The Quickest Fix For Approach Anxiety

April 1, 2015

If I was in a mathematical mood, I might try to estimate how much of a man’s success with women is ruined by his Approach Anxiety. But, that’s too much brain-work so instead I’ll pull a number out of my arse – 70%. That’s probably not far wrong. Most problems in Game can be solved by implementing one simple piece of advice: Open more sets.

  • Find yourself overinvesting in text message exchanges? Open more sets
  • Struggle to keep your vibe up in long spells between dates? Open more sets
  • Throwing away precious time and effort following up luke-warm and cold leads? Open more sets
  • Scared of escalating in case she blows you out? Open more sets
  • Don’t have enough experience of street stopping girls? Open more sets

Given how many problems can be mitigated or outright solved by this one piece of advice, the real question is why aren’t you opening more sets. And the answer to that is Approach Anxiety. That’s the real cost to implementing the advice. Fortunately I will tell you – for one day only – the real secret to beating AA. No, it’s not inner game. No, it’s not meditation. And no, it’s not forcing IOIs. All of those are long-term strategies if you want to reduce AA while also making personal progress.

What if you just want a quick fix?
What if you don’t care about improving yourself, you just want to get rid of AA right now, the easy way?

Fortunately there is an extremely effective way to completely blunt the effect of AA. There are only two downsides:

  1. The effect wears off after two hours (three if you’re lucky)
  2. It’s a bit gross

So what is the magic bullet to give you fast 100% foolproof elimination of AA: Drink 25cl of your own urine.

Ryoto Machida, champ

Ryoto Machida, champ

This is something I first learned at a seminar with former UFC light-heavyweight champion Ryoto Machida who has been doing it since he was a teenager under his father’s instruction. His father was a kyokushinkai karate champion who learned the secret while training in an Okinawan dojo. They had picked it up from the Okinawan long-distance fishermen who used it to calm their sea-sickness and fear when going out in rough seas. It has an incredible dampening effect on the adrenal glands.

Basically, it dampens all fear and anxiety to zero.

Hence the karate masters used it before competition or endurance trials, and Machida used it pre-fight. If you’ve seen him fight you’ll have noticed his extremely relaxed demeanour and his ability to retain the higher-level technical proficiency that normally deserts fighters in the ring (that’s why many “gym kings” don’t have successful careers – they can’t handle the amplified adrenalin of a competitive match in front of a real audience).

Just add urine, sugar and lemon

Just add urine, sugar and lemon

So for the past six months I’ve found a mixture of 25cl of my urine (with considerable sweetners and added flavours to reduce the foul taste) and half a can of Coca Cola has massively improved my centredness in set and better enabled me to turn on the r-selection. So, if you want a quick fix today and to remove your AA follow the secret Krauser AA-Busting Cocktail

  • Half a can of Coke
  • Six teaspoons of sugar (heaped)
  • Dash of lemon
  • 25cl of your urine (if you can stomach it, use your first piss of the day)

I expect to hear your victory stories soon!


  1. Lol! Yeah, I tried this. Sure I did.

  2. Good one Krauser — it deserves response in the same spirit, so, here goes:

    “Hey Krauser what if I really like drinking my own piss — is it okay if I drink way more than you suggest??
    Or what if I’m really dehydrated — is it okay if I drink someone else’s piss??”

  3. You do know some poor 16 year ls is going to try this, right?

    Heh. [That’s the plan. K.]

  4. Mr Krauser, you are taking the piss.

  5. You might be overlooking something– that the results came from drinking the urine of a champion. Where can we buy genuine Krauser urine? [It was a pre-order bonus on Overkill. K.]

  6. Not entirely 01.04.: [Good spot. Machida is where I got the idea for the post. K.]

  7. What a lame attempt at an April Fool’s day joke. Did you seriously spend all day until 9 pm furiously writing, to post this?

  8. Steve Jabba mixes it with coffee before his morning shit.

  9. You are taking a piss. Literally

  10. I never have approach anxiety, no matter how hot the girl. I’m selling my piss below market. I’m actually taking a loss on it. Contact me at my website if you want some to super-nuke your approach anxiety.

  11. I think I just wet myself.

  12. “Necessary!? Is it necessary for me to drink my own urine? No! But, I do it anyways. Because its sterile, and I like the taste.
    – Patches O’Hoolihan

    Im so gonna try it.

  13. Piss and Shit are actually great words to use for flakes. Sent the following text a few times and it worked:

    Me: “Just took a piss and a steaming shit and was thinking about you”

    Her: “WHAT!!”

    Me: “My bowels are relieved. Cheers…”

  14. Next year, I think the initiates will be ready for the secret of developing mind-blowing sexual presence with the mystical “L” forehead tattoo.

  15. Some chode is bound to try this! ROFL

  16. Bear grylls game. remember midflow is best.

  17. I bought it until coca cola came to the equation. A sure way to de-healthify any good cocktail.

  18. Any case will try drinking urine soon because it has some potent health effects. Perhaps with some coconut water.

  19. You should’ve warned Sasha that it’s a joke: 😉 [Holy shit. I don’t think that’s a good way to market your wisdom or good judgement. K.]

    • Sasha was always on the extreme side of ‘not giving a fuck’ but lately he’s slowly turning into a creepy weirdo. Too much lifestyle and mental masturbation, almost no pickup. And unfortunately – conspiracy theories and unverified claims about health and food.

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