London Daygame Buffoons #2 – Michael Valmont

December 27, 2015

Are you familiar with the term “uncanny valley”? It’s a term that came into use once robotics. CGI and video game graphics all became sufficiently advanced to make that leap from “obviously not human” to “kinda human-like”. A quick search on Google got me this definition:

used in reference to the phenomenon whereby a computer-generated figure or humanoid robot bearing a near-identical resemblance to a human being arouses a sense of unease or revulsion in the person viewing it

The icky feeling you get from observing a humanoid in the uncanny valley is because your brain senses it’s just off. It’s like the disgust reflex for spoiled food or brakish water. With that in mind, let’s introduce you to the Ricky Martin of London Daygame…… Michael Valmont.



  • Is it because he’s wearing a suit (to look professional) while shooting a video in the stationery cupboard of his boss’s office?
  • Is it the smarmy smile like a used car salesman?
  • Is it the over-use of hand gestures rote-learned from a How To Succeed In Public Speaking seminar?
  • Is it that he describes himself as “world leading self-development and dating coach” from that same stationery cupboard?
  • Is it is completely fake forced empathy and gratitude in wishing us a happy new year?
  • Is it the weird facial expressions such as that flash of eye-bugging 0:23 into the video?
  • Is it because he sounds like he’s reciting someone else’s material rather than his own?


It’s all just rather uncanny. We know that homosexuals are characterised by infantilism, narcissism, lack of empathy and an all-round superficial fabulousness. Mr Valmont appears to give off precisely these signals, so my first thought is perhaps that uncanniness has a more interesting – shall we say closeted – origin. Let’s check out an infield. Bear in mind he’s listed this following video as a “social experiment” so it won’t give us a window into his method, but rather a window into his world view and vibe.

First things first. He’s a good-looking tall white dude. Therefore I’m predicting a Johnny Cassell-type response where girls will initially stop, react well, and then gradually get creeped out. Let’s see.


0:08 – Okay, first set is creeped out and quickly excuses themselves.
0:13 – The music is making me want to buy a girl roses and chocolate. I feel so…… noble. It’s warming my cold red-pill heart.
0:24 – His manner is like a condescending psychotherapist, like the M’kay guy in South Park. That’s uncanny and she bolts.
0:50 – She really fancied him on looks alone.
1:09 – Note the weirded out look to the side. She knows she’s not actually nicely dressed but she can’t believe a guy that hot is talking to her so she just spins around, spazzing. That’s a nice baseline to measure the impact of his looks before game is applied.
1:51 – Pedestalising and lacking sexual tension. Now, remember this is a social experiment so he’s not trying to fuck them. Nonetheless, note the vibe for comparison with the next infield below.

So at this point you’re probably thinking what I was – what a faggot! His pieces-to-camera are clumsy and unconvincing and his infield work is creepy and uncalibrated. Just another purple pill charlatan ripping off other people’s material then mixing it with blue pill happy thoughts and pranks for the benefit of YouTube monkeys. This shit is clogging up YouTube and presents a formidable interference smokescreen for a dedicated wannabe daygamer to find his way through. When deciding to add him to my London Daygame Buffoons series, that’s what I thought.

However, rather than run my mouth half-cocked (I use Twitter for that!) I did my due diligence. I delved into some of his older infields and was very much surprised. Here’s one from two years ago.


You weren’t expecting that were you? After those god-awful recent videos it was a big surprise to find out he’s actually running a solid London Daygame Model. Let’s analyse it in detail. I have to admire textbook game, even when they’re using my textbook uncredited.

0:13 – Good confident stop. Tap on the arm, correct distance, entitled vocal tone.
0:19 – Direct and fairly ballsy opener. She’s immediately hooked. Strong yes girl. That’s the power of being tall, good-looking and opening well. It’s like Roger Federer smashing a strong first serve – the point is already won even if the opponent gets their racquet onto the ball.
0:25 – Further confirmation of the hook. She’s stacking him. Her momentum is completely killed.
0:42 – Spotting that she doesn’t really know how to stack, he takes over with one of his own. This is all technically correct so far. Nice one.
0:47 – And now some challenging to get her qualifying. Textbook. He lets her talk and holds solid body language.
1:01 – Note the excess of energy seeping out through her fidgeting. This girl is already completely sold.
1:04 – “Observational comment + Tease” straight out of Daygame Nitro (Mastery wasn’t released until a few months after this video).
1:09 – He vacuums to draw her into asking a question. Again, solid LDM.
1:19 – Now he slips from vibing into investment. They are being more normal now. Attraction is done. It’s enough just to spike a little from here on out.
1:37 – Gentle reframe of her job on brand identities, painting a picture with words. Solid.
1:42 – Unlike his public speaking videos, these gestures are real and appropriate. He’s having fun and it’s putting a nice vibe onto the girl.
1:54 – And another teasing story. So far, I like what I’m seeing. It’s a technically solid set.
2:05 – Pushing back and disagreeing. LDM suggests you find at least one thing to disagree on, playfully.
2:41 – The investment is so-so. He’s doing the right things but lacking a bit of the quality that he showed in the first two minutes. Still, it’s adequate. You don’t need to be awesome every second of the set.
3:01 – Qualifying and reframing her age. I don’t think it’s necessary in this set but it doesn’t do any harm. Sometimes when you’ve learned the model, you want to run every piece of the model regardless.
3:05 – This is a very covert sexual spike. He could only be in trouble with the police if he intended on interferring with her sexually. So, clear man-woman frame rather than gay best friend.
3:15 – He should be wrapping it up now. That was her signal to get on with it. She’s sold.
3:20 – He correctly reads the signal. So, no Johnny Cassell-like calibration miscues here.
3:32 – This is his first bad move of the set. Up until now it was smooth solid work. Suddenly he betrays a lack of entitlement and begins babbling and second-guessing himself. If she likes him enough she’ll interpret it as Hugh Grant bumbling and think it’s cute. If she’s in any way on the fence, it’ll guarantee a flake. I think he’s going to get away with it this time.
3:46 – Mars Bars line is a good recovery.
4:11 – Correctly refuses her full name. Note how vibe is better than when Cassell was actively asking for full names.
4:21 – “That’s too much romance for me” is also a subtle push. Solid.
4:31 – “I like that, give me a hug” ends it with a clear statement of interest so she doesn’t think he’s just being a clown.

