Deepak Wayne – Analysis Of His Fake Infield

September 2, 2016

Sit down in your most comfy chair, pour a cup of tea and enjoy the ride. I’m going to ask you dear readers to do something rather unpleasant – to sit through an entire Deepak Wayne infield video. It’ll make you feel dirty as you listen to him bing-ding-ding-a-ling through fifteen minutes in that awful call centre accent, but really, this time it’s worth it. [1] This is a training exercise.

There are three ways to spot a fake PUA:

  1. Meta-analysis of his results. This was my first expose post. The rule of thumb is “if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.” Deepak was claiming results 5x better than the typical good daygamer. Additionally, his evidence base supported results of maybe 1/5th of what he claimed [2]
  2. Detailed analysis of his game. This is what I do in this post. I’ll take you through a particular fake video of Deepak’s and explain play-by-play why it’s fake. The rule of thumb here is “if it jars against what you know is a legit interaction, it’s probably not legit” [3]
  3. The Smoking Gun. Hardest of all is to find clear incontrovertible evidence that an actress has been hired. Daniel Blake was finally exposed a year later when an enterprising viewer found the bra-strap incident. Tom Torero was exposed when a viewer googled his real name and found a French actress listing two of his videos on her resume, then Andy Yosha contacted her and got a video statement and screencaps of the text messages setting up the shoot.

So let’s get on with a detailed analysis. Treat this as a test of your calibration. The whole time you watch it, listen to your gut. Ask yourself “does this look like a natural spontaneous conversation between two people who just met?” and “would a girl like her respond as enthusiastically to a man like him spitting game of that quality?”

And again, I apologise for making you sit through fifteen minutes of Deepak and his creepy homosexual friend. But oh man, are these clowns hilarious!

0:01 – I call this the “piss on your back and tell you it’s raining” gambit. Deepak pre-frames the video to tell you what you’re going to see, setting the frame so you are less likely interpret the evidence a different way. This is an old marketing trick and not in itself suspicious. Stay alert for how many times he tells you what you should be seeing rather than actually are seeing.
0:05 – This is the “ultimate seduction model” remember! See how she’s already leaning back away from his kiss. She’s disgusted by him.
0:21 – “She can easily have any guy she wants” is why a funny-faced ding-a-ling Indian scammer has to pay her. But we’ll get onto that [4]
1:08 – “So many dating coaches out there who don’t walk their talk”. This is what makes the expose so much more delicious. The sheer duplicity of this man is incredible.

The real deal, yesterday

The real deal, yesterday

1:27 – This is the world’s worst opener. Hello, I’m from Berlin and I just left my friend from Ukraine. I have no idea why he’s so retarded and yet she hooks enthusiastically. Sometimes girls are just very receptive and she may think he’s about to ask directions. So this is evidence of bad game rather than a hired actress. Nonetheless, just keep watching for such consistently bad game getting such a good reaction – that’s the tell.
1:28 – Look how close the cameraman is. She may actually have looked directly at him briefly (hard to tell, might have been at the shopper walking by). Cameraman then circles round clearly keeping them in frame, in her full view. They claim it’s a small spy cam. As you’ll see later when they zoom the shot, it’s clearly not a small cam. The girl would definitely know she’s being filmed yet doesn’t react at all to this knowledge.

very close, not people or objects inbetween to obscure her view

very close, not people or objects inbetween to obscure her view

1:41 – Oh my god, that’s the Torero Toe isn’t it?
1:42 – Deepak’s life-partner frequently mutes the video at strange times to tell you what you’re supposed to be seeing. Why isn’t it simply freeze-framed then restarted? Why is it done in a way that removes information and breaks up the flow? [5]
2:10 – It’s very odd which information they choose to redact for her privacy compared to what’s left in. Deepak’s videos have many strange mute, blur an edit choices that simply don’t make sense if you’re dealing with legit material.
2:38 – Another strange mute and now the lie about using a shitty camera. It’s obvious from the cameraman’s frequent repositioning that he has a viewfinder screen to check. He moves around a lot but always manages to keep the scene clear and without cropping out their heads or feet. Any daygamer who has recorded his wing with an actual spy cam knows how difficult this is when you’re moving. For example. at 2:54 the cameraman sits down then readjusts using the viewfinder.
2:46 – Reason one for using spy cam is “we tried filming with a big DLSR camera but got caught multiple times”. “He met this girl over a long period of time and therefore we needed to be extra careful, that’s why we had this small hidden camera”. Just let that sink in. It’s a time-paradox. They knew in advance that this set would result in multiple meetings with the girl – before opening her – so they needed to use a small hidden camera so as not to arouse her suspicions. And then as you’ll see, it is in fact a DLSR anyway! [6]
3:25 – Consider how chatty she is, without pausing to think or form her words, to talk about something incredibly boring to a stranger. If this happened to me for real, I’d be thinking “this girl is not right in the head”.
3:38 – “I work in Volkswagen”. Is that a DHV or a sexual spike? Not only is this awful game but why isn’t such private information redacted considering city names are?
4:02 – Consider how fast she spits her lines, how little she has to think, and how odd the timing is for bouncing him to the corner. It’s as if none of this requires weighing evidence, assessing her own emotions, then making a decision. It’s more like rattling off a script.
4:05 – Note how the cameraman wasn’t in place and the conversation jumps a little like re-saying the same scripted lines at the jump cut. See also at 4:23 that the first camerman has disappeared. The resolution, filters, exposure etc are all identical as if the actors simply paused until the lone cameraman switched positions.

teleportation machines have a delay

teleportation machines have a delay

4:23 – The entire set has been a barrage of intrusive boring questions. He hasn’t showed any value, spiked, DHVd, stack. His ‘Ultimate Seduction Model’ has so far not involved any actual game. [7]
4:43 – Does the cameraman’s posture look more like (i) carefully hiding a spy camera to look unobtrusive or (ii) pretending to do so but actually using a big DLSR and keeping the viewfinder visible?
4:35 – The phone is clasped in her right hand, with the left used to gesticulate. At 4:48 he shakes her left hand as she offers it, keeping the phone clasped in right. Now watch to 4:56…. would you just look at that! She’s switched the phone over to her left hand at precisely the moment there’s a jump cut and awkward pause to allow the cameraman to switch positions. It’s almost as if….. they disengaged and she fiddled around for a bit.
5:15 – Note her lack of increased emotional engagment when Deepak does his physical moves such as holding her hand, closing distance, and leering at her sexually. Actual girls will react to this – if they take it the energy amps up and is visibly in her involuntary actions. If they reject it, they step back or shrug it off. What always happens is they noticeably react to it.
5:20 – Smooth zoom in. Tell-tale sign it’s a DLSR with a viewfinder and not a spy cam. This exposes both the earlier lie at 2:46 and also makes it really weird she hasn’t noticed cameraman moving around her on three separate occasions keeping her in view. There’s another zoom at 6:38
5:26 – Completely fake non-reaction to what would’ve been very big display of intent in a real set. A real girl would feel the intent. She expected it and had no emotional reaction – because it was rehearsed and she was acting.
5:32 – She’s bizarrely receptive to his constant intrusive questioning and challenging. Why isn’t she pushing back a little?
5:59 – They redact her ((unique animal)) [8] even though only someone who knew her really well could use that to identify her – such a person would likely recognise her voice, fashion, mannerisms and jawline. Rather bizarre.
6:02 – “+2 points”. That’s game, that is.
6:56 – She’s about to meet her friend but goes on idate anyway. This sounds rather like it was scripted to convey him overruling her objections with tight game rather than with a concern for how people behave in real world. Given this incongruity it would be natural to show how Deepak convinces her to abandon the friend and yet the next section is completely muted. It’s a black box. One of the key moments (and higher-level skill displays) is simply removed. When the audio comes back in at 8:12 we have no idea how he pulled it off.
8:10 – “You listen to us, you get paid” if you’re a girl.
8:27 – Another barrage of dumbass questions that expect her to do all the work. No mythology, no stack, no story-telling, no humour. Nothing. It’s as if Deepak is a completely charmless buffoon.
8:21 – “So what’s going on in your life?” and she begins to answer then asks exactly the same question at 8:50 after a jump cut that places them 200m further up the street. Doesn’t that seem a little odd? If I’d invented a teleportation device I wouldn’t be hawking bootcamps to fools.

Repetition and teleportation, yesterday... or was it? Did time-space continuum break?

Repetition and teleportation, yesterday… or was it? Did time-space continuum break?

8:36 – There’s lots of daygamers on this street!
9:46 – Did you notice all the text in the shop logos and street signs is backwards? Yes, the entire video is mirrored.
9:54 – “You literally looked like her daddy” lol. I wish I was a retarded German homosexual. Life would be so much more fun!
10:02 – “I will take you to Delhi and show you India”. Look carefully and you can see the cold hand of terror grip her spine.
10:19 – This is the first in a series of scripted “now I’m sexual” scenes where she is physically recoiling. Shit just got real and she is faced with letting this ugly weirdo touch her in order to earn the money. She tries to hide her disgusts, bless her.
10:38 – Ignore the bizarre jump cuts and decision to edit the rest of the goodbye. Just focus on her body language. Does she show any of the excitement you’d expect from a girl who just met a charming man she fancies and has invited her on a date? Or, does she seem to recoil then lean away, turn away, and hope he goes away?
11:04 – An unenthusiastic meet. In itself no big deal – she could’ve been undecided at this point – but believe me these are gonna start piling up of the next few minutes.
11:24 – They meet at one end of the street and are walking at the other after jump cut outside Starbucks. This is a five minute walk, and the park they end up in is a ten minute walk. Again, not conclusive but very odd. Usually on a date you take her to one of the first decent venues. Deepak has skipped all the great venues of Chmielna street (right next to that Starbucks) and instead wandered ten minutes up to a park in a part of Warsaw that has no good cafes or bars nearby.

11:32 – You’ll note from this point on every single bit of “intimate” kino is initiated by Deepak and she shivers and recoils each time. Note how stiff it is and how she offers absolutely nothing by her own volition. This is the “do the minimum to get paid” mentality rather than behviour of a girl sexually attracted to a man and wanting to fuck him. [9]

Stiff body language, yesterday

Stiff body language, yesterday

11:40 – Not a single kiss involves her opening her mouth, using tongue, or pushing into him. They are all “god this man is gross, just show me the money” kisses.
12:10 – If you’re banging a girl multiple occasions and she’s into you – and willing to be filmed on your phone cam in McDonalds – don’t you think you could find better footage?
12:16 – He’s trying really really hard to force her mouth open and she’s simply not having it. Note her dead motionless hands and utter lack of body movement. Compare this to girls who’ve kissed you on your bed just before fucking. There’s footage of inconclusive fumbling and she doesn’t remove any clothes.
12:43 – A stiff embrace and she turns her head uncomfortably away.

"Show me the money", yesterday

“Show me the money”, yesterday

Stop and think a moment. Deepak met this girl on multiple occasions and can’t get a single clip of her (i) kissing him properly (ii) removing any items of clothing (iii) showing any affection towards him.

