or art. You build a rep by having people notice you, watch you, and vouch for you. I’ve seen guys like Eddie, Richard, Jimmy, Tomas*** etc. They’ve seen me. When asked we can say some variation of “I’ve seen him in action plenty with my own eyes and he’s for real”.

It doesn’t even need to be an “influencer”. In Europe there are a limited number of popular Euro Jaunt daygame cities and literally every time I travel I’m recognised and approached multiple times by active or beginner daygamers. Presumeably even more guys see me but I don’t know I’m being watched. They see me approach, they see the results, and frequently they see me on dates with girls. Some of them have been with me and watched me get SDLs in front of their eyes (e.g. I’ve been out with local guys in both Warsaw and Prague and got two SDLs in front of each of them). Often I let a guy tag along with me after being introduced and he sees me in action. Some of them become proper friends and travel buddies.

The point isn’t that I’m legit. The point is that nearly every legit daygamer in Europe has the same experience. It’s a small community and we all know each other either directly or through only one degree of separation. We talk. Back when Daniel Blake and Ed Lopez were coming under scrutiny I couldn’t find anyone to vouch for them. I can’t find anyone to vouch for Deepak Wayne now. Not a single person [8][9]

I could continue with more red flags but this ought to get you thinking. So, next time a charmless retard rants to his iphone and posts it on YouTube about all the hot snatch he claims to bang, do a mental run-through of this list. You don’t need wait for the smoking gun of getting caught red-handed hiring actresses.

"For 600 euro I show you how to bang hot white girls. Very good price"

“For 600 euro I show you how to bang hot white girls. Very good price”

[1] – I think my blog and Twitter audiences only slightly overlap.
[2] – He lived in India for thirty years, speaks like the grandad who owns the Indian corner shop by my brother’s house, yet told Stefan Molyneux that he’s German in this hilarious interview. Bear in mind a guy with such weak frame, weaselly hypocrisy, and inability to make a point is allegedly smashing it with hot women. He’s also whining about why white women WON’T fuck him.
[3] – Thanks to a reader for sending me the links to the RVF forum post discussing him (I couldn’t search it because Roosh banned me) and the story of him being jailed for grand larceny.
[4] – I gave them the benefit of the doubt for a long time despite my gut feel thinking them fake. When they were given an opportunity to defend against specific claims on a specific video, they declined and just posted an evasive “we’ll release a statement later”-type comment.
[5]- I’ve posted my thoughts on this incident here. The TL:DR is that Tom has real daygame skills but sometimes lacks integrity.
[6] – Though I overruled that gut instinct in the past and gave him tacit acceptance because there was no smoking gun evidence of fakery until almost a year later. When your blog has as big an impact in the daygame scene as mine, you have to be careful calling someone out in case you’re wrong and damage the rep of someone who doesn’t deserve it.
[7] – Unless he’s doing it purely on looks, which doesn’t describe many daygamers.
[8] – Anonymous students don’t count. I mean someone who is actually verified in-person by me or another daygamer who I trust.
[9] – I’m also rather disappointed that daygamers who actually have a platform are not calling out such frauds. These people are scamming vulnerable men and damaging the reputation of the real daygame community. It supports my contention that most daygamers are actually rabbits – they hide behind their mum’s skirts and hope someone else will deal with the problem

* Well, Pakistani men in Rotherham might rape 25 white girls in 50 days but it’s not the same thing.

** I should stress that “fake” includes shifty editing then claiming a result which didn’t happen, e.g. a bounceback that ended in unbeatable LMR but claiming it as a lay. Fake doesn’t just mean scripted with actresses.

*** The Polish one. Though my mate from Wales is quite good too.

**** Steve Jabba is suitably impressed by Deepak’s claim to bang FIVE Kiev girls in one day on THREE SEPARATE OCCASSIONS. So impressed is Steve that he’s flying to Kiev to ask Deepak to show his miracle skills on video. Deepak declined the offer and ‘clarified’ the claim to be five girls in three days.

If you thought this post explained how to spot bad daygame, you might like my book. That tells you how to do it right.


  1. What are your thoughts on Yad?

    • he falls into … 3.They don’t look like someone who gets laid

    • I hope he died on an instant date to nowhere! There is no proof that he ever got laid with his game. In some of his sets he was just lost in the gayzone…

    • You can tell he is real and good at daygame but is lacking badboy daygame.

    • I’m not in much contact with Yad now, but I lived with him for a summer when I first was learning daygame. During this time I was his infield cameraman (this was a few years ago now, before Tom and Jon took over running the bootcamps) and then later helped with filming students on bootcamps for their infield analyses (up until about 2.5 years ago), as well as meeting up with Yad for a couple of bootcamps in America when I lived close to New York. I actually graced the presence of Nick once or twice on the bootcamps, on Argyll street or during a video analysis sessions, so hi Nick. I am not, however, actually affiliated with, just trying to convey that I actually have seen exactly what Yad can do. He definitely does get laid, not like a rockstar, but far more than anyone I knew at the time, and with pretty high quality girls (sometimes very high quality).

      I would also not entirely agree with the comment below that he falls into the category of someone who you can watch and immediately sense that he doesn’t get laid. Certainly he’s no model, but if you meet him you will see he has good chat, a generally relaxed and chill attitude, and is quite dominant. If you see him talking with girls in real life you will also see the intensity of his eye contact. I think other people who were in the London daygame scene around that time would also agree that he was good – most people are indebted to his early work, even if we have now moved on to a much different style. I think his videos can come across as poor because he doesn’t seem to really like making them, and when it comes to espousing theory, he is not a hugely analytic guy, so he is often just riffing off whatever comes to mind. [I’m interested to hear more about Yad. I’ve heard bad things about his real success but it was all second-hand and from sources who don’t like him – therefore I’m not taking them as gospel. My read based on (i) meeting him (ii) watching his game at it’s 2011 peak (iii) his SMV (iv) his publicly available results (v) sightings of him with/without girls is that he’s very very good at charming pretty girls into non-sexual interactions that go nowhere, and I’d assume every now and then he gets lucky with a 6 or maybe a 7. But this is just my inference. I have no direct evidence of his results beyond the street stop itself. Therefore I’m interested to hear more from anyone who has seen him over a longer period and privately. K.]

      • Yeah, I don’t know whether his game or his fame was peaking in 2011 – certainly that was when he really came up in the public eye and he would be out a lot more around London. He’s sent me a couple of pictures from his time more recently in Eastern Europe and I would say the girls were pretty top notch. No idea how he was doing during the period in the States, though I know he and Andy did very well in Canada.

