BlackDragon is a pathetic delusional cuck

February 21, 2019

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I’ll pass, thanks

I promised myself that this year I would resist the temptation to play PUA Police. The world is so full of bullshitters and charlatans that exposing them is like a game of whack-a-mole. A wannabe seducer needs to develop his own nose for fakes, a calibration skill that will serve him well when dealing with women. Think about it: if you can’t spot an incompetent fraud like JMULV, how likely are you to penetrate the layer of subterfuge that covers female interactions with men?

One thing I’ve noticed lately is how many men will take a fraud seriously just because the guy has a blog / book / YouTube channel. Their reasoning seems to be, “this guy is a legitimate expert whose advice I ought to follow, because he says on his own marketing platform that he is.” Pick-up adversely selects for men who are naive, unable to read social cues, easily hoodwinked, and who over-rate book learning. Write a blog, hawk an ebook, and get some credulous seminar booker or podcaster to talk about you…. that’s it. You can now sell memberships to a Superior Man Inner Circle.

You people really need to learn to evaluate the evidence presented. Just because a random man on the internet tells you he’s an Alpha Male doesn’t make it so. Does he have an Instagram that is all bluff, showing a lonely wandering existence with no friends, no girls, and no visible success (e.g. Christian Macqueen, Troy Francis)? Perhaps you should prioritise the evidence of your eyes over his claims to be a social circle whizz or lone wolf sigma. Does his Instagram show him with lots of obvious hookers that he claims are notches (e.g. JMULV)? Does he talk like a double glazing salesman, full of glib evasion and clumsy Cialdini-like persuasion and his life seems locked into a squalid circle of messy apartments and fruity short-term ‘friends’ (e.g. Beckster)?

It’s not hard. Trust your nose. If someone looks, talks and quacks like a fruitcake, he’s probably a fruitcake.

I love Donald J. Trump and I’d love to see him Make America Great Again. We can start with the USA’s pick-up community because it’s undoubtedly the worst in the world. Perhaps because it’s the biggest market and thus attracts the most scammers. Perhaps it’s because Americans tend to be a trusting bunch. Perhaps it’s because America uses 80% of the world’s prescription drugs and therefore roiding up till you are red in the face and shoving nootropics down your gullet doesn’t strike you as very odd behaviour indeed for a man of high self-esteem. I don’t know what the cause is, but America is positively rife with bullshitting PUAs.

The funniest of these is BlackDragon. And oh my god, is he funny.

I read BD a while ago and immediately smelled a rat. By his own admission he’s an unattractive middle-aged man living in the Portland area who gets laid mostly from online dating sites. Just stop and think about that. If that one-sentence description didn’t immediately set alarm bells ringing, you are clueless.

Portland is SJW-central. It’s an absolute hell-hole of unattractive women. It’s not Prague, or Belgrade, or Moscow. It’s one of the ugliest cities in a country full of ugly women. Now add in the fact BD is not using high-level daygame. He’s using online dating which, as every man who cold approaches will attest, always leads to a drop of a point or two (minimum) from cold approach. Take it further: BD is an older gent chasing younger women, and thus aiming very high. Lastly, he’s admitted to being physically unattractive – while searching for women in a format where age or photos are the most important criteria in passing the first filter for hook point.

BlackDragon would need exceptional charisma to surmount these odds. There’s your first red flag.


It’s not his looks or physique is it?

The second red flag was how he constantly positioned himself as an Alpha Male and then directs you to either self-referential blogposts (i.e. circular sourcing, which doesn’t increase credibility) or to products with buzzword titles and taglines. That carries the unmistakable whiff of the online bullshit artist attempting to dip his hands in the pocket of a newbie before he learns the lay of the land.

The third red flag were BlackDragon’s preposterous claims about MLTR (Multiple Long-Term Relationships, i.e. open) and monogamy. Not only that, but about raising children in such an environment. Even if you took him at his word (which I don’t) BD was advocating raising children in an environment where his dad is openly sleeping with women who aren’t his mother, where his father has openly rejected monogamy and love of his mother, and where mummy is sleeping around like a worthless whore too. That’s child abuse. It’s spectacularly tone-deaf and egocentric. I’ll tell you something right now: the only men who obsess over “harems”, “rotations”, and “MLTRs” are men who either don’t have them, or are flush with the excitement of recently getting that kind of action. It’s an ego-driven goal and the thrill wears off very quickly. That BD is constantly puffing his chest out about it is a huge red flag that his reality isn’t very impressive at all.

Then, of course, we get to the absence of evidence. Having, according to his marketing spiel, lived the Alpha Male Lifestyle for six years sleeping with Ultra Very Young Women it would be reasonable to suppose he’d have a ton of evidence to prove it. I mean, if you’ve persuaded UVYW to sleep with you in MLTRs and you’re an Alpha Male, then persuading them to let you post evidence about it shouldn’t be too hard. Every legitimate PUA finds a way to do so.

From 2014 onward I made very little effort to continue proving my bona fides but you can still find plenty of infields, Same Day Lay videos, and pictures of me with hot girls. You can bump into me on the streets, or interrogate active daygamers who’ve winged or travelled with me. It’s really not hard to prove your bona fides if you actually have game.

Anyway. All those preceding paragraphs explain why I very quickly dismissed BlackDragon as just another basement-dwelling bullshitter. It took about half an hour and skimming through a dozen blogposts of his. I left it at that. The reason I return to the subject is my faithful commentors have done far more research and fleshed out just how delusional and full of shit BlackDragon really is.

And oh my God is it comically funny. Let’s start with the best one.

Please read this post. I beg you to. It’s cringe on a level beyond Ricky Gervais or Mr Bean. Here’s the summary: Black Dragon married an ageing mudshark who was hitting the wall and brought along her bastard offspring of a deadbeat negro wanderer. I didn’t make that up or infer it. Those are the literal facts contained within his own blogpost. If my friends like Roy Walker or Mr White had SDL’d such a skank outside Palladium mall at midnight I’d have never let them live it down. BlackDragon wifed her up for ten years and adopted the mystery-meat son as his own.

“Fortunately, my son’s bio-dad is a loser whom he doesn’t even remember, and was living in another state when we got married, so it was game on. She was a white blonde Barbie, and her son was a fun half-black half-white hyper kid. She became my wife, he became my son.”

He literally cucked. Rollo has great posts on this kind of self-abasement. Read through them to get a feel for just how craven and weak a man must be to knowingly put himself into that position. His kid has wisely rejected the squalid ego-driven hooker-shagging of his dad. Probably because this kind of thing kept happening:

“My rule with my kids in terms of the women I see is that none of my women are allowed to have access to my kids in any way whatsoever unless the woman has proven to me that she’s going to stick around for a very long time. As you might imagine, very few women ever get that far, so the vast majority of the women I sleep with never, ever meet my kids, even in passing.

Of course life isn’t perfect, so there have been occasions where the schedule gets fucked up and my daughter might see a woman quickly leaving the house or something. I do admit that’s happened before, but not often.”

Poor kid.

But there’s more! Read this one.

Now he’s admitting that he uses hookers, while desperately trying to convince himself that it’s not whoremongering and that these women he pays for sex are not like those other women that other men pay for sex. He calls it “sugar daddy game” – yes, game. Paying women to sleep with you is game now. Like every other delusional whoremonger he spends considerable time convincing himself the women genuinely like him and he’s not just a pathetic loser.

Look, how much more evidence do you need? If it’s not enough that he married a skank six years older than him, got knowingly cucked with her son, and has to pay to have sex, what more do you need to convince you he has no game and isn’t any kind of role model to pattern your life on? He is like a posterboy for Rollo’s archetypal victim of femcentrism.

At least his women aren’t openly cucking him by letting other men bang them out. Oh wait, what’s this?

“Fortunately, since I’m an Alpha Male 2.0 and outcome independent…” he says. Oh, my sides! Wait, it gets even better. Here he is describing the yo-yo knickered slag: “She’s blonde, trim, super hot, and what most men would consider a 9 or 10 unless you don’t like blonde white women. I’m not going to show you photos at this time so please don’t ask. She’s 37 years old.”

A 37 year old 10. Yes, he actually said that.

Hottest women ever

Tens! I see nothing but tens!

But she’s no doubt sweet and girl and feminine…. “She’s a corporate woman with many years of professional experience. She has an impressive resume and is an extremely hard worker. This is another common trait with women I really like and tend to be attracted to.” If you’re reading this Roissy, please go easy on him! BD is ticking more boxes on Rollo’s checklist of cucked effeminate clueless beta: the inversion of male-female polarity and the valorisation of women’s resumes in the male sphere.

It’s going to hurt my head to continue. Let’s summarise. BlackDragon is an internet alpha. He’s a mouthy deluded low-value cuck who pays for sex, his girlfriend is a busted old shrike who sleeps with other men, and his head is full of all the beta brainwashing Rollo has dedicated his life to undoing. BlackDragon offers no evidence whatsoever that he has game. Obviously. He has constructed a complex front in which he’s really an Alpha Male 2.0, an enlightened modern man with an innovative lifestyle, and a source of learning for a future generation of womanizers.

In short, he’s completely delusional.


Did your wife’s boyfriend give you permission to wear that suit?

“BlackDragon” is a false idealised self for the low-value, pathetic cuck that is Caleb Jones as he tries to convince himself and others that he’s not an ageing shlub shacked up with a skank, pays hookers to pretend to like him, and role-plays “father” to another man’s son.