Me, yesterday

Me, yesterday

I’ll admit it, the reason I chose to feature Michael Valmont on the blog is Eddie and I had been pissing ourselves laughing at how bad his recent videos are. We just thought what a fucking buffoon. I actually thought he was a closet homo shamming daygame to build a prank channel.

But no. I checked a few more of his late-2013 street stop videos and they are a similar style and quality. The dude had proper LDM skills. Okay so he’s tall and good-looking, and okay he’s not showing Y-H-T but it’s still technically solid work. The dude has clearly studied the material and gone through the grind on the street to internalise it.

Now, the big mystery is why is he teaching all that non-technical purple pill faggotry now? What happened to take his vibe from “quite charming” to “uncanny valley” – or is his vibe still pretty good but he just feels uncomfortable speaking directly to the camera – hence the weirdness is an artifact of shooting the videos rather than something inherent in him? Has he done an ayuhasca-addled Sasha-Marshall-Berba type disappearing up own arsehole reversal or does he still coach his students in a technical manner with actionable behaviours? Is he pandering to the purple pill crowd for the money or have I got it all wrong based on having only seen his recent prank videos?

Conclusion: Real skills, mystifying recent direction.

Opinions below. And if you’re reading this Michael, are you still running the LDM and do you coach it in technical steps ala myself and guys like Tom and Eddie? (And apologies for calling you a fag. I wanted to start the post with a strong impact to bring out my own surprise at the quality of the infields).


  1. This series is nice, K. It’s like a workbook on how to analyze other people’s infields. I’m enjoying it a lot.
    Why is 3:32 bad in the third video? The girl answers in a qualifying tone and puts her left foot forward. And if it’s bad, what signs can we read in her body language?

    • It’s bad because if you are getting a girl’s number, you should just shut up and take the number like it’s no big deal. You can tell once the issue of this girl’s phone number comes up, Michael starts bumbling around with nervous chatter like a monkey who has never gotten a girl’s phone number before. I also agree this set was pretty good up until the number close where he started to go a bit wobbly. Thankfully, he pulled it back together somewhat before they parted ways.

  2. Nice analysis, Nick. I think you might be able to add me to the list of your Daygame Buffoons. I spent the last few days re-watching a bunch of Berba infields and other infield videos from you, Torero, Street Attraction, Daniel Blake, and Ed Lopez. I’ve seen the light. It’s pretty obvious now that Berba and Yad create very little sexual tension with the girls they are talking to compared to those who are running a solid form of the LDM. Berba, for example, is doing way too much chit chatting and not enough qualifying, push-pull, negging, etc. These things need to be present in a man-to-woman interaction, or it’s just going to end up being another unemotional and boring chat for the girl. I have to say I was blown away especially by Daniel Blake’s infields. In Blake’s infields, the women became absolute Jell-O around him. They are literally giggly with sexual excitement. It really is a beautiful thing to see a guy who can make a girl fall into her feminine because he is exuding so much masculine strength. [Done right, the LDM is pure art and girls respond in ways a normal guy simply cannot believe. K.]

    I’ve also dumped the stupid idea of “just being yourself.” All of the guys seeking out dating advice have been being themselves, and they are getting no results. Even if you strip away all of the social conditioning and become your authentic self as Berba recommends, that doesn’t ensure you will be able to attract women. You still might be very clumsy, boring, and awkward with women.

    In short, the techniques, structure, and models of attracting women are a skill-set that can and should be learned. A guy should take the time to learn the daygame skill-set until the skill-set is a part of his true self just like being good at anything (a sport, painting, playing an instrument) can authentically become a part of a person’s authentic self after enough time and practice.

    Keep up the good work!

    (By the way, Daniel Blake gave a shout out to you in his most recent video, if you want to check it out. He just posted it.) [Good comment. And yes, now you understand our frustration when people just can’t see what’s happening right in front of them on the YouTube screen. I’m glad this series has helped. And thanks Daniel with the shout-out. K.]

    • Ed Lopez also gave Nick a shout-out.

      • Yes funny how Krauser is suddenly getting all these shout outs right after he proclaims he’s going to shame all the daygame charlatans out there … still maybe its just coincidence .. yeah right. They are doing what in military parlance I believe would be called a pre-emptive defensive manoeuvre. Blake is more ‘uncanny’ to use Krausers own lingo than Valmont, certain he is half cyborg experiment gone wrong and Ed Khan is just a strange pygmy freak who reeks of sociopathy. It worries me at how easily taken in some of the guys commenting are by these wierdos … you can see why they prosper in this ecosystem through taking advantage of those who cant see they are predatory.

