Best Daygame Theory – The Overkill Discussion Part 3

April 4, 2015

A couple of the weeks ago Nick allowed me a peek into his collection of infields: Daygame Overkill. This is an interesting product in that it’s targeting intermediate level daygamers, like me. The basics are largely glossed over in favour of tackling a major general sticking point for guys at my level, namely how to turn fun, spontaneous and harmless encounters with lovely young flowers on the street into the serious knee-trembling, pussy-pounding, depraved fuck-fest perversions that would’ve made Caligula proud; you know, the ones we had all envisioned for ourselves upon embarking on the grand adventure that is Game. Nick’s contribution and his primary focus in Overkill is turning “nice guy daygame” into “adventure sex daygame”, and in doing so he outlines a number of specific actionable steps that are new to the London model.

Everything is framed in terms of the Lover-Provider continuum. On the one end of the spectrum, girls want to bang you for your DNA, on the other, they want you for your wallet. The gradations extend from sport fucks in nightclub bathroom stalls (daygame equivalent is a Same Day Lay) through to casual fuck buddies (recurring, but purely sexual), harem members (sex with some affection, but non-exclusive on your side),  r-boyfriend (exclusive, yet maintaining your sex-worthy attributes) — all pleasant places to be at throughout your journey as a player — through to the dark-side, the soul destroying male roles we want absolutely no part of; the k-boyfriends, husbands, sugar daddies, and johns.

Making sense, yesterday

Making sense, yesterday

The whole concept of the Lover-Provider paradigm, which Nick beautifully encapsulates using the first-and-only diagram in the history of Game theory that actually makes any sense, is simply that not all sex is created equal. As theorists and practitioners of Game, we’re looking for sex of the highest quality, literally resculpting ourselves as men in order to have women genuinely enjoy “adventure sex” with us. We’re putting in the hard graft required to become sex-worthy men. We’re not lying or somehow cheating women, there’s no “snake seduction” here. We’re not using money or advancing career prospects as an additional (but obfuscated) transactional layer to act in our favor. We have no “edge” or no “in”, no, we’re becoming the men that hot women will willingly fuck by and of their own volition. Moreover, in daygame specifically, you’re not even exploiting the seductive vaporware of social proof; in daygame you’re cold-selling your dick in the cold light of day with the sheer force of your own personal charisma.

Fucking a nymphet based on that proposition, that’s something most mortal men won’t have the joy to experience in their lifetime, and if that ain’t a fuckin’ superpower, I don’t know what is.

In Overkill, Nick significantly simplifies the model; a vast improvement over the ridiculously overwhelming yet utterly useless blueprint of a notch factory that’s pasted on the back cover of my first edition Daygame Mastery. In general, I’ve never liked these daygame diagrams because street stops are fluid, they’re dynamic, and the steps are going to look quite different in every set based on what the girl’s giving you. In my experience, diagrams of “textbook” daygame only make sense in hindsight, and only at their most general.

Even the opener — the most mechanical part of any approach — hasn’t been captured in a succinct, concise manner. An assumption stack, for example, is only a stack in the case of a “Russian minute”. If you successfully bait a girl into talking using your assumption, there’s no need to “stack” them (indeed, it’s actually counterproductive), and so you’re straight into Vibing. These sorts of intricacies make daygame, to my mind, more complicated than a linear progression of boxes to be checked. Never the less, it’s a teaching heuristic that’s been used before and it comes up again here, but thankfully Nick ignores for the most part what have already become standard tools in our nice-guy daygame bag of tricks, focusing on a couple of novel contributions that help to push our game pendulum towards the bad-boy side of the spectrum.

Specifically, Nick is spiking more aggressively and more overtly than most infields I’ve seen. Although I can’t know for sure until I implement this theory more consciously into my own efforts, looking back at my personal plethora of extended and meandering instant-dates-to-nowhere, it’s always befuddled me how clueless some girls could be regarding my true intentions with them. In fact, I’m confident there’s a whole generation of nice-guy daygamers out there that are doing exactly what I do; to approach with a compliment (and even a tease if you’re feeling especially bold) and then proceed to hide your dick for the rest of the set in a flawed attempt to prevent your ego from dying its thousandth death.

Don't hide the dick

Don’t hide the dick

Deep inside we all know that if a girl is ever surprised when you escalate on her, you’re doing it wrong. Unfortunately, this has happened to me often. Recently. Despite pushing through my thousand-sets-of-hell, despite grinding the streets intermittently since 2012, I’m doing it the wrong fucking way! Not always, of course. Some girls will hook strongly during your opener, you’ll feel the electricity and they’ll encourage you to be bold and show your cock. These are what Nick calls “fizzy” sets. They present their own unique challenges – to dial it down and avoid becoming the clown. But most sets aren’t of this nature, they’re polite and well-natured girls without any natural fizz of their own. In Overkill, Nick encourages us to be brave, put our balls on the line and inject our own fizz into those sweet, innocent sets that are otherwise destined to lead us to that lonely town of nowhere.

