Balls Deep, 2nd edition on sale now

May 10, 2019

I’ve been a busy man of late. Bodybuilding remains my primary focus and I’ve now hired a personal trainer to help me to get jacked or die trying. I’ve coached two residentials in April [1] and also one other thing. What other thing? Why, the subject of today’s announcement. Silly!

The second edition of Balls Deep is now on release.

Balls Deep

Yes, you magnificent bastards, I’ve finally reached the end-point of my original 2014 plan to release a four-part memoir [2]. Though very proud of the original first edition of Balls Deep when I released it in 2014, I’ve since grown embarrassed of it. Too amateurish, too fast-paced, too full-of-myself. It was understandable because it was my first time attempting a memoir and I was groping in a fog trying to shape the story. Almost five years later, I know how my memoir is meant to look. So, I’ve rewritten it.

The new Balls Deep is a massive 210k words, up from the 130k of the first edition. Every single paragraph has been rewritten. I’ve re-ordered the structure to better organise a chronological progression. I’ve added thirteen entirely new chapters covering my pre-game life. I’ve commissioned new art and a new layout. Oh, and did I say it’s now in full colour?

Fucking look at the size of it you cunt

six-hundred-and-eighty-bastard-pages, yesterday

All four volumes are now available on Amazon in their final full-colour premium editions. The hardback will follow in a couple of weeks. This is it, lads. My life in Game laid out for all of you to pick over, learn from, and disagree with. It’s already the longest and most detailed pick-up memoir since Casanova. And, unlike him, I’m not a bi-sexual Italian faggot who paid cold cash for half of his lays.

Interior shite

Fucking lovely innit
I’ll probably write more about Balls Deep in the coming weeks. Go to Amazon to get your copy and, if you like it, I’d appreciate you doing me the favour of leaving a review

[1] My apologies to the lads currently mailing to ask about coaching. I’ve been mad-busy but I’ll get on it presently.
[2] And promptly hatched a new plan to expand it to seven volumes, which I’ll talk about soon.


  1. You’re too old and don’t have the genetics to get jacked.

    You’re wasting your money hiring a guy to watch you bench.

    Hire a guy to get you tren, dnol and test and you might have a chance. [Nope. Only natural. K.]

    • Hiring a coach is not a waste of money if you get good technique coaching and solid programming. Steroids obviously work to make whatever you are doing more effective in terms building muscle and strength. But the number of guys I see that obviously are/were on something and can not even bench 1.5 times their body-weight is a lot larger than the number of disciplined men with a good training program and decent form failing to do the same. And the latter frequently make great progress in muscularity even when they will not get as jacked as some guys get on steroids. I don’t know a lot about Nick’s training but considering his recent dieting efforts it’s reasonable to assume that he still has most of his beginner gains to be made which is great news for him if he and his coach can capitalize on the opportunity.

    • I read a recent scientific study that shows how the supposed huge decline in testosterone levels of men in their 40s and 50s is not real. It’s only about 3% compared to their 20s, which is not that big of a deal. They argued the changes we noticed have psychological causes (them conforming to the expectations of what it means to get old) and the cumulative effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

      So Nick is being a first-hander here, seeing how as a male you can get good muscle gains in your 40s. While KJs second handers don’t want to believe it’s possible or even likely for a healthy male to do so. [I’ll put it to the test. K.]

  2. Congratulations K! Completing your original behemoth plan is inspiring, I am happy for your personally. It must be satisfying to see something that took so much effort, time, and sweat become real in its full glory.

    Some would argue that masculinity is all about affecting the world around you, and bringing your vision to the real world. You’re doing that. So even if you stopped chasing birds, you’re still developing as a man, and that is rare in these days of lazy entitled people who want to have it all without working a second for it.

    I hope to see one of those videos where you show and browse through the finished balls deed 2nd edition book. Those videos felt the most intimate, where you connected with your audience on a personal level. They felt like a visit to you, at your home.

  3. That’s fantastic news, congratulations. After having read Adventure Sex first I wanted to read the whole memoir series chronologically but I dislike reading books twice and knew you were re-writing Balls Deep. Now I can finally catch up, so I just ordered Balls Deep, Deplorable Cad and Younger, Hotter, Tighter. I have a few other books that I’m reading right now so that is going to keep me busy for a while but I’ll gladly post a review on Amazon when I’m done. [Thanks, I appreciate it. K.]

  4. High protein god carbs and ….lots of milk. Do reps in 6 to 8 range max is what took me from 12 stone to 14 stone. 6 eggs each morning as boiled whites with 3 weetabix in water and quark and steak for dinner and quark for bed. Not rocket science, avoid the snake oil [You had THREE weetabix????? You animal. K.]