  3. loving this series.. keep it up, great writing

  4. I guess his new material is a marketing gambit to appeal to blue/purple pill guys. I could see myself sympathising with this ideology in the past, as it sold you: “You don’t have to change anything about you, you can be yourself and you will have all the hotties. Fuck that weird Mystery Method and all those weird PUA models, game isn’t a skill”.
    When I discovered the community, guys like Sasha would appeal to me, and actually it was useful as it got me approaching, but still wasn’t game as I was only punching below my weight.
    Can’t blame the guy, if he’s trying to make a buck, appeal to the mainstream sounds tempting.
    If he has the skillz , more power to him.

  5. It’s pretty obvious he’s going after the money just the look at the views pranksters and social experiment videos get on youtube £££

  6. What’s your opinion on RSD Todd’s Daygame? [Lame. US is so far behind Europe they might as well be wearing bell bottoms. K.]

    • In the US, you don’t need such a well developed verbal art form for daygame. The culture is so degraded that Todd’s approach is all you need. Take a look at Justin Wayne as well. His verbals are non-existent. He doesn’t need them in America. All he needs to do is lead and physically escalate. The LDM crew are guys that have honed their game for European culture and women. North America is a different phenomenon. I sometimes think that if you are too smooth verbally in America it could work against you. [I’m undecided on this due to my limited experience in US. One thing I do know is that stuff gets you laughed off the street by Euro girls unless you’re exploiting a +2 hypergamy bias in your favour. As always, YHT is the real test of game. K.]

      • 10×10,

        I’ve spent most of my life living in between the East and West Coasts of the United States, and I think guys in Middle America can probably get away with a less tighter game than maybe a guy who is living in New York City, Miami, or London. I think most girls in Middle America will be wowed by any guy who somewhat has his act together, has the balls to actually approach, and the balls to lead even a little bit. I think girls here are starved for real men, as the culture has become very degraded and overly-feminized. Girls in Middle America are used to meeting guys through Tinder which then leads to a predictable and boring interview date. I think very few girls around here get approached and seduced in any sort of direct fashion, which can give any guy with enough balls to even attempt a cold approach a big advantage.

      • @Thomas,

        I agree. I have spent some time in Mid America and the South and girls were far more approachable and more responsive to core level masculine strength. The only problem was when I lived there I didn’t know about game and was beta sadly. If you are a NYC day game veteran, you will have a far easier time of day gaming in mid sized American cities especially in the Mid West or Southern states. And most girls would be so shocked by cold approach confidence that LDM mastery would be overkill (although still a good thing to have).

        Young guys in America are learning their day game from RSD and equivalent sources. Ive tried to show some of these young guys the British day game materials but they don’t want to watch it. Why? Because they think it is too “nice” and too formal. That’s why I say that N. America is a different phenomenon. But using RSD Todd’s daygame approach in Serbia or Budapest or Moscow would not get you anywhere unless you were a male 8.5 or higher. [I don’t think Todd is a faker, BTW. He has good SMV, good vibe, and puts in a decent technical performance. I imagine he’s a cool guy to hang out with. I just think his model is underdeveloped. I watched his daygame product without learning anything I hadn’t already seen in the Blueprint and think it is outrageously overpriced. K.]

  7. I saw this video around the time it was released, I was quite impressed at the time (although not blown away even back then which at least shows I had some discernment even as a newbie). Rewatching it now less so. I think actually doing many approaches makes you aware to the micro nuances which you cant spot as an outsider or newbie … he is running what I consider to be passable beginner to intermediate level game. As quite a good looking guy he can probably put enough girls into the funnel to be happy (if he is indeed into girls) and there arguably is not much point building his skill up for personal gain. As for whether he should be teaching others thats another quesion altogether.

    First off his video title is misleeding as you’d expect from a daygame cowboy, she isnt an ‘english girl’ but an anglo-indian girl born and living in London. This I think makes quite a bit of difference in her behaviour. An ethnically english girl (not irish, welsh or scot) has certain traits which are distinct (region in UK, along with social class etc also causes huge behavioural differences, but I wont dwell on this as its tangential to post).

    This is what I see ….

    1) Approach was fine, she was going into a shop so he had to quickly make a move, or else follow into the shop. Full marks for moving in fast from behind, without startling her. Like you, I can see she is immediately interested mainly from the fact that before he even spoke, she said “hi” in a submissive, soft, feminine vocal tone which had a slight upswing to it. From here he only has to peddle through the rest of the set and not drop the ball.

    2) Opener was weak, “you walked past me and I thought you looked beautiful”. The connotations of the word ‘beautiful’ made me slightly queasy. Its pedestalisation and (enabled) beta male behaviour which is indicative of his blue pill mindset (nothing has changed here). Far too complimentary and that too on her looks (think if Naz TNG said this what would we think?). Still you can get away with it with a strong yes girl and he did so here. He continues “& I wanted to know who you are ..” she jumps in with her name. He comes back with “Hi Rose, Im Micheal” … note the nervousness in his voice here, he isnt certain of himself at all, its jumpy and quivers giving his weakness away (her hindbrain is so excited she misses all of this).

