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October 14, 2018

This page explains the products I have for sale relating to daygame and seduction. Hopefully it’ll help you decide which is appropriate for your position and needs. First, at the high level, there are THREE categories:


Pick-up Textbooks – These explain how to do daygame, with many many examples of what you say and do at each stage of the seduction.
Pick-up Videos – These too explain daygame in detail and you are buying a login to my teaching platform.
Pick-up Memoirs – This series of books tells my story, taking you on the journey of how I learnt game. They are full of field reports, lay reports, and analysis of a player’s life. They are highly instructional.

Sigma Wolf Products



Daygame Mastery – The core textbook of how to pick-up girls from the street, cafes, and any other daytime situation you can conceive. It’s a massive 524 pages in full colour and walks you through the daygame model from beginning to end. So it begins with the inner game, to get your mind straight and to battle approach anxiety. Then I explain choosing targets and how to stop girls. It’s extremely detailed on the body language, behaviour, and what to say. Then there is extensive text game advice and the full date model. This book is my bestseller and since its release four years ago it has transformed the daygame community. Start here.

I recommend the new second edition. It’s full colour, containes 20% addition content over the first edition, and looks nicer. See the video above for a hands-on look. The second edition is available in the big A4 hardback suitable for pride of place on your bookshelf, and also as a small (6″x4″) full colour Pocket paperback suitable for travel, with a subtle cover so no-one knows what you’re reading. The content is identical.

Daygame Infinite – This companion textbook to Daygame Mastery pushes into advanced territory. Like Mastery it is full colour and a massive 575 pages full of illustrations, demonstration photos, and detailed reproductions of real-life text chats with girls. Daygame Infinite focuses on improving your vibe and calibration. It is packed with advice to clear your mind and present yourself as a cool, well-balanced man. There is a massive dating section using transcripts of real-life dates with hot girls, explaining why I’m doing what I’m doing.

Currently in its first edition, it too is available in A4 hardback and the smaller Pocket Edition here. It’s best to consider Mastery and Infinite as volumes 1 and 2 of the same comprehensive work.

Daygame Nitro – This old classic was the first textbook on the London Daygame Model. It is recommended for readers new to daygame, perhaps having only done a hundred sets, or for those used to ‘indirect game’ wishing to transition to the more ballsy and effective ‘direct’ style. Nitro is much simpler and easier to practice that Mastery and Infinite, though it’s the same model. Consider this the introductory book.

Now in it’s second edition, Nitro is an A4 hardback with B/W interior available here.




Daygame Overkill – This is the core video instructional. It comes in two parts. First is a theoretical seminar explaining the difference between traditional pick-up and the faster, more dynamic ‘bad boy’ pickup. The second part is the demonstration. There are ten infield videos of me picking up girls. The real sauce is in the analysis. Unlike other ‘highlight reel’ infield products, Daygame Overkill goes into extreme detail explaining exactly what is happening, both in my technique and the girl’s response to it. All videos are subtitled so you don’t miss a word. After watching Daygame Overkill, you’ll know exactly how to ‘read’ a set so you always know how it’s going. READ MORE, AND BUY IT HERE.

Black Book – This is a seminar in which I explain intermediate daygame and dating to a crowd of beginners. It has workshop tasks such as how to create unique openers, how to sit on a date, how to smoothly escalate. There is no infield. It’s pure theory and workshop demonstration. READ MORE, AND BUY IT HERE.

Womanizers Bible – This seminar covers high level mindset, outlining how a successful seducer thinks of the world and his place within it. It peels back the curtain to what is really going on, on a deep level. I don’t cover infield techniques. Womanizers Bible is all about the inner game. READ MORE, AND BUY IT HERE.




#1 Balls Deep – This is a story – my story – of why I turned to Game and how I began the seemingly impossible task of transforming from a chubby timid office worker into a charismatic seducer of beautiful women. It begins in 2009 with my divorce, aged 34 years old, and chronicles the next two years by which point I’m a decent player. Currently in it’s first edition, available in A5 paperback (full colour interior) here .