  5. If anyone wants DBATS 1 & 2 gimme a postal address (UK only) and I’ll mail them. Going travelling and seems a tragedy to throw them out.

  6. Whoever claims you cannot get jacked at your age doesn’t know shit about fitness. You can get a very nice body and naturally. Get a program by a reputable trainer like AthleanX. I use those and got very good results and I’m your age; I’m in the best shape of my life. It takes discipline and effort though but you already know that.

    • I agree. I think those are Workout Weasels older dudes use, and the younger men enjoy feeling superior, so they take them for granted and repeat them.

      It’s harder to lose weight because of homeostasis. But it’s not impossible.

      This is a great nutrition and workout book if K is interested:

  7. Hi there krauser. do you know about Swoopthe world. these guys go to the pussy paradises and get laid like crazy, he said he got 600 lays. I know you went to SEA but how about dominican republlic and south america .Will you do another bang mission in another country? [Obvious bullshitters. K.]

  8. Are you getting jacked to fight Andrew Tate in Poland? He is not happy with you [He’s an unhappy man. K.]

    • Where are you getting your info from Elvis?

      I have not heard Tate speaking about Krauser publicly anywhere at all.

      The last time he “responded” recently was to True Geordie, and Tate said he does not care at all about what other people say about him. That he is indifferent and expects that to happen because he does talk a lot of shit.

      I am not saying Tate is brilliant or the real deal. But one thing about him is he does not care at all about what others say about him, he views all publicity, even bad publicity, as a good thing.

      • Andrew Tate recently made some comments on Twitter about Krauser. They’re easy to find.

      • All I could find is a response from tate to some guy who was scammed by Christian McQueen and said Krauser is right in calling McQueen a scammer. Then tate defended McQueen by saying Krauser is a middle aged man with a 0% aspirational life so he should not be taken too seriously. Then tate said he doesn’t know much about Krauser.

        Is this what you guys are referring to? Something deeply buried into a response to a tweet? It doesn’t seem to me anything serious. Just tate defending his scam buddy McQueen in response to a customer tweet. There was not direct threat or big confrontational announcement.

  9. Hi Krauser, long time fan. Please please please do a review of one of Troy Francis aka the Renegade Playboys approach videos. Would love to hear what you think of him.

    • I would like to see this as well.

    • Sorry Johnny but can’t you see anything with your daygame calibrated eyes? He’s a decent looking guy getting decent looking girls. Good grasp of the LDM. He only needs “Game” to crack the top-tier women and he most probably doesn’t. He hasn’t displayed any videos of himself on the continent (I wonder why) where the top-tier are more feasible with Game. All his infields are in London despite his travelings.

      He’s another London daygamer coasting on looks-matched girls which is easy (less work-rate) assuming your above average looking which is fine if your privileged. That’s all it takes to be a coach these days.

      • 1) He’s not that good looking.
        2) You need game for looks-matched girls. No game is for girls who look less good than you.
        3) Top Tier girls are difficult everywhere. You’re talking 8.5+?
        4) Troy Francis is sending mixed signals. Dressing r-selected but sending a K-selected signals, like speaking too eloquently to be a bad boy.
        5) All infields he shows online are him being a dancing monkey. Too much attraction.
        6) No sexual tension, too much breaking eye contact, not enough proximity. He doesn’t even seem sexually interested in the girls.
        7) His vibe is flat. He comes across as more of a “social robot” than a player.

      • My eyes aren’t Daygame calibrated yet, only 100 approaches in so far….

        I think your comment about how he only needs game to crack the top tier women is very generous, from watching his vids I’d say he struggles to score with birds at or even slightly below his level, he comes across as very mechanical. I think he’s just a good looking guy who has built this playboy persona online and is milking gullible fools for their hard earned cash.

  10. Agree with BlueValentine
    I don’t think he’s even getting looks matched girls due to having very little game/personality.
    He’s probably a mid 6 guy getting mid 5’s.

    • @ Doordie2013 that’s the point I’m making. He doesn’t need to do much. I’m probably a bit bias because Game is fucking hard for me personally, doable, but fucking hard nonetheless. So when I see a male 7 talking to female 7’s it ain’t the same thing as a male 6 talking to a female 7. You certainly need Game to get looks-matched girls but I think we will all agree it’s far easier than aiming high. Which by default is what a male 6 (like me) is doing 99% of the time.

      The English student, Brazilian girl going into the tube, Finnish girl. These sets all look very favourable to me. I have to do a tonne of over-fastidious approaches and my vibe has to be rhapsodical to get that positive reaction in London.

      My point isn’t that his game is advanced Nick Krauser level and he’s killing it but rather he has advantages that a normal looking daygamer doesn’t.

      @BV Top-tier as in 8’s+. Come on he can get 7’s relatively easily.