    3) This slides into messy and sloppy first meeting introductions with “how are you” and “how are you” .. the fact she is a yes girl means she doesnt bolt following this stuff …infact she is so interested she actually takes the lead to take the conversation forward following the opener! .. “Are you just shopping or …”? This gives him an opportunity to talk about his coffee trip and crack off a joke about looking like a beggar.

    4) At this point he has to come in and lead and he does so fairly well with the first comment. He riffs off her name “like an english rose” which I like, nice bit of teasing. He then does a sloppy weak nationality assumption by saying and I quote this mess directly “you dont look, you are fully english?” He lucks out with her keen to share her background. He moves to a (cliched) assumption stack on her height and heels (admitedly the golden oldies still can do the job). She is so interested she just babbles around this.

    5) 1.09 the key moment, either he vacuums (as you generously suggest) or he is just lost in space as nothing else is rattling around in his (empty) head at the time. She comes in and asks quesions …

    6) He talks about her job. Credit for teasing her with “you’re in sales” in response to her saying she is an account mgr, also he teases her charming clients. Talking about a job is the weakest conversational material you can veer into, nobody likes to actually talk about their job, its boring for all concerned (but many like to do so as it can elevate social standing and so on .. its never going to help build a sexual man to woman vibe though).

    7) Tease about age. Ok. I’ve seen this very same eg used by many other PUAs. Sexual spike? .. perhaps, although its border line wierd nature isnt ideal as your essentially joking about the age of consent/sexual maturity.

    8) At this point, as you spot on point out (3.15), she raises her right shoulder and says “err yeh, it was nice” which roughly translated means “come on, wrap this up, are you just just going to keep messing about or actually going to get my number/suggest something?” I think it also comes at this point as she felt the awkwardness of the tease about age which is borderline uncomfortable for her, she verbalises “you’re getting into dangerous territory now” which I think may have had a double meaning for her (not just censure for his teasing her but also saying she was a little creeped out). She wanted to wrap the set up herself before he ruined the whole thing.

    9) You are right Krauser to pick up on the mistake at 3.32. Frankly you are being far too nice .. it is unforgivably poor game from someone who touts themselves as a daygame coach. He cant close … so he induces her to close by saying its “sad” they are going seperate ways. She offers her number to him as this retard at this stage seems incapable of leading.

    10) Babbling about cocktails, mars bars on a date. As you say lack of entitlement even though she has just offered her phone number to him!

    In conclusion, a good looking guy stumbling upon a strong Yes girl. He bumbles and fumbles through LDM, occassionally rattling off a witty line, probably lifted from somewhere else. She continually fills in for him to faciliate and support the whole process, even going as far as to close him at the end. Good example of what happens as a fairly good looking guy doing beginner-intermediate street game on girls looking for a boyfriend .. sadly, it wont be the typical experience for most men.

    Also, once on a date (sure she will come out on this evidence) if he continues his stumbling & bumbling she will begin to see through the smoke and mirrors and could well filter him out depending on her other options .. her forebrain will catch onto the quivering voice etc which I pointed out and sabotage the process, at the moment her hindbrain is just overwhelming any discerning or rational though (ie hey good looking guy is here & I kind of need one). Krauser I fear you are being too generous in your old age .. if this guy was a student, ok fine, he’s doing well and getting things down .. but he is actually taking ppls money for coaching! [Interesting analysis. I’m happy to host detailed breakdowns by anyone who offers them. No problem with mindwank. K.]

    • Krauser’s critique was on point but you’re just being anal.

      • You hear lazy comments such as yours a lot in the PUA sphere (along with “don’t over analyse” / “just approach man” [the bro version] and so on and so forth)…neatly avoiding the need to actually debate anything on any intelligent basis.

    • I would be interested to know what you perceive as major flaws in the game of Daniel Blake and Ed Lopez. They seem to be running the LDM fairly competently and have same-day lays on video to prove it. Daniel Blake might go a bit overboard with his qualifying and harsh negging. Ed might be a little overly-pushy at times, but off the top of my head, I don’t recall serious flaws in either Daniel or Ed’s game. I reviewed all of their infields this past weekend. [They have tighter game than most of YouTube. K.]

    • Do you have the actual experience to back up such anal analysis?
      I mean, can you actually execute all of this real time in field? [He’s not presenting himself as a player, just an intrigued analyst. Take it on it’s merits rather than an argument from authority. K.]

      • Thank you Krauser! I like that description.. “Intrigued Analyst’.

        To add, I don’t think anything I said above is especially controversial. For instance, I think most PUAs agree that to set the correct frame a guy should lead an interaction .. in the video above for example he doesn’t pull the trigger and close, instead prodding the girl to take over and do the job for him (while he mutters some gibberish). Who thinks this is good game?

        If you don’t want to analyse a set in detail, that’s fine, if you want to imitate a self proclaimed coach’s bad game go ahead … but I suggest to you that if you for instance straight after opening babble pleasantries along the lines of “how are you & how are you” etc. you will lose the set 9/10 times unless she is already sold and a solid yes girl (in which case you can probably say anything anyway). Try it out for yourself if you don’t believe me.