        He was pretty honest with me as well, even before I lived with him and could see for myself. The very first time I filmed him, the first approach he did (probably a 7.5, though nice tall and slim, Eastern European) ended up in a long instant date and then going back to his place. At that time I would have believed anything, and I was going home on the bus thinking ‘Jesus Christ what am I witnessing here?!’. I spoke to him very excitedly the day after and he just said that he didn’t close the deal and it was nothing to go crazy over. He did pull her later from a proper date.

        I’d be happy to talk in more detail, maybe privately via email or a brief skype just so you get a clearer insight and can make your own mind up. I think his reputation has changed with the rise of a more direct and analytical contingent (at least in this particular sphere of daygame), to whom he probably comes across as a charming but lacking intent, and is not doing highly logical analyses. What’s more, he doesn’t produce much content anymore, and never really engaged with the online community, so it’s not surprising people don’t really know what he’s about. Certainly there are many valid critiques that can be made of his game, but he has got serious skills, more than most people I saw during that time.

  2. Man you are fucking right, but what can we do? You and other guys attacked him on twitter, but does it really make a sound? I’ll post some insults under his youtube videos, that’s all I have the power to do.

  3. The 25 girls in 50 days does sound exaggerated. That being said, I don’t see that your day game skill is better than Deepak’s, or more importantly Justin Wayne’s. After all, it is Justin Wayne’s system that Deepak is using. In fact, I think that Justin’s system is better than yours. Why? Because it is primarily physical and stresses physical leading far more than the LDM which comes off as tame by comparison. And Justin’s view is that verbals don’t matter nearly as much as physical escalation. Tom’s “tiger eyes” and your “physical encroachment” are not in the same league as Justin’s physical escalation model. And his stacked SOI routine (what he calls “sexual flirtation”) conveys more “man to woman” then what I see from you and Tom.

    You proceed from the assumption that the LDM is the “best daygame system in the world”. From my perspective, having tried both systems (and others), your system is decent. That’s it. Just decent. Justin’s is better because it is far more primal. Also, Justin and Deepak have the same type of visual evidence as you do; ie hidden cameras. Deepak has shown close to 40 lays at this point; just as many if not more than you. He has shown sdls, d2s; he’s even shown tough sets and blowouts. Justin Wayne has done the same. He and Justin have proven that smooth verbals are not necessary when you lead and have strong frame. I’m thinking here of YaReally’s constant stressing of “behavioral sub-communications” or “subcomms”.

    But it boils down to this, the Waynes don’t agree with the number farming approach to daygame. And they don’t agree with your misuse of r/K theory for seduction (imo, it adds nothing). They can get the same “r-selected” results with their emotional connection approach that you can with your “selling adventure sex” approach and with better retention (and less douchebag-ness). Justin has videos of hot women *tattooing* their names on their asses (or thighs or whatever). Do you?

    I’ll be honest, I’m not crazy about interracial pairings. I have more than a little alt-right in me (although I don’t go off the deep end like you do with the Jew extermination crap, Jesus fucking Christ…) but that doesn’t change the fact that in daygame terms, the Wayne system is just better than the tamer LDM “distinguished English Gentleman” approach. Wayne conveys far more “r-selection, lover potential” by his constant physical leading than you do with your assumption stacks, mythologizing and chipmunk references. lol

    You have sex with the girls you have sex with because of workload and a decent enough system that allows you to sub-communicate male psychosexual value; ie the essence of game. But system-wise, I have no problem believing that the Wayne system would allow a skilled practitioner to achieve more success than you or Torero (but yeah, 25 girls in 50 days does sound embellished). I’m older than you and no longer have interest with the “notch count hyena” like you do. But since I’ve modified my daygame approach to a more Wayne oriented style (adjusted for age), I am able to satisfy my sexual needs with far *less* effort and workload. That you think it takes 50 to 100 approaches to get “younger, tighter, hotter” shows me that your paradigm is flawed.

    There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your daygame philosophy dear Krauser. You should have figured that out at this point. Maybe if you moved out of your mother’s spare room…. [The entire Wayne franchise is bullshit and the “model” is a joke. Your comment pretty much encapsulates an inability to see what’s infront of your eyes nor to read between the lines. I have no problem letting you speak here, but you need to seriously re-evaluate your game. K.]

    • gb_hill, I may agree with you that LDM model is not the only nor is proved to be the best, but how can this be related to what we are talking about here? Deepak’s video about the 25 lays in Ukraine is ridicolous from every point of view. From the fact that not only there’s no evidence of a single lay, but he doesn’t even give some details about how all this happened, no explanation on how he did it ecc. He babbles about a vague “r/reselcted” strategy, as if this could explain all. I’ve been in Ukraine a lot, and I hang out with players all the time. Ukrainian girls are not that easy, and those results are far from being realistic. I’d say in 50 days a skilled and dedicated player who also speaks good Russian can perhaps fuck 7 or 8 girls, and still I’d doubt if there is some form of money transaction happening. Also, Deepak’s body language is weak, he looks like a weirdo, his english is bad. This guy talks about 25 notches like it is a shopping list. He looks so much like a compulsive liar, a mythomaniac, a nigerian scammer. [Exactly. GBhill is running interference on the main accusation. K.]

    • can you explain why you think their model is bullshit Krauser? [Lots of fluff talk without getting to specifics, rehashing and mangling concepts other people put out, and the structure is just copied off what’s already out there. I will admit, however, that I dont’ follow him closely so he may have changed things up a bit theoretically. K.]

      • Just out ot masochism I watched a (recent: 16 08 2016) video about this Dennis Wayne guy. He is a short young german dude. Of course no infield nor any other evidence, not even an explanation about game or models, but just he “interviewed” by a guy of the Deepak entourage. “Dennis, how did you start having success with girls as a short guy?” He: “I never did any bootcamp nor had any coaching. I just INSTANTLY BOUGHT every Manish’s (I think one of Deepak’s entourage) product as soon as they were released”. Lol what a bottom world scammers. PS: gb_hill you are clearly a troll from their crew.

    • gb_hill’s poorly dressed up concern trolling.

    • The models is not fake because the sexual market has been defined but the hierarcies not so spoken what means? Lowest part is not a selection but I’m facts the sterotype or stranger vibe that is why happenings whens you must assume familiarity to bypassing awkwardness. Romantic connection is linked to provider and lover both. What means? She not living you without sexy time and selling her love of you not providing monies. In India is saying your curry is colder than mines and my lady is hotter than your curry.

  4. You previously defended Tom when his scandal occurred; even you have written he might be more talented as a daygamer than you. Does this means you aren’t “endorsing” him anymore? [I was standing by a friend when he was subject to a pile-on by some nasty people. I really don’t see how this isn’t obvious from my original post and it’s context. I wasn’t at all happy about being forced into that position. K.]