13:46 – Yes, Deepak, you have indeed shown us exactly what the ‘Ultimate Seduction Model’ is…. a crock of shit by a lying scammer thieving money from vulnerable men. The only legit bedroom videos you have is bumming that autistic German faggot sitting next to you.

The only true statement in this entire video is the second half of the title – that Deepak is an ugly old immigrant.

[1] The reason I didn’t expose Deepak a year ago was I couldn’t actually sit all the way through an infield of his, so I never did the micro-analysis necessary. Same thing with his (already caught faking) business partner Justin Wayne.
[2] As you’ll see, that evidence base is fake. He barely gets laid at all.
[3] This is why every active daygamer immediately recoiled at watching him. He doesn’t pass the smell test of a guy who gets laid and his stories are wildly implausible given the actual quality of his game. These daygamers know what the streets produce and how it looks when you’re producing it. In contrast, armchair enthusiasts or beginners are more prone to believe the intellectual rationalisations in his defence, because they lack the calibration and experience to trust their instinct.
[4] I just love insulting this loathsome scammer.
[5] In Daygame Overkill I’d freeze the screen, give the analysis, then restart it so that no information was missed. I also released completely unedited versions of same infield as raw data. This proves you see everything that happened. There’s no chance to edit out bad game or tells that it’s acted, e.g. fluffing lines.
[6] Somewhere in all this is a clue to why India has such an undeveloped economy and never wins Olympic medals despite being almost the size of China.
[7] An unforgiving viewer may conclude Deepak doesn’t deploy any game because he doesn’t possess any.
[8] Maybe it’s a ((Jew)).
[9] I suspect Deepak is gambling on likelihood that his audience don’t know what it’s like to have a girl sexually attracted to you and therefore won’t smell a rat.

If you thought Deepak was right to claim all my Adventure Sex lay reports are fictional, then you should read the book. Top class make-believe.


  1. Why you have this obsession with me i don’t know. I think you have a jealousy for my skills. Where are your videos on YouTube?

    • He’s just jealous that you are getting better results than him in Kiev. Ignore him!

    • Krauser it’s a fair call. This Deepak is obviously a fucking retard and a troll with less than 40 followers on Twitter.

      Why the hell are you drawing all this attention to him and giving him legitimacy by bothering to critique him?

      You’re the best in the business and I would have thought this is far beneath you.

    • But Deepak didnt you start this beef in the first place by calling him out indirectly, Some guy about adventurous sex statement. We all know your talking about krauser [Yep, I noticed his little digs. Not a problem, but it’s as you said. He’s running is mouth calling me a liar and no-game faker without offering any analysis or rationale for why that is, then in the next sentence saying I have huge advantages for being white and higher SMV than him. Currycels gonna currycel. K.]

      • Yeh deepak says strange things also like “I cant show bedroom escalation because she is a local german girl” even when the face is completely blurred and the voice unrecognizable. Maybe he knows the Germans privacy laws more than me but shouldn’t that law extend to non german women living in the country as well?

      • i am challanging you directly putting my channel and my dating business on the line if you have balls then except it

    • Where is your video of you taking a girl to a Cafe and you ask her “do I look African?” why has it been removed? that would have been the correct video to analyse.

    • Posting this here in the top comment position. Here is Deepaks nuclear response video to Krausers accusation.

      I will leave you all to make up your own minds, no need for me to state the obvious.

      As I said on the subsequent post, if Deepak had really fucked 45/90 in Kiev, there would be MOUNTAINS of evidence, including WhatsApp convos, text messages, facebook messages, pictures, and videos (he has proved he has his shit together re video making)

      There would also be tons of legit bedroom footage.

      Need I say more?

      • Justin Wayne is willing to compete against you Steve. Buy me a ticket, i’d like to watch.

      • This Deepak seems so unintelligent that he probably believes he is genuine.

        Who makes a 40 minute explanation video of how they are actually good with women?

      • Jabba when is this going down ? Going to be hilarious !
        I would actually buy a ticket to watch ! This guys a bloody MUG !!!

    • His junior coah claims a 90% approach to lay ratio, and says his students pull 80% of their approaches and lay 70%. He then dedicates an entire page to shit talking a bunch of other coaches. In one of his videos he points to a supposed use condom and begs his client to validate how hot she was. The girls in his vids look like escorts to me. He says some really creepy and miscalibrated shit. To me he seems like a very insecure sociopath. His videos have many lol moments. They’re really creepy and I’m sure he’ll end up shamed in the msm soon enough.

  2. Those 2 pole smokers sounded like they was munching on cock & talking at the same time lol

  3. This is genius…I’ve not watched any of this stuff before. It’s also frightening that people buy into it.

    Forget game for a second: just imagine you met these two at a friend’s barbeque/house party/pub gathering, or some other social event. You’d instantly think they were really, really bizarre people…

    Anyhow on to the reason for the comment:

    I’m a cameraman and video editor by trade. To add to your comment about using a “small spy camera”:

    Yep exactly.

    Firstly yes, you see it zoom. Secondly, you can obviously see what’s known as “Rolling Shutter” (CMOS sensor skew) during movemnet, which I’m pretty sure wouldn’t look the same on a spy cam attached to your body.

    Secondly, the movement itself, and the relation to the guy’s body shows that it’s handheld. There’s heavy internal stabilisation going on as well, along with some auto focus pulsing…I’m thinking that it’s a slightly older “Superzoom” camera of some sort. Fairly large, non removable zoom lens and basically smallish DSLR sized.

    You can tell the size and weight of the camera involved when he lowers it to the floor and you see it bump onto the ground.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I also get the vibe that some of the passers by are noticing it all being filmed.

    Anyhow, you can also tell it’s not a spycam because, let’s be honest, he goes to great pains to explain that it isn’t a DSLR, therefore, it probably is…

  4. As a ‘currycell’ I have to tell you Mr Krauser that part of the reason for 6) India not winning lots of medals is partly because the government doesn’t provide centralised funding for elite athletes to do largely pointless exercise such as row backwards and forwards for 5 years. You can see the effect of money on results through GB performance improvement with lottery funding / government diverting funds to athletes (while simultaneously shutting facilities for regular people LoL). As a libertarian you should see the wisdom in this philosophy.

    Secondly, GB, European teams and US have a extraordinarily high % of black athletes whose ancestry is not native to the country they represent. So what does a national team actually represent? Its pretty clear from amateur understanding of physiology that blacks have physiological advantages. Adjust for this factor and you may get a clearer picture on true performance of each national team.

    I do take your point on Indians having a predisposition to scam and I am ashamed of this fact. Just wanted to point out the fallaciousness around Olympic (bullshit for the blue pill masses) Games. Thanks.

    • Whites as a minority get the most medals, per capita Finland is top.

      • “Whites”.. what planet are you on man? There are different races within “whites”..Slavs, Aryans etc. …you can’t bundle all success under “whites”😂🙈

    • Dunno about that black people reasoning man. First most of them and their ancestors were in USA long before most present white cutizens ancestors were. By that reasoning African countries should have won most medals right ? Right. What you’re seeing is the result of a basically successful cutlure on many levels. Futhermore, Dafne Schipper my dream (&white) woman from Netherlands was World Champion in Womens 200M and got silver in the Olympics, beat out by Felix in an extremely close race.

      India has a lot of smart people just like Africa has a lot of fast people but unfortunately a flawed culture and a particularly flawed business (if you’re Indian and have a foot in both Indian and Western business worlds you already know this) and political culture in spite of the gift, yes GIFT of being a British colony and having the British legal system and political tradition handed to them on a silver platter. This combined with the lack of an athletic tradition, in other words, problems on many levels, will take probably century or two to correct provided a concerted effort is made, which is doubtful.

  5. I am tech guy and I will never tell you my business secret of filming in the infield.

    i guess you are so deluded you cant see the difference in dslr or camcorder quality compare to the shaky quality we are filming and we do use software stabilizer to stabilize video as mus as possible

    I challenge you krauser, i will show you the unedited video of this girl from complete approach to girlfriend including date in front of third person if ii am legit , you promise me that you will delete your website and disappear from the business and if i found to fake i will delete my channel and do the same

    will you except?

      • I have a theory that Jabba and Deepak are really the same person … meta trolling the PUA community with this stuff … bit of boot polish, fake indian accent .. didn’t you say you’d shaved your head off recently Jabba?

      • You’re BANNED

    • “my business secret of filming the infield”


      OK, I’ll bite.

      If you believe in your method, and in your abilities as a coach and businessman, than what difference does revealing your camera spec/technique make?

      Do you think that if you reveal your production method, that many others will start a similar business?

      If that’s the case, does that mean you believe that it’s “the secret filming method” that’s the key to your success and is the one thing elevating you above the rest of the guys out there?

      Do you fear that when everyone has access to your filming “techniques” that it will put you on a level playing field? That shows a very weak frame. Surely competition is a good thing?

      It’s a bit like a pro footballer disguising the brand of boots he’s wearing.

      I film and edit for a living, including broadcast television, and I’ll happily tell anyone who’s interested not only what kit I use, but also why I use it. Hell, I’ll even give you lessons.

      In terms of filming, edit, and final export, I’m here to tell you that you are not a tech guy.

      • Its a simple 30 dollar trick we use and do rsd tell how they film? u have to figure out yourself..

        but dslr or camcoder quality is much better than what you see in the video

    • Welcome to Deepak Mart, here you will find the best indian pua materials to become great sex machine like Ap… Deepak, I mean.

      Thank you, come again, vulnerable and gulible man.

      Thanks for the lulz K, can’t wait to invest my money in your new book (and can’t wait for soul collection to come out). Have a great day old man, you rock 😉

  6. Haven’t watched the video but I think you’ve got him

    • sorry just couldn’t watch that video … too boring …

      think youre right Krauser its fake, but can we get back to the high quality game posts instead of picking on one (of many) frauds in this PUA business?

  7. C’mon Krauser accept Deepak challenge as you are for sure he is faking it, you have nothing to loose.

  8. Krauser, I hate you for making me watch that, I feel violated.
    But that break-down of it is spot on, anyone that has consistently done some daygame for more than a few months could tell none of it feels right.
    If you can’t see or feel that, you need help.

  9. why is the indian accent not attractive to girls?

    • Why does scratching a black board not sound nice?

      • I don’t think it’s as fundamental as that. It’s probably more to do with the kind of status the accent has been associated with. Indian accent is typically associated with low status 7-11 workers in the west. Media plays a big role too. I can’t think of a single western movie where a guy with an Indian accent was shown to be cool. So naturally all mental associations point to uncoolness.

  10. I’ll say it again. What the Wayne system proves is that you don’t need to assumption stack, tell DHV stories, or any of the shit you think is necessary. All you need to do is verbally occupy the girl while you lead; emotionally, physically, logistically. Your obsession with verbals is telling of where you are at with game. Also, that you think that the numbers you are capable of getting with daygame are the definitive set of parameters also shows your ignorance.