        I’ve done enough sets to recognise all the issues I pointed out. On whether I can actually execute flawless game under pressure infield myself .. no of course not, I make various mistakes in every interaction, but I’m usually cognisant of them (sure there are many mistakes which I’m not aware of as well). I am just as hard on myself when analysing my own game as I know that mistakes cost you infield. The main ‘mistake’ actually in the above video is not in what Valmont says per se … its actually in his underlying mind-set (or inner game), he doesn’t feel that he deserves the girl and this seeps out into a quiver in his voice after the open, the gibberish mumbling and bumbling at various points, the inability to close. Its all from the same source.

  8. Valmont is 6’3″, half British, half Filipino (he got lucky with the height), born in Borneo. He’s got an exotic look to him and he’s trained in Shakespearean theatre which is a valuable skill set. The guy has loads of passive value. As for his daygame, I would say he is a good daygamer. Not great but good. He has a few other infields with attractive girls which I would say were the equivalent of Tom Torero three years ago, before he developed his edge. But Torero was still good for 30 lays a year with that level of game. I would imagine that Valmont is easily capable of that if not more.

    Chris from Good Looking Loser was capable of 40+ girls a year off of daygame and he was running a largely artless form of screening volume game. “Hookup Arts” as opposed to “Pickup Arts”. Valmont could easily do the same if he puts in the numbers as his verbal game is light years ahead of Chris. If Michael were 5’8″ and totally Filipino and he was using the same skill level of game, he would be in the same boat as Ed Lopez and his game is not quite as good. His work load would have to increase dramatically for the same results if he could even achieve them and there would probably be a cap on the quality of girl he could pull from cold approach. But at his looks level and height he could pull all the 6s and 7s he wants especially if they are foreign and he’ll have access to some 8s and an occasional 9.

    Valmont taught for Kezia Noble’s team as did Cassel and Simon Spencer and that little Arab guy Ari. Spencer is a guy you could critique as well. He used to give talks at the Saturday lectures a few days ago and he’s been active on YouTube lately. He’s got great frame control imo but his version of LDM is really stripped down and minimalist which might make it better for guys who are more low energy. The ultimate low energy minimalist day gamer is James Marshall whose style is radically different from the LDM. My guess is Nick probably thinks that Marshal can get away with that style because he’s good looking.

    I think that the upgraded r-selected version of LDM is the best system of day game I have seen so far for guys that are not above average looks and height; ie guys not like Cassel and Valmont. Nick and Tom’s methods for personality display, sexual spikes, demonstration of frame, etc are better than I’ve seen from other daygamers. The only other system that I think is comparable is Justin Wayne’s system especially as it is applied by Deepak wayne. Its a more physical system that relies less on verbals. Outside of Nick and Tom, I think Deepak is the best YouTube daygamer in terms of art, with James Marshal coming in fourth.

    Its really mindblowing to see daygame methodology develop right before your eyes like this. 20 years ago, men didn’t even know cold approach was possible. [Working for Kezia is a huge red flag, but not a conclusive disqualifier. I might feature Spence as he is utterly cringeworthy. Marshall isn’t doing “game”, it’s more like “cold approach then stand there and don’t fuck up” so there’s nothing to critique. I haven’t reached an opinion on Deepak – I don’t want to start analysing his game until I get some proof he’s not hiring actresses and hookers. K.]

    • Yeah, that’s what I thought your opinion would be. And you’re probably right. I would say that Spencer, Marshal, etc are running a version of screening day game where they are basically doing volume to find Yes girls. Its actually just a classier version of Chris from GLL type game. And I do know from some of the day gamers that I have met that are young, tall, handsome and *confident* that it is possible to get 30+ girls a year in the range of 6 to 8 with this approach (and sometimes an occasional 9 if the guy in question is an 8+).

      But they are not “craftsman” of the pick up arts. I see this with Daniel Blake. Assuming his videos are real, he puts more technique into each set than other PUAs. He does the tease off the open, mythologizes the girl’s backstory, does the animal comparisons, vibes, then uses sexual spikes. He’s only 24 so he is by no means smooth but he doesn’t have to be. He’s faithful to the r-selected LDM and you can see how girls IMMEDIATELY fall into his frame and go all giggly. Marshal, Spencer, Valmont, etc, don’t get reactions like this. Which is why I say that the late stage LDM is the best of the day game *systems* out there. It has more built into it then any other system and give guys a way to show significant value beyond looks in a quick, efficient and powerful manner.

      Young guys who are above average looks or better who master Krauser’s system should be good for massive abundance that would have required you to be a top an apex natural in prior decades. At 44 I’m very jealous of the younguns that have access to this stuff now; guys like Blake (24) or Matt Eastwood (22). [Daniel is definitely working the craft element. He’s a good advert for the LDM. I have no reason to suppose his videos are fake – if you run game like that on girls like that, your best sets will look just like that. There’s no sense of “how did that happen? she isn’t responding like I know girls respond?” that makes an infield smell fake. They are cherry picked, but so are everybody else’s. I haven’t seen Matt Eastwood. K.]

      • FYI he just released a new infield .. it would be interesting to see what you think as he is running LDM where it was born in PUA triangle. [It’s not bad at all. Everything is more or less there and you can see he’s able to chill and let the conversation flow. Positives: confident, calibrated, what he says is relevant to what she says – i.e. not just spamming his favourite gambits come what may – challenging, leading, on-off with eyes. Negative: Not very sexual, no touching, no clear statement of intent, a bit fidgety. This is the only one I’ve watch so I don’t know where this video stands relative to his better and worse days. K.]

