Balls Deep – Reader Review #1

June 18, 2019

As any writer can tell you, there’s a stage of the process that comes just after release of a new book. You ask yourself, is it as good as I think it is? Will people like it? Will they see what I was trying to accomplish? Those same writers will also tell you that actually getting people to write reviews is difficult. Lots of readers will enjoy your book, speak positively of it if asked, but won’t trouble themselves to review it.

Nothing wrong with that. I’ve read 83 books this year and haven’t troubled myself to review them either. It’s normal.

So, anyway, I’m rather glad Steven was willing to share his thoughts in the comments to an earlier post. I’ve elevated them to their own post because it’s nice to have detailed feedback. I’d encourage any other readers to share their thoughts, if only casually in the comments. Anyway, here’s the unedited text of Steven’s review. Thanks!

Balls Deep is the story of Nick Krauser, Pick-Up Artist. But who is Nick Krauser? Was he born to be a man that women want to sleep with? And if not, how did he come to be this way? This book goes into the background of the man, his childhood, formative years, his life as a young adult in University and eventually getting into a professional career in finance. But importantly, it gives the reader more than a glimpse into his personality, early romantic relationships, his marriage to an attractive Japanese dancer and how that marriage came to fail, very much against his wishes. This is the backdrop for the journey that follows in which Krauser manages to completely turn his life around.

When his wife walked out on him and wanted the divorce, all his achievements, high intelligence, ambitiousness, natural self-confidence and masculine hard-dominance seemed to count little. The life that he had built and heavily invested in was turned on its head and he finds himself at an absolute emotional low-point that would last for months. Not the least of his concerns nagging him at the time was how to ever get a girlfriend that he could actually like. He was now in his mid-thirties after all, lacking the automatic proximity to attractive women that being in school and University brings. And despite the individual strengths he brought to the table, he was also rather unremarkable in terms of looks, height and athletic talent. Not wanting to succumb to his projected future of involuntary celibacy or maybe worse, a life with an imagined overweight, foul-mouthed, feminist lawyer-girlfriend, he turned to Pick-Up Artistry and Game, the applied sciences of male-female sexual relations. Thus begins an absolute roller-coaster ride between doubt and hope, constant rejection and persistence in the face of it, repeated failure and occasional small successes until the slow, gradual self-improvement lets our hero see light at the end of the tunnel. Having still not succeeded in sleeping with a single girl despite having tried it on with literally hundreds of them, he could however see himself getting ever closer. And eventually the flood gates opened and what followed went far beyond the wildest dreams he may have started out with. But even after finding success, having multiple pretty girls to date and sleep with, among them his first trophy girl, a catwalk model, he still had not found happiness again. So his journey of Pick-Up was to continue…

Krauser makes it easy for the reader to follow him along on his adventure, the writing is clear, lively, humorous and often downright funny. The narration flows seamlessly between recollections of events, insights into his thought-processes at the time and bits of explanation of the theoretical underpinnings of it all. The many stories contained of his womanizing experiences are truly eye-opening and instructive about the sexual nature of women and the dynamics of male-female relations. And yet the book never reads like a dry attempt to be didactic. The learning happens because the story draws you in, you empathize with the characters, you hope for the narrator to overcome his challenges and for happy endings. This is an honest, authentic, fascinating and highly entertaining account of a modern day seducer that did not just get those abilities as a gift by nature. It’s rather a story of a man making the best of the cards he was dealt and being rewarded handsomely for his determination. And yet it is also a reminder about the fleeting nature of happiness and how success is just as much about dealing with your inner demons as it is about taking action and achieving objective results.

I highly recommend this book, it’s well worth the price for 680 pages of great story-telling from a guy with a proven track-record. In case it needed to be said, the production quality of it is excellent, the layout is very professional, the type is well set for readability and the graphics are beautiful. Within the various chapters you’ll find original, not-so-professional photographs, but they accompany the narrative nicely and add to the feeling of authenticity. In conclusion, this is a must-read for players and especially those dealing with the hardships of becoming one. For everyone else this could still be a very entertaining book, if not an educational one.


  1. With Vox Day, Roosh and others I know you respect Nick now disowning the player lifestyle, I’m wondering what your current thinking is. Doesn’t PUA culture promote race mixing, the destruction of the family unit and degenerate meaningless living? I’d be interested in hearing more of the Project High Value Man you used to mention. Will that be a new chapter in this blog?

    Congrats on the new books btw. [Vox never promoted the player lifestyle, or at least not since he started AlphaGamePlan blog. My thoughts on this are explored in detail in my books. K.]

    • Hi Krauser, which book in particular? I’m really interested in your thoughts on this as well.Will need to put in an order.

  2. Happy to see you elevate customer reviews, not just by me but also by others in the past. I had fun writing it and encourage others to do so. I think it’s a good exercise of organizing your thoughts about a book and a small way to say thank you to the writers that one appreciates. Meanwhile, Amazon finished the review of the review and it is online now on as well, which is where I ordered it. Unfortunately they don’t seem to cross-reference reviews of the same books on other amazon sites…

  3. I just finished reading Balls Deep two days ago. I’d like share some points from the book that stood out to me, in the context of my own experiences with daygame:

    1. It made me lose more faith in women. I’m already an experienced player, having spent 5 years doing consistent daygame, but Nicks’ story of his divorce was still depressing, if not shocking if we didn’t already know better. As I was reading the story of how he met his Japanese ex-wife and how she used to be so sweet and feminine, I kept wondering where it was all going to go wrong. The main takeaways I took from the decline of his marriage was to not let your wife get a professional career and to keep her insulated from western cultural influences. The first shouldn’t be that difficult, but the latter seems unavoidable unless you were to permanently relocate to a country outside the Anglosphere. It was sad to read how she went from being a sweet feminine woman to another typical masculine henpecking wife through prolonged exposure to the UK. The cherry on top was how she began banging Nick’s college friend after their divorce. Later in the book, a common refrain Nick shares with other members of Chateau RSG is women are like “snakes with tits”…personally, I find it an inner game challenge to reconcile this knowledge of what women are capable of with the desire to eventually find a woman worth committing to.

