How many suckers joined BlackDragon’s Loser Club?

February 26, 2019

I’m curious. I think BlackDragon is a faker and full of shit. His “rebuttal” to my accusation that he’s a pathetic delusional cuck was nothing of the sort. It was a squirt of squid ink: obfuscation masquerading as rebuttal.

When you’re over the target, that’s when you get the flak.

It’s one thing to read a man’s material, watch his videos, and conclude he’s full of shit. It’s quite another to watch him dissemble and run away in real time. BlackDragon made oh-so-big-a-deal about him being all about the business and that my post lead to a rapid +19% rise in his eBook sales [1]. There are also people accusing me of attacking him in an attempt to lure his Loser Club over to my business. Something rang false, again. So, I’m increasingly suspicious that the BlackDragon Alpha Male 2.0 scam is more of a Potemkin village than I’d first credited. I don’t know it is, so I’m posting this to see if my readers can confirm one way or the other.

KPUA screen 1

An internet loudmouth gets 103 comments

BD screen 1

A titan of business gets 63-10=53 comments

Here are the red flags:
1. His post got 63 comments so far, of which 10 are from him. So, 53 from real people. Mine has 103, all real people.
2. His side bar claims 20,000 subscribers on his email list. That’s A LOT [2]
3. His Alexa rank is high than mine, but not massively so.
4. His SimilarWeb stats are not much higher than mine in any respect. This despite my solidly neglecting my blog while he actively curates his.

KPUA Alexa

BD Alexa

I know I’m in a tiny niche. Does he?

My initial conclusion is that his level or traffic and engagement does not support his grandiose image of his business. I know I occupy a tiny niche and I live comfortably but nothing to puff my chest out about. If you can throw the rock of 20,000 subscribers into a pool, I’d expect more ripples.

KPUA SimilarWeb screen 1

BD SimilarWeb screen 1

So, what’s going on? Does BlackDragon have a big successful business and it merely isn’t fully represented in his reader engagement and traffic? Or are his business claims as delusional as the claims of his sex life? I really don’t know. I’m no expert in analysing websites from a distance. Are there any experts in this area?

It seems relevant to me. This clown has the temerity to ask readers for $9597 per year to join his VIP Losers Club. I’m curious just how many suckers he’s lured into his shell game.

Loser Club sales page

Nuclear indeed

[1] The proceeds of which will fund him for a few more hookers. Glad to be a help to his sex life.
[2] If it were true, lol.


  1. Ehm… you posted your article on 21st and he on 25th (yesterday), so he got half of the comments you did one fifth of the time. Also, you two have different audiences and it’s not clear how many posts get banned/blocked.

    But I am quite curious about the rest of it though. I don’t understand the other website traffic statistics stuff though, so I’ll just have to wait. [Sure. The point is not that I get more traffic- I don’t- but that his posturing about his big business is more delusion and fronting. K.]

  2. I don’t get it, K. Why in a world you even care about some other dude on the Internet so much you dedicated not one but whole two posts to? [“I don’t get why you’d even care that a bullshitter is scamming naive men out of huge amounts of money, in an industry you are part of.” It’s this pathetic cuck mentality that sickens me about the manosphere. You are men without chests. K.]

  3. Is there actually something you can PROVE he lied about? [Having a 37 yr old 10 is an easy start. My original accusation is not that he lied, but that he’s a pathetic delusional cuck. You bought his weak-ass reframe. Doesn’t anyone have reading comprehension skills anymore? K.]

    • He is a lier – and I have proof of that, multiple ones as a matter of fact. I sendt Krauser an email with some material. I also have a bunch of stories.

      • @Teevster, answer my Facebook message, please.

      • I do not think you have my facebook. I usually do not share it, I have not received any messages from anyone I do not know.

      • Just to clarify.

        I think you are the GirlsChase writer that goes by the pseudonym Alek Rolstad correct ?

        GirlsChase invited BlackDragon on their official podcast. If you knew he was a liar why did you not warn your colleagues about him before they promoted him on the website you write for ?

