My 2015 Daygame Stats

January 2, 2016

(similar posts showing my stats in prior years: 2013 and 2014)

If there was a word to summarise my year it would be burnout. Finally, after a little over six years in the game, I have lost my love for it. Or at least, I’ve experienced frequent periods of losing the love to balance out other periods where I was still 100% let-me-at-’em.

It was either one or the other all year

It was either one or the other all year

Let’s have a look at my measurable stats for the year. As usual, only the lays are certain and everything else is an estimate. The opens could be as high as 750, I just wasn’t counting.

  • Opens: 670 (Prague 160, Zagreb 40, Warsaw 150, Riga 50, Belgrade 120, Kiev 150)
  • Numbers: 167
  • Dates: 50
  • Lays: 15*

That’s pretty weak, right? As with most things in social research it all depends how you count it. Stats are not objective facts anymore than the smell of a hotdog or the pattern of clouds in the sky are facts. Any time someone gives you a statistic what they are telling you is: somebody, somewhere, counted something. Let’s look at mine starting with the single biggest driver: the amount of time I spent on the road.

  • 2014: Six months / 26 weeks / 7 trips / 5 cities
  • 2015: Four months / 18 weeks / 8 trips / 8 cities

Let’s also factor in how much time I was in any given city each trip:

  • 2014: Minimum 3 weeks, maximum 6 weeks. Average approx one month.
  • 2015: Minimum 2 days, maximum 3 weeks. Average approx ten days.

So from a position of statistical inference the biggest impact on my game was logisitics. Whereas in 2014 I’d been rolling up to a city and living there for a month, in 2015 I was hitting multiple cities for short bursts and then not returning for several months. This had the combined effect that I had a less total amount of time on the road, and considerably less time per trip to try to close out my leads. As we’ll see that was a decisive influence on both my results and on the style of game I employed.

Keen notch-hunters will probably ask: why did you set up a travel routine that’s obviously going to hobble your results? Well, burnout……    Before getting into the other major stat, let’s break down the results of the girls I did actually bang.

  • SDL: 3
  • SNL: 1
  • First date lay: 4
  • Second date lay: 5
  • Third or later: 1
  • Long game: 1

Unlike prior years I had a clear bias towards moving fast, as you’d expect from my smash’n’grab travel pattern. All of them were in the same country we met and all but two (the long game lay in Belgrade, a second date lay in Prague) were on the same trip we met.

  • Youngest: 17
  • Oldest: 27
  • Average: 22 (an 18 year difference)

While the final notch count was weak, I most definitely made progress on the YHT scale by pushing my average age down a couple of years and also the overall quality was pretty high. The oldest bird I had sex with was thirteen years younger than me, an SDL with a Russian blonde in Prague. For a bunch of them I was older than their own mother.

There were only two 6s and both of those were fast lays that make great stories (the first being a one-hour Tinder lay in Krakow where I spoke exclusively about Dark Souls and Dead Rising before saying “I don’t want to see you again, but if you want to come home to fuck, I’d quite like that” for the extraction, the second being a 30-minute SDL of a Warsaw 18yr old who I rawdogged then did in the ass). There were five teenagers and I’d say seven of the girls would be considered legit 8s by the PUA Adjudication Committee. No 9s, unfortunately. Still, the highlights were very high.

  • Slavic: 8 (Ukranian 4, Russian 2, Latvian 1, Belorussian 1)
  • Balkan: 3 (Serbian 2, Hungarian 1)
  • Central Europe: 4 (Polish 2, Czech 1, Slovak 1)

This is a simple case of where I was travelling and what kind of girl I like. Central European girls are pretty dirty but also not especially hot. As I ventured further East into the FSU it was tougher to score but the quality was much better.

  • Virgin: 0
  • 1 or 2 men before me: 2
  • 3 to 10 men: 4
  • More than 10: 1
  • Didn’t ask / didn’t tell: 8

Now we’ll get to the second major influence upon my overall results. Take a deep breath and prepare yourself for this number……

  • Near misses: 22

Yes. With twenty-two different girls I had a girl hot, horny, up for it and yet just didn’t manage to get my dick into her. The reasons were varied: Two virgins were too tight to squeeze my dick in. Another virgin let me get it halfway in then freaked out (that was a 20yr old almost-SDL thirty minutes after approach). Another virgin was wanking me off in the lobby of my apartment building but refused to come upstairs. Another virgin was on my sofa with her breasts in my mouth when she got LMR (that would’ve been a one-hour SDL of an 18 year old who admitted she hadn’t even kissed a boy before). There was also a 17 year old Ukranian virgin who was grinding me on my bed on the first date but wouldn’t take her jeans off, and then when I went back to Kiev she’d gotten a boyfriend and wouldn’t even kiss on the next date.

