Daygame Overkill – The Album

October 13, 2015

Those of you who bought the Black Book will have noticed a little freebie tacked on, representing half of the vanity project I busied myself with when bored in Newcastle a couple of months ago. I figured if Dr Dre and Jay Z can pump out music without having a shred of musical talent, perhaps I can too. So I produced some tongue-in-cheek daygame songs in a variety of genres.

Don’t get excited – they are all shit.

Still, it’s fun and it’s free. The second half of my album is now a freebie with Daygame Overkill. All existing members can click on the extra tab that now appears when you log in. Enjoy!

Value-added, yesterday

Value-added, yesterday


  1. One of these was on a YouTube interview you did, right? [Snippets, yeah. K.]

  2. Do you think if I listen to these before going out it will get me hb10?

  3. Jay Z and Dre don’t have musical talent? Try coming from the ghetto with no father / guidance and a shit load of drugs, guns and a criminal record & then make it in the entertainment business by earning more money than most Harvard MBAs will over 20 lifetimes…
    Once you do that Krauser your opinion will have some weight… [Precisely my point – At no point do you mention musical talent in your “argument”. It’s retards like you which allow clowns like them to get rich. K.]

  4. Hey champ where’s your new adventure girl story I miss em !! There funny 😉

    • Yeah for us men at our desks during the week how about exercising your writing skills and give us some stories, for example about the 2 catwalk model misses and other hits/misses this week. We are not hard to please Nick, the mere fact of being out with an 18 year old is entertaining enough. Quick twitter mentions are thin gruel [Hey boss. I’m just so frustrated right now I can’t bring myself to write anything. Wait till I begin my hibernation mid-November. Then I’ll start writing again. K.]

  5. Hi Krauser, great blog. As to your products, there appears to be a problem with the links to your books etc, or is it just me? Cheers [Tech issue, should be sorted soon. Thanks. K.]

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