      • [b][@BV Top-tier as in 8’s+. Come on he can get 7’s relatively easily.][/b]

        My friend, my point is different:

        [i]8+ girls are difficult everywhere, even in Eastern Europe. You need to be a solid man with solid game to get them.[/i]

        The thing is, Eastern Europe’s 7s are London’s 9s. That is why it seems guys are getting hot girls easier in Eastern Europe. But all they are getting are the 7s, which are freaking HOT but are not that difficult.

        Eastern European 8.5+ are not at all easy. And just using game won’t get you far with them. You need to be a solid package of a man.

        But it’s normal. When a dude first goes to Russia, to a hot nightclub, he’ll lose his mind and start considering many girls 11s and 12s. But those would be the “real” 9s and 10s, he just didn’t know they could exist like that when in London a 5 is considered a 7 and a 7 is considered a 9 because of the average being so bad. [Is there a link to any particular video everyone is watching? I really don’t want to watch any more infields, but just incase I get over the revulsion, which one is recommended? K.]

      • K, about Troy Francis, he’s on Team Tom by the way. They wing together every now and then. Troy is 45. Tom’s game is MUCH better than Troy’s, but it might be because Troy drinks a lot (as seen in a video of a day Tom and Troy winged together in Germany) so he might be hung over too often to have flawless game.

        Troy also commented on your Rollo interview here:

        But if you are interested, these are two example infields. One is him being a dancing monkey to a fat girl, and the other is him approaching a cute young British student, which was better since he held eye contact and proximity. [I watched a bit of the first one, talking to the fat chick at beginning, then the Turk whose friend comes. The sets were alright. His body language is ok, quite a booming voice, thinks quite fast on his feet. I’d need to watch it properly to form a proper conclusion, but it wasn’t bad. The way you were all talking about it, I was expecting Berba-level. K.]

      • He didn’t fuck any of those girls you mentioned

      • @ Doordie2013, In the comments section he says he seen the fin a few times. How do you know? Ever the cynicist!

  11. This Tate fellow really is something else lol Apparently high value women expect to be lavished on dates otherwise everyone else is fucking bottom of the barrel fat single mothers whilst their children are asleep. Someone really ought to point him out to your “The Great Gatsby” post from 2013.

    Without sounding like I’m boasting I’m dating a High Value woman, ironically Romanian at that, And I haven’t spent more than £10 I shit you not.

    Apparently 8’s are on Yachts with Millionaires like him lol Erm no she’s qualifying to a Junior level Analyst whether her outfit pleases him over Whastapp or not.

    I know you’ll be running into him soon Nick but there really is a world of difference between the girls he gets and the girls a legitimate Player gets. [Tate is a clown. It’s astonishing anyone takes him seriously. K.]

    • What you reading these day’s Nick 🙂 [Erle Stanley Gardner. K.]

    • Just finished watching one of Tate’s videos. He is massively entertaining- reminds me a bit of David Brent from The Office if he decided that he was a pimp.

    • Tate released a video today talking shit about Daygame and daygamers [Watched it. He’s still fronting and repeating red pill boilerplate he read on the internet. What a transparent gobshite. K.]

  12. All naturally meaning training, eating and resting well while having average genetics, being all your weapons, you can realistically gain 2-3kg of high quality muscle mass in a year. Best just do deadlifts, squats, bench presses, pull ups and dips. Particularly deadlifts and squats. These are incredibly anabolic exercises and gains both in strength and overall muscle mass (arms, shoulders, delts too etc.) are seen literally from week to week. Then the ab wheel and leg raises for the abs are the best. Don’t be scared to train short, but heavy and intense, Dorian Yates style. Doing anything else is a waste of time. 2x a week. Plus cardio, also 2x a week. People say doing cardio at the same time as massing will hinder the latter, but it is not true.
    Really, I am shocked a guy with intellect to crack such a complicated subject as getting hot wome needs to spend money on a PT. [I’m not shocked that someone on the internet I don’t know is telling me my workout routine in one paragraph then telling me to avoid an expert I do know and who’s bona fides are obvious to me, then hinting I must be a bit dumb. K.]

  13. @pinkpantherpua
    I stand corrected

  14. Tate is a 6’4 kickboxer who grew up without money so that side is important to him.

    getting girls wasn’t so important to him, getting money was.

    I don’t see what the problem is with that.

    you are two guys in your separate lanes [If people believe his fronting and fall for his get-rich-quick pyramid schemes, that’s their look out. Not my responsibility. K.]

  15. It’s 3am and I’m expanding considerable mental anguish in working out how I can stand out in the London dating scene. It’s tough but it will require a complete overhaul of everything I hold dear. [You’re doing pretty good from what I saw in March. Keep doing the right things, keeping looking to optimize, and you’ll keep improving. Also, don’t be surprised when periodic low points hit you. K.]

