Womanizer’s Bible – Podcast

April 2, 2015

I’ve been seriously neglecting my YouTube channel. It’s so fucked up that my account login doesn’t even allow me to post comments due to some tech issue. So, I’m going to start a new channel and try to cultivate it. To begin, I will do a little reader-response material. This is the plan.


You post your questions here, or on my Facebook page, and then I’ll answer a sample of them in a podcast that I’ll post up on YouTube. So, how can I avoid this being just another “me too” podcast? I’m going to focus on more high-falutin’ topics than what I see other guys doing. In particular, I’ll welcome questions related to:

  • The player’s journey
  • Challenges and rewards of the player’s lifestyle
  • Euro jaunts
  • Meta game
  • Game history of ideas going right back to Ross Jeffries and Mystery
  • Count Cervantes style “most interesting man in the world” game
  • Socio-sexual hierarchy, lover/provider, SMV

And in order to keep it focused I will not answer questions related to:

  • Technical in-set questions on the street, texts, or dates (although meta-level questions on game technique will be answered)
  • How to get one particular girl you are oneitisy about
  • Beginners questions

If you drank your own piss yesterday, this podcast probably isn’t for you. Not yet, anyway. Once I’ve gotten ten or so good questions I’ll sit down and try my best to answer them. If that podcast works out well, I’ll do another. So, ask away. Be as specific as you can be, and don’t shackle yourself. If it can squeeze into the approved topic areas, give it a go.


  1. I’m not sure if you’re knowledgeable about this topic but how should we north American guys adjust the London day game model to suit NA women? [Ok, I’ll talk about that. K.]

  2. The player’s Journey: There are a fair few guys out there who have reached intermediate level through sheer persistence, but advanced guys such as your self are few and far between. What was your journey from intermediate to advanced like? What did you have to do to go from just OK at game (i.e. sleeping with average girls) to being really good (sleeping with hot girls)?

    Euro Jaunts: How workable do you think these would be for the average guy that only has 5 weeks holiday per year? Would it be worthwhile to do say a long weekend somewhere, followed by maybe 3 months of long game, then back for another long weekend to collect the flags with the girls you’ve been long gaming? I’m thinking you’d need at least a week each time. Also what would you say are your top 3 Euro Jaunt cities?

    lover/provider: Do you ever have to deal with girls who only want relationships? They like you but tell you they’re not interested because you don’t seem interested in something long term? [Ok, good question. K.]

  3. For the over 40’s amoung us:

    How best does one brush off the indignation of respectable society and instill a sense of entitlement to younger, hotter, tighter? [Good one. K.]

  4. SLUTS AND MINI-RELATIONSHIPS: How do you relate a girl’s sexual morale to how much you are willing to invest in her?

    Many will argue sluts are inadequate even for mini-relationships. Others will say “it’s just sex, it doesn’t matter”. Both have a point. Then there are stories like Torero’s special French girl, where it seems that the overall liberalism of the relationship (that is often forced, no other option, due to the carousel) lead to jealousy, emotional pain, and overall disaster.

    And what about Russia? Sugar-daddy arrangements. Some argue she was preserved from the carousel in an LTR and therefore keeps her sweetness and innocence, others that she is a whore and a prostitute. And even if she were, how does this affect your willingness to invest in her, in Krauser’s worldview/paradigm? Meaning what is acceptable, what is unacceptable, and why. A journey with surely a few heartbreaks may have shed light onto this.

    R/K SELECTION IN WOMEN: How the cock-carousel Western mentality affects game vs what happens in more datey cultures.

    You have spoken a lot about R/K-selection strategies in men (a strategy applied to the woman by the player), but a good topic would be to explore more in-depth the mentalities of women around the globe, and how it relates psychologically to their responses to different male strategies. What different strategies by the player will lead to on different types of girls and what can be expected, whether you can keep (or not keep) certain types of girls after sex due to their mentality and the particular strategy you applied… etc. Eg. Can you expect to lose Russian girls after sex if it is pure lover-frame as you would perhaps a Scandinavian girl? Does she use you for sex? Also, do things like tattoos and piercings, or overall liberalism, have the same meaning of sexual easiness, and possible R-selected worldview in Russia as they do in the West? Do carousel-riders exist in Russia at all, or perhaps there is a different kind of carousel?…

    Going into the mentality per se, although biologically they are all the same, it is curious to explore how the forebrain paradigm of women around the world affects game, and more importantly WHY they think the way that they do, which helps in tailoring game techniques. Like a mathematical formula and its inner logic underneath. Biologically they are all equal and yet different paradigms in different cultures clearly lead to different ways of reacting, and seemingly different desires and intentions.