      • BTW, Matt Eastwood worked for Kezia as well. Just sayin’ 😉 [Everyone is allowed a few bad decisions! K.]

      • Just saw this after someone mentioned I was mentioned in the comments

        Learnt from Moran (Nick’s Old wing – in “Balls Deep”) And Steve Jabba. So, I feel I’m ok.

        Do work for Kezia – She is a good business woman. That’s all I will say about her.

        And thanks for the analysis. Not into blondes at all so was doing it purely because I was paying the cameraman and wanted footage.

        Not the greatest interaction but Daygame works like that.

    • Hey Nick, I know as you alluded to in your post how you associate with Eddie from street attraction. I’m curious to what your take is on Richard from street attractions game? To my novice eye he looks like one of the most natural ‘unnaturals’ if that makes sense. Out of everyone on youtube, he’s a guy thats game has always been very impressive for me. Ps you need to do a feature on Berba- this series can’t not feature him! Ha. [Nobody is natural. Richard learned it the same way the other top LDM guys did – the hard way. He’s volatile but when he’s good, he’s very very good. K.]

  9. Watching good looking guys daygame is fucking dispiriting for a balding male 6. thank fuck i developed a personality at college/university otherwise i’d really be in the shitters. I can stop a Russian solid 9 on Regents St and weave into my deep cultural knowledge of everything Russia leaving her oohing and aaahing. But when I stop an Anglosphere woman I pretty much get no love as I feel looks is a big factor in who they potentially date. I’ve not daygamed abroad just yet as I want to earn my “London Badges” first, however,in order to get Y-H-T do you recommend I daygame abroad?(central/eastern europe). I can’t help but feel like Game is overrated sometimes!

    • “Watching good looking guys daygame is fucking dispiriting for a balding male 6.”

      *sniff sniff* This already smells bad. What kind of frame is this to have? You think Krauser or Tom are running a looks-based model? When I first saw Tom I felt genuinely sorry for his genetic lottery results; now I see him and I think ‘well no SHIT he’s good with women: look at him! He’s TOM!’. Girls can smell insecurity like yours a mile away, not to mention your weasel is mainlining this negative shit. Also: What the hell does game have to do with any of this? Shave your head or put a good beanie on if you can’t get over it. Own that shit.

      “I can stop a Russian solid 9 on Regents St and weave into my deep cultural knowledge of everything Russia leaving her oohing and aaahing”

      Uh…is this game? Does it get you laid? Honestly asking. If you’re bedding “Russian solid 9’s” I’m not exactly sure why any of this would be dispiriting. Being able to wow a girl with cultural knowledge is a great tool, but its not going to get the job done on its own. I have a friend that thinks an IOI from a cute girl on the street means that he ‘couldve fucked her’. No. It means that he’s at the starting line and looks impressive to the crowd; now he has to run the goddamn race and win.

      “But when I stop an Anglosphere woman I pretty much get no love as I feel looks is a big factor in who they potentially date….

      “I FEEL” (emphasis mine)

      Yeah, and this is what SHE is going to feel, too, and you’re bringing that baggage into every approach. Krauser once wrote about how he could tell that he was making a strained, unnatural face by the tension in his forehead, and would then make sure that he stopped doing it as soon as he caught it. This is because sub-communications are so damn important. You’re almost surely sub-communicating that you think you’re ugly and/or low value, and its tanking your results. Hell, its so bad that you now have a complex about it. Also: are you even attempting to game these girls, or are you trying to impress ‘anglosphere’ women as well with your deep Russian cultural knowledge? What do your looks have to do with either of these anyhow?

      “I’ve not daygamed abroad just yet as I want to earn my “London Badges””

      Somebody commented that I shouldn’t have daygamed in Europe because I hadn’t daygamed (at the time) in my own country (US). Why? Because sperg. I know we use the term ‘game’, but there aren’t actually physical stages that you have to go through (ROUND ONE: LONDON. FIGHT!!!!) and nobody is grading this mental checklist you have. Game everywhere, whenever.

      “I can’t help but feel like Game is overrated sometimes!”

      Aaaaaand thats the troll I was smelling from the first comment. You haven’t said a single thing that even sounds like ‘game’ to me, you have a poor self image and your name tells me that your head is in the wrong place entirely. Throw away your online diploma and get your ass back in that classroom. [While most of the content is correct, I think you’re being a bit harsh. I think every normal guy can’t help but express a little envy at the tall good looking guys. So long as they still approach and still work on their game, it’s just a harmless way of letting off steam. K.]

      • “I can’t help but feel like Game is overrated sometimes”

        This is what I had trouble with. It “feels” like a femtroll is writing this.

        NB: Game is a combination of internals and externals. If you lack internals, you focus on externals and build up your internals. Eventually, your internals won’t be dependent on your current emotional state. You want to aim for internalization of the Gamer maxim “Pussy is just pussy.” No reason to be in awe of a beautiful woman or try to suck up to her or feel that she’s out of your league.

        Of course, you have to have something to offer her. Maybe that something is nothing more than a lasering amused-mastery smile that generates tingles. Maybe it’s chat that puts her on an emotional roller coaster. Maybe it’s a ballsy move like asking her to go to your pickup truck before you have even kino’d her. Maybe it’s playing obnoxious yet charming games that some girls like.