    • How about when he wrote:

      “I have literally never paid a prostitute … [but] had sex with one or two professional prostitutes in the past for free via normal game.”

      “I once fucked two hookers in Vegas just to see what it was like.”

      “Ah yes, I forgot about those two. They were not hookers … perhaps they really were hookers using SA; not sure …
      I hooked up with a third sugar baby on that same trip and … saw her several more times.”

      So, those three women he paid in Las Vegas were not prostitutes. They are just ingenues seeking a fat, middle-aged tourist boyfriend. Maybe in BlackDragon’s twisted mind, it does not count as prostitution if he meets a woman through Seeking Arrangement or sees her again. This is not an anomaly; it is part of his relationship classification system. He has been calling these women FuckBuddy’s or Friends with Benefits despite paying $150 every single time for 15-20 minutes of “wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am sex”. The first quote above shows that BlackDragon’s “normal game” is paying women.

      So Dave, do you call these distortions lying, or delusions?

  4. @Teevster, answer my Facebook message, please.

  5. Someone on the other article mentioned BD’s net worth being over 2 mil, and said he wouldn’t be surprised if it was as high as 5 mil.

    If that is true then congrats to Nick, Tom T, Street Attraction etc

    Pickup does pay 🙂 🙂 [If it’s over 2 million for BD it’s not from pickup. K.]

  6. Alot of the sugar babies are college hotties (3 major universities in my area). So they are not really hookers. The question i ask when a guy says, “yeah i paid a little, but she really liked me”, is…did she kiss you on the mouth and did she blow u without a condom? Just looking a BD, i can tell his answer would be no. A Sugar baby, or a 1000 dollar call girl will absolutely not do this if she is not genuinely turned on. I actually think BD has a market, because like him, there are so many guys that are delusional about thier SMV, and game skills in the US. It doesnt bother me that he is delusional, but he is taking money from desperate guys, i do have a problem with that. Thanks for calling him out Krauser.

    • Disclaimer, im not saying sugar baby game is the same as daygame. Sober daygame is harder and more rewarding than any other type (ive done it so i know).

  7. I think his blog post online dating advice is pretty decent. He obviously overrates what he gets but using a modified version of his system I did well. None of them were 9’s. But 10k to be a member? Pass.

    I also find his “I don’t mind if she sleeps with other guys” disturbing. Your wiring is off if you don’t mind [i.e. a cuck. K.]

  8. BD is an obvious fake. Could you take a look at Anthony Hustle? He’s got some credibility from Tom and to some extent you but some of the things he posts on his YouTube channel and website trigger my shit detector. [I wrote a lot about Antony in A Deplorable Cad. The TL:DR is legit skills, spurious claims. I wouldn’t trust a single word he says nowadays because he’s obviously just trying to monetize. But there’s no question in my mind that he’s a very smart guy who is good with women. Just not as good as he claims. K.]

    • Having access to his stuff, i can actually attest to him trying to milk the cow as much as possible.
      Just damn man, all your products combined eventually come cheaper than those from all the decent instructors i know 🙄

      • Is there anything of value in Anthony Hustle’s books that is not already covered in Nick Krauser or Tom Torero’s content ?

        I asked Anthony the same question on his youtube channel and his response was he hasn’t read their material which is obviously bullshit.

      • I don’t know if K. will allow this discussion here, as its more suitable in email.

        To keep it short, his books (100$ each,lmao) are round 30k words streched to 126 and 190 pages respectively. If you see the font and the spaces, you gonna laugh man. He has stretched everything to the limits.

        Also, his first book for example contains identical copy of his public article on the natural- supernatural (took screenshots in case he deletes the article) and transcripts of his podcasts on YT.
        He has also filled the books with quotes from famous people, here and there. Imagine the filler.
        He changed his first book from 88 pages to 126 when people complained on YT, as he added more spaces and bigger font, in an effort to be seen as “bigger”.

        As for the so called “infields” in subscriptions, a lot are with no video and its also obvious they are heavily edited, so they dont really reflect the reality. Like having an old video, months ago, then doing video today and then patching them together to seem like the infield was taken he same day. Same he did with that girl who was supposedly a playboy model, in a now deleted video. But screenshot is still there in the JMULV article here.