    • Yet, you were happy to co-write a book after that incident (“Beginner Daygame”, not your best effort). Now that you don’t share any business venture, you stab him in the back, That does not mean “friendship” in my dictionary. That means insecurity issues and revenge.
      Tom is a smart fellow and he behaved like a man, he acknowledged his mistake and moved on: he’s vastly improved as a man and a human being as a result of that. You can see his infields now, you can watch his Youtube channel, you can check his wise advice (beyond “pickup”): yes, he’s selling stuff but he’s not a scammer (he’s a guy who had his issues and still had not become his best version, he explained why he did what he did).. Nowadays he’s more mature, he offers great content (for free) and he has a much more positive attitude than you or nearly anyone else in this Daygame community: he’s the best guy out there, despite any mistakes.
      Integirty is beyound any notch count. A man can have integrity, in spite of having made a mistake. Show me a perfect human being, and I’ll show you a perfect “Daygamer”. [Lol. K.]

      • He faked infields … ergo he is a scam merchant.

        Also I don’t trust his uncle tom routine .. something creepy and just wrong about the dude.

  5. Cool. When my buddies sent me the link to his youtube channel, I said: “This guy looks like a retard”. Good to know I can spot a fake. It means my daygame skills must be improving!

  6. Are there really any daygame coaches that 1) Have any real ‘game’ 2) can actually teach it 3) are not scammers? Someone like Richard, or even Steve Jabba, seem to be naturals and not even doing game as we understand it. Other ones don’t have ability to explain. Most are just straight up hustling scam artists. [Both Jabba and Richard are trained over lots of time and effort. Jabba trained himself, Richard had Eddie guide him. They have their own models which are clear when you hang out with them. K.]

  7. Hi Nick!
    What do you think that video? And please read the comment. Commenters and Deepak talking about you [More laughable shit. K.]

  8. Nick, great content.
    Youre the real deal

    (I think Roosh also a fraud )

  9. With all the names mentioned of possible scammers, I think can only really speak to Tom Torero and Neil Strauss.

    I was disappointed when I found out his video was faked and for a while there I kept following his stuff, but after a while I started looking at his products with a skeptical eye. His first book of a 100 lays I imagine it is only really a fraction of that number in reality.

    You have to be a real dumbass to not get a lay in 2000 approaches.

    As for Neil Strauss, his new book was insightful but he’s a chode getting sex off of being a successful author, not because he is rock solid at game. So reading his latest book if you really analyze it, the girls comes to him, he doesn’t come to them.

    BUT THANK GOD he wrote that first book…

    To me it is a catch 22 because these scammers can send some guys down the rabbit hole of self improvement that is ultimately positive, but at the same time these gurus are sheisty. You almost have to hope the beginners move on to more trustworthy people. I know I did. I also think some of these dating gurus don’t start off sheisty but become shieisty over time.

  10. Nick speaks the truth. If real life daygame was that easy, everyone would be off Tinder and be hitting the streets.
    It annoys the fuck out of me when I see guys like Daniel Blake (A guy who can barely string a sentence together) post videos that are clearly staged.

    The reality is, Daygame is mostly blowouts and near misses with rare moments of glory. It’s generally not fun and takes tremendous motivation to walk out and do another session, especially when you had a bay day previously. Precisely why scammers make these claims, as a ploy to seduce anyone in believing that they have the magic pill to get rid of the blips in success.

    News flash: It doesn’t exist. This is coming from a guy whose been active at this since 2009. Do not believe the hype.

  11. Pingback: Is Deepak Wayne the Real Deal? Indian Guy ‘Fucks 25 Ukrainian Girls in 50 Days’ – Anti-Feminist Theory of Men's Rights, Male Sexuality, Feminism

  12. On Deepak Wayne you cant say that he hasn’t got evidence as he’s got more raw infield footage publically available on youtube than anyone in the daygame community (including approach to lay stuff). The videos do not look fake like Daniel Blake’s scripted stuff.

    On saying that his claims are outlandish / he doesn’t look like he is the typoe of guy who gets laid a lot, we could say the same about a Tom Torero or yourself (no offense intended here but Im just saying on a pure looks basis youre not traditionally handsome dudes) [I’ve never claimed 25 girls in 50 days. My results are in line with the expected distribution everyone else gets. As for the infields, I’d welcome discussion on this both for and against. It’s unquestionably smoke n mirrors with lots of suspicious editing, blurring, muting and removed sections. Passing off videos as a lay but only showing a bounceback and LMR yet on others showing a clip that is sex. It’s all very odd. But there’s no smoking gun like Blake and the bra strap and he does sometimes seem to have girls into him. I counted four videos from 2016 that look like actual lays. This is not the stuff that gets 25 in 50 days. If anyone wants to sift through his channel and tally up precisely what results are shown, I’d be keen to see – e.g. sets to nowhere, idates to nowhere, dates, makeouts, bouncebacks to LMR, actual sex. I’m all in favour of the discussion being facts-based. K.]

    • Come on Krauser! What other puas do you demand infield of every connotation of interaction ie idates to nowhere, make outs, dates and so on? Most of the guys out there coaching have a few number closes and that’s it! Many of the top names don’t even have these!

      On your stats how do you know your results are in line with everyone else’s? Guessing you only compare yourself to guys using London daygame model aswell. The 1 in 50 to 1 in 100 success rate is low to say the least. You’d have to dedicate your life to daygame to be able to get girls like this just because of the sheer work involved gaming that number of girls. [I don’t claim 25-in-50. Today he’s tweeting 30-in-60. Those outrageous claims require tighter scrutiny than saying 5 girls in a month, which is do-able. K.]

      • “The 1 in 50 to 1 in 100 success rate is low to say the least.” Obviously you’ve never heard of the r/K Wilderness… That shit is real.

    • Anteater you are evidently another troll from Deepak’s crew. I took a look to the youtube videos of Deepak and yes, there are a couple where sex seems to actually happen (of course girls are either “Milfs” or chubby), but I guess every human being who makes some effort once in a while get laid, doesn’t he? But the other videos are oddly edited, blurred, in most there’s no even bounce back, just he walking around talking to girls, you rarely hear what they say, in some you do see Deepak walking inside some mysterious building together with a girl, but this of course proves nothing… and he keeps saying “I seduced, I had sex” ecc. Add this to his claim he banged 25 girls in 50 days in Ukraine and this is the proof this guy is an instable liar and a big fraud. (I’ll stop here about this topic, I don’t wanna see this guy’s face anymore) [Precisely. He’s not entirely without skill but he’s a shameless liar talking up results that clearly aren’t backed by evidence. What Deepak TELLS is that he’s pulling 30 Ukrainian girls in 60 days (as he’s tweeting today) including threesomes and virgins. What Deepak actually SHOWS is four or five lays a year with MILFs and grotsters, and lots of smoke’n’mirrors editing. The real world and the fantasy world are wildly divergent. I was quite happy to hold my tongue while he was claiming so-so results. The 25-in-50 is such an outrageous lie that it was time to call him out. K.]

