Wizardry and PUA

April 29, 2019

NEWS: I’m on Rollo Tomassi’s live podcast at 3pm PST today (8pm proper time, GMT+1). Go here to watch it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDEaChsHlRQ

On a completely unrelated topic….. Those of you following the Vox Day / Owen Benjamin / Scott Adams corner of the livestream interwebs have probably heard the term “wizardry” and it’s close associate “word wizards”. Sounds a bit odd, doesn’t it? I believe in a thing called love wizardry so long as we define it correctly. It’s not so far away from Gandalf and Saruman afterall.


Cabal-inspired Satanic propaganda for kids, yesterday

The concept boils down to this: words change reality.

Now, that’s not literally the case. You look at the fantasy novel version of wizards and they stand on hilltops, grasp a wand, and incant into the winds. Ancient forces are unleashed [1] and with a big whoosh some fireball / lightning / blast smites into the enemy. Fantasy wizards are like fantasy satanists – they are dressed up realisations of a more mundane reality. Just as real-life satanism doesn’t require the elaborate trappings of goats heads, chalices of blood, and black mass orgies, nor does real-life wizardry require magic wands, capes, or flashes of flame.

Wizards are men and women who use words to shape your mind, in order to compel you to act in the world. Thus their words are – indirectly – changing reality. The Jews advertisers of Mad Men are wizards, the Jews propagandists in war are wizards, the Jews creatives in Hollywood are wizards, and of course daygamers are wizards.

Frame control is wizardry. By supplying a compelling series of assumptions upon which a girl interprets a situation, you are word-wizarding her. Bamboozlement is wizardry. By creating musical and hypnotic word salads that switch off a girl’s mind so she rides her feelings, you are word-wizarding her. NLP is wizardry. By controlling a girl’s focus away from anti-seductive thoughts and sensations and heating her up, you are word-wizarding her.

Rhetorical speech is wizardry. Eye mesmer is wizardry. Much of PUA is wizardry.

The good thing about daygame is we self-consciously learn the building blocks of wizardry and then patiently apply them in-field in a real-life controlled experiment until our skills are sharpened. Add some obsessive mind-wank theory junkie digressions on blogs and in books and an enthusiastic daygamer may develop quite an impressive suite of “spells and incantations”. I tell my students that Game is not a series of magical incantations to get into an unsuspecting woman’s pants, but that’s only half true. It sort of is.

I’d suggest my readers deploy their knowledge of wizardry in their own intellectual self defense. The whole world is trying to bullshit you one way or the other. Recently, we’ve seen the borderline-incompetent word wizard Jordan Peterson do a great job lulling millions of credulous men into his spells. Scott Adams openly and self-admittedly wizards his readership. Watch for people trying it on with you.

[1] I never did understand what cosmic rules govern the limits of magic. It always struck me as a literary cop-out.


  1. The Jordan Peterson bashing and the vox dayphilia continue and continue to perplex Me. Somehow (wizardry perhaps) I knew there would be a stab at JbP before this post was through

    one area we can agree however is the seeming wizardry of PUA.
    to the average bystander it must seem like magic , as if the very laws of nature are being broken and manipulated.

    But, meh, whatever. I normally wouldn’t even bother replying anymore but I’m sitting in a hotel bedroom at 2 AM after performing a feat of wizardry which I believe few men would have been able to accomplish. Magic

  2. Nick, your convo with Rollo was good, but I wish he would have given you more time to speak. Sometimes he goes on a rant and doesn’t stop for 15 minutes, as if he’s delivering a monologue…he should be more respectful of his guests…

    • I agree. If K could be so kind as to put the time stamps of the periods he is speaking, so we go directly into those, it would be great for his fans.