        And the final straw: he claims to sleep with only 8s+ girls. I think 9s and 10s is his marketing, whatever.
        He forgot to cover the faces of 2 girls at a couple frames in the subscription page and its obvious they are far from that( asked friends for their opinion and willing to send K. screenshots for him to clarify). One of the 2 even rejected him, lol.
        Like a déjà vu of K.’s mentions of him in Deplorable Cad, since he eventually speculated him and Torrero didnt really have a gold standard and were just with a girl for ” The Notch”.

        Problem is he isn’t showing his face either, which must account to a lot of his successes. He definitely has game and is experienced, but not like someone i would “worship” to teach me game. More like someone i would like to have as a wingman (like the company of PUAs did back then in 2011.). I would also like to be able see his face expessions on each interaction. Infields seem incomplete in that way, as body language is important on all aspects of the approach. Especially facial signals.

        Its as K. say. Desperate moves to monetize and milk the cow as much as possible.
        He has also claimed approach-to-lay ratio 25% in a YouTube comment (screenshot also in the JMULV article). Like wtf.
        And with his “Girlfriend” now giving advice, to poor chodes, there doesn’t seem to be an end to the milking.

        The marketing is very entrapping though to the uninitiated, i give him that.

        P.S. i didn’t buy his stuff, on of my friends did. Its 300$/year, all inclusive. [An easy litmus test for UK based PUAs is this: does he associate with Beckster? If so, stay well away. K.]

      • Haha yeah, i remember him being mentioned extensively on the book. Agreed.

        Also very smart way to pose, since i would then ask for your opinion on Mystery nowadays (who associates a lot with Beckster throughout the years)

      • Imo its essential to show your face doing this kind of stuff. Otherwise its pointless.

        The girlfriend: RSD added a girl too. They have everything now to cover the whole field: a white dude, a black one, a fat one, etc.

        In both cases its success porn they sell.

        They will eventually as they get older slide to “life coaching” selling good feelings which, thats the sweet thing, arent measurable.
        And no pain…

      • Its where the good money is nowadays: Selling endless supply of self-help. You feel better for a day or 2 and then back to shit, unless you return “worshipping” your coach. This is kind of an addictive relationship.
        Its all pretty spurious man. And i keep seeing more and more people quitting their IRL jobs and starting an online business or something affiliated with the self-help circus. Like selling air for $$, quite literally in most cases.

  9. Regarding BlackDragon / Caleb Jones’s business claims here is what I think is a giant red flag.

    – Caleb implies he earns a six figure income from his business consulting.

    – Caleb not only doesn’t have any recognized business credentials that would be considered the bare minimum for such a highly sought after consultant ( Chartered Professional Accountant, Chartered Financial Analyst, Certified Analytics Professional , CHRP etc ) he proudly says he doesn’t even have an undergraduate degree.

    – Why would any sensible businessperson pay top dollar for a guy with no professional credentials when he could easily pay a much smaller price for a reliable consultant that actually does have the relevant credentials and experience ?

    – Not to mention the fact that Caleb’s public affiliation with the PUA/manosphere community would scare away all serious and competent managers or executives from even considering hiring him as a consultant. [You seem to imply he’s some kind of delusional bullshitter preying on gullible chodes….. K.]

    • Are his courses just gambits on the “I will teach you how to be rich” shite?
      Except nowadays there’s a bigger market with the “Digital Nomad” scene.
      You’d have to ask yourself the question – If there was such money to be made; Why don’t the guys selling the courses just set up the businesses themselves and get all the money?
      Smells like that make money on currencies/shitCoin/stock exchange stuff that is constantly being peddled imo.

      • If your business brings in $200k/year, you have at least some amount of knowledge how to go from 0 to 200k (unless it was all luck). You can share this knowledge with others. You yourself, however, need to know how to go from $200k to $500k, and this may well require different skills.
        Therefore the “no legitimate rich person will ever teach anyone to emulate him” argument is flawed. (Without saying anything at all about any particular business courses.)

