Nice guy / bad boy fractionation

March 30, 2015

Never forget the magnitude of what we are trying to accomplish with daygame: choosing a girl who is minding her own business, interrupting her day, and trying to fuck her quickly offering no more in return than our charisma. If she’s really lucky, she’ll score a free coffee.

Doing that regularly with younger-hotter-tighter is a superpower. There’s an extremely narrow window within which we display a carefully refined, balanced and projected collection of qualities. Central among these is fractionating between “nice guy” and “bad boy” traits, as viewers of Tom’s recent vlog series have seen.

My particular style is to look aggressively r-selected in my style and body language while putting on hard eyes and clear sexual intent. That “bad boy” side is constantly offset by polite language, occasional smiles, mischeivous gestures, and displays of sophistication.

I recently dated a photographer so she wanted to rattle off some posed shots of me. This one perfectly encapsulates the Bad Boy elements I’m trying to project. My mum said it reminded her of James Dean. You are giving the girl her Adventure Sex fantasy, so make it a little larger than life. Lest any of you think I was destined to be this cool from birth, go have a look at the photos of me in 2009 from the Balls Deep serialisation posts. The transformation from Chodey McNumbnuts to the current vintage of Nick Krauser was a painstaking and consciously-implemented process. The whole purpose of this blog has been to chronicle the change.


  1. Does it make any sense to make yourself so aggresively r-selected if you go for r-girlfriend rather than harem/f-buddy? [It’s mostly just for the attraction front-end, and it’s constantly fractionated anyway. K.]

  2. Yours and Toms output have helped out of the abyss over the past two years. It’s been great to witness your transformation and I wish you nothing but the best.

  3. Do you smoke Krauser or was it just a prop? I used to smoke during my day game sessions as it helped relieve the blowouts and reward the successes. But I’m always trying to quit.

  4. In before the manosphere debates whether the cigarette is angled in an alpha or beta geometry.

  5. I’m confused by this post as it goes against what’s often proposed – “don’t give mixed signals” in what you’re trying to do. One could say that you are giving mixed R/K-style signals by above behaviour, correct? How is that then not giving mixed signals in that she could see you as potential boyfriend material (and therefore make you wait longer) or quick adventure fuck.

    • The very essence of attraction springs up from a contrast: between the feminine and the masculine, between the disciplined and the wild, the refined and the rough, etc. That is the foundation of seduction and of this specific aspect Krauser is highlighting.

  6. Smoking is not cool – even for bad boys.

    • Smoking is now cooler than ever. Though that cigarette looks unsmoked. [It was a prop. I only smoke occasional cigars. K.]

  7. I could understand wearing this gear in London but does Krauser Tom and co wear this gear in poor 2nd/3rd world countries of Eastern Europe?

  8. Cool photo.

    What i’ve noticed about Game is that every man’s journey is different. It’a almost as though you’re bringing out your true avatar through the years of grinding it out on the streets. Like how Bruce Wayne becomes Batman.

    For Nick, it’s the James Dean’eque badboy. For Tom, It’s the swave gentleman. For me, it’s the quiet reserved type with a mysterious allure that reels girls in.

    There’s been a common theme with me where girls would expect one thing from the front end, only to be pleasantly surprised once in the bedroom. Every single one of them have said they never expected sex to be that wild and passionate.

    Game is an awesome journey. Spoke with my mate and daygame wing a few days ago about it. It’s all about finding your own voice. You know you’re watching a master at work when their game is different from everyone else’s. The fundamental mechanics are there, but they’ve made it their own.

  9. Handsome. Re “make it a little larger than life”, it’s almost difficult to go too large. Women generally have poor taste (see lesbians) and respond well to outsize displays. See chicks with douchebags. The great designers, fashion and otherwise, are all men.

  10. “Never forget the magnitude of what we are trying to accomplish with daygame: choosing a girl who is minding her own business, interrupting her day, and trying to fuck her quickly offering no more in return than our charisma.”

    We are also offering her our time, attention, desire, and our bodies. Delivered from an internalized Masculine Imperative frame, this is high value.


    “Pussy is just pussy.”

  11. Great transformation, and a good look for us older guys (I just turned 40). Its a wise move (imo) to go a little more rugged with your style as the deeper lines set in, and its far more congruent than trying to force the soft, pretty-boy look of the younger guys. If I saw you on the street I would absolutely want to find out what you’re about. I see a guy dressed like you and I know that he knows what’s up.

    The amount of sperginess* in the comments, though, reminds me that you can only lead a horse to water. How people could be active readers and still be confused by what you’re doing (or debating shit like appropriateness of location or ‘mixed signals’. lol Christ) proves that words can only provide so much.

    Great photo all around. I seriously need to think about getting some pro-level work like this done for myself.

    *No offense, brothers. Maybe you’re new to all this.

  12. Perhaps these kind of photos will work well for online dating? I think the way you are dressed gives a glimpse about you as a person and your lifestyle.

    Its kind of hard to make out the image of Krauser because he is hidden behind something at the front and he is photographed from the side.

    Going out like that, there will be a lot of attention from everyone men and women because the dress sense stands out from the regular herd. Some people might even call this image ‘try hard’. Random opinion: I would go out showing an edge to stand out but wouldn’t do it too much. I would not wear the hat, the belt, the rings and the chain in one combo preference for going along the minimal rather then maximum.

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