  3. I have watched the youtube interview. It was GREAT.

    Nick, could you consider as you get experience looking for a wife, creating materials on how to vet a wife / girlfriend, and about how to maintain a good relationship and what to do within the relationship to stay satisfied? That could be a next step that keeps you connected to your audience, and also satisfied you. Maybe even Field Report on searching for the wife, and how you vetted them, when they passes or failed, and your learnings in this new phase, and how you’re adapting your “Game” to that, etc. [I’ll do that if I succeed at the underlying task which I’m to write about. K.]

  4. “I am not going to say I was ever a pickup artist or ever a practitioner of game, like going home with chicks or anything like that.”
    — Rollo

    Ha. Hahahahaha.

    I can see why men respect Rollo for his “super gamma” analysis of the SMP. As a wonk… as a uber-nerd analyst… I can see his utility.

    But how anyone can connect that guy with game (and guys try, all the time)… I have no idea. He is the opposite of “seduction.” Rollo is anti-game. And his VIBE (which Krauser has taught is key to success with women) is pure poison.

    A good idea is a good idea (doesn’t matter who says it). But there are men that women actually like, that CAN run game, that can make the same points… with more credibility than The King of the MGTOWs could ever hope to achieve.

    • In The rational male Rollo says he fucked 40 girls during his “rock-star twenties”. I don’t have reasons not to believe him, seen also his clear understanding of female nature. He talks about game from a psychologist point of view, not from a player’s one. Reading The Rational Male helped a lot of men getting laid, me included (in September 2015 I fucked 2 very hot girls basically only because I had just read that book). And: being in his mid-50s, with a wife and a family… why the hell should he have player’s vibes??

    • Stop bashing mgtows guys. It’s too easy to write them off with ‘just world fallacy’ as guys who cbf running game. Not all men can succeed with women and for a lot of them mgtow is a rational and positive way to view the world.

      • Hey Jack.

        I can see you being gracious to MGTOWs (good for you for trying to be gracious)… but vs pickup guys, MGTOWs are quitters. And that is all that they are. I am not on “Team Quitter.”

        They are the exact opposite of what we are trying to do. They are what we would all be… if lacked courage, discipline, energy, boldness, etc. If we wanted to retreat in complaining as an identify. They are SJW men. Their need to claim an identity around quitting is embarrassing.

        For the vast majority of those guys.. it’s impossible to tell who is “incapable” and who is just lazy, and wants to claim “victim” status or a “handicap” that keeps them from doing the work real men do. In this crowd… I expect them to find no safe harbor.

        I don’t reject guys for not caring about girls. But “MGTOW” is identity politics for guys that refuse to “to do better.” The “brand” MGTOW is about what IS NOT DONE. The identity is “negative” in that it’s about what they aren’t doing.

        When a man isn’t into women, loves his garden… he is a gardener. His “positive” identity is that he tends his garden. I respect gardeners. They are about something. Yes to that.

        MGTOWs are about nothing. Professional quitters. Disgusts me.

        I reject that whole scene.

        I can think of many pickup guys that are hopeless and that I don’t like at all at a personal level… but I respect them endlessly more than a guy that clings to MGTOW and thinks he has found a safe place to hide.

        And as for Rollo fueling MGTOW sentiment, and positioning himself as the Godfather of Quitters… he is exploiting the difficulties men have with women, he is selling fear/defeat… he is corrosive.

        No respect for that either.

      • days I understand your position but I think it’s unbalanced. Identifying in some way as mgtow doesn’t necessarily mean abandoning women entirely. It does mean not determining self worth by the feminine imperative, so yes negative in that respect. Some men may see it as an all encompassing victim identity, but on the whole it seems to be more of an empowering component of identity, and a reaction to our times.

        “And as for Rollo fueling MGTOW sentiment, and positioning himself as the Godfather of Quitters… he is exploiting the difficulties men have with women, he is selling fear/defeat… he is corrosive.”

