Womanizer’s Bible Hits 20

December 30, 2015

They say a good novel will ask a compelling question on the first page and then delay the answer until the last page. I guess you could say I bastardised this technique when I solicited a range of compelling questions back in April this year and have now delayed answering them until the last week of the year.

I didn’t expect to keep going with the podcasts but I’ve realised that I simply enjoy running my mouth so much that I want to do it as much as possible while there’s still people willing to listen to me. So, click on the video below for a one-hour Q&A roundup. Specifically, I address:

  • How to adjust LDM for North American girls;
  • How can the typical working stiff organise Euro Jaunts;
  • The top three Euro Jaunt cities;
  • How to deal with girls who want a relationship;
  • Should you date a slut.

So I think I can take a bow after a hard year of chuntering on. Those of you who subscribe to my YouTube channel will have free access to over fifteen hours of content on these shows:

#1 – From Intermediate To Advanced Game

#2 – The Balance Between Nice Guy And Bad Boy

#3 – The Solo Daygame Mindset

#4 – Overcoming Princess Behaviour

#5 – How To Catch The Teenage Virgin

#6 – Feel Entitled To Younger, Hotter, Tighter

#7 – How To Do Real Bouncebacks

#8 – Vibe Protection

#9 – Minor Tweaks, Maximum Effect

#10 – The Euro Traveller Lifestyle

#11 – How To Take Anal Virginity

#12 – The Bookish Introvert Virgin Girl

#13 – The r/K Wilderness

#14 – A Year In Euro Jaunt Daygame

#15 – Regeneration

#16 – Breaking Gamma Habits

#17 – An Audience With Goldmund 1/2

#18 – Play Or Be Played?

#19 – An Audience With Goldmund 2/2

#20 – Questions And Answers Round-Up



  1. Nice work 🙂 Enjoyed listening to series.

  2. Yep, cheers for the free content man. You’ve cornered the market on high-level, nuanced analysis of an endlessly fascinating topic. I know it probably doesn’t need to be said but don’t shy away from even more of the Krauser brand of complex “mindwank” niche microanalysis. I fucking love hearing it discussed at a high level. The podcasts may be erratic and sporadic in their release schedule but never fail to make me smile when I see a new release pop up in my youtube subscription box. All the best for 2016. Cheers boss!

  3. Great coverage of the ‘looseness’ topic, Nick. Superb insight. Keep these quality podcasts rolling in the next year.

    P.S.The only thing you see, you know it’s gonna be,
    The Ace Of Spades
    The Ace Of Spades

  4. Thanks for the good stuff Nick. You and Tom really give away massive value, I wish you would make a PDF from the Mastery and Nitro books (and Tom with his Daygame too), but it seems like we’re gonna have to save up for getting the real thing if we want it. Have a great day, and please, do keep running your mouth whenever you feel like it, I’m grateful when it happens.

  5. Thanks for the podcast Krauser. I myself lives in North America (More specifically in Montreal) and I have found the LDM to be pretty uselful. One thing I have noticed though is I can get girls to go on dates with me but everytime I try to fuck them on the first date I get LMR. Could this be a technical problem? It is true here people are relying more and more on social media (tinder) and once done well on the street you can literally make women dripping wet. Anyways I bought your intermediate product and I can’t wait to test it very soon. Thanks for everything! cheers [So many factors at play. Can’t narrow it down. K.]

  6. Krauser, you didn’t answer to my question.
    My question is, what do you do, when a girl talking in a phone? [Nothing. K.]

  7. Thanks for all the free content, Nick.

    I still hope you will some day upload your podcasts to iTunes. It makes on-the-go listening ridiculously simple.

  8. Can you discuss the specific moments in your early life that shaped you into a gamma pre PUA?

  9. Spent many a day with headphones on listening to these. Brilliant stuff. #6 and #8 are my favorite. Thank you.

    Would love for you to touch more on the end of Western Civilization stuff that you touched briefly on in your London Real interview.
    Also love to hear about where you go from here. Are you getting bored with gaming or is the adrenaline too high to resist?
    You seem to have outgrown dating.

    Aside…I just watched the 1971 film Carnal Knowledge. One of the best game movies out there. The college scenes are a good depiction of AF/BB. Reminded me of your Great Gatsby post.

    Thanks again and looking forward to your stuff in 3026 especially part 2 of your memoirs. [Thanks. K]

  10. Nick, your material is just incredible. I love going into the weeds on daygame, and there’s really nothing else this detailed on the market. I’ve bought all of your products and recommended them to my friends. Please keep up the high level analysis! [Thanks. K.]

  11. Hi Mr Krauser!

    I’m a little bit confused and “contradictionary” about natural game
    what you say it it is skill set etc.. But you say completely different in the primal seduction. I’m a little bit confused. [It’s not contradictory. You’re just a bit new. It’ll make sense over time. K.]

  12. Hi Nick,

    Thank you for the valuable material released this year.

    In DGM you go into the process of switching from K selected to r selected seduction strategy.

    As a beginner (<500 sets) I've had a issues here. I find I can be 'k selected' for a part of the process (street open, day 1), but I lose momentum and snap back to R-selected "beta" behaviours (usually happens when not following the DGM model to the letter). [I assume you meant r/K other way around here. K.] At this point I usually feel the girl apprehending this. I sense in a way she takes over the schedule when she realises I'm not quite the cad she thought I was.

    My question is, as a beginner, should you burn these leads by escalating and trying to regain a more k-selected frame (or flaking on HER once you feel you've been put into the '4+ dates to sex' beta box), or should you play along with her agenda in order to get the notch. [Don’t intentionally burn good leads unless a girl is being a cunt. However, if you fucked up it’s usually better to open new girls rather than get into a time-sink with a girl you already DLV’d to. K.]

  13. Yeah, I am really like krausers stuff, like Jtim.
    I think Krauser, Torero stuff is one of the best products in the market.
    Yeah, please keep up high level analisis

  14. I’ve enjoyed all the episodes so far, looking forward to the next 20.

    You mentioned initially hiding your real age from the younger girls, so when have you found is the best time to tell them the truth? After the first lay, after 3 months etc? I lost a few girls due to being honest about my age too early. [After I decided to keep them around, if it goes that far. K.]

  15. thank you Mr. Krauser

  16. Great podcasts. Especially liked your precise description of what a slut is. IIRC the zoologist Desmond Morris says pretty much the same thing in “Intimate Behavior”. Noteworthy that two observers would arrive at the same empirical conclusion. Thanks for the great stuff, looking forward to more.

  17. I listened to #6 yesterday. Really liked it. Just ordered Atlas Shrugged.

    I appreciate the honesty and the effort you put into this. Hope you keep ’em coming. [Cheers. K.]

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