JMULV is a fraud, obviously

September 10, 2018

I’ve been saying for quite a while that fat alcoholic JMULV was obviously full of shit. It was immediately clear just from watching him talk: fat face, flat affect in the eyes, and zero charisma. He also just oozes liar. So when the usual PUA morons started jumping on his bandwagon I did try to warn them. I checked his YouTube for infields and that confirmed to me he has zero game. He was just approaching drunk chicks in open air parties and trying to get photos with them for his Instagram.

Here’s my original opinion, in January this year, based on a very quick skim over his YouTube. He didn’t pass the smell test:

Just saw this from a backlink. I think you need to get your bullshit detector recalibrated because this guy is all smoke and mirrors. I watched 3 of his daygame infields: 2 outdoors where he’s taking Instagram picks with sloppy drunk girls in underwear, and a short number close of a tall sloppy blonde.

They are awful game. Purely social, probably polite “here’s my number, go away” rejections. One of the 2-sets literally physically rejects him at the end (the “threesome” framing one) and the other two sets have even less sexual tension. Ignore the “tell” and focus on the “show””. These show awful game on uninterested girls.

Do the maths as well, per your data-driven approach. You said he claims 766 lays? Ok, let’s say he’s 35 now and started getting laid when he was 15, giving him an active sex life of 20 years. That’s wildly favourable assumptions in his favour, but make the calculation easier.

766 lays in 7300 days, or one new girl every 9.5 days. Consistently, over 20 years.

Non-stop. That’s the average, not a one-month hot streak. That average includes learning the game, having a job, getting ill, getting sick of it, having runs of bad luck, spending time with girls you see more than once, having dates, getting flaked on.

He looks younger than 35 to me (is his real age in public domain?) so the implied average is probably more like one every 5 or 7 days. And this from a guy who appears to have really crappy game and aside from his height, no obvious value. I’m pretty sure a man capable of banging girls at that rate would look considerably better in set or be trading on higher personal value.

So, I’ve spent a total of 15 minutes of my life looking into this guy and I’m calling bullshit. If I’m missing something feel free to let me know. Would be nice to find at least one RSD guy who’s not full of shit.

A bit later I had a look at this Instagram. That made it even more obvious. He was flying to P4P hotspots in South America and then taking photos with obvious hookers. Leaving aside for the moment the unlikelihood of him rolling up in a city and banging a hottie on his first night (consistently), there’s the fact that most of these girls look exactly like hookers. Hooker clothes, bodies, tattoos, and same coyness about having their face shown on his Instagram.

Fat faggot with hookers

If that’s not obvious to you, you completely lack calibration

My second comment in January:

Dark triad success is a manosphere fairy story. I had a look at that Instagram. Most of the women have a strong smell of escort. My money is that he’s banging hookers and claiming them as notches. It’s not just the women he’s lying to. But I suppose you’ll have to wait until he trips up and leaves a smoking gun before you’ll stop believing.

And now it’s 780 lays since 2009? This is comedy.

And a follow-up:

We disagree, that’s fine. My bullshit detector is buzzing off the charts with this guy. He does come off as socially retarded to me.

“He started in his late 20s in 2009 from Mystery Method and apparently achieved his “first 100 lays” from that” = 8 years = 2,920 days = one new girl every 3.7 days

“The reports are that…” not from credible people. Liars surround themselves with fools and other liars.

Why is it so hard to believe that an admitted sociopathic hedonistic liar would also be lying to you? That an obvious narcissist who puts on an admitted false front with women isn’t doing exactly the same thing to the internet? That a guy with a very well-paid job and poor social skills wouldn’t just pay for hookers?

Look at the Instagram harder. Look how many girls are clearly uncomfortable in posture and facial expression. How many show their ass but not their face (big hooker tell). Look at his infields where he’s getting IG-type photos with girls he’ll obviously never see again. He’s constructing a fake front and you’ve bought it.

“If something looks too good to be true, it probably is”

Everywhere he goes on holiday, within two days he’s had a threesome. No one else does that. Sorry, one type of person does… P4P sex tourists.

You’re absolutely welcome to disagree with me. I’m telling you he’s a con man. Make of that whatever you will.

BTW, “dark triad” is bullshit. You hear stories of all these mega-alpha thugs getting the hot women but the evidence rarely bears this out. Almost every time, the women are horrendous (below the man’s own looks by a long way). Look into those stories of incarcerated drug dealers banging the female guards, or the cholo drug dealers giving drugs to skanky white girls (that’s P4P not game). It’s marketing bullshit dangling the exotic “other” in front of cubicle jockey PUA customers, just another “”secret system”.

I don’t post these to be hard on the blogger I was replying to, who thought JMULV was the greatest PUA ever. Everyone gets conned at least once, myself included. You have to learn so you don’t keep falling for the scams. I’m just outlining my thought process in sniffing out the JMULV con early, as you get a nose for these things. What I suspected is what the guy in the video has now proved, eight months later, with smoking gun evidence.

When JMULV recently went to Sopot, it’s rather harder to find hookers there so his quality took a rapid nosedive and suddenly he’s posting pics of fiercely ugly Tinder chubbies. Somehow all the PUA clowns in Poland were taking him at his word, that he’s getting real notches with hotties. Astonishing.

From the very beginning it was obvious from his statistics that he’s a fraud. To take him at his word you’d have to believe he’s the greatest seducer of women who ever lived. This fat useless fuckwit.


Anyway, watch the video. Though I knew he was a fake, this guy has actually done the work and accumulated the evidence. So, he deserves the credit for the expose. And he’s absolutely right when he says we should have no mercy for these con-men who spit in the face of real PUAs who spent years of hard work learning their craft and getting real results.

My question is this: Will you morons ever learn? Will those of you aboard the JMULV bangwagon [1] take this opportunity to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Why did I fall for this obvious scam?
  • Why did I so desperately want JMULV to be legit?
  • Why did I ignore all the red flags even though respected members of the community [2] had pointed them out very clearly?
  • Why did I get passive-aggressive in defending him, accusing others of being jealous or stupid or close-minded?
  • Do I actually have any understanding of Game as a theoretical system, seeing as I failed to apply any of that knowledge to this no-game clown?
  • Why am I so keen to jump on the bandwagon of any scammer with a good story?
  • Was I just following the herd, when all the other forum and blog nonces said he was legit I was unable to form and stand by my own opinion?
  • Should I believe what my eyes show me, or what the internet tells me?

I’d like to think there’ll be a time when aspiring players will no longer be such suckers. Let’s all learn from this, okay?

If you’d like to learn game from someone who actually has game, a long history of posting real evidence of his success, and has never hired an actress or hooker to claim as a notch, then try my products here.

[1] Or Christian MacQueen, or Wayne Dating, or (to a lesser extent) RSD etc

[2] That’s me


  1. Good Stuff.

    I’ll make a Youtube video about this in next few days. It pisses me off too.

    • Jabba, you are back! I thought you had left the world of pickup for good! If I’m honest … it just wasn’t the same without you.

      You keep trying to leave but it just pulls you back in …

    • Jabba, I’m not angry at you. But let me raise this to your face, so you can address it openly. Did you post your own profile on Seeking Arrangement? Or is it an imposter?

      • Lol check you out thinking you’ve caught me out. You’re not angry at me? Who the fuck are you? Why should I care about your emotional state?

        I’ve made a youtube video referencing my seeking arrangement exploits, been very open about it.

        Infact, there is also a post on my site now where I talk about one of the girls I bonked.

        Notice it says FOR FREE.

        I fucked a bunch of hot girls off there without paying a cent. I even posted on this very blog about it, whilst laughing.

        If that’s a profile where I state I am a multi billionaire or whatever (I cannot be arsed to click it), then it was a semi troll post.

        Either way dear sir, rest assured I have never paid any girl off seeking arrangement for sex in a transactional fashion.

        I once bought a girl a pair of shoes after I’d bonked her 5 or 6 times off that site, and had a mini relationship, but only because (i) I was feeling well disposed towards her and I wanted to make her happy and (ii) I’d just had a particularly profitable email launch.

        So please quit the “I’m not angry at you” tone. 1: I don’t give a shit what your emotional state is and 2: I do not lie.

        Ask Nick for verification of this -he’s seen me laughing my ass off at my Seeking Arrangement exploits in both London and Marbella – or if he doesn’t want to get involved, launch an extensive investigation to find a smoking gun yourself!