    The Waynes can do better than you because they are showcasing more masculine leadership via leading. Your verbal tactics are not as powerful, and your “kino” tactics are tame in comparison. I have no problem believing that either Justin or Deepak could do better than you in any city on earth, with far fewer approaches. And they’re dark skinned. Imagine if they looked like Steve Jabba…

    • And how are you leading emotionally by asking bland questions that she doesn’t want to answer? Part of game is verbal. It’s a way to show the girl who you are, backed up by energy / vibe.

    • This comment is actually hilarious!

      I thought everybody knew Justin Wayne’s stuff was dog shit?

      But have you ever seen them game in person???

    • Those things aren’t necessary, no. People get laid without using any of them.

      But they help a lot, make things easier and make for smoother seduction. Verbals are a preference that suit some but not others.

      Why misconstrue the facts just to be contrary?

  11. I knew within the first 5 seconds that those two faggots don’t get laid from daygame.

  12. Upload one of your Overkill videos to Youtube and put this foreign invader in his place.

  13. Deepak, what struck me more is that you say your techniques are “leading and masculine”, when your body language and verbal interaction instead appear weak and uncertain. It looks a lot like you are shitting your pants while interacting with her. In one word, you are stiff. You banged her? I don’t think so, and she’s evidently an actress. But in any case, you decided to launch yourself in a business where you put yourself out there to the judgement of everyone. So accept that people throw shit on you, because believe me, whatever the reality is (and in my opinion it’s that you are completely a fraud) as a pua you suck.

    • then lets finish this once for all if im proven wrong i will go out of dating business forever [Steve has already accepted a challenge to go head-to-head picking up girls in Kiev on camera. See link here. That gives you a chance to demonstrate your ‘ultimate seduction model’ in person. You can use one of the coffee breaks to show him the unedited footage of your Warsaw set. I trust Steve and will accept his conclusions upon viewing your game and your video footage. You previously ducked his challenge with a bizarre excuse. Why not accept now, and we all get what we want? K.]

      • I dont give a fuck about any steve Its about you and me …lets finish this off like a man if you have balls I will come to london and we sit in room in front of 3rd person show you the un edited clip you will i will disappear and if i win you will disappear..

      • Krauser this doesn’t make sense! What the hell does Steve jabba have to do with this?

        Why don’t you watch the full unedited footage of the infield you broke down as its been offered. It’s not fair to ask someone to take a week out to do a competition ..what’s the point of you can check the original footage taken? [Deepak made the first head-to-head competition challenge, not Jabba. K.]

      • Steve should stay out of this. Deepak’s challenge is a fair one. Krauser has accused him of fraud when to anyone outside the LDM daygame bubble, there is not much difference between Nick and Tom’s videos and Deepak’s (I think Deepak subcommunicates leadership better and has better breaking rapport tonality). What Steve Jabba is capable of is due to his starting point. Yes his frame is top notch, but he starts the game with so much natural advantage its doubtful that any non-good looking suave guy could compete with him (although I think Justin Wayne could give him a run for his money).

        If Krausser doesn’t accept the challenge he comes off looking like a legit racist bully. And I say that as someone who is pretty alt-right in attitude. I don’t think Indians should have ever been allowed in Europe (and Muslims should never be allowed anywhere). I also think that Lincoln should have kept his campaign promise and shipped the freed slaves back to Africa. But I don’t get to write history. The world is what it is and blacks and browns live amongst us and fuck white women. That being said, Deepak and Justin’s daygame skill is just better if you understand what game is about: demonstrating male psychosexual strength and dominance through behavioral subcommunications. The words used are secondary. Thus Deepak’s accent is irrelevant to game success and I am shocked that Nick doesn’t realize this.

        YaReally is right. Nick’s entire meta-game philosophy is not up to speed. He doesn’t get what YaReally has been saying forever; that subcomms rule all. YaReally still uses the word “like” way too much and that is a crime worthy of physical punishment but his analysis of the game aspect of this in the comments of the “Key Masters” post at Rollo’s site is worth reading. He says exactly what I have but with reference to classic game theory and the Mystery Method. [YaReally is a clown. You are clown. You are both obsessed with sub-coms and yet can’t even recognise terrible sub-coms. You probably have a caricature concept of alpha and thus can’t see that Deepak looks stiff, awkward and uncertain. K.]

      • Never understood this community wide obsession with Steve Jabba’s looks.

        If you don’t look like a cauliflower eared, lazy eyed Indian guy – people just assume it’s because you’re good looking or English. Fuck off!

        Everybody makes it sound like he’s cheating the system. He’s not

        He just spent a lot of time in the gym, getting a lot of reference experiences with women. And compared to a lot of Pua guys is fairly level headed. So doesn’t come across as a weirdo.

        You too can build SMV like him.

        -Go to the fucking gym
        -Improve your look, eye bag removal, stubble, get a tan, weather a leather jacket and buy some Cuban heels if you’re short.
        -Live a life. Stop having MENVY for Jabba. That kinda mindset is one of the reasons you’re a chode. He doesn’t bitch about others ability etc.

        Steve also has a ridiculous amount of entitlement (The good kind) – which means his sub-communications are on a different level

        Don’t be bitter, be better

  14. what Krauser has done here is called ‘confirmation bias’

  15. He could work up to this:

    (1950s ish Mr Clean commercial)

  16. Message to Deepak. I’ll challenge you. 1 week. All filmed. Who fucks the most – me or you?

    Poland? Kiev. ?

    Your choice.

    I’m old and out of shape. I’ve not approached in a long time..I’ve lost several steps.

    I’m at my weakest.

    You can beat me.

    Do YOU accept?

    • Jabba control your supra ego … You could instead of trolling go and do some game & write some posts about it …or even better meditate…there’s a good lad!

      Ps I can offer you special one to one coaching as my part of a new 7 week program to put you in touch with your true self if you are willing to take the first step on that infinite journey to spiritual wisdom.

      Look forward to hearing from you.

      • Hey man, can I sign up too?

      • That’s fucking great..haha

      • i would be happy to show both of you the path to spiritual enlightenment, remember lads, darkness cannot exist where there is light! True fulfilment comes from understanding you have everything you need already! It’s lies within you. Chasing women, getting laid is distracting you from this eternal truth.

        You are both welcome to sign up to my special 76 week program which I call the ‘transformation of the hopeless to the now’ course. I now allow payment in easy instalments of 3000 pounds a week. I offer a guarantee of satisfaction or your money back guarantee (which you will have to claim from my small Bangladeshi assistant/camera man/tea maker if you can find him that is).


      • Can I get in on this too Berba?

        I sometimes get angry and doubt myself.

      • Yes Jimmy Jabone, you too are a child of the infinite divine presence and are welcome on my special 7 week programme which will lead to you to a path of self realisation. You will see you are but one with the great cosmic power. However, due to this unforeseen new demand for my coaching I have had to raise my prices … significantly. Remember though my child, that money like all material possessions is illusory, therefore pay it no heed.

        You speak of anger my child, remember “Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering” [master yoda]

        Your fear and doubt are but different sides of the same coin my child. I will take you on my special 93 week programme which I have entitled the ‘how to grow a pair if you’re a PUA sap’ course. I trust you will also recommend this course to your (wayward) disciple Nick Krauser (esp. to help with the anger bit).

        I also want to bring some wisdom to you from another great spiritual master. No, not that man I drink Guinness with down the Irish pub, did I mention I was Irish by the way? Its actually another wise man who talked about pursuing (adventure) sex and the repercussions to those who walk that fiery path to damnation …

        “The sexual man forgets his own position, and his relations with society, and commits great blunders that ruin his life and the lives of others” [Yogananda]

    • I would actually organise the entire crowdfunding of that shit.

      I will also throw down the challenge to Deepak in London.

    • I thought Jabba left the pu community! Please just live us alone with your pointless trolling.

    • “Message to Deepak. I’ll challenge you. 1 week. All filmed. Who fucks the most – me or you?”

      This sounds like youre inviting Deepak for a gay porn shoot LoL Just trying to work out which of you prefers to give and which likes to receive LMAO

    • Jab a you need to focus on your business ventures. No need to start competitions you can’t win with a serious put. I already beat you with my infields

      • I feel chastised

      • Id say you were a 7.5 / 10 in looks Jabba. Decent looking but not so much so that a woman is going to drop her panties for you on the basis of your looks.


        Ps hope you don’t get upset by this Steve (and go back to your plastic surgeon who left one of your ears wonky!) 🙂

    • Lol, no offense Steve, but even with no game (and also no anti-game) I think your passive SMV would give you the win (you dashing awesome fella). Have a nice one mate.

      • He isn’t that good looking but obviously still better looking than Deepak. Funny guys think jabba is snake model cause most daygamers look like guy who open door in horror films 👽

      • Biggins, actually you are right, I don’t know where this idea comes from. If you look at my pics I am only slightly above average.

        It’s weird.

      • Really? I don’t think so, you look tall and built like a tank, and you have a pleasant face, but then, people also tell me I’m good looking but I think I look kinda goofy, I blame the unfair male body standards of western society, lol. I don’t have the balls to number farm yet (and when I start I’ll do it only on tourist girls), but I adapted K’s stuff to tinder and then follow is date 3v model (I bought mastery book).

    • Jabba shut the f**k up. You are no more in the game and I know you had a long dry spell recently (how can a guy who’s been in the game so long not to have a girl to fuck?), not to mention you do only online (what a fag). Challenging a guy like Deepak says much on how low you’ve gone. Beside him being a fucktard, you are much better looking than him, what’s the point in doing that. Get your shit together dude, and man the fuck up.

      • I’ve had several long dry spells over the last 4-5 years, as I have freely admitted several times (and explored the reasons why)

        But I’m leaping back in with both feet now, very happy about this.

        I thought challenging ole Deepak might kill two birds with one stone, plus it would be fun, plus I couild make a product out of it.

        You need to pipe it down with the shitty tone, you sound like an angry moron. Go sit in the corner!

        PS No one ever leaves the game, how can you no longer want to fuck women? Your sex drive can drop a lot but (at least in my case) it’s come roaring back. I guess it’s similar for other people too…

      • Don’t forget my boy has an oversized pecker. Time to put it to use Jabba!

      • Jabba will that sex drive last once the Cialis has run its 36 hours?

    • Jabba why are you sticking your oar in …we all know for fucks sake that you are the best/first natural/Richard ruina thought you were the dogs bollocks in 1993 or whatever. But ..Let Krauser and deepak handle it without you jumping in like its a fight outside a pub where someone’s just slagged off one of your boys!

  17. (opening scene) Unbranded carrier bag filled with clothes….Like you get on all high streets I guess..

    9.04 camera man be’s a gent and carries it for her.

    She decides to grab it again in final scene of that day….

    Whole thing is outrageously contrived, what scammy Bullshit but guess its a graduation on from his old business of spamming blogs with ‘make 90 quid an hour from home’. Chick seems to pull out for kisses even though she is paid, she is probably landing an extra 100 zloty for each one 😉

    Surely though, as mentioned. He has next to no followers and no one actually believes him, I mean its not like game newbies are like pensioners falling for the Nigerian lottery scam…. is it…

    At least Tommy T, paid his actress properly and probably hired an actress opposed to an off duty pro..

    Deepak Waynker… what a joke

    • A real old time pistol duel must occur, I dare to say!

