Is Steve Jabba Britains Biggest Sexist? (per BBC Three he is)

November 3, 2015

Readers will remember it was BBC Three who cancelled a proposed daygame TV show with me the evening before filming was due to commence. They wanted me to coach their teenage star in how to pick up women on the streets of London. I write books teaching men how they can pull girls way out of their class and I was ready to prove it for the television cameras. Everything was ready to go then they had politically correct hissy fit and pulled the plug.

I’ve already proved it before – my video instructional Daygame Overkill shows men how I regularly pick up and fuck hot young women even though I’m an average-looking 40 year old man. That online program is available here and includes ten videos of me picking up and seducing young women right before your eyes. Then I explain how you can do it too. No money, no bullshit. You don’t even need good looks.

So it’s with much amusement I see BBC Three has a new feminist program called Britains Biggest Sexist that aired tonight. My long-time friend and co-writer Steve Jabba is featured picking up and banging a hot Spanish bird. Go check out the link, it’s Steve at his best!

Click to buy Steve's book

Click to buy Steve’s book

Naturally, Steve and I wrote a book on just how to do this. Steve’s mindsets make him a universally attractive man and we decided to write a book on how you to can develop the mindsets that will give you a good shot at hot young birds.

If you’ve decided you’ve wasted enough time fucking about on Tinder or getting drunk in bars and now you’d rather just learn how to pick up girls on the street, have a look at the sidebar to this page (or scroll down to the bottom if you’re reading on a smartphone). I can get you started from just £10. And if you want to leap in with both feet try my new Black Book video seminar that explains exactly how to pick up women, step by step

P.S. Richard from Street Attraction is in the BBC Three Britain’s Biggest Sexist show too.


  1. What the fuck is this shit. I watched 5 minutes of that and was bitterly disgusted.

    • haha! Tell me what happened! I legit have not seen it, I am out of the UK so I cannot watch it!

      What was up with it??

      • Every bite of infield was made to look awkward or as if the women didn’t want to be there. Obviously Berba was the worst culprit (of awkwardness). You cannot compare Berba to most PUAs, but by putting everyone together it created a particular image of a PUA.

        It did however quite impress me with how they manipulated it to how they wanted. Bringing in women and men who share their opinion, which although is very biased, will be seen as a reputable resource for the public (being the BBC). [I haven’t actually seen the show yet cos Iplayer doesn’t work in the country I’m in this week. But yes, we’d expect lies because these people are habitual liars without a shred of integrity. K.]

      • The pua part only lasted 10 minutes or so. It showed brief clips of infields from Johnny Berba, the Street Attraction guy, and 3 seconds of your infield with the Spanish girl (where you go to kiss her a second time and she pulls away because she has to go). Then it shows video of you fucking a girl, apparently recorded by a hidden spycam, which I’m not sure if the viewers would assume was the same Spanish girl. In between the clips there are several extremely ugly feminist ‘comedians’ stating how creepy you all are and how sex with you sounds ‘as much fun as a smear test’.

        Most of the PUA segment consists of some mangina playing a caricature of a PUA who goes around ‘following the advice of gurus’ – apparently such techniques as approaching girls and offering to carry their shopping bags in return for sex.

  2. I saw it … BBC3 essentially ridiculed us PUAs .. I’m a bit concerned now that any girl in the UK who has seen this now thinks all PUAs / guys approaching on the street are creepy wierdos resulting in a guaranteed flake. Its hard enough trying to game birds in London without this sort of feminist propaganda poisoning the well as well … bloody hell, we are under attack here …

    PS I assume no permission was asked .. if so I would get a cheap decent solicitor and take them to court for damages …. these feminists play dirty and I don’t like it one bit.

    • Chill out man, it´s funny as fuck to be honest.

      And if you think of yourself as a “PUA” you have bigger issues to worry about than some crappy BBC3 programme.

      Cool, decent guys will always get with nice women. Relax. You sound like you come from a “sneaky” place.

      If you do then yeah! You are indeed FUCKED! Haha

      • Any guy who cold approaches a women and uses any method beyond what an average Joe would is a Pick Up Artist. What you would like to call yourself is irrelevant (you may consider yourself a post modernist PUA / natural / whatever .. but you are nonetheless a PUA. I suspect you don’t like the characters in PUA don’t want to associate yourself with them which is why you are trying the old one two method of reclassification of yourself … I would suggest to you though that you are no better than any of us, your feeling that you are itself stems from insecurities about your self worth despite your braggadocio around no of women you have slept with and so on.

      • “And if you think of yourself as a “PUA” you have bigger issues to worry about than some crappy BBC3 programme.

        Cool, decent guys will always get with nice women. Relax. You sound like you come from a “sneaky” place.”

        Hmm, not sure if you’re being ironic but just in case you’re being serious – both the ‘hidden cam’ video of you fucking a girl you picked up and the Spanish girl video actually show your logo ‘Authentic PUA Training’, so I guess most viewers would assume (wrongly??) that you think of yourself as a PUA, or at least that you make money teaching people how to be ‘PUAs’.

        The videos have been edited and highlighted by that ‘crappy BBC programme’ to make all three of you, and PUAs in general, to look like sexual predators (at best).

      • Your own website is called AuthenticPUA…..

  3. No one told me about this TV programme, I just glanced at my stats and I noticed an enormous spike in people googling my name (and watching the video of me with the Spanish Girl). I had no idea where it came from! Then Nick told me I am on BBC3.

    There is a cool story here. because I just sent this tweet, literally 10 minutes before I realised I was on TV:

    “Two more months of my new business and I am more than self sufficient…Don´t think there will be much more from me in the PUA bis anymore..”