        Good luck with the latter! I’ll be waiting (whilst laughing at you).

        PS Next time try to drop the dopy accusatory tone. It makes you look like a muppet.

      • Jabba, you wrote “it pisses me off” that JMULV used Seeking Arrangement. Hence you overreacted at me for posting “I’m not angry” at similar unconfirmed allegations against you.
        What is the link to your related Youtube video?

        JMULV is a scamming criminal in a business full of frauds. That makes it important for you to distinguish your exploits from those of JMULV.

    • Do the video

    • jabba how is your business going?

      I recall you wanted to focus on that side of things. Genuinely interested if it picked up?

  2. to be honest Nick I’ve never even heard of this idiot until now, hes so low down on the PUA scene hes not even on the map. Cant believe anyone would buy into his bullshit but it takes all sorts i guess. good work Nick

  3. >Dark triad success is a manosphere fairy story.
    >BTW, “dark triad” is bullshit.
    Is Healthy Narcissism, Good Will machiavelianism and “socially acceptable” psychopathy (bold but not creepy) what you mean works and is necessery ? [Healthy narcissism is an oxymoron. It’s like contracting the Healthy Cancer. K.]

    • No, I mean

      The reason I wonder all these things is cause I have met people with 50+ notch count and I dont really consider them delusional/pathologically demanding and entitled/toxic/parasitic/fake, and in fact people who are like that don’t really get laid (if at all). So I was just thinking if its only the good side of dark-triad that works.

  4. Never heard of this guy before but thank you for the heads up 👍🏻

  5. Yeah i’ve seen a video of his, the dude is a fat fuck with the roundest face ever and the way he talks is so akward ,thats what gave it away that he is a fraud(and the obvius fake 1000 lays results) at least to me.

  6. I’m an old bald fat fuck. Tell me I’m lying about my escapades Friday lol. Just got back from a two week trip to the ‘pines for my MIL’s funeral and was fighting severe jet lag.

    1. I see a hot blonde friend and she’s lit up to see me…her eyebrows arch high and her voice rises a few octaves in her excitement…wants a bear hug. Gets up in my grid and we chat like that for a few minutes.. She’s mid 20s I imagine. I usually guess too high, so Idk. Later when we’re dancing I tell her I want her to put her hand on my ass as we pass another old bald fat fuck who doesn’t like me, just to mess with him and make him envious and she is compliant…later, she pinches my ass, swats it in passing and puts her hand on my ass at various times in the night. Just having fun, but it’s not purely social. I figure that she wants action at some point and is trying to get my attention so that I’ll be a card in her rolodex. Both fun and sweet.

    2. I see another hot blonde at a table and go over and take her hand and start dancing, doing turns by myself under our hands…she gets into it and gets off her stool and faces me and starts dancing. I turn her once or twice and start dancing in max squat position and she tries it and she’s all “how do you do that?” Big smiles and I can tell that she’s into the dancing and wants to keep contact, but I break off because I just wanted to amuse myself….oh, yeah, during the dance, somebody had their hands on somebody’s butt–I forget who did what to whom.

    3. I danced with a girl from Texas dances and she was thrilled, saying that she hasn’t danced in a while–I was turning her and doing cool shit. Said I was awesome. She volunteered that she was in town for the weekend. Trying to set up logistics.

    I danced with maybe fifteen different broads Fri. night, most hot, but some not. I chatted with guy friends, too. One treated me to a beer.

    It was fun. [Is this somehow related to the topic of JMULV? K.]

    • Sorry, wasn’t clear that I was playing off of Brick’s comment about JMULV being a fat fuck. My point was that being old, bald, and fat doesn’t mean that you don’t have game.

      Good expose on JMULV. I don’t pay much attention to a lot of PUA infields because so many are deceptive and I have my own real reference experiences to go on. If I were you, I’d focus on building my brand and not worry too much about JMULV and his ilk.

      You’re the only PUA coach whose blog I read. You’re doing something right.


      • Yeah i didnt mean you cant get girls being ugly, fat, bald, wathever. But you cant get 3 different girls a week like jmulv claims, if you hace the looks and charisma of a fucking turd like he has.
        Just saying, cheers.

      • Yeah, no problem, Brick. My tone is usually light and humorous and I don’t often take offense.


  7. I demand more of post kind-like this, Nick.
    Finally, feel you alive!!

    **Nick is NOT dead**

  8. I’ve been arguing with dudes on a local pua group for a year about this creep.

    Someone forwarded him to me and he offered to sell his coaching program to my mailing list. I said why not and made the offer. I said I’d do the first one for free, assuming it was a $99 product or something. He charged $500 fucking dollars US and one of the guys on my list bought it. I said hey man, how about a piece of that. I didn’t realize you charged $500 bucks. He didn’t give me a cent, and then asked if he could market it again. I said no. Then I checked his footage and my spidey sense went off. All his “game” consisted of was asking drunk 7’s to go to his place to drink Vodka. Then his videos where all he does is claim everyone but him is a scammer, which is projection.

    When I met him he said his lay count was like 400. The next month it was 440. The next month it was 700. Now it’s like a damn thousand.

    I’ve taught infield day and nightgame for a decade, self employed. I’ve met loads of top pickup dudes and gone out with many. I know what’s real, and his vids are utter bullshit. Of course newbies can’t see it. They just don’t have the experience.

    Funny thing is when he was marketing to the local group in Vancouver I told them he was a sociopath with a record of sexual assault charges. He challenged me to a fist fight. No, I’m not going to fist fight over something so lame.

    Two of his former students are currently serving time in prison for date rape. They fucked a girl who was blackout drunk using his “I have Vodka” method and are now getting ass pounded in jail for it. [Frankly, I think the suckers deserve being ripped off. Suckers let cheats prosper. Demand is a bigger problem than the supply. K.]

    • Yeah I agree with that. Only reason I fell for it was because someone I know (from that book, The Game) personally introduced us, and I should have reviewed the product first. I think I’ve offered two affiliate products in 8 years, even though I’ve been approached dozens of times.

  9. While we are at it. Might as well call out the entire current formation of RSD as scammers and snake oil peddlers. They keep hiring new scammy instructors by the minute. Todd and Alex are former RSD but are probably the only quality instructors to come out of that otherwise shitty operation.

    RSD Jeffy *might* be the only current RSD instructor that isn’t full of shit going by Krauser’s positive opinion of his Jeffy show product.

    Nick. What is your current opinion on Jeff ?

    I torrented many of RSD’s recent products (I have bought primal seduction and an ebook from street attraction etc so I do pay for *quality pua material*) but they are so fucking terrible that even a beginner like me can tell the advice is absolute shit. Its either that or just regurgitated content that is pretty much common knowledge in the PUA world. Not even worth twenty bucks let alone the hundreds of dollars they charge for them. [RSD are dogshit. By far their best product is Tyler’s Blueprint Decoded which is groundbreaking….. until you realise it’s a shameless unacknowledged rip-off of Frank Kern’s Core Communication video from one year earlier. The Jeffy Show is a good seminar but it’s not special, merely good. I have no idea if Jeffy himself is legit. Tim’s Flawless Natural was pretty good too but also I have no idea if he’s legit. I find it impossible to watch the stuff they’ve done in past few years. Their upsell talks are such unintelligible nonsense. I couldn’t tell you how their recent paid products are because I have zero interest in wading through their dogshit to see if there are diamonds hidden within. K.]

  10. ” Or Christian Macqueen” .

    Glad you also called him out for being a fraud. He was already exposed by both a blogger and the roosh v forum guys for straight up robbing his own clients. His books like many standard PUA marketing spam were allegedly nothing but regurgitated basic PUA concepts already available freely on the forums and goole search results.

    Nowadays homeboy is running his ” Cad Club” scam. Basically selling memberships to an elite social club that he claims to run. You’d have to be a complete idiot to believe him since his instagram is nothing but pics of himself an an occasional pic of him out with his drinking buddies.

    Such an elite top drawer social club that no cool guy wants to associate themselves with it in public ! [CMQ is a total joke. Just another Jew scamming gentiles. K.]

    • Same goes for Macqueen’s pal Goldmund Unleashed. Another guy peddling shit advice for money. Nash from Days of Game blog wrote a review of Goldmund’s shitty camera game book here.

      As great as Rollo Tomassi is he’s been guilty of promoting scammy manosphere guys who have no demonstrable skill with women as dating coaches.