      Sorry for spamming your site so much tonight K, I’m drunk and this post is making me laugh like the idiot I (sometimes) am.

    • talk to me in my youtube channel under video deepak wayne challenges krauser , i will clear all your doubts – Deepak

  18. Ah, Krauser, the Muddy Waters of daygame. Thank you for your service.

  19. Do a breakdown of ed khans game aswell

    • yep, seems a bit unfair to keep kicking the same dog over and over again. job is done.

      now you’ve set a precedent please call out the other fakes, no need to call out the obvious scammers, its the ones in the grey area that any of us could use for coaching as they are good scammers! Yad is a good example of one of these clever scammers who seems to have an amazing rep yet looks to me like a proper scam merchant!

  20. Thanks a lot Nick.
    This article is not just good, this was eye opening from me. I learned a lot. This analysis thing is really really good, and I learned the most from your analyses in this blog.
    This video analises is my favourite because this is the most actionable.

    First of all I trusted Deepak a bit before this post. I felt in my gut there is wrong things with Deepak, but I trusted him. Because I really want that. I want that because his big sociall proof on youtube, he have exactly the same chair like mine and etc..

    But now my eyes open with Deepak

    here is the thing,
    More materials than Nick & Torero is dangerous nowadays.
    Nick and torero is absolutely enough
    Clowns and buffons are dangerous.

  21. Watched the video. Another reason why I hate indians. They are all scammers, liars and rapists. A german beginner daygamer who cant stand it anymore how immigrants ruin his former nice country. Sorry for the hate but enough is enough!

    • aren’t the rapists in Germany middle eastern migrants? indians being scammers and liars I’ll accept.

      currycell (and devoted krasuer fan)

    • When India sends it´s PUAS, they´re not sending their best. They´re sending PUAS with lots of problems, they´re bringing fake infields, they´re bringing over-exaggeration of results,, they´re scammers. Some I assume are good people.

      Krauser will secure the borders of Youtube infields, and make the community great again!

      • Deepak needs to be indicted.

      • V funny comment 😉

        It’s true that pickup esp daygame attracts the biggest losers and no hopers out there of all races!

      • Popey is right, and I glad and really grateful that my semi-autistic faggotry-inclined blue pill brain got to learn from all the the real deal shit the Pee U Away community shared over the years.

        Good is enemy of the great! (but my game is still shit)

    • lol ! oh man stereotyping at its best hahah!

  22. This video, the characters at the beginning, and all the scenes therein are absolutely revolting. When Laurie Penny and a great army of cunts just like her churn out articles in the Guardian maligning daygame and cold approaches in public, driving even more of a wedge between men and women than feminism has already done, their lives are made that much easier by cunts like Deepak Wayne and that other mutant in the video, these guys are creeps in the purest, pre-fourth wave eminist sense of the word and need to be shamed publicly. And that is what Krauser has done — performed a public service, thank you

    • This Deepak curry munching freak is a troll of the worst order. When you called him out on Twitter Jabba, he just said Conor McGregor doesn’t fight no-names. What a surprise, you can’t beat a troll. I can’t figure out why you’re feeding him.

      Seriously, why the fuck are you letting this retarded Indian who looks like he has a chromosome missing advertise for free on your blog Krauser?

      It’s losing YOU legitimacy that you’re picking a fight with a guy who is beneath you in every way possible. [It’s not about me. Someone has to call out liars hurting the community and stealing from beginners. K.]

  23. You mentioned Justin Wayne was caught faking. Where? [Aaron Sleazy caught him red-handed in 2012. See this post for example. Just google “Aaron Sleazy Justin Wayne” and you’ll see the various posts. The Wayne franchise is all bullshit. K.]

  24. Honestly,t his is good that guys call other guys out. Last thing we need is “coaches” fucking up the truth for other guys and discouraging them. If it’s bullshit it should be exposed and if it’s “truth” it should be trailed.

  25. I actually thought your infields were incredibly boring but you make fun of Deepak’s infields? without going into detail too much it is more about the vibe rather than the words. I actually find the English vibe incredibly boring. and the YAD stop? omg lol! However even if you do the wrong things of course you can still get laid. I dont think your infields are fake. I dont think Deepak’s infields are fake. It would have been best to meet him first before putting out such harsh comments. Deepak probably does get a ton of rejections more than you though and will have to work through a lot more resistance therefore he’s probably got better innergame and outergame I would say. [You can’t see how awful his vibe is in those infields and his talking to camera? God help you. K.]

  26. Can anyone else see the parallel here? Enough said… [Yep. It’s an unfornuate trait of Indians to just spin and tangle things into complex webs of bullshit while everyone else watches astounded at their inability to do the obvious clean straight-line answer. K.]

  27. Deepak Wayne video as you point out kind of seem sketchy but in other videos his game seems legit. Justin Wayne is on a whole different level in game. Trust me Krauser Justin Game is Master Mack Game. He just seems to markety,and self absorbed at times. To say hes fake you need to point out a video where he said he met a girl in cold approach and it was staged. Remember nobody has proven that. [Justin Wayne is a liar and a fake. Aaron Sleazy already exposed him with not just analysis but actual smoking gun of his hiring actresses. So no, I won’t trust you on this. K.]

    • Liar yes but fske I aam not sure. The whole scheme was based on setting up a Dancing project where he can charge puas outrageous money to meet womarn. But most of the puas he brought were amateurs who had no skills and he ( Justin) endded uop sleeping with 1 or 2 of the dancers). Aaron has never exposed a fake infeild, and Judtin ddint even say that the last few girls he fucked on his old blog were from cold approachres

      One of my friends met him and says he legi but he ie just very shiesty and at times arrogant. [If he’s shiesty and caught lying in an extended manipulation scheme, what’s the bet he pulled the wool over the eyes of these friends too? K.]

      • That is a respectable conclusion. But to be fair Krauser Deepak came out of his way to brand you as a Charlatan without deep analysis of your game. On the other hand you made a critique of Justin based mainly on what another man assumed. As men shouldn’t their be a mutual dialogue for an explanation or at least thorough research before assumptions? [It is not ‘assumptions’. I was following the whole thing closely at the time when Aaron exposed him. It was absolutely damning evidence, a true smoking gun. The man is an utter fraud. And that’s even without watching his fake-ass videos and glib con-man podcasts. K.]

  28. It will be really interesting if Krauser will accept this challenge . It’s the first time he’s been challenged like this . It’s the time for him to show he’s not firing blind but with some proof . Now it will be really awkward if he doesn’t accept the challenge and try to ignore it with some excuses. If someone is ready to end his career just because of a video made by someone who has a lot less subscribers than him on youtube there is something to watch. Also look at all his fans and friends sitting in front of their computer to defend him .

  29. Deepak, why don’t you pull a Net Vídeo Girls like california pimp but indian flavoured version? If you pay the girls, you may as well stick your curry stick into her oven.

    “Put hand back on knee white girl. Put back hand girl of the dirty…”

    “Yeah girly girl, this the kind of curry calender we shot arround here.”

    It sounded better before I wrote it. I’m regret nothing.

  30. Oh dear Nicholas this paki has offered you out publicly and anything else other than stepping up to his challenge will make you look like a faggot. Don’t get me wrong, this Deepak fella is obviously a fraud ,that said I don’t doubt he’s getting lucky every now and again and getting the very occasional lay here and there but nowhere near the numbers he is claiming no way! You would have to be retarded to believe his outrageous claims. So I totally agree with you pulling him up publicly for it. But now he’s offered this challenge up its put you in a difficult spot because if you don’t meet him head on he will claim you are scared of him and his “skills” and say your a fraud etc. Not that will matter to me or anyone else who follows you , I mean who the fuck is this paki cunt? Popped up from nowhere nowhere but his lay numbers in the time frame he’s claiming make him fuckin superhuman lol. Just put him in his place once and for all Nick. Shut that fucka down. [It’s simple misdirection to avoid attention falling on the obvious easy ways he could prove his bona fides. The fact he needs such odd challenges isn’t helping his case. K.]

    • Dude he’s not popped up from nowhere ..he carried on from Justin Wayne …done videos online for two fucking years! Krauser has got no publically available infield in all that time! There’s major hypocrisy going down because hardly any of the London guys put unedited full open to close infield up (let alone to lay). Guys like Daniel Blake put up the most hammed up badly acted Infield and Krauser sat in the dense saying he wasn’t sure about it one way or another! Wtf? The biggest guy in London pickup is Richard ruina who runs pua training and owned (which many ppl don’t know) yet he’s never put up any infield footage whatsoever!

      deepak said he’d show Krauser the full unedited video for that infield he said was fake. Why would he bother doing this if it was staged for fucks sake! [You just weren’t there in 2009-2013 when I was putting up fucking tons of infields, more than Deepak. That included at least 20 lay videos. I also put up Daygame Overkill that has 14 uninterrupted infields. The fact YOU haven’t seen them doesn’t mean they don’t exist, you fucking buffoon. K.]

  31. I’m not one to post on these types of Ks posts, but fake PUAs are the worst kinds of people, preying on weak men mainly through association.
    Deepak: If my Indian brother can get laid why can’t I the Indian software developer not
    Berba: If someone this awkward and someone who still remains this awkward for so long get laid why can’t I the socially awkward individual who doesn’t want to change not.

    I’ll give Berba one thing though, he’s like the gateway into the PUA world, I’ve met many guys in the last few years who took Berba training and just moved onto other guys teachings.

    That said, Deepak, what you are offering is the exact medium you’ve been outed on. You could put a 5 hour unedited video tomorrow and it would still have low reputability. Jabba said he’d meet you and I’m sure others would, if you really are real, do it properly.

    So stop posting up your YouTube video which is clearly put there to prevent you losing followers and gain back your reputation like a man. [This is the irony. It’s the Indians leaping to his defense because he’s Indian, blissfully unaware that it’s Indians who are the victim of his scam. But because I’m white, I must be the bad guy. K.]

    • Bojangles recorded overkill, he’s Indian. He even wrote a few things on game for Indians. You don’t have anything against him.

      Additionally, I’m half Asian (similar area to deepak) half white, my dad had no issues getting white women. There are cool Asians around who do get laid, even ones who have come off the boat, but this guy is not. [Bojangles has good game and doesn’t lie about his results. K.]

    • Krauser if im am wrong then I must go and if you are wrong then you must go accept my challenge like a man [Deepak. You are spamming comments the same way you spam my twitter and you spam girls. It’s completely retarded. I will allow you to raise any given point once. If you repeat yourself in spam comments I will delete them. I called you out so you are welcome to defend yourself and answer the charges here. You are not welcome to spam like a retard. Show some social intelligence – people are getting a good idea of your personality from this and it’s not helping your cause. K.]

      • Deepak the challenge you propose above doesn’t even make sense (I’ve pasted it below). You suggest watching a video with a third party as judge. You have no proof that the video is actually real, and there are several reasons to believe that it isn’t. What’s more, if you are sleeping with a new, attractive girl every other day in Ukraine, you should have no problem demonstrating this one more time for real.