Really, people? At least JMULV knows he’s full of shit.

If you’ve already given BlackDragon your money then you’re too far gone for my books to be any use to you. But, here’s the link anyway.


  1. Great write up.

    Conflicted on Troy Francis.

    One the one hand he co promotes with many blatant frauds.

    On the other hand I did see couple pics of him with an 8 on his insta and another with a 7 which he seems to have deleted….. Now even if we assume there was something fishy about those photos Troy is vouched for by Craig Cassidy who has met him multiple times.

    Open question to readers who live in or around London. Have any of you met Troy ? If so have you seen him in set or with girls ? Has he shown you his personal photos ?

    Roy Walker has apparently met Troy Francis and seen him in set with cute girls going by this tweet. [I was in-set with the reigning Miss Czech Republic a couple of weeks ago and she was cooing and giggling like a schoolgirl. Had a boyfriend and didn’t give me her number. In-set doesn’t mean much. K.]

  2. Troy Francis is very much into the BDSM scene and weird shit like torture garden.
    I’m 99.9% sure he’s not good with women and doesn’t even daygame.

    All these liars could vanish within a couple of months no probs, but the pua industry as krauser rightly mentions consists of naive, hopeless souls.
    This is the real problem.
    These men don’t want to face reality.

    Reality is that unless you’re famous and high status getting really attractive girls regularly is extremely hard. Almost impossible. [I don’t know anyone who has travelled or winged with Troy. I don’t have any real problem with him. A friend in St Petersburg recently spotted him on a date in the mall. He’s occasionally sighted. I can’t comment on his game as I haven’t met him, seen an infield, or have good word-of-mouth on him. The only reason I bring him up is that his Instagram doesn’t support the marketing spiel and his Amazon writing rather oversells his actual expertise. Be clear I’m not calling him a fraud. I don’t know one way or the other. He just strikes me as emblematic of the modern public PUA whose reality is little like a naive newbie is led to believe. K.]

  3. Also, he clearly wears a wig. I’m an experienced syrup watcher, and that is not his real hair

  4. I love Blackdragon’s blog. After a long day of walking through my east coast US city’s shopping district, its downtown, and chinatown, and chatting up an long series of sjw coeds, business-slutty attired HR pros, yoga pants camel toed students pretending they are not working women, searching vainly for the occasional vain model dressed in a silk t-neck in need of a reminder of who she really is….. Every now and then I get discouraged at wading through dreck and I wonder if I am missing anything by not being online. Then I check out the patented BD system and I remember. Nope, it only gets worse.

    When I was putting in my time with the salsa and tango scenes, I met a few of the ‘open relationship’ types. Roissy’s take on that crowd is spot on. Pleasant people as far as I could see, but self-delusional on a level that is comparable to the furry crowd.

  5. Finally, someone said it. I’ve read his blog for a couple of years now just for the laughs. No real alpha male would need an incredibly lengthy list of complicated and trivial rules to keep women around. He constantly talks about how men who say that his methods didn’t work only failed to attract women because they broke one of his many insanely stupid alpha 2.0 “rules.” He won’t admit that it’s because his blog is just the blind leading the blind. He’s an obnoxious cuck and it’s only a matter of time before his new wife gets sick of his preening and leaves. I’m sure he’ll find a way to spin being unable to keep a post-wall single mom as a wife as actually being some kind of alpha male 2.0 sign.

    There’s guys writing quality stuff in the manosphere, alongside some mediocre men and a few outright frauds. But BlackDragon is just one of the dregs. Total loser and I think he knows it. There’s too great of a “protest too much” feel to his blog for me to think he actually believes any of it. [Yep, but no-body wants to say it because of the heat it brings. Everyone goes along to get along, especially when half of them know that they too are full of shit. Remember when I called out Deepak, or JMULV, or Alphaman? I’m expecting some hardcore dissembling and whining when the BD fanboys hear of this post. K.]

    • I’m not sure if you have looked into his stuff. So many flawed info there. He isn’t PUA, he doesn’t give advice how to cold approach and pick up girls (gives only advice on online game). The rules you are referring to are relationship management rules for open relationships not some pickup advice. You shouldn’t be reading his blog if you are not into open relationships (most likely you aren’t because you say that he is a cuck etc.). The rule set works for setting the frame of the open relationship right at the beginning. I currently have 3 girls on rotation (1MLTR, 2 FB) who all know that I fuck other girls.

      Also he doesn’t want to be a part of manosphere because he sees manosphere as somewhat toxic (which it is among common bitter “trp” guys).

      I follow BlackDragon’s stuff because I work on open relationships and ithe advice seems to be working but I also foillow the best PUAs (like Nick) because I also do cold approach to keep my roster filled with girls. So for example:

      DG: (Krauser, Todd V, Torero, Kohen)
      NG: (RSD Madison, RSD Max, Todd V)
      Online Game: (RSD Jeffy, BlackDragon)
      Open Relationship management (Blackdragon…not much of a choice on this one but BD alone seems to be enough for now).

      But these are just my preferences which with my style and personality. I cherry pick up the best advice of the best PUAs on their field and mix them up to fit my own style. This is something I encourage everyone to do instead of spitting on each other. Ofc you have to be atleast intermediate to be able to evaluate and customize/mix the styles for your own advantage. [You don’t get it. BlackDragon is utterly unqualified to talk about women. All he knows is P4P and busted old slags. Would you take investment advice from a hobo? K.]

  6. blackdragon is a cunt. nuff said

  7. Yeah, the guy who writes Random Xpat Rantings took issue with him a few weeks ago as well and when even a window licking lunatic of the first order like that calls you out,you must be doing something wrong.

    I left this comment at the time and I’ll cut and paste it here as well, I think it’s valid:

    Ignore Caleb, he is unfortunately a buffoon.

    I say unfortunately because I truly like the guy. He is a smart man with some good ideas and I’ve given him money for some of his ebooks in the past because I think he’s worth listening to. But his problems are threefold: he has come to believe his own bullshit, he has no humility whatsoever, and he has no conception that there may be any path to happiness outside of his own incredibly narrow and pathologically self centered world view.

    I take the point that these are necessary traits in a guru. And they would in fact be very useful if he were selling junk bonds or real estate; he would end up either in jail or President of the United States. But since he has chosen to sell his own lifestyle – and given the size of his ego he could have chosen nothing else – he now has a band of acolytes that think his way is the only way. I doubt that this will end well for anyone involved; Caleb, his partners, his acolytes, or their partners.

    As you say, it’s kindergarten stuff in an adult world and I shudder to think that there are young guys swallowing this nonsense hook, line and sinker.

    • whats this blog’s take on randomXpatrantings?
      i find the guy unreasonably too full of himself and agreeing with nobody else than himself as if he were the only gatekeeper of truth on any given topic he discusses

  8. He says nice things about you. [Irrelevant. K.]

  9. “Kyle Trouble” talks a big Game e.g. His “Harem Handbook” – Alarm Bells?
    Apparently He has a Ukrainian girlfriend – anybody seen her?
    By his own admission doesn’t daygame – Alarm Bells?
    He’s launching “The girlfriend Blueprint” next month. [He’s been around since 2015-ish. He was full of shit then but perhaps he’s improved since. I haven’t been paying attention. K.]

    • I personally have met Kyle Trouble a few times abroad and spent time with him, so happy to clarify:

      – He does have a Ukranian girfriend he considers an 8. Most serious players would consider her a 6.5-7 but he’s happy with her so hey, whatever.
      – His game is mostly Tinder and getting dates with average/decent looking women – he semed to do that decently.
      – He barely daygamed on a daygame trip. Nightgame was real bad, typical american lack of game sense. My guess is he does ok on 1to1 dates – but game in an open envirnment is definitely not his forte.
      – He seems to have left the game stuff behind and moved on to online business etc. which he is more suited for than he is to talk harems.

      This is all objetive facts that can be 100% verified. He’s a pretty chill and nice guy in person, but we all know what happens when you have to sell your internet persona.

  10. This will sound a bit harsh but I caught a glimpse of him recently online and I was quite shocked by his appearance. Very long greasy hair, an unkempt dirty looking beard plus he’s not masculine looking in the first place. Doesn’t work out etc

    In a way it’s quite funny that all these guys mentioned paint themselves as experts with women, dating and relationships.

  11. Also can that Tate guy kindly fuck off.

    “I’m a kickboxing champion, multimillionaire with the hottest girls that’ll do anything for me” etc etc

    The guys a fucking pimp. Can no one see those whores are loyal to him because of money and nothing else.

    Things are getting to ridiculous levels. I’m really surprised that Rollo respects those muppets. [Tate is full of shit, imo. I haven’t followed him much, but I know he’s a webcam pimp in Romania and those are the girls he trots out on video. He’s also clearly mentally ill with very low self esteem and zero authenticity. He’s a considerably better kickboxer than me, mind, and extremely good at attention whoring. 🙂 K.]

    • If you want a public endorsement from Rollo for your site or you tube channel all it takes is to just loudly agree with every single thing he says. He like to surround himself with lackeys. [I’m about to find out, lol. K.]

    • I don’t know man, i am conflicted about Tate. And first, to be honest, his story is that he makes those women fall in love with him, become so devoted they are willing to do whatever it takes to please them, and he makes them cam whores and takes 100% of the money, giving them nothing because he converted them fully. That might be plausible.

      What is conflicting to me is the dude doesn’t seem congruent. He seems to be in a way putting a front, acting out of a persona. So that incongruent makes me mistrust him.