  16. You say it’s available and on sale now but amazon says 8 June, how come? [It’s already out. People have received copies. If you’re in North America, get it here: K.]

    • Received my copy today, it took 8 working days. I ordered from the book depository as amazon said 1 to 3 months delivery time. I’m in the UK by the way… [Let us know how you find it. K.]

  17. krauser. whats your thougts on Bradicus .this guys a austrailin who is getting lsid in the usual pussy paradises, SEA, peru,. this seems like a super super elaborate scam. , it would be cool if you go to in these countries and rack multiple lays from tinder. i know you went to SEA. [Just a spergy weirdo who bangs whores and claims them as notches. K.]

  18. I’m from Australia, Bradicus said he Got like 14 notches in 8 weeks (or something like that) in Sydney.

    Pretty tough especially for a guy that looks like him

    • My understanding from what he talked about in some of his videos is Bradicus in Sydney targets backpacker girls from Scandinavia, offers them a free night to sleep in his comfortable apartment, and often deep in the night, when it is dark, he escalates to try to sleep with them. So he succeeds.

      I also do believe he probably slept with that many girls in Peru. Peru has some of the ugliest shortest girls in the world. So him, being a white taller guy, he’s a “trophy fuck,”

      A close friend of mine is 6’2″, white, and in his 20s. He has no game, his game is beta and promises the girls he’ll be their boyfriend. And he went to a smaller city in Philippines, and fucked 30 5s and 6s in 2 months off of Tinder. Compared to all the old fat westerners that go there, this young tall white guy stood out like he’s Brad Pitt or something. So even with his beta blue pilled ways, he got laid like a rockstar. He was not satisfied with the quality though, but me knowing this and having visited Peru and seen how ugly the average man and woman is there, Bradicus will be a White God.

      Plus, he often shows the girl’s hair or ass, which can be nice in Peruvian girls since they are latinas. But the faces and how short the girls are, it’s probably the second ugliest nation in the world after Honduras. Even Philippines would be better than Peru, and when I went to Philippines, I’d only see one or two 7+ A WEEK. It was horrible. Yes, there can be Filipino 8+ but those are almost always mixed, with some gringo white father. And this is why Filipinas have a white man fetish, because they can show off their white baby and feel proud and higher status than all their friends and relatives. [I don’t see it. I get the JMULV vibe from him. K.]

      • I do also get the JMULV vibe from him, but I also have a piece of info that makes me give him the benefit of the doubt.

        When Alex, a pretty boy from Australia, quit RSD and started a new company, he hired Bradicus and created a Daygame product (which was a shit product, btw).

        Anyway, there, they did an 8 weeks daygame challenge. Alex, who is supposed to be one of the best nightgamers as a pretty boy hitting on drunk girls using RSD fratboy game, had 0 lays in that 8 weeks. And he was pissed off at how daygame is much harder than he expected. And was pissed off even more that Bradicus got 2 lays during that time. He even said how Bradicus doesn’t even take showers, stinks, and got laid twice, while the pretty boy Alex got 0 lays.

        This is the only reason I give Bradicus the benefit of the doubt. He might be laying grotty 4s in their 40s, or he might be hitting on a 100 girls a week to get there. The dude has no game, but hey, some anomalies do exist and his SMV is quite low, so in Australia and Peru he might be able to target the lowest level of girls.

        Btw, Tyler recently revealed his approach stats: He approaches 300 girls a week. Has been doing it for years. He said that with experience, his neurology expanded to be able to comfortably handle that many approaches without getting exhausted.

        Anyway, fuck both guys and Tate too. They all are probably charlatans right now.

  19. 300 girls a week?


    • Approaches. Not lays.

      He adds them all to his Instagram. Publishes fun instagram stories daily. Then the girls who consistently watch his stories, he invites to his home parties. Becomes friends with them. And when they happen to be horny, they will fuck him. Because of the volume, he can make that small percentage work for him as a consistent way to sex. But it’s not based on sexual tension. It is based on a cool guy who is safe to fuck, so when the girl is horny, she’s like “why not, he is here, he is cool, he has a penis.”

    • 300 a week for Tyler?

      Well Tyler just said he did over a 100 thousand approaches so far.

      The man is literally crazy. But if he is able to do it and to sustain it, more power to him!

  20. Off topic but does everyone just default to airbnb for euro jaunts? Been keeping any eye on prices the last couple of months for ‘entire place’ in Warsaw/Prague/Budapest/Sofia/Varna for June/July/August. Anything half decent you’re talking £600+ a month. For a shoe box in a second world city it’s a bad joke. Have I left it too late or is this standard fare…

  21. Last year I paid 700 EUR for 1 month (October) in Warsaw – central location. I was keeping an eye during the summer on other capital cities and couldn’t find anything decent lower than 600 EUR.