      His only criteria for declaring a guy a legit player is if the publicly agrees with everything Rollo writes. [I haven’t been following Goldmund. Shortly after he was on my podcast, he “went commercial”. Since then it looks like he’s been doing a lot of smoke and mirrors marketing. But, I haven’t followed it closely and I have no evidence – good or bad – on his being legit or not. I never liked the smell of that Vegas conference Rollo did with CMQ and Goldmund. It had the air of bullshit about it, even though Rollo himself is a man I respect. K.]

    • i always hated that pretentious asshole. He sounded like such a complete douchebag on the rooshv forum, which btw was absolutely garbage too. What a load of posers and keyboard jockeys. the worst was that Tuthmosis. Total retards, cliquey, but CMQ was really detestable. Watched a few talks he would give and i could just tell this guy was a poser of the worst variety.

  11. Hoe about roberts staltmanis from riga claiming 25 lay since jan 2017 if i am right [No idea. Don’t care. K.]

  12. Nice write up on well known jmulv’s sociopathic behavior by his former friend manwhore. even though he doesnt mention the name of the guy, it is clearly him [Yep, but he ought to add “and all the girls were really fucking ugly.” K.]

  13. Any thoughts on this Tony Hustle dude?

    • Tony Hustle is the “Antony” fellow Krauser talks about in this blog post.

      From what I gather he was instrumental in developing the London Daygame Model along with Nick, Tom Torero and Jon Matrix. [Antony was legit in 2011, which is the last time I hung out with him. I can’t speak for his claims, videos, etc nowadays but I’m pretty sure he’s a solid daygamer still. On his worst day he’s better than JMULVs best ten days put together. K.]

      • Hard to imagine a guy becoming shit at daygame after mastering it. (Until he grows old (past fifty) or stops taking care of his appearance. )

        Has it ever happened to any skilled daygamer ? I guess you could say Yad lost his skill recently but then that would beg the question of whether he was ever banging any younger hotter girls to begin with.

  14. Antony Hustle and James Tusk are the only two guys imo currently banging attractive girls regularly.

    I saw RSD Todd do a set in London recently. He’s definitely got decent game from the girls reaction. Not being tall, particularly good looking with generic fashion means he’ll still struggle to a degree like most daygamers. It was a two set with his wing. He was talking to a black girl and his mate was chatting up a blondie, I’d say they were high 6’s maybe low 7’s on a good day. The set finished with the black girl grabbing her friends arm and them leaving (I think they were pushing for the instant date and blondie was more keen than blackie) much to the bemusement of the two mpuas.
    Welcome to London guys 😂

    • As much as I liked Todd’s videos he doesn’t come across as a competent daygamer. Might get lucky once in a while but If I had to take a guess I’d say almost all of the really hot girls he bangs are from night game in lounges, bars and clubs.

    • Surprise surprise they are both above average looking guys. They both are legit but it’s a different world for them. I’m walking through a european city and getting at least a couple IOI’s a day and I’m not good looking. This must be what it’s like for good looking guys. When Nick can pull a top draw bird with highly technical air tight game that’s what I can relate to. Most guys are average looking. Luckily we can bring more to the table than just our looks.

      • When you say Anthony is good looking is that just because he is muscular ?

        Because any guy can go to the gym everyday for a few years and become above average in looks. (unless the dude’s face is particularly deformed).

  15. Saw some dude banging on about him for a long time on RVF, never took notice of who he was as he was mentioned as being from the RSD spam factory. Just realised its the same dude who did that blog post you responded to.Not surprised that most of these are snake oil salesmen. Still remember when we first outed McQueen and people still bought his shit and believed his bullshit.

  16. Love this article Krauser! Would you consider doing a review of “HONEST SIGNALZ”

    These guys are russians in the most pussified city in north america, toronto. If they are legit, i think there russian knuckedragger act contrast well with toronto’s white knights and soy boys. The video where the go the vegan fest is hillarious. [I’m not the PUA Police. You do an analysis. K.]

  17. Correction “the russian knuckledragger act”

  18. I actually saw this guy in Warsaw a few weeks ago. He was walking hand-in-hand with a busted-faced chick who was a soft 5 at best. But decent body.

  19. what u think of this guy? [The video shows almost nothing. Can’t tell how hot she is (except her body is so-so), there’s no escalation, and all he does is walk into a big public lobby. He cuts off the infield weirdly, without kissing or going to her room. To me it looks like a standard friendzone, seeing as it’s indirect, no escalation, and all he does is follow her around.If anything had actually happened, he wouldn’t shown it. But I skimmed it fast – no way I’m watching an hour – so if I missed some key moments that made it legit, let me know with timestamps of when they occur. K.]

    • Nothing much occurred like you said…..I find it damn weird he follow the girl around at no pint they discussed ther r going going to her hotel. What he wrote at 49:38 when they r at the train station is that dont say anythingthe girl know he is coming to her hotel, it sounded like bullshit to me. At the end there he edited the flow completely. To me it seem he just went to a random hotel and utter the word “this hotel is amazing” to himself. Classic up selling a normal video to get clients.

    • He’s a guy in a corner and trying to put his foot in the door. There is no way to tell he ended up in her hotel, and no way to tell his dick was in her both holes. Occasionally, his camera showed some of his face. He may be an Indian or Middle East back ground, and raised in UK, nothing with that. His physique seems not sexual attractive either. He does not have much money or social status either. He knows his disadvantages, but he has moderate confidence, He knows his current sexual martket value, and he targets Eastern Europe girls, or milf, or 5/10 girls. He will waste his time to go around and looking for luck. When his confidence is 10/10, he won’t need to waste too much time to walk around London. Confidenece cant be raised voluntarily by itself. David Beckam is confidence celeb, and how many footballer likes him. Because Beckham, is a footballer, high-income, good-looking, good physique, good marriage, well-groom, english, white, tall, etc. How Ronadinho can be a confience celeb as Beckam ??? Man up !

  20. I was on the JMULV train until I read your comments that you made at the time, in particular this resonated with me: “Why is it so hard to believe that an admitted sociopathic hedonistic liar would also be lying to you? That an obvious narcissist who puts on an admitted false front with women isn’t doing exactly the same thing to the internet? That a guy with a very well-paid job and poor social skills wouldn’t just pay for hookers?”.

    I remember watching his videos and thinking that he seems to lie allot in his “game”, it did not even occur to me that he could also be completely lying to me as well. It seems blindingly obvious in hindsight but sometimes you need someone to actually state that it is bullshit before you can see it yourself. Thank you Nick, I am pretty sure I would of fallen hook line and sinker for this guy if it wasn’t for your warning.

    I read through your questions and I think the crux of it is that he was selling a magic pill, a simple step by step process for an unassuming guy to have sky high results. It says allot about my own lack of discipline and esteem that I fell for him so easily. There is still a long way to go for myself and the others who did not question him. [Yep, that’s the sort of introspection that’s required. K.]

  21. Check this out for “woo woo”. The travel Bum show dude.

    • I don’t know man. James Marshall says about that Travelbum dude (the guy with the beard who is the “guru” / teacher in that video) that he is one of the best seducers in the world with 500+ lays.

      However, his infield in Barcelona just seems like he’s throwing shit to see what sticks. Going for rapport directly. Plus, he talks to a couple of girls and generalizes it to the whole population of Spanish women. Like wtf? Plus, a girl who was tending-and-befriending him, he seems to believe she will come back for a date later. I didn’t think he had strong game at all: [Believe your eyes, not what a commercial PUA tells you about someone he’s planning a product with. K.]

  22. Nick do you think these guys (i.e. fakes) actually make worthwhile money?

    I know that putting out regular content, even if it’s fake and/or shit, takes quite a lot of time and effort, so I’m just curious as to what they get out of it. It’s the kind of thing where you see it and you just think “why the fuck would you bother”. [They probably scrape by. K.]

  23. That travelbum dude is gay.
    He’s nowhere near masculine enough to be banging actual attractive women. Reminds me of an English (I think) guy who used to be pretty decent but then went down the weird spiritual path thinking he’s bigger than game. Think his name was James but I could be completely wrong.
    Travelbum will get the occasional washed up milf who’s into that kind of shit or ugly vegan girls.

  24. Christian McQueen… that name takes me back. Even when I was starting out with this stuff, he always struck me as a scammer. I bought his daygame book some 4 years ago now and was surprised how awful and generic it was. It felt like he just copy-pasted a load of indirect nonsense into a book.

