Balls Deep, 2nd edition on sale now

May 10, 2019

I’ve been a busy man of late. Bodybuilding remains my primary focus and I’ve now hired a personal trainer to help me to get jacked or die trying. I’ve coached two residentials in April [1] and also one other thing. What other thing? Why, the subject of today’s announcement. Silly!

The second edition of Balls Deep is now on release.

Balls Deep

Yes, you magnificent bastards, I’ve finally reached the end-point of my original 2014 plan to release a four-part memoir [2]. Though very proud of the original first edition of Balls Deep when I released it in 2014, I’ve since grown embarrassed of it. Too amateurish, too fast-paced, too full-of-myself. It was understandable because it was my first time attempting a memoir and I was groping in a fog trying to shape the story. Almost five years later, I know how my memoir is meant to look. So, I’ve rewritten it.

The new Balls Deep is a massive 210k words, up from the 130k of the first edition. Every single paragraph has been rewritten. I’ve re-ordered the structure to better organise a chronological progression. I’ve added thirteen entirely new chapters covering my pre-game life. I’ve commissioned new art and a new layout. Oh, and did I say it’s now in full colour?

Fucking look at the size of it you cunt

six-hundred-and-eighty-bastard-pages, yesterday

All four volumes are now available on Amazon in their final full-colour premium editions. The hardback will follow in a couple of weeks. This is it, lads. My life in Game laid out for all of you to pick over, learn from, and disagree with. It’s already the longest and most detailed pick-up memoir since Casanova. And, unlike him, I’m not a bi-sexual Italian faggot who paid cold cash for half of his lays.

Interior shite

Fucking lovely innit
I’ll probably write more about Balls Deep in the coming weeks. Go to Amazon to get your copy and, if you like it, I’d appreciate you doing me the favour of leaving a review

[1] My apologies to the lads currently mailing to ask about coaching. I’ve been mad-busy but I’ll get on it presently.
[2] And promptly hatched a new plan to expand it to seven volumes, which I’ll talk about soon.


  1. You’re too old and don’t have the genetics to get jacked.

    You’re wasting your money hiring a guy to watch you bench.

    Hire a guy to get you tren, dnol and test and you might have a chance. [Nope. Only natural. K.]

    • Hiring a coach is not a waste of money if you get good technique coaching and solid programming. Steroids obviously work to make whatever you are doing more effective in terms building muscle and strength. But the number of guys I see that obviously are/were on something and can not even bench 1.5 times their body-weight is a lot larger than the number of disciplined men with a good training program and decent form failing to do the same. And the latter frequently make great progress in muscularity even when they will not get as jacked as some guys get on steroids. I don’t know a lot about Nick’s training but considering his recent dieting efforts it’s reasonable to assume that he still has most of his beginner gains to be made which is great news for him if he and his coach can capitalize on the opportunity.

    • I read a recent scientific study that shows how the supposed huge decline in testosterone levels of men in their 40s and 50s is not real. It’s only about 3% compared to their 20s, which is not that big of a deal. They argued the changes we noticed have psychological causes (them conforming to the expectations of what it means to get old) and the cumulative effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

      So Nick is being a first-hander here, seeing how as a male you can get good muscle gains in your 40s. While KJs second handers don’t want to believe it’s possible or even likely for a healthy male to do so. [I’ll put it to the test. K.]

  2. Congratulations K! Completing your original behemoth plan is inspiring, I am happy for your personally. It must be satisfying to see something that took so much effort, time, and sweat become real in its full glory.

    Some would argue that masculinity is all about affecting the world around you, and bringing your vision to the real world. You’re doing that. So even if you stopped chasing birds, you’re still developing as a man, and that is rare in these days of lazy entitled people who want to have it all without working a second for it.

    I hope to see one of those videos where you show and browse through the finished balls deed 2nd edition book. Those videos felt the most intimate, where you connected with your audience on a personal level. They felt like a visit to you, at your home.

  3. That’s fantastic news, congratulations. After having read Adventure Sex first I wanted to read the whole memoir series chronologically but I dislike reading books twice and knew you were re-writing Balls Deep. Now I can finally catch up, so I just ordered Balls Deep, Deplorable Cad and Younger, Hotter, Tighter. I have a few other books that I’m reading right now so that is going to keep me busy for a while but I’ll gladly post a review on Amazon when I’m done. [Thanks, I appreciate it. K.]

  4. High protein god carbs and ….lots of milk. Do reps in 6 to 8 range max is what took me from 12 stone to 14 stone. 6 eggs each morning as boiled whites with 3 weetabix in water and quark and steak for dinner and quark for bed. Not rocket science, avoid the snake oil [You had THREE weetabix????? You animal. K.]

  5. If anyone wants DBATS 1 & 2 gimme a postal address (UK only) and I’ll mail them. Going travelling and seems a tragedy to throw them out.

  6. Whoever claims you cannot get jacked at your age doesn’t know shit about fitness. You can get a very nice body and naturally. Get a program by a reputable trainer like AthleanX. I use those and got very good results and I’m your age; I’m in the best shape of my life. It takes discipline and effort though but you already know that.

    • I agree. I think those are Workout Weasels older dudes use, and the younger men enjoy feeling superior, so they take them for granted and repeat them.

      It’s harder to lose weight because of homeostasis. But it’s not impossible.

      This is a great nutrition and workout book if K is interested:

  7. Hi there krauser. do you know about Swoopthe world. these guys go to the pussy paradises and get laid like crazy, he said he got 600 lays. I know you went to SEA but how about dominican republlic and south america .Will you do another bang mission in another country? [Obvious bullshitters. K.]

  8. Are you getting jacked to fight Andrew Tate in Poland? He is not happy with you [He’s an unhappy man. K.]

    • Where are you getting your info from Elvis?

      I have not heard Tate speaking about Krauser publicly anywhere at all.

      The last time he “responded” recently was to True Geordie, and Tate said he does not care at all about what other people say about him. That he is indifferent and expects that to happen because he does talk a lot of shit.

      I am not saying Tate is brilliant or the real deal. But one thing about him is he does not care at all about what others say about him, he views all publicity, even bad publicity, as a good thing.

      • Andrew Tate recently made some comments on Twitter about Krauser. They’re easy to find.

      • All I could find is a response from tate to some guy who was scammed by Christian McQueen and said Krauser is right in calling McQueen a scammer. Then tate defended McQueen by saying Krauser is a middle aged man with a 0% aspirational life so he should not be taken too seriously. Then tate said he doesn’t know much about Krauser.

        Is this what you guys are referring to? Something deeply buried into a response to a tweet? It doesn’t seem to me anything serious. Just tate defending his scam buddy McQueen in response to a customer tweet. There was not direct threat or big confrontational announcement.

  9. Hi Krauser, long time fan. Please please please do a review of one of Troy Francis aka the Renegade Playboys approach videos. Would love to hear what you think of him.

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