#2 A Deplorable Cad – The story continues as I’m living in a ‘pick-up’ mansion in London with a team of seducers. We travel the world, chase skirt, and get into all kinds of trouble. This volume covers the next two years of my journey. The full colour second edition is available in A5 hardbacks and paperback. There is also a B/W first edition available here, but I strongly recommend the second edition. The text is the same, but the second edition is full colour and has a tidier layout.

#3 Younger Hotter Tighter – It’s now 2013 and I’m a full-time skirt-chaser. Follow my adventures as I visit Brazil, Belarus and everywhere in between. This is available only as A5 hardback and paperback, in full colour.


#4 Adventure Sex – The memoir series closes with an account of my most successful year as a player – 2014. We have lay-upon-lay, all described in detail so you can reproduce my technique, and much rumination on how it feels to live a player’s life. The second edition is a full-colour A5 hardback or softcover with an updated layout. The first edition is still available here, in B/W, with the same text but the second edition is much nicer.

My first editions in B/W are all available on the Lulu bookshop. It’s simple to order, but just bear in mind you are not getting the latest versions and I don’t offer discounts or ‘trade in’ on later editions.

I hope this clarifies things.



  1. Awesome, I think this post should go into your Products link:

    It makes things much clearer compared to the simple links available there now.

  2. Thanks for the info. I enjoy reading your memoirs (and other various formats you do) but I don’t want to pay a lot for fancy color this & that. I want the words and I want to keep cost down. I’ve bought many of your books, but the high price for YHT put me off, and I understand it’s due to all the color illustrations etc. Reminds me of your recent point that successful book selling must target a particular category of book buyer, and some readers want to read a lot and keep costs down. Cheers.

  3. I bought Overkill a couple of weeks ago and have given it a pseudo-review here (I talk about its impact on my Game): [Thanks for the feedback. Always interesting to read. K.]

  4. Other than the video vs text format difference is there any substantial content difference between Daygame Nitro and Blackbook ?

    If I have a copy of Nitro as a beginner daygamer would it be worth my money to buy Blackbook as well or just simply buy Overkill after I’m done learning everything in Nitro ? [I’d go straight to Overkill. K.]

  5. Very cool of you Nick, to make a Sextilogy of your memoirs (instead of just a Quadrilogy). [Here’s hoping I finish it. There’s one whole volume I haven’t started. K.]

  6. Hey Nick. On amazon, the paperback version of daygame mastery is the first edition- I believe. And on lulu, I see a 468 page book. So, can you send me a link of where I can ACTUALLY purchase the full-color pocket paperback second edition of daygame mastery? [Amazon listings are automatically generated since I enabled to my Ingram store. I don’t know how it works, frankly, but I think they are just the Amazon front end to my own USA store. This is the 2nd edition pocket version: Let me know how the order goes. I never listed it, like I said I think it’s all automated without my approval. Let me know which country it was delivered to. K.]

  7. Any chance to ever see Nitro re-issued in paperback version to have a complete trio Nitro/mastery/infinite collection? [Yes, I’m intending to do a third edition. But it’s a low priority with other books ahead of it in the queue. K.]

  8. Hi,

    Do you do the layouts yourself or have someone do them for you? The reason I ask is that those books have the sexiest interior formatting I’ve ever seen [Thanks for the compliment. It’s a real ball-ache to design and implement such complex layouts. I found an InDesign layout expert to do it, for quite a hefty fee, but you can imagine how much time I had to invest in order to get everything just right. K.]

  9. Has your opinion of the 21 convention changed since Rollo Tomassi took control of the speaker line up or do you think it’s still Purple Pill with Socrates pushing his life long monogamy anti player stance in speeches.

    Speaker list

    I think it’s more or less gradually turning into a right wing political convention. Don’t want to start a political debate just think that guys attending won’t be getting any quality info on how to bang younger hotter chicks..

    If Anthony wants to change it into an alt right or conservative convention he should just be honest and simply say so instead of marketing it as male self help.