      However, his frame push is on point. He’s a master at breaking others’ frame and pushing his own until they submit to his. And I can see that getting him hot girls beyond what money “can buy”.
      Either way, he is against approaching girls. He thinks negatively of it. So if he’s flaunting around his cash, then girls approach him, and he pushes his frame on them like a bulldozer, they might just go along with it, and he turns them into cam whores. It doesn’t seem so far fetches to me. [Don’t you see that you are doing EXACTLY the same thing people did with BlackDragon and JMULV: feeling the red flags in your gut and then trying to rationalise them away based on nonsense theory? Tate is obviously full of shit. Everything about him is incongruent both in his mannerisms and actions. He’s obviously a shameless attention whore pitching that angle. Look how hard he’s tried to get eyeballs on him, from Big Brother to the manosphere. Watch his interview with PJW. It’s a shit-show of appalling acting and affected fake alpha patterns. Everything about him is a front. It’s like watching Jussie Smollet cry about getting lynched. You know he’s incongruent – that’s the thread to unwind his bullshit. And if it’s obvious to us, you can bet it’s obvious to women. Also, his frame is weak as shit. He just shouts loud and looks like he’s about to break down into a sobbing fit at any moment. K.]

    • Tate and CMQ always came across to me like massive coke dealers.

      Like Pommy or Lebanese drug dealers running around Sydney showing off their flash shit.While threatening to kickbox you to the head [It astonishes me how many people are duped by Tate. He’s so obviously all front, rehashing manosphere talking points because he sees it as his next ride towards attention now that Big Brother is over. My guess is because most red pill guys know fuck all about the fight game, they are overly impressed by his kickboxing and think he’s way better than he is. He is pretty good, and certainly a legit pro, but you don’t need to watch much K-1 MAX or muay thai to realised his fighting is much the same as his conversational style: extremely crude, unfocused, full of bluster, and relying upon a single big right hand. K.]

  12. I’ve found elements of BD approach useful, particularly stressing outcome independence and emotional control but I have always experienced some cognitive dissonance when reading him. As you have noted there is very little there when it comes to actual proof of his ability to attract and bed VYW. I think a big part of his popularity is that he presents an alternative path for older men (like me at 47) who are aging out of other forms of game. Reality, however naturally intrudes.
    Anyone with experience in online dating knows that you have 2 options as an older man. Go to a normal site and work your ass off to get a date with a 34 year old 6. Or
    go on The sugar daddie websites (and assuming you have basic self respect) practice ‘experienced man of the world’ salt daddy game. If you are good looking, in shape, in a major city and make a decent living this will get you a lot of dates with 7’s and 8’s in their early 20’s many of whom you will be able to bamboozle into sleeping with you for free. Some will stick around for a while but eventually they all leave for greener pastures (ie men who actually pay them for their company) I will note that girls have wised up a lot over the last 5 years and this is harder than it used to be. Neither of these can be compared to the achievement and thrill of going out on the street and pulling a hot girl in broad daylight. Neither of these require anything like the level of social compliance you need in DayGame. But as my previous comment on your site mentioned, we all age out of Day Game eventually. The issue is we don’t age out of our attraction to younger, hotter, tighter girls. I’m no further in finding a solution to square that circle. While I have never had a problem paying for simple dates ( a natural pre-requisite of salt daddy game) I think actually handing over cash to a girl, however its presented is incredibly damaging to your inner frame. Once that becomes necessary I’ll probably just give up women for good and get a dog. [I haven’t had to experience this, thank god. Hopefully I never will. K.]

    • Yikes. Sounds depressing.

      I’m definitely going to be taking Jimmy’s advice and try to get as many sexual adventures in by my late thirties and then get a stable girlfriend while my SMV is still in it’s relative peak.

    • You are right, im 47 l, in shape and good looking (only 5ft 8 though). I banged 43 girls using salt daddy game in two years. I am not rich but i appear wealthier than i am and live in a top floor apt in the city. All 5he girls were less that half my age. Also i live above a bar, so we would just walk upstairs from our meeting place. I did give some of them $ but not much. Always 100 or less. ( if it costs less than a regular date, its not prostitution in my book😂). Also, with practice you can filter for the girls that dont really need the money, and jist doing it for the entitlement (25% of girls on sugar sites fall into this category)

      • I’m mid-50”s and practice a mixture of online and direct approach game. I’m in good shape, well-dressed, experienced. Girls in their 20’s want a guy like this…to bang and for adventures. I’ve never “paid” for their company. They buy me gifts, I may get them a birthday gift but it’s never anything of serious value.

        The idea of paying I think is a slippery slope. It gives a man an inflated sense of his own worth making him believe his game is better than it is.

        The 27 year old I met online and have been banging for the last 7 months is an HB8, bought me a decent Christmas present, cleans up after she cooks and wants a sexual adventure. That’s it.

        I have another girl I bang who does have “sugar daddies” who pay for her school and stuff. She got me a series of birthday gifts and cooks for me and only comes over to bang.

        I think paying for sex or dates beyond the societal norms of buying the odd round of drinks or whatever displays a lack of game.

    • its not the norm to experience this as a competent, healthy man.

      There is game at 40.
      There is game at 50.
      There is game at 60.
      There is game at 70.
      At 80? Move to florida, there is game there.

      As men age, its ON US to stay relevant in society. P4P and SD of any degree is the weak mans way out.

      I saw a few comments I want to address.

      First off, a lot of rich guys use prostitutes. – I would ask you if you know any? The only rich guys I know who use prostitutes are married. The single rich guys I know in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond have women all over them. They barely have to do anything to have some pussy. I would guess your assertion is based on the fact you dont know anyone who is rich.

      The other is, “Old guys need to rely on P4P and SD” that is total BS! If you are an aging incel, with poor style, bad health, poor physique, maybe. But this is simply not reality. Its a lazy, victim mentality mindset. Get outside, fix yourself, and just be social. Or move somewhere better. Be the best version of your self.

      And most of all, don’t kiss women who were just previously taking someone elses cock in their mouth. Like BD advocates.

  13. Blackdragon definitely seems like a liberal cuck. If anyone has the authority to call people out, it’s you Krauser.

    • All pick-up is liberal, it grows out of the liberal sexual revolution. PUAs chase women in order to not marry or reproduce- that IS liberal. Black Dragon is just the douchiest about it.

      • I don’t disagree with what you said. But Blackdragon appears to be more liberal than most with his open relationships. [Making an ideology out of getting cucked doesn’t stop you being a cuck. K.]

    • The only one who can calling out an INTJ is another INTJ(and possibly few ENTJ).

      Be prepare for upcoming BD’s response or the lack of it. [I never thought of it that way. Please elaborate. It’s in interesting take. K.]

  14. All PUA is crap anyway. America needs serious men dedicated to wrecking the current culture, in all it’s forms, not goofy yip-yappers who exist solely to spoil whatever marriageable few women are left in the Western world, in order to fruitlessly bang them for notch counts and internet bragging rights. All of this done covertly you see, they won’t know that our intrepid PUA is running everything without detection of course. Meh. This fantasy of ruling over the ruins needs to be abandoned and the idea of open male dominance and patriarchy must be embraced. As for the whining PUAs do about ugly women….check it my trendy friends; hot women are born, not made. That means they’ll need to be reproduced with in order for there to be hot chicks- or was that not “HARD WIRED” into your respective schpiels? None of you want a real, restored society as that would limit your non-reproductive reproductive strategy, so you are useless to the future and to Western men in general. All of you, not just Black Dragon, who is the most ridiculous of a ridiculous lot.

  15. Question Nick, does Tom actually know who frauds are and actually speak about them in private when he’s not on camera. Maybe he just hasn’t seen there channels? [He knew Justin Wayne was a fraud before he put him on the podcast. K.]

  16. Krauser, I love your stuff and style. This roast had me laughing so hard. Jmulv is dark triad but the guy has great game, my friend saw him pull 2 treesomes in one night with his bisexual girlfriend in San Diego back in 2015. I know other guys who have gamed with him and say he is top notch. Anyways, you should get back on Twitter, you were great on there.

  17. Nick, what’s your opinion about Richard Cooper, aka “Entreprenuers in Cars”? [Don’t know, don’t care. Could be amazing or total fraud. Not interested. K.]

    • @Jim ,He makes good points on his YT channel, but these guys (Yanks usually) always go to far with the hard sell, snake oil stuff that just serves to undermines their credibility; He sells (I kid you not) “Phermone soap” ffs.

      • He is Canadian.
        But all he does is repackage Rollo’s work like it’s his.
        However he is a gateway to the red pill for a wider audience.

        Pfiffff Tactical soap.. all you need is the old Davidoff Cool Water aftershave from the 90s and panties drop..

      • >”Pheromone soap”
        Top kek
        How is that shit made? Is that like the Tyler Durden mushroom soup in Fight Club?

  18. Nick, your criticisms of Caleb/BlackDragon (and his distortions) are valid. Note that you remain single with flexible career and residential options. Do you expect men with kids to remain monogamous? And you almost exclusively daygame tourists, or travel. This isn’t practical in most cities. But what do you suggest for an aging 40-something who likes youth and variety?

    Seriously, BlackDragon advocates financial and physical fitness, and seems to do maintain reasonable attractiveness for his age. Daygame options are terrible in Portland. If BlackDragon needs to maintain a career there (or house for a kid), then he would need to travel to Los Angeles or South America. Where would you expect him to relocate? Are you planning to forgo long-term relationships (and kids), or to daygame in your sixties?