      • Krauser obviously did this “expose” cause Deepak indirectly called him out on his adventure sex claims…Krauser is just a butt hurt baldo who like shooting fish in a barrel lol… [Nope. It was the 15 girls in 30 days that decided it. K.]

  13. “Here’s the reality of daygame – if you’re pretty good at it, work hard, and go after women a bit younger and only a little better looking than you, you’ll get laid approximately once every fifty approaches. If you change those parameters to get hotter girls (or you’re just not as good at daygame) then it can easily become 1-in-100 opens.”

    1 in 100 opens to hook up with 1 girl who is much better looking than you? Is this also for a daygamer with a lot of experience? I am fairly new to this whole thing but I was hoping it would be more I would be able to approach say 10 single girls and get at least one of them into me! You said it takes a week worth of work to do all these approaches but I only approach a couple of girls a week when out (have bad AA) so at this rate it would take a year to do 100! [It sounds like you don’t approach enough. K.]

  14. I saw in nOtting Hill carnival in London videos online lot of young englsih girl look like they are dancing in sexy way with blacks there (and also lot of English girl with boyfriend who also African men). I know not anything to do with this subject here but respect opinion of yourself and just trying to understand what happening over there? Not trying to create racial problelms or do polical discussions but I am interested in if English girls like black guy a lot or what is happening exactly here? thankyou [The more westernised the girl, the more likely she is to like black men. Note also this was a good-looking dude, behaving oddly for a cop, and it was a festival atmosphere with no actual fucking in this clip. K.]

    • ok thankyou, in Poland we dont have many african guys like in UK now but I noticved that polish girl who work or travelling in UK seem to have relationship with black guys oftentimes, I don’t understand totally what happening because in Poland girls not easy to get, still more traditional ?

  15. lol this is one big joke. Fuck just take one look at this creepy Indian cunt.

    For anyone who is actually getting real results from daygame it is obvious this is crap. Flip the coin, the ones who are sticking up for him are obviously the day gamers who have yet to experience real results.(why because you watch bullshit like this and don’t take action)

    Commend you on pointing this out nick for the ones who can’t see it. However why watse your time in the comments trying to convince the ones who have been brained washed.

    One of the best things you can do for your game is be brutaly honest with yourself. He is not , He is so inauthentic its comical.

    • white men r creepy and also gays. that’s why many white women prefer brown indian men. accept his fact. Also he may be a clown. I’m not talking abt him here. [You pakis are hilarious. I’m approving all these comments for their comedy value to my readership. K.]

  16. 1) he’s clearly a fake. I used to watch a lot of Daygame infields with Beckster and came across this. He made me turn it off when we got to Deepak.

    2) The LDM is much more superior to the Wayne System. Just watch Daygame overkill to get a feel for how strong it is. Even I updated my Daygame for it, it’s that good and reference Nick every student I have. (Mainly teach night though)

    3) I’ve known Ed & Daniel for a long time now and have never publicly commented on them (If anybody wants to message me -sure thing)

    4) 25 lays in 50 is ridiculous – even for a night gamer that goes out every night. I once had a run of 8 in 15 days but I was in Ibiza and 1 was a really fucking tasty girl the rest was 7’s and a 6 at the start just because really..

    I normally get about 1 new girl a week, 2 if I’m out everynight and not much coaching on but this is my full time job and I have no other responsibilities. 1/2 girls a month is pretty standard –
    Don’t believe all the RSD hype about that. It’s simply not true. [Thanks for the input. K.]

    • you spend time with beckster the same dude who is one of the biggest frauds in London pua? He rips off students shamelessly with wild promises and no delivery to fund his nightclub partying (& coke habit), doesn’t do daygame anyway, but plays entourage game picking up drunk club rats.

      You also know Ed and Blake and spend time with them too? The guys who tried to create the most blatantly faked rip off videos to scam newbies and subsequently got caught red handed? Do you belong to a scam pua coach society where you all sit around together and dream up new scams? You won’t criticise these guys because of some professional alligience unless people write to you personally but you will call out Wayne? Wtf.

      Your talking about your results as if they are a marker of the top results anyone can get in daygame. What makes you so arrogant to think you know everything there is to know? Just because you do this “full time” ie you are semi unemployed and walk the streets everyday hunting down random girls doesn’t mean you know everything about pickup. I’ve seen your channel and ou only have a few infield no closes on there, deepak Wayne has a lot more infield footage of all sorts than you do so actually anything you say about your success are just your own claims! Also if you are picking up the odd 6/7 out of 10 girl is this really a big deal? Or are you picking up 9s and 10s?

      • Never claimed to know it all bro –

        I mentioned my lay thing because nobody is constantly pulling super super hotties all the time. Everybody will go have a “Chicken Cottage” every now & then.

        Don’t like Becksters Sales tactics and there is many many reasons why I left him earlier this year but he does have very good game. But even Mystery doesn’t get 10’s all the time (I used to edit there videos and he gets blown out Just as much as everybody else)

        I know Daniel & Ed personally…..Nick knew Tom, does that make him fake? Steve Jabba used to wing with Beckster, does that make him fake? My grandad lives with a German woman, does that make him a Nazi?

        A good Daygame interaction is them coming out on a date with you. Each did, so I stand by them despite there old & mediocre interactions.

  17. How are you motivated to approach 50 mediocre girls or 100 hot girls for just one lay? I assume the majority are just immediate blowouts and so you don’t waste your time? I had the impression good daygamers had a 10-20% success rate and noobs-intermediates had a 3-5% success rate. If it’s normal to get 1 girl a month are the guys who claim 20, 30, 40, 50 girls/year fake? [Most good daygamers are on 15-20 girls a year. The thing with Game is the numbers mean nothing without context. So much of it comes down to how high your standards are and your relative age/SMV compared to her. If I dropped my standards to go for girls five years older and one point lower I think my notches would double. If I played the boyfriend over several dates, stuck around in a town longer, or did some “grey area” financial transfers to buy her things, then results would also significantly improve. Fifty a year is do-able but you really want to see photos of the girls compare to the man. K.]

    • Deepak Wayne replied to this post with a video saying London daygame model is just spamming with low skill.

      Now with a probability of success according to you nick of a good daygamers is between 1-2% so it’s difficult to see how much of the success of due to game and how much to random luck playing out using a numbers game. out of the 100 girls you approach around 50 I reckon would be single and interested in finding a guy, to have 49 of them say no to a half decent looking guy, doesn’t sound like a great system to me.