  10. Off topic a bit, but will you be speaking at 21 Convention, Krauser? [Probably. I was invited to the Europe one and accepted. I fully intend to speak at it. I say “probably” because it’s a business and the terms require me to sell two tickets through an affiliate link. Having never tested my readership in this type of product, I don’t know what the interest level is. If those two tickets sell, I’ll be there. K.]

  11. BlackDragon wrote:

    “200 [notches is] … well past me. … If I kept my my same level of [peak crazy] activity …for the past 10 years or so, then I would be at [200].
    “In 11 of the past 12 years, I have had sex with scores of women I consider 8s (or higher, but mostly 8s) through non-sugar-daddy online dating alone.”

    Portland women ugly, online women are uglier, and polyamorous people are ugliest.

    Besides, online sites have deteriorated and BlackDragon hasn’t revised his books in years. What about phone apps like Instagram, Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, Happn? He literally wrote about obsolete sites like MySpace and Plenty of Fish! Is he going to write about telegram game and seducing dates on a horse? 😊

    Our hostility comes from BlackDragon’s sanctimonious hypocrisy. He acts enlightened and emotionally secure enough to have unchained relationships because he gets so many women. Actually, “FB’s” have been a cornerstone of his lifestyle. Now we learn he pays them for “wham-bam sex”.

    BlackDragon does not even seem especially rich:

    “Every Man Should Be Worth $1 Million By Age 50. … I am 46 years old, so this doesn’t apply to me (yet).”
    “[My net worth] is a little below where I think I should be at my age with my successful financial history.”

    @Teevster, An easy Google search shows a stale Facebook page.

  12. I read one of his posts about wanting to have a hair transplant but apparently he didn’t have that kind of money lying about ????

    Hair transplants these days are extremely affordable hence why a lot of guys in their mid to late twenties have decided to take the plunge. A millionaire would have absolutely no issue parting with £5-10k at most.

    He’s not a millionaire LOL [It’s almost as if BD can’t keep his bullshit consistent….. K.]

  13. Within the first 24 hours you got 28 comments and BD got 54 (including his own). The max number of comments on a blog post of his is 1286. So I’m not sure what the argument is. [Because your reading comprehension sucks. Point is I know I’m in a small niche, and BD is not an order of magnitude bigger despite his bluster. K.]

    But whatever. The sole reason I read what BD writes is relationship management. Business advice is easy to come by. Online dating advice is easy to come by. So is advice on how to get from first date to sex. Hardly anyone, however, writes about relationship management. BD has his flaws, for example, his misconceptions about blackjack are the most obvious. But I’m not following him for gambling advice.

    Whose material on relationship management should I follow to complement or replace that of BD? [Literally anyone. A random chode in a bar knows better than him. BD is a proven clown. At least a random chode hasn’t yet proven to be worthless. K.]

  14. Thanks Michael for your review of Anthony’s products.

    I’ll steer clear of buying anything from him. The first generation of daygamers (Andy Yosha, Yad, Krauser and Torero) have fleshed out the LDM pretty much completely so the only thing original left to write about are individual players journey blogs and memoirs.

    The new guys like James Tusk and Anthony Hustle are just regurgitating the first gen’s material.

    • Eventually the best advice you will ever get: whoever you pick as a teacher, dont just read everything he publishes, but try hitting he streets often. Best way to learn is always the hard way.

      Learning that already myself.

  15. OMG, this is hilarious. After deleting my only post from his blog, BlackDragon preemptively IP banned me from the NextASF forum! He is sensitive because my post quoted his own words and called him fat. That is not name-calling; it is a fact.

    It is also hilarious that he is arguing on his blog with Teevster, who started criticizing him ten years ago at the tender age of 14. Teevster is younger than BlackDragon’s Sugar Babies. 🙂

    Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence. A fat, fake-haired author claims to seduce scores of online Portland 8’s. He wrote:

    “I’m not the Mr. Moneybags some folks out there think I am.”
    “I’ve only been doing the hardcore pay-for-it sugar daddy stuff for about a year or so (just dabbled in it before that).”
    “I never started paying for sex until I was in my mid-40s or so.”

