Gamma vs Sigma

December 28, 2015

Regular readers will be aware that Vox Day is the guy who introduced the categories of Gamma and Sigma into the male socio-sexual hierarchy, fleshing out the more simplistic Alpha/Beta/Omega popularised by Heartiste.

This is particularly important for daygamers due to the introversion, stubborness and obsessiveness that tends to characterise them. Put simply, many daygamers start out Gamma and then after prolonged grinding and introspection they become Sigma*. I don’t think nightgame sees such obvious clusters of these personality types. Gammas are also extremely common among Sci-Fi and Fantasy fans, genres where Vox made his name as a novelist, so it’s perhaps unsurprisingly that he was the first to identify the type. I thoroughly recommend you read him. So, what characterises the Gamma male? Two things, I think:

  1. Feminised thinking.
  2. “Secret king” delusions of grandeur.

These drive it and then all their other behaviours fall into place as you interpret then as attempts for the Gamma male to unsuccessfully reconcile them with reality. Let’s break it down.

Feminised Thought
Women deal with emotions rather than facts. They are naturally solipsistic, interpreting everything through the prism of “what does this mean to me?” Thus they’ll think if you are talking to them you must be talking about them. They’ll assume if you attack their ideas in an argument you are attacking them as a person. Because they believe themselves to be the centre of the world, they assume everyone thinks exactly how they do and therefore women project their own priorities and motivations onto other people – if it’s in my interests, it’s in the common interest. Lastly, no amount of evidence can ever overturn their own personal anecdote – this is how it happened in my experience, therefore this is how it happens everywhere always.

Gamma males think like women. I suspect it’s due to overly feminised upbringings such being children of a FemDom-MaleSub marriage, anti-male schooling, an early avoidance of competitive sports, and low testosterone.

"my personal term Number Farming"

“my personal term Number Farming”

Secret King
There’s a male totem-pole for almost every activity – sports, politics, money, sex. Men naturally sort themselves into hierarchies, usually based on each member’s usefulness to the group project. If you’re good at what the group is trying to accomplish you get promoted and lavished with respect. If you’re a dead weight, you’re the goalkeeper. These hierarchies are based on performance, and they require other people to comply with you. You can’t simply declare yourself high-born and slot in at the top. The other men won’t tolerate it.

Gamma males are much too precious to accept their lowly position on the totem pole. They seeth with resentment over it and look for any way at all to climb up the pole – any way except through improved performance in the group’s task, that is. This makes Gamma males a source of instability. The Alpha/Beta/Omega hierarchy is stable because all know their place and accept how ranking battles take place: Alphas make power plays, Betas ace perfromance tests, and Omegas show willingness to carry out the drudge work without bitching. Gammas cheat and scheme.

This is why so many movies use the gamma archetype as the sneaky back-stabbing social climber figure (think the treacherous vizier in the king’s court, or the jealous weasel among the group of survivors in the zombie movie). Stories require drama and gamma males are the rogue internal element that upsets a previously stable social arrangement. If the beseiging horde overruns your castle or the zombies stream through a breach in the boarded-up windows, you can bet it was the gamma who let them in because he’s jealous of the team’s alpha.

Vox has made a number of predictions about how Gammas will interact, though unfortunately he hasn’t collected them all in one place so I can’t simply link to a page. As I remember it, they include:

  • Gammas will actively pick fights they can’t win against higher-ranking men. This is because the Secret King can’t accept that nobody appreciates his value but being feminised they don’t really understand how men handle conflict. Their risk assessment is faulty, like a belligerent woman screaming “you can’t hit me I’m a girl” before she’s decked on WorldStarHipHop.
  • Gammas can’t back down from these fights because that means admitting defeat, which goes against the Secret King belief. Also, everything is too personal, being feminised. So rather than slink away from a beating they have to keep running their mouth and keep getting beaten up.
  • Gammas will lie, spin, and employ sophistry to maintain the illusion of winning when obviously losing. The evidence doesn’t actually support the winning, so it’s avoided, but they don’t realise how transparent their defeat is.
  • Gammas use the feminised debating tactic of tackle the man not the ball. They will directly insult in order to create badfeelz, because they project their own fear of badfeelz and assume their opponent is similarly wounded by it.