      Steve (Jabba) is one of the most successful guys in pickup and he says he doesn’t follow London daygame model. He also says he diesnt have to stay in sets for long and claims he has a very low approach to flake rate. His infields actually share a lot of things in common with deepak Wayne although he might not realise this himself eg they both say classically ‘romantic’ things to a girl (I like you below), they both are sexual, they both use a lot of physical contact. Now maybe these guys are onto something which isn’t contained in London daygame model. [This is a classic “outsiders” view. Believe me, I know Steve the man and his game inside out. I’m very aware of what he gets and how he does it. You’re plain wrong on thinking 50% of girls are single. Also, have you not factored in that we’re trying to get YHT. My first ten lays this year averaged 21 years of age, and I’m 41. I’d have incredibly success rates if I was going after age-matched looks-matched girls. K.]

      • Joe,

        What you said is true – for the longest time I did exactly that and got great results.

        However we all have blind spots and I have freely admitted I have them – see my most recent posts on my website.

        I have definitely missed out on high quality girls through a combination of (i) Not approaching anywhere near enough (though there are reasons for this) and (ii) An over inflated ego preventing me from pursuing “leads” more actively rather than just binning them. Generally thinking “fuck this man, this is ME, can’t she see that? I shouldn’t have to do this!”

        Fact is : You are not the prize. She is.

        I’ve recently hung out with a friend of Nicks – a 6″4 US marine – very well built – great presence (and a lovely guy). Now that I am opening myself up to approaching again and actively meeting other guys involved in the scene it’s allowed me to relearn things I have forgotten, and yes, learn new things too. What’s interesting is that his path is very similar to mine before I really got into this stuff – a LOT of yes girls, very few maybe’s etc – and often a nagging feeling that he could do better. (That’s not to say I or he have not pulled super hot girls – genuine super hotties – but it aint all the time. ) It’s impossible to do this without approaching a helluva lot more than I have done over the last few years (for reference, I have done 57 approaches this YEAR). Everyone has to work for it if you want the best girls. Even 6″4 US marines (and 6 feet Jabbas!)

        The point I am making is that it’s useless to claim one “method” is superior to another – I think people tend to gravitate naturally towards a preferred method of game largely due to your inherent personality type and natural looks, SMV etc.

        Bolting on parts of Nick’s ideas could definitely help a guy like me, and others too – in my case particluarly around persistence on Maybe girls, and just plain more approaching – from cold approach in particular (i.e. not off IOI’s)

      • Thanks for reply Steve. I’ve seen your infields and for eg there is a lot of physical stuff going on which London daygame guys don’t really do (there is sometimes light touch or kick of her boots here and there only). There’s also romance and sexuality captured in the interaction. It’s very different to watching infields which London daygame model guys are doing to my eyes at least. Deepak said in his video that LDM is all about verbals, the best guys I think must go beyond this and figure out the rest themselves as loads of guys in daygame get no results (you see them on main daygame streets across London). Now I don’t think deepak Wayne gets the results he claims as frankly they are superhuman numbers but I do think he is onto something teaching guys how to be physical, romantic and sexual and not just giving guys a set of dialogue.

        When you talked about you saying you should be more persistent with leads you mean you are changing approach to girls who flake/don’t respond? I remember you writing a blog post about texting and you said you don’t necessarily chase down all the leads but explained you should ping a girl every now and then if she doesn’t respond. Not sure how much more you can do that this to be honest although j have heard some guys calling up girls instead of texting if they flake a couple f times to build more connection over the phone.

      • “out of the 100 girls you approach around 50 I reckon would be single and interested in finding a guy, to have 49 of them say no to a half decent looking guy, doesn’t sound like a great system to me.”

        Half-decent looking guys with no game get *significantly* worse results than that. Guys starting out will often do a thousand approaches without getting a single lay. Compared to that 1 lay out of every 100 approaches is amazing. [Getting regular casual sex off genuinely pretty girls is really hard. That’s just the reality. K.]

    • this whole “industry” is fake, just after Beta males $$$

  18. Pussyman in Serbia had 35 in August, Nick 😉

  19. It’s just a shame why the community is full of such sad (I mean that in the looser sense of the word) behaviour.
    If this deepak fellow (and I must admit I don’t follow him) just came out and said he’s banging 10 or so reasonable (5 or 6’s) girls then know one would have an issue. He’d actually be fairly well respected and probably quite in demand with Asian guys as he’s not the best looking guy and obvs has an accent etc but still getting decent ‘success’.

    With guys like blake and lopez I have to admit I think they have their limitations (every single guy in this industry does even the MPUA’S I kid you not) but feel their ‘game’ isn’t bad. They’ve improved their look, physique and knowledge over the last year or two and i feel they do probably get laid tbh.
    Are their videos edited ?
    Yes absolutely and I’m sure in at least a couple of them the “SDL” didn’t go beyond a makeout which is cheeky as fuck but there is some skill there too.
    With regards to guys like richard and jabba a lot of it is due to their look and presence (particularly in jabba’s case) but each to their own.

  20. Deepak Wayne is the PUA equivalent of a get rich quick scheme. He’s like Tai Lopez with the Ferrari in his garage – you don’t know whether he owns it or if he rented it.

    Same thing with Justin Wayne.

    What we can assume from the evidence: they hire prostitutes and aspiring porn actresses for their lay videos by pretending to be casting agents, then use the footage to pretend they are day game experts.

  21. Damn, I’m the moron who watches and believes most this shit and I actively daygame 😦 I mean, it’s motivation for me at least but sucks to know

  22. Guy from Germany here, some things I know. And no, it’s nothing I make up.

    He is kinda known in the Berlin PUA scene. But nobody can really tell what’s going on. For what I know, he doesn’t use actresses but his are claims are highly exaggerated for what I know. The infields vids highly look like cherry picking and as Nick said, only because he’s at home with a girl it doesn’t mean he fucked her.

    I have heard from another PUA, who watched him, that “Deepak” gets laid but most girls aren’t super hot and can be considered as 6s. And enough girls seem to be tourists. He was known for his mass approaches and creepy escalation. Don’t know if this changed, but I heard that he really spent 8 hours or more per day to cold approach women on the street.

    I think he overestimates the part of game skills in a very short minded way. Where other guys get laid cause of their charisma and charm, his theory is often it’s because of their looks, accent or status. I would say his intuition for nonverbal communication/subtext isn’t the best.

    Some guys here talked about the introducing of “Dennis Wayne”. I watched the guy in a nightclub. Nothing spectacular. Standing on the same point inside the venue and trying to stop girls. Looked like RSD-massapproach-fun-vibe-game. Only observed what he and other guys of his pack where doing for like 5 minutes and it didn’t impressed me. I would describe myself as intermediate but I knew I can do better and have more charm and knowledge what I do than these guys as I watched them doing their high-energy mr. funnyman things.

    But maybe there is some magick I don’t understand or some system I don’t get. Everybody can read Justin Wayne’s “The Romantic Connection” as pdf in the net. The “system” didn’t gave me any new insights. Sounded like a combination of Jon Sinn’s daygame model and some elements of 60 Years Of Challenge hand touch routine.