        I’m ambivalent about Rollo. He’s obviously a smart guy who’s written a compelling analysis of the sexual marketplace. But his monogamy sits uneasily with his philosophy, and yes he seems to have turned into a marketer, but I’m not convinced he’s just ‘selling fear’. If you’re going to argue that, you should also argue that pua’s are just selling hubris. [In my opinion, Rollo hasn’t monetised his position anywhere near as much as he could have. If there’s any selfish goal motivating him, it’s the status of opinion leader and deep thinker. Even then, I’m inclined to believe what he said in the podcast, that he has a deep personal family reason for helping men who are “zeroed out”. K.]

    • “Even then, I’m inclined to believe what he said in the podcast, that he has a deep personal family reason for helping men who are “zeroed out”.”

      Yeah it’s it seems to be one of his big motivations, probably much more relevant in the US where men just seem to be getting fucked over all around.

  5. I also agree with the above poster on material on finding a wife and a long term relationship advice would be great. Nobody else does honesty and frankness like Krauser cutting through all the bullshit out there. You’ve got the best pick up material by miles so why not the best relationship material?

    You were honest at the start of your journey about exactly what you were trying to do and you’ve achieved it all. Now you’re on the next stage of your journey you’re being honest it’s like Divorce —> Gamma —> mPUA —-> A great marriage and relationship doesn’t sound bad. Nobody else really writes about post-PUA life I guess apart from Neil Strauss The Truth so this could be your next big challenge.

    I don’t think most ex-PUAs would have the guts to hang up the gloves and talk so openly about the new direction they’re taking (wouldn’t be good for business!). Don’t think the profit has ever been your primary concern more than telling the truth. Would be so easy to live off past glories (and products!) and rest on your laurels so congratulations for trying something new and being honest with us.

    Looking forward to the fourth turning of Krauser!

  6. You don’t necessarily have to be an mpua to be in Rollo’s position.

    Was Alex Ferguson the best footballer?
    Offcourse not but he was one of the greatest managers ever.

    To the guys asking about marriage advice. Fucking hell take some responsibility for your own lives and come to your own conclusions. If you’ve done game you’ll have a fair idea of frame, red flags etc
    Not everything can be spoon fed

  7. This is so funny, K! hahaha

    The Mode One dude just made a video about you, he’s angry at you for your comment in the Rollo Inteview

    • ARC commented on that video this as well:
      “In-field videos don’t mean jack shit to me. Nothing. I’m not doubting that Krauser can simply “get laid.” But his verbal balls are NOWHERE NEAR AS BIG AS MINE #FACTS”

      Dude, this is so funny. I don’t think that Mode One dude has good game. He might get laid with women below his SMV. And I really think Mode One didn’t come from deep and long real life experience. But more from KJing and the porn movie he has a poster of behind him “Talk Dirty to Me”.

      And now he’s discounting infields, because he can’t provide none.

      Anyway, since you’re retired Nick, this can be a brief and good source of entertainment for you and for us all, as you respond to him, and he gets more “fake” angry. [His video is great. Loved it. Pure grandstanding without any actual points, but entertaining. Anyone know why his left hand trembles? K.]

      • I noticed that too. I think he’s afraid / shaking but pretending to be strong and determined and angry.

        There is always something that will betray nerves when the person is faking strength. We all have been newbies and through that phase.

        It’s funny how he’s using Sasha as an authority about how awesome ARC is, that dude is a joke.

      • The funniest thing he knows nothing about you. His frame of reference from London guys is Yad and Sasha. And he thinks the only alternative to Mode One is to lie to women that you want to be their boyfriend, then run away. He’s so funny! He also says you’re not “real hardcore red pill” as if it’s up to him to dispense red pill badges, using the “No true Scotsman” fallacy.

        His commentators are sucking his dick hard in the comments section though. One of the funniest videos I’ve seen in a long time, and he has no clue what your game is, or what game is at all.