    • That is nuts. I thought part of the attraction of EE was low cost of living. I was paying only slightly more for a studio in London zone 3. Birds may be hot but it aint worth it unless you’re a baller or you have no standards and will take any shithole.

      • If you rent long-term the price will be lower of course. I found a guy in a Facebook group who owned several apartments in Krakow and he rented me a central studio for 450 EUR / month for 3 months. As students leave for holiday / home cities you can get this kind of deals (rent for 1-3 months) in the summer. Or if you already have some Airbnb contacts you can avoid the service fee next time. But yeah, it’s expensive and if you don’t have money or work remotely, it can be too much.

  22. Lol 300 girls a week? So he approaches 42 girls a day?

    WTF is the point,doesn’t he have 400 lays already?

    These dudes must be really getting hit hard by the daring market today. Ping range must be 1/500 or something lol

  23. Any thoughts on Roosh conversion to Christianity? You’re considering becoming a Christian and so am I but I have doubts. [I haven’t given it much thought lately. I admire that Roosh is putting his money where his mouth is and risking a huge amount of his business and reputation in order to live in accordance with his values. K.]

    • Have you honestly retired?

      Is it even possible?

      I think men that have given as much to daygame as you have over countless years will find it extremely hard to walk away.
      I imagine it’s similar to an addiction in a way.

      Will be interesting to see guys talk about this over the next few years. There’s a downside to everything…

      • Sorry to break it to you mate but men also get old and hit the wall, and change their aspirations. There’s a persistent delusion in the pick up world that men can and should continue pulling hotties until they flop into the grave. It’s insane reality denial, mostly I think fuelled by snake oil sellers.

      • Lightning Jack, prove your words.

      • Prove that men get old? Or that there’s a delusion about age? For the former I’d advise a trip to the old folks home. For the latter I’d suggest actually going out and daygaming with men in their late 40’s and 50’s (which I’ve done) and observing that by and large it’s like watching a horror film in slow motion. Compare that to the oily tales spun by veteran pua channels about what a great advantage it is to be a silver fox and how such a mature gent might want to throw some of his plentiful dosh at one of their benevolent coaches. [My thoughts on all this are in my recent talk, and will be in the later volumes of memoirs. K.]

    • I don’t for a second think Roosh is genuine about any of his new conservative bs. My gut says he’s a cynical marketer to his core who is playing two angles. Think about it. He’s done with pickup but now gets continued business from guys interested in his player days while also capturing interest from the growing segment of society reacting against ever increasing social degeneracy.

      • Not about Roosh. But about your assertion that older men dating hot younger women is an insane reality denial.

        Unless you have concrete proof, we have actual examples of older men dating girls half their age without being a “sugar daddy”: Nash from DaysofGame, Krauser, white-haired Derek from RSD, Tom from Wales, and couples I see sometimes walking the streets. Even me, although I am not old enough for them to be half my age, just about 10+ years younger.

        If not, then go back to basics: a high SMV older man will date hotter women than a low SMV 20 yo guy. It’s the SMV, not the age, that is the problem.

      • You didn’t understand my point.

        Yes they’d like to give up, but it’s quite difficult when something has become a habit so deeply ingrained.
        99% of men don’t do daygame let alone make it a fundamental part of their lifestyle so getting older and settling down come somewhat naturally.

        Imagine gaming solidly for the best part of ten years and then deciding to give it up and settle down. I could be wrong but I feel it’ll be a challenge. Not impossible but certainly no walk in the park.

        I’m not knocking anyone, as I mentioned even the best things in life have their downsides.

  24. Soz that was in reply to Lighting Jack

  25. K, I have a question about dating.

    Some Eastern European girls will come on the date (and I made sure they know it’s a date), but whenever I touch them, their bodies react with shock, and they say “Don’t touch me, I don’t like to be touched” or “Touching makes me uncomfortable”. They don’t say this in a flirty way, but deadpan serious. The reaction is similar to the way that girl in Daygame Mediocrity #4 reacted to you touching her hair, except this is on a date already.

    And when I try later, even on the second venue, these girls are still “uncomfortable with touch”.

    Are these girls time wasters? Or will tons of deep rapport let them be a normal girl who can be touched? so should I persist with them and go on another date to see whether things change? Or let them go and spend that time daygaming to find another girls instead?

    Thank you K. [DGM 2nd Ed, page 281, 376 plus most of DGI calibration examples. K.]

    • Probably not enough charisma to get them giddy to overlook the physical touching. Come on man your in the FSU just enjoy your dates with the hotties and tease her about being a prude. She’ll soon let up 😉

      • I understand your perspective, really. And that will depend heavily on your goal and time frame.

