My Podcast Is Live

April 6, 2015

The first Womanizers Bible podcast is now live on my new YouTube channel. Click this link to get there. I spend half an hour giving a very detailed answer to the question of how a man moves from Intermediate to Advanced level game.

I am very deliberately trying to build my channel and get subscribers, so if you like it please hit subscribe and share with your buddies.

I will not embed them here and I’ll also frequently forget to announce them on the blog. It’s all about building subscribers. Podcast two was recorded tonight and will go live in a few days. So that’s 70 minutes of theoretical content in the bag already. It’s looking good!


  1. I would gladly pay money for this.

  2. You packed a lot of punch into 33 minutes there. And just one question at that. Looking forward to see where this goes.

  3. Subscribed! Checking them out later this evening.
    Would you please upload them to SoundCloud and or iTunes as well as well?
    Makes them much easier to download and listen to on the go.

  4. Or offer a direct link to an mp3 in the youtube details section.

  5. Excellent stuff, alot to learn from. How frequent do you plan to keep these? [Maybe one a week for a while. K.]

  6. That was an awesome first podcast. A lot of key points were made that has helped a few of my sticking points at the moment and explained a few of my successes and failures in set.
    The ones that did badly were a result of being too structured with the successes being a result of just flowing and trusting that my real self shines through.
    There comes a point in your daygame where the model itself becomes a detriment to your progress. Almost as though your inner game eventually excels past it and that using it actually lowers your value rather than increases it.
    The real gold from all of this is as Nick rightly explains, the reference experiences of knowing where you are in set in relation to the girl and not worrying so much as to the model you’re using.
    A lot of the daygame issues people have is in knowing that you already have the value to attract a girl. Once you believe in it, you no longer need to use the model as much anymore.

  7. Krauser, what would you say a r-selected male 10 looks like? I’ve been re-reading some of your posts on value/inner-game and having read Balls Deep, this has been bouncing around in my mind. What is an r-selected male 10? And is the concept itself flawed in a way that makes it unexplainable? Meaning, it’s pretty straightforward as to what a female 10 will look like, but the way male attraction manifests itself to females is so much more there a way to describe a male 10 correctly?

  8. Serious question: Do you shave your pubes? If so, why? If not, why not? [I think that’s more of a question for Berba or Sasha. K.]

  9. During your second podcast Tom Torero mentions that you have audio recordings of your dates. Do you have any plans to release these either on your Youtube channel or as a product. This would be highly useful to me and I am sure to many other of your readers. Daygame Mastery and Overkill are helping me to transform my life and it would be great to complete the package with instructional videos on the actual dates themselves as you have done with approaching in Overkill. [Actually yes. I got halfway through the date book and got distracted. Hopefully I’ll get round to finishing it this year. K.]

  10. Hey Krauser, great podcast keep them coming. You’re the most influential blogger I follow. Of course because of the advise you give on daygame and pick up but more so because you show me how to live life on your own term by your own rules. Since following you, among other things, I’ve reduced my work hours from full time to no more than 20hr per week while maintaining the same income.

    I’ve bought your daygame mastery and balls deep (great book, read the whole thing in less than a week).

    Was wondering if in one of your podcasts or blog you can post a recommended reading list. I know you’ve mentioned the fountainhead as a good read, maybe you have others.

    You can even post links from your website to order them through you. Just a taught.

    Keep the updates coming!

  11. I have a question. In your second podcast you and Tom T discuss the breaking of the “Fourth Wall” (around 19:00) where you say: “I don’t want to be your boyfriend, I just want to seduce you…”

    Is this expressing TOO MUCH of an over interest? The PUA go-to phrase is “Don’t tell me your problems…” or “Whoa…I just met you and you’re telling me your problems…” or “Good he can make us breakfast in the morning” or some cocky-funny.

    You’re suggesting just ploughing through with OVERT “That’s good, I want to be your lover not your boyfriend”… or “Don’t make it harder to seduce you”…

    I’d like to hear more about this. I’ve tried different approaches and cannot say which one works. It’s a gamble that the girl will just say “Thanks, you’re funny but sorry…” and walk away. or some such. [That old PUA stuff is all too incongruent. It encourages dancing monkey and feminised communication. K.]

    • @K thanks. I’d like to hear more about this. You seem to be taking PUA into a totally different direction. As I experiment and calibrate…i’m trying to understand. A lot of what was in your “Primal Seduction” book goes against the grain of what the so-called “mainstream” PUA teaches. I’m dropping in different elements into my game and at times it feels like i’m out there on the high-wire without a safety net. I’m now more “Authentic” in general but wonder if by going direct, by expressing interest whether it’s “beta”….anyway, a bit more insight on this in your next podcast would be great.

  12. Krauser why the switch to podcasts? I’ve got to say I find the written word a lot more useful, less time consuming and easier to navigate & organise.

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