    Most of these “high status lifestyle” guys are liars (McQueen, Jason Capital, etc.).

  25. Haven’t been keeping up on my blogs for the past week but I was waiting for you to drop a blog post as soon as this news broke.

    Here’s the problem: you were just as wrong in your assertions on my blog post about JMULV as you are now.

    His laycount is accurate. He has 1/3 of it from outside the US, 1/3 from Seeking Arrangement, and 1/3 from other sources.

    He doesn’t pay hookers (confirmed by everyone who has gamed with him, including people that don’t like him [which are mostly the same subset of people who have gamed with him]).

    He never claims in his products or content that his techniques will get you girls from Seeking Arrangement. He does SA on his own time. Lots of coaches use Seeking Arrangement. It doesn’t affect their abilities as a coach. Either their advice works or it doesn’t.

    Now, the grey area is that on his Facebook group he claimed he was meeting some girls from Tinder that he actually met from SA. That’s pretty shady.

    So again… how is any of this a “fraud”? [Just admit you were wrong. You’re embarrassing yourself by doubling down. K.]

  26. Thought i would leave my comments on JMULV,

    Ive been out when he has been in the same venue a number of times, ive watched him game and spoken to him or heard him speak to friends a number of times, this guy is the most autistic fuck i have ever met in game and i have met a shit ton of autistic gamers, there is nothing to this guy he’s just a walking robot full of memorized scripts to be used to different situations, every time i have seen him out he has been massively drunk, like completely wasted and with a really fat and or ugly girl, like below 6 on most peoples scales, hes just approaching everything and going very hard with his canned lines, zero calibration or charisma.

    I would maybe believe hes done solid number of girls however he is just fucking the trash and it now appears anything decent is bought or tricked into sleeping with him. A colombian freinds said hes photos from his trip there was taken inside a local brothel.

    Some highlights i often hear him say

    “Hey, you know i DJ’d at Tomorrowland twice” or “Hey you know i DJ’d here the other weekend” Randomly yelling at girls

    “Kiev was good, i had to leave my 10 girl stunner rotation there”

    Anyway this guy is just bad energy and really shouldnt be in the cummunity because all the newbie retards will start copying his behaviour because they dont understand anything else. [Thanks for the details. Sadly, there’s a market for this bullshit. K.]

    • This is accurate to my understanding.

      What Krauser doesn’t understand is that being “autistic” or being a “bad person” isn’t an analogous to being a fraud. [What you don’t understand is telling lies about your achievements and then selling products/coaching on the basis of skills you don’t have IS being a fraud. Stop trying to shift the goalposts. Just admit you’re wrong and move on. K.]

      • Where are the lies about the achievements?

        Where are the skills he doesn’t have?

        Is JMULV more of a fraud than Krauser? Probably. Is JMULV better at nightgame than Krauser? Yes? Does JMULV have a better system for managing leads than Krauser? Yes. Is JMULV better at daygame than Krauser? God no.

        Everything is grey.

  27. @ Pancake I think Pancake is not disclosing full information to Krauser here. He has seen the screenshots of texts sent by JMULV to sonny (I can share it again but those are public now and can easily be searched) regarding “paying for a sitter” and sending $80 and then getting scammed and being pissed about it etc (The video by redsky that Krauser linked doesn’t show those texts unfortunately).., and his wingman (sonny) confirming that all of the Colombia girls JMULV banged were hookers? Is Pancake not aware of it? Or is he just coping and rationalizing every thing? Sure JMULV may be decent at night game to get a 5 every now and then, but it is common sense, NOT to count hookers in your laycount.

    Multiple students of his have confirmed getting scammed off 3 grand for a 3 day coaching in chats.

    Do you think there is no need for him to inflate his results here and lie about it? He is not financially ok I have heard, and it makes sense to “embellish” your results with pictures with paid hookers etc..I know plenty of guys who do it..

    Guys like Pancake deserve to be scammed lol. It blows my mind how people can’t put two and two together.

    JMULV recently made a video disputing the allegations that he paid for sex from seeking arrangement. His explanation is basically that yes he met a lot of girls from SA, but did not pay any of them.

    ok.Sure thats plausible. I know guys who actually do that from SA now and then. Salt daddies etc.

    The problem for JMULV with that explanation though is this- The whatsapp texts floating around, where he clearly doesn’t mind paying $80 just to meet up someone from there. So, he is blatantly lying here. He DOES actually pay quite a bit for meetups…And his business partner confirmed that he paid for hookers in colombia.

    What more proof do people need lmao? Just pathetic.

    PS.- I would take anything Villenchik, Swift etc..say with a grain of salt. JMULV has affiliate partnerships with all of them ( Pretty sure Pancake doesn’t know what affiliate marketing is lol).

    P.S- Not denying that JMULV may get laid now and then with 5s..But any basic bitch can get laid with them lol. [Thanks for detail. I have, in fact, seen those WhatsApp screen shots. Pancake is gamma. He’ll double down a bit more, then retreat, then return in a couple of months as if he was never wrong, having quietly dropped the subject. Anything except simply admit to being wrong. There’s no shame in being wrong sometimes, especially involving PUAs who are deliberately trying to scam you with a false front. Just admit it and move on. K.]

    • >> He has seen the screenshots of texts sent by JMULV to sonny (I can share it again but those are public now and can easily be searched) regarding “paying for a sitter” and sending $80 and then getting scammed and being pissed about it etc

      If you pay a girl $80 for a sitter so she can come directly to your place, is it different than spending $80 on drinks and hours of your time on three dates with a Former Soviet Union girl?

      >> and his wingman (sonny) confirming that all of the Colombia girls JMULV banged were hookers?

      Have you been to Colombia? Most girls these sex tourists are going after are hookers, the difference is, if you’re a foreigner you don’t have to pay. Sonny clearly stated in a comment that he picked them up off the street.

      >> Pretty sure Pancake doesn’t know what affiliate marketing is lol

      I am literally an affiliate marketer, but nice try.

      • >>>If you pay a girl $80 for a sitter so she can come directly to your place, is it different than spending $80 on drinks and hours of your time on three dates with a Former Soviet Union girl?

        Lolol. I know 65 year old men in Thailand who bang 3 hookers a day at less than $80/day..This is f*cking hilarious. And you are a game blogger?! Most reasonable people will call it paying for sex.

        >>> Sonny clearly stated in a comment that he picked them up off the street.

        Yeah, same guy who was happy to partner JMULV for 10k/bootcamp to scam these people (before JMULV went ballistic on him) wants you to believe he picked up these “hookers” off the street without paying money. Did you miss the part where he got drugged and robbed by an “ugly” bitch? First of all, what kind of a player even takes an ugly girl like that home?

        >>>I am literally an affiliate marketer, but nice try
        You can’t even afford hosting for your WordPress blog. But yes, sure, I ll believe you that you are making good money from affiliate marketing just like JMULV lmao. May be you are referring to making cents off amazon associates program.

        I read in one of your comments that you f*cked 50 women in a year off tinder despite being a short/ bald guy? Is that true? I call bullshit to that, unless you count banging fat/ugly 3s as lays. How old are you?

      • Was never 50 a year. ~50 in past two years. I’m in my late 20s-early 30s. Average was a 6, lots of 7s, a few 5s.

        Again, it’s not hard. Get good photos, work out, and put the effort in. Tinder is easy mode and requires little ot no game.

  28. “JMULV is not financially ok, and it makes sense to “embellish” your results with pictures with paid hookers”

    It is cheaper to embellish with lies than with hookers!

    Pancakemouse appears sincere. He blogs about efficiently meeting San Francisco women on Tinder. Even after 61% of them flake, Pancakemouse can still meet several per week, and get one or two new notches per month. So he imagines an expert like JMULV can get ten new women per month.

    It is a legitimate question of what distinguishes JMULV from Steve Jabba on Seeking Arrangement. We have indications of JMULV sending $80 for an initial meet-up, and patronizing hookers. We also have JMULV’s ridiculous laycount of 950+ and implausible explanations. Finally, JMULV is messaging high-priced women, and plea bargained a [sexual] coercion charge.

    • >> Pancakemouse appears sincere. He blogs about efficiently meeting San Francisco women on Tinder. Even after 61% of them flake, Pancakemouse can still meet several per week, and get one or two new notches per month. So he imagines an expert like JMULV can get ten new women per month.