    His evidence is literally:

    1) “I have consistently written thousands of articles.”

    2) Challenging people to escrow money for him to post photos of his women.

    3) Moneyback guarantee on his books.

    4) “I openly talk about … paying for sex … for about 2-3 years now..

    Now a poster is asking him to rate pictures of a Filipina prostitute. His website has literally become a haven for proud Sugar Daddies to rate whores. [That filipino whore is hilarious. The poster called her “a global 8” K.]

  16. Do you critique rollos writing style? I find he uses to much jargon, when I try and introduce someone new to the red pill they often give up after finding rollos writing too tedious and with too much lingo to read. Do you think the reason he writes like that is egotistical?

    Funnily, the people I shock the most into wanting to learn more about the red pill are those I send to your red pill YouTube talk with London Real.

    Without kissing your ass, you write things in a way that is much easier to digest for new readers and without overly simplifying things like torero, and trying to make it seem like they’re all your inventions.

    • It might be a very valuable idea if K did some book, product, or long talk just to “translate” all Red Pill concepts and what Rollo talks about into humanly understandable language. That is something really lacking in the Red Pill community and will change lots of lives.

      Rollo’s writing sucks a monkey’s ass. He tries too much to come of as scientific but you end up confused about what he’s trying to say in many instances.

      I remember John Bodi in Death by a Thousand Sluts, part 2, talking about how Krauser has his own fully fleshed out Red Pill framework that explained the world and women to Bodi. It might be great if Krauser shared that in some product or in some form, so when I help introduce people to Red Pill concepts I have something that they can actually understand that I can point them towards.

      That, really, will advance the Manosphere forward.

      • Why not just go directly to the source for red pill concepts ? The evolutionary biologists and psychologists themselves ?

        With the exception of Rollo I think “manosphere ” bloggers are just engaged in useless mental masturbation. They haven’t studied the subjects they claim to speak about on an academic level.

        My current red pill reading list:

        – Seflish Gene by Richard Dawkins
        – Evolution of Desire by David Buss
        – The Red Queen by Matt Ridley
        – Sperm Wars by Robin Baker
        – A Billion Wicked Thoughts
        – The Blank Slate by Steven Pinker
        – How the Mind Works by Steven Pinker

        This post is not in any of Rollo’s books but I personally found it extremely thought provoking.

        Transactional vs Valuational Sex

  17. BLACKDRAGOM asks me to respond to him and keep on going because he “likes it”, yet he seem to have blocked/banned me from his blog (understandably so) so here is the message that was supposed to be posted over there,

    Here is the message:

    To Blackdragon and whoever is concerned (it answer most of the questions addressed to me)

    Blackdragon wrote:


    Ignore those guys above who say you should stop posting! You can’t do that! I’m a HUGE THREAT to all legit PUAs and need to be stopped!

    You seriously need to do screenshots of my Google Analytics and Alexa rankings and post them here and on Chase’s site and Krauser’s site and everywhere else so you can educate everyone on what a liar and fraud I am. You need to police my ass to make sure I stop making all this money with all these lies! Oh wait, I mean, I’m not making any money because I’m actually poor and I’m lying about all this money I’m making just so I can keep ripping people off!

    I need to be stopped, Teev! And you and Krauser are the two guys who can do it!

    You should also post all those screenshots of all that horrible, terrible, bad stuff I said on the forum years ago too, including the top-secret stuff I said with the mods that you already screenshoted. You would totally own me if you did that!

    I can’t even respond to your arguments because they’re so good… after 10 years of pure lies, you’ve finally caught me! You’re just kicking my ass all over the place, and you’re educating everyone what a fraudster I am. All of my businesses are going under right now! I’m totally screwed! It’s working, Teev!

    Keep it up! You can do it

    Fakes make money all the time. It will not stop today. I think you are real actually – I believe you 100% when you claim you are buying hoes. I never questioned that.