  19. Check out this small video snippet of BlackDragon at the 21Convention.

    His vibe comes across as socially retarded and his appearance is terrible. I suspect he’d have massive trouble attracting women in their early thirties let alone women in their early to mid twenties.

  20. Hilarious evisceration. I’ve seen his name come up numerous times but never bothered to delve further because his alias screamed of an American bullshit artist. Unbelievable to read excerpts of his post.

    Thanks for exposing these idiots, and your commitment to the truth.

  21. Disclaimer: salt daddy game is a learning process, i didnt spend much money, but i do spend alot of time emailing, texting and setting up dates, i have about a 60% first date close ratio. About 70 dates, for 42 lays, avg 7 in quality. Totally good roi in my opinion. [It’s prostitution. So be it, if that’s what you like. Don’t kid yourself there’s any game involved. K.]

    • I forgot to say that i pay them after, they never ask before hand. I tell them “this is a gift” your not wrong, based on what i said however. Also, you need game to bang a 500 call girl for 100, its called shoring. Dont kid yourself. [Nope, you’re delusional. Just admit what you’re doing and enjoy it. I shored 4 girls in 5 days in Thailand, completely free. There’s no game to it. Paying a girl $100 for sex isn’t shoring, it’s whoring. You’re a mark. K.]

      • Correction, when shoring looks are more important than game. The call girl has to think ” its a small fraction of what i can get, but he is cute, and i might enjoy it”.

      • No disrespect but i bet i pay less per lay that u, with ur airfair and air bnb. [We are not getting the same thing. That’s the central point you’re missing. K.] Your shoring thai whores that couldnt get 500 in the states. Cute University college girls can easily get 500 to 1000 here. I can concede your point. Can we meet in the middle?

      • If you didnt call me a mark, i would have let this go, but im calling u out. banging a prostitute for free in thailand is nothing like getting a condomless blowjob and then a lay (with condom) by a cute white college girl in the deep south (cute low notch count university girls here in what is called the “bible belt”) your shoring and mine is apples and oranges. That being said, your an asshole, but im still a huge fan of your work.
        Ive been warned to never meet my heroes, they usually disappoint. [I don’t give a shit. You pay for sex and call it game. That’s bullshit. Call it what it is. I have no problem with prostitution. I do have a problem with P4P fans trying to pass themselves off as players. It’s an insult to every real player who worked hard to get actual game. K.]

  22. See?? Nick Is NOT DEAD!
    You all Wanker!!

  23. Pingback: Krauser on Blackdragon – The Red Quest

  24. Correction, when shoring looks are more important than game. The call girl has to think ” its a small fraction of what i can get, but he is cute, and i might enjoy it”.

  25. But…Tom said he’s legit….how can it be? nooooo

    • The second you hand over cash. You are a mark. No shame in it if that’s what your into but there really is no point in deceiving yourself.
      This reminds me of a previous column Krauser about the difference between BJJ / boxing and McDojo Karate / Tae Kwan Do.
      A few months in a decent BJJ school completely opened my eyes how incredibly delusional I was about my ability to defend myself.
      Getting mounted and smothered by a 200 pound guy is HARD. Getting hit flush on nose is HARD. Approaching a women in broad daylight
      In public in front of other people is HARD. Meeting a girl off the internet is a cakewalk in comparison. Even easier if the girl thinks she
      Has a chance of extorting resources out of you.

  26. Thanks for replying krauser, like i said im.a fan of ur work.

    I actually did daygame for two years and had some success (paid nothing). But when i turned 43 or 44, things slowely dried up and the ROI no longer made sense. You say Salt dating is not game. Ok ok ok (i think we may have a disagreement as to the definition of game).that being said ,What kind of skills, in your opinion, would a guy need to get an 80 to 90% discount from a high classed call girl? If not game, then what kind of skills would a guy need for an consistant 80-90% discount from a call girl…good manners…good looks or a little bit of game skills.? Thanks again for your reply. [Okay, you did daygame. In that case I jumped the gun a bit in dismissing you as simply a P4P guy. Sorry. I still hold to my opinion that if you’re paying a girl, it’s prostitution. If you negotiate a discount, that makes you a good negotiator. That’s good that you get better value on paid sex, but it remains paid sex. It’s like negotiating down a boxer to take a dive for you. Good value, but you can’t call for exhibition that follows “a fight”. I think there’s a grey area, where you might pay the girl first time but she comes back in the future for free. Obviously that changes things. It means she must like you and the free sex is “validational” per Rollo’s typology not “transactional”. I wouldn’t quite know the right place for it in the Game schema because it’s not a real notch but nor is it simple P4P. K.]

    • Thanks for the reply K. I listened to your womanizers bible series about 5 to 8 times each. The fascinating thing about spoken word, imo, is that the voice conveys so much more than print. That being said i think that one needed to already be an intermediate daygamer for alot of it to make sense. I would suggest anyone reading this bblog to revisit that youtube series. As my game improved, the WB series, like a fractal or a russian doll, revealed more and more nuance.
      Completely internalizing your daygame mindset (and testing your advice infield) though spoken word was transformative. Ok im done sucking your cock. Good day

    • Salt daddy game means you are paying them NOTHNG-the opposite of what you’re doing. It’s basically just the same as meeting her and her being attracted to you under normal circumstances-becaus you’re not paying for it. You’re Paying for it, that’s not salt daddy-that’s sugar daddy.

  27. T
    Honestly I am not sure why you are even debating. Do what works for you. I’ve used SD sites and never had to hand over a single dollar. It gets me laid easilty.
    But I don’t call it game. [Do you now use free-SD exclusively, or is there something about it that leaves you wanting to keep cold approaching for sex too? The only person I know who regularly banged SD girls for free was Steve Jabba, but I saw the girls and they were a significant drop in quality from what I saw him get through cold approach. K.]

    • Jabba is a force of nature, and USA women are 30 to 50% “closer to sex” than EE chicks, even at the same looks comparison. K you helped me realized that while salt daddy game is technically a form of game. There is deception involved and it not pure, its a sort of dirty game. That being said i dont feel bad, they are trying to play me, i just play them first. Doesn’t really hirt my vibe, but it doesnt help me improve, its kinda a game skills wash imo.

    • I was in two minds whether to respond to this…FIrst, I agree 100% cold approach is the optimal, for lots of reasons.
      Second, thankyou NIck for the backhanded compliment. Have I been negged?
      Third, I know exactly which time period you are referring to. You didn’t see “the girls”. You saw a picture of 1 girl during a week long holiday in Marbella, during which I bonked 2 in 3 days from Seeking Arrangement, for free. [Not quite true. Remember the latvian bird who came round and sat in the lounge with us. That’s in addition to the Spanish bird from a nearby town you showed me video of, and the photo of the bird offering to fly in from London. K.]
      There were others over the years, as I have said, and some of them were significantly hot, in real life and in pictures! As you yourself have admitted – there is a post or comment from you (I forget which but can speedily find it if necessary) where you mention the “hot but skanky whores” I bonked off said website (for free incase anyone has missed this vital point). There is even a semi famous video of my pale spotty arse bonking one of them. I took exception to the word “whore” then and and still do now.
      There is unquestionably very considerable game associated with bonking these girls for free. I would caution anyone without experience of doing it from commenting and / or casting judgement because you are not really in a position to judge and don’t know what you are talking about.
      Finally I repeat that cold approach game is the optimal, but there are some reserved circumstances in which it’s simply not possible. EG that time in Marbella, and another period in which I bonked 4 in 1 week off Seeking , for free, in Malaga after our trip to Thailand.
      NB I am not recommending it for anyone. It was sort of fun but I won’t be repeating this at this stage of my life. [I think you’re arguing at cross purposes. My statements of fact were, (1) you got them for free, and (2) you get better quality in cold approach. I don’t think you’re arguing against those two points. I didn’t touch on the subject of lack of options in certain situations, but I’ll certainly confirm that in Marbella there were simply no girls in town to approach so internet was only option. K.]

      • No, not arguing the two main points – that’ s why I thanked you for the “backhanded compilment”. Cold approach is better, unquestionably. But harder and more intensive in a lot of ways.
        From recollection, the Latvian bird was a Tinder date with chunky thighs. lol.
        Your readers can judge for themselves – there was considerable applause to said video of Spanish girl from other town. Plus a few pics on this post (the product has NOT been completed by the way). And I didn’t leave this comment to get a link either,.
        Without wishing to “do a jabba” (a term that was coined in my honour), I don’t wish to derail the discussion. Point is, there is game involved in shagging these birds from free, and let’s be honest…The vast majority of you would do it if you could. No one enjoys cold approach pick up all the time, and if you tell me you do, I simply don’t believe you.
        Over and out. Thanks Nick. [Okay, gotcha. I don’t mind your pursuing this point if you and the readers would like to talk about it here. K.]

  28. I’m in NYC. So winters I use SD. Summers I mainly DayGame.
    I would say my quality is about the same. In both I target 20-25 year old 7’s and 8’s. I’m English, 47, but look younger and avoid disclosing my age early on.
    SD sites serve their purpose but you are dealing with girls who to all intents and purposes are pros though of course they are all in complete denial abiout it.
    Using it exclusively runs the risk of making you very jaded and even if you are not paying, I think can chip away at your frame.
    DayGame I treat more as an adventure and an exercise in conquering myself and improving social calibration that I lack naturally as an introvert.
    Like you I have a natural attraction to greyhounds but I’m pragmatic about my position on the DayGame totem pole.I’ll never be great, but if over
    The course of a summer I can meet, date and bang one greyhound I consider that a success. I don’t really track my hit ratio but I’m sure its not
    very high. However the benefits of confronting approach anxiety and the avoidance weasel bleed into other areas of my life and have significantly improved
    the quality of my life.