      Yup. Easy calculation.

      I spend very little time on this sordid hobby. I get like 20-25 notches a year. If I were to devote 12 waking hours a day to fucking girls, like JMULV does, I could do 5-6x that amount. With no increase in my Game. Just more time.

      • I agree his numbers don’t seem that far fetched now that online dating is mainstream. An average dude who put moderate effort in can get 1-2x lays a week with that.

        Also yeah, his game is probably awful compared to a lot of other puas, but people are really ignoring the fact that he’s a 6’4″ white dude. You’re basically at a baseline of a 7/10 in the eyes of the average club girl in America when you’re that tall, add in some minimal aggressive game (and years of experience running routines) and of course you can pull a ton. It’s probably why he’s shit at day game since you actually have to be a human during those interactions instead of praying on drunk girls.

        He probably lies about a shit ton of stuff regarding his game, I mean he blatantly lies to women – so why wouldn’t he lie to random dudes on the internet? However, I don’t think his number is that crazy, just his fans/sheep thinking he’s the best when all you have to do is use some common sense. His entire night game is finding DTF girls, doing aggressive escalation, and avoiding all the landmines when pulling. His online game is just being a tall white dude w/ photoshopped pics and lying about his whole life.

        He turned the art of game into something very minimalistic and efficient for him to just quickly rack up numbers and that’s his niche. Nothing wrong with that, just don’t be a sheep and realize he’s a super sketchy individual who most likely doesn’t care about his students or actually helping anyone but himself. [I think you missed the bit where he was caught banging hookers and claiming them as notches. K.]

  29. What do we think about ‘Tony Hustle’? Is he a fraud? His results are simply unbelievable, ALTHOUGH I am told that he’s a good looking dude, so maybe all the girls just think he’s hot?
    I don’t think i’ve ever seen results like his (says he gets laid with super hot girls about 1 in 3 approaches). He’s close with Tom Torerro which is a bit concerning since Tom was obviously caught hiring actresses for infields. Any thoughts?
    Also, what about his ‘straight line model?’ – I fail to see the ‘game’ here? He says it’s about escalating to build attraction, but in my experience, this only works when she thinks you’re handsome! I’m not sure if he’s miss-attributing ‘skill’ to being good looking? What part of his s”model’ is supposed to ‘build attraction?’ (not to mention that nearly all modern material says that game is about amplifying EXISTING attraction that she has towards you and NOT ‘creating’ it!)
    All a but confusing
    Interested in peoples thoughts!! [Where does he say he gets laid 1 in 3 approaches? I can’t believe anyone is dumb enough to say that, least of all Antony. Link? K.]

    • I’m going though his vids right now trying to find the quote lol.
      I read it ages ago in the comment section when he was responding to someone else. I could have sworn it was on a certain video, but I can’t see it when I go to that vid now(maybe the original poster deleted their comment which in turn deleted Tony’s reply?)
      However, someone else on RooshV forum (I can link if you want) says that Tony says he gets laid 1 in 5 (so different to the quote I thought I saw). I’m guessing that it turned into a flame war and so the whole ‘thread’ in the comments section of whatever vid it was got deleted!?
      Still, i’ll keep looking just in case. Hell, maybe it was actually ”1 in 5” like the guy on Roosh says

      There’s also another comment from yet another commenter (getlucky) in this vid: where he metions Tony’s ”1 in 5” although again I can’t find Tony’s original quite, but it’s clear that he definitely said this with at least 2 people referencing it! [I’d like to see evidence Antony actually claimed this before I’ll make a big deal of it. Obviously if he did, he’s a shameless liar and everything he claims becomes suspect. I know him and he’s smart, so I can’t imagine he’s that dumb. More likely he claimed one number or date in 3 (or 5). But if you can find his quote, it’ll settle it. Heresay isn’t enough when something like this is at dispute. K.]

      • Hmmm…..I’ve found 1 quote (actually in that vid that I linked. One of his replies to ‘lifetravels’ which i think is the top comment) where he says ”. I haven’t measured it lately but I think my approach-to-lay ratio is pretty high. I can’t really guess because I would need to gather the stats, but I would say 20% – so one girl in 5 I approach.”

        However, that’s not even the quite that I meant. Still, pretty amazing, no!!? [Amazingly untrue. Sigh, I used to like Antony when I knew him in 2011. I guess he’s been hanging around with shameless bullshitters like Beckster and Torero for too long. K.]

      • lol, interesting that you mention them 2. Tony seems to sing their praises MASSIVELY at any chance he gets. I never know what to believe!

        I must admit that even if he is bullshitting about his 1 in 5 and cherry picking infields, he seems to bang lots of very attractive girls!
        But they always just seem to instantly receptive! As I say, his ‘game’ just seems to mainly be ‘normal conversation’ mixed with the occasional funny line (he seems quick witted which makes sense since you say he’s smart). That ‘skill’ of humour actuallly seems to make up any ‘game’ that I see, really! Not even sure it can be taught.
        OR they’re all just in to his looks?
        OR he’s pulling a Tom Torerro fake infield business!!?
        I dunno. But he’s making waves on lots of foums at the moment since he makes it look like he wakes up and bangs a playboy model within a few approaches most days! [I knew Antony in 2011 and he was solid then, but his results were in line with everybody else. I don’t believe for a moment that he’s suddenly doing massively better than everyone else, just at the moment he’s decided to go commercial. But I haven’t paid much attention to his channel or his claims either. He and Tom used to hang around with Beckster back in 2010/11 and they know well that Beckster is full of shit. I presume its a hookup of marketing convenience. But, I’m not the expert on their current status or intentions. If someone with an eye were sorting the legit from the frauds wants to examine Tony closer, please do. I’m not interested. Whether he’s suddenly become the best daygamer who ever lived, or he’s just scamming all the forum morons who want to believe any old cock’n’bull story is irrelevant to me. K.]

    • “Also, what about his ‘straight line model?’”

      The Straight Line Persuasion Model is a sales model invented by Jordan Belfort. It’s a high pressure sales model based on destroying all objections so that the person has no choice but to do what you want. Imagine a dot moving in a straight line, any time it veers off (objection) you push it back into the place you want it to be (destroy objection) so that it stays on the straight line which is the shortest path from A to B. Jordan Belfort has products for this, but they just give general overviews. To get the details you have to go to one of his trainings and pay the big bucks. Many stock trading companies use this “evil” (because it is high pressure) model and swear by its results. Anthony Hustle probably watched the Wolf of Wall Street, heard of the name, and maybe got one of the “preview” products and got inspired by it in his game. Or maybe he did some tock trading telephone sales with a big company, they all have bought internal training based on The Straight Line Persuasion Model after The Wolf of Wallstreet Movie was out and Jordan Belfort started selling it to them. He is a Top 1% salesman for sure.

      I do not think he is that good. Here is a video where he picks up a Russian girl and she keeps on giving him Alpha Tells (so yes she was attracted). However, look at his hands and the body language of his hands at 02:15 of this video: He is clasping them together, making himself smaller so he doesn’t want to “bother her” which betrays nerves and lack of confidence. She responds favorably, but in the same way a girl would respond to a guy who is her type or higher SMV than her. This did not really show solid game. The dude was nervous in the beginning, and afterwards he probably relaxed when he noticed she was already very attracted, and then because she didn’t speak much English, the rest was just not fucking it up. Good looking guy game in my eyes. Even the compliment had no push-pull in it, and afterwards he was asking boring questions but hey, good looking guy game, if I were super good looking, I’d probably run it too. But that nervous “self-soothing” making himself little at the opener to me does not show a dude who gets 1 girl in 5 or whatever. Check this video at 02:15 and notice the body language of his hands.

      • WTF, he switched girls! Look at the girl in the car, pay attention to the frames where a big part of her face is shown. Then the girl who he took to his apartment at the end of the video, you can see her face reflected in the mirror of the elevator. I am 99% sure it is not the same girl! I suspected it at first because the second girl’s hair was a bit darker, but OMG, the first girl was a true 9, the girl he is taking to the elevator is a 7 or so.

        Anybody else can confirm this? Check at 02:15 paying attention to the face of the girl. Then check at 09:00 to see the face of the girl, they are not the same!

      • Lol and the first girl does not speak English, barely does. The one on the date speaking great English and used to go to Germany etc.

        Bait and switch.

        Whatever his game is, this “hustle” mentality of trying to trick people makes me not believe what he says.