    Your relationship advice which constitutes the basics of MR.sex4nyc, Franco (Zathustra_fi) and the crowd the you undeniably been inspired from – and rightly so. So yes your relationship system has been proven to death – by others! So yeah some of it actually works to some extent. I will give you that too.


    Again it is simply not true that you have never been or seen yourself as a PUA – because you not only run a pick up forum, but you have posted there (given yourself the title of guru – people can just go on sedfast to see for themselves – do I really need to add proofs to that?) and you have posted on mASF (Do I really need to prove that too?). Hence it is not correct, and truth what you are saying. I am only pointing out this fact out – that is all I am doing (which again is dishonest behavior from you). That you put more into that at the time being is your problem, not mine.


    And I have also stated you making up a story about me legally threatening you (a 20 year old student with limited resource at the time mind you), when all I have said was that I would talk to a lawyer concerning my rights on my posts (which I did and have the right to do) as a result of being banned (because you saw me as threat, even when I was 16!) from a forum where I happen to have posts that dragged lots of traffic at the time,

    Those are the things I have stated. Nothing less, nothing more. The first pointer only requires people to do a google search, the second one is a false accusation, which you do not seem to deny. Think about it, you accused a 20 y old student of legally threatening you, a person who is 40 + (at the time) with way more ressources. Can you believe that! The managerof your forum has apologized on your behalf (Silvertree). Are you denying this Blackdragon? People can a little search on sedfast but if they insist I shall post links.


    That 2 or so posters do not agree with me on your blog should not come as a surprise. Hopefully this post has cleared up some of their questions.

    My claims can be backed up by a simple online search (on sedfast). I have more issues with you, such as when he went on a rampage trashtalking (in the mod forum) banning or threatened to ban most good posters on sedfast (which in case anyone wondered why that place is dead, here is your answer) because some criticized him or because he did not like the presence of some of them. I have screenshots from this happening – but since I had no desires to bring this up (and hence why I did not bring it up here in the first place)

    I have not discussed this until now, but Blackdragon wants to bring it up (as he has done in many of responses – why that is, one can only wonder!). I will leave this story as it is and not go into any further detail as it was not part of the original message I came with when I commented here. I would please hope you guys would accept sticking to that.

    And I must ask, frankly if you are making this much money and if you do not care about the things I say, why are you even caring that much about about what I saying, let alone acting all emotional (like another commenter pointed out)? Not only that, you also include this why weird “internet though guy” attitude to your response and dodging all my points, since my first comment ( a criticism I share with Krauser). Is this tone, rhetoric and way of being part of your alpha 2.0 lifestyle?


    And regarding Alexa, negative exposure can in cases increase traffic and hence make money. This blogs’ traffic has gone down last I checked (27/09/19). How does less traffic correlate with making more money? But if you do, then I am happy for you but I still have a hard time to believe it, just like I have hard time to believe that you can meet really hot girls online – particularly younger women.


    I am not the only one questioning this. Maybe it is your turn to deliver, because so far you have dodged literally everything form of criticism and every request for proof (more so than what people have requested of me). I must however admit that some people claimed your girls looked “fine”. You have also in the past claimed that you are a so-called POS (your own terms – pleasure of sex) who only cares about satisficing your results and hence are not willing to do the extra work to get the really hot girls. I am not claiming that getting hot girls always requires more work, but if one wants to be more selective with one’s results, more is required and satisficing (which POS is) is incongruent with such concept. Because doing the extra work would make you a TOTH guy, a term you have used to bash people who do not accept the idea of settling with mediocrity.

    It is possible to, as an older guy to go out cold approach and meet hot girls. I have seen Razorjack (for those interested, check out his archive) performs amazingly well in field.


    But for now, I hopefully have responded to many of the requests in this message. Anon’s requests has been responded to in a private message.

    Maybe it is time that blackdragon responds to the requests made towards him.

    I will actually do a Blackdragon on Blackdragon, by referring back to this post if he keeps dodging my points with more weasel and empty passive aggressiveness.

    My points have been made, and I feel I have only repeated myself as most of Blackdragons responses have not discussed or reflected the message of my original comment. Hence I see no point in discussing this any further and will go back to my daily business.