    • Hey Mark, i see alot in myself in your situation besides our equal ages. If i didnt worry about being doxxed by a bored sjw, i would give you my email or number. Anyway i look forward to reading more of your comments. T

    • Im in the same situation in NYC. But I have never done SD or paid, once. In the winter I will usually settle on who I am with and go exclusive for a while, which is pretty easy. But I still approach all year. And when I tracked my success rate in day game, when I first started, it was 5%. But sometimes it much higher. I am getting ready to start again. Stay away from the Flatiron building!

  29. Everything Rollo writes is just an excuse for his shitty passionless marriage, and a way to deflect from his own personal responsibilty for the lack of passion and interest, and a way to turn his shit life into a following of bitter losers who require social support.

    He’s a keyboard jockey with no idea of what he has no idea about. A low value loser who thinks from that position and has no idea what it feels like to actually be loved. [You might want to observe your glass house before throwing stones. K.]

    • Now, this is a real comment from The Real (RedPill) Elder.

      The only thing that I didn’t get from all of this shit show, is that Nick which still backing up Rollo

      Maybe Nick need more update on Manosphere News several years back? [I don’t need anything but thanks for your concern. K.]

  30. They (the regulars) are sure going nuts over at BD’s blog about this post – it’s like K’s crucified their god or something, some of them really need to get a life. [I just checked it out. Seems like a lot of cope. Low-energy. K.]

  31. @T and @Krauser: The point about Sugar/Salt Game and “shoring” is WHY the woman is sleeping with you. Even if they don’t ask, most Sugar Babies seek money. Some men trick part-time prostitutes in third-world countries by promising to take them shopping. Some prostitutes play the long con, hoping men will fall in love and give significant money. It isn’t “game” to trick and cheat a prostitute. It is more like shoplifting. For example, one idiot wrote

    “I knew she was a pro and the sex was a bit passionless … . My pride wouldn’t let me pay, if I paid her then it was not a notch.” He considers it morally superior to cheat a prostitute.

    You could even apply this logic to normal relationships with Gold-diggers. Is the woman sleeping with you for the experience, or to manipulate you out of money? Do you want an authentic experience, or a transactional one? [Swoop The World are cringe. K.]

    • For sure about 80% of the women on the SD websites are really looking for and need $$. Struggling college girls and young women. However about 20% of the girls are doing it for the excitement, its a little dangerous to them to be the bad girl and they wont ask you or elude to $. This is where salt daddy game is played. You show up to the date in a 500 suit and play to thier james bond type fantasy. The key is too make them doubt that they are hot enough for u, you flip the script on them.This is not pure game. Sober daygame is the hardest to pull off (i did it for two years). SD game is not pure game, there is a little deception involved, but you still have to get them horny to get laid. Getting them sexually excited is where the game is played. Think of it as automatically being on second in a baseball game, you got to second for free, but you still need som e skill to get to home plate and score.

      • This might be a little hard for the European guys to understand, because american women crave and are addicted to danger and ” being bad”. Unless your jabba, i dont think salt daddy game would go a good roi in europe( i lived in europe for 14 months)

    • Why would it be hard for European guys? They are gold
      Diggers. They are the same everywhere. Stop trying to over analyse and rationalise everything. It’s not about thrill seeking, it’s about smashing girls who fuck some guys for free, and make others pay in some form (gold digging). It’s your goal to be the former. You’d game them the same way no matter where you are. [I see no thrill in banging whores, for free or not. Like getting to eat dogshit for free. K.]

  32. ‘Take what is useful, discard what is not’ – Bruce lee
    I’ve gotten something out of almost every writer mentioned on this thread. I’ve found Blackdragon’s concepts of the soft next and hard next very useful in managing my relationships with girls. But reading Krausers takedown had me nodding my head in agreement. Both of these things can be simulataneously be true.
    I find Rollo’s work thought provoking but can’t help but think something is amiss anytime I’ve seen a picture of him. Maybe he’s different in person but his physiognomy and something about
    The way he poses for the camera gives me the gay vibe. Wouldn’t be the first time a major proponent of masculinity was also a queer – Chuck Palahniuk f/e
    You have to pick and choose what works for you and if you find yourself agreeing with everything one person says understand you have become an acolyte. Inherently unmasculine.
    Krauser wrote about this in an article about his overriding aim in life. That essay is so good I read it every couple of weeks.
    I gravitate towards evidence based experts in the field I’m studying but that does not mean I assume their entire world view. I would defer to Krausers expertise on DayGame without hesitation. I’ve bought his books. That doesn’t mean we wouldn’t have a lively discussion about other interests where I thought my view was as well founded as his. [I constantly exhort my readership to be their own men, not my acolytes. If I’m a guru and you and acolyte, then we are just respectively the pitcher and catcher in a sickening faggotry. I’d rather not be a faggot. K.]

    • BlackDragon probably has a kind of game. ‘Game’ in the sense that it takes some skill to not get stabbed by a crazy hooker. Nexting is a skill that I imagine many Johns develop over time.

      BlackDragon is probably great at getting crazy women to leave (extremely useful in this day and age.) But I imagine he’s not great at that much else. He makes his money though, so I doubt he cares. He’s just no leader of men. [I think you damned him with faint praise. K.]

  33. This whole transactional and validation debate to me is very ego driven as most guys want to genuinely believe that the girl had sex with them purely on the basis of themselves and nothing else, which is simply unrealistic.

    The fact is, if you’re not paying with your money, you’re paying with your time and energy, which most will argue is more valuable.

    End of the day, it is all transactional. [So if you pay your opponent to take a dive, you won the “fight” just as squarely as if you’d knocked out or outclassed a feisty opponent? Is the victory the same? How about if you pay a room of people to laugh at your jokes? Are you still “funny” and can call yourself a comedian? You are equivocating the concept of “pay”. A world class boxer has “paid” for his wins in hard work and dedication. That’s not the same “paid” as Jack Osbourne paying a thai cab driver to fall over in a worked fight for his reality TV show. K.]

    • Spot on … “Any pussy you get in this world, you gonna have to pay for, one way or another.”

    • The actual sex when it is transaction and when it is validational is not at all the same experience to the man doing the fucking.

      Even in business, there is a debate on intrinsic motivation vs extrinsic motivation: when people do something for internal personal reasons, they do it much better, can achieve flow with it, and spend a lot of time focusing on quality. You take the same person and the same activity, and you give them an external reason to do it, such as more money or a public acclaim or whatever, and it takes the joy out of that activity, the quality drops, and their devotion shallows out. This is a big problem in structuring bonuses for employees.

      In the same way, a girl who sleeps with you because she wants you will be much better in bed, much more kinky and submissive, and the whole experience much better than a girl who is acting the part because she wants something. Especially to a guy who develops his calibration, he can feel the hidden agenda, and it taints the whole act. [Correct. Whoremongers try desperately to obfuscate this point. When you shag birds properly, whoring feels utterly unsatisfying. K.]

      • I agree BlueValentine.

        Every guy wants a girl who genuinely wants to fuck and actively please you. However, everything comes with a price. You still need to put in your time and attention in order for her to want to please you. And even then, it often always comes with her own personal agenda. Nothing’s for free. [If you are now using “paid” in a wider sense of “requires significant inputs of something”, I’ll agree. I still maintain that the output is qualitatively different. K.]

    • I like the analogy Nick, but you are still paying with your blood sweat and tears to develop the skillset needed in order to win or to get the lay. It’s the reason why most Billionaires hire high class escorts, not always because they lack game but because their time’s too valuable. The ROI is simply not worth putting in the time and effort needed in order to bullshit a girl into bed. They’re essentially paying her to leave.

      [Deleted a small portion of this comment for privacy. Thanks. I don’t think billionaires do just bang escorts. I imagine creeps like Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, or Bill Gates do, because no amount of money or leadership could make them sexually attractive. But a regular-looking and normal-acting guy who happens to be a billionaire? I think he wouldn’t need to pay, or try especially hard. K.]

    • I just read the first 15 installments of BlackDragon’s dating history, so you don’t have to! Some aspects even resemble Nick Krauser’s story (computer consultant, comparatively late sexual success, happy young marriage, divorce, and personal rediscovery in his thirties). Here are highlights:

      Caleb/BlackDragon grew up in a sexually repressed environment because his mother was an ex-nun. He had consequent issues with nervous impotence. He lost his virginity at age 22 to a 40-year-old. At age 25, he wanted kids, and married a 31-year-old with a boy. He was monogamous until the divorce 9-10 years later. He initially dated women ages 30-45, before turning to younger Sugar Babies.. He lives in Portland, did not attend college, and is now 46, with two grown children. He wrote that “Every Man Should Be Worth $1 Million By Age 50.” He wrote that you can live comfortably making $75K annually. He is a low-level basic strategy blackjack hobbyist, who foolishly thinks he can win without card counting. He wrote uncritically about investing in real estate, ignoring the 2007 financial crisis. So his financial independence stems from frugality, hard work, and commercializing his dating and hobbies, not from business sophistication.