        Also, the first girl was way beyond his level of comfort, so his nervousness reflected that. The second girl (who he is trying to make it seem as if it is the same girl still) is within his level of comfort, he is probably higher SMV than her, so he’s doing boring “good looking guy game” on her. He even recommends to stay silent during the extraction until you arrive home, which is bad advice, unless you’re +2 compared to her in SMV. [Could some readers have a look at the video and comment? I feel physically sick watching daygame infields nowadays so I’d rather not watch this unless several readers think it’s suspicious. K.]

      • I don’t think any readers will, this thread is older, nobody will check it. But I took screenshots. He claims it is the same girl, banged within 30 minutes (although they met during the day and banged at night, it must be a very short day indeed). I paid clear attention, it doesn’t look at all like the same girl. The first girl is even tan, while the other is lighter skinned.

        Here are screenshots of the girl in the beginning of the video:

        Here are screenshots of the girl he took to inside his apartment (although that doesn’t prove much of a bang):

        [Okay, I watched all of this video. It’s not fake but it’s EXTREMELY misleading. Classic Torero/Beckster smoke and mirrors. First thing, it’s Russia. Moscow by the looks of it. The first video is a hot bird who is tickled pink at a charming foreigner opening her and you can see she’s immediately into it. It’s also clear that Tony was friendzoned on the idate. I have dozens of videos like this, with girls equally hot. Anyone with some time Euro Jaunting knows how easy it is to get an infield like this and how little it proves. Girls in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus are INCREDIBLY EASY to get onto daytime coffee idates, so long as you don’t put much sexual vibe onto them. Tony’s game was okay but nothing different to any other intermediate or better and he clearly dialled the sexualisation to almost zero to get her onto the date. It’s not bad, it’s just nothing at all.

        What it does is anchor the viewer to her hotness and keenness. Tony doesn’t claim the second clip is the same girl and actually says something about the video beginning with a failed SDL attempt (a rather grandiose way of describing a mundane idate, imo, considering got nothing from the blonde at all) so I don’t take the fact they are two different girls as a sign of “fake”.

        What is fake is pretending the second one is a 30 minute SDL. There’s absolutely nothing in the video to suggest that, but by putting it right after the first video (and verbally making the claim) it will fool most YouTube monkeys. It looks much more like they are on a first (or even second) date. He conveniently doesn’t have the open, and where are her friends, and why is she so relaxed so soon, and why so many edits? She’s a pretty girl but at least a point below the first. The energy and lack of kino or sexualisation is ALL WRONG for a 30 minute SDL (check out my two Kiev SDLs on my Joy Of Daygame series on my YouTube to see how wildly different a real SDL looks when it’s fast). Another big red flag is why on earth wouldn’t he put up the entire video if it’s only 30 minutes and shows such fast game? He obviously has the video because his camera still has battery at the end, going to the apartment. Also, why not prove the sex at least with audio? There’s no way to be sure without seeing all the footage, or having been there. Here’s my conclusion (which I’ll amend if further evidence contradicts any of it):

        – First girl, the blonde, was a pointless friendzone idate. Nowhere near an SDL. Game was ok but unremarkable.
        – Second girl was a first (or second) date and NOT a same day bounceback.
        – The omitted footage would prove it wasn’t a same day bounceback and that’s why it’s omitted.
        – It was a simple bounceback. No reason at all to think he banged her. No kino, vibe, flirty talk, or camera evidence of any sexual contact at all.

        Look, here’s a rule of thumb with PUAs. It’s VERY EASY to collect infields nowadays. If someone has a channel and charges money, you should assume that what he uploads is THE VERY BEST FOOTAGE HE HAS. It’s not “representative” nor is “the best stuff private”. It’s the absolute best he’s able to show you, with him at the best of his ability. Therefore if anything is absent you should always assume – until proven otherwise (which won’t happen) – that IT DOESN’T EXIST. If something you’d expect to be there has been omitted, assume it was deliberately ommited because it CONTRADICTS the narrative they are trying to sell you. Never believe what they TELL you and be reluctant even to believe what they show you.

        My preliminary (not final, it’s still pending due to lack of info) conclusion on Tony Hustle is that he’s full of shit. He’s of the Torero/Beckster type, meaning he has legit skill but can’t stop trying to bullshit you into thinking he’s a lot more successful than he really is. If Tony told me it was clear skies outside, I’d grab my umbrella. Not a fake, but rather shifty. Perhaps you think I’m being overly suspicious of Tony but consider that there is a rich tradition of PUAs lying and misleading with infields, that his friend Torero has been caught doing precisely that, and that I already know him to be a questionable moral character from hanging out with him in 2011. The only reason I’m still “preliminary” is because I know from 2011, first-hand, that Tony has legit skills and therefore it’s at least conceivable he could pull off things that he claims, even though in this case the evidence presented doesn’t support it AT ALL. K.]

      • Leaving that here as well, since i was googling about the guy and it was the only decent thread some opinions where shared. People advertise him as one of the rising stars in pick up scene.
        Seems like Krauser’s radar is always on point (as was with JMULV).

        Looking forward to the next memoir btw. Your volumes always manage to keep me entertained and a little wiser with every page turned.
        Added and reviewed recently some of them on Goodreads. [Thanks boss. Do you have a link to the Goodreads reviews? Yeah, Antony is lying his ass off in that reply. What a prick. K.]

      • I knew the minute I watched that video back last year that he was running deceptive fraud game. I had trouble sleeping that night feeling shit I couldn’t knock over a pleasant 7 while he was SDL’ing everything moving. There is no way any guy who is an 8 in looks can get a girl of that calibre simply bringing your looks to the table. You need to bring more far more to the table. Thank you for your detective skills Nick on another sneaky underhand cunt.

        Getting reasonably laid isn’t enough for some of them. They want to rob you of your hard earned money!

    • Check out this book on Goodreads: Adventure Sex – Hardcover—hardcover

      Check out this book on Goodreads: Younger Hotter Tighter

      I will eventually review the rest of them, as it helps me reflect better on what what i have just read. And eventually helps any author to become better in the process.

      I will also sent you a little deeper constructive feedback on your email, unless there is somewhere more appropriate to do that. For things i wanna see on either future books or newer editions of the memoirs. [I had a look. Thanks for taking the time. It’s really hard to get people to do reviews so I appreciate when I get them (I’ll admit, I never leave reviews on Amazon of books I read either). I’ll welcome any book feedback on email. Just send it to my usual address nickkrauser1 [at] gmail [dotcom] K.]

  30. level 1
    2 points
    6 months ago
    In that video in your chnnel titled ‘RSD Tyler Durden Exposed. Fake Infield & Results. Stories From a Former Employee.’ you had 750 unique girl lays when it was uploaded on the Dec 11, and after 60 days when this reddit post got posted (Feb 8) you went up another 50.

    So that’s 4 new girls every 5 days. You are either God, which I highly doubt, or a butthurt irresponsible delusional bitch that has freaked out.

    level 2
    1 point
    7 months ago
    only going out 2, sometimes 3 nights a week at this point because i’m doing weightlifting 5x a week, muay thai kickboxing 3x a week, i’m incorporating brazilian jiu jitsu soon, and i’m working on a bunch of business projects.

    at this point if i go out 3-4 nights a week i’m going to sleep with 10-20 girls a month (closer to 20 since my skill has been refined even more). i still average around 100 new closes (i don’t count non-sex hookups) per year. however, if i’m going really hard i can increase the rate. early 2017 i did 100 new in just less than 5 months. i was able to get 25 new in march 2017 when i was filming a bunch of new infield footage. [Lol, like that skinny-fat weakling has any muay thai or BJJ training. He’s a pathological liar. K.]

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  32. My results are 100% accurate. No actress was ever hired. No infield was ever faked. Not once. I have more proof than anyone. I have counters to all your/claims and points here. Do a video with me directly then and you can accuse me of these things and I’ll give solid rebuttals to everything. I have nothing to hide. And yes this is really me and that’s my pickup email I provided – [I’ve watched you a while, reviewed evidence, and heard word on the street from people I know who’ve met you and seen you in set and on dates. I stand by what I wrote. However, you are entitled to a right of reply here. So, feel free to leave a comment responding to my post. K.]