Just typing that above paragraph brings tears to my eyes. That’s six near misses just with virgins, the oldest of whom was twenty years old. Imagine getting so close so many times and then nothing.

  • Failure due to LMR at sex location: 19
  • Failure due to unexpected outside forces: 2
  • Failure due to logistical errors: 1

It’s simply unbelievable how many women were in my bed or on my sofa and just wouldn’t fuck. The funny thing is it wasn’t due to me suddenly losing my ability to close, but actually the reverse. I was pulling girls so fast that they were getting to the hand-on-dick-in-sex-location stage much faster than they could handle.

Slow down, take a number, get them on another date you say?

I think at least half of these near misses would’ve been flaky numbers had I just run the street game and walked off with her digits. Instead, I blew up the love bubble, played a momentum game, expertly chose my moments to escalate and lead, and then almost took them at the flood. It was an exercise in creating something out of nothing. Like almost building an atomic bomb from a disposable lighter and a rolled-up newspaper.

But oh my fucking god was it frustrating! Still, we live and learn. I’ve become so used to near misses now that they barely phase me. I’ve had that rollercoaster ride and it’s familiar to the point of boredom.

I’ll do another post going into the psychological reasons why I kept sabotaging my own game in an attempt to amuse myself and retain interest while struggling with periodic burnout. But for now, those are the stats. Make of them what you will.

* There were also 8 repeat girls from prior years, but they don’t count towards the score.


  1. I wonder if some of the near misses aren’t girls deliberately trying to blue balls you. It would be helpful to have a way to screen out girls like that. [I’d rather have the blue balls and the story. K.]

    • Lol, I’m in the same boat. Last night a girl wanted me to grind her back and front and she put my hand on her belly for a dance. I did it for the story. She had kissed another dude last night and I just wasn’t up for kissing her. A little fun flirting is all. I went over to her when she was all over the other guy and I said goodnight, hah. ZFG (The dude had kissed her where I had been sitting as an AMOG move and I bid her good night in the middle of them embracing. Counter AMOG)

    • The truth is girls rarely bother to do this, there’s very little in it for them. Far more likely they just got progressed to almost sex so fast that they slammed the breaks on,

  2. Looks like you could do with some good ol’ rape game.

  3. They are not bad results and you have some great stories in there. How will you approach 2016 knowing you are becoming more susceptible to burnout?
    Are you considering retirement or perhaps just reinforcing a more positive mental attitude? Perhaps longer stints in fewer cities? [I have plans that I’ll mention in later posts. Retirement is a long way off but I may be done with notch-churning. K.]

    • Look forward to hearing some ideas about your strategy. Puas mostly talk about taking action but there is not enough emphasis on how advanced players can successfully continue Day game and travel without persistent burn outs and revulsion [I’ve never met one who has real success without burnout. It’s just only a few of them will talk about it. If your primary market is retards and spastics, you have to pretend it’s all happy-clappy. K.]

  4. Notch counting is a terrible way to gauge success with women. I’ve seen some of the girls the PUA gurus have pulled and I have to say its not impressive at all … worse some have recent LTR with 5/10 girls.

    It sounds to me like your boredom is symptomatic of playing the PUA game of counting notches. Analogy; You can play the game on normal mode very well, youre bored so youre messing around self amusing yourself …. you need to put the level up to difficult. You need to reintroduce a challenge. Perhaps consider concentrating on pure quality … try to hit those 8s and push toward the 9/10s only. Maybe try mastering some niche within daygame … pulling certain hired guns, developing specific techniques in this area.

    The stats are interesting it seems there is a rough loss of 2/3 girls at each stage (approach, number close, date, lay).