Two specific steps are proposed to spike up the street stop in addition to the occasional verbal spike we’re already used to seeing from top-tier daygame. The first is testing for physical compliance. Yeah you heard me, street kino. Nick employs a multitude of gambits such as touching her hand and talking about it, touching her hair, her ear, and my personal favourite — prodding her stomach like a mischievous school boy. All done with the purpose of conveying intent in a covert way and simultaneously forcing girls off the fence as early as possible by accepting the escalation and the gradual surrender of her body. Awesome. Additionally, Nick literally takes a step forward on the approach during his opening, deliberately encroaching her space while carefully gauging her reaction and calibrating accordingly.

The second actionable step is a very simple verbal and overt statement of intent before going for the number, very light and similar to what we’re accustomed to doing on the opener. In Nick’s infields, this amounts to little more than “Look, I like you, I think you look pretty. Another time I’d like to take you for a coffee, how does that sound?”. Awesome. Combined, these minor yet significant tweaks will help to filter for timewasters and provide an encouraging nod to women who like their men bold and brave, i.e. all of them.

At the meta-level, the ideology behind Overkill is extremely elegant. Essentially what’s being said is that there exists an infinitely many gradations throughout the Lover-Provider continuum, and the results you get are largely dependent on the offer you are presenting on your approach. As men we’re well aware it’s our job to lead, and it’s completely within our capabilities to steer a street encounter towards fast and memorable sexual liaisons, or towards boring and uninspired provider-style dating, complete with dinners and chocolates. If you’re on your third date with a girl and haven’t escalated because the “moment wasn’t right”, it’s your job to make it right. It’s vitally important that we take full responsibility for the outcome of our interactions. It’s our job to navigate the ship towards sex. No one else will. In other words you have to decide exactly what you want out of an interaction (eg. fast sex) and then ensure that every aspect of the proposition you present to a girl aligns with that core intent, and that your message is conveyed as covertly yet as directly as possible.

This manifests itself in the clothing and the skull rings (your image), the eye mesmer, the physical and verbal spiking, and so on. A lovely thing to behold is Nick’s unabashed and unapologetic desire for fast sex. It’s never verbalized explicitly, yet the girl knows without a shadow of a doubt that there’s nothing he’d rather do than to take her across the street and give her a good knobbing in the disabled toilets of Hotel Dubrovnik right then and there. As a consequence, the girls that actually do decide to come out on a second date will have a bloody good idea of what’s in store next.

Right there and then

Right then and there

Perhaps what Nick is suggesting on the uber-meta level is that game can look how you want it to look. For example, each of us have our own reasons for gravitating towards daygame over night game — because we don’t like the music or the booze or the bouncers, or because we’re too old, too tired, too lazy, or too poor to go to clubs — whatever the reason, we’ve redefined the game on our own terms to suit our personal temperament. Similarly, many of us have gone on our own beginner game missions to push our comfort zones, things like kissing girls on the street, instant dating two girls at a time, gaming girl cops on duty, whatever. Put in enough time and apply enough pressure, we can make those situations work for us. Christ, you can even game girls using magic tricks and fluffy hats. The point is that we have to look to our personal attributes and devise our own system; game has given us an infinitely generative tool box and it can look however you want it to look based on your unique combination of strengths, weaknesses and objectives. Krauser is an intelligent, fairly introverted guy who likes to run daygame and wants to fuck a lot of hot young women as quickly as possible. If that’s your situation then you’ll want to check out Overkill yourself.

The game as poker analogy that’s been thrown around a few times in recent months, I think, is a strong one. Not only is daygame difficult because you’re dealt a unique hand on each and every approach, there’s a strong element of skill and luck combined to give you your outcome. Even if you’re dealt a double ace on the pre-flop, it’s easy to lose your money going all-in and then see the cards draw out against you. Similarly, a flawless daygame set can fall mute while a throwaway set can and will get you laid on occasion. Trying to deduce a list of best practices in dynamics like these is understandably hard, yet Nick reminds us — like grinding away at the micro stakes — that going into a set with unbounded honesty, centeredness, not hiding your cock, and communicating what you want is ultimately what’s going to make you a long-term winner.

The final point I want to touch on, which struck me while watching the videos, is the high-level war strategy. To continue the poker metaphor; to be a consistently winning player in poker, table selection and your position on the table is of crucial importance and you’re always looking for new ways to exploit suckers. And this applies in game, too. I’m a strawberry blond of medium height and my looks do very well for me while I’m touring the Balkans. Men and women of all ages give me the quick bodyscan up and down as I walk through Jelacic Square. Why? Because I look different. Plant me in Stockholm, however, and I have exactly zero Good-Looking Guy Game to exploit — the men are blonder, stronger and taller than I am.