  33. His advice got me laid in a day game approach funny enough. I was so ecstatic with his scripts and how well they worked for me, i bought his Occam’s Razor program. Huge waste of money. His infields were horrible. I sucked in a lot of information really fast, my game got worse afterward. But , I personally think he has some gems in his info. Now, I think he’s just a guy who does pick up here and there and gets 5s and 6s… and then hires 8+s for escorts. And has stolen what he sees as the best info from other people, because literally everything he says in his program is advice else where already.

    Now im looksmaxxing until i get in the game again because i believe incel theory, i think girls just care about looks the most. So , i think getting into this ocld approach shit is a waste of a time if you’r elooking for thin girls like me. Im like a 6 / 10 in looks right now, once i get up to a 8 or 9, ill come back. Im not interested in solely banging sub 6s .. and getting lucky with the odd 6 lol. WASTE OF TIME. Looks is honestly the truth of pick up. I bet when i get my looks up to a 8 or 9… and id follow jmulvs advice, i would kill it.. his advicve is GOOD.

    but for now, im gonna follow Roosh Vs new book once i get the looks in order.

  34. sent this to Krauser:
    Hey so your blog article is all complete BS points that I can easily defend. I have nothing to hide and have more proof than anyone. I can fully defend each and every one of the points and willing to do so on a podcast or interview video with you.

    My bet is you would rather pass on this opportunity because me having legitimate defenses for all your accusations goes against your agenda (and also hurts your ego to know there’s a guy way better at this than you will ever be).

    I will keep the video civil but will empirically and rationally defend each and any of your slanderous and fabricated points that have no basis. I keep exact count (currently 968) and I despise anyone who lies about results or skills. I have never hired an actress or any girl for that matter, never faked an infield, never lied about results. Not even once. I have big respect for this shit.

    As I said I have nothing to hide. I take great issue with you accusing me of being a fraud or liar and then just hurling baseless accusations and trying to lump me with liars like Justin Wayne and RSD.

    I know you respect the craft so respect my offer to video chat on this. You can ask me anything you like and we will post it.


    of course he “wasn’t interested”. nothing to hide and mountains of proof. far more than anyone. keep up the hating though ❤

  35. Lmao

    [link removed – no faggotry here. K.]

    Its obvious that girls in those pics are hig end escorts. Typical big ass and fake tittys. WAAAAY out this ugly fuckers league.

    He even mentions the whole situation here with krauser and He gets super defensive when someone questions him, which is a obvious red flag he is lying.

  36. I wonder that nobody took screenshots of the threads that Sonny put up to expose him and that clearly prooved everything. Sonny deleted the screens unfortunately but somebody must have taken screenshots back in the time. It’s hilarious that JMULV still claims that this was made up, now changing his name to John Anthony and continuing as before. [Screenshots are in the video. I have them too. Changing name to escape prior exposes is just standard protocol for fraudsters. K.]

  37. All accusations defended (WITH PROOF) here:

    Have nothing to hide. That particular section addresses the accusations then the rest of the video is all the other proof i have. more than anyone by far.

  38. What do you think about Bradicus? Seems pretty fake to me. Dull personality, chubbyfat, ugly, no game, yet in all videos he’s frenchkissing hot chicks. In most of his videos there is no way the girl doesn’t notice she’s being filmed and followed around by the cameraman. [I met him briefly. Seemed like he was ‘on the spectrum’ to me, but likeable enough. I’d be very surprised indeed if he’s getting hot girls. Haven’t watched any of his videos. K.]

    • I’ve personally witnessed Bradicus planting escorts in bars for his bootcamps to impress students and for the purpose of Instagram uploads. I know this cos i knew the hooker personally. In Asia one girl he’s walking with literally has her classic Escort attire on in classic Chinese fashion. Not immediately obvious to an untrained eye, but the dresses tend to be tacky and frilly. This pickup shit follows a basic business model. High ticket bootcamp sales, with low expense hooker to hang in a bar, still equates to decent net profit. Social media with lots of girls = more gullable students. His approach style is ammatuer as well. Opens with questions and too spammy. Very high rejection rate. [Please expand on what you know about Bradicus. As soon as I saw his Peru video I knew he was a piece of shit. If we can get a smoking gun, I’ll post it. K.]

  39. I have more valuable things to do than to watch the videos which had been put up here especially the ridiculous Defense video of jmulv but I been in sonny’s group and the exposes there had been going much further than only using seeking arrangement (which as well involves some skill although it is pathetic), the proof in sonny’s group was that solid that there is absolutely no way to defend against this. Basing your whole life around your laycount, telling shit to people to buy your shitty courses cause you’re too stupid to make money in another way in my opinion already is one of the most pathetic thing one can do with his life. Desperately trying to defend against things that are totally obvious, not learning shit and continuing your pathetic path as before makes it even worse however. Again the screenshots which sonny for sure didn’t create with photoshop proofed that John Anthony pays/sometimes scams hookers in a large scale. In Colombia he scammed hookers to a point he was chased by some bad guys and therefore suddenly need to leave the country. One other screenshot showed how John Anthony is totally desperate and almost crying cause he paid a hooker by transfer in advance (who could be that stupid) and she scammed him and didn’t show up. Several more of such things unfortunately all quickly deleted by sonny after he put them up. Somebody should really finally end the “carreer” of this creature and prevent he just continues as before after just changing his name.

    • I know I’m late but I don’t follow the community like I use too. I remember when Jmulv first popped on the scene, and everyone was eating it up.
      I mean he was posting pictures with hot smoking chicks but it was obvious these girls looked like hookers. (even I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt)
      After his past i’m shocked he had the balls to show his face on youtube, but clearly he’s a narcissists

      I know from good sources that Jmulv does “have SOME game” If you wanna call approaching every women with “Hey i”m a DJ were having a party” game
      In fairness he did pull but not with the numbers he claims or hotness of chicks(why do you think he went to Colombia/Poland? it’s way easier to pick up chicks than in the states)
      However he’s also a shady guy i.e. going on seeking arrangements paying for hookers.
      Now I get it according to Sonny not every girl was “paid”. But still any PUA using that site and teaching game, it really makes me question your credibility.
      However Sonny also has lost credibility (that’s another topic)

      The guy claims all accusations defended with Proof but what I wanna know John (which you have NOT proven yet)

      1. Why are you paying $80 for babysitters when you supposedly have anywhere from 17-19 girls in rotation?
      2. Why are you faking STD, test so you can go raw in women and infect them with God knows what ?
      3/ Manwhoere Kicked you out his house, tell the people why Jmulv , what really happened?

      He won’t answer cause he’s a scumbag, noticed this guy is always fighting with other guys?

      I rest my case

  40. I seen Bradicus in Melbourne on the street doing daygame last year.

    He picked up a chick hotter than him who was following him around like a puppy dog.

    He is actually taller than he looks over 6′ his got like a powerful build in an Aussie farmer or country boy way.
    Guys like these use to get pussy in Oz before faggot 6 packs took over

    The wing he had was a better looking dude like male model level but Bradicus had all the attention peacocking with a coppers hat on

    I didn’t go up to him I just watched..I too thought he was a bullshitter until I saw him Other coaches around Melbourne try to value tap him on Youtube.

    No doubt he is on the spectrum ,good on him anyway..But I reckon he can pick up Poms Scandi ,Yanks they are easier for us Aussies, he also uses Tinder in Asia and has a social media footprint ,13k followers on IG etc.5k will get you laid as
    DHV with 18 to 23 Westerners.who can only communicate through Snap, IG etc.

    He doesn’t look like he hides the fact he is filming with selfies and selfie sticks etc..
    In 2013 I got in trouble for taking a pic in 2017 chicks got upset I wasn’t taking pics..He is also not a dedicated daygamer and does backpacker hostel game too which is actually better than daygame night game in Oz.Our hostels have bars clubs etc onsite and are better than Europe.Especially in Sydney and Queensland

    I’m just waiting for buyers remorse and #metoo to hit his arse in Femnazi Melbourne.You’ll notice most of our Aussie coaches are over 6’2,” male model types except Bradicus who has become the great white stuttering hope .

  41. Bradicus is fake. I personally have seen him game in Melbourne too and know most pua coaches there.

    The break down of his game is simple: Alex social

    He has replicated the exact game to alex social, who he has learnt from. Like most inters and employees of Alex, He too left the company because of Alex’s mental instability. Alex has serious case of depression and I hope he leaves game for his own sake.