    WOMEN FORCED ONTO THE CAROUSEL: There is an argument in the manosphere that Western women are forced onto the carousel by both a culture that overglorifies sex, and a general inability to get what she once wanted as a teenager: love with an alpha male. The tattoos as a shout to the world: “you cannot hurt me anymore”. Action-reaction to a form of systematized heartbreak that happens to every young girl due to a culture that makes it impossible for them to get what they would like in a vulnerable fashion. Hence a wide array of defense mechanisms etc. that follow her up into her 30s. There seems to be this perpetual vibe of sadness and depression every time you lay a Western girl, especially if she isn’t drunk, and even when she fully accepted this was a one-time thing. This classic argument you read on forums that girls are on anti-depressants, etc… What is your opinion on this? Do you think girls are deep-down upset with the state of affairs, or what do you believe is the general attitude?

  5. After you developed basic game competency (ie. knowing how to get sex on a regular basis), what motivated you and what continues to motivate you along your player’s journey? In Balls Deep you described at least one relationship in which you had a fairly deep, affectionate and emotional connection with your girl. Have any women since your divorce made you question your dedication to the path? All the game knowledge we need is online and available for everyone for everyone; why haven’t we seen a proliferation of advanced level gamers?

  6. Deep conversion: Perhaps a peek of insight into that, making a girl fall in love with you.

  7. Hi Nick:

    I’ve come up with some sort of London Real type of questions (Best interview I’ve ever seen from anyone in the Manosphere):

    In that interview you mention a few of powerful concept such as introspection and confedence, could you please go a little bit deeper….if possible an example would be nice?

    What’s the best advice that you’ve ever received?

    What’s your top 10 list of books that a sigma male should read?

    What are the 3 quick things to improve for newbies that want to become that kind of a man?


  8. How hot are the girls you’re getting? You are very honest in saying you are bagging 7’s and 8’s. No one else says that. Can you show us equivalent girls to the ones you’re getting. Can you show us what kind of girls you can’t get yet? What would it take to get those girls consistently. And would you care to do those things.

    Might seem like a newbie question but I think it would be interesting to see the limits of your current game. [I no longer post pictures of actual girls. Someone who was at the live taping of the Daygame Overkill seminar can tell you because I showed about 15 girls, with cameras off. I’ll talk about this though, and perhaps put up Google Images photos and rate them according to my taste. K.]

  9. The player’s journey category is my favorite so two questions there and one from meta game category:
    1. Intermediate phase is the toughest. You no longer get the adrenaline rush from sheer approaching yet the results are varied at best. So there are months where you have a date every other night, there are those where you hardly date despite all the number closing and there are those weeks when girls don’t even stop for you. It’s obviously a “inner game” issue (there is something wrong with you/your life/something is bothering you). One thing is dealing with what’s wrong. The other thing and this is my question is how to push through. You can rest, recover and come back stronger or just keep doing what you’re doing until successes will help you rise. What was your strategy to go past this? Do you still get that extremely bad weeks where you just seem to give off such bad vibe that the girls can see it? How do you recover from that?
    2. betatupua already asked about transition from intermediate (sleeping with average girls) to advanced (sleeping with hot girls). Sometimes the story is different – intermediate guy can lay hot and tight girls but it seems random while advanced guy does what he does consistently. So my question is this – how to move from random successes to consistency at any level? I don’t consider laying a 6 much easier than laying a 8 (it however gets different for the top girls). In retrospective I find no difference in my game, girl’s reactions and overall vibe in both my successful stories and in those that went badly. Sheer persistence changes nothing so I’m guessing there are some steps or mindset change that helps to move forward. Or maybe that’s still beginner level?
    3. When and how did you get rid of this idea of girls “out of your league”. It’s not necessarily about the hotness, it can be about specific type of girl. When you’ve done hundreds/thousands of sets it’s obvious that you can approach any girl. But some birds make you feel like “she’s so hot”, “she’s so rich”, “she’s so bitchy”. It’s not fear it’s a mindset issue that “it’s not a girl for me”. Standard way of dealing with it would be going for more approaches with those girls but they are more likely to fail due to lack of experience and self-doubt. Occasional successes won’t be very helpful. Any other ways?

  10. What is the difference between London and Eastern Europe day game?

  11. ill be watching nick

    1) Deep Conversion – the holy grail in many ways you continue to keep under wraps. You previously said it is too dangerous

    I hope you realize from a marketing standpoint that saying it is ‘too dangerous’ is going to equal $$$ for you should you decide to release it

    2) Tomassi bombshell

    Rollo Tomassi @RationalMale · Apr 1
    So much for the MMSL “oxytocin = the Beta women need” horse shit:


    This is a major statement. If I’m reading this correctly, this negates the previous Game standby for a decade that girls want Betas post-coital or when they are not ovulating during the month

    We can start saying with certainty at NO TIME during “the month” or any month of a girl’s life does she actually want Beta type feels haha

    It is Alpha/Sigma all the way down…


  12. I know nobody in the industry wants to talk about it: do you know of any false accusation of sexual harassment or rape? What can be done against it?