There’s lots more, so do check out Vox’s blog. The reason I bring it up today is I had a Twitter encounter yesterday in which a prize Gamma specimen decided to have a go at me for no reason whatsoever (cf. force of instablity). I brushed him off first time, but he wouldn’t stop. So I checked my feed and saw he’d tried it on the previous week too – totally uncalled for insults barely related to subject at hand. That got me curious so I checked his blog and saw a video of him running his mouth about being a dating expert.

My first thought on hearing him talk was “gamma”. Then I noticed the Japanese writing on the truck behind him and saw he lives in Osaka as an English teacher (the dream job of every gamma male). A bit more digging and I saw zero evidence he’s ever fucked a hot girl and his actual daygame advice seems to be “say hello and hope Asian girl has white man fetish”. Okay, let’s have some fun, I think. Here’s the full exchange. I’ve had to copy paste a bit, but if you suspect I’ve reordered or edited to push a narrative then just go directly to my Twitter feed and you’ll see the original tweets and timestamps.

NB – Gammas are always twats. It’s really hard not to instinctively hate them. Vox likes to toy with them because they are so predictable. 

Twitter buffoon

TL:DR – Don’t be that guy.


  1. geezus Nick! this guy is a total prick. Typical troll/gamma cunt, lives his life on through the interweb slagging people off etc but put him in front of you and he wouldn’t have the kahunas to say anything to your face lol. what a cock hole 😀

  2. “Alphas make power plays, Betas ace perfromance tests”

    This could use some examples.

    It would also help to examine how sigmas handle conflict vs. gammas. Example needed of sigma v. alpha & sigma v. gamma & alpha v. alpha.

    NB: Frankly, sometimes I wonder if I’m gamma when I don’t give a shit about an argument and just roll off. Then I remember that gammas probably don’t drop the panties of upwards of ten non-fugly birds starting at age 15, lol. Sometimes I still feel awkward and roll off of a set. I’m still working on calibrating my social perceptions due to autism. Always gotta be improving social perceptions. Like “always be approaching”.

    • @ASDGamer: Sigma vs Alpha is actually observable in the wild, as they seem to get along and enjoy resting on each other for small purposes (such as events organizing or labour exchanges) every several months. Jon is a natural sigma, one of his closest friends is a natural alpha. The interaction is pretty impressive to watch unfold. Alpha immediately picks the seating most central to the room so everyone is looking at him, Sigma collapses comfortably dominating literally half the room from a more “guarded” chair. Alpha continually making focus-bids as he talks (eye contact, hand gestures, calling people into the conversation by name, offering the floor to the least involved people to force involvement). Sigma quietly observant, but when he gets involved in the conversation heads start turning and the Alpha needs to fight harder for attention. Alpha makes offers of conversational space, food and attention to all participants, Sigma seizes every opportunity whenever the Beta or female is hesitant before handing the floor/food/attention back to the Beta/female, as though it literally belongs to him, sort of like a high-rank wolf taking a bite of meat before throwing the remains back to the low-ranker. The back and forth is pretty smooth, despite the slight tension, and I don’t think either of them were actually putting effort in. In a comfortable environment for both, in a room of mostly females… well, it was very interesting. Almost nothing happens and it still leaves you as socially tired as an all-out party would.

      As a side note, I think Ragnar and Floki in “Vikings” are the most obvious Alpha-Sigma interaction on screen at the moment. [Good comment. K.]

    • ‘Every superiority complex is an inherent inferiority complex’. –
      Robert Moore

      The Id is nagging from inside and to start performing in the real world, they would have to eat a bunch of their shadow and lies.