    What Krauser decides to do from now on is up to him as I don’t even know the guy.


    • Here, however, nothing stops you from providing links and screenshots, please go ahead.

      Also I’m the same anonymous user that requested you to provide references to better relationship management systems. Please do, as it was unexpectedly hard to sign up for both forums where you might be found.

      • I have sendt most of it to Krauser. I would not mind sharing, but how can I post pics (I am not IT wizard). Any suggestions?

    • Imgur or other image hosting services. Then just post links. Maybe you already have such links if you uploaded the screenshots somewhere.

      As for other relationship management experts, links to material or just names will suffice.

  18. For the guys that have met Beckster.

    Is he a complete fraud with no skills along the lines of Justin Wayne or are his skills extremely limited to “entourage” style game in nightclubs ?

    According to this old comment by Tom Torero on Krauser’s blog.

    “…. His old entourage-style of game (based around club promotion and table hosting) is now considered long-winded, inauthentic and outdated…hosted tables at clubs in London for a while with the guy that taught Adam Lyons this method (Beckster) and have seen how inefficient and convoluted it all is…”

  19. Wow, Caleb’s son Joshua Hall (PDXRealEstate) posted on the “BlackDragon is a pathetic delusional cuck” article! This validates Caleb’s choice of family, even though it prolonged an unsatisfying marriage in Portland.

    Krauser called Caleb “delusional” (but not a “liar”) because of his distortions. Blue-Pill, beta men are full of delusions (Alchemist’s “limiting beliefs”). For example, Caleb wrote:

    “A normal, everyday guy in his late 30s, had sex with five different women … in … ten months. … I was astounded. … divorced in 2007 … and I got laid, though not nearly as easily.”
    “I never started paying for sex until I was in my mid-40s or so.”

    Wrong, Caleb admits Sugar Daddying at ages 40-41:

    “(covering a period of two years going back to 2013), I had sex with 15 different women. … I paid cash to some.”

    At age 42, he wrote:

    “I’m sure as hell not going to whip out $100 every time I want to have sex with someone. Again, I might as well just pay a hooker … . As I get older or more busy, I may change my mind about this. It’s entirely possible, but so far, I don’t feel the need to go the sugar daddy route (beyond a few experiments I’ve run).

    Now, at age 46, he brags about his low-cost prostitutes:

    “$150 per … 15-20 minutes … wham-bam-thank-you-maam thing … low because I follow all the sugar daddy advice.”

  20. I wrote a comment in his blog bc once he wrote “never shack uo/marry” and then he did. He wrote me a furious reply, I didnt read much of his content anyway.

    • BTW What do you think of this guy Anthony Hustle (strange YT vids). A pua who doesnt show his face and claims to teach sdls with russian models. Do you know him?

      • Just check a the previous comments here and the comments on the JMULV article. Also, in Deplorable Cad there are lots of mentions of him.

  21. LinkedIn shows that Caleb Jones’ computer company folded in 2009. In 2012, he wrote “I’m not the Mr. Moneybags some folks out there think I am. If I was, I would have just snapped my fingers and paid for the expensive [$2,500 hair mesh] procedure immediately. He switched to voodoo woo-woo business consulting, with seminars about “business coaching” and “personal effectiveness”. His “21 Report” interview on YouTube shows a bunch of bland and useless advice.

    I don’t fault Caleb for sacrificing financially to support his kids. But he is not a business expert. His business and pick-advice are both simply banal. His whole marketing approach seems based on misleading and over-selling. I’m sure his Sugar Babies originally expect more money than they ultimately get. When he dispense business advice online, he acts more successful than he really is. Surely his dating clients are not happy to learn their coach has been paying women for many years.

  22. Hi Mr Krauser.
    I read your blog and books for many years and very like them a lot.
    I also read BD block and have some of his materials.
    And so let me give an outside view, if I may.