  13. Who do you plan to vote for in the general election and why

  14. Has tinder.fucked up male smv?

  15. Hey Nick,

    Maybe talk a little about how to eliminate some of the unknowingly subconscious things we do that ruins a set for us (verbal, physical).

    After hook point, I’ve noticed theres something that I’m seeping out from my subconscious that I’m projecting to the set – leading to a great set ending up to be a dead lead.

  16. How to have women gravitate around you? In your daily life.

    I realise this doesn’t have much to do with daygame , but it would be interesting to have women actively seek your company (might be coworkers who come to your desk with ‘questions’ all the time, a flirty waitress, etc), when you cannot constantly pursue them on the streets.

    You always see stuff like this in the movies, when the man is the prize and the ladies always chase him. A good example: Don Draper, sure he is powerful, but never seems to do anything to pursue women. Nonetheless, he always has a few.

    Thanks! [I might do this one, but rule #1 is never use fiction to substantiate facts about reality. K.]

  17. The challenges of a players lifestyle. I knew this was going to be a tough journey from the beginning. However, I was ready to go through with it regardless. It’s been a full year now gaming for me. I noticed right from the beginning was the emotional rollercoaster that began to subside only a little bit once I was going out very steadily and eventually began to feel like “it was another day at the office.” However, there has been one thing that surprised me more than anything once I started and it still continues. Daygame seems to rapidly unviel a persons avoidance weasels and drastically expose their insecurities to the gamers concious mind in full force (and very quickly). I’m imaging that at some point a gamer must do something to get rid of (or deal with) these insecurities so that he can advance his skill set and avoid setbacks.

    What does a gamer do to in order to strengthen his inner game while out on the streets, rather than reading self-help books, doing meditation, etc (which truly sound to me like gimmicky solutions) ? How should a gamer use introspection to overcome a plateau?

    • Dear K,
      You sometimes mentioned in you blog about introspection and how it helped with your inner game. I am curious how does one of you introspection sessions looks like. I am also curious about how did you “confront you inner demons is”.
      Best of luck,

  18. Hi Nick. Yourself and Tom are adamant not to mix signals when it comes to R/K selection but at the same time there is a certain amount of push/pull in an interaction with the phrase ‘Nice bad boy’ descrbing this well of the vibe you should have in set etc.

    There is a paradox here so can you explain the difference between not mixing these meta signals but at the same time being a nice bad boy?


  19. 1. No man can escape his biological clock, so my question is this: When and where does the Player’s journey end? Can you keep doing this indefinitely (into your 50’s, 60’s, 70’s)? Do you want to check out at some point: LTR, marriage, kids? Growing old gracefully and with company?

    2. You (or Steve, or Tom – I forget), have stated in the past that more and more lays do not make you a better man. What I interpret from this is the importance of having something meaningful in our lives beyond the pursuit of just sex – otherwise we become no better than the fat guy whose only interest in life is to eat cake all day. What advice would you give to help guys identify with this, and to enable them to use Game for the tool that it is – rather than to be used by it?


  20. Yes please talk a little about how you explained your choice to become a player to those close to you. At which point did you let them in on it and how did you frame it? (And did you frame it differently to different people?)

    How you ever talked about beta/alpha or SMV with girls? And how did you do it?

  21. Could you just talk in depth about CONFIDENCE/CHARISMA?
    => What exactly turns women on as much as their good looks turn men on

    How exactly did you make sure your game got better year after year? Are you affraid you could lose momentum or your skills if you stopped practicing for too long; how to make sure you evolve in the game in the long run without burning out or focusing only on game?

    How did you move from intermediate to advanced? How did you break your own plateaus and went on to consistantly bang the hottest girls? How does one really make that jump?

    Thanks man. I love your work.

  22. You once posted somewhere that daygame was like playing Russian roulette. Can you expand on that idea.

    Did you mean accidentally knocking up a bird, stds, abortions, getting one-itis, that mess up ones life?

    Have you knocked up a bird ? If so I’m assuming abort? Apologies if too personal just a natural possibility of advancing in daygame.

    Also- dgers like tom and yourself have had previous marriages that made you appreciate the values of daygame.

    Do you think that going through those serious relationships experiences were necessary to develop the love/hate/passion for game, and the pursuit of women as well for the long term?

  23. K, how do you deal with that inevitable fork in the road you come to when you see the reality of male / female dynamics, and all it holds for your day to day life? I say this as I am finding it very hard to motivate myself in my career now I am more r-selected and realise that I don’t need shiny things / prestige anymore, so getting to the office every morning has become a terrible drag. I sometimes joke to myself that I’d get laid 10x more if I was a parasitic job seekers claimant and had all the time in the world. From reading balls deep you didn’t touch on the whole career subject as much as I would have liked to have read (maybe for your personal reasons), but there are very few guys out there who have successfully escaped the matrix and have put their story out there.