    2. It includes some useful though experiments to put the daygame grind in perspective. In particular, I liked Nick’s analogy of a genie who instead of granting three wishes offers a tradeoff. Would you be willing to put in 18 months of slogging it out in the streets to be rewarded at the end with one or two nubile young girls who are eager to please you in bed? Lately, I’ve been struggling with the sisyphean task of daygame, constantly pushing the boulder up the hill, wondering if the juice is worth the squeeze and questioning my life direction everytime I hit a dry spell in daygame – which is bound to happen if you keep at it for long enough. Nick does a good job of discussing the grind of daygame as only someone who has actually experienced it can do, while explaining how he found the fortitude to keep going.

    There was another point in the book that has helped to reduce some of the irritability I’ve been feeling toward women during my recent daygame dry spell. Often men look at women and bemoan the fact they “have it easy.” Nick makes the point that yes, they do have it easy….for about 8 years. The thing is we ignore all the formerly hot women who now struggle. While it seems borderline MGTOW to focus on this, it helps me to remember that women have their own set of challenges and to empathize more with them.

    3. Although it’s the first volume in his memoir, it raises questions about the player’s endgame, especially if you’ve read the other series in his memoirs and are familiar with his work as a whole. I was confused with how to interpret some of the messages in this memoir, in the context of other things Nick has said. In particular, I’ve been struggling with how much longer I want to keep doing this (30 now, been doing it consistently since 25). I know I have a lot of gas left in the tank years wise, but the process of daygame does get old after a while and my mind shifts to what my eventual exit plan will be.

    Everyone who does daygame constantly for a long time, seems get jaded by it/afflicted by prolonged daygame revulsion at some point (i.e. Steve Jabba, Jimmy Jambone, and Nick himself…notable exception Tom Torero but I imagine he will follow suit at some point). There was a passage in the epilogue of this memoir that stuck with me. He says the possibility of banging the same woman every week for the rest of her life, as she continues to age, could be another ring of hell in Dante’s Inferno. And then there’s the fact that his ex-wife essentially got corrupted by western culture. However, in his recent Rollo Tomassi interview, Nick said he is looking to settle down with a woman, have a house, kids, etc. So I’m not sure if Nicks’ thinking has evolved on that point or not. It’s a question I struggle with a lot myself…I’m not sure I want to be roaming the streets at 50+ but it’s so shocking to look at hot young women alongside their mother to see how the bloom comes off the rose.

    In conclusion, I’d like to thank Nick for writing this book. There’s not a lot of insightful commentary on the players’ journey in the daygame community, which makes these memoirs all the more valuable for players of every experience level. [Thanks for taking the time to give detailed impressions. I’m a little surprised which bits stood out for you, but pleased nonetheless. That genie thing came from discussion with Bodi so he deserves some credit for it. #5 will go into much more detail on how I adapted to getting tired of the grind, and #7 goes more into EndGame. K.]

    • Brilliant, any idea of a timeline for #7 release?
      Cheers boss [Probably end of September. K.]

    • Interesting take. I’d like a copy but no Amazon in Bulgaria. Any chance of a Kindle version Nick?

      Re: 1. I’ve never overcome the disillusionment of realising how sexual dynamics really work (at least in modern society) and how most men end up with the shit end of the stick. I discovered in my 20’s that even my own mother had played the field so to speak and gone for the r-selected guy in her 20’s, only to stereotypically switch plans around 30 when he wouldn’t stick around. For a guy raised on fairy tales in the west it’s a morbidly depressing realisation.Charlatans and guys who have it easy will of course just tell you the solution is to ‘be better’. A lot can be done but largely it’s like telling a short guy to just ‘be taller’.

      On the whole though it’s short sighted to complain too much. Life isn’t fair, no shit. Just finished the Gulag Archipelago, you can’t complain about any first world problem after reading that. ‘Little moustache’ Hitler really was just a cadet by comparison to ‘big moustache’ Stalin.

  4. @Billum “unless you were to permanently relocate to a country outside the Anglosphere”.
    Even that is no guarantee either, far from it with every passing day. I’m in the Ukraine right now and it seems the influence of smartphones is catastrophic compared to even 2-3 Years ago.
    What to do?
    The West is completely f**ked and it feels like finger in the Dyke stuff in non- EU ex Soviet states.

  5. Hi Nick,

    Congrats on the new book version. Would you consider putting the entirely new chapters up on your blog like you did with the original Balls Deep. I’m interested to read them but not to keen to buy the book, as I already bought the original version back in the day. Obviously this is your content so there is no expectation here, but thought I would ask.


  6. Hey Nick, any plans to ever release the memoirs on kindle? I know in the past you didn’t want to do e-books that could be pirated but I would think kindle has better security measures. I bought balls deep when it first came out and would love to get the rest of the memoir series but currently living in a place I don’t trust the mail system and living out of one suitcase so don’t have the space for tons of books. [No plans, sorry. K.]

  7. Next chapter of Krauser, his memoirs of normal married life haha. I’m sure it’ll still be interesting.

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