        But also, to understand your perspective more, what does the concept of “time wasters” mean to you?

  26. Daygame Mastery gives an a better explanation than I could ever make. As SEDUCERs we must firstly accept that “women reserve the right to change their mind at any given time”. Excuse me while I segway into some real life examples. YHT. 3 dates. Fools on bed whilst assiduously shuts down the punani area. She could be categorised as a timewaster. Or simply I pushed too hard for a girl of her limited negative experience of men. On the other hand, a girl who fails to mention her boyfriend but has such a veneration towards a competent daygamer that she fucks you on the first date. Technically a timewaster as she is not available, whilst explicitly stating her boyfriend, but may potentially result in a lay if you just get her out and hijack her brain/emotions and be the exciting guy.

    Without sounding loquacious, one mans timewaster might be another mans pecuniary advantage. So it’s so hard to spot a timewaster 100% of the time. This explains 90% of the sickening feeling of being in the Game. All you can do is put in the volume and expect everything to fall apart at the last hurdle.

    • I agree. But there is also the Opportunity Cost of the time I could spend getting new leads instead of going on a date with a time waster.

      Do you believe there are signs we can use to eliminate time wasters and cut our losses?

      Such signs seem to exist. In his Player’s Journey and Rollo Inteview, Krauser talked about when on a date, when he realized a girl will not sleep with him, he would lose interest.

      So it seems it is possible to actually spot signs that a girl will not sleep with you and is just wasting your time. Those signs would be worth GOLD to a daygamer.

      Hearing K talk about this is what inspired me to ask this question in the first place instead of just plowing through, continuing gaming the girl, and hoping for the best. Because it seems there is a possibility to filter out girls that won’t sleep with you.

      • He also said that it took out alot of fun from his daygame by being more results orientated. I don’t know I’m the wrong person to ask because I’m black so I don’t really get timewasters as much as a white guy would. I still get them but not as much far more blowouts. I think you need to factor where you are aswell Blue Kiev ain’t no London. I don’t think a girl from the FSU has ever blown me out on the street such do they anticipate to waste a mans time. I exaggerate but you get my point. It’s a double edge sword because it allows one to make a pitch which of course is what we all hope for but inevitable attracts timewasters.

        I can spot a timewaster in London quite easily…window shopping during the stop, tardy in text responses, offering no value in the texting etc

        FSU I wouldn’t know.

      • PinkPanther, Troy thinks London is a great city to daygame. From your posts, I thought it would be a shithole full of 5s and 6s, but he’s raving about it. Why do you think he gets that perspective?

        Plus, apparently there are many white girls with a black man’s fetish, so I really don’t understand why you think being black is a disadvantage in London.

        Anyhow, this is the Troy Francis video:

      • I never said being black was a disadvantage lol it’s just psychologically a mindfuck because just because 7’s are blowing you out purely based on race it doesn’t mean a smoking hot 9 won’t date you.

        We all know what London is like. Troy is above average looking guy. I think I do alright for myself tbh. I got a date this sunday, got 3 numbers last saturday from 12 sets and a couple dates from those set up. The hardest part is in the emotional control and putting youself out there. We could all sit at home and watch the footy and play with our nieces and nephews. I just wish I was a bit more aspy I think my results would hit the roof.

    • Btw, TDDaygame recently sent an email with categories of girls that would go on a date with you but are time wasters. So maybe it’s not always about not having enough Charisma, maybe the girl just doesn’t want my cock down her throat but enjoys my company. He wrote:

      “I can see at least few reasons why a girl might want to go out with a guy she’s not really interested in. That’s not a complete list but it covers most of cases.

      She can be an attention whore. We all know that term. It’s an energetic vampire that feeds off guys trying to score with her. She welcomes every sign of admiration, all of the compliments and she’s there just to feed her ego. She might even have a boyfriend but she welcomes all the attention she can get. Neg hard and/or eject.

      She also could be a girl who is looking for someone other than you. Okay, you’ve approached her and you made an impression that was good but not great. She wants a man in her life but she’s not entirely convinced that you can be that guy. That’s a “maybe not” girl that can be upgraded to “maybe yes” but almost never to “yes, yes, yes”. This also means a lot of work. Proceed with caution or find someone more compliant.

      She might also be bored. There is nothing particularly interesting happening in her life and a date with a handsome and charming guy who approached her on the street is a welcome disturbance. You’ll find out pretty quickly that she’s boring and has nothing to offer both emotionally and as a person. I feel bad for you if she’s your best option.”

  27. Lightning Jack: “I’d suggest actually going out and daygaming with men in their late 40’s and 50’s (which I’ve done) and observing that by and large it’s like watching a horror film in slow motion.”