    To the critique of the LDM: Deepak totally doesn’t get the r/K-selection theory (sometimes known as lover vs. provider). On the other side, for what I have figured out, movement from the initial spot of approaching is very helpful and something I don’t see often Nick and Tom do. Sinn also recommends it. And the hand touch routine is a good attraction/compliance test. But it’s nothing “The Wayne’s” invented. The credits go to 60YOC and you can also see it in Goodlookingloser’s infields. Don’t know about if some LDM guys use it but it can help to set a more romantic frame. That’s what I’ve found. [Where did people get this idea that I don’t do kino? Have you never watched my infields or seen me live? Have you never watched videos other London guys did talking about long hand holds, playing with her hair etc on the street? Have you not read my posts on 60 Years Of Challenge, or what I write about him in Mastery? Have you not seen Tom’s videos recommending 60? There is a staggering lack of awareness sometimes. K.]

  23. what happened to your twitter account? [ Just a tech issue, it’s back now. Unrelated to Deepak’s revenge threat. K.]

    • Deepak used to be in IT … he might have called on the power of 3 million computer programmers in Bangalore to wreak a horrible retribution on you! 🙂

      First it will be no twitter, then no facefuck, then your computer will just shut down without warning … before long you will be a shell of a man exiled from all technology devices. You will look to Apple iPhone for solace but even iOS software will recoil from your embrace.

      Deepak last night … [Oh dear. It does sound like I’m rather fucked. I’d best kill myself now and get it over with. K.]

  24. I agree with Steve’s view on this. It’s not us that’s the prize during courtship, it’s women.

    Yes there are ways to get her to actively invest and pursue, but in the end. She knows that she’s the one who has the cards pre-sex. After sex, the roles reverse.Though this is now slowly becoming less true based on Rolo Tomassi’s latest article. Women decide who to sleep with and who she will want a relationship with.

    Even if you’re playing the fame or social circle game card. It’s still the girl choosing you.

    There’s far too much ego in the community for people to truly accept this.

    • What the hell does it mean though?

      It sounds like Steve Jabba is becoming interested in metaphysical philosophy but how does this help anyone to pick up girls?

      • Like Steve said, he was blowing off girls sooner than he should of because of his ego. Realizing she’s the prize allows you to be a bit more persistent, not bailing out at the first sign of resistance.

    • makes sense once you explained the cryptic self help phraseology 🙂 so where do you draw the boundary of this persistence? when she doesn’t contribute to conversation, when she doesn’t give you her no, when she flakes?

      • The point is. Cute girls will have their pick of guys to choose from. The purpose of game is to become compelling enough to be one of her top choices, but she’s still choosing.
        Our version of it is to play the numbers game. The more plates you have that are spinning at any one time, the higher the chance you’ll get chosen by one of them.

    • I don’t think women are the prize, but if you think yourself as the prize, your ego can blind you from what you have to do to achieve your objectives. In the case of Steve, he’d rather stroke his own ego than have those girls stroke his dick. It was his choice that aligned or not with his preference(I take it that it didn’t given his current comments), but I don’t see the she’s the prize way as neither useful nor descriptive.

  25. I would kindly ask that people stop casting doubt on Daniel Blake. His verbal dexterity alone (“You…….. look……. like……. a……. cat……?”) is enough to make any serious daygamer retire his pocket square.

  26. [Edited – the jist is “Hello, you’ve never heard of me and I’ve never commented before. I’m a shill for Justin Wayne. I tried every daygame method before to no success, then I tried Justin’s products and my results immediately EXPLODED!!!!!!!”. Any more of this and you’re banned, sonny jim. This blog’s crowd isn’t as retarded as Justin’s easy marks. K.]

    • hang on a sec lads … how do we really know Deepak Wayne hasn’t built a secret system which guarantees you get laid with tons of hot babes even if you cant speak the lingo & look like a creature just emerged from a swamp? If he is for real and I learn his magical tricks I could be banging supermodels all over the world//

  27. 3:07 SO why you change, WHY YOU CHANGE? (in thick indian accent) … this is how he gets the girls!

    you guys are just jealous of his skills …he’s banging 5 girls at a time you losers!

  28. Within the first 10 seconds of watching, How did I know that Deepak Wayne isn’t getting laid at the ratio he says he is?

    His accent.

    • What’s wrong with Indian accent? Is it off putting to girls?

      Aren’t you indian too (met you at k seminar)?

      • Simple answer is yes. I’m of indian ancestry yes without the accent ;).

      • bojangles
        u r wrong. Losts of white women date and marry indian men actually living in india. They do not even care abt accent. Every indian has a different accent. Also indian actually can speak english but many europeans can’t even speak a single word english. Also english/american accent sounds funny to us indians.

  29. I think Krauser is just butthurt some ugly paki is more shinny than him in the FSU 🙂

  30. Krauser,
    Why you want to bring this hate on me. My game it speaks for it self.
    You never received the results I am talking about so you attack me. You should take my program and you can receive the same results. You need to stop with your story writing and learn some game [I had no problem with you for two years until you claimed 25 lays in 50 days. This is outrageous and I think you’re lying. Either prove these results or retract your claim – that will end the debate and end my interest in discussing your results. I am currently thinking about writing another blogpost to carefully analyse your YouTube channel content – including play-by-play breakdowns of what I consider to be the weaknesses. I will specifically pay attention to your muting / blur / edit choices and how they misrepresent your actual results. However, I might not bother writing it because I really don’t care if you exaggerate those things in Germany and Poland. It’s the 25-in-50 (and now 30-in-60) that I have an issue with. K.]

    • Why do you have a particular issue with his stats Krauser? (& not any other dodgy issues)? [It’s just the first thing. Second thing is in a new post. K.]

    • Why did you make up such incredulous results deepak? It’s not smart scamming. If you’d perhaps said you got laid 6-7 times in 50 days people would have believed you (and prob been jealous). If you’d done what all the rest of the guys in pua do and subjectively said they were all turbo hotties it would have gone even further. Just don’t get your logic in saying 30 in 60 days. You have much to learn apparently about being a professional scam merchant in pua! Try harder next time 😉

  31. I listenend to Deepak calling in on the Stefan Molyneux’ podcast. Oh boy, that really hurt. Switched off after one third. That alone is enough evidence that this guy is a scam, for the mentally challenged.

  32. I usually refrain from getting involved in this kinda thing, it doesn’t affect my success, however, I was driving today and found myself thinking about this post.

    Firstly, I’ve not met Nick personally or do I have any affiliation with him, however I’ve followed his work for quite some time and attribute a lot of my personal success to the content he’s produced over the years along with Tom T (who I do know personally and have seen in action).