  10. I don’t get why I don’t see these guys out? I know it’s winter but I’m out in London more than most and I haven’t seen another daygamer for weeks other than my wings.

    I’m not sure if it’s just because it’s winter or if it’s actually a dying art. Most of the old school players focus on Europe as I plan to next year and I’m not sure they’re being replaced.

    • Its been raining most days this month in London and it gets dark at 4/5pm! Most daygamers are in hibernation mode … Ive done some shopping centre game (westfield) although wouldn’t recommend this at this Xmas / Sales time at all.

  11. If you want to see genuinely cringeworthy attempts to run “game”, search YouTube for ‘infield’ and sort by new.

    Exhibit A:

    I guess that’s what happens when autism meets PUA. [I guess we’ve found someone Johnny Cassell can look down on. K.]

  12. This is the funniest pickup video I’ve ever seen for clueless behaviour and delusion at work …. I’m sorry for posting this here due to its tangential nature Krauser but its v funny (no offense taken if you delete this off as its somewhat off piste) …

    this muppet who works with james marshall approaches a girl who cant speak English in Hungary … she figures he is propositioning her so hands her number over and tells him she’s a porno star and goes as far as to show him some of her pics as proof … the silly sod thinks he’s gamed her …. when in fact she seems to be hooking. Note the look of contempt /disinterest on her face toward the end. Then check the celebratory fist pumping by said muppet. How can anyone take these idiots seriously? [I couldn’t watch it. K.]

    • Very awkward…eject eject eject eject, lolz…weirdo body language by the pua…she’s amused by his awkwardness…he qualifies her instead of making her qualify herself…she’s thinking about how boring he is…she’s thinking about how to end this asap…now he’s creepy at 3:22

  13. All very interesting Mr Krauser. A couple of random thoughts if you don’t mind.

    I’d say valmont is impressive and has skills but I’m still not convinced if he’s trustworthy.(This is more a gut feeling than hard evidence).
    A good looking, tall white guy approaching girls on his level (it appears) is not what the LDM is about or why it was created in the first place. But then again I’m not sure the LDM is the most important part of the puzzle (blasphemy I know😯) when wanting to hook up with GENUINELY hot, sweet girls. I’ve been doing this a while now and I have to say VIBE is where it’s at.

    It’s the single most powerful trait a gamer can possess. The best guys have it in abundance (Richard, Jon, Steve, Todd- yes I think he’s the real deal) and can cast what appears to be a spell over the girl. They are literally sucked into their reality. I’d say your best infields I’ve seen are the girl in the shop, Russian chick in beginners daygame and first infield in overkill (girl with glasses). These all highlight your verbal skill, no denying that but your vibe in said videos is what’s apparent. The best way way I can describe it is masculine with a child like enthusiasm for feminine beauty.
    I don’t think guys doing this thing respect it enough tbh. [We’ve long said that vibe is the secret sauce. It’s the combo-multiplier you apply to all the other factors. K.]

  14. Off topic but would just mention that London appeara to have some great daygamers atm. Very competitive.
    Gone are the days of the Indian/chinese chodes replaced with cool guys that actually have some talent. [I agree. At the Outlaw Daygame seminar I was surprised by the number of guys who seemed to “get it” K.]

  15. Fascinating to see your blog go through cycles of popularity. Everyone who has diligently studied the science of game over the last 5+ years has gotten to know your name.
    Personally, your blog is the only game blog besides Heartiste (and Cedonulli but he’s a whole nother trip) that I read.

    Wondering what you think of Tyler from RSD, as I think his videos are the only ones that rival yours in the fine art of entertainment and deep wisdom. (I’m aware his game is precisely polar opposite 180 degrees to yours.)
    Would love a response! [Tyler is a mad genius. I can’t comment on his infield ability because I don’t know anyone who has hung out with him and I’m very suspicious of RSD infields and their business model. However, taking his theory works on their own merits he deserves his place in the Hall of (F)Game. The Blueprint Decoded was a game-changer when it was released and had a big effect on me in 2010. I still recommend my readers check it out – there’s stuff in there that’s likely to blow your mind. That said, lots of it is cribbed from Frank Kern’s “Core Communication” seminar a year earlier. I’m less enthusiastic with his 2013+ material especially the free talks on YouTube. It seems now he’s often talking like he’s paid by the word and he often disappears up his own arsehole. However, every now and then I’ll check out one of his videos and find some insightful analysis in there. K.]

  16. Nick, what do you make of Alex Social (formerly of RSD) “incidental approach” – basically indirect Game?
    Meta avoidance weasel or a genuine method of game that has its place? [Looks a bit weak to me. He strikes me as following the usual RSD daygame model: cool, chill, high value guy does crappy method on mediocre girls but gets away with it because he’s simply an attractive person. K.]

    Incidentally that dude James Marshall mentioned in earlier posts says avoid doing indirect game.

    • James Marshall has smoked too much of his Ayahuasca pipe. He is a good looking guy wandering around being weird … he screens out enough girls who are prepared to take a chance on him. If you imitate his infields (not just his direct method, but the whole dry monotone straight to the point chat thing) you will get blow out after blow out.

  17. -If that’s an irrelevant question apologies, but I do think it warrants addressing in depth
    Cheers boss.