    And, so what?

    First, competent daygamers are rare. Watching guys daygaming in their 20s is also like watching a horror movie in slow motion.

    I have daygamed when in my 20s, and I got no results. And I am daygaming now and getting 10x better results than I got when I was a young grosshopper.

    Second, and most importantly, what does your comment accomplish? Do you want grown men who have the courage to daygame — and to daygame consistently takes balls, endurance, grit and so many qualities that any man who persists in it IS a superior man who should get more out of life than a dude who snorts cocaine at a party and fucks some r-selected sluts.

    So, all grown men, if they consciously have chosen that their lives will be better and more complete if they daygamed to met women should just give up, not do it, just because you judge it as a bad thing?

    Well, keep your opinion to yourself then. It’s accomplishing nothing.

    The men who need your “warning” will probably weasel out of daygaming anyway. And those who have the grit to endure until they get good deserve to be encouraged and to succeed.

    Stop nipping people’s dreams in their buds. Someone in his 40s might read your comment and be dissuaded. Might even end up committing suicide because they are so unhappy with their lives. While that same man could have what it takes to make many women happy and transform his life, and all he needed was a few encouraging words in the beginning.

    So, again, what does your comment achieve? What good does it bring to the world?

    I guess you’re angry at daygame. But really, you should check your negative vibe. That’s what drives women away more than your age, mate.

    • Example of cringe-worthy young guy daygame in London. I hope this is not you Lightning Jack 😉

    • You sound just like a triggered SJW. I’m not ‘warning’ men off doing anything. The primary duty of a man is to know the world as it really is, not as he’d like it to be or as it is according to fairy stories spun by snake oil sellers. That is for women. You can have all the aspiration you want, it doesn’t change basic facts like older men in general have a LOT tougher time attracting YHT. Some will succeed and good for them, but first know the world as it is.

      • How old are you?
        How tall are you?
        How many approaches have you done?
        How many women have you slept with from Daygame?

        I liked your No true Scotsman. It was interesting.

  28. Hey Krauser, did you see Rollo’s announcement that he is out of 21convention because of a fight with Anthony?

    You know much about that?
    You still doing it?

    • Would be interested to hear your thoughts on this as well Krauser. [I don’t have any thoughts yet. All I know are the public statements from each side. K.]

      Personally, not sure I trust the Anthony “Soap” Johnson fellow, seems like a money-making opportunist who eagerly adapted his purple pill/self-improvement seminar to the large and readily available PUA/Manosphere/RP audiences. Rollo isn’t the first speaker to have been kicked out from his event, so that’s a red flag to me, seems the problem is with Mr.Soap not the speakers.

  29. Anthony has been inspired by Trump to be all ‘gung ho’ and shooting from the hip.

    Trouble is, Anthony doesn’t have any of the personality or charisma that Trump has. He is not a content creator. Nobody cares what he thinks.

    People love Rollo and Richard Cooper, and rightfully so. Because they have given ‘of themselves’.

    Aspergers Anthony needs to settle down.

  30. Antjony dream Johnson pays for prostitutes on seeking arrangement yet calls himself a ‘salt daddy.

    Anthony dream Johnson pays snapchat and Instagram hos and pretends it’s game. That’s why he loves Tate.

    Anthony buys subscriber bots on YouTube. Has 100k+ ‘subscribers’ yet gets 3k views a video.

    Rollo was gonna call this out so Anthony kicked him out. [Proof? If these allegations are true I’m not gonna cover them up. But if they aren’t, best not throw them around carelessly. I have no insider knowledge of the Rollo/Anthony fallout so this is news to me. You are welcome to discuss it here, but support your assertions with evidence. As of today, my own plans for T21C haven’t changed. K.]

    • Interesting, that’d make a lot of sense. Instinctively being someone who does get laid, Anthony doesn’t come across as a dude who gets laid.

  31. The subscriber thing is pretty obvious. I mean, look at his subscriber numbers (200k) and look at the actual views his videos gets. A few have gone viral and gotten in the 100,000s but most in a few hundred or a couple thousand.
    When one person even questioned him about it a few months ago on twitter, he got super defensive and told the guy to fuck off and blocked him.

    -seeking arrangement:
    I was very tuned into the red man group, and watched all of the first 23 or so episodes.
    I remember Anthony mentioning seeking arrangement,and rollo questioned him on how it works.

    Anthony’s response was so vague, nervous and indirect. You could tell he just wanted to change the subject about “how he doesn’t pay”.

    I admittedly have engaged in both paid and unpaid sex, and I recognized the apprehension to talk about it in him. When talking about my game lays, I am so proud of them that I will tell you every single detail of how it happened.

