Memoir Update – Girl Junkie

June 4, 2019

Girl Junkie Front Cover

Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. While I’m a bit lax on the blogging front, you monkeys dear readers will hopefully be pleased to hear that the next volume in my epic memoir series is almost ready for release.

Just last night, I sent the final text to my interior layout designer. I already have the girl caricature art and – as you no doubt noticed – the cover. That means all I do now is wait for my contractors to submit work, and give it a little nip and tuck. All the hard work is done.

Girl Junkie is the fifth memoir and covers the calendar year of 2015. It’s 164k words, making it just a hair shorter than A Deplorable Cad. Hopefully, I have continued to make progress in my writing ability and it will shine through in the published work. You dickheads dear readers will be the judge of that.

My best estimate is that Girl Junkie will be on sale at the end of this month.

In other news, Rollo and Anthony Johnson have split leading the former to be kicked from The 21 Convention. Naturally, people are asking what I think about it seeing as I accepted the invitation to speak due to Rollo’s overtures. Well, I don’t know what I think. As yet, I know nothing more than what is in Rollo and Anthony’s respective public statements. I don’t know what caused the split and if it related to something I’ll have to take a position on. When I know, I’ll announce it.


  1. Congratulations Nick, cheers to another milestone.

    Glad to know you are alive indeed

  2. “The Skirt Won’t Chase Itself” Hahaha, that was brilliant!

    Sad to hear about the Rollo situation. The man impacted the lives of many men, making them stronger. We don’t need such divisions among men.

  3. Re: 21 Convention-

    I know he’s a charlatan but Jonathan from MLD has also been dropped. See 9.50 screenshot for the short version…

    I may be wrong, but it also looks like Tate and Hulse have disappeared from the lineup unless I am looking at the wrong page, which is entirely possible… [I don’t know much about Hulse, but Tate and MLD are buffoons. K.]

  4. Regardless of what happened with 21 Con, I think its good that you go and show those people some real red pill realities.

    Many of them are beta bux, will be interesting to see how they react to you.

    • I agree. As long as they don’t interfere with the content Krauser will present, that is a great platform for him to help many men.

      The fact that other presenters suck is an even stronger argument Nick would be doing a lot of good presenting to that audience.

  5. Seems you are faster putting books out than I can read them. About 400 pages into the new Balls Deep and happy that there will be more of your books to read once I’ve finished it. Suffice to say for now that it’s a great read and I’m enjoying it. [If you’re willing to share more detailed feedback, please do. K.]

  6. +1 bitches!

    I met this girl on the street last Sunday, and I fucked her Friday Night!

    I still get amazed and humbled with Daygame, even if it’s not my first lay. I guess because Ukraine is not easy. And she is 10 years younger and a successful young exec who gets paid a USA salary in Ukraine.

    But really, it is amazing to me how these lays are created literally out of nothing by Daygamers. Last Saturday I was having a mini-meltdown because I couldn’t get any of my approaches to stick, and a week later I am inside a rich successful Ukrainian girl who is 10 years younger than me.

    And it was a conscious choice on her part, not a brain fry. She asked: “Do you have a condom?”
    And yes I had. Kept just under the pillow.

    It was good. A tall blonde slavic girl is always a good +1.

    • Absolutely fucking get in there my son! I hope you sprayed all over her face like a fake tan when you were done 🙂

      • Thank you Pink!

        The scene of her under me, looking at me with her sparkling blue eyes, her pretty white face blushing, and her blonde hair all around her head like a halo, moaning and spreading her legs more and more because she wanted me deeper and deeper inside her is just… priceless.

        I was thinking: Fuck! I made this happen! I created this motherfucker!

        I don’t appreciate it so much when I get a 6. But a girl this hot, smart, educated, successful, and pretty, I felt like it’s an achievement that she just wanted me so deep inside her and was moaning to my touch.

        It’s addictive. It makes all the rejections worth it!

      • I LOVE seeing the under-dog win. I understand the euphoria of making love to an 8! Nothing beats it in my eyes. You appreciate why men throughout history wrote poetry! Be careful though, didn’t you know, other peoples success is nothing more than “humble-bragging” to some….

      • Thank you Pink!

        I just wanted to celebrate this success with other men because it inspires me to continue the hard work on my SMV and the tons of rejections that I went through to get to these successes.

        They were costly, but oh so worth it!

        I know you have worked hard on your SMV and still do, as I do, so here is to higher successes and beyond!

        If anybody doubts Daygame works, or if they are thinking like that Tate dude that all we get is 5s in Eastern Europe, let this be a testimony to what is possible. [Well done. Score a win for daygame. K.]

  7. Nick, I’ve been doing daygame wrong this whole time.

    Today I went out and did 12 sets and got 3 numbers (2 hot teens), Could of been as high as 5 if I forced the numbers which I never ever do under any circumstance. There have been days when I’d do 10 sets and get zero numbers. The big difference I believe is that I’m relaxing in set now and only amping it up when a girl hooks hard from the jump or is smiling and standing around. Basically pouncing on opportunities that present themselves rather than trying to close every set. I’ve been treating every set as reflection of my abilities. Which of course we all know is extremely emotionally exhausting going into every set trying to win the pot. My job is to just throw myself in front of the girl and it’s almost as if she picks me up!

    I think this is the breakthrough I needed that was holding me back for so long. Phenomenal absolutely phenomenal.

    • Great breakthrough mate! Although Daygame Infinite has already helped me with that mindset, so when I judge a girl isn’t interested or not available, I test then get out if I know it’s not worth it. Sometimes, that happens at the open. I never plow unless the girl shows a flash of desire in her eyes at the open.

      Nick, I had a question. I remember in your memoirs your happy stories of getting 1 new girl a month. A good quality somewhat K-Selected girl.

      Where in your memoirs can I read about the discoveries that took you from 1 new girl a month to more than that? Is it covered specifically and clearly somewhere? Or maybe something to be included as a bonus chapter of the new memoirs, the lessons that took you from 1 new girl a month to much more?

      Also, you seem to have checklists for approaches, dates, etc. Are you keeping those for a new upcoming product, or can they also be a bonus chapter here and there in the next 2 memoirs that you will release? (I know you released 4, Girl Junkie is the fifth, so 2/7 memoirs are left).

  8. I saw this video today, and this good looking muscular guy tries to do awkward daygame, and gets rejection after rejection. Which really shows that Daygame is not easy for nobody. People imagine a handsome muscular tall guy says “Hi” and the panties drop, but that is often I think for girls who already selected him or who are Available and Interested, just like the rest of us.

    Anyways, most of the video is rubbish, but the part he gets rejection after rejection in NYC is from 00:01:20 to 00:02:20 here

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