  5. Thanks for posting the stats.

    Not surprised with the burnout. It seems like the guys that go really hard are either:

    1) In their 20’s with loads of energy, and/or something to prove (Julien, Max)
    2) Obsessively dedicated to their business full-time (Tyler, Ozzie)
    3) Spicing it up by having a female wing, and focusing on pulling threesomes (Jeffy, Todd)
    4) Focusing on having a fun/adventurous lifestyle in addition to PU (Tom)

    Also, spending loads of time alone in foreign cities, without strong and lasting social bonds – the whole Sigma Wolf lifestyle – would tend to tire you out as the years roll by.

    As far as the huge number of near-misses, aside from the obvious “rushing it” aspect you mentioned, you might look at your overall mindset… the twitter feed has been pretty negative, if this stream of hatred and resentment is truely representative of where your head is at these days, girls will pick up on it when they get isolated with you. Unplugging from the news/politics/manosphere/feminist/twitter stuff for a while might be a breath of fresh air, and might turn that near-miss ratio around a lot.

    All the best.

    • I like Nick’s Twitter feed and I agree with most of the sentiments there. If you understand the evil of the Left then it is appropriate to hate them. If you don’t hate them then you are either ignorant or corrupt. However, I would say that daily Twittering is destructive because you have to live in that negative mindset no matter how justified it is. I couldn’t do that. I game women to take my mind off of the nightmare political scenario that is unfolding. They have become a pleasant diversion in which I try to make the experience completely devoid of any PC or leftist content. Nothing but good feelz or close to it.

    • > 4) Focusing on having a fun/adventurous lifestyle in addition to PU (Tom)

      I’ve never met TT, but I know he works hard, and have a feeling he’ll implode one day. [We are all obsessives. It’s a cycle of push-hard/meltdown. Can’t imagine just doing same boring shit every day. K.]

  6. I don’t think anyone is banging 9’s and 10’s with pure game. For starters, they’re difficult to find once your leave college. You’re still the only guy who openly says the peak of his game is 8’s.

    For burnout, check out It isn’t exactly related to burnout but it does describe how pursuing sexual novelty is mentally draining, damaging and addictive. Not that I’m against it. 🙂 [I’ve banged a couple of 9s and had a whole bunch on dates / kissing. It’s possible but they are rare. You have to apply the normal attrition to a population that starts out far smaller. K.]

    • How rare is a 9? I’d say it’s about 1 in 1000 girls in the 17-25 bracket in London which is a miniscule percentage of the overall population. Maybe not akin to winning the lottery but winning 250k on a scratchcard.

  7. I think it all comes down to quality after a certain stage.
    I’m 27 but feel like I’d much rather bang six GENUINE 8’s a year than twelve 6’s. I think your numbers are impressive tbh. A 40 year old guy with average looks, height and physique fucking hot girls in their late teens/early twenties is pretty good going. No arguments.

    No offence intended, but what I did find slightly odd and will mention is that one of your near misses was 18 and hadn’t even kissed a guy? WTF? My experience has been that girls that are hot have had guys sniffing around them since 13ish. Seems almost impossible they’d get to 18 without even a kiss. Do you like slightly quirky looking girls? Still very attractive but not immediately so.. [This girl was a super introvert. She told me on the street stop that she has only a couple of friends and spends all her time sitting in her room reading. I believe her because she had no idea how to kiss. K.]

    • “I believe her because she had no idea how to kiss. K.”

      Exactly. If a girl with a husband/fiancé/bf will let you rawdog her, you can also be sure that she doesn’t have much experience. Vaginosis.

  8. Stats are a great method to objectively analyse game, and to have a look at what point in your game you could work on. I’m specifically looking at percentage rates for three game stages:

    – Conversion of approaches into numbers (“close rate”)
    – Conversion of numbers into dates (“numbers-to-nowhere rate”)
    – Conversion of dates into lays (“date conversion rate”)

    In your case, only the date conversion rate has significantly dropped: From 53% in 2012, 45% in 2013 and 46% in 2014 now down to 30%. The other two are in your ordinary 2012-2014 range: close rate at about 25%, numbers-to-nowhere rate between 58% and 76%. My guess would be to ascribe your high number of LMRs during dates to a highly sped-up seduction style (it’s going too fast for the girls). So that might be a “weak spot” to work on.

    In my case, the 2015 stats are much worse: close rate is 17%, numbers-to-nowhere rate is 83%, date conversion rate is only 15%. Based on these rates, which area in my game would you work on most? I guess the only 15% of dates which I converted into lays is the worst one, so I should work most on the way I run my dates.