    Techniques, models and theories aside, this paragraph alone hits the nail on the head; “It’s not as simple as finding a Yes Girl and same-day-laying her two hours later. There are a ton of wasted text chats, idates and bouncebacks surrounding these rare glimpses of glory. They take time and they wear you down. No one – literally noone – fucks 25 white girls in 50 days, averaging one every other day*. No one.”

    I’d say my current success rate is about 1 lay in 30 approaches but even still, all the admin involved including dates to nowhere, failed bounce backs, LMR, flakes etc would make it neigh on impossible to do 1 new lay with a quality girl every two days, come on guys that’s just insane, anyone who’s done a significant amount of daygame will know this and if you haven’t please go and try for yourself and let me know how you get on…

    P.S – I’m off to Central Europe on Saturday, I’ll be super upset if I don’t fuck 50 girls in 25 days using Deepak’s method 😉 [Precisely. This is why EVERY active daygamer smells a rat. The people who believe Deepak are non-gaming wishful thinkers or keyboard jockeys like YaReally. K.]

  33. This guy looks like the brain dead love child of yul brenner and an Indian nonse. Talks like phonejacker as well, can barely understand what’s coming out of his mouth. Also noticed something about his claims…they are always half of what the amount of days are so 50days=25lays 20days=10lays 60days=30lays etc…He must have OCD when making up these numbers 😂😂😂. Someone give him a swift kick in the testicles please…

  34. Just out of sheer curiosity, have you ever lied about a lay Nick, or deliberately mis told a lay report or the quality of a girl… Even in your earlier days? [Not once. K.]

  35. You’re both active daygamers right?
    Why not meet up and have a contest of some sorts. He thinks you’re lying and you obvs think he’s deceiving.
    It will most likely need to be filmed by a guy who doesn’t know either of you … [Jabba proposed that. Deepak evaded. K.]

  36. One of the points could be how many lays each of you get (including quality obviously) out of 100 or so approaches…

  37. Obviously krauser would pick out the girls deepak approaches and vice versa

  38. Nick out of sheer curiosity have you ever lied about a notch, the quality of a girl you banged or mis told a lab report deliberately, even in your earlier days? [Never. K.]

  39. Deepak!
    Please delete, or don’t do again some not true stuff.
    I’ll forgive you. I think you’re not a bad person, and I think you’re really experienced at daygame, so just don’t do that some bullshit marketing.
    You really don’t need that bullshitting people.

    NOBODY, literally nobody cares about how times you getting laid. Some people willwatch some video, who tells thing like 50/25 or something like that, and you will have a big views on youtube, but I think that’s not enough to a big business because the most people not gonna buy anything from you.

  40. You like to say I need the proofs. Where is your proofs?
    Just like your friend Torero you have no proofs for your stories. Where are your girls? I don’t see [I published all mine 2009 to 2013. I also showed proofs to 25 people in live audience in Daygame Overkill taping. Also many many Euro daygamers have been out with me and will vouch. I’m taking down your shitty lying currycel business. K.]

    • True Krauser stop posting infields a long time ago and quality of girls was only so so back in the day.

    • You don’t want to show your evidence? My business is fine thank you. I showed people my method and they received the same statistics. Where is your students success?

      • Your students all get a new lay every two days from daygame? Common man that’s just not possible. Even for the best looking guy around that isn’t feasible. The amount required from dates and daygame is huge. You’re an old Indian with a thick accent. No way you get laid much in Ukraine in with decent looking women. I lived there for 9 months.

    • First of all, proof needs to be proportionate to the claim, i.e. given your claims, you need to provide evidence that makes your claims more likely to be true than the evidence to be fake. On this note, I’ll give you a tip: stop being rattled by people saying things about you if you’re trying to portray the persona of successful womanizer. Do you seriously think someone who is swimming in pussy will get butthurt over Krauser writing about one of his youtube videos?

      Secondly, the reason me and many others believe Krauser isn’t just because he was seen doing it/uploaded evidence, but because his experiences are congruent with reality. Anybody with some experience and tendency towards introspection can deconstruct their past experiences and figure out if they align or not with proposed theory. In the case of DayGame Mastery, I can say for certain that it works because it did for me even before Krauser wrote it. I didn’t use the exact framework in it, but elements from it are things that I found to be working through 1st person experience.

      Thirdly, his claims about results aren’t impossible to achieve. If convincing girls to open their legs was that easy, nobody would be paying you to teach them. Think of it this way: if you managed to lay a new woman each two days, the threshhold for getting laid wouldn’t be that high and even chance would make far more chodes get laid instead of paying you.

  41. to Deepak

    “Deepak, out of sheer curiosity have you ever lied about a notch, the quality of a girl you banged or mis told a lab report deliberately, even in your earlier days?”

    • I don’t lie about my girls like the London guys. When you receive correct results you have no need for lies like Torero and Krauser

    • I am not white or westener but all of this victim mentality makes me sick to my stomach, it is clear that you use it to scam naive indian men who are scared as hell of speaking to women.

      No proven PUA has backed your skills or your ridiculous claims.

      If you had credible raw infields you would have released them already, not only because they would clarify your shady reputation but also because they would be an amazing product if they were legitimate.

      All of this victimhood narrative is actually repulsive to the hot young women we intend to have sex with, they may feel sorry for you or even express some kind of empathy to it but they wont fuck you because of it, be a man and deal with the cards that life has given to you.

  42. A lot of people are rubbishing the 1 lay per 50 – 100 approach figure. The trouble with this is that comparing approach : lay ratios is like comparing apples to oranges. There are some factors which have a *huge* impact on success:

    1. How physically attractive the guy is compared to the girl
    2. How attractive the man is in the context of the local SMP
    3. Whether the guy approaches cold, approaches girls communicating sexual availability, approaches off iois

    Lets take an 9/10 in looks white man who goes to the Philipines and only approaches Hb5s/6s when they give him IOIs. His success rate could be close to 50%. On the flip side take an average looking guy and have him cold approach HB8+ girls in London. He’s going to need to open around 100 girls to lay. Waiting for IOIs will get you the best ‘batting average’ but by far the worst absolute results. No one gets a really good ratio if they go after super hot girls.

    This ratio only sounds bad to guys who don’t regularly cold approach women hotter than them on a regular basis. If you were to ask some of my old school friends, who are mid 30s and married now, if they were single how many cute girls would they need to approach to get laid, they’d probably guess around 10, or less. This is because they’ve simply never done cold approach on any meaningful scale. The reality of just how few women will find you attractive enough compared to their other options would crush the average man.

    Someone said 50% girls are in relationships… this may be true of more formal relationships, but the truth is closer to 100% of hot girls are fucking someone at any given time, which means they may well not be sexually available.