    I din’t see a single quality daygame, nightgame or even online dating coach in that line up. [Mixed thoughts on 21C. On the one hand it’s likely a lot of fun and if someone wants to pay $2.5k for that, good luck to them. On the other, CMQ is an exposed charlatan, Goldmund has gone into bullshitter mode, and there’s not a single legit player on the roster. But then again, it’s not a pickup convention so that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I got no problem with Rollo, he’s one of the good guys. K.]

  10. Are you going to do a video product to explain “daygame infinite” like you did with “daygame overkill” for “daygame mastery”? [Probably. K.]

  11. Low intermediate here, 1500+ approaches and 8 daygame lays, decent grasp of basic theory. Was wondering if I shpuld buy Mastery or Infinite. [Mastery. K.]

  12. CMQ is a charlatan?

    Had a look at his Twitter and insta. I don’t think he’s anywhere near as successful as he’d like to make out. Apparently makes over a million a year online 😁 [We’re so lucky he’s deigned to show us how to earn as much as him. K.]

  13. Btw K, did you residentials net you enough ideas / advancements / teaching metaphors to warrant a new textbook / seminar / infield product with Yugoslavian / Russian hotties?

  14. Any chance you release Mastery as ebook? Travelling a lot and dont have space for physical books [No plans. The pocket editions are tiny. K.]

  15. Hey Nick, this is out of topic, but I caught this guy who says he did the “same day lay of the year” although I can’t see any lay in the 1 hour video… [It’s just a bounce back. Camera is on. If he’d fucked her, you’d have seen it. He’s full of shit. K.]

  16. hi
    do you have plans for a beginner material? or is it okay if I’m going straight into Mastery ? [Nitro is most suitable for beginner, I’d say. Mastery is good but it’s a detailed read. K.]

  17. Nick
    do you think that in this video the guy going to fuck this girl? [Stupid video link. Edited. K.]

  18. I just had a beautiful Spanish 18 year old cancel a first date due to being super busy. My natural reaction is to next her and get more leads. This makes no sense as she is super busy, ridiculous young, hot AND keen to meet up. Perhaps I simply lost respect/interest for her as a male friend would make time for me even if it meant meeting really late? I need to remember women aren’t men with tits. Gosh I hope I don’t lose my ability to connect with women.

    I ‘d rather have a girl come out without fail and give me nothing than a girl that’s madly into me but is super busy – irrespective of her quality. Or is it just an abundance mindset? Either way its weird as the pre-game me would have put up with being dicked around even if it meant my dick eventually inside her. Bizarre.

    Nick, what do you think of the current Sir Phillip Green Mutiny? Considering how many jobs he has created and the countless forms of taxation he pays can’t they let him get away with a few silly gropes?

  19. Nick, what do you think of this daygame infield by Vadim.

    I tend to automatically disapprove of infields where the guy just starts off by walking alongside a girl and talking instead of just stopping her.

  20. Nick, is there some material in Infinite on the questions game?

    Based on countless lay reports I’ve read it seems that the question game is an essential in the LDM toolkit, but I have never read someone giving a detailed description of it.

    I’m sure that by now you’re not just randomly asking questions and giving answers, but actually have a structure for it, preferred questions etc.

    So I’m wondering, if you have written in some details about it or if you can see yourself tackling this topic in a future blog post? [It’s all in Mastery. K.]

  21. Hey Nick, I’m curious about Primal Seduction. I’m low intermediate and want to go back and take care of some inner game holes, fitness, identity, etc. Nitro, Mastery, and Infinite all have great inner game advice, is Primal Seduction still worth a look? [Yep, I still stand by PS. It covers areas not in my other material. K.]

  22. Any products for marriage game?

  23. Hi Nick,

    I’m trying to link the Black Book product page in a blog post. However, the page appears to be non-functional.

    Is there any way I can place a link to the Black Book (if it is still available)? [Use this here. Thanks. K.]

  24. Pingback: 10 Questions with Thomas Crown PUA – Lee Cho Daygame

  25. Hello Nick. I’m 300+ sets in. I’ve read beginner daygame and nitro(multiple times). Do you recommend buying mastery or would it complicate things and do more harm than good?

  26. When’s the Little Brown Sex Machine book coming out?

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