    Greetings from Germany,

  9. At 40 years old to be able to have sex with 15 hot younger girls and almost have sex with 22 more is something only a small percentage of men on Earth can match. And you did all this off pure cold approach; no social circle or eco-system game. I think you are one of the few PUAs who is totally honest with his numbers and their quality. In that way you do serve as a positive role model for men who aim to rebuild themselves from nothing and have abundance with beautiful women and not have to go to a nightclub to do it. I think you and Tom have basically set the standard for day game. It will be interesting to see how day game will change going into the future. How much faster can it get?

    • +1

      Most men are beta and full of shit. It’s easy to tell this after *working* really hard at pickup and having success with it.

      Your blog is awesome, Krauser. Detailed infornation and near bullet proof time lines showing the seduction from contact until sex. It’s a skill. And most men will never come close.

      Well done. Keep it up!

  10. Great post. I learned a lot from your books and blog. 2014 I was coming out of a break up and was determined to bang my way out of it…so notch count was 15. But this past year I became more focused and selective. I started banging girls only 30 or under with one exception. Youngest was 21, a student I met at a party. Oldest 32 was an FB. Average was 27. Half I met online, the rest I ploughed through in parties, events, etc.

    I still haven’t had any success in “Daygame” as you describe it preferring more social settings. But I’m older so this for me is a huge step. The average of the girls was HB7. A few went nuts and became insanely jealous or just crazy. The others I worked into a rotation. But a few observations. It has to be on from the start….If I wasn’t properly sexualizing from the start nothing happened despite best efforts at text game. Also if I didn’t establish a strong frame from the start, any Day 1 just fizzled out. Which leads me to my next point. To be at my level and success rate can be exhausting.

    Perhaps because I’m still internalizing a lot of this…..I feel like I’m in a tennis match with a pro every time: every shit test has to be passed, every IOI has to be responded to quickly, every text has to be carefully crafted. Once I started banging them, I could let up and just say “let’s grab a curry” and it would lead to a bang. But the “burnout” is part of my own determination to build my inner and outer game. Outer game is sorted more or less…but it’s the inner game—it’s the pure enjoyment of the interaction without the worry of over-analyzing every one that fizzles out. “It was going so well and then she left…” kind of thing. This is a mental discipline. I like the MMA comparisons you have made. Nothing is left to chance because your target is often smarter or more intuitive than you are.

    Also, there is a kind of resentment from guys who I’ve told this stuff to who start getting Blue Pill “white knight” saying “you’re sexist” or whatever. But I’ve realized that is them projecting their own inaction onto me.

    Your text break-downs have been extremely helpful and I’ve adopted many of the concepts wholesale. Red Pill awareness I’m finding is on many levels a lone pursuit. Only guys who truly understand it can relate. Most of my male friends have no clue what I’m talking about so I’ve stopped discussing these ideas with them. Surprisingly, women find discussions about Red Pill–which I often frame around male/female sexual interaction–are better at discussing and understanding ideas. Women I game love hearing me talk about how much feminism is bullshit. They often say “yah, guys are kind of weak now aren’t they?” Despite how much they protest my dominance it’s all a shit test and success in any endeavor sparks IOI’s.

    Finally, my 2016 game focus is to internalize all these ideas more so I stop over-analyzing and just enjoy it more without seeing game or banging girls as a kind of zero-sum pursuit. Everything is a learning and being a better man is more important. I’m not totally there. I still have to shed some Blue Pill ways—like caring what others think..

    Only once this year was I able to get an SDL—3 hours from meet to bang…going through the entire model…without over-thinking it. I passed every shit test, moved to comfort, escalated appropriately, pulled it back, then pulled. A page out of your books. The result was amazing—27 year old, married HB7..I banged without any drama afterward.

    • One more thing. Enjoyed your posts on gammas. I now realize I’ve encountered more of these idiots than I care to remember. They all look the same: tidy, glasses, very sort of edgy look like the slightest thing will set them off. They’re patronizing and snide and before I can respond they walk away. They publicly support and privately undermine a lot of the activities I plan or am involved in. They’re like this with anyone they perceive to be any sort of threat to their perceived status: usually it’s being more knowledgeable about a particular subject.