    Aside from that, below are the tactics that Bradicus uses to game or pretend he is good in game:

    1. He does spam approaches and nothing more.

    2. When he was in Adelaide, where he grew up, he was blown out of the whole town; as in most women realised he was weirdo and he needed to leave and he admits it himself. Imagine why that is?

    3. In mebourne, he only chased after back packers, and there is a reason why he doesn’t have videos of infields there. In fact, he admits the place is full of feminists, which is a good enough reason to excuse yourself from being shittty in game. And pretend one of the top most liveable cities in the world is shit lol.

    4. As someone else pointed out, it is true that pua coaches in Australia are fairly tall but they don’t have any game. I can even give you their names and you can look them for yourself. And you’d laugh at what happened to some of them because fake game didn’t end up working out for them well.

    5. He uses social media game. He takes out a his camera and records interactions he has with girls he is casually chatting with ( a lot of backpackers and you’d even hear some of them say don’t record me lol); then he pretends they are his gf.

    6. He hires a lot of actors and hookers from the money he makes from his bootcamps. This guy has been charging over $2000k for a weekend bootcamp a few years now.

    7. He has a friend name justin who is also a con artist and suffers serious approach anxiety, who also helps him out with marketing. [Bradicus is a low-value aspy goon. I was in Belgrade while he was. Saw him spam Knez Mihailova until he got social hookpoint, then went on idate with his camera on. The reason there’s no sex footage in his recent Belgrade video is because it has a tiny escorting / whoring scene so he couldn’t find the actresses, unlike say his Peru stuff. Total joke. K.]

    • some infields of bradicus… terrible terrible game… I know these are his rejection videos, but the fact is, this is his style of approaching either way… no front stops, no stacks, no assumptions, its just asking how they are etc… and he thinks he’s fucking hundreds of women, with that stupid blue jacket on? I doubt it….

    • In Australia, services industry such as, fitness, dating, mechanics, even builders, can be very highly dodgy, and scam, or sub-standard. Aussie coaches has no game, the cities are small, people can know each other. Most of guys get laid tru social circle, or friend of friend, even when they go to a bar, they can go with friends and stranger girls immediately classify they have social status, cool etc. Aussie coaches are good at building these networks and get laid from there, not like completely lone wolf. Therefore, their game plan getting laid can not be used where they has no network. In this picking up girl game, it means they have no game at picking up complete strangers in complete un-familiar environment. And picking up game can not be used in small environment because it will be cliassied as weirdo, not cool etc

  42. Hi Nick. I want to share my experience with Bradicus because it was in a way really eye-opening for me. My friend took a 7-day bootcamp with Bradicus and I had a chance to see this guy’s game. The bootcamp was in Budapest and my friend was staying with me the entire time so I went out with him and Bradicus a couple of times. I am well over 10000 approaches and have put in a lot of work over the last 8 years so I can easily tell who has game and who doesn’t. The first night when I went out with my buddy and met Bradicus I immediately felt there was something off. He could sense that I am onto him and when I challenged him, he started to attack me…with questions like why am I so tense, he tried to verbally dominate me but he failed. In the whole week of being in Budapest, he didn’t pull one girl (I don’t mean fuck, not even pull to his place). He had some Ukrainian chick (a 6 at best) that he admits to having met before he came here and he uploaded her videos, if it wasn’t for this he wouldn’t have anything. I saw him shooting the videos in front of the clubs and the girls were just being friendly and after they wanted nothing to do with this guy. I saw him getting 1 phone number and it was totally a friendly set, so nothing came out of that. The guys who are watching his stuff have no idea. Some approaches that he did in front of the clubs were so cringy and weird, I really felt bad for the girls. I’ve opened a few sets for him and when he started talking the girls usually left very soon. He also seemed to have no awareness about which girls are actually DTF (a crucial thing in nightgame). One night I approached 4 Russian girls when they entered the club and the hottest one (at least in my eyes) seemed to really like me, so we went to the dancefloor and kissed a bit and then I introduced the 4 girls to my buddy. Before we all left the club together, I saw Bradicus just standing alone in the corner it was so pathetic I actually felt bad for him. I was just in shock somebody like that could be teaching game to anyone, yet alone charging 2000€ for a bootcamp. I asked my friend what he got out of spending the whole week and his 2000€ and the only thing he could come up with is that he needs to approach more. No shit sherlock. He’s got solid game already I’ve taught him pretty much everything that I know, and I was coaching him the entire week when he was at my place. On the last day I’ve helped him with his text game and he ended up pulling and fucking a cute Asian girl, but this has nothing to do with Bradicus. It made me realize that the guys who’ve put a lot of effort into this, the guys who know the grind and their odds are very modest and they doubt themselves a lot. They know how much failure is involved in game and how much more there is to learn and improve. The really confident guys are mostly just marketers and bullshiters. I knew that before but this time it became really clear to me. For me, it was an awesome eye-opening experience because now I’m really thinking about teaching this and doing this as a career because the more of these pickup guys I meet the more I see that what I’m doing is actually quite good. I may not be the best at this but at least I’ll never claim anything I didn’t actually achieve or do. Thanks for exposing these fuckers and thanks for all your great advice Nick.
    Greg [Thanks for that. I hope word gets out about this grubby little fraud. If any of my readers have stories about The Natural Lifestyles please share them too. They disgust me. K.]

    • What do you make of Sam from Fluid Social? Massively underperforming for a good looking stylish white guy. I don’t like how he is taking dumb kids (18-21) student loan money that they have to pay back with extortionate interest. He tried to get me to “get in touch”, not knowing I am much much better than him. [I have no idea who that is. K.]

    • The more I learn about game from my own experiences. The more I realize the best players are not doing Youtube videos. They don’t want the public learning their secrets. They stay hidden in private group chats.

  43. Pingback: JMULV aka John Anthony is a big fraud (Work in progress) – John Anthony / JMULV is a fraud

  44. now bradicus and John have done a roasting video of you nick…. admittedly, I didn’t even know these two clowns existed until this video, and I can tell just by how the speak, the way they act, that these two clowns haven’t fucked a thousand women each… they make fun of kraters lay count, but then I look at bradicus infields and they are worse than Johnny berba and this John character has none at all… theres no way that fat BigShow lookalike has shagged over 1200 women, theres no way, I dont give a FUCK what system he’s using.. and then he says hes the worlds number one pick up coach ? LOL. [Lol at Big Show. Just as fat and slow too. K.]

    • I was looking for an infield of him in action but I cant see any on his channel at all… but if you find one nick , u should do a buffoon breakdown of it lol..

  45. What happened to the video?

  46. IMO, this is PUA community, mean Pick Up Artist. Pay attention to the word, Artist,
    Art is a very subjective thing to judge
    Also, unless I am an artist myself, I do not know what beauty is in apiece of art, and how much it is worth ?
    There are different classifications of art, and they are completely different

    I assume 99% men are not currently a pick up artist, and will not intent to become an artist (because artists have different unique life)
    Therefore, it is not wise to buy a guitar and try learn to some chores to become a rock star

    I would enjoy these arts work, and learn them for hobby, and bang a chick from now and then
    Forget about number of chicks, how hot they are, etc ? Become a pro-PUA?

    A decent men will never become a PUA, but I’m sure a decent man can bang a young lady in a local bar, or waitress from now and then
    1x down to earth girl per month, who suck you and natural sex from now and then
    equiv 12 girls per year
    equv 240 girls per 20yeas

    Close to Mystery, the godfather (low 300), and you are 0.01% men

    You may have 20 kids from different girls too, I do not think you have enough money and time to become PUA

    • Art implies skill. Where is the art in talking to hundreds of women, in the same way, to hope that one will stick? In which world can you call this art? This is a spammy salesman nothing more. And a bad one, too. I learned my craft from naturals. Naturals never spam approach. They observe the environment and look for women that are into them. Women that sent signals of interest, which are very hard to pick up – hence being real art. And then they go up to those women and approach them. I do the same. Since doing that I kiss every woman that I approach, THEY ask me for my phone number, THEY message me first, and want to meet up more badly than I do. I still only bang 1/5 women that I meet and date, but I don’t approach 100 women to get laid once. That is the art, my friend. To achieve better results than someone with way less afford. [No one believes your posturing. Give it a rest. K.]

  47. amazing that this dude is still doing so well in his ‘business’ charging naive guys 3k per pop! His fantom ‘lay count’ must be around 10k now lol. He needs to be called out a lot more. His infields are shameful.

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