  24. Can you provides some good examples of sexualizing the conversation without over-gaming?

  25. What do you suggest for guys who are starting from, or have reached an emotional low, even depression, and have huge trouble handling rejection? What can a guy who constantly battles self-loathing and inferiority complex to get out of this situation? Is it something that has to be sorted out before one tries/continues learning game?

  26. Another question that has just come to mind; do you think the ‘golden age’ of daygame has come and gone? I say this as I see less and less daygamers in London these days (compared to 2011,12,13). Steve J have just announced he’s stepping away from the PUA industry and there isn’t much decent new material coming out from others anymore. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, just wondering why it may be..

    • Would be interested to hear Krausers thoughts on this but it seems to me the Daygame carnival continues every week now it seems new guys are putting up infields on Youtube.

  27. How does a player in his 30s/40s best deal with the social pressure to conform from friends & family? For example I have friends or I should say used to be friends who have “Couples Nights” were they go out as a big group for dinner, drinks etc and the girlfriends say it’s couples only so I don’t get invited which I’m cool about I actually find it amusing my friends will say why don’t you just get a proper girlfriend and stop chasing young girls you’re 31 now when are you going to settle down. I can’t think of anything more boring than a “Couples Night” I want to be on the streets hustling and banging hot 20 year olds not sitting around listening to overweight Women in their early thirties talk shit!

  28. I’ve enjoyed the Balls Deep serialisation so far. When do you plan on resuming it? [Not sure. Maybe in a month or so. K.]

  29. How do you balance alpha male entitlement with an insistence that people should get what they deserve?

  30. There’s a part in Mastery about “respecting the hustle”, whatever “in” the guy is using. I’ve been hearing more talk of not “wasting time” actively daygaming and that you should just meet women doing things that support your lifestyle naturally.

    I personally find a lot of “lifestyle” advice to be superfluous. Asides from maintaining health, fitness and finances, I’m perfectly happy pursuing solitary hobbies and then getting out for daygame.

    Can you delve into the psychology of using (day)game to get laid versus using a lifestyle/status “in”? What do you think drives a man to pursue one course over the other?

  31. When is started this journey it was so I could achieve independence, being able to make my own waves. So for me, hitting the streets solo is very important.

    After moving on from the terror of a newbie, to the adrenalin period of semi-competence, I now find myself in grind mode which is from all accounts expected.

    What tips or otherwise can you suggest to make the solo sarge less of a chore and more, for lack of a better word, fun?

    The same does not apply to me when out with a wing. Blowouts or not, even a year after swallowing the red pill it is still fun hitting the streets.


  32. I live a similar lifestyle to yourself. I don’t work a normal job and my income stream allows me to live anywhere I want. How much does a typical euro jaunt cost? What are the costs besides a plane ticket? Perhaps in a future podcast you can outline all the best euro cities in order of girls, cost, and weather.

    Also, are different euro jaunt cities/locations better suited to people at different skill levels? For example ( just making this up btw ) Prague is best for noobs to start off at, and then Moscow is for seasoned veterans. Sort of like in video games different levels open up once you are at a certain experience level. Or at all the cities exactly the same in terms of difficulty.

    BTW this gauge of city difficultly level would assume the man is a average looking white dude with good style ( like you ). You probably can’t speak for guys who are black/Indian/asian etc etc.

  33. I too am interested in the “players journey” category of questions. To add to what’s already been asked: what are typical mistakes guys make that stop them from progressing? You hear stories of guys gaming for years and not getting so much as a kiss, or less severely, just failing to ever get consistently decent results. How common do you reckon this is, and what are things you can do to avoid it?

  34. One more issue I was just discussing with a friend I’d like to hear about from an experienced gamer. Beginners ten do escape far too quickly (on the street and during the dates). The fix is to tell them to plow as long as the girl is still there (on the street) and escalate until you burn (during the dates). That helps broaden the boundaries on what’s possible. Intermediates however tend to stay far too long in the sets and dating girls that are not prospective. On one hand the girl’s there, you want to get as far as you can. On the other hand maybe “as far as you can” means making out and sex is never to be on the menu. You’re wasting your time on those girls. I find it hard to let the girl go after 3 dates without sex when it seems that it can happen on 4th or 5th date. Is aggressive filtering (escalating quickly, being very sexual from the very beginning) the only way? Aren’t you loosing many possible lays that way?

  35. Hey Nick, thanks for the opportunity.
    I think many of us were raised as nice guys. This is also my biggest sticking point, working on it for a while, but still come across as too nice, not badass enough. Any great ways to improve my coky side?

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