      The one guy I met immediately started whinging to me about how girls he was meeting all just wanted an English teacher or an activity partner but weren’t interested in “Dating” as he put it. I realized then what a fuckwit he was. I said “That hasn’t been my experience at all…” That was all he needed to hear and that set him off. One day I invited him to a sporting event I was organizing that also had girls taking part. He brushed it off saying the girls weren’t friendly (not true at all) and that he would organize his own and find like-minded girls to join that event.. I replied with “So you’re more interested in solo activities then…”

      That was it. He made some cutting remark and then defriended me. Faggot. I didn’t realize this was gamma until reading your stuff.

    • Good post wala.

      I’ve admittedly shelved my game journey in 2015 and came wits a very low notch count as I was in the middle of starting my business.

      But here to 2016: enjoy the interactions with women, be outcome independent, and clip loose the gamma and beta men of your social circle that bring you down.

  11. Hungary isn’t Balkan. Its Central Europe 🙂

  12. Yeah, Hungary is central Europe.
    Next to Romania, Serbia, Croatia

  13. I’m like kids play compared to you. But your stats made me feel a little better about my stats. This is why I like your stuff because your always honest.

    I don’t travel and I stay local in Los Angeles. This year I had so many girls back at my house in my bed and they’d get cold feet and walk out. A week ago met a tourist made out with her on a idate got back to her hotel room but again, cold feet.

    Many times I questioned in 2015 if game worked or if something was wrong inside of me. I think it’s more of a R/K wilderness problem with me plus intermediate burnout.

    The number that really sticks out to me is the second dates and I don’t know why. No matter which way you slice or dice your numbers you have really fucking good numbers for 2015.

  14. krauser you wrote about blowing up the ‘love bubble’.how would you go about doing this

  15. Regarding burnout–do you ever find yourself having to push through bad feelings? (I did recently and ended up having fun that night.) [Rarely. If I’m not enjoying it, I do something else. Sometimes I’m a little agitated and push ahead but that’s because fundamentally I’m enjoying it. K.]

  16. It’s interesting that you say Czechs girls aren’t particularly that hot. I’m in Prague for 10 days halfway through my stay and I catch myself thinking “I’d find better quality on Regents St than this place”. However it is January after all. In your experience is Daygame better in the summer season for hotness?

    • Yes, but are they Czech girls that you’re stopping in Prague? Its full of tourists.

      Actually as a Londoner, Regent Street is probably 75% tourists as well … so you may be comparing is tourists in one place to tourists in another place.

      • No, these girls tell me they are bonafide Czech.

      • Ok, from what I’ve seen Czech girls have a lot of better than average to nice looking girls … so they cluster around the 7/10 range … not a lot of ugly girls but with fewer girls who are super hot.

        What I’ve found though is that weirdly for a more developed country in eastern Europe their English is quite weak even amongst greyhounds. Additionally, they are amenable to chat and stop easily but it’s difficult to actually close them and get them out on dates.

        What sort of girls have you seen {and know are Czech} … 6s .. 7s?

  17. It’s just too small for me. It’s akin to daygaming in Nottingham. What this trip has taught me more than anything else is which girls I do find attractive. Russian/Ukrainian and Former Yugoslavia/Romanian women. I shall focus travelling to those countries. Acquiring our skills in London has truly spoiled us for options. Obviously the larger the population a city has the greater the number of hotter women. I’m sure there are 8’s and 9’s but they seem rare particularly in January.

    • Prague is small, in fact when I went there I saw the same girls over and over again, some 3 times in a week, which shows there is a relatively small pool out and about. If anything there will be less hot young Czech girls in Summer .. as they will go on holidays and so on when their university breaks come and so on.

  18. To hear you got more near misses than lays is major props because it shows even the best miss a lot

    Many of your near misses were virgins, I wonder if they had even a little experience if LMR would happen less

  19. Interesting, thanks for the stats, in a different way the data could be presented, as time spent.

    times minutes total
    Opens 670 10 6700
    Numbers 167 4 668
    dates 50 120 6000
    lays 15 60 900

    Total minutes 14268
    hours 237.8
    days (8hour) 29.725

    This is a lot of time, of course it may vary, and it is technically your job. And I am estimating time requirements

    But when you add in a real wage per hour, and cost of a escort, these numbers getting laid get scary.