        ‘lets finish this off like a man if you have balls I will come to london and we sit in room in front of 3rd person show you the un edited clip you will i will disappear and if i win you will disappear.’

  32. Krauser this is a brilliant post and I learned a lot from it. I’d love for you to do more posts like this analyzing people people like Yad and Ed Lopez.

    Would also love to see either you or Steve Jabba take up Deepak’s challenge, record it and ruin him.

  33. Sambola good idea.
    I’m also interested analyses persons who looks higher level.
    So I’m not really interested analyses guys, who not that much level, like Roosh. He is obvious.

    But for example Yad is totally not obvious
    Yad is probably higher level than me, because I don’t exactly see his mistakes. But you said his not that good. I’m feeling a bit, but I cannot really express myself.

    I’m probably done 2-300 sets.

  34. Krauser watched that video and read your points but it all seems pretty circumstantial to me. On the points about the girl moving the wallet (it looks like she was constantly juggling it back and forwards to me) and the conversation restarting (he says “so” frequently and often before a sentence therefore is not a unique word which shows the conversation has picked up from a certain point).

    Questionig whether you are just trying to find fraud because you can’t believe someone like d Wayne can get good results with white girls? [Look more carefully. She doesn’t juggle the phone. It’s in her right hand the whole time and she occassionally touches it with the left. It changes hands at precisely the moment of the jump cut. You need to dial in your bullshit detector. K.]

  35. This is all about krausers ego and biases …seems he just can’t take an Indian dude can do well in Kiev. He’s spent most of the week attacking deepak inspite of the fact most of the pua biz is run by crooks. Why not call out yad who he got training from back in the day? Why not call out torero instead of leaping to his defense when he got busted? [You’re a liar. I posted on Torero when he was busted, calling it for the fake video it was. I defended his ability not his integrity, because I’d seen his ability first hand. Don’t you get that it’s YOU that Deepak is scamming. I’m trying to help clueless Indians such as yourself avoid being robbed, but you’re so full of Stockholm Syndrom you can’t see it. K.]

    • Having witnessed this Deepak Wayne creep and his cameraman in Warsaw last year I can confirm that they are not using a DSLR camera. Their actual method is pretty clever actually.

      They’re using a smartphone with a mirror attachment over the camera so it’s shooting at an angle even though the camera is face down to the floor, so the camera creep just looks likes he’s walking along/standing there texting. I can also confirm that these guys were on the streets all day every single day, constantly approaching. Therefore of course they are going to get SOME footage of their method “working”. If you throw enough shit, some of it will stick. And who really wants to pay a coach who pretends to be good but in reality has to spend every waking moment of his life trying to get women to believe in him?

      • ok but you realise all the top name coaches do daygame pickup all the time. Thousands and thousands of hours every year. You could use your argument of selective sampling on any of those guys aswell?

        I saw Krauser daygame in Prague several times recently and the dude was approaching all bloody day up and down main area! Girls were munters aswell so doubt quality he is picking up for these lay reports of apparently ‘hot girls’ [This post shows you (i) don’t understand daygame and (ii) are just lying to attack my credibility. Any more of it and you’re banned. If you have a real point, make it. K.]

      • Right like other daygamers can just go out and pull a hot girl? They all spam approach. Krauser says he Lays 1-2% of his approaches! What type of girl too?

    • Don’t call me a liar..I just said correctly that you came out and defended him after he got caught! You said at time he’d just been a naughty boy and that you still thought he was ok blah blah blah …you also stick by all your other London boys even though quite a few of them are frauds. In private you say someone like jabba is just playing good looking game / has no game but in public you don’t call him out? Why? Cause deepaks got under your skin claiming better results as an Indian dude and that burns you up. You got mental issues dude. [I said his video was fake and it shows dishonesty. I said he has real skills I’ve seen. I also said I understand why people who haven’t seen his skills will decide not to waste any more time on him. This is all in black and white – use your reading comprehension and don’t twist my words. Bojangles is getting better results than me right now. He’s Indian. It doesn’t burn me up at all. K.]

  36. I think a more balanced challenge would have to involve Deepak showing full unedited evidence (including text messages) to a neutral trusted third party. If he doesn’t have such proof he would have no problem going to any eurojaunt city and replicating those results, right?

    Also he would have to prove all the lays he is talking about in the specified period, 30 girls in 60 days. That is the claim that Krauser challenged in the first place and the one that exceeds by far the results reputed daygamers have.

    Nick’s analysis is sound but it does not constitute a definitive proof that THIS infield is fake, it just makes it clear that the chances of this infield being legitimate are very low. I mean, there is still a tiny chance that this infield might be genuine.

    The challenge is unfair given that Deepak has very little to lose in comparison to Krauser. [Deepak has nothing to lose now because I’ve already destroyed his credibility. He’ll have to leave PUA business anyway if he DOESN’T do something special soon. What’s odd is that the challenge is exactly what a liar would do – misdirect and make it about the rivalry not the evidence. A legit guy sitting on real evidence would simply do a point-by-point rebuttal supported by evidence, and he’d make it as public as possible. K.]

  37. Watch Deepak’s infield “success” video and then watch Torero’s rejection video…

    Out of the two, I know which one makes me think “wow this guy has game.” The results are irrelevant. It’s the artistry and vibe that makes good PUA’s great to watch (after you’ve gone through beginner’s hell and know what you’re looking for). Those are the things that can’t be faked and will quickly expose you as a fraud, as has been the case here with Deepak.

    • Bollocks mate. What ‘looks’ like good game is often just flash game, clever little lines and reparte that the pua initiated get a hard on for as they are trained by blogs that this is slick game ..however what actually gets results? Tom is known for pulling absolute mingers …the sort of girl you’d see walking down the street and not even contemplate opening. Talking dirty Nigerian fat arsed hoes / skanky butterfaced girls from Eastern Europe …4 to 6 out of 10 at best. [I haven’t seen Tom’s girls since early 2015. Feel free to discuss his results but if so, please keep to evidence and not vague generalisations. K.]

      • Not true mate. I recorded a date Tom had in Moldova with the girl who he also closed in the park a few days later. (See video below)
        She looked like one of my girls I’ve dated, only slight better in dress and physique.

        in terms of Game interactions. It should feel fun, light hearted and simmering with sexual tension. You know you’ve done a good set when you come out of it feeling good. It’s win/win for both you and the girl. The issue Nick raised is spot on in the sense that the interaction doesn’t feel natural or socially intelligent. There’s awkwardness in the set, which is clearly apparent and easy to spot when you’ve been daygaming for long enough. A typical girl would never respond as positively as that, no matter how good your non verbals are.

        Granted, I’ve watched a few of Deepak’s advice videos and some of it is good and makes sense. I just think if he’s going to make claims like he has. Then he should be prepared to back it up with evidence. Especially since he’s doing this for a living. [You really can’t compare Tom’s game to Deepak’s. Tom actually knows what he’s doing. K.]

      • ok what would you say was the quality up to 2015? … 4-6s at best and that’s being generous. Since then Ive only heard 3rd party analysis of the girls but sounds like nothings changed. My view is if a guy is banging hot girls why aren’t they posting pics on their twitter, FB or whatever instead of doing all the “I pulled a HB9 business”?

      IF I AM FAKE THEN I do no have right to stay in dating business ..tell krauser to accept my challenge and i will come to london [I never defended Tom’s fake video. While you both lack integrity, he does at least have genuine skills and a deep understanding of the game. You don’t. Also, you are aware your sensei Justin Wayne did a podcast with Tom, right? So any argument by association applies to him to, and by extension to you. You really are a low-IQ buffoon. K.]

      • Deepak. I’ve traveled with Tom and Nick and can confirm that they both walk the walk and go the extra mile by being as transparent as possible by posting lay videos/audio, despite the risks involved in doing so. I feel as a professional and getting paid to do what you do. It’s in the interests of your customers and fellow colleagues that you do the same. Don’t make grand claims if you’re not prepared to back it up with evidence.

    • This reveals your ignorance of game and shows that you don’t actually daygame. Because if you did, you would know that verbals are secondary in importance to emotional vibe and physical leadership. And Torero’s video is NOT better game than Deepak’s and Justin’s. Jesus Christ. Justin has pulled equal quality girls with boyfriends using far better technique than Torero. He actually gives the girl a high five for having a boyfriend then changes the subject, He then continues physically escalating, something Torero does not do. So you look at this and say but Torero’s verbals are so witty. He’s like a daygame version of Russel Brand. That’s great game!! But you don’t realize that in the ACTUAL FIELD those verbals are not the best way to move towards sex.

      Justin is on a level beyond the LDM guys. And he gets girls to tattoo his name on their asses. No easy trick. He’s got better daygame skills AND better relationship retention skills. He’s just better. He’s actually closer to Steve Jabba in terms of his views on women too. Justin doesn’t have the Manoshperean hatred of women you find all over Krauser’s and CH’s material. Objective outside observers, especially those gamers who have built their skills in the much harsher sexual markets of North America, would consider Krauser and Deepak at similar levels. But they (we) marvel at how easy EE and FSU daygame is. Jesus Christ, the gils are so receptive there.

      A North America daygamer might rightfully conclude that all of you motherfuckers are faking infields! It also puts into perspective how all of you Euro guys get similar results; ie Deepak vs the LDM crew vs James Marshal vs Liam McCrae vs Bereber vs Sasha vs Eddie vs Richie (although Richie is rare, a British guy with an actual personality…), etc. When I look at all of you as a whole, I see that you are all at roughly the same skill level or more accurately the same attractiveness level. The difference I see that is significant is the system being used. The Wayne system is the most physically and logistically aggressive. Therefore I would not be surprised if it yielded the best results (ie 30 in 60).

      All of game is inevitably caught up in personality cults. Its probably inescapable given human nature. But trying to be Objective as possible, Nick has no right to accuse Deepak of being a bad daygamer when minus Deepak’s accent there is little difference between the two. The infield does not look any more fake than Nick and Tom’s videos and Deepak’s challenge is a fair one. Nick’s refusal to answer it or to hide behind Jabba’s ill conceived counter challenge shows Nick to be a legit racist bully (and not the great defender of white Euro civilization that he pretends to be with his Twitter account). There’s no way around it. He does not come off well in this affair. And his 5 volume set of his memoirs just reinforces that he is a man with an ego problem. What the ancients would have called “outrageous arrogance” (as distinguished from legitimate pride).

      Nick, Strauss wrote the game in 2005. How many “loser to lover” tomes do we need? lol [Your concern trolling is over. Banned. K.]

      • ‘gamers who have built their skills in the much harsher sexual markets of North America’

        What rubbish. New York is singularly the easiest place to run daygame I have ever been to. The reason why guys go to EE is because the girls are on average hotter and more in shape than the average Brit or American.