  18. Here’s another “infield” from Cupid Player — this shit is hilarious!

    • Can you break down his game? I think it is mediocre at best, and I’m surprised it worked on the girl. There’s something off about it but the vibe doesn’t feel staged either.

      • There isn’t tight game at work. Most of it seems to be unstructured boring rapport based conversation. However the newbies who makes up the majority of the potential customers for a PUA coach wouldn’t be tell one way or the other so it doesn’t really matter for marketing himself.

        Doesnt it seem odd to anyone that for instance at 19 minutes the cameraman smoothly follows behind at such a close distance, later on the camera is held very steady in the café extremely close to them both? The girls voice is crystal clear. Contrast this with a Berba video, the camera is shaking around, the sound is a mess, especially the girls voice who isn’t miked up. If this isnt staged, the camera should apply for a job with the security services as he is able to take great footage at close distance without being spotted 🙂

        Also, the girls responses do not seem to be normal to me at all. For instance even if a guy is very good looking there isn’t such quick investment and ‘compliance’ from even an average looking girl. There is always going to be a little distrust there even if you look like a model. This guy is not only not good looking or charming but in fact looks like an ugly pygmy and has a weird vibe about him. Would you trust him if he spoke to you in a store?

        I reckon scammer at work here.

      • Yes, basically what I couldn’t put my finger on is that the interaction is too smooth considering her SMV compared to what I perceive his SMV (in terms of looks and game combined) to be.

      • @zatara — What? Berba’s sound is a mess because he’s fucking clueless at tech. Any half-decent Sony audiorecorder from Amazon will give you good sound. Just attach a thin lapel mic to the inside of a button-down shirt et voila — great sound. [Berba is just generally inept at everything. Mind you, his new fashion style is pretty good with the r-selection look. K.]

        It’s funny that some people think if the video and sound quality are too good then it HAS to be fake. Have you used the iPhone 6S’s camera? Small cameras have significantly improved over the last few years.

        Note to self: when I start uploading infields, decrease the audio/video quality on purpose. [I don’t consider the Ed/Blake camera-work to be suspicious. I have an unusual Canon camera I bought in Currys that could easily reproduce the quality, stability and secrecy that they use on the dates and bedroom scenes. K.]

        It’s curious though you don’t pick on Tom Torero or Street Attraction’s infields. All of them feature HD infield footage and GREAT sound. By your monkey-brain “logic” they’re all frauds as well. [I think it’s always best to start from the assumption that new-guy-on-internet is a fraud, and then gradually allow yourself to be convinced as evidence emerges and no smoking gun is found. K.]

      • Anon are you ed lopez by any chance? or perhaps his camera man? the girls sound is just as clear! How is this possible if she isn’t wearing a mike and turns away from the PUAs mike for instance? any compare and contrast with a real infield makes this obvious. I suspect [deleted] ed lopez’s cameraman probably got a little carried away and overcooked the pudding. He thought he was Spielberg for a while.

        Barney .. in that video I wouldn’t say he is running LDM competently. Its sort of beginner going on intermediate and thats being generous. There were bits and pieces of LDM … most of it is just rapport based chat though. After Street Attraction created their Approach to Lay product … there were copycat videos made by Ed Lopez (above) and Blake which replicated the idea of showing the whole interaction. Strangely (or not) both have now done a shout out video featuring Krauser (as they clearly don’t want to be featured on here). I hope Krauser wont be taken in by such appeals to his ego.

        This issue of who’s ripping off who is getting a bit far fetched though… is anyone talking about pickup supposed to cite sources like an academic paper? Most of what we are doing is based on old school pickup. When Krauser uses a term like compliance or investment does he continually cite Mystery? Also LDM is just an adapted version of direct nightgame… I don’t see what is particularly ground breaking about it. Its a little jump to adapt this to the street … but the main leap was created years before in the US by the old school pickup guys. [You are welcome to continue to offer infield analysis, your thoughts and so on. But please don’t use actual insults against these guys. Critique is fine, insults no. K.]

  19. Ed Lopez and Daniel Blake are just as bad as Valmont for the bizarre style of talking to camera. I feel like watching their videos on double speed. “Hiiii guyyyyyys, it’s Eeeeeeeeed Looooopeeez….”

    They do run the LDM fairly competently, even if they were blatantly ripping off Tom and Nick before they were called out.

    27.09 is the point in the Lopez video that has me thinking “fake”. Why does the girl stand up, unprompted? Seems rehearsed to me. [I’m inclined to think his videos are legit, but haven’t sat down and given them a proper watch. Certainly his recent videos are better than the first two. I’d welcome feedback from active daygamers on the reactions. My opinion is that if you do enough sets, you’ll occasionally get legit bitches-be-crazy reactions that look weird. If you happen to have the camera turned on then your viewers won’t believe what they just saw. K.]

  20. Pingback: Krauser on Tyler | Rivelino's Diary

  21. Is Beckster Legit? Good mentions about him by Tom but there are so many negative reviews about him. His specialty is apparently strippers and club/promo girls but i’ve never seen a video of him with quality. [Beckster is very good at shamelessly value-tapping his “friends” in nightclubs to draw IOIs from painted-up 7s and occasionally 8s. He’s good at closing said girls. He’s also a pathological liar so take everything with a pinch of salt. Like many big-name PUAs he’s not “fake” but the image he presents is wildly inconsistent with the reality. K.]

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