Daygame Convalescence

November 12, 2015

Imagine you’ve just endured a few years working in the smog conditions of early-20th century London (and these pea-soupers continued well after the war too). Every morning upon waking you toss your alarm clock across the room, rise up to sit on the edge of your bed and begin coughing up phlegm. You shuffle across the linoleum floor into the shower and let the hot water take some of the edge off your early start. A glass of orange juice and a freshly-brewed coffee temporarily clear your persistent headache and you dress for work.

Closing the heavy wooden front door you step onto the street and breath in the damp air. Is it mist or smog that softens the distant buildings? It’s time to trudge to the Underground station and jostle through the crowd onto a rickety carriage, swapping bacteria with the other passengers.

A pea-souper

A pea-souper

By lunchtime you scurry out because today you’ve got an appointment with the GP and the boss has let you take an afternoon’s leave. Sitting in the waiting room you see crying babies softly bounced on their mother’s knees, and an old couple patiently staring at the various information leaflets pinned onto the noticeboard by reception. The nurse calls you in and after fifteen minute’s tapping your chest, talking your blood pressure and shining a light into your ears and mouth the doctor gives his advice.

“You’ve got a developing case of Chodular Fever. It’s not far gone but I imagine you’ve already had trouble sleeping, frequent bouts of irritability, and unexplained periods of low mental function” he says.

Yes, you recognise the symptoms. You thought this was just a normal part of ageing in the modern world. The doctor pulls his notepad across and begins scribbling.

“I’m going to recommend you take a Euro Jaunt”

Stage Four Chodular Fever

Stage Four Chodular Fever

Two weeks ago I was in Kiev with a pair of travel buddies (one of whom is on my latest podcast here). It was a blustery day so we had our jackets zipped and woolly hats on. As we walked through a park in front of Shevchenko university a thought occurred to me.

This is so pleasant. So much so that I could imagine a doctor recommending it as a convalescence holiday. We stopped at one of the many specialist coffee carts and ordered cappuccinos and while I made small talk with the young barista as he told me he’d recently been to New York, I let my eyes wander to the long rows of tall trees covered in yellow autumn leaves. My friend was at another coffee cart a few metres away chatting to a young university student he’d just stopped.

We took our coffees and walked back through the park to a small square full of retired old men in flat caps playing chess on specially-installed tables, their dozens of quiet conversations melding together into a low buzz. It’s nice to see the elderly getting out of their apartments and socialising around a shared passion. It was almost 3pm so I was able to pick a girl out of the rush streaming from the nearby Metro station to the university, hurrying to lectures. I don’t remember if I got her number.

I checked my pedometer and I’d already logged 8km walking and it would reach 15km by the end of the evening by which time the three of us were sitting in a quaint restaurant that looked like a 1960s Parisian cafe, working our way through bowls of the local borsch soup. We raised a toast to the Good Life.

It reminded me of the advice doctors would give back in the late-19th century onwards to city dwellers who were getting run down by city life. Britain had a whole network of spa towns, often in the mountains or by the seaside, where you could book in for a fortnight and let the worries of life fall from your shoulders. Fresh sea air, sunshine, walking, resting, sleeping, and of course sitting sipping coffee with friends as you watch the world go by. Perhaps meet a few like-minded souls.

A relaxing place to stay, yesterday

A relaxing place to stay, yesterday

As my mind turned I thought back to the hit Nintendo DS game in Japan, Brain Training. The (psuedo)-scientific rationale trumpeted in the marketing was that solving the puzzles in the game would keep your brain ticking over and maintain cognitive function longer into old age. So the games activities were all chopped down into short exercises that could be rattled off on the train to work or short coffee breaks. The popular London equivalent was to take a sudoko or logic problems workbook with you on your commute.

Daygame is convalescence and brain-training combined.

What does my typical Euro Jaunt involve? The first thing is to get out of dodge and roll up into a new foreign town full of it’s own local quirks and charms. Almost always it’s got fresher air than London and a slower pace. There’s none of the crush that the average working Londoner endures every weekday. Once I’ve set my bags down and settled into a daily pattern it goes like this:

  • Wake up whenever I damn well please, after my body has decided it’s fully rested. I suffer none of the persistent sleep deprivation that is the base state for a city worker.
  • Open my front door and I’m immediately in the mix without any kind of commute. I walk where I want under my own steam without contending with ticket machines, virus-bearing commuters, or delayed trains.
  • Roll up at my favourite cafe a few hundred metres away and work my way through a (very) late breakfast of orange juice, coffee and pasta. At some point my friends arrive and our morning routines converge.
  • Once we feel like it, take a walk. Chat, enjoy the atmosphere of the streets, and pick off girls as and when we feel like it.