    Anthony was so quick to get off the issue of he bangs them “without paying”. He was actually stuttering “something something…salt daddy”

    -Regarding snapchat hos, he was once talking about how he was fucking some ‘porn star from snapchat’ and was hearing her phone go off every 5 seconds with guys sending money.
    The the thing is, as Paul Plow said, Anthony does not strike me as a smooth guy. If a woman is making that much $ from thirsty betas, why would she fuck Anthony for no $?

    If you look on Twitter at the recent goings on, it’s clear Rollo thought a lot of what was going on was purple pill.

  32. Pingback: Origins Story #1: Losing my virginity – Hash Daygame

  33. So far excellent, the first 14 chapters have had me engrossed and close to tears, especially detailing your first fight and your love for Ioe, the battle in your mind of what love is and is and is it real, the frame battle through your divorce, the pride of your marriage, so many parallels to my own life. It must have been great therapy to organise you thoughts and memories of this time on paper and painful at the same time. Touching, it hit a nerve in me.. a great credit to your writing abilities.
    I’m a similar age to you… [Glad you like it. Please share your thoughts when you finish. K.]

  34. Finished it, truly a great read, congratulations, K! As promised I reviewed it for Amazon but apparently there is a review for the review so I cannot post a link to it yet… I’ll post the text here in case people are interested to read it.

    My review:
    Balls Deep is the story of Nick Krauser, Pick-Up Artist. But who is Nick Krauser? Was he born to be a man that women want to sleep with? And if not, how did he come to be this way? This book goes into the background of the man, his childhood, formative years, his life as a young adult in University and eventually getting into a professional career in finance. But importantly, it gives the reader more than a glimpse into his personality, early romantic relationships, his marriage to an attractive Japanese dancer and how that marriage came to fail, very much against his wishes. This is the backdrop for the journey that follows in which Krauser manages to completely turn his life around.

    When his wife walked out on him and wanted the divorce, all his achievements, high intelligence, ambitiousness, natural self-confidence and masculine hard-dominance seemed to count little. The life that he had built and heavily invested in was turned on its head and he finds himself at an absolute emotional low-point that would last for months. Not the least of his concerns nagging him at the time was how to ever get a girlfriend that he could actually like. He was now in his mid-thirties after all, lacking the automatic proximity to attractive women that being in school and University brings. And despite the individual strengths he brought to the table, he was also rather unremarkable in terms of looks, height and athletic talent. Not wanting to succumb to his projected future of involuntary celibacy or maybe worse, a life with an imagined overweight, foul-mouthed, feminist lawyer-girlfriend, he turned to Pick-Up Artistry and Game, the applied sciences of male-female sexual relations. Thus begins an absolute roller-coaster ride between doubt and hope, constant rejection and persistence in the face of it, repeated failure and occasional small successes until the slow, gradual self-improvement lets our hero see light at the end of the tunnel. Having still not succeeded in sleeping with a single girl despite having tried it on with literally hundreds of them, he could however see himself getting ever closer. And eventually the flood gates opened and what followed went far beyond the wildest dreams he may have started out with. But even after finding success, having multiple pretty girls to date and sleep with, among them his first trophy girl, a catwalk model, he still had not found happiness again. So his journey of Pick-Up was to continue…

    Krauser makes it easy for the reader to follow him along on his adventure, the writing is clear, lively, humorous and often downright funny. The narration flows seamlessly between recollections of events, insights into his thought-processes at the time and bits of explanation of the theoretical underpinnings of it all. The many stories contained of his womanizing experiences are truly eye-opening and instructive about the sexual nature of women and the dynamics of male-female relations. And yet the book never reads like a dry attempt to be didactic. The learning happens because the story draws you in, you empathize with the characters, you hope for the narrator to overcome his challenges and for happy endings. This is an honest, authentic, fascinating and highly entertaining account of a modern day seducer that did not just get those abilities as a gift by nature. It’s rather a story of a man making the best of the cards he was dealt and being rewarded handsomely for his determination. And yet it is also a reminder about the fleeting nature of happiness and how success is just as much about dealing with your inner demons as it is about taking action and achieving objective results.

    I highly recommend this book, it’s well worth the price for 680 pages of great story-telling from a guy with a proven track-record. In case it needed to be said, the production quality of it is excellent, the layout is very professional, the type is well set for readability and the graphics are beautiful. Within the various chapters you’ll find original, not-so-professional photographs, but they accompany the narrative nicely and add to the feeling of authenticity. In conclusion, this is a must-read for players and especially those dealing with the hardships of becoming one. For everyone else this could still be a very entertaining book, if not an educational one.

  35. Hey Nick,

    is the downloadable PDF of Balls Deep on your sigmawolf website the 2nd edition of the book?

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