      ‘Deadwood’ as Jordan Peterson would say. But it is even worse, those G Types are highly inflated and ofttimes narcissists, too. They rationalize being loser-assholes and do not see reality at all. Krauser got the point very clear, it might be worth adding that those inflated types are psychologically impaired because of no strength for honest reflection. Lies upon lies piled up for years or decades. Treat accordingly!


  3. Yours so called sigmas are usually the most entertaining people to hang around. They just full of life and dont give a fuck about anything (but they aren’t stupid). And yeah, I never met alpha ir my entire lifetime, just so called alphas according to situation (and no, no stalin, hitler or other fuck was alpha, just bunch of very cunning fucks amongst peasantry 😉 basically any men can be sigma alpha gamma or whatever the fuck according to current situation in his situations (except those who are stuck in beta forever)

  4. Idea for Krauser: start up a Sigma academy online or somesuch. I’m sure I am not the only one who reads you more for general personal development more than PUA (this sounds like a Gamma weasel thing to say but oh well).

    Or if not an online class, then surely a book. [There is a book – Primal Seduction. I don’t like those online academy things. It smacks of the scam marketing the US guys do. If you’re hitting up guys for a monthly subscription you are willfully encouraging avoidance. K.]

  5. 1) apart from the lack of evidence that this guy has hooked up with any hot women at all (Japanese or otherwise) reading his blog titles shows he is clueless … utter chode …. posts on ‘what would james bond do’, ‘online dating’, ‘women chose men’ are a choice few which give the game away.

    2) that Russian girl of yours he claimed isn’t hot is clearly smoking hot. has he wandered into a Japanese deli and ordered the magic mushrooms?

    3) as you said his lifestyle is so idiosyncratically gamma its funny … the American teaching English in Japan (btw I think he is quarter or half black mixed with Caucasian), the boastful posts about his amazing ‘game’, the crazy delusional posts on his twitter .. funniest listed below

    “Who knew that one day this kid would have his choice with women. Women who are at his beck and call”
    “My #JuniorHighSchool fan club” … with accompanying picture of Japanese school girls behind him
    “Guys I know it’s tough but I’m so #alpha it hurts. You can never be this alpha bros.”
    “bro do you see my fashion? It’s legit too alpha for life.”
    “unlike most American chicks who pay to take their pics &claim to be models, I am an official paid model” … with pic of normal looking ppl inc himself in a marketing flyer of some sort.
    “At #Osaka castle with my first friend to visit me in #Japan since I’ve been. 2 years. Everyone else eat dick.” … nobody wants to visit, what a surprise 🙂 his friend looks like another typical gamma, with huge red beard and baseball cap attached.

    Hilarious character for sure.

    • this guy is addictive to watch … he is so entertaining I am beginning to think he’s just a clever comic genius trolling us (as I suspect Berba is too).

      I love the part at 6.06 .. “when I was living the DREAM in Hawaii on a 3 week vacation eating tacos prepared for me by my beautiful ex girlfriend, massaging me and SEXING ME ON DEMAND …” HAHAHHAHA this is just too funny, reminiscent of when I was in primary school making up tall stories to impress everyone 🙂

      • Creepy fuck… The yanks really are different to the UK guys there’s just something off about them.

      • Have you ever been in front of a camera? With lights on you?

        The talking head’s message is pretty good as far as warning about negative environments which are appropriate for someone who got frivorced and is being prevented from seeing his kids but not for someone new to Game.

        No, I don’t know these MLD people.

      • Guys like this fag are the reason I’m tired of the Seduction Community.

  6. To be honest mate, neither of you come out of that little exchange smelling of roses.

  7. Nick, I don’t understand why the fuck you would bother wasting your time on this nutjob.

    I respect you and believe your supremacy over the endless cawing of chodes-in-pain is self-evident. Why do you have to bother bringing yourself down to their level and even engage?