    Krauser = Engineer/Technician

    BD = Marketing/Salesman

    Krauser materials are second to none, very very detailed but can be a little difficult for the layman.
    Not much hype, not much marketing, minimal filler and little “maximization of revenue and asset value”.
    Kinda like a architect or engineer trying to sell a house…He’ll get lost in technicalities.
    And probably why Maradona was a shitty coach. Pele never even tried.
    Hey nobody is good at everything. They are all different skills.
    And btw your sigmawolf pages has link errors.
    Your book read like manuals that need to be studied in depth. Maybe too much.

    BD materials are mainly generic, lots of hype and filler.
    They are simple with a few steps ie “just do this” with lots of filler around it.
    All his books are constantly mentioning other books.
    So you buy an “ultimate manual” and instead of just a note at the end, the reader is often told to buy something else.
    Every single post on his blog has only one puropose: sell ebooks.
    The same concept is rehashed in as many ways possible, and vague and always mentioning and cross referencing posts and products.
    Everything is geared at maximizing revenue.

    This is nothing new, tons of blogs do it all over the net.

    So any look at a jobs site will quickly tell who makes more money between Engineer and Marketing/Sales.

    IMO I think the BD model earns more than K in sales revenue.

    On a different note to the many commentators, you ALL pay for pussy. One way or another. Flights, hotels, endless sarging instead of earning money and building assets.
    Pussy is always has a cost.
    So many here will bitch and mone that I come by with my flash car and women will instinctively walk towards it. Some actually try to get in without even saying anything. Then there’s the guy with the ferrari and yacht… well I lost that one.
    You can be a sugar daddy type without forking out monthly allowances.
    And if $100 is a lot of money when you’re over 40, you spent most of life bumming about instead of building assets.
    With exception of the few who were less fortunate, because most spent the majority of income and booze and drugs.
    Of course you don’t care and likely resent my condescending attitude towards your wastefulness, just like I don’t give a rats arse about your bitching about someone taking someone 25 years young out for a waterview dinner and then shagging on the waterview balcony.

    All roads lead to Rome gentlemen [Thanks for the detailed feedback. K.]

  23. You all probably know that Caleb “BlackDragon” Jones is doing his Alpha Male 2.0 tour. Here is what I think a typical BlackDragon success seminar is like:

  24. All I need to know is he cucked up.

  25. Its not possible to be an Alpha and a cuckold at the same time.

    Ps I like the term “negro wanderer”

    • Here is something which only advanced guys know and experience.

      If you have good game (both cold approach AND relationship game which are totally different thing), you will accumulate a roster of girls. Let’s say you are spinning 3-4 plates. How in the earth do you have time, interest or even means to stalk them and make sure that they are not fucking other guys? Like how needy and jealous can you be if you try to make sure that none of your girls is fucking other guys when you haven’t even agreed on exclusivity?

      Now, carry on boy, when you get your roster built up, your mind will change. [AMOG fail. K.]

      • I cracked the code frens, the way of going about being a winrar at loife is:
        0) wash your benis bucko :DDD
        1) git gud at gaem (K can halp with dat);
        2) when you get grill who is breddy good, make her convert to Islam (whether you convert too or not is optional, as long as she believes that you too are now a muslim);
        3) go get moar grills via gaem while your obedient muslim waifu stays at home making kebabs or some shit like that;
        4) REPEAT 2 and 3 until happy with harem;
        5) ?????? (and by ?????? I mean: start a le ebin blog and charge 6 million dollars per year for le ebin sekrits of le tru playa)
        6) PROFIT

  26. I have never beiieved most of BD articles and claims but I regularly read his stuff because it amuses me how naive his readers are, they believe anything he says, BD is definietely a cuck provider who for some stupid reason promotes open marriages, like how much of a cuck can you actually be? Just because monogamy doesn’t work, you don’t have to MARRY any woman and let her suck other men’s dicks.

    I just saw a video of him talking about some business stuff and in all honesty, there is NO WAY he can get any woman below 35 without paying. Not only does he have really bad looks but he does have a beta voice, no aura whatsoever and therefore he sure as hell has no game to offer. That’s why he relies on online daiting aka suggar daddy gamne and hookers.

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