        In other videos, he keeps posturing that he is one of the top 5% “select guys” that women want to give their pussies to without needing time, commitment or anything. They just offer him his pussy because he’s top 5% of all men. That is he says why he can be Mode One and women love it. No dates or anything, just pure direct sports fucking with him.

        He doesn’t have any of the looks, or even without looks, any of the subcommunications of a real player.

  8. hi Krauser

    what is your opinion about this dude?
    he looks like a real natural, and he is getting girls numbers extremely effortlessly
    is it possible that he is geting so much yes girls? [Don’t give a shit. 1.1m subs, prank channel. They are usually actresses. Can’t say in this case because I can’t watch more than ten seconds of him before throwing up. K.]

    • yes it is, he’s got the cocky-funny vibe, very smooth, it reminds me of richard from street attraction, they have similar game styles. [Richard is light years ahead of this guy. Richard only looks like he’s doing clown game. But watch him closely and you see lots of high-level subtle moves. K.]

      • I don’t know about the girls, but the dude is over-acting. His reactions and everything is very fake.

        Would he get laid? Probably, he’s a very good looking young dude with green eyes. And most of the girls (the second half of the video) are 2-3 points less than him.

        Are the reactions real? The second girl’s is. And he without realizing it threw good game at her, with the pauses creating tension and not doing too much with a very yes girl who was blushing at him.

        Anyways, there is no game in there. It’s prank material, and a dude who is a wannabe actor exaggerating everything

    • c’mon krauser you can’t be that lazy [First strike. K.]

  9. Discussing relationships with women is outside the PUA Overton window. [I’ve realised from the comments to Rollo’s and ARC’s videos that there are lots of Red Pill NPCs. K.]

  10. blah blah blah can we get onto more pressing concerns like dealing with the inevitable loneliness of the players journey or having to wash totally brand new socks after walking around for 6 hours or even perhaps the come down of fucking hot skinny russian teens up the shitters. [I hope those teens are women. K.]

  11. Nic, have you ever resolved the inner conflict between the R selection narcissistic vibe & mindset and the K-selection genuine nice guy (higher beta with a backbone) when mingling in mixed men-woman social circles? If so, how did you do it?

    I find it mentally difficult to reconcile the R-selection mindset into mixed men and woman social circle gatherings. The men in the social circles are genuinely nice guys (I like them, but, I can sense there will potential for them to turn on me because of their white knight/beta mindset on “respecting” woman and playing it safe as to not come across as “creepy” or “aggressive” within my social circles.

    Most of the men in my social circles are running on “good looking guy game” they don’t need to learn R-selection/pickup. They just show up, and the girls are already attracted to them without them saying a word. I however cannot, as I am average looking and can only attract them with spitting my Game. These men do not understand the average looking guy’s getting laid challenges.

    What I am trying to ask, if I turn on the R-selection to attract the girls within the social circle, I risk losing reputation/social points within the group with the guys, and potentially some of the girls in the group, that are simply not attracted to me; the fear of being excluded from the social circle gatherings in the near future as potential hunting grounds for lays/girlfriends.

    Hopefully you can answer this internal mental conflict…but I do know you are INTJ; mindset leaning more towards Sigma. I have your books from throughout the years: Balls Deep, Daygame Mastery, and Infinite is arriving next week (very excited to devour it). Unless I have missed it, I do not see this addressed in any of the content I bought. Thank you.

    I tell you I bought your books…this is my way of enticing a response from you – not sucking value from you without giving anything back ha! Thank you. [I’d do more Mystery Method in social circle. K.]

  12. here Richard got roasted as fuk [You’re a moron. First time commentor linking an idiot prankster, now linking retard “analysing” Richard’s game but the analysis is awful. That guy has no idea what he’s watching and makes himself look like a retard rather than expose Richard. So, either stop being a moron or you’re banned. K.]

  13. not sure about Richard
    he got Roasted pretty badly recently

  14. yes, I am a moron, SO WHAT???

    you’re a sociopath moron either.. and? these arent news [Banned for faggotry. K.]