      So you could criticize his results because he did not initially date young women. But he was attracted to older women, even in his youth [No! That’s all he could get. K.]. After a late start and 10-years of monogamy, he dramatically changed his sex life. Similarly, saving $1MM is around 90th percentile for his age, which is pretty decent for a guy without a college degree who has paid for a divorce and two kids.

      The criticisms are that he is overweight, allows his wife to sleep around, and pays Sugar Babies $150 for 15-20 minutes of sex. At least he is now honest about it. But he is not successful enough to give financial advice.. So he has been a bit delusional and misleading about fitness, blackjack, and Sugar Baby prostitution,

      By contrast, Nick Krauser has a college education with no kids, and has chosen to scale back career growth and living arrangements to have a flexible work and travel schedule that lets him daygame young women. I don’t think Nick misleads anyone about the tradeoffs he chooses. [Thanks for that. My TL:DR is: weird upbringing, awful with women, learned how to buy it, constructed elaborate ideology around his failings. K.]

      • Good Summary KL. I see a shortcut though. The current top post on his blog contains these quotes:

        “Monogamy doesn’t work.”

        and [all caps in source]


        A foundational idea in pickup, going back to what we consider the early days with Ross Jeffries, is the concept of the limiting belief. ie. If there is something that you believe is impossible than it is impossible. For you. But there is some other guy out there who can do it. So look at that guy and see if there is something you can learn.

        The simple statement that many people step out on their wife/husband is a simple observation of fact. Making it a defining rule to live by in all caps meets the Roissy/Vox/Rollo definition of [B]not alpha[/B]. A little bitterness can be a part of having lived. Getting over it is part of, maybe essential to, having lived a full life. Being defined by it consigns you to paying people to be around you because it makes you ugly.

        For some guys this is a step up from whatever hell they live in, and Blackdragon’s blog may provide a valuable service, and introduce them to even more.

  34. Of course, better to go directly to the source. Buy Nick’s book. 😉

  35. Of course, better to go directly to the source. Buy Nick’s books. 😉

  36. Shorthand: if you do not talk about giving and receiving love, then you aren’t doing that. We talk about what is relevant to our lives. If you you are reading someone who rarely mentions love, no matter how much he mentions notches, love isn’t that relevant to his life. If that’s the case, he is not able to feel and give love. Or is segmented from the part of him that does, and his voice is hijacked from his righ-brained limited ego-narrarive. Not a wholistic complete person.

    • >>>

      Hey Xsplat are you high?

      I’ve read your blog while ago and found some resemblance from RedPill perspective.
      Give some refreshment by having the balls to diss Rollo CS.
      Also at least, a good writer, I think(at that time).

      After read that post I just realized you.. $%@!$@!%$@%!%%^&^!@

      RIGHT BRAIN? Chi-Kung? internal energy.? chakras?

      Are you TNL member?


    • Honestly, I always viewed Xsplat as a keyboard jockey totally disconnected from the reality of seducing women and the grind of game because he doesn’t approach much.

      He’s always struck me as lost in a world of mental masturbation without much relevance to reality.

      The only thing that gives him some “cred” is how long he’s been blogging about love and that esoteric nonsense, which is 2003. But as you can see in his first post ever, the dude was living in la la land for over 15 years now:

      • Blue… Xsplat quoted you on his latest post:

        > I always viewed Xsplat as a keyboard jockey totally disconnected from the reality of seducing women and the grind of game because he doesn’t approach much.

        He is not KJ at all. Not as I see it.

        For anyone that is interested… I would say Xsplat has things to teach that almost nobody in men’s education can articulate (he can barely articulate it). I agree, he has a lot of “woo” level concepts… but a lot of “woo” is not untrue, it’s just hard to understand.

        I’d suggest you see Xsplat as working on a different stage of the “seduction funnel” than most men are.

        Most men… can’t get past approaching. They can’t even start approaching. So, for them, Xsplat would be near to useless.

        To use a sales analogy… approaching is like cold calling. And in the sales world, you get the “kids” to do the cold calling. And then you bring in the pro to close the deal. Or coach the pro on nuance, so he can better close the deal.

        I am personally interested in Xsplat, as he is doing things with women that are way beyond approach skills or “give her 2 drinks, tell her youre going to watch Vicky Christina, and escalate through LMR.”

        We get all that. But that is actually extremely basic shit. At this point in my game, I am sick to death of that level of conversation… that is “facebook advice.”

        I have questions beyond that model… and Xsplat is all over those topics. He is esoteric. but I also think he clearly knows many things… really knows them… that most men (including myself) can barely understand.

        My two cents. [Xsplat knows how to pay third world gooks for sex. It’s something, but it’s not pick-up and not being a player. Be more discerning of what people’s field of expertise is, then take their advice accordingly. K.]

      • Look at how Nash defending his mentor unrealistically.

        It’s sickening!

        Now I realize that he may believe on Internal Energy Karma Superior Chakra and regularly using that “Tai Chi and Qigong move” when approaching girl on the street.

        Bottom-line, Xplat is just a theorist and a good writer(a consistent one).

  37. From your description of him I picture that character played by Dan Ackroyd on Saturday Night Live: Fred Garvin Male Prostitute.

    The one post BD did nail was the “soft next”…though he does say that after soft nexting sometimes it takes months or years for the girl to come back…but they always come back.

    In my experience if you ghost a chick for more than a week she’s gone unless she’s a stalker. So yah…we’ll maybe on second thought he fucked that up too..

  38. Pingback: If you want girls to come back for more, you need a broad self improvement regimen that includes emotional and sexual and musical fluency. | Random Xpat Rantings

  39. I wanted to de-stress and watch a business related movie last weekend so downloaded Jerry Maguire. I stopped watching a lot of tv shows and movies over the last few years largely because I think they are a form of soft propaganda (and a waste of time). The movie’s underlying theme was of how a successful good looking guy who apparently has no trouble in hooking up with a lot of hot women (a miracle in modern America) finds love with a single parent with a kid. I remember guys parroting the catchphrase from the movie ‘show me the money’ many years ago, no doubt they absorbed the subliminal programming in the movie too, that marriage to a washed out single mother can some deep sense of fulfilment and happiness (yes the other catch phrase from the movie is ‘you complete me’). No wonder with this kind of femcentric propaganda Western men do not see this as failure in the sexual marketplace. Instead they see it a viable option. Knowing Americans who prize getting whatever they want very fast (Cue McDonalds) they might even see getting a kid thrown into a marriage as a form of efficiency. Not fast food, but a ‘fast family’ (TM Zatara).

    • Marrying a woman with a kid is a “fast family” like eating some other guy’s vomit is “fast food”.

    • There is a movie with Hugh Grant. He plays a guy with money and no problems (other than he chases single moms). His life is described empty and shallow. Then he hooks up with a single mom. Loads up the problems of the mom and the son. Then his new life is described as fullfilled.


    “Some of these guys are now even more upset because of the increased about of attention I’m getting and money I’m making due, in part, to teaching non-cold approach dating methods for men.”

    Ha! Those are a hell of fact, Nick.

    Besides, INTJs really could’t lie. [I read that. It’s 3,000 words of cope and squid ink. Fair to say the cuck has been triggered. K.]

    • Skimmed through the post.

      This is one of his lame excuses.

      “I have indeed shown pictures of many of the women I’ve had sex with when I do private seminars (not every seminar I’ve done, but many of them), as those men who have attended can attest. But posting them online is a completely different scenario”

      Since Caleb is doing a world tour (including London) any of you lads willing to throw a few pounds down the drain want to go down to his London seminar and ask him to show pics of himself with hot girls ?

  41. Caleb/BlackDragon just deleted the following post for name-calling or personal attack. Judge for yourselves. Is it because I called him “fat”?

    BlackDragon recovered from his divorce and repressive upbringing. He had kids, stayed in Portland, relied on online “game”, and nonmonogamous wife. That’s okay, but he should address perception that he is a delusional poseur for accepting such compromises.

    Blackdragon is financially comfortable because he is frugal and industrious. But he is not educated nor rich. And he is fat, despite testosterone therapy. So, he lacks standing to give business and life advice. This further undermines the credibility of his relationship advice.

    BlackDragon draws a fine distinction between hookers and Las Vegas Seeking Arrangement dates: “I called them hookers because they felt like they were hookers.” He pays Sugar Babies $150 per “15-20 minute … wham-bam-thank-you-maam thing”. Is it acceptable for Pink Firefly to pay for sex, or get paid?

    Caleb, if you want to stop fudging, start by posting a current shirtless picture. Then readers can judge whether you can get laid with reasonably cute young women for free.
    ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— [That comment section is all cope. You were never going to sneak this comment through. Good try, though! K.]

  42. ” I do not count cards, sometimes I even have trouble adding the numbers together quickly (especially on those damn aces). … I do well in blackjack for the exact same reason I do well in dating, seduction, and relationships. … I have researched this extensively, including Google.”

  43. He did do this “cucky” behaviours over ten years ago. He has said in the past that he was a Beta in his 20s. Considering that he obviously has real paternal feelings for the boy who he has brought up since his beta days, what could he now say about this without causing hurt to his “son”?

    I agree that he has a screw loose with putting forth the notion of having an open relationship with Children involved, hes clearly a bit fruits at times but honestly as I’m maturing the idea of going around Europe chasing girls rather than building the nation is looking pretty fruits as well.