    Figure 60k a yr @ 40hours week = $28.84 hour
    Escort @ $300 an hour, probably more if you want to take a dump on her. 😉
    15 times a year, same as game lays.
    = $4500 and 15 hours a year vs 237.8 hours less 15 hours lay time is 222.8 hours or 27.75 days a year (8 hour days) spent trying to get laid.

    Basically a month a year full time trying to stick dick into hole. What else can I do with that time?

    Does this seem worth it? going on 50 dates, 2x a month new girl. putting on the alpha monkey show?

    Am asking as I am at a cross roads as well, 42 on TRT great everything else- like talking to them, like the initial spark but the whole relationship thing after- count me out. I don’t have anything positive to say about a the LTR juggling act.
    Am finding that unless I am really digging the girl visually and really like her vibe, i’m out. batting avg is better than above but I miss alot and I am fine with 7s occasional 8s. Done with 10’s, did that when I was younger. Thinking about running down the street for a month- the whole YAS thing really kills it for me.

    Just my spur of the moment opinion- never tried the escort thing, so speaking from no experience. [I realise you’re being facetious, but mindwank is welcome on this blog. My main feedback is in three places: (i) 670x10min isn’t right. It’s more like 100×1 min, 300×5 min, 370×10 min (ii) Except for a bit of AA or the occasional rude response, this is time spent HAVING FUN. Sure it can get wearing but it’s not like real work (iii) I never did understand the escorting comparison. It doesn’t work because paying for sex completely changes the nature of the reward. You simply don’t get the same thing. It’s not like its merely a poorer version – it isn’t even the same. In this respect the maths would be like listing all the work that goes into being a pro boxer and comparing it to simply paying your opponents to fall over. Those aren’t lower quality wins. They aren’t wins at all. But I’m happy to field more such mindwank so keep it up. K.]

    • my mind goes into finance mode when numbers are used- so my perception is colored, when presented here. By your numbers am off here by 3.6 days on the initial pick up or 13%.

      Boxing would be a bad comparison because you are getting something of lasting value, prize money, external reputation building which can monetize (george forman grill) later and a career, with a collateral of getting very fit with a downside of maybe getting brain damage.
      With a lay, its just that, no money made, minimal translatable rep building which maybe you can monetize (PUA classes), downside a VD perhaps.

      I wouldn’t feel as good just getting laid as I would winning a title fight- even if it was amateur. Not going to run down the street with my arms up smiling saying I just got laid. its just whatever. For me, its that I really need to get laid I just go do it and go sport f* a girl.
      Never frame it as a win, rather something to tick off the list, like getting my car’s oil changed.

      Define a what a win is for you.

      Is it getting them pregnant, passing on genes- seems like PUA talks about it but no one has any kids.
      Is it sheer will of effort, “I made someone or got someone to do this reproductive act with a woman that normally wouldn’t engage me?”.
      Why is getting laid a reward? it lasts 10 seconds at the coming. and condom sex sucks. then you leave and start the cycle over again because if you stay it just gets worse. (I have had gym pumps better than condom orgasms)

      Why would hooker sex be not even the same- its still sex, probably with a hotter woman and its efficient. Its still 13 hours per girl of effort not counting the actual act. At a avg. wage ($28.85/h) that’s $375 of your time, I make more than this and that time for money trade is big. Time is money.

      Asking as (and not trolling) I am grappling with defining what women mean in my life and why I want them there in the first place, when there could be other options. Just read rational male- knew about most of it but not how deep it actually goes so maybe this is coloring my rant/talk here.

      Have had ibank buddies talk about times they got them and times they got regular woman, the only perceivable difference was that they seemed to like being validated by taking the regular girl home when their friends saw them. Cost never came up, but did come up when they talked about bottle service or what their tab was at the end of the night.

      Have any PUA’s just rented several escorts and just reviewed them like they do SDL’s? Then made a comparison? [I’ve fucked a few escorts. It’s an entirely meaningless experience. There are only 2 real wins for our DNA reward system: banging hot women, beating up men. You can’t buy either, any more than you can buy a friend. K.]

  20. Do you think your lay rates would go up drastically if you just ditched the number close & tried the same day lay? My fall off from numbers is much higher than yours but still have pulled 4 girls to my apt despite being much less skilled than you just by capitalizing on SDL opportunities. Also are you going for instadate everytime or do you just ask for a number? [I think you missed the point. Nearly all my near misses were SDL attempts. K.]

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