  15. About this whole “Wizardry” debate, it just makes me think of this quote:

    “Any technology that does not appear magical is insufficiently advanced.” — Gregory Benford

    Pickup is just a technology that is way more advanced than Blue Pill thinking. Or in other perspectives, Persuasion is an art hidden from the masses, so it appears wizardry. But it’s just superior tech.

  16. Waiting for you to speak at patriarch convention

    Here’s the vibe and words we use to raise children with the exact outcome we have in mind 😜😜😜

  17. Lots of Steve Jabba content comes up in my YouTube feed lately. I’ve listened to a couple of his podcasts and my impression is he’s seriously gamma.

    A few things:
    – nobody likes him. I know guys where he’s living now and apparently he’s just an outcast with no mates. Nobody talks to him let alone invites him to social events. He justifies his lonerism as being Sigma. But, if you take the whole sigma idea at face value from where it came -Vox, then Sigmas are actually liked and have friends. They just spend more time doing their own thing than average. Jabba is just a loner who nobody likes.

    – says he’s outside the hierarchy yet can’t stop competing with other men. Total cognitive dissonance between his behaviour and how he sees himself. Probably the most fundamental gamma trait there is. An example of this is always having to walk ahead of his wings and then telling them to fuck off if they don’t like it. Gammas often do this walking ahead thing and it’s about being a leader. How are you a leader or number one while also being outside the hierarchy? Why do you care about being ahead when walking if you’re outside the hierarchy and therefore not in competition with other men? Big gamma tell if a wing is always trying to walk ahead of you. It’s so unbelievably petty that only gammas insist on doing it all the time. I know there can be a value tap thing but it’s gamma to always be doing this.

    – keeps talking about how sigma he is, how he’s the centre of his own world etc but is massively externally referenced. You can see this when he’s talking about competing with wings for girls. It’s really important to him that he’s doing better than his wings. A bit of competition is fine but the way he talks about it you can tell it’s more important to him than actually having mates.

    – he seems aspy. Criticises British culture and its sense of humour. Says he doesn’t like banter. Boring cunt. Jabba always struck me as a bit thick and a poor conversationalist. If he had good banter he’d probably enjoy it. But he doesn’t have banter so he doesn’t enjoy it. Like most gammas, he takes himself and everything else way too seriously.

    I only listened to two podcasts and the whole time I was just thinking “this guy is such a loser”.

    It’s also interesting to note that Jabba has stopped and started with coaching numerous times. He went through a phase of calling daygamers “daylamers” and white knitghting about chodes going for high value pussy and wanting to smash them in the face (more cognitive dissonance from a pua coach). He says he has high standards for himself in terms of making money but he’s not making much from coaching game and yet keeps coming back to it because he doesn’t seem to be able to succeed at anything else he tries. He’s pretty arrogant for somebody who keeps failing. Or maybe the word is delusional. Delusional gamma.

    I asked him politely what he thought about some of this on YT, did he not think there was some cognitive dissonance on his part, but he just hid my comment. My opinion is he’s an absolute faggot. Everything I’ve heard him say about being Sigma is just gamma rationalising for his loserishness.

  18. K, I hope you’re safe and okay.

    I know it’s Daygame season and you love Moscow. There was an airplane that crashed today in Moscow airport, and 40 people died.

    I hope you’re okay, alive and kicking and far away from that disaster. I would honestly be deeply sad if anything happened to you.

    Keep living, stay strong, and stay awesome.

  19. @raffles1
    I think that’s a fair assessment.

    The thing is he’s probably dealing with very low self esteem and has done for quite some time (maybe since childhood).
    With that being said he’s utterly delusional about almost everything. And an absolute hypocrite.