Am I cheating by stacking the odds in my favor by travellng to places where I’m shinier? Assuming women of equal quality, I’m willing to claim that such high-level strategizing is fair game. It comes back to playing the hand you’ve been dealt as best you can and making your situation work for you. In Mastery, Nick introduced the concept of opening a set as an “anabolic” activity, in other words something that requires energy expenditure of which you have a finite amount. As someone who also identifies himself as a bit of an introvert, daygaming on Oxford Street is a drag. Christ, the mere act of standing on Oxford Street for a couple of hours is sufficiently draining, both emotionally and physically, to do me for the day. Although it’s a great place to hone your skills — it’s such a demanding and ruthless daygame locale it requires absolutely flawless technique — after you’ve done your daygame apprenticeship and you know the basics, it’s time to start thinking about how to game smarter, not harder.

In this vein, ambling up and down the wide and warm boulevards of sunny Seville with your iced coffee in hand in the middle of winter, a place where the people are relaxed and the vibe is chill, all the while the rest of Europe is a barren, snow-covered wasteland — I believe this is the way forward regarding longevity in game. When you’re in it for the long haul, lifestyle design becomes increasingly relevant.

So this concludes my summary of Daygame Overkill. Nick’s given me the freedom to discuss whatever I damn well please in this “review”, and I’ve tried to summarize my key lightbulb moments above. Overall, I have no problem to recommend these infields to long-term readers and to intermediate daygamers that feel they’re putting in too much work on the streets relative to their results. We know we can’t have every girl, but rocking into a new town and putting in a couple of days of solid work before pushing a couple of babes onto the bed, this is realistic and totally do-able and Overkill is going to help take you there.

Alexander from Amsterdam.

Daygame Overkill is available for immediate online access here


  1. Very eloquently written post, Alexander, I enjoyed reading it. Sober review, too. Thanks.

  2. Hello Krauser,

    Re: the above diagram To what extent is it possible to be both L1 and P3 at the same time

    Fuck buddy / sugar daddy

    Do you see any scenarios where a married high SMV with game but also throws some $$ could have consistent success being seen as an “adventure sex service provider”

    The reason would be that if this man is married, there are certain girls 18-22 who do not want to get involved with married unless there are some kind of perks. Even though they consider him attractive, and would fuck him in two seconds if he was single, the fact he is already ‘taken’ puts a serious damper on the whole enterprise for them. They feel like a slut who is only good enough for another girl’s second hand leftovers. And they feel they are too good, at age 18-22, to settle for this.

    Also they still believe in a Disney Fantasy at this age where a married man shouldn’t be cheating. They wouldn’t want their own future Prince Charming husband at the Epiphany phase at age 28 to ever cheat on them. By cheating themselves with a married man at age 20, they are already blowing up their own myth.

    The SD aspect would allow them to rationalize going ahead and fucking him:

    ‘Well I would fuck him if he was single, but he’s married, but.. I am using him for some $$ so … I am really fucking him for the $$….. so, I am not a slut for fucking him’

    You said previously last year that ‘girls have a severe disconnect between R and K roles, and you cannot mix up the signals’

    I am wondering if, or to what extent, there is an exception to this rule


  3. One thing I like about Krauser’s explanatory style is how he owns up to the pickup lingo instead of trying to sound “natural and non-PUAy”, brazenly cutting into the details without being pedantic.

    Good call on the lifestyle design, Alexander. Hard work vs smart work is an interesting conundrum. The percentages game will always be there. Now with the new LDM the hard part for me is shifting from grinding out sets to knowing when to fold and knowing when to up the ante. A little bit of awareness goes a long way. I’ll still tackle improbable sets but my ego knows when to cut its losses.

    I had a funny “no” girl a few days ago. She disengaged right before hook point, said excuse me, took out her phone, allegedly made a call to the guy she was meeting up with and indignantly said “Sorry I’m running late, some guy’s trying to pick me up.”

    Now as she was pulling out her phone, I had already stepped back, looked aside and pulled out my own phone. “Dude just walk away” someone might tell me. No, it’s a nice day I’m going to have fun (and I didn’t believe her by her tone of voice). So I “called my mom” and while the girl was leaving I explained to mother dear that there were no nice girls out and I was going to go get some ice cream and read a book instead. Her demeanor shifted from bitchy to amused as she turned around to get one more look at me. I flashed her a “you blew it, girl, off with you now” smirk and carried on. Ah, American girls.

    The next set that day hooked strong.

  4. Hey Krauser, Do you have an affiliate program for Overkill by chance? [No. Maybe in the future. K.]

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