  38. Comment from a guy who purchased Justin Wayne product…. Justin Wayne tryed scamming me too. Extra charges that I wasn’t aware of for almost a year, then he randomly tryed taking over $100+ out of my bank account a year after I had unsubscribed from his product. Lucky for me my bank text me to say there was fraudulant activity and I managed to stop the money going out. The guy is a parasite. I’m sure he has good game but that doesn’t mean anything if you have no integrity and zero morals

    There are few other similar story by other product owners. I tell you that he market the product as if it’s biggest thing in PUA industry. Do not fall for his marketing tricks, you want to be good at game go out and approach, albeit it’s a painful process but it’s the most effective way. [This is the kind of man Deepak chose to model himself on. That’s what these currycels don’t get – I’m trying to save them from getting scammed by Deepak. These people have no integrity. But now I’ve warned them, it’s up to them if they want to jump into the snake pit with the scammers. K.]

  39. In the interest of fairness, yes Deepak is inflating his lay count. That much is obvious. But I never suspected this infield to be fake (unlike GLL’s infamous day-in-the-park infield which was a shameless fake obvious to anyone who isn’t Helen Keller). Deepak’s infields don’t come off as staged. DSLR cameras are much better quality than what we’re seeing here. The chick isn’t kissing him with any degree of passion, sure, but this could be down to other issues (frigidity, lack of real attraction despite going on dates, bad kisser). I’m not saying Deepak is wholly honest (his exagerrations suggest otherwise) but we need more proof he’s a total scam artist. With Tom, we at least had a smoking gun.

    Anyway, I respect Krauser and the principle behind wanting to expose charlatans. [When someone starts a business, charges money, claims an ‘ultimate seduction model’ and claims results 5x everyone else then the burden of proof is on him, not his detractors. K.]

    • yep been on a lot of dates where girls wont kiss passionately or at all then are all over you later on. Some have hang ups if youre in public especially id imagaine if you were a mixed relationship couple like Deepak obviously is. The camera thing is apparently just a smartphone with a mirror which explains a lot. this isn’t a smoking gun at all and I think the video above is actually real. I do also think he exaggerated his lay count for marketing reasons but tbh this is par for the course in PUA / Daygame when other top name London guys have been caught outright faking videos. [Please use some social intelligence. Deepak claims he fucked this girl and met her again on several occasions. He “kissed” her on six different occasions in the video, across four dates. If he’d actually fucked her, she’d have used her tongue on at least one of those videos. K.]

      • That jumps out at me a lot, when I fucked up a date due to LMR after pulling (tinder), the next day she still kissed but no tongue (hilariously she didn’t complained when I masturbated her in public and she payed me a burger after, but no fuck close and no chance to long play because she ignores me on WhatsCrapp, lol).

    • If that video isn’t a fake then I better make my way down to whereever that city is! My life would be much smoother!

  40. What Deepak will do if Krauser accepted the challenge: re-hiring the same actress and shooting more footage. It will be something like: they in the bedroom, then bed, start undressing, then switch off the lights and moaning as if were fucking for good. Other scenario: lights are on, but they are under the blanket, pretending to fuck. Third hypothesis: he’ll hire a prostitute who looks like the actress (after all we never saw her face) and fuck her for real.
    Of course doesn’t make sense that Krauser accepts the challenge, for obvious reasons, though I agree that Jabba challenging Deepak doesn’t make sense too.

    • Or Krauser might just have been wrong to say the video is fake. Deepak wouldn’t have offered him the whole recording if it wasn’t the real deal.

      • If it was real Deepak would have already uploaded the footage on YouTube [Precisely. There are specific issues I raise of “this bit is missing” where he could simply post the missing bit (if it exists) and therefore remove that issue. He hasn’t done so. He’s just grandstanding because enough people are dumb enough to let themselves get distracted from the actual specific charges I raise. K.]

  41. If this guy is affiliated with Justin Wayne I know these guys.
    They do pick up girls (the less attractive ones) but the real 7-9s are paid actresses.
    I think it was a HuffPo article where the girl exposed how she went to one of their fake casting call schemes.

  42. Ap… Deepak I mean grandstanding reminds me of Saddam Hussein’s propaganda minister’s speeches telling media they where winning when they where getting owned left and right. Oh man, you could almost see Saddam’s big ass statue falling on his head while he proclaimed victory, lol.

  43. I think back to the old infields now from and think how they could possibly be fake. Not just Torero.

    I watched a bit of Deepak’s video with his buddy analyzing the infield and what struck me is how his buddy is also creepy. These are not guys you wouldn’t want to hang out with. If anything Deepak has a chip on his shoulder playing up that he is a immigrant and that he is stealing other peoples girlfriends. In my experience girls do not fuck guys with these attitudes.

    So yeah, both of these guys have something wrong with them.

    Krauser has gone to great pains to illustrate the grind and how it is full of ups and downs and that is why I respect him, whereas the other guys would like to make you think pickup is this great thing that always works. For that reason Krauser has built a great bond with his audience. Deepak on the other hand is trying to capitalize off of this with a challenge that will hopefully get him some exposure to new fans. Holding out a carrot of unedited footage doesn’t really mean a thing. He’s just really stretching five minutes of fame to hopefully ten minutes of fame if he really has it.

    My personal opinion is, the video is a fake. The video is too seamless and the best Deepak can hope for is a friends zone number close, if the video is real and it stopped a few minutes into filming.

  44. Deepak, here is the thing.
    I think you didn’t need that race with Nick or Jabba.

    I think, you can make your proof when you will post that text messages with that hundreds and hundreds girls..

  45. These faggots are rattled it’s hilarious to watch… [44 minutes of two numbskulls talking? No way I’m watching that. Can anyone give me the TL:DR highlights? K.]

  46. I skipped through it briefly before heading to the gym

    It’s basically:

    We have amazing “tight game”
    Krauser’s time is over,he has shit daygame, plays heavy numbers game, not much proof
    Krauser is a beta male, we are alphas

    Fuck Krauser ,he is a faggot. FUCK Krauser!

    Then I was mentioned

    Justin in particular seems to hate my guts “I don’t like that dude” “He’s not that intelligent”
    FUCK STEVE JABBA, he’s also a beta male. He talks a fair bit about how he doesn’t like me.

    There’s some discussion on why they are both getting wound up also.

    Gym time, like I say I just skipped through it. [Jesus, they are really digging themselves a hole. K.]

  47. Justin wayne nowadays.
    He is not that bad, but probably he is an actor.

  48. Thank you Nick for bringing to light the discomforting experience of Deepaks infields. Without reading your analysis I instantly knew it was fake. Why would an attractive woman give HIM the compliance of walking together when he clearly failed to demonstrate any attractive qualities to her? These swindling hoodwinking bandits need to be brought to a court of law. And seeing as there is none in this decrepit industry, may I suggest we the people set up a committee (you being the supreme authority as you have proven your credentials) to flush out these remnants?. We can impose violations, demand all of ex students money to be returned, bans etc Should you agree let me know and I will get to work on a charter.

    This is why I believe everyone should learn cold approach on their own because of the Deepak wayne’s of the world.

    • Ever seen a lot of infield where no DHV stories are said and compliance will be given. Lot of other factors to consider. You’re working on something like the Mystery method model I assume? However agreed that everyone should learn cold approach on their own to bring out their true authentic personality.

      • No I’ve never read mystery. I have only known the LDM. Well in that case the girl must have liked the look of you or she sees you as nothing more than a friend. Have you done at least 2,000 cold approaches yet?

  49. I would say his plan is to cash in by providing paid bootcamps to the “new” Europeans who’ll be unable to assess him for who he really is.

    From his short podcast with Molyneux I got the feeling that his plan was to have Molyneux agree with his assertion that immigrants will need a good minority teacher like him, because it’s “getting harder and harder” (/indian tone off) for non-European men to get European women.

    That said, this could be a small scale catastrophe for daygame in Germany, if his clients will apply his “craft” with persistence on the streets..

  50. So many dumb ass Indians falling for this shit and thinking that Nick is giving Deepak shit because he’s Indian. No you dumb fucks, Nick is actually saving you from wasting your money on this fucking con artist. You’re basically just going to learn to be a creepy cunt like those creepy rapists in India who leer at any women that as pale and follow them around like a bunch of flies around shit.

    Save your money, stop funding this ugly socially incompetent motherfuckers life. There’s lots of free resources out there to help you how to get girls. [Indians wanting to get laid would do well to listen to Bojangles as he does very well for himself. K.]

  51. From looking at this stuff I got quite interested in what the whole ‘Wayne’ guys are up to. The first video I looked at is already suspect (Approach to bedroom in 1hr). In the video Justin is claiming a SDL within 1 hour of meeting the girl. At the start of the video she is wearing a black tank top (around the 1:48 mark). In the apparent pre-lay sequence in the bedroom (around 7:30) her tank top is gray. Did she decide to change her tank top before hooking up? [I’ll give a free login in to all my three video products for anyone who finds a smoking gun in either Deepak’s or Justin’s videos. I’ll give an Overkill login only for anyone who provides a convincing analysis of why a video is fake but can’t produce smoking gun. K.]

    • 9:15 look how creeped out that poor girl looks.

    • Damn! That is very solid evidence of Justin Wayne being a fraud and a fake, before I just had my suspicions but now that proves it. I have downloaded the video before he can take it down

    • Justin Wayne is an arrogant guy. However, that video is clearly the same girl. Its a night vision camera so it makes dark colors brighter under low light. Also, I know one of the client that Justin Wayne ran his social circle operations with… He said it was just a bunch of PUA’s having fun but there was no recording of them etc. According to him, Justin Wayne’s videos are real but his business tactics are questionable. Also, Justin did perform in front of Cosmopolitan here so thats why people dont care about the old allegations:

      Now, Deepaks claims of 8 girlfriends are harder to believe. Justin resembles a celebrity like Kanye West and does have evidence of girls who tattood his name on their bodies…while Deepak looks awkward and no extreme evidence of girls that are really with him. Also Deepak never performed infront of 3rd parties. But its so hard to say… Maybe Deepak should challenge you guys… record him infield Krauser! [C’mon, Cosmo is a credible source now? As for the ‘smoking gun’, I’m interested in your take on this: her black vest is now light grey, but her black bra strap is still the same black. Also, there’s a black bracelet on her right wrist that is clearly visible throughtout the video up until the same moment as the vest changes colour. What’s your interpretation? Also, why do you believe this is a SDL rather than simply a bounceback with light makeout before LMR (which is all that is actually shown)

      Having looked at the mediocre girls Justin parades around as girlfriends and closes, I can believe it’s possible in negro-friendly New York to find girls of that calibre either for real or on Craigslist for filming. For all Justin’s weirdness, it’s not such a big stretch in SMV / personality terms as it is for Deepak. K.]

      • Krauser, it is a strong general consensus that many of the girls that Tattooed His name are legit HOT girls. It’s easy to say girls are mediocre. No1 says that but you. However, the bigger picture. ALso, many girls he closes have said they arent into black guys.. he has videos interviewing them after… SO its hard to say. Will you ever challenge them or just go out and meet them? Or will it always be speculation?

      • I thought about the lighting thing too, but indeed she is wearing something else that is black in the video at the end (e.g. her straps). If it was an optical thing, then that black should also be gray. I’m not even going so far as to say that he didn’t hook up with this girl, but the specific claim and how it is presented is highly suspect, because that is a gray shirt at the end.