Freedom has become almost tangible, like every breath of air and every step forwards. It’s all so pleasant. By the end of the day we’ve been in the open air for hours, walked many kilometres, and done an extended cardio routine without even noticing. Often my feet will ache a little and it’s not until I check my pedometer that I realise I’ve done another urban hike. This is the kind of patient low-intensity exercise that men will drive into the countryside once a month to get. My legs feel supple and strong. My posture is good because the whole time I’ve been aware of it. It’s the opposite of being chained to a cubicle in an artificially-lit office with the nearest window ten metres away.

That’s the convalescence but how about the brain training?

Imagine doing twenty engaging and fascinating crossword puzzles over a few hours. That’s how your brain is working when doing twenty sets with girls you are trying to fuck. You’re trying to calibrate her reactions, engage your creative juices, and logically work through a model. And then in the time between sets you can comfortably flip into a meditative state of mindfullness. Twenty times over a few hours.

After a fun but disciplined session of daygame you can feel drained. By 8pm when you raise the glass of your first beer to toast your friends you’ve earned it. Your brain wants rest. I sometimes return from a Euro Jaunt feeling like a boxer the day before a big fight. My body and mind are dialled in and respond with lightning speed. Gone is any trace of slothfulness, inertia or lack of focus.

Me, 8pm

Me, 8pm

It’s a common joke that carrying your shopping home is “training”. Walking up the stairs because the escalator is broken is “training”. We laugh because it’s true. We all know that the lifestyle of convenience is a fools errand. A man must engage his body and his mind on a daily basis to remain alert and alive.

Daygame is not about lying on the sofa right-swiping Tinder. It’s not about pouring toxins down your throat in a noisy smoky bar full of braying asses. It’s not about outlasting the other chodes at 5am in a nightclub.

Once you’ve overcome the anxiety of it, daygame is an intrinsically healthy activity. Just as small children don’t realise that running around playing tag is training their lungs, muscles, coordination and alertness it’s easy for us daygamers to forget that no matter what the day returns us in phone numbers or dates, it always gives us convalescence and brain training.



    It’s all about training yourself up to the level where anxietey vanishes.

  2. After months of wanting, avoiding, and reading too much about Daygame I am finally in Prague doing my first sets, i just finished my second day, it took me about 8 hours to do 10 approaches on each day (dealing with AA and weasels have been a massive challenge), I am following the Beginners book you released with Tom.

    Its definitely not easy but i can relate some of the words of this post on how a session goes, my feet are killing me but i feel a sense of pride just because i completed my objectives so far, i am going for a total of 200 approaches in this jaunt. I feel determined but it is very easy to see why people quit.

    • I just came back from Prague, from not only my very own first ever euro jaunt, but from my first ever *daygame sets*. Without hyperbole, the most emotionally taxing thing I’ve ever done. I wish I was still there so we could wing each other, but let me just tell you that what you are doing is awesome, and to HANG IN THERE. Though you’ll feel like you’re alone out there (when you’re not getting hassled by Nigerians trying to get you into bars and randoms trying to sell you drugs lol) just know that there are guys like me doing the same things and going through the same trials.

      Just a few things that I’d like to say about my own experience. [DISCLAIMER: I am noob as shit] :

      1) Anyone who says that opening girls who barely speak English is easier than native English speakers is outing themselves as a couch jockey. All of my best sets were from girls that spoke very good English (including my only instadate), and I actually ejected from far too many sets because the language barrier was nerve wracking. Watch some of Krauser’s videos where the girls are struggling to form sentences – he’s a fucking pro to make those sets work. I came home and felt like I was playing the game on easy mode.

      2) Momentum is a real thing and you should absolutely take advantage of it. Spent three hours weaseling between the Palladium and Old Town and then stumble into a random set out of near luck? Immediately roll into another one. I believe 100% in Krauser’s ideas of the “DNA Tug” (or a “Krauser girl”), but when you’re starting off, just riding that momentum and forcing your brain into accepting the new reality of approaching is key. I don’t care what you have to do to get in set – just GET IN SET.

      3) The Russian Minute is more like 4 minutes for me, currently. Its absolutely real.* Prepare to meet a decent amount of Russians, and don’t expect every girl to be Czech. Honestly, I didn’t meet very many Czechs at all.

      4) Prague will do wonders for you if you’re not used to hot women. After a week, girls that I initially viewed as 9s looked like 7s. The flipside: Los Angeles is now filled with dogs for me.

      5) Keep your eyes peeled for other guys daygaming: I saw two and actually teamed up with one for the better half of a day. Great way to keep your state up and just get you moving. I’m shamed to report that if I hadn’t randomly spotted another guy doing it and approached him afterwards, I may not have ever had the courage to open my first set. Props to James, wherever he is now.

      *James claimed that Russians were the easiest sets for him (and proved it while i watched him close them several times), but that getting anywhere with them on the date was a nightmare for him. My noob experience is that Russians are scary and stone faced and take longer to hook. Def could be my current shortcomings. [Welcome to the daygame club. K.]