    He thinks he’s the most honourable man who ever lived.
    Constantly talks shit about others behind their backs but doesn’t see that as bitchy or gamma when he does it. Always used to harp on about money and that he made it but then had to literally move back to his mum’s house cause he had no money.
    He’s very very lucky he’s a decent looking guy and hasn’t got issues attracting women (not a chance in hell in keeping them ).
    Also apparently he doesn’t follow anyone else’s stuff but knew Nick had been on Rollo’s podcast a day or so later which he made a snarky comment about.
    He called his old friends ‘scum’ cause they wised up about what kind of a guy he is and probably distanced themselves.
    The really interesting thing about this is does pua turn guys into unpleasant reality denying gammas to a higher degree than they would have if they’d just continued living a standard life. [I have no problem with Steve. We don’t talk anymore, but are not on bad terms. This all strikes me as rather harsh. K.]

    • I also noticed how irritable Steve Jabba became, calling most of his fans Gammas, banning people for asking simple questions on his channel, and he seems to think at 43, he is at the highest SMV he’s had in his life. He seems delusional, thinks he is the leader of the Sigma movement, and to be growing into a lonely old man.
      He’s copying Nick as well. After the Rollo interview, now Steve Jabba talked about how his new life direction is finding a wife, settling in Spain, and making a product about how to live that disney life and follow his footsteps.
      The saddest part, I always thought emotional control is a cornerstone of being a player. Steve seems to be too sensitive to be able to deal with the harsh realities of pickup. I sadly believe he’s mostly using GLGG, and sleeping with easy 7s

    • I wouldn’t knock him for his financial failings per se; anybody could have ups and downs. But there’s a canyon wide gap between his self regard for/attitude to making money and the reality.

      I’ve heard some bad stories about how he talks to other guys, either guys he’s hanging out with or guys who tried to talk to him when they see him around. Telling people to fuck off for no reason. Incidentally, think Torero had a jibe at him about that on a recent podcast. Said something like “those guy’s saying fuck off! – they’re not in control of their emotional state”. I assume he was talking about Jabba.

      “does pua turn guys into unpleasant reality denying gammas to a higher degree than they would have if they’d just continued living a standard life”
      –> I think most men are delusional anyway. Most guys think they’re Alpha Male 2.0’s if they’ve ever done anything remotely cool. pua at least forces men to confront reality and try to improve their lives and the reality they live in. But also I think becoming somewhat arrogant is an important part of getting good at game. You can’t be second guessing yourself all the time. It’s too draining. Being slightly overconfident is probably the only way to actually get the best you can and if you’re not slightly overconfident you’ll never fully achieve your potential with women. I think Jabba’s problem – and gammas generally – is that they’re heavily ego invested in a self identity that doesn’t match reality and they’re extremely defensive of that self-identity because it’s so brittle. But that defensiveness prevents feedback from reality which would help them get closer to actualising that self-identity.

    • “We don’t talk anymore, but are not on bad terms.”

      Hmm well he just called you an “Alpha Gamma” in this podcast he made responding to some comments here. Suggests he feels differently.

      Funny thing about Jabba’s podcasts is he reads them from a script he has written out. His inflection is never congruent with natural speech and he stumbles over his words reading in this podcast a couple of times. I wonder how long he spent writing out this response and planning it? To be fair, it’s a pretty shit comeback so maybe not all day. But again it’s just more info confirming what a crap communicator he is. Can’t even get his thoughts in order to speak for a few minutes. Literally needs a script.

      • Jeez. You cannot work out that Alpha Gamma is referring to you. Let me spell it out for you : It’s obvious that all 4 of you have been waiting for ages to write snarky comments about me, but it took one of you to poke his head above the parapet to give the rest permission.

        That’s possibly even funnier than your original low IQ insults!

        Re the script thing. You see, there’s this thing called Google, and Google sends search engine traffic. So guess what happens when you write out cogent sentences, paragraphs and 3000 word monoliths? That’s right! People start appearing on your website!