  52. So Wayne dating is in England ready to go, does Jabba or Krauser have a student or instructor in New York who is willing to put their skill set to tht video tape test. Everybody seems to have video crews or someone who can document the event, let’s get it going!!!!!

  53. It is quite funny that Justin Wayne has started to attack Tom Torero given that they did a podcast together and they recorded it almost one year after Tom got busted. [These people have zero integrity. They’ll say whatever is expedient at that moment. K.]

  54. check out this post by Jenni Lark exposing how she was scammed into a MTV casting call by Justin Wayne. Based on her instagram photos she seem like a legit person ( an aspiring musician)

    • That’s old news, Justin addresses that a few years back. I need current multiple girlfriends of krausers to come forward and claim him. Justin has been doing this for years. [I don’t give a shit what you need. Any more Wayne shilling and you’re banned. K.]

    • Justin already said he made experimental social circles… no one cares about 1 stupid bitch. I care about the hot girls who tattood his name on their boddies [You’re an imbecile. His ‘evidence’ is junk. He spent two years posting fake SDLs full of all the muting, jump cuts and weirdness Deepak does now. It was those girls he was doing the MTV scam with that Aaron Sleazy exposed him for. You don’t get that once a guy is shown to be a pathological liar then ALL his ‘evidence’ is suspect. K.]

      • Obviously some more of Justin Wayne, sock puppets…
        Hey Justin, while you’re here. I’m in the process of making a series of videos exposing you… And the obvious fake infields… I’m mainly taking material from Aaron Sleazy but it will be good to have it on Youtube… And hopefully I can get my vids ranked next to yours. Hope you will subrscibe and support my channel…. You’re time is done 😉 [I hope you do a good job with it. Link it here when you’re done. K.]

      • Can your champion produce at least one chick who wants to be with him? He hasn’t over the years! so your numbers game in the end will leave you lonely and you can say “At least I got all these other dudes with me” While Justin’s sock puppets got women in theirs lives who want to be with them.

      • No Justin, sock puppets dont have women in their lives, do you know why? Because they’re not real. You have to make fake accounts on Youtube and here to say good things about yourself because no one else will. Don’t worry this is one of the topics I’m making a video about in case you still don’t fully understand [Justin was constantly sock-puppeting back in the day. Really fake manipulative shit. I’d be surprised if he’s given it up. K.]

      • Well the challenge is out there, and Justin has 2 3rd party witnesses., and 2 well known companies who want to do business with him. Krauser well lets hope he answers the challenge. [How about they just post the evidence? It’s obvious misdirection. K.]

      • Christopher Higgis, I work in SEO and specialize in ranking videos. I’d be happy to help you rank your videos in order to take down these guys. [If it’s competent video, I’ll link it and send free Overkill login as bounty. K.]

  55. Heartiste’s red-pill racist training has never proven more prophetic…

    I once bought pills from an Indian call center pharmacy (I was really young), now they call me about 6 times a day. People are about as annoying as this Deepak dude.

    Krauser are you having fun?
    Wtf are you doing to your blog?

    You set a high standard in creative writing and intellect.
    Stop acting like Merkel and get the degenerates out of your domain! [These people are harming the community and everyone who comes into contact with them. Seeing as no-one else is willing to call them out, I have to, and take the heat that comes with it. K.]

    • Hear hear. Completely agree. Can’t believe Krauser is willingly tarnishing years of his hard and brilliant work by bringing himself down to the gutter to roll with this retard Deepak. [I’ve finished the rolling. I’m showering off now. K.]

  56. Haha this Deepak Indian guy (bud bud bud bud thank you please!) is just about as stereotypical as you can get! everything about him is just BAD. That accent for starters…. Jesus H Christ! And this dude reckons he’s banged 30 EE birds in 60 days?? Yeah certainly possible if he’s paying for prostitutes not possible because of his “skills”. What really makes me laugh is that people actually believe this idiot and what he’s saying as is quite patently obvious from the comment section here alone. Hilarious! And this Justin Wayne dude just looks and acts like a creep, looks like the sort of nigga at school who would get the shit kicked out of him for his dinner money lol. The way he acts and talks just isn’t real …. A fuckin chode if ever I saw one. Wannabe plastic gangsta. I need curry now…. [Jimmy and I skyped Justin once, either 2010 or 2011. He was at a good university and spoke like a university-educated white man. I was actually surprised. The ghetto thing is an act. I don’t know why. K.]

  57. Something I wanna add to the whole debate:

    1. I think “the Wayne’s” overestimate the power of game skills to a high degree. They wanna make people believe it’s nearly unimportant how high someones SMV is and with their game system even a fat guy or even total geek could consistently pull above-average looking women. Claims I never heard by other guys who know how the whole thing really works.

    2. They make claims about lay accounts with above-average looking women nobody in the community ever made. They mean their systems, be it “The Domino Effect” or Deepaks “Ultimate Seduction Model” would lead to results nearly no one in the Pickup community would have. So they wanna make us believe they found words and acts you can do and pull three times more than every day- or nightgamer ever had. They really wanna tell us no one found what they found, even after 15 years of Pickup community, which is highly unlikely.

    3. They dont’t tell us what their systems are about. They mean it has to do with charisma and personality, but for what I have seen, they really aren’t the most souave, smooth and charming guys but tell us they would pull more hotties than anyone else. Even if they would mean it’s about the verbals, they don’t deliver the most funny, charming or creative lines. Most of it looks kinda odd or pretty average. So what it’s about? More amount of time and more physicality as other PUAs use? That’s not really special. The question is what their “legit skills” should be all about. I don’t see it.

    4. Their systems seem like word for word copies of Jon Sinns daygame products. Mixed with some 60YOC stuff and even elements of the LDM (as you can see Deepak’s use of the “Torero Toe”, his more edgier style by wearing a leather jacket and some – really awful – stacking after opening).

    5. His 15-lays-in-40-days claim would mean a) nearly all of them where SDLs or b) nearly all of them had a day 2 with him. Let’s say he approached 10 girls a day and talked with every of them 10 minutes, and the lay took him 2 to 3 hours including 1 hour of foreplay and fucking, it would mean he spent 3 to 6 hours per day by gaming and fucking straight (!) which is kinda unbelievable. Because this would also include no flaking and no LMR or he was able to overcome every LMR he experienced. It’s highly doubtful the connections with these girls are that deep in that short amount of time and with nearly everyone of the 1 out of 10 (or more) approaches he had. Especially when he says the girls where better looking (!) and some of them even virgins (!).

    So there are guys with odd to average looks and charisma + not-at-all-surprising verbal skills, telling us to found a game system which brings more hotties into your bed than every day- or nightgamer ever figured out in 15 years of Pickup community, but nobody sees what their secret is nor do they tell us something new. They even don’t tell us what their secret is but bait people into buying their products.

    So Deepak, Justin, why should someone believe you? A first step would be to make your super magical Domino Effect or Ultimate Seduction Model phases open for everyone so everyone can try your system and can figure out if the results become really outstanding or you practice scam artistry.

  58. Nick can’t clean up this community alone, it’s unfair to put all the pressure on him.
    There are many deepak/justin type characters infecting pick up, other honest guys involved who have lived this lifestyle need to step forward. Nick had the guts to stand up and should be applauded but this is just the beginning I feel.

  59. I am an Indian and have learnt a lot from Krauser’s blog and Daygame Mastery book. I have never commented on this blog but feel it’s important to voice an opinion on this issue.

    The crux of the matter is that Deepak Wayne has made outrageous claims. Krauser’s analysis provides enough grounds to question the veracity of Deepak’s claims.

    Krauser’s views on race, his politics etc are irrelevant here. As far as daygame is concerned, Krauser has been a beacon of authenticity and he repeatedly stresses that his commitment is to the truth. If you doubt Krasuer’s credentials, his intellect, his intellectual honesty, his mastery of daygame, stop asking for new evidence. Just read the blog – spend days reading through the archives to get a glimpse of the man.

    I have my own views on his twitter posts, his sometimes controversial outbursts or his name calling. Put that aside for a while. Deepak is simply using these as props to divert attention from his questionable claim of 25 lays in 50 days. And Deepak has had a a meltdown, a completely loss of frame when Krauser challenged his claim. Do you think this is a man who aces the shit tests that women throw? If he can’t answer a challenge like a man, what game does he have? If an accusation riles him so badly, how can he hold his frame with hot women?

    I have been hitting the streets lately – at times even 25 sets in a day. Admittedly, not much success so far. But the journey is thrilling and yet eviscerating. In daygame, you are trying to bend all the social courtship rituals to your reality. The margin of error is small. Women intuitively sense your flaws and punish you. Yes, Deepak could claim that he has some magic system that bypasses all of this. But then he is claiming that he is bypassing the laws of nature. Krauser breaks social taboos to evoke women’s natural baser instincts. That’s incredibly difficult but in the realm of the possible. Deepak claims he breaks the laws of nature but provides no evidence of this. Either he has to substantiate his claim with evidence or we have to brand him a charlatan.

    Nick, I have looked for answers in Daygame Mastery every time I blow a set. Introspection, dispassionate analysis and a rereading of the relevant section of Daygame Mastery has always yielded the answer. In a less feminized world, this treatise would have earned you an honorary doctorate. [Thanks for the kind words. K.]

  60. I exposed you enough in my video with Justin. You ask for my proofs but you don’t share yours just your books. You attack the wrong guy and I will finish you and your time is over

    • Deepaki…Shut the fuck up, you are a fraud making outrageous claims which are not backed up AT ALL and furthermore you can’t even speak fuckin English properly, have a weird Indian call centre accent and look like a turd dredged up from the sewer. And you’ve fucked 30 girls in 60 days??really??? Where the fuck did you pluck that number from? You’d be EXTREMELY lucky to fuck 30 girls in 60 years lol. Your weirdo creepy mate Justin Wayne is a wannabe gang banger twat and you?…well you are just a cunt. Krausers time is over? Lol nigga please…your time never even started😂. Your just butthurt bitch because you’ve been outed publicly for the fraud you are. You can carry this on forever with you posting your gay YouTube videos , we can go round and round all day it still won’t change the fact that in the PUA community you are nothing except a waste of skin and carbon dioxide. A fuckin joke😂. Remember it 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

    • Wow you’re such a fucking idiot Deeepak, this mentaltiy just shows what a low life scumbag you actually are. The problem with you is that you are a very insecure person, attacking everyone and anyone that is a threat. I remember you commenting with your sarcastic jibes even when Yad resurfaced earlier thiis year on his youtube videos. . Now the only reason why you don’t want Krauser around is because you realise just how potentially dangerous he can be in exposing you.

    • fucking lol at how clueless you are, you dumb bindi fuck

      you shouldve just ignored it and it wouldve disappeared and been just another forgotten blog post, like so many others. Instead you display your complete lack of business sense, get very defensive and issue bizarre challenges that make you look more guilty and blow this up into a big internet drama for all to tune into

    • Deepak Wayne, Let me tell you the Honest Truth.
      From one Indian guy to another..
      You my friend ARE DELUSIONAL!!