    My gut feeling is that you’re going after him without a smoking gun. Perhaps we will see this when his wife is revealed in his upcoming product. [We shall see. My point is that he was a cuck before he became BD and he’s still a cuck now. It’s ridiculous that someone like that postures as an Alpha Male (2.0) and takes men’s money. He’s a charlatan. His dissembling in his reply post confirms my initial read that he’s full of shit and fundamentally dishonest. There’s no reason at all to take him any more seriously than a random forum chode. K.]

  44. He is not honest in his reply about not attempting to pose as a PUA:

    “As I have said before, I am not a pick-up artist. I do not teach cold approach game. I have never taught this, and I’ve been very clear about this. Real PUAs or PUA gurus or seduction gurus have much more game than me, teach better pick-up techniques than me, and in many cases have had sex with more women than me.”


    He posted at MASF, which was a PUA forum, not a general lifestyle forum for men.

    He also founded Sedfast/NextASF when MASF closed. These names are clearly meant to imply a continuation of

    If you type into your browser, you get redirected to NextASF.

    His self-proclaimed rank on this forum is “Guru”.

    He was also in lots of arguments with proven PUAs on both of these sites as people would call out his BS claims and he would not back down. Instead, he would constantly call people irrational, angry, haters, hysteric etc when they called out his keyboard jockeying.


    His relationship advice is also 100% keyboard jockeying, as he has never raised a kid in an open relationship. His two kids is from the monogamous marriage with his ex-wife, not from his current open relationship. This is not something he is even denying. [Precisely. He’s utterly full of shit. K.]

  45. Author seems angry. Are you losing customers and sales to this guy?

    I was trying to find your lifetime money back guarantee on your website, but since your copywriting is such a mess, I have no idea if it’s there or not.

    BD offers one on the other hand, so what’s the risk?

    The material has worked great for me. Your free to check my link and tell me how ugly myself and my girl are.

    Main points here is that BD is ugly, he lives in an ugly city, therefore, he can’t have success. His girlfriend is old and most likely ugly. Since he doesn’t post pictures, he must be a fraud, despite thousands of articles, many podcasts, what have you. Oh. And, the horror that he advocates non-monogamy when monogamy simply isn’t for the most of us. Oh, and he doesn’t do Daygame because he isn’t legit, even though his system has worked for myself and countless others.

    What’s the purpose of a post like this?

    Truly? [To trigger low-t fags like you into whiny comments. K.]

  46. I disagree with criticism that single parents should not date. I forgive any foolishness before BlackDragon’s Red Pill awakening. I understand a parent needing to stay in Portland. I even understand a swinger/open marriage. But BlackDragon claimed 20+ annual notches in his peak years from online dating, which would have provided miserable quality at that scale. BlackDragon deludes himself about blackjack (by quitting while ahead). He deludes himself about his weight, writing he is merely “chubby”. So, he could easily delude himself about dating relationships. He has suspiciously dissembled about date quality, hookers, and Sugar Babies. In general, he gives too much stubborn advice about stuff he doesn’t know. He is a distorting, old, balding fatfuck.

    BlackDragon’s friend NWP got banned for disagreeing about paying for sex:

    “I expressed my outrage when I learned he was paying for sex. I tried to explain to him that this does not set a good example for his customers and followers. Prostitution is anti-seduction and anti-Darwinian. You are using money to bypass your lack of sexual merit, which means you are cheating nature’s established system. It’s weak. It’s beta. And it’s embarrassing.
    I criticized his wife who, in my estimation, is a Type I Disney princess. She doesn’t like BD fucking other women and feels better if he pays for it.
    The promotion of prostitution is a cancer to this community. It is this, more than anything else, that has the potential to destroy us!”

    Roosh is pretty sure he found Pink Firefly’s picture (I think from Reddit):.

    • Believe it or not, I am Pink Firefly’s sister and I hate to break the bad news, but that photo Roosh posted is not her. However, I whole heartedly agree about every negative comment made about Caleb Jones. He is the definition of a phony. All of his “success” is self proclaimed and there is zero evidence to back it up. Trust me when I say, his “advice” and “expertise” is garbage. Also, each time you guys post links to his blog, you are helping him out. I’m sure he’s laughing all the way to the bank.

  47. Nick, when will you do a takedown on GLL? His dayame-in-the-park infield from a few years back was an obvious fakery to anyone with an IQ over 75, and the fact he tried to pass it off as genuine speaks to the respect he has for his readership. When he was questioned about it, he took it down very quickly. Looking forward to that one! Cheers. [Is GLL still around? Yeah, that video and his subsequent response to it permanently disqualifies him as having any credibility IMO. At the time I bent over backwards giving him the benefit of the doubt. Never again. K.]

  48. Correction: Roosh’s picture was actually Youtuber Ethan’ Klein’s Mom, not Caleb/BlackDragon’s wife Pink Firefly.

    BlackDragon divorced his 40-year wife after she become overweight, prematurely menopausal, and disinterested in sex. After divorcing at age 34, he even wrote two articles about dating women over 33. Maybe he grew tired of flaky, vapid, young women and their friends trashing his place. Or maybe he just grew old, gained weight, lost hair, and couldn’t get cute young women for free anymore. He is quite coy about providing photos or objective numbers regarding his notches, weight, income, or net worth. Yet when facing skepticism, he writes indignantly about people calling him a liar. To quote the movie Ronin, “When there is doubt, there is no doubt!” [Yep. K.]

    • There is nothing wrong or remarkable about dating 37-year-old’s in your forties. Those Google pictures are all arguably passable. But the only really hot one is actress Keira Knightley when she was 29. Caleb would say they are all “personal 10’s”. 🙂

  49. I don’t understand why BD seems to think that guys who cold approach girls in real life “hate online game” just because they love the thrill of the chase…

    I’m fairly certain almost all of us would love it if we could do what gay guys do and just flip open an app and be banging a chick within hours of messaging her within minimal talking involved.

    There are more then enough sports from snowboarding to boxing for us to get our adrenaline needs met. We don’t *need* cold approach pickup for the reasons he thinks we do. [He’s just throwing distractions in there as part of his squid ink squirt. All that matters to him is getting off the topic, that he’s a pathetic delusional cuck. K.]

    • This is very simple. Blackdragon constructed the “Thrill of the hunt” category of guys as opposed to the “Pleasure of sex” category he states himself to belong to, just in order to piss on cold approachers who put in the numbers, and equate a couple of mediocre lays from online game pr year with the output from reallife pickup.

      He is constantly doing this, inventing acronyms and terms as a mean to rationalize. For example if you call out his totally KJ OLTR theories, you are a “angry right winger” etc.

      Note also that he is pissing on guys who someday plan to go mono in order to rear children. Which is very easy for him since he already did so as a chode, of course under much more shitty terms than what an experienced night or daygamer will be able to negotiate. That is probably also why he spends so much time hating on such guys. It must be unbearable to him that some guys who put in effort in reallife game and wife material screening may be able to get a better result than wifing up an old skank, paying for another man’s child and still getting divorced.

  50. I don’t know…

    You wrote an article attacking him.

    He replied (technically not to you, but still).

    Your reaction: calling it ‘cope’, saying he is ‘fundamentally dishonest’ (inconcrete negative labeling, how is that better than all those idiots calling everyone a nazi these days) and ad hominems. No points or arguments.

    As far as I am concerned, Blackdragon is ‘winning’ so far. That does not mean Krauser is necessarily completely wrong though, just from what I have seen until now he comes out ahead. This can change if more information or better arguments appear.

    For the fanboys here: you throw around ‘being alpha/beta’ a lot. Here’s the thing – idolising someone and kissing his ass to win his approval is one of the most beta things you can do. (And yes, that happens on the other side too.) [Dissembling is fundamentally dishonest. Mischaracterising the attack in order so as to defend against a claim that wasn’t made is dishonest. Weak-ass reframes that people who hold you in contempt are “angry” is dishonest. There’s more. Go back and join the cope. K.]

    • Nah, I like it over here. And I like the new article about the web traffic etc, I am curious what it will reveal.

      Before I react to your reply, I would like a clarification on something. I reread your oroginal post and it’s not quite clear what it is exactly you are accusing him of. It can be that
      1) he lies and he did not sleep with plenty lf women or that they were not good looking enough or that maybe he did sleep with them but most of it was for money etc.
      2) what he says and teaches is somehow fundamentally ‘wrong’ on moral level (whatever that means) and is damaging men.

      Which one is it? Or is it both? [It’s not either or. Just re-read the post again. I’m quite clear. K.]

      • Well that’s my problem. You picked out some specific things and then you claim he is fundamentally dishonest. And he did address most of those things: the evidence, his overall experience with women, paying for sex. He did not address it the way you would like it (i.e. bunch of pictures with hot youmg women), but he also explained that. I do not see the dissembling there.

        One of the things that were not addressed was the quality of his women. Here I assume that I would actually not like most of the women he has had sex with. But he also doesn’t say that his methods will let you fuck supermodels on regular basis.

        As I see it:
        1) You are a guy who likes to pick 20 year olds off the street and fuck them an hour later. You are good at it and can teach it. My current impression is that you think that this is basically what everyone should strive for, otherwise he is not good enough or is a faggot or something. (I didn’t any research about you, I just remember some of your posts I read a few years ago. Importantly, I at least admit this when I make a statement about you. Can you give an estimate of how much time you spent reading Blackdragons blog before posting the original article?)
        2) Blackdragon’s point of view is more like ‘Dude, you need to be able to get laid regularly to be happy and here’s how you do it. You don’t need to have sex with a new girl every other day, but if you want that’s fine. Oh and you better have more than one girl on rotation, so here’s how to do that. And you should also have your shit and money overall in order, and not slave in some stupid corporation for little money with no freedom. Here is some advice about that.’