        You are literally too low IQ to bother with this stuff. I might have to redefine Gamma, because they are usually at least somewhat intelligent.

      • Alpha Gamma gives the green light? Ok. It didn’t occur to me that you might think other men are so weak they’re afraid to post a comment expressing anonymous opinions on a blog without somebody else going first. Must be my low IQ you mention and nothing to do with your disproportionately grandiose opinion of yourself relative to other men. I assumed Krauser was the only one giving Green lights around here. But at least you recognise that I is Alpha as fuck. Coming onto another man’s blog and giving permission to other men about what they can and can’t say. You obviously think highly of my skills at influencing others 😉 Or maybe it’s more shit communication skills on your part.

        I did think you were dumb for a long time but never really thought you were a gamma until hearing your latest podcasts. Hardly been waiting around to say “Jabba is dumb”.

        No doubt your 6 minute video response to “4 gammas” on a blog you won’t even name in the vid will bring many people to your website. I suppose you imagine google is analysing every word in your videos and not just the tags, title etc. How’s that working out for you? Repeated failure at online business. You’re clearly a high IQ whizz. Does google get thrown when you stutter reading in your videos? Probably destroys your SEO. You should remake that video without the mispronunciation. No doubt then your video will help you get many more clients.

        Yet you keep bothering… twice today, you’ve bothered. Is it because…no wait, I know. Could it be, could it be that you’re bothered? Fucking triggered?? Because you’re a massive fucking gamma hahaha.

        This is you right now –> “you’re too low iq to bother with this stuff so i’ll bother with this stuff twice today just to prove my point”. Brilliant. Keep it up. I’m enjoying your comments and your insults. I love your cognitive dissonance. I also love how you immediately started prattling on about IQ to defend yourself. That’s not at all gamma of you. Except oh yeah it’s another well known gamma characteristic. Keep going Steve. I’m loving it.

      • I honestly feel bad for Steve Jabba. But if he is happy (which I doubt), more power to him.

        That podcast was very very funny. I laughed hard. Still, he made no points there. Just childish mockery instead of taking some constructive criticism to heart and working on improving himself based on the feedback of people who might be seeing his blindspots.

        I am personally not jealous of Steve. My issue is just how disrespectful he is to other men, especially to his prospective clients. He has an attitude of “Fuck you, pay me.”

        I now understand what he means when he says he doesn’t like being involved in the politics of dealing with other men. That is codeword for having civil conversations and accepting disagreeing points of view. He prefers to live in his delusional echo chamber keeping it filled with “Yes men” and his voice reverberating in his lonely empty tiny kingdom where he lets nobody in. I hope he works on his inner game to become more open to feedback about his behavior and attitudes.

        I think Bodi PUA was right about him, the way he described Steve in his second book.

        Steve Jabba is, sadly, a huge gamma with a Secret King delusion.

      • We’ll have a proper conversation Steve.

        You said that you get girls “without the meltdowns or significant angst that a lot of other guys in this industry seem to experience”. So your telling me that the 9’s and 10’s in Moscow or Kiev or wherever do not send you on dates to nowhere or give unbeatable LMR?

        I put it to you thats cloud cuckoo-land Steve.

  20. With all due respect there must have been some reason why you no longer talk.
    Yes it is harsh but I’m pretty good at reading people, plus a guy I used to know way back wasn’t treated very fairly by him.
    And I stand by the delusional comments.

    • It’s fairly obvious to everyone really. Steve seems to promote himself as a guy that gets girls without a hitch so to speak. Whereas average looking Daygamers have to be over-fastidious in their day to day dealings with women.

      I listened to one of his podcasts and he seems to view himself as better than the normal guys who work hard for their quality lays.

      He has the pickup ability of a parvenu. .

  21. Sorry Steve for my part, hope you can sort yourself out. 👍
    Honestly no one is jealous mate

  22. Ladies! No more catty remarks please! sounds like your all on the rag at the moment! Nuff said

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