      Trying to claim you banged 50 girls in 50 days is impossible, even by the best looking daygamer, and you certaintly ain’t that guy. On the SMV scale, your really ugly (1/10) and your accent is super strong and disgusting.
      I know it’s harsh but it’s the truth!
      Do you really think we believe that girls get attracted to the broken English that comes out your mouth. Hell no!

      Now before you respond by saying “Your system works”. Let me tell you something.
      “Your” system is basically a copy of Krauser/Tom and all the good London Daygame guy’s.
      You have just combined all their stuff and rebranded it as “your ultimate seduction method”.
      No one in the PUA community will believe you and I feel sorry for all the people you trick into giving you money.

      Yes you may attract one or 2 Eastern European girls who like dark skinned men. But I get that too, and I don’t classify that as tight game, because they are just YES girls who are into your look.
      That doesn’t make you some master seducer.

      The most honourable thing you can do is QUIT your sh**ty PUA Business and go back to IT and if you are lucky, settle for some chubby 6.

      PS: It’s very obvious that you doubt YOUR OWN ability. Anyone that watches this video can here it in your voice [I’m all in favour of troll accounts criticising Deepak. It entertains me. K.]
      Youtube >> Will European Women Date Immigrants? – Stefan Molineux

      • You are absolutely right. Most of his girls are Yes girls who are into his dark skin look. Also he had a video which was very similar to Torero’s ‘Bar to Bedroom’ in terms of using the same lines/question that Torero used. I am convinced it was fake and I ‘m sure many others did too but for fear of him being exposed on a large scale he’s removed that video. Though, they’ll always be suckers in the world who will fall for his BS. Its the reason why so many people get duped into scams all the time. Let them spend their thousands on his “coaching” etc. Sometimes learning the hard way is the best. [How many PUAs actually called Deepak out? The cowardly fags should bear some responsibility for students getting scammed. It’s not like they have to call EVERY faker out, but if they took a stand now and again the PUA industry wouldn’t have such a reputation for being full of spivs and fags. K.]

  61. lol… thought I’d leave this here, it’s easy to think Justin is doing really well because he has 100k subscribers, The truth is, his channel is only a fraction of what it was in 2015. To put things in perspective, last month Tom Torero gained almost double the amount of subscribers of Justin Wayne, and Street Attraction about 5x more…. I wonder what Justins channel will look like in another year, probably even worse…

  62. Bingo. There was an interview with Deepak Wayne and an outspoken guy about immigration to Germany. Can’t find it, but I think you know him, kinda looks like Louis C.K. I was skeptical of Deepak at first, but after that interview, I was pretty sure that his material was fake or at least over exaggerated. Many questions that were asked from him just weren’t answered coherently. Hard to explain without watching the video again, but just hearing his responses 1st hand, I just felt this guy doesn’t seem like the real deal.

    • This is the “debate”
      It’s really entertaining, Stefan gets frustrated at how much of an imbecile Deepak is. Stefan explains some really intelligent arguments on why immigrants have lower SMV and Deepak just talks “bud, bud, bud” nonsense

      • – this part is just gold. Silver tongued Deepak in action.

      • Yes, that’s the one. I don’t even agree with several of Stefan’s viewpoints, but Deepak can’t even hold his own in defending his side. Much less, show the traits acquired from understanding the traits of women and dating and their political/social implications. [Christopher, you’d better hurry up getting your video done. Deepak is only a couple of days from a warm bath and bottle of pills. K.]

  63. Is it worth indians hitting on white girls ? its probably better they hit on girls of their colour

  64. Deepak Wayne is a faggot. Period. Nuff said.

  65. The Deepak-Justin Wayne-Krauser bashing was ridiculous, they’re much more dumb as I thought, sorry to say but it was very childish, I laughed my ass off, the girls you both guys get must be very stupid and a pain in the ass. 😀 It’s very funny to hear about “game” by these guys.

  66. This is probably the biggest drama ever in seduction. I have to admit i have learnt good stuff from Krauser although i follow Tom Torero in his method. I think the four of you should just meet up. You’ve got nothing to lose. So that’s Justin Wayne and Deepak against Krauser and Steve Jabba. I love the LDM and i use it but it looks like the DOMINO EFFECT of the Wayne family is superior. Just look at Justin Wayne, he pulls girls home at will, boyfriend or no boyfriend, in a city as flaky as new york, and he is black (disadvantage because of negative stereotypes). No offence Krauser family but i think the Wayne family is better at relationship management too. And i can’t believe that Steve Jabba is a natural and he is denying the possibility of 25 girls in 2 months when all my natural friends think this is very realistic. I agree with Steve Jabba that there needs to be solid proof.

    I say Justin Wayne vs Steve Jabba

    • STFU Justin, everyone knows this is you. Look how you recite the same BS all Justin Wayne fake accounts do “better at keeping girls around” “even with a boyfriend” and mentioning of your own products. Even your name is obviously a fake account, it’s something only a stupid nigger would write to try to blend in

  67. This is all so cringy. Not just this whole scenario but also your response, Krauser.

    It doesn’t look like your intent was to save the money of Deepak’s potential future clients, but rather to use your blog to retaliate against his digs at you in his videos.

    The guy is obviously a tool but this whole blog is turning into a nerdy witchhunt like a thread on sluthate.

  68. Maybe not a smoking gun, but another inconsistency in Deepak’s web of lies:

    At around 8.30 in this video, Deepak’s virgin “business partner” says that he has to put away “the big camera” and film the rest of the infield on his mobile phone.

    At around 4.15 in his “rebuttal” video Deepak claims that his top secret method of filming uses “a very small camera.”

    In which video were you lying, Deepak?

    • There was a video that Deepak uploaded earlier this year where he takes a girl to a cafe and the lines came across as very scripted. Some of the questions asked by Deepak was very similar to what Tom Toerero used with his girl in his ‘Bar to Bedroom’ video. Though it wasn’t just the questions that stood out but the way she answered some his questions which didn’t flow. For obvious reasons that video was taken down by Deepak only after a week it was uploaded. So I would like to ask him to re upload that video for the interest of all.

  69. Deepak no one respectable in the euro daygame community is supporting you, you probably never thought that the 15/30 claim would damage your reputation in the industry forever, just go back to work in IT, you can still daygame and find some 4s or 5s to have as a girlfriend. But your capacity of scamming people have been diminished after this incident you created yourself. Leave with the little dignity you have left.

  70. I find it hard to believe he’s good at his IT job either. So far with one exception I only have bad experience with his kind in the IT field.

    • The CEO of Microsoft and Google both are both from “his kind” so they are many from his background who have contributed significantly to the IT sector. My point is lets focus at the point in hand.

  71. Yeah deepak is fake what another Indian pua called magic? He seems real.

  72. Impartial party here. Hoping to shed some light on this. Find it an interesting argument. I work in production and can speak to the camera claims and if the cutting proves that the footage is fake.

    Besides the camera itself (is it a DSLR or not) and the debate over the hidden mirror recording technique (which seems to have been confirmed as legit by a third party), the “tell” Krauser refers to is the fact that we’re on one side of the subjects, then we magically cut to the same moment from the opposite side of the subjects. How can one pull this off without stopping the camera while they re-setup the shot from the other side, cueing the actors, then start recording again? In production terms this is called a “match cut” and it’s something you want to do to create a seamless moment.

    Actually, when two characters have dialogue, you’ll have them say the last line of dialogue with one shot, and then when you switch camera angles, have them repeat that very same line to start the new string of dialogue so that it’s easy to match cut the conversation in editing.

    Here’s the funny thing. This is what Deepak is trying to do. He’s trying to create that seamless cut. But there’s an odd stumble of words that isn’t quite a continuation of the previous conversation. This tells me there’s been a legitimate jump-forward in time. The thing that Krauser is busting Deepak for is actually how I know this isn’t faked. Had Deepak’s cut been more seamless, I would’ve been way more suspicious.

    Deepak is trying to be seamless in order to create the best Youtube video. The only thing he’s guilty of is being a bad editor with bad footage.

    With that said, I have to agree with Krauser that something SEEMS off about Deepak’s presentation. Ironically, it’s the same vibe I get whenever I watch a Justin Wayne video. Something is off. You don’t know what it is, but it’s something. I’m not surprised to have learned about the Justin Wayne “acting exercise” female casting call because that was the exact “something” I felt. The girls were just a tad too eager for a cold approach. He now seems to be using another version of that – his mini-celebrity – to get girls, as opposed to using pure game, which is what he claims. Whatever the case, something sheisty is going on in his videos that always gets my spidey-senses tingling.

    Let me present another possibility for Deepak though. Cause I don’t think this infield is faked. Can it be that this guy just spam approaches for 2-3 days, 50-80 approaches, until he finds a “yes” girl, and that’s the girl he puts up on Youtube? So he is technically getting laid, but not nearly as much as he claims to be? It doesn’t have to be BLACK (he never gets laid) or WHITE (he fucks 5 girls a day). Why can’t it be somewhere in the middle?

  73. I have given Deepak a week to re upload the viideo which I felt would be for everyone’s interest to see but he has failed to do so. I don’t think it was a huge ask either but the fact that he is avoiding what I have asked or even provide an explanation as to why he can’t upload that video proves that he’s trying to hide something. Guilty as fuck really.

  74. Dear Nick

    Congratulations again – scamming young men is not harmless, its not only morally wrong from a monetry persepective but it could also end up messing with these mens future interactions and relationships with women. Well done on exposing this guy – really enjoyed the breakdown comes from a true pro.
    One thing will take up with you is that you said something like its not possible to fuck 20 white women in 30 days or something like that. I think i managed to fuck 25 different white girls (not whores) and mostly above 7 in a month. Saying that it was fucking hard work, I lived in the apartments above the Hilton Hotel in manchester and was young and good looking and partying pretty much every day at the time. Its not sustainable and at the time I was working day and night game round the clock using pretty much everything I could to my advantage (I’m relatively good looking). Think that also included 10 days in Ibiza.
    Game is one big hard slog I just hope that the kids don’t get fed anymore of this kind of bullshit – I mean theres no easy way to get good at it, I’ve been trying my best for 10 years now and i still get nervous, sound boring or fuck up all the time. Not to mention problems with motivation when you just don’t want to speak to anymore people, all you want to do is get cosy and put a decent thriller on !
    Anyways thanks as always for being real – keep up the good work

    ‘Nick Krauser is the Paul Scholes of game”

    Kind Regards


  75. Whats blatantly obvious is he’s a massive Krauser fan,he’s mirroring your game..all be it fucking badly

  76. That’s a good analysis! To completely destroy Deepak Wayne, one only needs to point out that even if we believed that his game was not fake, he would not stand a chance to keep a girl in the long run. The problem is that he has very low socio-economic status. I believe he is based in Berlin. With the massive influx of illegal immigrants into that city, and Germany a a whole, he would first have to dig himself out of a hole and prove that he is not a low-status immigrant from the Third World. But how could he ever do that? Plenty of guys from the Third World who happen to work in higher-status professions, like as software engineers in multinational corporations, severely struggle to get girls. How, then, would Deepak Wayne keep a girl with solid looks and a middle-class background around? It’s easy. He won’t.

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