    As for this guy claiming 30 in 60 days… Only someone who had never regularly tried to fuck large numbers of women would believe this. Even a very good looking guy in a major urban area tindering full time won’t do that. You may get a hot run of 5 in 10 days, but it won’t be sustainable. The only I know that manages this sort of volume finds women exclusively on, and so he gives them cash (basically semi pros). For me giving girls cash or expensive gifts means it doesn’t count as a notch.

    • You can’t believe what you didn’t do yourself? My infield videos show what I can achieve so don’t believe what krauser says is possible. Krauser has no game skills

      • and you clearly don’t have any thinking skills. That is a fact, as clearly demonstrated by Steve Molyneux.
        You say you worked in IT? As a cleaner in an Apple Store, perhaps. [That’s part of the meta-game that the currycels defending him don’t understand. He has NONE of the characteristics of a successful player except physique and willingness to spam open. He’s not very smart, full of insecurities, bad subcoms, boring verbals, and has really weird freaky-looking friends. K.]

    • Hot girls are always in relationships, excluding the couple of weeks they’ sometimes have to face on the rare situation they’re the dumped, not the dumpee, time during which they often experiment a bit before finding another dude. That’s why getting used to defusing ‘I have a boyfriend’ crap is crucial to having girls that are easy on the eyes.

  43. The very first moment I saw these videos last year I couldn’t stop laughing.
    My immediate thought was that the girls that seemingly come back with you are paid, as you demonstrated nothing that would make a girl feel comfortable being alone with you. And they show absolutely none of the reactions or questions that a normal chick would ask.

    I’ve no actual idea on what ‘model’ there is going on here but as none of it is conversationally is fluid at all. The horrid accent, the mumbling and stuttering is strident to say the least, so for a girl to put up with that she must be a unicorn, and apparently you’ve fucked a lot of them [sic].
    If this were a beginner chap just posting his videos, I’d have zero issues with this but the fact you are charging people is madness.

    I’ve no doubt at all that you are approaching, possibly even getting a girl here.
    I have several friends have seen you in a few cities recently (girls on the 4-6 range you were with) but not teaching, or with wings – so who can vouch for what you do?

    I’ve never seen any in-depth, un-plagiarised book(s) written by you either, I’d expect something like that from a ‘professional’.

    How does one even get training with you ?

    Once again, I don’t give a flying fuck how many lays a person has, it’s completely irrelevant UNLESS you’re teaching people and charging for it.

    Krauser is (rightly) calling you out on this in public, and you can’t seem to defend yourself without resorting to lame retorts.

    Just listen to this, well, what you can put up with:

  44. I just realized I met this Deepak guy two years ago when I was in Prague. He was with this big 6’5 German guy and his camera man. They saw me do a set and came over to talk to me. Then the German threw me into a two set with him. His game was awful. He immediately started trying to spin the girl around and just generally escalating way to hard. It was really awkward. The girls were just like wtf is going on right now? There is no way this crew of guys get the results they claim. I’ve seen them and actually been in set with them.

  45. Deepak if you have nothing to hide that’s great. If you are laying as many girls as you claim you are a very experienced pickup artist.

    Among the best in the world!

    Krauser is by all accounts happy to meet up with you and have a “pickup contest “.
    Then all the bullshit can stop.

    Do you agree sir?
    There will be rules in place to make it a fair unbiased contest.. [Jabba has proposed exactly this challenge. He’ll be in the same city as Deepak this month, so Deepak doesn’t even need to travel to meet the challenge. K.]

  46. Hey white mans you not know Indian sexy powers 50 women’s in 25 days is real and explaining very wells India populations. Not to under estimating curry tricks happenings. Our vibe is so mellow women’s fallings for us and my friend a blonde girl rape him many times yes that is the score counts white boys. Now listening yad- also having fake infield the videos in daygame domination- in video called two second turn around, she was blonde girl in red coat, listen her voice and compare her looks to the blonde actress for the nono shaving product it is the same girl.

  47. I don’t think he wants to challenge steve though.(plus steve isn’t involved in the pickup business anymore?)
    He wants you Nick!!! 😀

    Would you be up for a contest?

    ps going forward more big name pua’s need to speak up. If they did this community could become revered rather than ridiculed

    • Just watch Bollywood song that is true sexy vibes and sexy eyes eye to eye gripping heart and makings girl crazy for hot masala sexy times.

  48. “If you find yourself wondering “how does such a charmless guy get laid so much?” the answer is that he doesn’t.”

    I think this the money quote. It all boils down to this.

  49. This blog getting funny.
    intellect score -20

  50. This thread is a complete meltdown of the PUA scene. Roosh’s Forum has so many opinions, but nobody needs to get naty. I attended Cliff’s List PUA Convention in Montreal in 2006. People were cool and friendly. Nobody was bringing anyone down like this. It was a fun event.

    WTF happened to our brotherhood?

    When will Dr. Phil or the feminsitas expose this heteromale civil war? This reminds me of a yelling match in 2nd Grade, but these are grown men behaving like little boys.

    Can we just along and stop the hating? Everyone deserves pussy, because it helps us relax.

    I enjoy watching Harald Baldr, Tom Torero, Eddie Hitchens, Liam Mcrae (good humor with the metal guitar riffs), Jabba, and Krauser. It’s entertaining, and I know they need to hustle to make a business. Deepak seems like he’s success as well.

    They produce content and have a media company to grow. Nothing wrong with free enterprise as long as it has integrity. The worst thing a guy can do is seek affirmation of his life solely based on pussy.

    Make a successful business venture, and pussy will follow. Good to be socially aware, however doing street game all day is an exhausting way to earn a living. A better niche is to teach how to make passive income and be location independent, then meeting girls is so much more relaxed. When you’re relaxed, she feels it.

  51. Deepak shame’s accent being so bad you wanting to shoot oneself in oneself one times and asking what time he leaving he speaking like eating uncooked rice and complaining that is his gestures.

  52. This deepak clown sounds like a typical indian scheister, living out a run down tin shed trying to sell poor people get rich quick guides.

  53. krauser
    this deepak man may be a clown or charmless but there r plenty of indian men who r full of charm and good looks. You white women in general like brown men. It’s a fact. no point in being jealous. white men look like either girls or gays. They don’t even look like men. lol

  54. krauser
    hahaha u white men and british men especially are cowards. U can’t even stop ur white women from getting raped by the pakis. But u white men yourself are rapists and pedophiles so u may like those paki rapists. Indian men actually fuck your white women and do not rape like pakis or white men.

  55. “The only way anyone is getting 25-in-50-days is a good-looking young white man going to South East Asia, pipelining on Tinder/Date In Asia”

    hahaha what a joke. no one wants a ugly fat bald white man unless that women is really desperate and suffers from infeirority complex. A good looking indian man can easily get more than 25 white women or any women in 50 days in europe or us. White men can only hire prostitutes in Thailand and china. lol

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