    The people who respect you aren’t phased by the nonsense these trolls will endlessly scream at better men. [Sometimes I enjoy bullying people who attack me. K.]

  8. Clearly baiting to nab some traffic off you. Probably worked too, a little bit. Sigh.

  9. For further evidence of Gamma interactions, I refer your readers to around 80% of comments made on Telegraph news articles.

    • Also, that Russian bird is fuckin’ hot. Well played. [I didn’t fuck her. She was a girl from Fiverr who I spent half of my Daygame Mastery marketing budget on. The other $5 went on a dog catching a frisbee. K.]

  10. This is why I refuse to meet most guys from game-centric forums. I’ve tried to find wings in the past in my area and whenever I’ve met these guys they’ve been very damaged, passive-aggressive gammas. Met one last year and I slipped out the back and ditched him within ten minutes like I’d have done with a fattie from What he had tried to do in the short time we were talking was bring me down to size. He was a short, weedy-looking runt. Unfortunately game attracts a lot of guys with bad gamma traits and while I have sympathy for them I definitely don’t want to be around them.

  11. “If the beseiging horde overruns your castle or the zombies stream through a breach in the boarded-up windows, you can bet it was the gamma who let them in because he’s jealous of the team’s alpha.”

    That surely explains their attitude towards immigration of savages.

  12. I know a few guys exactly like this. Self-righteous, always sniping passive-aggressively at me or whatever i’m doing online. When confronted, they immediately fold and get indignant: “ME? NOOOOOOO I Neeeeever….” or they offer some patronizing retort that suggests they’re speaking for some higher cause or purpose when they’re most likely shitting themselves as they type wondering “I wonder if people will hate me for this????”

    When I call them out, they usually scatter like a cockroach when the light goes on. But I have to stop myself from engaging with these dickheads as tempting as it is because it just feeds into their attention-seeking need for drama. [I recognise these twats because I used to be one of them. K.]

  13. Catfights. Yay.

  14. Your recent podcast #18 was very interesting and got me thinking alot especially your dog analogy. A dog is loved yes but isn’the it a dog eat dog world? [“dog eat dog” is a phrase for people who don’t understand iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma. Dogs actually sniff each other’s arses and wag their tails, not eat each other. K.]

  15. Wait now there is a gamma lol that’s priceless.

  16. This person is mentally ill. You can tell mental illness from the eyes. I think he’s had a breakdown before. I feel sorry for him.

    The other thing I’d say is that his communication style and vibe reminds me a lot of Martin Skhreli whose face should be put in the red pill dictionary beside gamma.

  17. Hi Nic,
    thanks fro your free (and premium!) advice,
    not really one for the game podcast but I noticed you’ve touched on your economic ideals and denounced those on the political (broken) left wing, and wondered if you’d ever run across Silvo Gesell?
    Happy New Year

  18. Dude, you nailed Jonathan Hogwood (modern life dating guy) to the cross

  19. Pingback: Bill Schmalfeldt: Gamma Part 13 | BILLY SEZ – The Failed Plaintiff Bill Schmalfeldt Feldtdown Observer

  20. I think you’ll enjoy this. The guys name is Charlie Zeneloff, literally the perfect example of gamma.

    Takes advantage of people and throws heavy punches after telling them it’s just “light sparring” then back down as soon as they fight back. There’s a video of him even sucker punching Floyd mayweather.

    Noticeably he has mental issues, though he reminds me of people I used to go to school with and now I have realised are gamma e.g. Taking on fights they can’t win, running away, making excuses once they’re in a losing position saying that they’ve already won or are injured. All round living in a delusional paradigm, forcing other who get to know them to avoid being around them. [Yep saw that. Very funny when he took on Deontay Wilder. He’s beyond gamma and fully mentally ill. K.]

  21. Hmmm…
    before i didnt know about gamma

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