        I think that the difference between the two views is pretty big, and it somehow seems that you are attacking him for not being 1 while he quite clearly says he is 2. I think that your and his audiences and objectives of these audiences are quite different. [Not really. My point is that he’s rubbish with women and has created a false front as an expert. He is delusional. The lack of evidence is only one supporting pillar of the accusation that he’s full of shit. The weirdness runs deep, such as saying a 37yr old can be a 10. That alone should be enough to make you distrust everything he says. He did not address my accusations. He moved the goalposts and obfuscated. That’s dishonesty. There is more to dishonesty than simply telling falsehoods. Everything about him is evasive. I don’t require everyone to be good at daygame in order to be a coach or sell eBooks. I do expect them to be honest and qualified in their field, and to tell the truth about what their life is really like. BD is marketing skills he doesn’t have. He’s a charlatan. I’m astonished people think I’m a bad guy for exposing a bullshitter. Shouldn’t you be annoyed at him for lying to you and taking your money under false pretenses? Here is a case of something that walks, swims, and quacks like a duck but because he says “I wrote thousands of posts and I sell eBooks” people are like, “uh, okay”. I call the duck a duck. K.]

      • Ok, we’ll probably just have to disagree on this one. I appreciate the answers and will come here more often, I like your direct style and also think that it is important to read opinions of people I disagree with (though I actually think I will agree with you on a lot of things).

        Also, I’ll give my assesment/opinion of Blackdragons stuff and maybe (hopefully) we’ll see at some point how right/wrong I was.
        1) He did have sex with many (but certainly not a huge number) women, without paying them. Their quality was not super great but also not really bad. The quality is, to some extent, a subjective thing, so there will always be debates about this and it will be hard to settle exactly. I personally think I would not find them attractive, because of this: as I don’t like the looks of almost any woman in that article.
        2) He does have money. Of course it’s hard to say how much (and of course he won’t say), but given everything I’d say his net worth is over two million by now, and probably more (I wouldn’t be surprised of it was over five mil). Just keep in mind that he is organized, has several businesses and while we are chatting here he is probably working.
        3) His stuff does work in the sense that most people who really implement his advice do improve their results with women and get what they wanted from it. Keep in mind that a lot of these people are recovering beta males who rarely if ever get laid, so them being suddenly able to regularly pull an average looking woman from the internet is a big improvement. Again, this is about the audience and their expectations.
        [This last point is the worst. He’d putting the cuck mindset into vulnerable recovering betas. And yeah, that list is insane. Lots of broken old chubby birds with personality issues. K.]
        (Feel free to think that I am cognitively impaired; I’ll just wait till we have more inflrmation.)

  51. His definition of MLTR is also one-sided and therefore dishonest bunk. Does anybody think a woman who fits this definition will regard herself to be in a LTR of any kind?

    MLTR – Multiple Long Term Relationships. The typical type of polyamorous relationship. A woman you’re dating nonmonogamously who you do actually care about at an emotional level. You are romantic with her and care for her far more than just a friend (you may even love her), but you date and care for other women as well. One can have multiple MLTRs.

  52. The accusations are related. BlackDragon chooses a lifestyle most men with options would not tolerate (dating older, online women in Portland, open marriage). He seems deluded about his gambling, weight, and hair, and coy about others hookers vs. sugar babies, quantity and quality of partners, income, and net worth. Despite lack of experience, he dispenses strong opinions about different types of game, real estate, investing, etc. He then overreacts to skepticism by deleting posts, banning people, and petulantly declaring he is not a liar. Methinks he protests too much in order to rationalize his compromises and failures.

    In short, BlackDragon is too fat and cuckolded to get any cute, young women for free. Polyamorous are notoriously ugly. BlackDragon only ever got old, ugly, Portland women online.

    Nick’s secondary accusation is that BlackDragon’s desperation exposed his daughter to his lifestyle. A man with options could attract enough women in his daughter’s absence, instead of risking every opportunity. The measure of Game is not the best quality of women you get by serendipity; it is the quality of women you can reject. Thirsty BlackDragon never turned down any pussy.

  53. Interesting post, Krauser.

    This post really made the scales fall from my eyes, I must say. For which I’m grateful, of course.

    FWIW, I’ve had misgivings about BD before, but somehow still saw him as a valid source of mindset and strategy until now.

    Kind of a bummer, since I always enjoy reading INTJs, and now I suppose I’ll have to be content with only one of those being viable reads in the PUAspere.

  54. Minor signalling:

    BD adopting someone else’s son may or may not be a sign of weakness (after all the Roman emperors did the same as a regular practice, and if done out of love rather than from being in an inferior power position in a relationship it is perfectly virtuous). I would personally not go there, but then again BD should not have provided info about his family in the first place either. [I’d not have mentioned BD’s family if he wasn’t publicly discussing them. I didn’t reveal anything he hasn’t already revealed. K.]

    • My father asked long ago if it was okay to publicly talk about our family. I’m the luckiest Bastard N*gger child since Jon Snow, if he was, y’know… black.

      Can confirm his current wife is far out of his league. There was a comedian Ralphie May… who had a S.O. that was clearly on another level than him.

      I’d say most people would definitely rate her a solid 8/9 or above, keeping in mind I’m in my 20’s as well as my friends.

      I’ve also been out of the country with my Dad and watched him “pull”.

      As far as his business acumen, I think you’d be surprised. My private schooling (14 years ago) started at $10,000 per year per child, which pre-dates all this stuff.

      The amount of misinformation or incorrect assumptions here are interesting to say the least.

      If you have questions, check me out on Instagram, or feel free to leave tons of hate.

      • Hey, are you that Caleb’s son mentioned above?

        Ha! Meeky Josh..

        How’s that Crypto business venture, nowadays?
        Crumbling? No??

      • Josh, I told you never to talk about Daddy’s “special friends”. We avoid embarrasing details, especially my weight, gym lifts, income, and net worth.

        We also avoid writing about sex appeal, seduction, “game”, or “red pill”. These would interfere with my provider-game. If you want to learn sexual game, then ask Teevster. I only gamed from my divorce at age 35 until I became a Sugar Daddy at 41. But Teevster has been a PUA for ten years since he was 14!

        My next book will be titled “The Crackwhore Connoiseur: An Enlightened Man’s Guide to Trading Drugs for Sex”.

        Also son, call your mom and take out the trash – I do.

  55. >”I promised myself that this year I would resist the temptation to play PUA Police.”

    Oi, you got a loicense for that promise lad?

    Just kidding around old man, great to see that you’re still going strong, just wanted to wish you a nice day mate.

  56. Krauser, you hit the nail on the head. I have been checking him out for a few years; but he lost me with “I married a single mom” and “sugar baby game”. This guy clearly has no game. His whole approach is bad for society, and bad for men. Its total capitulation to the challenges for men in society; to be a cuck, date and marry old subpar women, pay for sex, to dress and act like an insufferable ass.

    The whole concept of open relationships is dumb, and gross. None of these women he’s with really love him, or will ever. No woman of any quality wants that. If I am investing my time and effort into one girl, I want her to become totally obsessed with me, and I can make that happen. Why would I waste time and energy on a chic that doesn’t care about me? How can I trust her, in my home, in my life? He’s a goofball, and a terrible example to his kids.

    He appeals to losers. If a man wants to attain his lifestyle, than that man must be absolutely pathetic. As a divorced guy in my 40’s his message can be seductive. But his message is one of butt hurt, he’s failed in life in relationships. He’s too pathetic to meet women on the street or in real life, and settles for sub par loser women. And on top of that, pays for sex. He has a small, lonely consulting business. He’s out of shape and looks like an insufferable ass. And dresses like one too. Mens Warehouse anyone?? Sweet pocket square stud.

    These are things I can’t identify with at all. In my early 40’s, being single in NYC is the greatest thing in the world. I love day game and approach. Its gotten me some of the youngest, hottest and tightest women I would have never thought were attainable, over the last five years. Tinder and apps are for losers, loser men and loser women. Approach and game has forever changed my life. I can fulfill my needs with women pretty easily, dont have to pay except for cheap dates, and chase my larger life goals.

  57. Having had the unfortunate opportunity to meet BD in person on multiple occasions, I can assure each and every one of you he is sleazier in person than online. I don’t see how anyone would want to be with him unless he is paying them.

  58. Talk of having these long-term relationships with three or more good-looking gals feels like it might be common from older men who’ve never really tried to spin two (and have opportunity to eat, work, and a nap from time to time.) God bless, don’t worry too much and stay young if you can. Signed, Forties.

  59. honestly blackdragon is good, jmulv is good, and you’re good too krauser

    all of the above have been into game for many years so obviously if you try with some intelligence you’ll get results and be able to help people

    I think some people just air more on the side of skepticism. (I personally don’t and it’s a turn off because people accuse me of not getting the success I do) it’s often an ego saving mechanism

    people make assumptions and then I give more information to prove them wrong and then they’ll make more excuses/assumptions it’s quite funny actually

  60. Re: the age thing… that’s probably the one thing I’m most insecure about. I’m 32 and go for younger girls… I’m willing to daygame rather than online but what’s it going to be like, realistically?

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