    Well, it seems I got my 15 minutes of fame and if I bow out with the title of Britains Biggest Sexist, then that´s a pretty cool way to end it all!

    It´s been a fun ride but if they actually knew me, they would realise I am light years away from being sexist…Never mind.

    • I’m very sexist…and proud of it. Men are the superior sex in so many ways. Stronger by far. Better at taking risk. More creative. More direct in our thinking. More ambitious. Rely on our abilities rather than on having a vagina to bribe with. Up with the Patriarchy!

    • You should contact bbc and thank them. No doubt they have probably sent thousands of dollars your way just from the publicity.

  4. Don’t like this as it exposes our sub culture and every Tom Dick Beta will now jump on the bandwagon.

    • That’s creepy as fuck. The world would be a better place of more men were content with women.

      • And if more men were content with other men, too. I try to bring my party to everyone–not bisexual, though, just out to spread some joy to all. I danced with two especially lovely broads last Sat. night. A redhead in a clingy orange minidress with handcuffs (it was Halloween) was an HB8, but her man was all over her and gave me hostile looks. I only danced with her once. The man she was with made approaching her again feel creepy. No contentment there because of her man. Maybe I should buy him a beer and chat him up a bit? The redhead needed a little dance instruction. (I’m the higher value between the two of us because I’m in demand for dancing. She wanted to dance more–I could tell because she was watching me a lot.)

        A Brazilian (“BB”) in a clingy white minidress was an HB7 and her male friend from India was warm and encouraged her to dance with me–BB initially was unwilling. I had to check back a couple of times before BB had finished her beer and had relaxed a little. I taught BB three dances (Dance Instruction Game applies). I danced five or six dances with her and BB asked me one of those times. BB hugged my escort arm as we walked off the floor and wanted to hold hands. BB and I chatted quite a bit off the floor. BB’s friend took a pic of BB and me with our arms around one another.

        In Daygame, I would think that the same concept of being content with men could apply. If a broad and a man are walking together and it looks like the man is a beta orbiter based on body language, then why not open them and bring a party to both? Maybe get her number and AMOG him in a friendly way?

      • @theasdgamer Dude do you actually bang any chicks? Every time, I intermittently come back to this blog and read comments all I see is you posting some shit about how you’re more awesome than some girl and her boyfriend (i.e. qualifying yourself like a motherfucker).

        I’m just curious because you seem like a weird keyboard warrior and I’ve never met one who can get results in real life. If you wanted my advice, which I’m sure you probably don’t because it’s going to be very bitter (like the “red pill” fuckheads like you talk about non-stop), but I’m going to give it anyway.

        Either you’re uncalibrated and socially awkward in real life, just like on this blog, and therefore you’re deluded in recounting these stories or just full of shit. In that case, shut the fuck up, stop reading pick up advice and go out and try having a conversation with a girl for 30 seconds.

        Or you’re just weird in the comments section of this blog, and a super awesome cool guy in real life who doesn’t constantly talk about how cool he is and qualify himself 24/7, whilst being able to fuck chicks. In that case try and align your real world personality with the one you present on this blog and people will stop thinking you’re such a cunt (trust me, in business for every one person who complains ten others agreed but didn’t want to say anything).

        Also if I am wrong and you are able to get results, I’m sure you can present some evidence to Krauser and get him to publicly vouch for you, as he’s stated he will do in the past. In that case, I am more than happy to apologise and state that I was wrong in assuming you don’t get chicks, but I won’t apologise for saying you’re a tosser on this blog as that would be disingenuous of me.

        This will be my last post in relation to this as I’m sure it would just turn into a flame war if I continued, and I have no interest in that. However, if you do get Krauser to vouch for you, I will of course post to apologise and state my analysis of your skills with women was wrong.

        Finally, I have no personal animosity towards you. I just hate it when I see people who appear to be writing bullshit online and presenting themselves as an expert when they don’t have the real world experience or qualifications to back this up. Especially, when it’s at the expense of the quality of their own lives.

  5. What happened to this blog, Krauser?

    I come back and I see this post that is basically a giant advertisement of your products. [Piss off, you know there’s a ton of free content here. K.]

    • Hahaha, well done for missing the point Mark. Krauser’s using the SEO from the title to sell his products to inquisitive chodes who are googling “Steve Jabba.” Pretty fucking clever in my opinion.

  6. Absolutely disgusting man hating programme hosted by a feminazi. No suprise feminazi leah Green works for The Guardian. BBC expect me to pay for this sh*t? To preach to me how bad i should feel being born a man?

    BBC can stick the licence up their arse

  7. Can you send the link to the programme..?

  8. Big lols. I will be watching this when I get back to the UK.

    Just a suggestion: hyperlink to your post on your interaction with the BBC on the first line??

  9. Here’s an excellent review of the BBC3 program for those interested…

  10. BBC are cnuts. W/o licence tax they couldn’t do their feminist propaganda. Their narrow market: ugly lesbo joo pc metropolitan leftists.


    Another TV-station which can’t hold our reality. What shall we thing about them – even BBC has lost it’s guts.

  12. Saw the new Bond film today – decent. I like Craig’s no nonsense approach and his interaction with the girl was good learning material. Of course once they both expose of a villian her juices are flowing and they fuck. Bond – a white hero.

  13. Programme was trash. Tuned out a couple of minutes into the uni part

    Biased, slanted, misleading rubbish with BBC’s usual preachy, unfunny comedians.

    Also is Berba a legit PUA? I’m familiar with his name but never seen his material. They made him look amateurish. [He’s amateurish. K.]

  14. K, please consider uploading your Womanizers Bible podcast on iTunes so that it can be listened on the go. Youtube on iOS doesn’t allow playback while in background. Tom’s podcast is on iTunes which is great.

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