      • Good to read your reply “Hook or Crook”, its so reassuring to see other people going through the same things, when you are in the street is very easy to think “why i am the only weirdo in this massive crowd doing this?”

        1. Had some sets like that where the conversation just ran out of fuel due to language barriers, i wasn’t sure if she was understanding me and i couldn’t reach hook point or i simply just ran out of things to say, language barrier has been big at times, i am always starting with the krauser opener “I hope you speak english” to give myself an idea on how the set is going to be like.

        2. I know what you mean man, after a horrible blowout where the girl didn’t even acknowledge me and gave me rolling eyes i didn’t approach for 3 hours, then i saw an stunning blonde (a 9 in my book) and i decided to stop her just out of empty courage, we talked for 15 minutes and i’ve got her number, she was a model and was leaving for milan to do a shooting tomorrow, i’ll probably wont see her but after that chat i was so energized and made a bunch of approaches, i feel that you have to take advantage of it before it wears off.

        5. I haven’t seen anyone day gaming yet, but there’s gotta be. I think its not so easy to spot them. I went to London for a few days a couple of months ago, went to the famous daygame streets and i didn’t see a single one, i guess if they only make 10 approaches per session in average its really unlikely to see them on the moment they approach, because the interactions look like a conversation between people that know each other after that. It would be great to have a wing, I’ve tried on the internet but i haven’t found anyone.

        Where did you do your daygame?, i’ve been only on the city centre but i would like to try other places, any University surroundings?

      • @cwolf

        I don’t know about the university, but I ended up narrowing my focus to New Town. From Wenceslas Square (Starting at the New Yorker clothing store) up to the National Museum, and from The New Yorker over to Palladium (a modern multi-level shopping mall) seemed to provide the best useable foot traffic, as well as the hottest (imo) girls. These areas are where you will actually run into natives and other non-tourists, so expect them to be better dressed and walking way faster lol. Tourists tend to stick primarily to Old Town and the historic sites*, and those areas are normally so choked with people (and not particularly target rich) that its not optimal. That being said, the open area near the famous astronomical clock can be great as a lot of girls will get caught up watching the buskers and will sort of just mill about aimlessly. Good for your vibe, too, as it always has a party atmosphere.

        *Charles Bridge is a mixed bag, but I found that it runs my state down too quickly. Too many rude Chinese tourists and just general randomness that I can’t control, in addition to it taking longer to refresh. Your mileage may vary.


        Thank you. The guy I met was also a big fan of your work. Going to put my money where my mouth is and purchase Daygame Mastery.

    • You shouldn’t do a jaunt until you’ve cleaned up in your own city.

  3. The chicks will appreciate your sensitive side, Krauser. I wasn’t sure you had one. An R & R post, giving me a nice frame of mind to now go after what I want w/o embracing chronic stress. I’d like to get to that lifestyle. Since you have recently traveled some of Europe extensively, for a later time, trying to stay DGAF here, but later maybe a report on what sort of genocide forces you’ve observed if it warrant that much detail. Will the Euro Jaunt be there in a year or two?

  4. Lovely evocative post mate. Take it easy. We´ll meet again next year.

  5. Well described and first time I’ve seen a discussion of the health/exercise aspect. I’ve tried to recruit friends as wings contrasting daygame with the traditional night chase they are reflexively willing to engage in, using as selling points:

    -The exercise described here
    -inexpensive compared to nightgame
    -pleasant to walk around when otherwise on a Saturday or Sun afternoon they’re _____ (fill in the blank with some likely more boring activity)
    -demonstrably higher phone number and lead production
    -adventure since when you open a set you don’t know what you’re gonna get. I’m actually surprised that daygame doesn’t attract more gambling addicts

    unfortunately I get very few if any takers because it takes balls and there’s a misunderstanding that they’re somehow ‘bothering’ the girl. I was just relating to a guy how in an American city of Millions I truly believe from being in the areas where one would do it, that there is no one out doing this on a regular basis.

  6. chodular fever made me chuckle.

    i’ll be drinking to the good life this weekend, sir

  7. sounds idealistic .. but money is a bit issue, you have your books and other output around daygame to facilitate the life, how is this doable for everyone else (we cant all become game gurus)?

  8. If there’s anything to be learned from Kobe Bryant’s rape case and Charlie Sheen’s HIV-positive announcement, it’s that men are supposed to always err on the side of caution when engaging in promiscuous behavior. Impulsivity is supposed to make a man attractive, but not make him imprisoned or dead.

    We can complain about false rape accusations, but men, biologically predetermined to be leaders in a sexual dynamic, are supposed to deal with what is, not what should be.

    I only grant you this revelation because of all I have learned through this website. [It may surprise you to know that up until this year, I’d only ever raw-dogged two girls in my whole life – my ex wife and a Lithuanian girl I was dating almost 3 years. I don’t take big risks. I wait until the deck is stacked in my favour. K.]

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